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Irrational fears Anonymous 499

What are you scared of?

Anonymous 500

Obligatory spiders.

And loneliness.

I remember a few years ago it was really popular for SJWs to tag their Tumblr posts with trigger warnings for eye contact, which is a phobia I've never seen before or after this Tumblr craze.

Anonymous 501


Heights. Weird thing I kinda remember how it developed (people calling me fat when I was a kid and saying how platforms and balconies and the like would break from my weight), but I even though I am older and can rationalize it, I still can't help to be afraid as fuck.

I really hate airplanes because of that, I don't know how I'll travel abroad. I literally cried the last time I took one to see my family after a mild turbulance because I was so stressed out and afraid. I wish I could overcome it, but I can barely look down on a shopping mall escalator without feeling queasy.

I remember being a small kid and really loving the Ferris Wheel and the view before developing this fear.

Also, I've became way more anxious since growing up. I am really fucking afraid of home invasion. I can watch ghost shit all day long, but looking at footage of people entering someone's house can fuck me up for days. Fuck, I shouldn't be writing this at 2:30 AM.

Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 503


Looking at them is fine but if they are in the same room as I am I'll run away. Even from 'good' ones like butterflies. I try my best to fight it and now I can stand to be around small flies.
It's good that I live in a big city so I rarely see anything other than flies.

Anonymous 504


Oh, btw, alarms like these are probably my worst nightmare (as well). I don't know, if I ever heard one while visiting like, the US, Japan or whatever, I'd probably be at full panic mode and even faint or some shit.

Anonymous 505


Same for EAS. I guess I would just give up on life, I really don't know. Thinking about it really scares the shit out of me.

Anonymous 506

When I listened to vid related for the first time I had tears streaming down my face

Anonymous 507


Fuck me anon, this is so horribly creepy! What did you do?

I remember more than once dreaming that I was a place that was going to be hit by a Tsunami, and all of those dreams had those creepy ass sirens. I remember that in one dream I woke up to the sound of siren and learned that it was too late for me to run away and seek shelter, so I just accepted my death and waited for the wave to kill me. On the other one, I actually tried to escape, but everything was blocked and when I looked back I could see the giant wave aproaching, it was like 10 stories high (I know this is pretty unrealistic tho lol). I remember that I also accepted death at my last 2~5 seconds of life and my final thought was "Will I die by being crushed by this or will I drown?"

I hope I never have to endure such thing in my whole life, fuck.

Anonymous 508

holy shit, it started off like a melody and then its rhythm just slipped away, regular sirens are creepy enough, but this one is outright scary, why would they make it sound like that?
i mean, i kind of liked it, but if i heard this irl i would just cry

Anonymous 509

Something about this is so deeply disconcerting.

Anonymous 512


I live in Chicago, they sound like this because the soundwaves are bouncing off of all of the different buildings in the downtown area. They sound normal in areas with little to no high-rises

Anonymous 521

Me too anon!! I have no idea why, but sirens like that one creep me out so much.

And god damn, this is scary as hell too. Why did they have to make the siren sound so creepy? It's straight from an horror movie.

Since I was a child I've always been frightened of tornados and tsunamis. Luckily I live in Europe where neither of them ever happens, I'm literally just scared because I saw them in movies, but fuck. Even just looking at a picture of a tornado or a tsunami wave is enough to guarantee me nightmares at night.
I also have a weird fear of tower cranes. I avoid walking near one of them, they're just so tall and scary to me I'm afraid they would fall upon me. I'm also afraid, for the same reason, of tall amusement park rides. The thought of getting on a ferris wheel is enough to make me shiver.
This video is like an horror movie to me.

Anonymous 530

I have this weird fear of machine errors/malfunctions and video-game glitches. I'm not really sure where it came from, it's just something I've dealt with since I was a kid. The scrambled Nintendo symbol when a Gameboy game isn't read correctly? Terrifying.

I'm also scared of the BSOD and even the command prompt makes me nervous.

