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weird world wide web Anonymous 538

post odd things you found online

Anonymous 539

Anonymous 540

Anonymous 586

David Firth makes amazingly weird stuff, most popular is the Salad Fingers series.

Anonymous 592

I really enjoy David Firth's videos. Even his more recent stuff, like his video Cream, are still interesting.

Possibly OT but would it be alright to discuss ARG related things in this thread, or should that get its own?

Anonymous 593

I liked that one, too!

>weird world wide web

>post odd things you found online

>would it be alright to discuss ARG related things in this thread, or should that get its own?

Sounds good to me. If a lengthy discussion ensues an extra thread can be made

Anonymous 612

This is a neat collaborative art project I found online some years ago:


Anonymous 748

Anonymous 971

he's working on a new episode of salad fingers. it's coming soon. i'm so excited

Anonymous 1195


Does anyone know what became of this woman? Her FB profile is gone.

Anonymous 1196


Anonymous 1206

there is no secret to this site past what's available, but it is still kinda creepy

Anonymous 1236


I randomly stumbled across this bizarre forum and cant work out what’s going on. Everyone is using terms and understanding it but it seems like some kind of schizophrenic word salad. I’ve tried googling things but I can’t find anything about it.

Anonymous 1237

>preserving altruists
>first posts in the humor thread are about beating women

Anonymous 1239

Do you know what any of it means?

Anonymous 1240

Like in this recent thread what are these words/descriptions they’re using and what are they meant to represent

Anonymous 1242

Sounds like schizophrenic rambles, conspiracy theories, mixed with white supremacy and esoterics. So basically, a mentally ill male circlejerk.

>I recommend only using the internet at internet cafes and coffee shops for posting on more sensitive places. Or if one lives in shared housing piggy backing off the free internet they have. However, the latter is still to insecure.

Anonymous 1243

Yeah I’ve tried looking up so many of the terms and it seems like they have never been used literally anywhere else. From what I’ve found they’ve moved board randomly quite a lot of times so there’s never that much information on any one board and it’s hard to find old ones, on threads that have asked for definitions of terms they always don’t explain anything, so I think maybe they’re being secretive on purpose because of some paranoia they have. There doesn’t seem to be any clear political aim or group I know of they may belong to… its some form of eugenics but it seems kind of different than the typical white supremacy thing or the incel type lookism thing… plus the whole thing about it being about altruism but altruism is seemingly like never mentioned in the threads.

Anonymous 1249

Which ones specifically? Most of them are antrophology/phenotype autism. The board looks like a stormfront or 8ch /pol/ offshoot to me, pretty disgusting.

Anonymous 1250

Like all the classification things like ‘thallish/alpine/crinklesock/neothenized’? I’ve never heard any of those kind of terms before in these types of forum, and they seemingly don’t have any ‘dictionary’ type thing so I’m not sure where the idea originated from. Even the name of the board ‘altrugenics’ is that a thing? I’ve never heard it before and that board seems to be the only thing about it

Anonymous 1251

Thallish and crinklesock are weird, I agree. It's probably part of their vocabulary and you'd have to lurk for a while to understand those. But the rest?

alpine = alpine phenotype or "alpine race"
neothenized = with neotenous features

The title is the strangest part, but it's what makes me believe that the forum is just an offshoot of a bigger one. It sounds like an inside joke of sorts. It's not a thing per se, but I think what they meant is that neanderthals (they have those pictures in the banner), and people with neanderthal dna now (europeans) are "altruistic", which, lmao; and they need to protect the "altruistic" or neanderthal genes. It's white supremacist autism.

Anonymous 1252

ah okay, that's really interesting thankyou! Do you know what the slogan thing in the banner means 'celebrating K in a world gone w(r)ong?'

Anonymous 1254


>the way they speak

Anonymous 1255

The majority of the posts are written like that as well, like a lot of the sentences read like the words were just automatically generated. I just find it really strange that there’s a community of people who are communicating in this bizarre way but seemingly completely understanding it, do you think there is some kind of mental illness involved or it’s just I guess the culture of the board to talk like that

Anonymous 1256

It's probably some form of cryptography meant to hide them from judgement.

Anonymous 1257

Anonymous 1258

The post in the image makes sense to me. Open up a random /pol/ thread now and you'll see plenty of similar shit. They also use "kek", "waifu" "-chan" in some threads…

Anonymous 1261

It’s not so much that it doesn’t make sense just that I don’t know if any normal person would phrase it that way

Anonymous 1266

it's hard to find weird online spaces these days, tbh

Anonymous 1273

I remember years ago I read this this long post called something like "finding the best girl". It was all about preparing, killing, cooking and eating girls, in that order. Can't find it by googling that though. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Anonymous 1274

Anonymous 1297

Anonymous 1307


Anonymous 1308


Anonymous 1309


Anonymous 1310

this shit is so larger than life, i couldn't help but laugh. I'm sorry,
Artie. that really is a weird find, but i feel like it must be trolls.

