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Tarot Readings Anonymous 6248

Post your question, age, sign, and an image of your choice and get a free tarot reading.

Anonymous 6249


>Aquarius sun, Leo Rising, virgo moon
>How do I get my life back on track?


Anonymous 6250


>Picrel, love beautiful skies with a lot of orange/coral
Should I focus on my art or something else? Will I get well known (not celebrity status though) with it or something else?

Anonymous 6251


Sun: Taurus
Moon: Capricorn
Mars: Aquarius
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Taurus

>Will my feelings of loneliness lessen significantly in the next few years?

Anonymous 6252

I’m using the Hermetic deck if you wanted to look at the cards themselves.
>> Card One: The Emperor: Advice: Son of the Morning
>> Card Two: Queen of Pentacles: Reverse: Queen of the Thrones of Earth
>> Card Three: Eight of Pentacles: Reverse: The Lord of Prudence
I think I should explain your cards together to help it make sense. We start with the Emperor the son of the morning in advice. A good sign. He’s a leader, he’s confident and he’s responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of his community around him and himself. He’s here to tell you that the next two cards are a warning things you can work on, that you despite your self doubt you can be a part of a community or a relationship, but that you must push for those things and work on them. They will not appear out of nowhere.
The Queen shows to tell you that it’s time to make an objective assessment of your life, that’ve you have started to cope in ways that aren’t helping you and making your loneliness worse. Be careful the floor may start to pull you in.
We finish with the eight of pentacles to tell you not to mistake your work for your identity. Focus instead on what you enjoy and who you are to define you and the relationships you make.
The way things are going you may be lonely a long while longer, but you have the tools necessary to break that pattern and work towards a better future.
I hope this helps.

Anonymous 6253


>libra, libra, taurus
What is holding me back from growing?

Anonymous 6254


>¿How you see the rest of the year for me?

Anonymous 6255

I pulled four cards for you, each with a bit of advice.
>> Card One: Fortitude: Reversed: Daughter of the Flaming Sword.
It’s time to clearly distinguish between your instincts and self doubts/ego. This card suggests there’s a situation or relationship that is in motion that you have little power over the outcome, where this is concerned it will just have to play out. Just wait it out and make sure you’re okay when the storm passes.
>> Card Two: The Hierophant: Reverse: Magnus of the Eternal Gods
You’re avoiding things that could help you because of the past associations. The Hierophant has come to warn you that without roots you lack stability. It might be time to establish some of your own.
>> The Queen of Pentacles: Reversed: Queen of the Throes of Earth (well hello again today)
Taking a moment to look at the last few months and your life objectively will benefit you. Look at where you spent your time, what isn’t there enough? What are you missing? There’s something non-beneficial eating your time and well being, that seems minor but is wearing you down. Check in with yourself.
And the final card
>> Princess of Wands: Reversed: Princess of the Shinning Flame
Worry less about how those around you perceive you. You’re worried about offending someone or looking stupid, but its stopping you from contributing valuable work and input to avoid conflict. You can’t succeed if you discount yourself before you’ve even tried.

Anonymous 6256

Bless you anon.

Anonymous 6257

sorry for the late reply, thank you so much !

Anonymous 6258

I pulled a card for each question, and then asked a clarification question for a clear answer.
>> Card One: Should you focus on your art? Eight of Cups: Lord of Abandoned Success: Advice
The eight of cups represents a disappoint, or a set back, something that hurts the hurt. The difficult, but realistic lord here to give advice. Choosing art means being aware of the vulnerabilities that will come with it and the work. You’re conflicted part of you has already started to move forward and part of you still wants to focus on your art. there’s disappointments in your past where you feel like you failed and its impacting your ability to go forward either way. Look at your hesitations, your worries. Where do they come from? Where did they start? Some of them should have stayed in the past and you can’t move forward with them.
>> Will you be well known? The Moon: Ruler of Flux and Reflux
I don’t want to be negative. The future is not set in stone, the cards are an interpretation okay? We have the ability to impact outcomes and change the cards, but this is the card of illusion. One for most simple questions to mean no when pulled like this. In this case you may find some acknowledgment but it wont’ make it you feel happy and most likely won’t lead to long term success right now.
Last Card:
>> What should you do? Death: Advice: The Child of the Great Transformers
No literal death in this card pull, more a conclusion. It’s time to finish projects and prepare for real change, what you’re doing right now isn’t working. Unless the summer’s harvest is brought in they’re lost to the harshness of winter. It’s time to bring in your harvest and take inventory. Don’t give up on the things you’ve already accomplished. Don’t discount those things, but leave the things that are serving you behind and figure out you really want and where you really want to be. Then work to have the foundation to accomplish it. If it’s art be ready for the risks and come back and build it when you’re ready. You have to stop putting the pressure of the past on your future though.

Anonymous 6259

Bless you too.
You’re welcome, glad to help!

Anonymous 6261


>What will my love life look like in 2023?

Anonymous 6263

Sorry for the late reply, side note anyone I don’t get to today, I will work on tomorrow.

I pulled three cards each for advice, they each built off of each other, so let’s work through them and then the overall message.
>> Card One: Justice: Reversed: Daughter of the Lord of Truth
Justice is the card of fairness, morality, but also of importance. In this case though the card is reversed. You care a lot and can have a strong sense of morality and when it’s important to you to do the right thing in the moment, but there’s times you might be being impulsive or moving forward without all the information and it’s not helping you or the situations. Justice tells you to slow down, collect the information, before you react and that taking your time doesn’t mean you don’t care.
>> Card Two: Knight of Pentacles: Advice: Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land
This card continues with the theme of the first, but in a different direction. The lord of the land speaks of needing to slow down to see the bigger picture. Not only does it pay him to not cause conflict with his people because that’s when he work his lands and profits, but also that when he carefully plans and works steadily he reaps a bountiful harvest. Slow down, figure out the steps you need to take for what you want. If there’s something you’ve been avoiding or thinking about doing now’s a good time to start figuring out how to make it viable. But remember the lord of the lands warns without the work to go with the planning and dreaming a good idea is just that a good idea.
>> Card Three: Seven of Swords: Advice: Lord of Unstable Effort
He shows up to tell you to stay focused and don’t get distracted. Work towards what you want, but he also warns it’s not about working harder. Don’t grind yourself down, work smarter. Preparing in advance ensures a successful winter, and preparing in advance will help you not waste effort.

Anonymous 6264


>cap sun aqua rising gem moon
>Where can I best focus my attention in order to make significant progress in overcoming personal obstacles regarding art/life improvement?

Anonymous 6265


>Libra sun, Pisces rising, Aquarius moon

Are better things coming for me in the next year (specifically in my love life, career, and overall happiness)?

Anonymous 6271


>libra sun, cancer moon, capricorn rising
will i be satisfied with my love/social life next months/year?