Anonymous 532

Spiders were handcrafted by the devil himself.Every time I see one I have to kill it or I will have no peace, even If they´re outside.And if they are really big I have to build myself before I kill it.

Anonymous 541

This really scares me too. I think I feel this way because my computer caught a virus when I was little and watching it slowly die out on me was probably one of the scariest things. Pop up ads on websites and stuff like "congratulations you won!" Or "download now!" Or those fake "your computer got a virus!" ads really scare me and make me freak out. Now I can barely watch anime online anymore because there are so many of those stupid ads. Fuck

Anonymous 542

Antivirus + AdBlock + Popup Blocker and everything should be fine

Anonymous 545


Spiders, it's more of a trauma created from when i was like 6, and one day having my whole leg covered in hairy big spiders without me noticing until they were crawling up my leg. yeah. wouldn't miss them if they went extinct.

Also any kind of bug.

I also have irrational fear of giants and giant human like sculptures. There is a tradition where i'm from where people carry giant human like sculptures and move them around and i fucking hate it so much.

Scared of clusters of small holes and shit, or clusters of eyes/sockets.

Also caves, i am just constantly scared that a bunch of rocks will fall on me and leave me buried there alive screaming for help while bugs crawl over my face.

And scared of small spaces or places where my movement is limited. Used to have a nightmare as a kid where i was stuck in some kind of crawlspace where i couldn't turn back and had to keep going forward but the more forward i went the tinier the space got until the point i could barely move, fucked with my head real bad. Then as a teenager discovered pic related and it fucked me up real bad and reinforced my fear lmao

Anonymous 549

I’m scared of balloons. I know I’m weird.

Anonymous 550


fish. fish scales. being in the sea among fish. when i was a kid my mom made me get the scales out of a cheap fish. i don't remember why but she was mad at me so had a big ass knife and spent the longest time taking out the scales but i couldn't take it all it was so gross. it smelled terrible and i ended up completely covered in the fucking scales. at the end i remember i just told my mother "I CAN'T DO IT ITS GROSS IT NEVER ENDS. YOU DO IT PLEASE!". went to wash myself, still scales. day later? still fucking scales. i've never eaten fish ever since, and that was when i was in elementary school. all fishes are the same to me. scary evil and tyring to kill me. they literally trigger the fuck out of me. any and all sea food is tainted to me. i still remember the dead fish, the huge knife, the awful smell idk why it bothers me so much.

i've owned tarantulas and i like them, i like tiny spiders too. but dangerous shit like wolf spiders do freak me out. altough i wouldn't kill them ( i don't kill spiders or tarantulas ever ).

cooties also freak me the fuck out. if any show/movie/post involves them i tap the fuck out. no exceptions. i think the hatred towards spiders comes from the strange body shape and legs they have. cooties are my spiders in that sense, ugly god mistakes with too many legs for their own good. i saw them irl when i was a kid and i shiver thinking about those nasty ass creatures.

Anonymous 551



jesus fucking christ my stomach is turning from just googling this shit but this is what taking out scales looks like. to any anons who haven't done it. my god its the nastiest shit i'm legit going to vomit from this. i don't know how common this fear is but i gagged while making this picture and my stomach is legit angry at me over this. fuckin fish pictures are making me need to throw up ASAP i hate this shit so much.

Anonymous 555


Anonymous 556



this post woke me the fuck up, jesus https://www.reddit.com/r/submechanophobia/comments/7njmc3/recovering_bodies_in_a_ship_which_sank_three_days/
full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKL11BavG0U

new fear, thanks i hate it! subscribed. seems very niche but i like it. fuck the sea and everything hiding there tbh.

Anonymous 566

Statues. More specifically religious ones. They give me this uncanny valley vibe. There's one of jesus on the cross in the museum where I work where he's all covered in blood and his skin is grey and full of open wounds and you can actually see his ribs, it's awful. I hate it. I want to burn it. I don't care if it's 300 years old or whatever. I'm gonna quit my job and then burn it. Mark my words.

