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What are the darkest thoughts you have? Anonymous 5684

Tell CC what you can't tell anybody else.

Anonymous 5686

I want the planet and everything on it to perish.

Anonymous 5687

I don't disagree with the people who go postal. I'm not even horrified.

Anonymous 5690

Everyday i contemplate suicide, that’s one of the dark thoughts thats socially accepted to say that i wont regret posting

Anonymous 5691


Anonymous 5696

I’m sorry i have paranoia i can’t share the other ones

Anonymous 5697

I guarantee nobody cares enough to look into you. If you're actually a woman, you're useless to agents who honey pot psychos into mass shootings- women aren't all that dangerous on a large scale so.

I wouldn't worry.

If you're a man, you should probably shut up about any and every dark thought, true.

Anonymous 5698

Ehh i don’t want to shit up the thread but when you’re a paranoid mentally ill person man or woman, anything can seem dangerous to your life. I might share the fact that i like peanut butter sandwhiches and then ruminate about this conversation months later thinking you’ll find me through this information and hurt me. Lol. But lately my thoughts have been nothing innocent like that. It’s probably delusions though but they still count as thoughts no?

Anonymous 5700

人生 has been\^o^)/o…

Ok so I never considered myself mentally ill because I always just assume I'm a turbo normie but I sort of relate to this really hard. Whenever I post anything relating to me online I fear I will be found out. Whenever I intereact with people online I feel the same and this might be a bit ridiculous but each time I download a yaoi image to my computer I legitimately am afraid the feds are looking at me. I really like guro. I know it's ridiculous but I can't help focusing on these and even think about it for months and weeks too. So scared I'll be found out doing anything.

Anonymous 5706

>Ok so I never considered myself mentally ill
why are you here then?
Go home

Anonymous 5707

just generic sexually intrusive thoughts. Also a lot of ones anout murder and death but that's usually an anger or anxiety response.
ex. someone wrongs me and I think about chopping them up or cutting their throat
ex. I see someone carrying a baby in a store and I get scared and imagine them dropping it on its head
I've thought about hurting children though, not in a while really and I'm glad because all I felt was guilt when those thoughts plagued me.

Anonymous 5709

I mean I know I'm mentally ill, diagnosed and everything, but I feel the exact same way. I can't tell you how many posts I'll make then quickly delete and constantly worry that I posted or saw the wrong thing even though I don't ever do anything wrong.

Anonymous 5713

I dunno anon, I don't think I'm ill either- I mean other people would and do say that I am so I must accept multiple perceptions likely outweigh my own but I mostly think it's everyone else that's bat shit.

People are weird and if you point it out then you're the weird one.

Anonymous 5723

I’m the anon you replied to lol, you seem paranoid but in denial. I mean i wouldn’t call a niche imageboard surfing guro liking yaoi pictures saving person who thinks the fbi agent is judging their 2D porn a turbo normie. But i was in denial too so i get it. I latched on to normies for a good chunk of my life, none of them shared my fears and sentiments throughout these short lives situationships so i don’t think of someone who does as a normal person. Though fear of being found out when you goof around online and cancelled is pretty normal these days if that’s what you mean

Anonymous 5744

I feel like committing homicide or violently stabbing people often… I prefer satanic themes over heavenly ones…

Anonymous 5750

Be real, the only people lurking this site besides us are terminally online mentally ill incels. There is 0 chance the feds are gonna give a crap about some smalltime women's imageboard.

Anonymous 5778

There's this 10-12 year old boy that lives next to my bf. I hate that little shit, which is an achievement because I normally like kids.
I often think to myself how easy it'd be to kidnap him. Possibly torture him, but definitely kill him. Like, his parents are never looking after him so I could just snatch him and get rid of the pest. Everything I've learned about witchcraft says that blood sacrifices are wrong and unnecessary, but I've fantasized about offering his blood and flesh to pagan gods. Again, this is super weird because I like kids. Hell, I've considered becoming a kindergarten teacher.
Also, often when I see people carrying babies I have the worst anxiety inducing thoughts. For example, I imagine an active shooter killing the mother through the baby or a car plowing through them. I have to emphasize that I take no pleasure in these very intrusive thoughts and more than once they've made me cry. I think this comes from an old recurring nightmare I had when I was little where a madman cannibal escapes an asylum and as people flee his rampage a mom throws her baby at him to escape.