Anonymous 6273

Thank you!!! Card 3 really resonates

Anonymous 6274


>aries sun, aqua moon, leo rising (I think, my birth time is either aqua rising or leo rising)
What career path should I take? What kind of job/industry would make me happier?

Thank you anon

Anonymous 6275


What should I do to be happy? 22, taurus sun, if you answer this: thank you

Anonymous 6285

We’re back and working through them. >>6254
I pulled four cards around your theme question. How will the rest of the year go for me?
>> Card One: Horizon: What’s coming? Princess of Cups: Reversed: Princess of the Palace of the Floods
It looks like some of the people close to you are going to struggle and need more support, pay close attention to them as it will be important to the long term health of those relationships.
>> Obstacle: What’s the largest struggle coming through the rest of the year? The Hanged Man: Advice: The Spirit of the Mighty Waters
Your biggest obstacle this year is patience and being able to wait out the negative while staying positive. This will be big in a few key moments. Reacting poorly and festering on it instead of taking it in stride will only prolong the consequences. Sometimes the only thing you do wrong is being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’s best to apologize and move on. It will work out in the end as long as you let it.
>> Navigation: Where should you focus? Eight of Pentacles: Advice: Lord of Prudence
Focus on your main goal and accomplish as much as you can without burning yourself out. Now is a key time for it as the year finishes. Make sure to stay focused, but keep balanced and use the coming opportunities from your hard work to your advantage.
>> Final Clarity Card: The last piece of advice to have the best year: Ten of Wands: Advice: Lord of Oppression
Don’t get stuck on the setbacks, focus on the positive and you’ll accomplish what you need to that’s all that matters.

Anonymous 6290

Thanks anon

Anonymous 6291

Let’s go,
>> Card One: Will she find love? Six of Pentacles: Reversed: Lord of Material success
There’s a good possibility in your favor, but it will take work on your part. Don’t focus so hard on finding love though that you settle for the wrong person he warns.
>> Card Two: The Positives: The Queen of Swords: Queen of the Thrones of Air: Advice
The coming year will reward you for being confident and self assured in love.
>> Card Three: What to watch out for in love in 2023? Eight of Cups, Advice, Lord of Abandoned Success
Watch out for a betrayal, your past trauma leaves you potentially vulnerable to exploitation. Trust yourself and listen to your instincts. When something feels wrong it is.
>> Theme and Clarity: Two of Wands Advice: Lord of Dominion
Be patient and observant. Don’t let your self doubt let you be talked into sacrifice your boundaries and you will find positive expos in love in 2023.
I want to note the lovers card for this reading was reversed so the relationship that you find while positive is not a long term investment, don’t sacrifice your own wellbeing and long term stability, but have fun and enjoy yourself. You deserve good, so make sure you get it.

Anonymous 6292

You’re welcome

Anonymous 6294

Thanks for the reading anon! This was all really sound advice and fits with where I'm at currently too. I'll be sure to keep everything you said in mind as I continue dating this year and into the next!

Anonymous 6303

You’re welcome and I’m glad I help! I wish you the best in the coming year anon.

Anonymous 6304

I pulled four cards, one for overall, one for life specifically, one for art, and one for a last piece of advice.
>> Card One: Overall: Four of Swords: Lord of Rest from Strife: Advice
Concentrate less on the opinions of others. They may mean well, but they are not you, and they do not know you better than you know yourself. Look at your goals, and where you came from. Why are you doing this? Understanding your own center and why will be important to accomplish your goals and not be misled along the way.
>> Card Two: In Life Specifically: Four of Wands: Lord of the Perfected Work: Reversed:
While the first card warned to not be misled by others opinions the lord of perfected work comes in to tell you that doesn’t mean to ignore the possibilities for teamwork and collaboration in your life. Community and teamwork are important for succeeding in what you want in life and relationships require balance, so be careful not to let them become one sided on either end. Be open to new projects and ideas around you. It will open new opportunities later you will not want to miss.
>> Card Three: In Art Specifically: Two of Swords: Lord of Peace Restored: Reversed
There’s some past relationship or project that soured in relation to art and didn’t or hasn’t been working, a large project that’s overwhelming, a fellow art friend or coworker maybe, a teacher of some kind that was an absolute ass. Every time you attempted to work on it or with them it led to frustration and wanting to give up or burn out. Now is a good time to let that frustration go, take a deep breathe and come back to it with fresh eyes. Now is the right time for the difficult work on this, so push forward with the right mindset and you’ll be able to get through it this time.
>> Card Four: Last Piece of Advice: King of Wands: Reversed: Prince of the Chariot of Fire
The possibility of success is there, you’re biggest obstacle is your mindset on it. Everything else will pass if you keep working on it. This prince reminds you that the you have the power in your life and that all are lives are journeys that eventually lead to growing up, self ownership, and self empowerment. Clarity and confidence are critical coming up and indecision will not serve you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and your comfort zone will grow.

Anonymous 6309

Thank you so much dear reader! For your own reference regarding the read as it's the least I can do for the time and energy you've taken:
>cards 1 and 4
Accurate on both counts. These two themes (nobody else can tell me how to overcome my own hangups) come up frequently for me in regards to this specific topic.
>card 3
Very accurate as to what happened in the past, but it's new information regarding timing. If it's what I think it's about, it's extremely valuable for me to know this.
>card 2
Uncertain for this one. It rings true as advice and fits other themes in my life, it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Thank you again!

Anonymous 6310

You’re welcome. Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate hearing it’s on point. I cleanse and reset my deck, but it’s like an extra check to here it.
>> If it's what I think it's about, it's extremely valuable for me to know this.
I pulled a quick clarity yes or no and the advice wheel of fortune says you’re right in what you think it is.
You’re welcome

Anonymous 6325





How do I make my mom loves me? I've been seeking for her validation my entire life and last night i dreamt of her acting cold towards me I woke up startled at 4 am ish

Anonymous 6403


will I be happy in relationships with this guy I've met recently who's been interested in me?