Anonymous 567

I think my one of my biggest fears is…being startled. Like, the anticipation? In some rare occasions the scare itself can feel cathartic(doesn’t make it any less better, fucking vomiting can feel cathartic after sickness), but the buildup kills me. Videogames and movies with jumpscares I can avoid just fine, but shit gets a little complicated when I’m thrown into this state simply by being in the dark at my house and not knowing where my cat is knowing that when she shows up that’s going to startle me, having a friend pull a harmless hide-and-scare joke, or seeing a NPC in an odd place in a non-scary game.

Oh! I’m also scared of balloons, but in my case it’s tied to the anxiety of expecting it to pop because I’m startled super easily. I can’t stand to be close to any balloon nor touch it, like they’re some kind of bomb. Attending to birthday parties when I was a kid was pure torture, being surrounded by balloon-popping-happy little devils. Better to be scared of ‘em than have a balloon fetish, anon. That’s not as rare as I thought it would be. Nasty.

Anonymous 568

apples, fruit in general. they are literally disgusting and terrify me, no one wants to be near an oddly mushy but solid object that is usually put in one's mouth.

Anonymous 627

Motherfucking numbers stations.

Anonymous 628

Here's another. The synthetic voice (starts at 1:19) is what gets me.

Anonymous 639

Untimely and brutal death.

I live in Washington DC, and I stay away from anything involving large crowds, like the metro during rush hour, concerts, protests, etc. because I'm terrified of getting blown to bits in an ISIS attack. I've had to turn down plans with friends and family just to avoid these places.

Everyone tells me I just need to carry on and not let my fears reduce my quality of life, and that in the rare scenario that I get caught in an attack, I just have to accept that it's my time to die. But I'm still a nervous wreck and have no idea how to get over this stupid fear.

Anonymous 646


This REALLY scared me as a kid.
I remember back when the sims 1 was a thing my 2 friends from school came to sleep in my house and one of them had the idea to install the game on my computer so she found a pirate version on the internet but it actually had some kind of virus that would open a window pretending to be a normal program and then move the mouse on it's own it was weird as heck and everyone freaked out because we thought the computer was possessed or something lol. Nowadays I think that kind of stuff doesn't exist anymore. I guess they only make malicious ads now since that's actually profitable.
Maybe the fear comes from either
1: being afraid of breaking something as a kid/teenager and having to take responsibility
2: being startled by the tacky way those viruses/malicious ads appear
3: being afraid that someone else might be tampering with your computer (this is one of my biggest fears even nowadays).

Anonymous 647

Blonde nurses and old slavic women

Anonymous 649

Teratophobia - specifically the fear of bearing a malformed child. Just the idea of having a "mutant" or horribly disfigured baby (to the point normal life is impossible) scares me, because I would feel like it was my fault if the child had serious health issues even though I'm perfectly healthy. Idk, even stories about "mutants" or malformed babies terrifies me. Demonic/evil babies in horror movies scare me too.

Anonymous 650

I'm scared of height. I think it's because of when the news were reporting the attack on September 11th 2001, they would show people jumping out of windows from the buildings on tv. And soon after that someone from my school died because she fell from a really high balcony and she was friend with one of my siblings. Just being in high places, even if I can't see the ground, makes me nauseous, expect on planes for some reasons. I find being in a plane scary for other reasons.

>video-game glitches
I hope you didn't play Pokemon Blue/Red, because it was full of the most insane glitches I've ever seen. It was my first video game ever and I had to use so many cartridges because of the glitches that would fuck up the sprites, the music, the sound effects and the save files (as in, you can't save anything anymore). The gameboy color camera was just as fucked up but not because of the glitches. It was straight up creepy even though it was supposed to be full of funny things and easter eggs. It gave me the same impression as when I found glitches in other gameboy games, except worse.

Anonymous 651

Haha, Pokémon was my life as a kid! Funnily enough, despite how much I played those games, I never encountered any bugs other than the scrambled Nintendo symbol on startup. Now I like to watch glitch compilations every once in a while but it's so creepy. The GB camera is even worse since those screens were put in intentionally.

