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Suicide Anonymous 480

How would you do it?
What's the most effective method with minimal pain? I'm a puss.

Anonymous 481

Well, the least painful way is to get help and address the underlying problem, dying from natural causes as a result.

Anonymous 482

Thanks mom.

Tbh I would eithey pay for someone to administer morphine until I die or Ill go to one of the countries were euthanasia is ok.

I have kids now so I would never do it tho

Anonymous 483


Anonymous 484

> 2edgy4reason
I changed my mind - I hear parachuting bleach is the bomb yo.

Anonymous 485

There's a more serious thread on suicide, just look it up in /feels/ if you wanna read people's thoughts on it. Seriously though, there's no such thing as "minimal" pain suicide. Anything that doesn't involve proper doctors and nurses can be very painful and hanging which is poor man's favorite suicide method often fails and the person dies after going through a lot of pain and shitting their own pants. In theory you could get horse anesthetic online and die from it but I've read stories of people doing that and surviving. So yeah. Good luck, op. Shit is tough and I know it.

Anonymous 486

Don't do it!! How am I going to have internet friends if you guys all die? Please stay alive even if it's just to shitpost memes. I like everyone here and I don't want any of you to die.

Anonymous 487


Anonymous 490

OP here
If you know anyone who can help me feel great about being paraplegic and being emotionally tormented by my family member slash 'caretaker' every single day, who molests me any time my parents are out of the house for more than half an hour, with no opportunity to get out because I live in a shithole third world country, then go ahead, if not then don't patronize me with your little quips, Mom.

Anonymous 496

Anon, if you want to talk about your situation please let's discuss it. I was molested by a "family" member for many years and no one believed me, but I managed to get away from that hell when I was 20 years old. I was a neet, and had no one. I was also born in a crazy, violent country. I think about suicide often but now I see I don't really deserve it. If you don't want to open up, it's ok. Wishing you the best, anon.

Anonymous 573


Painless way to kill yourself would be using helium. Grab a helium tank and a mask and slowly add it. This way, your brain doesn't realize that oxygen is getting replaced by helium. Or shotgun to the face.

The most painful way would be burning alive or harakiri. There were more information about this in wikipedia, believe it or not.

Do you know the most painful way to die besides previously mentioned methods?

Anonymous 577

not OP but this looks easy enough, I just have to save up for the helium ank and the mask. Thanks anon. Hopefully it works

Anonymous 578

Not trying to turn this board into /feels/, but why do you want to die, anon?

Anonymous 579


I'd rather not go into detail. I'm just really tired of everything.

Anonymous 580

When I was suicidal, I never did anything because I realized there's no 100%, painless way to die. Every single method has a chance of failure. You're more likely to end up in a hospital bed alive than dead. The website lostallhope helped me a lot during these times and you can research methods too.

Anonymous 584

If you want to kill yourself go ahead and do it. I've been "pro-choice" my entire life and the only reason people think suicide is bad is because they've been brainwashed to do so. The government can't cope with losing a taxpaying idiot so they made it up to be the worst thing in the world.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with killing yourself. You didn't ask to come into this world. If you want to leave it's all your choice.

Anonymous 629

>a taxpaying idiot
lol. There's a disproportionate amount of NEETs here.

Anonymous 1233

I've always known if I was going to do it I would jump off a building. Head first, like a diver. Leave a hideous mess. I'd get to "fly", for once, before I hit the ground.

Anonymous 1284

>The government can't cope with losing a taxpaying idiot
I imagine that the majority of suicidal people are a net drain on the budget. The truth is, if you have a society where people just off themselves. It makes everyone else sad. so they ask the government to stop it.

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