Anonymous 6404


Alright, it's been a week and the normal anon hasn't gotten to some of you so my shittier readings will have to do;
>Will I be able to turn my life around at this point? Or is it too late?
Never too late but let's see what the cards think.
33, sign of the Bull, hope that male energy isn't messing you up too hard anon lol.(joke)
The World
Two of Cups
The Sun
So in my deck just going off the imagery first for all three cards, lots of Lion and Regalia, you have a lot of potential as a leader it seems. Two face cards too, lucky lady over here gals(slight joke)
This was a vague question that I could answer without the cards, people change at the age of 90 and start sky diving out of nowhere all the time so lol.
Past Present Future
Past: The World
>The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. It is an indicator of a major and inexorable change, of tectonic breadth.
Essentially what this says to me is by taking what you learned so far you can make yourself a new and better life that fits your desires, your time as you were is over and it's time to embrace your inner self and let that shine out.
Present: Two of Cups
The imagery on this one, it's like so unifying, the crows aren't exactly kissing and the lotus at the bottom and helix at the top just scream unifying consciousness to me anyways;
>the Two of Cups is the flow of love between two people. With this card, you are creating deep connections and partnerships, based on shared values, compassion, and unconditional love. While these relationships are still in the early stages, they have the potential to grow and develop into something deeply fulfilling and rewarding in the long-term. You have mutual respect and appreciation for one another, and together you reach higher planes of consciousness and understanding.
Do you have a partner? If not you must have a close friend, whatever you were working on may not bloom how you expect it to but, it seems the cards are saying whoever you worked with is also on a voyage of spiritual ascension and you both will get there. Yes a lot of this is love but it doesn't have to be romantic love in this card, it could be a deep sisterhood or you may not even know who's been working with you but you will find out they share your views and beliefs to a startling degree. I wouldn't know that as I can't look into your whole life like a book, maybe one day I will be strong enough to do so but frankly I hope not lol.
Future: The Sun
Crow riding a Horse with the sun and sunflowers as a backdrop, truly it's one of the most optimistic images in this deck imo.
>The card portends good fortune, happiness, joy and harmony. It represents the universe coming together and agreeing with your path and aiding forward movement into something greater.
I'd just be repeating myself at this point, please let me know what project or inner working you had go on anon, I am very curious now as the cards say you achieved great results or you will.

God the toe beans, oh the toe beans
Ahhh good, your sign is more fleshed out, if I used astrology this would mean more to me lol.
>How do I make my mom loves me? I've been seeking for her validation my entire life and last night i dreamt of her acting cold towards me I woke up startled at 4 am ish
It's always hard when you have to worry about your own family loving you, I had to as well, my father was abusive and my mother was broken by him for a time, but it got better between us so I am hopeful for you.
Drawing one card to see how/if/when to fix your current feelings to your mom, drawing one card on how to focus on yourself to work on not needing other people's views of you to be happy with yourself. Both are important.
Relation with Your Mom: Inverted Queen of Swords
>The Queen of Swords reversed points out that you may allow your emotions to get the better of you as you put your heart before your head. You may be emotionally involved in a particular issue, and it could be distorting your perception of the situation at hand. You need to use your head a bit more to understand what is happening and read the signals more accurately. Take an objective look at what’s going on and decide what you need to do next.
You're def overthinking this, your mom loves you, she just might be an introvert of slightly autistic or otherwise genuinely not as expressive as you would expect but she loves you. She respects you. I could be wrong but this card hit that nail so perfectly I doubt it.
How to Work on Yourself: 7 of pentacles
Nice lil Crow is very chuffed and has most of the pentacles(also called coins in some decks)in her lil nest, just one remains to be harvested from the tree she is in before winter comes fully.
>When this card appears in a Tarot reading, see it as an invitation to step back from the day-to-day operations and look at the bigger picture. Celebrate what you have created and assess your progress so far. Are you on track? Are you focused on the right tasks for your goal?
>Similarly, if you are planning for the future, the Seven of Pentacles encourages you to take a long-term view and assess where you can best invest your time and energy for the maximum output. You do not want to keep putting your heart and soul into something if you won’t reap the rewards for your work – and you have undoubtedly seen that some areas in your life are just energy-sappers.
Hey hey, good life advice for anyone really but good time on your end to hear it, I would wager, you def had energy sapping worrying about your mom there.

Well you're only 20 so don't fear if this one works out but let's see, direct and simple question so one card needed.
>will I be happy in relationships with this guy I've met recently who's been interested in me?
9 of Wands
Oh I pulled this last night too, odd for me to pull the same card two days in a row, rarely happens tbh but this whole set of readings has been uncommon so;
>The Nine of Wands comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You may be on the edge of exhaustion, but you are resilient, persistent, and ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line.
>This card may also come when you feel battered and bruised, having endured significant challenges and struggles along your path. Just when you think you are making progress, you suffer another setback. The Nine of Wands asks you to trust that this is merely a test of your ‘grit’ and resilience, and know that every time you overcome an obstacle, you are getting stronger. You have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulty you encounter, even though it may seem impossible at the time. See this Nine as an assurance that you will eventually prosper if you maintain your position. And, if you do not succeed at first, then try again.
If not him then maybe there is a man waiting for you to be available, keep moving forward and you will find a relationship that works for you. Do not settle for someone who is mean or abusive, find someone who cares about the inner you and you care about the inner them.

Best of Luck you Three, Blessings upon Ye
Overall this reading has been so optimistic I am sharing how The Sun is illustrated in my deck.

Anonymous 6429


Kinda werid i know but how my team would go in the next few years? My gut feeling is right? 20/Aqua

Anonymous 6463


> Scorpio sun, Scorpio rising, Aquarius moon
> Will I find the strength and purpose to have a breakthrough or is it over for me?

Anonymous 6478

Hope ya both get help, can't read ya here myself, namaste.

Anonymous 6491


Should I continue with the bond with the guy I'm meeting? he is really interested in me?




sun cancer
moon cancer
asc escorpio

Anonymous 6530

i'm the toe beans op thanks for the reading anon really appreciate it and you might be right. i visited my parents the other day and it went unexpectedly well. and you're right with my mom's personality, she rarely expressed herself from when i was small till now.

Anonymous 6531

Ah look at the timing, good, I am glad when I am right and it brings about positive change. Hell I'm even happen when I'm wrong and it brings about positive change.
Glad you could reach more understanding in your life. Bless you.

Anonymous 6550


practicing past life tarot readings! reply with your age to get a reading about who you might have been hehe

Anonymous 6551

22 go for it

Anonymous 6566

27 lets go

Anonymous 6883


>Cancer sun, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon
When will I meet my soulmate? Will they be male or female? Do I even have one?

Anonymous 6950

Doing readings. I'm new to tarot so the readings might be a bit iffy, but I try my best.

>age, sex, initials of everyone involved, optional but helpful

>feedback is appreciated

>The Star Rx
Not anytime soon I'd say. Do you lack confidence in yourself? I'd suggest working on yourself first before trying to meet someone else.

Anonymous 6952


>Taurus sun, libra rising, pisces moon
How's next year looking for me?

Anonymous 6953

Huh, that's kind of what I expected lol. Just my luck.
I don't really lack confidence in myself, I'm at a pretty confident but impatient time. I'm just working towards a good paying job asap.
Do the tarot cards say something about needing to work on myself? If so, work on what? I don't understand why I don't have romantic chemistry with anybody, and I wish I knew why.
I'm mainly just very bored and restless at this moment, I want fun and romantic times with a first love, but I don't want to cheat myself out of a soulmate.
Would you mind letting me know if you can draw some tarots to answer some of these questions?
If you don't want to I understand too lol.