Anonymous 652


I used to live in a small town which had an alarm like this, for some reason they tested the alarm every once in a while. Like this alarm would start playing and people were just like oh it's just another test. It was creepy.

Anonymous 653

The glitches in Link's Awakening fascinated me for ages.

Anonymous 654

Reading this gave me chills. You just reminded me of the time I accidentally downloaded a virus. I hate myself for it and I think it was what made my computer just shutdown (I didn't realize at the time though).
Basically I was trying to download a minecraft texture pack (lol) and there were like 50 different download buttons to click on. Sadly….I clicked on the wrong one and downloaded some video software thing. Deleted it immediately after realizing what I had done but I believe I was too late. Eventually the computer just started slowing down and getting super pixelized over time. Specifically when playing minecraft. Lost a bunch of old photos and screenshots from that computer and a lot of childhood videos. I just wish I hadn't clicked the wrong download button. Thinking about it makes me really sad. That's why glitches really freak me out, but they can also be kinda aesthetically pleasing in a way.

Anonymous 657

Let me guess, Mediafire?
I lost a laptop to that shit, too. Fuck that site.

Anonymous 660

Landslides and sinkholes scare the fuck out of me and it's made even worse by the fact that I live in a mountainous region ON a fucking mountain. It's not a big enough fear that it keeps me on my toes every day because thankfully I can just ignore their existence, but I can't hear about or watch anything relating to those things without getting physically sick. Even just talking about it is making me feel woozy.

For sinkholes I hate them because whenever they happen it seems like you'll fall into an endless void if you get caught in one. Or like you'll fall into some lava or something. Watching the movie "Volcano" as a child really fucked me up and I think that contributes a lot to my fear of the sinkholes specifically.

Anonymous 708

windows, even with curtains or blinds. also front phone cameras and webcams. i guess it stems more from fear of being watched and not actually being afraid of those specific things, but yeah

Anonymous 798

alien abduction :(

Anonymous 805

intimacy and being vulnerable.
but what's the difference, eh?

Anonymous 806

one gurl's fear is another gurl's fetish…

Anonymous 866

me too anon, me too

Anonymous 870

Same here, it's creepy. Several years ago I had these dreams where my computer would act like a living entity. Also, I dislike robots. Though I love technology.

Anonymous 871

During my teens, for a few years, every year on my birthday my mainboard would fry. I had it replaced the first time, then the next year I had an entirely new computer, but it still happened again.

Also whenever I used a friend's or family member's computer, there was a 50/50 chance for it to randomly bluescreen after I used it. It happened so many times my mother started insisting I went to virus sites, but it was always bluescreens, not malware or anything weird, and that was during AOL times when all I used was (a legal version of) Paintshop Pro and the AOL browser.

Anonymous 970

I have a few.
>uncovered windows at night
>nuclear holocaust
>just suddenly dropping dead of a heart attack, aneurysm, or stroke
>having a stroke but not dying from it, just being paralyzed and completely helpless forever
>everyone secretly hates me but is too polite to say so (I live in Minnesota so this isn't out of the realm of possibility since people are so nice to each other's faces, which makes it even harder to tell myself I'm just being silly)

>eye contact
When I was very little (2-4 years old) if I was reading a book and there were eyes staring out of the page at me, I'd scribble them out with black or some other dark crayon. I don't know why and I don't remember doing it. I've always hated being stared at though, so maybe that was part of it.

Jesus, that siren/klaxon/whatever that is at about 7 minutes in. Why did I watch this alone in the middle of the night?

Anonymous 978

does it still do it?

Anonymous 995

i can’t sleep in the dark by myself, usually. i’ve always hated the dark

Anonymous 996


Anonymous 1015

We share so many anxieties, I feel like lots of my fears have already been explained for me. They're common?
Being hated by someone I love or respect, being made fun of maliciously or someone confirming my deepest fears that I fight to not accept scare me.
Oh, and being digested and skin debridement/any prolapse shudder.
Research all these possible medical abnormalities out of boredom was a mistake.

Anonymous 1027

I'm afraid of being murdered and skinned by my psycho neighbor.