Anonymous 5788

Uh… this thread was a bad idea

Anonymous 5794

Tbh I've been "found out" because of a lolcow server and anons made a collage of random vent messages I sent to make me look like a nazi schizo. Whilst it made me have a bad day when I discovered it, I stopped caring pretty quickly. It made me more weary of (mentally ill) women online tho. I used to be pretty much only suspicious about males.
Feds aren't the ones you should fear, but rather mentally ill people willing to collect information about yourself to bring you down to feel better about themselves.

Anonymous 5795

There’s a lot of them here too, i’ve always been thankful for my intense mistrust of people even though it sort of destroyed my social life. I will never trust anyone. I almost did this year because of deep loneliness but i’m glad i snapped before i did anything stupid

Anonymous 5799

I like shota. I'd never actually do anything with a real child, and it's always drawn and never realistic. and I think it's more of an extention of my preference for soft, feminine boys. But whenever I look at shota I feel a lot of guilt about it

Anonymous 5800

They're called intrusive thoughts anon. They don't reflect what anon's actions are.

Anonymous 5801

>old people walk unbearably slowly in front of my car while i am trying to drive in the parking lot
>feel rage and imagine taking them by the shoulders and strangling them
>anger ruins my whole night
I'm so irritable. I'd never enact thoughts like these.

Anonymous 5802

Am I the only one who didn't know what intrusive thoughts were until I came online? I'd describe my thoughts to both my therapist and random people on mental health forums and my therapist acted like it's the first she'd ever heard of it while people on forums were like yeah theyre just intrusive thoughts. I genuinely can't tell if she was underqualified or just hated me

Anonymous 5803

I would say she was underqualified. Also because the internet is an information super hub.

Anonymous 5807

Maybe you didn’t explain them well enough. I didn’t have a name for my intrusive thoughts till i read it on forums as well. before that, i didn’t express these thoughts well to people because i was so confused about their nature and what they are so i was hesitant to speak about them clearly and describe them. When i read the term my mind went boom.

Anonymous 5810

I can't wait for my mother to die. I can't stand her. I'm happy when she is sad or cries or suffers.

Anonymous 5811

lolcow users are the worst in this regard. don't even give the slightest bit of information about yourself around these people. if there are psychos out there who collect information about people to fuck them over when they feel like, they're browsing lolcow for sure.

Anonymous 5819

>but rather mentally ill people willing to collect information about yourself to bring you down to feel better about themselves.
Just described a majority of my worst experiences with people, and they may have made me what I am today. A lot of it is why I bloomed. I don't think it's very overtly "dark", but I know I have a trait that can be extremely damaging to me: which is that I now always believe I'm right on matters of reading people or listening to my gut instinct. I've become more and more manipulative because I know how people act and how to direct their behaviors.

Just enjoy what you want as long as it hurts no one. A lot of people in that genre do not fathom any real stuff, but even if you found yourself desiring the real thing, it's okay as long as you know better than to act on it. Compromising your morals is done through an act, not a thought.

Anonymous 5820

Relatable . Sometimes I believe my mother was taken away from me at a young age so that I can live a happier life. She was mentally ill, abusive and tried to kill me and my brother several times (hence my cptsd and trauma well into my 30s). I remember praying to some sort of higher power or deity to protect me from harm and abuse every day without fail since the day I learnt how to speak. I like to think my prayers were answered eventually.

Anonymous 5821

I've made peace with this years ago but there's a genre of shota that involves girls or adult woman torturing shotas that is really fucked up but it did something for me. Probably a result of deep seated hatred of men but I don't want to have these kind of thoughts even relating to fiction

Anonymous 5870

Me too, i kind of understand where it comes from for me, and that’s the saddest part kek

Anonymous 5874

when i was a teen i fantasized about a worm parasite killing me and eating me from the inside.
no one would let me kill myself and if i died that way at least i would be use for something.

Anonymous 5890

Speaking of worms, ive had fantasies of worms eating my corpse when i’m dead. It gives me a tickling sensation and it’s kind of nice

Anonymous 5934

That’s not a thought, thats an action lol. But what did they do?