Anonymous 6955

The Star Rx indicated a lack of confidence in yourself, maybe it could also refer to lacking confidence in your ability to find love, if you say you're confident in yourself generally, this makes more sense. Tarot works best when you have more context. & sure anon, I can draw more cards.
>what you should work on
Ten of Swords
King of Cups Rx
Overly dramatical. Drowns themselves in a cup of water. Emotionally unavailable. Immature. Insensitive.
You need to stay calm, despite the stormy situations around you. Emotional turmoil. Are you a messy person, emotionally or literally? You might need to get your things in order. Clean out your personal environment, in a literal sense or figuratively. Again, these cards tell me to work on yourself.

I hope this resonates, if not, I'm sorry! still just learning. :p

Anonymous 6961

Thanks so much nona!

So are the tarots basically saying that in terms of looking towards the future I'm making a big deal out of nothing and its not as doom and gloom as I make it out to be?

Anonymous 6970

Yep, pretty much, anon. Also, remember that what tarot tells you isn't set in stone. It just tells you which path is the most likely you'll end up taking if you keep acting the way you're acting right now.

Anonymous 6975

>A, female, sun and moon cancer, scorpio rising
>E, male, sun leo

Why doesn't he talk to me anymore?

PD: what web page do you use to inform yourself about tarot? I want to study that to :)

Anonymous 7002

Page of Wands
I think he's just moved on, excited to try to meet new places and people, he's not one to commit, the idea of romance excites him, but only if it's fleeting. He gets bored easily of people in that sense.

>his feelings towards you

The Tower Rx
He think he's avoiding ´disaster´ by not talking to you. Maybe thinks things will become sour again, if they aren't already.

I read the meanings of the cards as I draw them, I find it a good way to practice AND memorise the meanings with time. My favourites are labyrinthos(.)com and tarotguide(.)com :)
If you don't have a tarot deck, go to aeclectic(.)net/tarot/ and find yourself a pretty one nice which resonates with you. Best of luck nona!

Anonymous 7007


>Taurus sun, Sagittarius Rising, Virgo moon
>Will I break out of loneliness? Will I be able to get in a happy relationship?

Anonymous 7013


>Should I start doing things to ruin his life or will life itself show me how his life gets ruined eventually?

Anonymous 7014

kittens going out.…

>will I do well on my finals?

Anonymous 7029


What signs do I need to look out for to have fortuitous encounters?

Anonymous 7037

You will if you study ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 7057


When will I start seeing myself better and not like a complete burden?
> thank you!

Anonymous 8398

I'm a reader too and would like to offer some free reads.

Not sure whether to make a tarot general thread for readers/aspiring readers and querants. Would OP be OK with me using this thread for now?

Anonymous 8400


Normally i prefer doing readings for someone i am in physical contact with, either way i pulled one for you for fun.
So, you got six of swords upright.
This usually means letting go, a rite of passage if you will. Moving on from the past, and letting go of baggage. This card asks you to move into your highest potential and let go of your negative mindset i think.

Anonymous 8402


Anonymous 8412

Hi if you're still there I;d like to know where I'll end up career wise. Am I going to be incompetent forever or gain confidence to finally feel good about my job prospects?

Anonymous 8423

>House system: Placidus system
>Sun in Libra
>Moon in Scorpio
>Mercury in Scorpip
>Virgo in Venus
>Mars in Sagittarius
>Jupiter in Taurus
>Saturn in Taurus
>Uranus in Aquarius
>Neptune in Aquarius
>Pluto in Sagittarius
>North Lunar Node: Leo
>Lilith in Sagittarius
>Chiron in Sagittarius
Will I be successful pursuing chef as a career?

Anonymous 8425

Whats your ascendant

Anonymous 8491

Ayrt sorry for the late reply, my ascendant is Leo

Anonymous 8493

I think so, your mc is in taurus so it indicates it. But i think it might take some hard work getting there bc of saturn there. You will make beautiful things, obsessively, with a lot of attention to detail. You’d make a find chef i reckon

Anonymous 8500

Holy shit ily, thanks

Anonymous 8596



>Sun in Gemini

>Moon in Pisces
>Ascendant in Virgo


1. will i ever date my gf again?

2. will i ever be a famous singer?

3. if i become a singer will i be able to write my own music

Anonymous 8624

Is my bf the one?

Anonymous 8625

Samefag will I be Abel to lose weight

Anonymous 8646

Hai can you tell me pleaseeee

Anonymous 8647


Will I find love in my life soon? A real companion who loves me with kindness, patience, gentleness, and true affection? Someone to kiss and hold me?
>virgo sun, aries moon, scorpio rising
>venus in libra if you need that

Anonymous 8669

Ten of Cups
Two of Pentacles
The Ten of Cups card signifies a strong emotional connection & happiness in a relationship. It also often represents the ideal of a happy and loving partnership, now I'm not saying he's The One, but there's indeed a good chance of it. There's the Two of Pentacles - are you maybe neglecting certain aspects of your life in favour of your relationship or vice versa? If so be careful anon and I'd suggest you to do something about it.

Anonymous 8670


What does my ex think of me and is it likely he will ever contact me?
Thank you friend!!!

Anonymous 8675


Should I pursue a career in medical illustration or is it too risky?
Aquarius sun, Virgo moon, Aries rising

Anonymous 8677

Its so funny how a virgo moon wrote this.

Anonymous 8678

I feel like this is also something an Aquarius would say

Anonymous 8683

its just the combination of them both lol

Anonymous 8686


24 Virgo.

Should I seriously pursue my creative urges despite current lack of skill/inspiration?

Anonymous 8687

25 virgo here. Yes, you will always dream about it and regret every day you did not draw something pretty. Getting the skill takes some time so start now. I get inspiration by watching videos on how to draw stuff and just copy it, it also teaches by just looking it and taking mental notes. When I finally draw again after a week this video still helped me.

Do you mean by persuing that you want an artistic job? You can still start a side "business" or just upload your art, see if someone wants a commission. Good luck!

Virgos are hesitant with things we are uncertain about and often our own biggest enemy.

Anonymous 8811



Will I become the person I wish I could be?

Anonymous 8812

29, scorpio

I intend to work on a very big and ambitious project in the near future, but I'm scared. Does my project have a chance of succeeding?

Anonymous 8816


21, leo, sorry if this is too vague but how do i become a better person and get my life on track?

Anonymous 8820

Y’all actually believe in this shit?

Anonymous 8821

yah sis slay

Anonymous 8822



Anonymous 8823

Why is everyone a virgo

Anonymous 8836


25, virgo. should i still be friends with her?

Anonymous 8837


will he make a move towards me at the end of the month? 20, Scorpio

Anonymous 8905

Kinda off-topic but I was reading some of those "pick a pile" posts I've seen on tumblr (where you pick a photo from a pile and get a reading based on it) and they are creepily accurate. I mean one of them was very accurate. Maybe it was a coincidence idk.

Anonymous 8906

All of the pick a pile readings I’ve done concerning my future husband all say the same thing and it spooks me too. Dark hair, average to tall height, Capricorn, works in security, is good at saving money, very secretive. This might sound vague to others but all the reading I’ve watched on love lately (15) say the same thing.