Anonymous 1029

Story time ?

Anonymous 1033

When ice skating I’m afraid of falling and slicing my neck open/cutting my fingers off.

Anonymous 1034

I think about that a lot too. Went to a rink as a child and the moment we entered, a woman fell and a man sliced her cheek with his skate. There was blood all over the ice. I'll never forget it. I'm sure that woman has a really nasty scar.

Anonymous 1035

i have no clue why it scares me so much but the idea of astral projection spooked me the second i read about it. it's odd, i experienced it once and it scared me so much, i felt like i was lost in my own place it's hard to explain it's a weird fear, anyone have the same feelings?

Anonymous 1036

I don't want to post the story here because it contains personal details of persons other than myself and also because I'm paranoid he'd somehow see it, but I'd be willing to tell the story privately.

Anonymous 1039


I’ve never astral projected but was just looking into it and I really wanted to try it but am scared or feel like I wouldn’t be able to experience it. I’ve had sleep paralysis before and it was terrifying. Were u scared you wouldn’t be able to, like, ever wake up and get out of that “realm”?

Anonymous 1220

is there a way to contact you privately for that story, or have you already been skinned by your neighbor?

Anonymous 1221

I'm scared of getting involved with someone I think I know very well but who has a secret life (a second family, a terrible fetish).

Anonymous 1222

Why would you even want to get involved with someone like that? If there ever was a deal breaker, those two things should be enough.

Anonymous 1223

I wouldn't. That's the point. That's what scares me. I trust and love someone who turns out not to be who I think they are.

Anonymous 1226

I'd like to hear your experience anon! I've only astral projected once and I felt like I was finally free and all the world's energy were going through me all at once, which felt amazing. What was it about it that scared you?

Anonymous 1228

>that face when it's a funny thread but you're diagnosed with aspd

Anonymous 1229

fear of fox tapeworms cost me 2 years of my youth

Anonymous 1230

What did you do in your youth?

Anonymous 1231

developed some sub category of a neurosis and stayed inside unless I had to go out, got addicted to the pc as well. Funny thing is the fear triggered from one day to another, like flipping a switch. But I am all good now

Anonymous 1474

My fear of heights warped into a fear of ceilings. Whenever I walk into a building with a really high ceiling I'll get freaked out. I keep playing out this scenario in my head of me suddenly falling up into the ceiling, kind of like how you'd fall off something high. Obviously unless somebody fucks with gravity then this isn't likely to happen, but my retard brain doesn't realise this.

Anonymous 1477

Ahhhh I used to do think about this a lot as a kid. I tried to stay under trees while outdoors, so I would at least have a chance to grab something before falling through the fucking sky and dying up there. Also low ceilings or other structures that maybe wouldn't break my neck when I was indoors.

Anonymous 1691

I'm afraid of parasites swimming around in my body. I think if I were to ever have worms I would kill myself.

Anonymous 1693

I have podophobia (foot phobia, essentially).
For me, it's not necessarily being scared of the feet, it more so just causes a great amount of discomfort and even some mild anger at times.
I'm also scared of needles, but I think that one is a lot less irrational,,,

Anonymous 1694


what has to happen to you to get a foot phobia

Anonymous 1695

I believe it was relatively self-induced. When I found out foot fetishists were a thing, it really filled me with such an irrational disgust that I guess just bled out into being about feet in general.
Also my older brother tried to forcibly suck toez, that probably scarred me a bit as well.

Anonymous 1699

reading or watching the news about unfortunate events or drastic irregularities in nature makes me sick, always have a huge stomach ache after knowing about it

basically feeling as if something is not like it used to makes me scared of the future, always dreading tomorrow

Anonymous 1700

Mine too. Maybe not irrational, but I also hate scuba diving in general. I had never been before but managed to do the PADI basic and open water certifications back to back. I had to do a night dive when I had to swim away from the instructor in the pitch dark. I did it slightly wrong first and had to do it twice. It wasn't near caves but it was still terrifying. While I love wild swimming, I haven't been scuba diving since then and don't think I would go again. That and learning all the things that can go wrong completely put me off of it.

