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Anonymous 4376

Any good books about witchcraft and occultism? And something in the spirit of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum?

Anonymous 4379

Thanks but what do you mean by calling it gay?

Anonymous 4382

Pseudo-truth more based off of a desire to have power and truth without actually having to adhere to the prinicpals of a religion. Ever wonder why teenagers, the most powerless demographic, is the people it appeals to the most?Because it promises a lot of power with little actual work. People believe in it because they want to, not because they believe it. Anton LeVay even said that you should pick something already likely to happen if you cast a spell lol, basicay acknowledging its about creating a false sense of power and not actually causing something to happen.

This is what most "witches" are like:


Its a religion to pretend the powerless have power, or for people who REALLY wish they were Nancy Downs.

Anonymous 4383

This seems interesting but the website design is fucking killing me. It looks like they didn't give a shit about changing/improving it since it's creation, and the papyrus font header… no comment.

Anonymous 4384

I thought being gay means you want to fuck someone who has the same genitalia as you

What you've just described can be applied to lots of different things because people strive to have more power/control in their lives
For me it just seems like a form of artistic outlet more than anything else, it's interesting to read about just like tolkien or lovecraft work is, but that's just me I guess.

Anonymous 4387


Everything is fake these days it seems

Anonymous 4388


Occultism isn't a religion, it's essentially an umbrella term for various beliefs, practices and rituals involving forces which fall outside the realm of traditional science or religion.

As far as believing in something because you want to believe in it, rather than because you actually believe in it, I think this is a very interesting point. Do you think a Christian with above average intelligence believes, literally, that Christ turned water to wine? What would it mean for someone to believe in the doctrine of Christ, to believe in the power of the religious texts, yet deny that water could physically be turned to wine (for example)?

In my opinion, these people feel something resonating within themselves which goes beyond the surface-level drama of the text. This is reinforced in their minds by various religious rituals, religious singing, evangelising, and so on. Yet at the end of the day, any religious person who is sufficiently mature and intelligent will acknowledge, on some level, that they continue to believe because they want to continue to believe. The same is true for any genuinely held spiritual belief, be it occult or otherwise. The specific content of the text isn't so much what matters, but rather the spiritual ethos which underlies the text, and the philosophical conclusions drawn from the text by the reader. If these conclusions are agreeable to them, then continuing with the appropriate rituals acts as a sort of meditation on or fortification of the belief itself.

Anonymous 4391


Can this stop being a debate thread? Can someone actually recommend books or discuss them here instead of arguing how bullshit or childish occultism is?

Anonymous 4392

You acknowledge that "occultism" as a word refers to various disparate beliefs, yet you seem happy to generalise them all. Not all occultists/esotericists are Wiccans or LaVeyan Satanists. I agree that many people who might consider themselves occultists have half-baked ideas and are more interested in aesthetics than in philosophy. But these people can't be taken to represent all occultists. Not all occult systems of belief are woefully underdeveloped.

>Religion was created to give man purpose and calm his existential fears

I'd agree with this, though I might take issue with the idea that religion was "created". However I think that any number of ideologies or philosophies can provide a person with a sense of purpose, including political, religious and occult beliefs. Whether or not you or I agree with the doctrines underlying these beliefs is irrelevant, they provide a sense of purpose nonetheless.

>Both sentience and civilization are crimes and anomolies, nature's mistake. They shouldn't ever have existed

This is a matter of personal belief, clearly.

>…so you need a new force to help enforce them

Why? This seems like a bit of a leap in logic. There's no reason to prefer this to, for example, aiming for the destruction of all sentient life and civilisation, or simply accepting the absurd nature of reality. Again, this is your personal belief. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it's a belief, and clearly one which underlies your worldview. There are different beliefs which underlie certain occult worldviews which are radically different to your own.

>Occultism is so loose it can't unite

Yes, naturally. Occultism is not a religion. Perhaps the goal of Satanism is to "unite", or perhaps the goal of Thelema is to "unite". But occultism has no goal, because people who would be called occultists have very different goals. They don't all share a single belief system. This would have made more sense if you had clarified exactly which occult beliefs you're referring to.

>it doesn't encourage order to help a civilization function

Again, this depends on which particular occult beliefs you're referring to. However as far as I'm aware, most fleshed out occult belief systems have a distinct focus on the self, and many of those which are concerned with human civilisation (or the physical world in general) promote what most people would call a nihilistic or misanthropic point of view, or quite literally a "return to chaos". In these cases you'd be correct. To practitioners of these beliefs, encouraging order is precisely the opposite of their goal.

Anonymous 4538

Most occultists aren't children, you're just a retard who think that occultism is for le edgy teenagoors. Occultism and occultists are no more or less pathetic than any other theists or pagans.

Anonymous 5570


Anonymous 5576

The Kybalion

Anonymous 5919


I'm not as much of a huge occult fag as I used to be, but I've read a couple of books about blood sorcery which were kind of interesting in their theories. https://archive.org/details/copy-of-enochian-vision-magick-lon-milo-duquette/BLOODM/page/113/mode/2up

I pretty much abandoned hope in getting any sort of power through magickal means to favor a more agnostic worldview; constantly reading about disciplines and what makes a good occultist is all just adding your own structure or form into something as formless as energy. Reading about satanism made me realize how corny and moid dominated most of it is anyways.

Anonymous 5979


If anyone is interested in dianic witchcraft here's The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries: Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, Spellcasting. I'm almost finishing it and I'm finding it excellent.

Anonymous 5980

Just chant zin uru over and over again lol

Anonymous 8550

Anonymous 8551

Deeper Into the Underworld by Chris Allaun was a neat book.

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