Anonymous 9313


I can also offer readings if anybody wants.
just post:
-an image that resonates with you; art that describes or moves you
-age (or approximate)
-whether you think you are more Earth, water, fire, or wind
-your question (and optional context)

Anonymous 9335


Hi, I'd like to request a reading.
- 20+
- fire
- I'm stuck in a rut. Will I ever get out of my current situation?

Anonymous 9339


Thanks for the opportunity!
-Will my life get better or worse? I'm anxious about my future.

Anonymous 9340


-mid 20s
-is there a path for me to make it in life without resorting to wageslavery or doing other things I hate

Anonymous 9341

IX pentacles, 0 The Fool, XXI The World, III of pentacles, VII of cups, Significator: Knight of Wands

You are trying to fight your way through a haze of too many choices (or the illusion of choice) or maybe too many things are happening at once. Youre not sure what to do and it is dampening your spirit since this situation is antithetical to your nature. You may make the wrong choice, which will build wild dysfunction around you. This disharmony, however, will lead you to seek something new (new work? travel somewhere else? meet somebody new?). Enjoy the adventure, since it will be a highly successful venture, and a happy escape from what was once troubling you. It will most likely be material success rather than something more abstract. Look forward to this, but don't take your new success for granted since it can crumble when neglected.

Anonymous 9342

XV The Devil, VII of Wands, VIII of cups, Ace of Wands, IV The Emperor, Significator: Page of Swords

You are unaware of the factors influencing your life at the moment, most of them highly masculine. They also seem to be mostly mental struggles and seem to imply a lot of conflict between stagnation and growth. There is no definitive answer at the moment, just conflict between a few outcomes: An authoritative masculine figure (probably an aspect of your own personality or maybe a mentor or family member) vs The Devil representing some kind of evil in your life (could be depression, disease, or some other 'chain' that prevents you from living your best life). The outcome seems to be in your power though, you are the one that has the ability to skew the direction of your fate. In the worst case scenario, there is still a path out to a more calm fate, but it may not be within your control.

Sorry this wont help your anxiety much! Although there is a lot of conflict, the outcome looks to be under your control. You get to decide how this ends.

Anonymous 9343

Knight of Swords, IV The Emperor, Significator: Knight of Cups, Queen of Swords, IV of Cups, Ace of Pentacles

Actually yes, the cards are saying there is. There is a part of you that is ambitious in a way. You may be trying 2 things at once, (1) something fast, hasty, maybe even dangerous (probably mentally draining rather than physically dangerous) vs (2) a more steady but perhaps more fulfilling role. the fast one may be a bit more reckless, and the steady one may be something that allows you creativity and expression, something far more suited to your nature. You may receive help from an elegant, logical, older lady. She is very skilled at what she does, and may offer you advice or a hidden opportunity which will lead to success in a fulfilling career. She may appear hostile at first though, she is not the type to warm up to strangers and you will have to prove yourself to her.

Anonymous 9344


mid 20s
will i find a new path in life that doesn't make me feel trapped?

Anonymous 9347


>will I successfully quit mirtazapine this time?

Anonymous 9348


- 18
- water
- recently i talked to some new people (online, i'll be able to meet each one irl eventually), will this result in actual relationships? it feels like i've lost the ability to form new connections a long time ago and it's getting scary

Anonymous 9349

III The Empress, King of Pentacles, VII of Wands, III of Pentacles, VII The Chariot, Significator: Page of Wands

You are going to have a very comfortable future. An opportunity will appear by means of your own hard work and will that will lead you to a very successful life, not just financially, but you will also have a very fulfilling marriage. Your partner will be very 'Earthy', maybe with darker features and very attractive. They will most likely be very family-oriented and successful in their own way. If not a heterosexual marriage, It looks like one of you will be very feminine and the other very masculine. Lots of signs of fertility as well. However, all of this worldly success may still not alleviate this feeling of being trapped, for that you will most likely have to look to spiritual or psychological help.

Anonymous 9350

Significator: King of Swords, Queen of Wands, King of Pentacles, II of Cups, Queen of cups, VII of Pentacles

Probably not. Looks like there is a lot of conflict here between different personalities. Not sure if they are real people or aspects of your psyche. There is a disintegration between two of these personalities, which could be a loss of friendship, abuse, or if psychological rather than literal a prioritization of your material needs over your creative or mental needs. Considering the context of your question, there may be some mental issues or feelings you are trying to suppress in favor of some material goal. This will probably lead to financial stability in the short term, but it is not sustainable.

On the other hand, if these personalities are people you know rather than parts of yourself, then this reading implies some kind of abuse, loss or friendship, or maybe even betrayal for financial gain. A materialistic man will be the victor of this conflict, leaving you, an outgoing and energetic woman, and a sensitive creative woman as the losers. I know this is a bit unrelated to your question, but these cards imply some kind of social situation that I don't think can be ignored.

Anonymous 9351

III The Empress, VIII Strength, V of Wands, X of Cups, Significator: Page of Cups, IX of Swords

You are overly focused on some bad situation that happened or may happen to the point that you are ignoring the positive changes around you. There is a warm and comforting family or group of friends that you either left behind or have not noticed yet. Maybe they will be appearing in the future. Dont let the opportunity slip away by focusing on past failures! This group of friends will likely be composed of women and/or they will be very kind and generous. There is a slight undercurrent of conflict in the group though. It is subtle but may cause problems later. Maybe some of them lack self control in one way or another, maybe theyre hedonistic, have a short temper, or something else.

Anonymous 9352

- not an image but I was moved to tears by Necrofantasia
- ~24
- water
- Will ever be on good terms with them ? (context: former room mates have voiced their discomfort at my presence and wish to have no involvement with me and my relationship with my family is very strained)

Anonymous 9353

Page of Wands, IX of Pentacles, Significator: Knight of Cups, III of Swords, Queen of Cups, IV of Wands

Sorry, it's not looking good. A bridge has been burned behind you when it comes to your roommates. The stability that the situation brought has been eliminated. Your nature doesn't match with theirs. They seem to be more outgoing and fiery and have sent you away. Unfortunately, this is leading you into more emotional pain. The person you reach out to, a creative and sensitive woman, maybe your family, is facing away from the emotional pain they associate with you and instead trying to look toward new beginnings. Establishing a connection with this person or people will be very difficult since that pain between you will need to be mended first.

Anonymous 9355

whoaa thank you it made me feel better about something else i was worried about

Anonymous 9356


Am I going to conclude with my crush this summer? Or later? How will my love life go in the future? Am I doomed to one-way love ?

Anonymous 9358


Will I ever find someone who truly understands me and wants to love me? A companion and true love, if you will? And when?