Anonymous 5935

Details please

Anonymous 5939

I also hate people. I hate everything about them especially since working in customer service. Seen some things I can't unsee after I got stalked. The fun never ends. I would probably wipe out a 3rd of the human population if I had the power too. Pedophiles, child abusers, fascist politicians, deranged sick men right wing nuts. I would yeet them all into hell.

Anonymous 5945

Nice bait

Anonymous 5948

The specification of women makes it likely moid bait, but the sentiment is not incorrect. Parents are all child abusers by bringing them into a world where they will be abused with indifference.

Anonymous 5950

Sounds like someone is in need for some dilation.

Anonymous 5952

Calm down. Infighting is not the purpose of this thread. If you don't like something move on.

Anonymous 6277


I used to think I'm the in the same boat, never had a preference to realistic looking drawing over anime stuff, but this past month I kinda stumbled upon a very good straight shota fic on AO3 and it since literally lived in my head rent free. I swear its the only good /ss/ fic I've ever read since it stands alone among the obvious moid wish fulfilment for mommy fantasy. The mc is mental and second rereading really makes me realize the way she's been describing and enabling the boy since beginning, so theres that. It read like an well written excuse in some parts, plus some weird pacing and plot kinda alerted me that parts of it may came from irl experience, which just kinda excites me even more despite other parts being obvious fantasy rosy scenarios. The fic also used those avatar maker for the main charas and it helped the visualization.

It's hard not to get attached, altough its realism also deters me since the kid is annoying and it reminds me of how annoying actual kids can be. Altough, how'd calmer and manageable he became after "rewards" are given.. is another thoughts entirely that I wont ever test for myself.

Pic related is from the fic. How'd I once styled my hair like that few years back also didnt help at all from not engrossing myself in that character :)

Anonymous 6288

I haven't been to any doctor in years except for a psychiatrist, and only to get the same meds I've been on for years. I secretly hope I have cancer or some other disease that will kill me suddenly, or that I only find when it's too late. That way I can die without killing myself and no one will feel guilty.

Anonymous 6329

I understand why people go postal too. I don't agree with them, but it isn't hard for me to understand why someone would do it. My life is so monotonous and I try so hard to do right thing and be a good person (at least my idea of a good person), even when it doesn't seem like it'll pay off and I'll still be unhappy for the rest of my life. And I know it's not just me since everyone suffers in their own way, even people who are rich or beautiful or whatever. To be a good citizen, you're expected to put up with so much and go to work everyday and function properly all the time and it makes sense that a lot of people just can't do it. It must be freeing to do something so antisocial/anti-societal and live even just a few minutes where you could just do anything and not give a fuck before killing yourself. Maybe one of the few times you feel like you have control and actual freedom in your otherwise monotonous, insignificant life.

Those are just thoughts I have though. I understand them, but I would never actually want to hurt someone. Part of the reason I'm so miserable all the time is because I am so aware of how everyone is suffering and it's not just me. I wouldn't want to add to anyone else's pain when we're all going through enough. It's part of the reason I also have a hard time killing myself. Please don't track me down feds. I promise I have never even touched a gun in my life.

Anonymous 6331



Anonymous 6333

When my dog and mom die I'm going to blow my brains out because I'll have absolutely nothing to live for anymore.

Anonymous 6363

I like to imagine of all the ways I could murder my best friends girlfriend, or otherwise make her life hopeless and miserable. Sometimes I like to think of all the ways I'd torture her, or make her feel worthless or maime herself. How I could make her already dysfunctional family worse or get close to and use her narc mother against her. How I could put her young siblings in worse positions via this and in exchange hold her emotionally hostage while pretending to be her friend/confidant.

I think if they weren't living on the other side of the world right now I'd have gotten really close to her just to figure out how I could take that closeness away from her. I want to prey on her low self esteem. I want her to kill herself, but slowly. I want her to make herself unappealing to my friend so my friend is not hurt by her downfall - I love my friend. I just don't like her.

