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Hoaxes Anonymous 449

Have you pulled off a hoax or a scam? What and how?

Anonymous 453

This one time, I wanted to get closer to people of the other gender. I mean real close, I wanted to know everything I could about what they really thought. So close that I could (metaphorically speaking) smell the sweet sweet musk of their underwear (psychologically speaking), so to speak.

So I decided to recycle an existing concept, but made it look like it was done for 70 cents on the dollar (you know, to make it seem more legit) and created a website entirely geared towards people of that gender.

Then I added a rule that excluded everyone else of my gender. Now I get to rule the roost without any competition and users have literally no idea.

It's going great so far. Sometimes I pretend to post as other people of my gender just so I can throw some obvious bans about, to false flag a bit - it really seems to be doing the trick.


Anonymous 454

Stop fucking fear-mongering.

Anonymous Admin 456

I would like to remind everyone that I have absolutely no issue with proving my gender as long as I am able to maintain my anonymity. Maybe I will post my next tampon just for you, Anon.

Anonymous 457

hey admin <3 you are doing a great job with this website, its so chill and relaxed compared to other image boards. I only frequent this one now tbh

Anonymous 458

I bet you're the same retard who says that every other thread.

Anonymous Admin 459

Anonymous 461

You know, in theory, if our admin was really a guy I wouldn't really care about it. At least it would be the only guy in the board. And the place is comfy, fun, light-hearted and serious when it has to be. I do believe you're a girl though, admin. Love you.

Anonymous 463

If you look at the other boards you will probably see why you were banned, males are being banned all the time because they're retarded and are baiting, and your post was obviously a case of bad timing.

Anonymous Moderator 464

Rule number 7, anon. I changed your ban and left you a note explaining it better.

Anonymous 465

I don't want to shit up this thread any further and obviously I'm not going to be able to see that note (although I'd be interested to), so I made post over on meta. Can you explain it in there instead please.

Anonymous 466

>Doesn't want to shit up a thread
>Created another thread
>Somehow can't read mods note
>Not trying to get attention, grills
Male logic

Anonymous 467


> doesn't contribute anything to the thread
> doesn't understand how bans (don't) work

Anonymous Moderator 468

I wasn't the mod who banned you for 88 years, but if you were banned for that long you probably deserved it (baiting multiple times, outing yourself, avatarfagging, etc). You seem to forget we see IPs.
I changed the length of your ban, and you've been repeatedly told to integrate. I won't lock or delete the thread you made, for now, so admin can reply to you if she wants to.
Drop the topic and consider yourself warned.

Anonymous 470

This is an embarrassing level of retardation and a great example of why men shouldn't be allowed on this board.

Anonymous 874

I've never scammed anyone for real money, but i remember that when i was a kid on sites like Gaiaonline I had a male avatar i used for roleplays, & the girls that i encountered there sometimes gave me really expensive items to try to get close to me, some of them are worth ridiculous amounts now. i only outed myself once to one of these girls like 'hey, you know that my avatar is just male, i'm not actually a dude' and they were so angry about it that after that, i figured that trying to be honest with them wasn't worth the trouble.
i feel kind of bad because tbh that girl seemed like she had some serious problems at school and with her family so it was probably an exciting fantasy of hers to have a cute online boyfriend, and that's why she felt so betrayed when she found out i was female. especially since she'd gone on extensively about how other girls were stupid and didn't 'get' her and she couldn't be friends with them because their personalities were so bad. she liked my personality as long as she thought i was male, but after she found out that i was female it probably just reinforced her strong dislike for other women.

Anonymous 875

Kek is it bad that I find this funny?

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