Anonymous 9359

Significator: Knight of Cups, VI The Lovers, V The Hierophant, Knight of Pentacles, III of Pentacles, X of cups

You are turning away from love, so I suspect a heartbreak may happen with this crush. Or you may successfully get a relationship with them, but it wont be fulfilling for you. There is also somebody with dark features, materialistic, ambitious, and attractive. Perhaps very wealthy, or soon to be wealthy. This person is likely a man or masculine and around your age. They are following you, so this may be a future lover, or perhaps somebody who already has eyes for you. Theyre bringing with them the possibility of a very fulfilling future, both financially and maritally. But between the two of you is an obstacle. It could be that one of you is too rigid or too free spirited than the other, but it could also be some established institution or tradition that is getting in your way. Or maybe the lack of structure. Youll have to strike a balance between tradition and freedom if you want this relationship to work out. If one of you is religious, this could be the conflict.

Anonymous 9360

VIII Strength, IV of Swords, V The Hierophant, X Wheel of Fortune, Queen of Cups, Significator: Knight of Wands

There is somebody in your future, but you may not notice them or feel attraction at first. It is very unlikely that this person could be a man, she is highly feminine and perhaps older than you. Both of your natures are opposed, but she is a stronger and more mature personality. You may have trouble allowing her to lead you. She is very caring, steady and regal, maybe creative or even mystical and mysterious. Youll have a lot of trouble understanding her, but she is naturally intuitive and may even understand you better than you do. It looks like your future with her is murky and mostly under her control, so it is a bit difficult to read. She will face some big change of fate, for better or worse. Something about her is incredibly unbalanced. Structure vs chaos, piousness vs hedonism, good fortune vs bad fortune. Maybe she is running from something or compensating. You may not meet her for some time. I have a feeling she needs to figure her things out before pursuing love. Once she does, she will come seek you out.

Anonymous 9361

This is really uncanny because I used to be in love with feminine older women. I also have mommy issues and I kind of like mysterious, caring, regal women… I wish she could enter my life sooner… thank you for your reading.

Anonymous 9362

Of course! i'm glad it was helpful. In the meantime, focus on strengthening yourself. If you meet her and your nature is too weak, she may unintentionally suffocate you or extinguish your flame. If you have mastered yourself, you can use your steady fire to melt and guide her as well.

Also where did you get the artwork? it looks really cool.

Anonymous 9363


Thank you nona
i'll trade a reading with you if you want, i like your requirements so you can post the same things alongside your question
what feelings and intentions does the person in my mind have for me currently?
it's a man i'm still romantically interested in, we are currently no contact and had a relationship in the past

Anonymous 9366


Could I have a reading? I've only ever had one done for me.
- 21
- Earth
- Will I ever find a balance between life tasks and my creative hobbies? I currently feel like I'm just running to failure.

Anonymous 9367


II of Pentacles, Significator: Page of Swords, II of wands, V The Hierophant, VI of Wands, XII The Hanged Man

He may be seeking something very traditional or rigid. He is going through a moment of self-sacrifice or resurrection. He is reinventing himself, maybe through a religion since there is religious symbolism here, but it could be with religious fervor. He is looking to sail away and conquer, probably in his career or life goals, but possibly in a romantic endeavor. I dont think youre really on his mind very much. You may be the wind under his sails leading him towards the hierophant. As for you, you need to focus on other aspects of your life. Thinking of this may be bringing you imbalance, and it might be best if you turned away.
Sorry you and I are going through a similar situation, so I may be projecting a bit!

-any luck in my love life? i got cheated on during a long term relationship. Even though there are a few people that seem intersted in me, im thinking i might be better off staying celibate forever to avoid getting tricked again or worse.

Anonymous 9368

III The Empress, I The Magician, Significator: Page of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, X of Pentacles, IV of Cups.

Yes! and not only that, but you have very powerful creative forces behind you.It may feel tough right now, but soon you will have a strong burst of will. an opportunity will present itself to you. Use your strong will and logical intuition to forge a path through this opportunity. It will present you with material and/or financial stability and success. Looks like it will be a balancing act, but these cards predict that you will be highly successful with both life tasks and creative hobbies. definitely not running to failure. However, this won't be brought on by fate but by your own will. Keep that in mind.

Anonymous 9369

Tysm Nona. This is really helpful.

Anonymous 9370

thank you for your reading nona. i can't give much feedback because being no contact i have no idea what he's up to, but i appreciate your time. i am indeed imbalanced rn and he is part of the reason (even though not the main one).
as for yours
>page of swords, six of pentacles, star, chariot, death
your current mindset is a normal and necessary one. going into a relationship right now would cause you pain. you need time to heal and process the grievance and to ask yourself (without self-blaming!) if there were alarm bells you ignored for the sake of stability/love. the cards are advising you to proceed with more caution in love next time, because although a little distant in time (one year at least) there will indeed be a next wonderful love experience for you that will bring a lot of joy in your life and make you rebuild trust in yourself and others. however, this process cannot be rushed, and you need to be ruthlessly selective of the people you let into your heart from now on.

Anonymous 9371

Thank you. It is what i was expecting, but Im happy theres a bit of hope in the future.

Anonymous 9375

I got the artwork by just looking up art of angels. I really don't want to be extinguished ehhhhh I'll try working on myself as best I can

Anonymous 9378



Thanks to you’re reading. Shit, I wanted this to happen so badly. He’s so tasty and I'm so hungry uuugh… I hope the dark-featured man comes soon if you’re right because DAMN

Anonymous 9389


- 20
- wind
- will we ever be friends or find love again? (my best friend of 5 years and someone who I was romantic with but never officially in a relationship with just revealed she had gotten a bf months ago and cut off our friendship)

Anonymous 9390

Page of Cups, IX of Pentacles, Significator: Page of Swords, Ace of pentacles, II of pentacles, VI of pentacles.

A young lady is facing you. she is creative, soft spoken and easy flowing, if perhaps somewhat immature and moody. This could be the friend you describe, or it could be somebody else. She probably looks very youthful, and may have medium toned hair and skin or an otherwise 'watery' appearance. Between the two of you is a lush and fruitful garden. This could be a very fulfilling relationship for the two of you. You will probably be the one to initially pursue her, but she will enrich the relationship further. This may not have much to do with your question, but the cards are suggesting that you will come upon a fantastic financial opportunity, or a sizable sum of money will come your way. It is probably after this opportunity that you seek her out.

I have a feeling this is not the friend you mention, but if the description fits her then it might be.

Anonymous 9391

tysm!!! sounds like the friend in many ways but not completely. either way, it's nice to finally get some positive cards after having pulled nasty ones in the past.

Anonymous 9392


yes please
-should i focus on health, love or build a career for myself (i am quite lost)

Anonymous 9393


am I doing the right thing and going in the right direction? (I apologise if this is too abstract but I can't tell more)

Anonymous 9395

anyone want to trade a tarot reading?

Anonymous 9396

VI of Wands, X of Swords, King of Swords, VI of Swords, VII of Cups, Significator: Page of Cups.