Sometimes I rub one out to the idea of making her literally eat my shit. I find something like that to be the most disgusting possible thing and I'm no scat fetishist or anything of that type, it's purely the desire to coerce her to willfully do something like that - to display how disgusting she is and how below me.

If my friend dated some other girl I'd be okay with it. It's just this one I truly can't stand. She reminds me of some weak creature that gets constantly preyed upon in life because everything can sense she is like that. Not in a way it should be protected or loved, but in a way it should just be abused until it's out of the gene pool.

I genuinely hope something truly awful happens to her, even without my intervention. But I think truly the most satisfying outcome would be if she just disappeared off the face of this earth, with no one to miss her, and no one remembered her. As if she never existed. God I hope some freak final destination tier event happens and her head gets lopped off.

Anonymous 6364

I have this urge sometimes to whore myself out. Not out of real desire for it or for money, but because i hate myself so much and i feel like i was so used by men anyway and they don't see me as a human being so might as well go all out and prostitute myself. It even feels more logical than searching for love, love is an illusion because moids are unable to feel love, so whoring myself at least would make it so i don't fall for the idea of being loved by these demons. Also, it would destroy my mind so much that i would probably finally suicide, which is a good thing because i'm just wasting time being alive tbh.

Anonymous 6370

As stupid as it sounds im afraid that i'll accidentally end up abusing my lover out of "love." Ive been weirdly violent and obsessive to every one of my crushes.

But at the same time, i have a fantasy of abusing them, like isolating them and forcing them to feel like im the only one who cares about them so they stick with me no matter what i do or how much i hurt them.

Anonymous 6372

Moid hands typed this

Anonymous 6374

Sometimes I think I’m a female lolicon but not in a sexual way.

Anonymous 6375

I don't donate organs because I want carnists to die.

Anonymous 6379

I read this out loud to my friend and we are cracking up at u. thanks for the giggle

Anonymous 6380

I want to send this to a random number and say “sorry wrong person”

Anonymous 6387

Do it do it do it

Anonymous 6391

>I rub one out to the idea of making her literally eat my shit
kill yourself scrote

Anonymous 6393

Anonymous 6394

The idea of someone doing this made me laugh out loud HAH

Anonymous 6395

>Sometimes I rub one out to the idea of making her literally eat my shit.
Hello, QUEEN department?

Anonymous 6396

It just sounds like you will stew in histrionic exasperation until the day you die. On the contrary you sound so easy to manipulate and screw with, its like you live for the people you hate and enjoy nothing. The person probably has no idea you even exist half the time, nor do they care and if they did they'd just think you're batshit insane.

Anonymous 6397

Mental department maybe

Anonymous 6398

I thought I was crazy for being obsessive but you’re straight up rancid and terrible. I was feeling pretty depressed about my self for a good 2 hours until I saw this. You may have saved my life with your degeneracy, so thank you.

Anonymous 6399

Hello, MEDS department? Yeah we need you to lock this poster up where he can't hurt anyone with his violent moid tendencies and samefaggery.

Anonymous 6400

Sometimes I can't tell the difference between trannyposting and just a regular pick-me woman, but this particular sentiment gave you away:

>If my friend dated some other girl I'd be okay with it. It's just this one I truly can't stand. She reminds me of some weak creature that gets constantly preyed upon in life because everything can sense she is like that. Not in a way it should be protected or loved, but in a way it should just be abused until it's out of the gene pool.

Only moids think in terms of this highly autistic logic

Anonymous 6402

I can’t speak to whether or not that poster is really a woman or not, but I’ve felt that way about moids before. It’s not a kind of thinking that’s exclusive to them.

Anonymous 6414

I could never actually self-harm and have no desire to, but sometimes while cooking over my stovetop on high heat I've wondered what it would feel like putting my hands on it. I've feel the same about what exactly it would feel like to put my hand inside dangerous sharp objects, like a spinning blender or fan. It's just my morbid curiosity. Probably not some kind of BIID, because I don't feel any impulse strong enough to actually go through with it, like that guy who cut his own legs off on Maury just to see what it would be like to be disabled.