Anonymous 1311

I don't think they're trolls, there's someone who's written tons of fanfic about them living in a group home. Some of them give me huge CWC vibes.

Anonymous 1312


Anonymous 1313



I was refreshing that site which shows you youtube videos with no views a few weeks ago and found this channel. This guy has made these weird biblical/hotep/math themed scrapbook pages and made a few videos reading them out. It sounds like some sort of code but I'd have no idea how to solve it.

Anonymous 1337

it seems like its just a mentally ill person

Anonymous 1401

Anonymous 1403

ASMR Edible Bloody Tampons: https://youtu.be/HR1gAjGErsw

Anonymous 1406

Could you share the site? Sounds interesting.

Anonymous 1428

Anonymous 1429

I thought the site was neat while browsing, and then after sifting through a few pages I found the forum where the real wierd stuff is concentrated. Interesting trip.

Anonymous 1439

I spent some time lurking their forums and it appears they share a lot of the strange terminology with other racist forums. As someone else said, they use these terms not because of undeniable mental illness (though some of these people come off as very sick in the head) but because they post on other suspicious racist websites and need to cover their tracks from the authorities whom they believe may be spying on them as part of a larger left-wing, anti-white Jewish conspiracy. Here is a rough dictionary of their terms:
>Thal / Thallish = like a Neanderthal
>TT = Thal Thal = troo Thal = true Neanderthal
They use this when front of head and back of head appear affected by Neanderthal DNA
They use other terms starting with Ts to represent this just to be cryptic I guess (ex: Tony Tiger)
>Crinklesock = referring to the crinkled appearance around the eye socket
they appear to use it as a way of determining racial group
>deepsock = with deep eye sockets
They associate this with Neanderthal DNA
>shallowsock = with shallow eye sockets
They associate this with “melon heads”
>Type / typed / typing = identifying the “racial type”
or haplogroup, as these backwards racists would probably say
>MT = Melonhead Thal
Back of head appears like a melonhead and front appears like a Neanderthal
>TM = Thal melonhead
Just reverse above
>((( text goes here )))
Paranoia about Jews
In the context of their weird lore, Jews have very little Neanderthal admixture, so being a Thal / altruist (true Thal) is seen as a positive thing.

Anonymous 1440

Really wasting your time, huh.

Anonymous 1444

Oh yeah I forgot about her. Maybe Facebook took all of her stuff down

Anonymous 1447

I actually found this pretty interesting, did you come across anything that explains the phrase in the banner "Celebrating K in a world gone w(r)ong?" I guess the brackets is just meant to refer to jews? does the R mean anything specifically? What is K?

Anonymous 1455

not that anon but r and K is a theory, based on animals, prey being r-type and weak, while animals like wolves are K-type and strong, they are seperated by their respective traits. People think you can base this on humans aswell thinking that left-wing people are r-type and right-wing people are K-type I don't know too much about it but thats the general jist

Anonymous 1456

Aren't r selected species ones that reproduce a lot but don't care a lot for their young whereas K selected species only make a few young but care for each one a lot? If anything I'd say that at least left-wing people have less kids than right-wing people tho.

Anonymous 1462


You seem to be right. There are a myriad of images like this one floating around low IQ conservative circles.

Anonymous 1481

Muh proud conservatism

Anonymous 1487


Anonymous 1490

Anonymous 1496


Websites like these, those strange maze-like projects and ramblings, or forums for close-knit individuals with various disorders and/or social ineptitude, genuinely intrigue me for whatever reason even if I don't necessarily agree with the userbase's social or political beliefs. Every so often I'll stumble across a page or forum like that and bookmark it, only to later go back and find that the link no longer works or the page was shut down, leaving me wondering what its purpose was. The puzzle-like sites like 973-eht-namuh-973, especially, remind me of mysterious late 90s/early 00s "internet riddles" that I used to try and solve when I was younger.

http://notpron.org/notpron (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notpron)

On another note, if anyone's a fan of websites that are just conceptually unique with no specific meaning or purpose, look into Rafaël Rozendaal's "interactive art" websites (some of which are linked below.) Many of his sites have a sort of uneasy, unnerving feel to them, even though there are no jumpscares or objectionable content in them. Other sites of his are more artistic and experimental. He's been creating these since the early 2000s and they're all Flash-based.

http://www.fallingfalling.com (and its counterpart, http://www.tryingtrying.com)

Pic attached is "trashloop.com".

Maerea 1497

Anonymous 1499

Love these websites. Thanks for sharing. Tip: stop using ABP. Use uBlock Origin so you can block trackers and all ads properly.

Anonymous 1504

Oh god if your cursor leaves the window he gets sad and starts looking for you

Anonymous 1528

I know you posted this ages ago, but if you're still here did you find out what their 'goal' I guess is? Like why are they 'typing' people? What political agenda do they have if any? It seems weird having a forum just putting people into these highly specific groups for no reason

Anonymous 1529

Anonymous 1531

the pointerpointer website actually makes me want to cry. I love the fact these photos are so candid. It makes me feel like I'm laughing with friends at them. God I'm alone.