Sorry nona it isnt looking good. Youre faced with lots of choices and lots of options. All of them are hazy and none of them may be particularly good for you. All of the cards are reversed except for the significator, so luckily not everything is certain yet. This next part of your life will be defined by the suite of Swords. Strict, harsh, and punishing. You will take a risk, perhaps in love or perhaps by moving someplace else. There is a strict, authoritarian, and highly logical presence in this reading. This is most likely the vibe of the upcoming years, but it could also be a person in your life. This may be a mature man with severe features and sharp wit. He is not a very warm person, but he is highly meritocratic. If you can prove yourself, you will earn his respect and his aid. This may be a good era for self development. Not because it will come easily, but because it will be necessary. Once you have learned the lessons required of you, the clouds will clear and you can celebrate the end of these tough years as you prepare for your next venture.

Anonymous 9397

It is a bit abstract, but ill do my best!

Ace of Cups, Queen of Cups, III of cups, 0 The Fool, Significator: Page of Swords, V of wands

Your spirit is very conflicted right now. You are too preoccupied watching the conflict to realize fate is weaving a new thread for you. On this path I see friends or a small group. I think you will join a circle that will lead you along. You will be watched over by the ace and queen of cups. This is most likely abstract, but she may represent a mentor or teacher who will guide you as well. Through this path, you will focus on your creative, artistic, or even spiritual aspects. This is also the realm of love, not necessarily romantic, probably among friends family and community. So, yes I think you are heading in the right direction. This will be a very fulfilling thing to do.

Anonymous 9398

weow.. thank you so much
>Youre faced with lots of choices and lots of options. All of them are hazy
literally how i view my life right now, its like there is no clear or obvious direction right now for me
>perhaps by moving someplace else
i have been considering moving interstate
>He is not a very warm person
unironically just my type
this is so scary but i appreciate it alot. sending good vibes your way :・゚☆✧

Anonymous 9399


sun: taurus
moon: sagittarius
rising: leo

will i ever find someone to actually love for my whole life

sure, a reading from any anon is cool. According to my natal chart i am more air.

the question above is fine, or this question is fine too, idk im good with either:
"I am at crossroads, what direction should I go towards in my life and how do I develop as a person?"

Anonymous 9400

photo_2023-07-05 1…

thank you so much nona. have a pacman frog. I really need friends who will understand what I'm going through and seeing your posts made me hopeful.

Anonymous 9401

I wasn't sure whether to class you as knight or page, but they both showed up in the same stack.

VII of Wands, II of Wands, Knight of Swords. Page of Swords, VI The Lovers, XII Death

You have recently experienced the end of something very important to you, most likely a romantic relationship. It has fizzled out, and you have turned away from it. You are evolving and developing wind under your sails. You will soon feel a force of will pushing you in a certain direction. This will be a path of conquest and discovery, most likely self-improvement of your character or reinventing yourself. The cards imply a strong current of movement, so it could be a physical move to another city, but I feel like the abstract movement of mindset is most important here. It will be tough, since you will feel a conflict possibly about your life purpose. As for love, these cards imply you have more important things in your future. Sorry, its not very specific about which path you should take. These cards emphasize your own will and choice rather than fate. The direction you choose is entirely in your own hands, though this is likely to be about career, character, or spirit. A very fiery path.

Also, where is the pic from? it looks really cool.

Anonymous 9402


thank you tarot-chan
Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, Pisces Ascendant

My question is - will there be a radical change in my life before the year is over?

Anonymous 9403


> 27
> Sun: Aries Moon:Pisces Rising: Aquarius
Will I ever find happiness?

Anonymous 9404

Thank you for the reading nona!

Romantic relationship, well more like infatuation or a crush I would say but it was quite spot on. I wonder if there are many things more important than love, I don't think I will have much of an important career or purpose beyond the self but it's an interesting read and gives me a good direction. Thank you again!

>Also, where is the pic from? it looks really cool.

It's by Gabriel Lumazark I believe.

Anonymous 9405

I dont think the OP is doing readings anymore, but I can do the reading if you refer to this post instead >>9313

Anonymous 9408



Am I going to have a breakthrough in my romantic, social, art, or career life?

Anonymous 9409

King of Swords, VIII of Swords, V The Hierophant, XIII Death, Significator: Knight of Cups, IV of Wands

You're leaving some some kind of truth you thought you had established behind. Although usually this card could mean leaving behind a marriage, it feels more like leaving behind something you were symbolically 'married' to. Some kind of mindset you want to change, or some goal that you don't want to pursue anymore. maybe youre feeling burnt out or meaningless and you want to search for something more. In order to do this, you will need to completely 'kill' that which is holding you back. If it is a job you feel is meaningless, you will need to quit in order to move forward. If it is a romantic issue, you need to get over whatever is keeping you from finding happiness. Take this as a sign to take that risk youve been wanting to take for a while. Next, you will bow before The Hierophant. In order to move forward with the goal you have chosen, it is imperative that you exercise self discipline. After you eliminate that which was holding you back, you will have a blank slate to build a new temple over. Use this time to create structure and routine for getting to the goal you have chosen. If you successfully prove yourself, your binds will be broken and youll have the breakthrough youre looking for. If your discipline is lacking, you will remain trapped. At the end of this road is a masculine, intelligent, and meritocratic presence. If you impress him with your new skill, he will aid and mentor you. If not, He will keep you away from what you seek. This is most likely an aspect of yourself, but it could be an older, accomplished man with very sharp features and an authoritative tone. He is a fantastic teacher, but can also be very judgmental of those he thinks are lazy or pathetic.

Anonymous 9410


>a guy i used to date and was very much in love with back in november recently reached out to me. i am planning to meet up with him again in august. what are his intensiona?

Anonymous 9411

IV of Pentacles, III The Empress, II of Cups, VIII of Cups, VI of Wands, Significator: Page of Pentacles.

Although you left the relationship, you didn't want to. You left behind a lot of love with him. For him, a large part of chasing after you again is fueled by lust. This may or may not be the case for you too, but there are a lot of cards here suggesting fertility and sex. He also wants to rekindle the relationship and friendship the 2 of you shared. It seems like you two might have had good chemistry. Usually, The Empress is a sign of a fantastic relationship. She can also be an sign of pregnancy and family. I'm sure you already do this, but maybe be extra careful about birth control when you go see him, or maybe abstain for the time being just in case. Lastly, there is a subtle mention of somebody withholding something, or not sharing. This could be material; one of you not being generous with the other. Though I have a feeling it refers to some information he is not disclosing to you. These cards don't suggest a long term relationship, but they do suggest a good time between the two of you. If a quick relationship is something you enjoy, go ahead. But I would advise you to keep in mind that he probably sees this as primarily a sexual thing.

Anonymous 9412

could you do a reading for my friend V? Query: "What is the future of my relationship with my boyfriend?"