Anonymous 6415


dear god

Anonymous 6416

why do you dislike her so much? o__o

Anonymous 6417

Dunno she seems based for making you seethe this much just for simply existing and cucking you at the same time (I do not believe there is no jealousy involved in this)

Anonymous 6418

Get better at samefagging loser

Anonymous 6419

I want to be raped

Anonymous 6421

yeah okay empathchan

Anonymous 6448

I have intrusive thoughts about castrating every member of my family to put an end to this cursed bloodline

Anonymous 6449

Try summoning incubus?

Anonymous 6450

Stop telling people to do that lmfao

Anonymous 6451


How would that help her

Anonymous 6453

Sometimes I have nightmares where my dogs die violently

Anonymous 6462


Anonymous 6647

Sometimes I wish my twin brother never existed. Or that we could switch places and he could see exactly why I am the way I am. I’m so utterly jealous of his success and lack of mental issues. It’s not fair. Why am I the disappointment in our family?

I wish one of my “friends” would die of suicide. She’s so absurdly annoying and childish, and around other people it looks like we get along well or even worse - behave similar. I hate this stuttering braindead loser so much, I really just want her dead. It would not only spare me of her draining presence but also legitimize and validate my state by making my parents believe I’m also this capable. Aka give me more NEET justification points.

I wish I could be capable of murder just to go to jail and not have to work for a living and sometimes I’m scared that the only thing keeping me from doing it aren’t morals, but the thought that there’s no internet, no good books or tasty food, and my friends wouldn’t visit me if I had done that.

I’ve recently read about Sarco and tried to figure out for how long I would have to work just to afford it and then if it’s even worth it if you have to undergo tests to get the code to unlock the euthanizing button. I hate this bullshit so fucking much. And I hate myself for not being able to kill myself diy style without fancy painless methods I can’t afford.
Why can’t we just sign a paper and get euthanized like animals? I’m not even that valuable to capitalism, I don’t buy meds/for therapy, I don’t pay taxes, I don’t work, won’t give birth to future wageslaves, nothing.
Why tf would they keep me alive? I hate it so much I’m so tired of feeling bad for not wanting to do anything of value because I see no point. I only do things sometimes to pretend it’s all under control in front of parents because I’m scared of them.

My life is such a waste. With all the junk I eat and my lack of any hygiene or movement at this point I’m just praying for a random heart attack.

Anonymous 6651

I have a deep hatred for severely autistic men like ChrisChan, even worse for autistic trannies.
Now, I don't hate men at all. I get shit from defending them in places like this. I don't hate autistic people in general, my best friend is autistic herself. I don't even hate trannies in general, just the really annoying or abusive ones.
But for some reason I feel an extreme hate for people like ChrisChan. Even his face angers me and makes me want to smash it with a hammer. I even get sexually aroused from thinking about the kind of physical, mental and emotional abuse I'd like to inflict on a subhuman like that.
Like, I would be absolutely up for leading them on and ruining their worthless lives. Get them into deep debt, make them mutilate their useless bodies, cucking them in their faces and all kinds of fucked up shit.
I also have a slightly less fucked up view on downies. I don't hate them but I don't really see them as people, more like human pets.
I swear I'm not a bad person but this is like my deepest, darkest fantasy.

Anonymous 6654

>I swear I'm not a bad person
Ok anon.

Anonymous 6655

>i’m not a bad person
>proceeds to type out the most alarming wall of text yet on this thread

Anonymous 6657

this is just a positive drive to weed out dysgenic males. nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 6661

not as alarming as exploiting gender ideology to gain access to boyfriendless lesbians and raping your own elderly mother.

Anonymous 6665

why do even nonas clutch their pearls about malice directed at males?

Anonymous 6666

I’m just alarmed at the downies part tbh

Anonymous 6670

Is it really that alarming? I've never done anything like that, though.
If it makes you feel any better, just because I don't see them as people doesn't mean I think they deserve abuse. Like all pets, I think they should be respected and treated humanely.

Anonymous 6675

not either of the two nonas that you asked but I really do not regard what you posted as that wild. compared to moids that is nothing and a positive for the gene pool additionally.

ladies, we can stop simping for males, especially genetically poor specimens, at any time. it is past due to stop. they are never going to defend you back with the same amount of what you give out. there is no need to defend any male unless he is a rampant sex class traitor and even then - who knows. wake the fuck up. there is no reward waiting for being a "nice" woman. they hate you no matter what you do.