Anonymous 1701

I'm afraid of birds. Not all the time, I think they're fine on the ground and I quite like water birds, but the second they swoop at anything my stomach drops. So… a fear of things swooping? Except I'm fine with insects, so I don't know. It was probably caused by watching The Birds as a dumb 10 yr old

Anonymous 2183


blue screens of death, unexpected computer errors, stuff like that
also my electronics randomly exploding in my face

Anonymous 2186

Having kids

Anonymous 2187

That's not irrational. You can die from it and it really fucks your body up.

Anonymous 2188

I forget how valid of a fear it is because each time I tell anyone in real life I get told it's not a big deal. I hate this world.

Anonymous 2189


ultra based

same, even the women who know how it's like say it's "nothing" and it's like they went through brainwashing or idk? (actually they kinda did, but that's a whole other story).
only my mother admitted to being in severe pain while giving birth to me but she's extremely manipulative. i believe her though.

Anonymous 2190

Read some threads on Mumsnet. They are pretty open there are it being the most terrifying thing that has happened to them, how horrible post natal care is (in a wealthy country), and all the negative effects to their bodies. Weirdly though there are also many women trying to get pregnant there.

Anonymous 2195

I read somewhere that the brain will forget how horrible childbirth is because otherwise women would never have more than 1 child.

I get borderline triggered by people telling me I WILL change my mind about not having kids. It comes off as "you will be bred whether you like it or not", and I can't believe how normalized it all is.

Anonymous 2196

bugs. its really bizzarre, its not when i see a bug and i jump and get acared of touching it, i think of them all the time. when im falling asleep at night ill picture them crawling out of my mouth, crunching on them, them coming out of my eyes…
if i walk into a dark room and i need to feel around to find a lightswitch, ill be paranoid that bugs are on the switch and when u reach my hand to turn the light on theyll crawl all over me.
its odd. i dont even live in a place with harmful bugs, almost all of them are totally harmless. once i was cleaning up my sewing stuff and a huge spider crawled put of my sewing box. i couldnt bring myself to touch it for months.

im also afraid of dark corners. once i was telling my brother that i had 2 friends who were invisible, and that they sat in the chairs that were in the corners of the hallway in our house. i was trying to scare him, but eventually i came to feel that there was something sitting in the empty chairs. every time i look at a dark corner i imagine there is someone invisible is sitting there. its been about 5 years since then and im still scared.

Anonymous 2203

possibly could be that the high pitched sound triggers some maternal instinct, reminding you of a baby crying.

Anonymous 2218

That the bathtub will fall through the 2nd floor ceiling when I'm taking a bath.
I can never take a relaxing soak, gotta get it done as quickly as possible.

Anonymous 3240

rabies, lymes disease, undetected strep that destroys organs… yeah, mostly those

Anonymous 3249

Bees, wasps, flies, and basically anything that "buzzes".

It is literally the noise that freaks me out. I used to be nervous around spiders, but I got over that because they don't buzz.

Anonymous 3259

The dark. I often wake up at night and have to turn on the lights to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. Inanimate objects, like clothing stacked on a chair, feel like threatening presences… In these moments, I feel terrified of something unknown jumping on me from the surrounding darkness.

I'm also terrified of swimming in deep water, when it's dark and you can't see what's below you. I'm terrified of something grappling my feet and dragging me into the deeps.

Anonymous 3260

Mirrors in dark places. I don't mind them during the daylight, but being in a dark room with even a pocketmirror makes me want to scream. I have no idea why, I just can't stand it.

Anonymous 3261

moths for some reason
i don't give a fuck about spiders etc but i scream when i see a moth

Anonymous 3262

ooo yeah they flop slowly and have erratic movements. also their wings are so dry, flaky, powdery and gross

Anonymous 3266

I just throw out a tupperware if I can see mold through the plastic. I can't even open it.

Anonymous 3278

just why the fuck are they flying towards me i'm scared
thought i was the only one doing that and i'm not even middle class

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