Anonymous 1536


I was reading the Wikipedia article and saw
>One business venture they are well known for is creating eight text adventure video games. The Secret of St. Bride's was the first game they created, but they were also responsible for titles such as Bugsy and Jack the Ripper. The latter was the first video game to receive an "18" rating. Although television was shunned, computer games were liked as they involved "concentration and commitment".

Interesting to think this matriarchal quasi-cult would be making furry PC games.

Anonymous 5572

Found this show on yt. The girl is amazing.

Anonymous 5672


Nuts prison letter from NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere to his ex-girlfriend Toni Natalie

Anonymous 5682

I relate to this, whats the story behind it

Anonymous 6206

Old post but wignats shilling for Neanderthals is really weird, Neanderthals were not altruistic lol. They were known for fighting and raping a lot, and some of them even practiced cannibalism.

Anonymous 6237

NTA but I found a site that does this: petittube.com

Anonymous 6238

Anonymous 8604


do not ask me how I found this shit

Anonymous 8605


Anonymous 8607

This is what moids mean by women living life on easy mode, huh

Anonymous 8617


Where you found this shit ?

Anonymous 8639

altrugenics.com (1…

What happened to the website? Are there any other screenshots from it? I was able to find only this picture and also the site being mentioned on 4chan

Anonymous 8640


I haven't been able to find anything on these other sites listed either

Anonymous 8641

Oh, anyways, I dug up through archives and was able to see that thread linked about the girl. I am curious to find more about this though

Anonymous 8643


unfortunately the game is real, but the creator has been in jail since 2022 and it doesn't look like he's going to be released anytime soon. here's the trailer:

Anonymous 9153

I don't know if this counts as weird things on the internet or encountering a retard, but there was a time I larped as a 12 yo girl on some semi-dating app because I heard that there are many pedophiles there if you pretend to be a kid. So I obviously wanted to check if it's true and it was one of the first things that made me realize that the average man is just like that a pedo and doesn't give a shit until he's exposed and faces consequences. And that happened, I got many sexual messages from men who didn't care so much they even had their actual pic as a pfp. But one of them send me cp and talked very weirdly. It sounded very infantile, stupid like some word salad of lewd words that didn't make sense. I started insulting him and he was still answering with this shit which didn't make sense at all but looked like sentences and not just random words. Now I wonder if it was some secret pedo code because I heard about another story from some woman hacking a private snapchat of some troons and those troons also communicated weirdly like that, they weren't using cp tho, but just living like human sex-dolls which is also weird. Not sure how similar it was, but you get the idea. Normally I'd thought that it's a bot or a handicapped middle-aged moid, but this another troon story made me think because a troon is often a programmer.

Anonymous 9155

Andrei Chikatilo was like that. He would refer to his 'monkey' in letters he wrote to the victims families.
It's super fucked. I watch YT videos at work where they dive deep into to catch a predator cases and the chatlogs sound like what you're describing only a bit more cohesive.

Anonymous 9177

Interesting, can you show me an example of his letters? I couldn't find on the internet and I'm not into true crime, so first time hearing about this scrote.

Who knows, maybe I encountered someone like that and he tried to brag about actually doing something in this supposed code.

Anonymous 9433


Anyone remember these specific threads on 4chan that always got wiped by the jannies about certain places on Google having weird reviews with some type of secret language? They had pictures of aquariums but in Google maps looked like abandoned houses.

Anonymous 9435

this is super interesting! never heard about it sadly. what were the theories like?

Anonymous 9437

Most thought it had to do with trafficking or cults, if you search up aquariums on /x/ or /pol/ in an archive i think you can find it, you gotta read it for yourself.

Anonymous 9564

I found a link, which might be what you are looking for. https://archive.ph/Mh8WD
I wonder whether there's other cases like this, of people hiding cult messages within innocuous information. I know there's things like Google translate having weird cryptic translations, or the CIA hiding information in search functions as a log in feature instead, but I think I can only vaguely remember some cult (?) operating within the HTML code.

Anonymous 9574

That's it nona, thank you, i actually never read this document i only read about Aquariumgate via 4chan generals but this is so much better for people that want to understand it.

Anonymous 9581

not to play devils advocate too much, but those barn stars are very common in texas. If they were different colors like the link said it would be a different story, but pretty much everyone keeps one (or more) of these as yard and house decor. the house on the bottom right with the star inverted is definitely abnormal.
The aquarium thing is very scary though. TX is a bit of a hotbed for human trafficking.

Anonymous 9591

Holy crap, could they be secret locations for human trafficking or Illuminati hideouts?

Anonymous 9594

It's human trafficking shit for sure.

Anonymous 9717

This one's not creepy, just an awkward music video some woman made that I stumbled upon. It has 1.4k views right now. I feel like someone here might appreciate it.

Anonymous 9974


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