Anonymous 6678

You may want to read my post again, though: I don't hate men. I actually dislike the term "moid" as much as I dislike the term "foid."
The fact that someone who thinks like you considers my dark thoughts "not that wild" actually makes me very concerned about myself. Terms such as "sex class traitor" are the most cringe, anti-individualistic and idiotic garbage out there and part of the reason why I could no longer hang out in university circles.
There are reasons to defend people. Male or female, doesn't matter. My hate for autistic guys is something that I usually keep to myself, and when I have to put it out at least I try to justify it as hating dangerous people. But acting like all men are bad is no better than the average /r9k/ autist. Hell, you sound exactly like them when they complain about how bad women are. If I ever defend someone I don't do it expecting a reward like some kind of sociopath who sees all human interaction as entirely transactional, I do it because that's what my moral code dictates.
But thank you. You made me realize that my dark thoughts are indeed a problem and now I can work on myself to improve, because if I keep going down that path I may end up like someone who unironically uses terms like "moid" or "sex class."

Anonymous 6679

i desperatly want to tell the whole world about my currently messed up family situation, how i have been emotionaly religously abused, how much i want to move out, how the only person i trust and who is my best friend is my boyfriend, how i always think about art even if i dont draw every day, and how im deconstructing my faith and its all very scary to confess aloud, i could never even make a /adv/ post about this on 4chan or even go on reddit out of fear someone will screenshot it and one of my family members will find out… maybe when i move in with my bf i will

Anonymous 6685

>acting like all men are bad is no better than the average /r9k/ autist. Hell, you sound exactly like them when they complain about how bad women are.
the trouble is that males are behind, what, 90%+ of all violence worldwide? the sexes are not the same but go ahead and use that metric and disregard basic pattern recognition.

Anonymous 6710

i want to hire a gay rapist to rape a cute boy in front of me

Anonymous 6712

A lot of peoples problems here would be fixed if you just eat a snack or ice cream. Low blood sugar makes people angry

Anonymous 6714


Anonymous 6715

this lmao

Anonymous 6716

people who commit violent crimes are minority of the population

Anonymous 6717

Veganism thoughts

Anonymous 6720

Anonymous 6721

read statistics of how many men rape, and how many admitted they would do it if they could get away with it

Anonymous 6722

people virtue signalling about how nice scrotes are in a thread about darkest thoughts is hilarious

Anonymous 6723

still minority. you can go ahead and live with hate rent free in your head, which ironically makes the moids control you in a way.

no one is virtue signalling, just saying that being bitter and hateful is a waste of time if it consumes you this much.

Anonymous 6726

rapist apologist.

it is certainly something!

Anonymous 6727

i'm not defending anyone. how's your chronic stress?

Anonymous 6728

all males want to be rapists most are just cowards

Anonymous 6731

must be a stressful life for you if you have to default to hate and fear every time you think about moids. do you constantly think about them?

Anonymous 6732

but shes right lol any moid would rape a stacy if it didnt have any consequences to him

Anonymous 6733

get some female friends ffs. stop thinking or talking about moids all the time, distance yourself from them and you'll be much happier.

Anonymous 6734

i only have female friends and i distance myself from men in general. i don't understand how this relates to what i said before. this is like a basic concept of man sexuality that you are denying

Anonymous 6735

that doesn't mean you're happy or a well adjusted individual maybe even your friends have negative effect on you because you attract negative ones into your life. feelings of bitterness and hate are known to cause stress to your mind and body. it obviously lowers the quality of your life.

Anonymous 6736

i really dont understand what this manisfeting shit are u talking about. and i feel like talking about male sexuality really affected you hm? if thats because you are defending your bf, dont worry, he will eventually abuse you sexually or mentally (thats if u are not a moid larping)

Anonymous 6737

you should have revealed from the start that you're just mentally ill.

Anonymous 6738

dont go to the vent thread to talk about you being SA because you continued with this pickme way of "nOT alL MEn oKAY?" (thats again, if u are not a moid larping, what unfortunaly seems the case)

Anonymous 6740

idk what are all these buzzwords and acronyms. seems like you're just living out your imaginary beliefs like a schizotypal person or group influenced person that lacks critical thinking skills.

Anonymous 6741

I agree with the "femcels are just incels with the genders reversed" observation, but this is going
exactly like when someone posts on an incel forum to educate them. They won't listen and its a waste of time trying to deradicalize online losers. If nonas in this thread want to have intrusive thoughts about how every male they pass on the street wants to rape them, let them.
The constant fear they feel is the consequence of their own stubbornness kek, the exact same anxiety and isolation that incels feel. There was a documentary this week about moid incels, and there was one fucking loser who couldn't even be in the presence of women, even in public, because he was so scared of them beating themselves up and blaming him for the injuries. inb4 "thats stupid, all men are evil and no woman has ever done that" - it's happened somewhere in the past, and there are some news articles incels can point to to "prove it." Just like the "all men enjoy rape" study mentioned in here being "proof" that all men are evil kek. Cherry-pick internet data all you want, it only ruins your own psyche.

>i dont speak to men
just like the incels who don't speak to women kek. Must affect your life in a major way, because ostracizing 50% of the world due to your biases sounds abnormal and like it would stop you from doing a lot of daily activities.

>being near men means you will be raped
Honestly moid af to even use sexual assault as a gotcha in an internet argument. I wouldn't say that about another woman. The anon you're replying started this argument saying she wants to sexually torture male autists, I don't think she's a pickme. You just wished rape on a random woman because you're angry and bitter inside.

Anonymous 6742

Quit derailing the thread, handmaiden. No one gives a shit. Most of us are autists who has been assaulted by a male or two we don’t have time for your bullshit. You act like we’re plotting a mass murder on a group its a dark thought thread. Fight this fight elsewhere.

Anonymous 6744

Your example from the incel documentary is a false symmetry. The percentage of false accusations by women against men is minimal compared to the large amount of abuse committed by men to women. It is normal to be afraid of a man being as a woman because the vast majority of women have already been sexually abused or have known someone who has been abused. By the way, it's strange how you incessantly defending men in a thread of "what are the darkest thoughts". It is obvious that the woman who has suffered AS will be afraid of all men. But I think it's too much to ask for empathy for a handmaiden like you.>>6741

Anonymous 6745

> No one gives a shit.
your and others posts prove otherwise. i am on the autism spectrum too. some "women" here literally hate on other women and wish them to be abused, sounds like youre not an womens ally at all. i am not the one fighting and being aggressive, its all your projection.

Anonymous 6746

>I'm autistic that's why I make long texts judging someone's opinion on the What are the darkest thoughts you have? thread
imagine my shock

Anonymous 6747

>some "women" here literally hate on other women and wish them to be abused, sounds like youre not an womens ally at all
You’re all over the place, what does any of that have to do with me or my post? Who’s projecting here? Lol

Anonymous 6748

maybe you're not reading the thread. >>6736
this person and probably few others definitely have a grudge against women who have positive relations with men or don't hate them. that's all.

Anonymous 6749

If your immediate conclusion to “they have a grudge against me because i’m successful with men and theyre not” as a response to a different opinion, then that’s a you problem. We all were there, we all thought that bad men are a minority and that the men around us are good people and that women speaking against them are jealous, old bags and are bitter till our turn to be fucked over eventually came. She has a point and she’s warning you. I used to think you’re some moid larping but you come off as an underage retard. It’s okay, it’s not your fault.

Anonymous 6751

you are making your own sentences and putting them into my mouth. i dont think you can reasonably argue. there's also something wrong with you if you arent concerned about women telling other women that they will be raped, it only adds to the cycle of hate and abuse.

Anonymous 6752

>ad hominem
>ad hominem
>only muh experience is valid
>all women will eventually get abused/raped

You're the one that sounds underage or at least incredibly undeveloped in mental capacity. A very narrow life view is a sign of not experiencing a lot in life.

Anonymous 6755

she says it's useless to "educate" the girls on this site on how her precious scrotes are actually nice and the true victims of the evil femcels, which all of us are for some reason (despite the majority of this site having had relationships in the past or in one currently), but then she raves endlessly about how any negative valid observation one makes about men is false and doesn't accept a single different opinion herself.
she's likely in her first relationship with a moid and needs to delude herself that #notallmen but it's okay she will learn it the hard way

Anonymous 6757

it's funny how you keep outdoing yourself in every new post with even more ridiculous delusions

Anonymous 6758

Yall are arguing if saying that all men are pigs is too much or not while the thread above this is arguing if the necrophilia site has cute guys or not. The internet is really a beautiful place.

Anonymous 6760

We are not the same person lol she just agrees with me

Anonymous 6761

this is my first post itt but go off i guess

Anonymous 6762

>Honestly moid af to even use sexual assault as a gotcha in an internet argument
at least you know!

Anonymous 6764

Male tears or possibly delusional handmaiden tears. Either way they taste the same, Delicious.

Anonymous 6765

found the woman hater

Anonymous 6835

These aren’t the darkest thoughts I’ve ever had lol but I definitely feel like I’m being a little weird. I’m at a point in my life where I realize if I wanted to, I can manipulate people to do what I want and I like having a sense of control. I know for sure this comes from traumatic situations where I felt like I had no control over things. I am wearing more “feminine” stuff and styling myself to be feminine and trying to become more charming and sweet so I can have (mostly men) do what I want. I have a boyfriend and I have been testing these actions on him, basically using my feminine charm to have him do things for me. (Obviously with other men it’s not me flirting with them, but when you know a man likes to feel strong/have attention on him you could talk him up a bit and ask him to get / do something strenuous for you, like a man should.). I guess to ME it feels very weird/wrong because I’ve been so meek and shy all my life.

Anonymous 6838

Thats really common, people use your vulnerability to make you feel worthy and get what they want from you in the process. Like a dude opening a jar for you, he feels so good while you got your pickles without much effort, A win win situation. Life is full of murky intentions and actions

Anonymous 6839

you're still self-objectifying and spending money and time on your appearance with the hope of somehow affecting men. if you really care about manipulation and, ultimately, power, look at what the most powerful in our society are like. they aren't hot girls wearing makeup, they're old, fat, ugly, and rich men. wealth is far more important than some weird mental gymnastics "this time I'll appeal to men but it's for me" bullshit when it comes to getting what you want.

Also, you can get an boyfriend worth keeping around to do shit for you even if you look like shit. I never wear makeup or remove any body hair because I don't think I could live with debasing myself in that way and mine does my dishes, takes out my trash, buys everything (dinners, dates, groceries), and cooks for me. Whether you get a man to do a bunch of shit for you depends more on his own innate disposition and any man who does these things only because you gave Sephora your money isn't going to keep up the act very long.

Anonymous 6862

Same. And I think obvious underage dudes are cute, I think since they look less “manly” they seem less threatening. Obviously this is probably not true and I would never act on my fantasies.

Anonymous 6877

I fantasize about being on vacation and hooking up with a teen , I’m only 21 but people think I look like a teenager, so I could get away with it if he doesn’t know I’m actually an adult. Like lying about my identity. when I actually was underage, I still had a preference for younger guys. I see guys I thought were cute back then and now that they’ve matured, (got fat and bald already!) I don’t like them now,

Anonymous 6926

I hope I never have to see this person again, I hope they get institutionalized or something

Anonymous 6948


Anonymous 6963


Just hope someone who ages like Ralph Machio pops up into your life. Jacob Sartorious is 20.

Anonymous 6968

How does he look the same

Anonymous 6969

Oh no…
I think Ralph Macchio in the 80s/90s is the hottest guy ever, with his cute haircut and big, sweet eyes. And I see nothing attractive in guys like Brad Pitt, they all look generic and a dime a dozen.
Does that mean I'm a shotacon too?

Anonymous 6978

He's the same cause he's 20 but looks preteen

Anonymous 6979

Baby faced moids in their 20s are extremely rare. It almost feels like an abomination walking among us.

Anonymous 6980


I no joke pray everyday for trannies to die and they do die, so something out there listens because I either make really good arguments justifying their deaths or god or Sophia or Athena, something is listening.

I got one to commit sudoku once, then the Club Q happens lol. Gift after gift after gift. Soon it will all be cleaned.

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