Anonymous 9413


Will my creative endeavours yield success?
>29, leo

Anonymous 9414


Thank you for doing these, they're quite detailed for such short little paragraphs. Anyway, here's my deal:
- very early 20s
- earth
- question: will I reconcile with a friend who I cut contact with almost 4 months ago?
Also, earth is by far the least popular element here. It's always been my favorite, as well as one that dominates my birth chart ;u;

Anonymous 9415


forgot image, my bad

Anonymous 9426


What is the possible outcomes in my relationship with religion?
>19yo;scorpio sun; virgo moon; scorpio asc.

Anonymous 9432

I think Earth types are more likely to be well adjusted and grounded, so there may be less on this website lol.

X of Swords, II of Cups, VII of Wands, Significator: Knight of Pentacles, King of Swords, Page of Swords

Both of you were facing emotional/mental upheavals which mixed disastrously. I'm not sure which is which, but (1) one of you went through a tragedy or depression which is just now (or very soon) beginning to dissipate, and the (2) other is still engaged in their own internal mental conflict, possibly related to their life's purpose or spirit. These two issues were greatly exacerbated when combined and caused the strain on the friendship. Since both of these issues are very mental, your own earthy grounded nature may be helpful in rebuilding the bridge. Use your earthy spirit to quell the fiery conflict like a match in sand. This may entail being caring, generous, understanding, or any other grounding energy you possess. Your friend seems like a free spirit who is usually in her (or his, but most likely female who is not conventionally feminine) head. She may be an idealist, maybe she is more interested in ideas than that which is right in front of her. She may also be very fickle, quickly changing her mind about things. These traits are opposed to your own grounded nature. Between the two of you sits the King of Swords on his throne. He will be your main obstacle in reconciliation. He is most likely an aspect of your friend's personality, though he could be her father or mentor. He is a cold, calculating, and authoritative presence. He is quick to cut off that which he suspects is a threat. He will not let you pass unless you can prove yourself worthy. Luckily for you, he does not hold grudges. He is highly logical, so if allowing the friendship again is a good choice he will aid you in reconciliation. Be genuine and good hearted when you plead your case. He can sense lies and deception clearly.

Anonymous 9449

Thank you for the quick response and for your unique interpretation of the cards! Unsurprisingly, your analysis of both our energies was spot on (I had to lean back into my chair after seeing the 'depression beginning to dissipate" since it's something I was rejoicing about very recently)! Sometimes cards can get scarily accurate, I suppose.

Anonymous 9455

the OP hasnt been doing the readings lately, but I can read for you if you refer to this post >>9313 since i don't really do astrology!

I think doing these online already makes it a bit difficult to read, so I wouldn't want to add an extra barrier with your friend not being the one to ask! Sorry!

Since I have been reading these for years the accuracy doesn't surprise me anymore, though I had wondered whether they would still be accurate over the internet. Well I hope it was informative and helpful! and I hope you and your friend do end up on good terms again.

Anonymous 9456

understandable, thank you for the response!

Anonymous 9457

oops im >>9412 btw

Anonymous 9458

oh dear and I responded to the wrong post in the first one, dear god, should have been >>9455

Anonymous 9460

If you have a question for yourself feel free to ask! If you want to read the cards for your friend you could do that as well. They are quite powerful even in the hands of a beginner and especially so between friends and family.

Anonymous 9465

Hi, I'm >>9426 and water resonates more with me. To add a little bit more (because it can also give the idea of others actions or words that, while can be the outcome, its not the issue) the outcomes that I mentioned are in relation to a personal journey.
Also, thank you for continuing the readings on this thread.

Anonymous 9466


Hey, I’m >>9403. I didn’t see your post. Thanks for the offer.
>Will I beat my depression and become the person I want to be?

Anonymous 9469

disclaimer: my cards have a lot of Christian/Abrahamic iconography and I will likely be incorporating those images into the reading. If they don't really apply to your religion, just take a general overview and don't sweat the details! I will try to keep things as general as possible as well.

XX Judgement, VII The Chariot, V The Hierophant, IX of Swords, VII of Swords, Significator: Page of Wands

First, I want to say you have incredibly powerful cards on the left side of your reading. Whatever the outcome ends up being, it will certainly leave a large effect on you.
At the center reigns The Hierophant. He is representative of the active, public, communal aspect of your religion. He could be a priest, pope, mentor, or the church itself, as opposed to more occult or hidden knowledge. In practicum, this would mean you will be better served at this time by reading foundational texts, speaking to religious authority, or participating in religious community rather than trying to do things your own way or seeking more hidden teachings (that will come later. First you'll need a base). He will show you what you seek. If you are Christian (or other Abrahamic religion) this will be easy to understand; seek advice from your priest/rabbi, attend church, study your sacred texts, and maybe even go a bit deeper into historical texts. You may encounter a friendly and wise mentor who will guide you through this process. You will be surprised at just how much wisdom is 'hiding in plain sight' within these foundational sacred texts! If your religion doesn't follow the Abrahamic structure, seek the most foundational aspects of your religion and find a mentor if possible. The time is perfect for this.
There is a path laid out for you, but it is not set in stone. It is more like a river than a road; your will is going to have a huge influence on where you go and there are many forks and winding paths. And at the end of the journey, you won't find a destination but an ocean. There are many ways to convene with the divine. Your task will be to navigate successfully, avoid traps, pitfalls, obsessions, and follow the middle way. Since this part is so dependent on you, I don't have much advice! This card tells you to absorb what you learn from The Hierophant, but also to keep in mind there may be a path more unique to you. Follow what your soul knows to be right. That is the way of The Chariot.
As for XX Judgment, I have a feeling you are seeking what is beyond the physical material world. This card may imply that you are just beginning the journey back toward the divine. You will have a long way to go, but this journey will be spiritually fruitful for you. You may even feel new life and purpose while seeking. You may have already had a spiritual experience that set you on this path, if not it will come soon.
As for the right side of the reading, it is very mental. You may have experienced some tragedy or perhaps general dissatisfaction with life that led you to seek religious guidance in the first place. These two cards pale in comparison to the left side of the reading. They are inconsequential compared to the task you are about to undertake.

Best of luck! I think you have good forces watching over you.

Anonymous 9470

Oops! your significator is Page of Cups not Wands! I mistyped that.

Anonymous 9471

II of Wands, Significator: Page of Wands, VII of Pentacles, VI of Wands, King of Wands, King of Swords

You missed an opportunity in the distant or recent past that would have taken you out of the sadness you are experiencing now. But all is not lost, it may simply be a little more difficult to get to where you want to be. In front of you and blocking your path is that dreaded depression. It suffocates your fire like a match in dirt, leaving you empty and without light. You may or may not like what I'm about to say next, but it will hopefully be helpful regardless. The nature of this depression is earth or grounding that tempers your flame. It is a rebound response to too much intensity on your part, but this may not be noticeable to you. As it is of the earth element, it is possible for it to grow into something good just like you can grow a garden from formerly dead ground with the proper steps taken. However, the way to do this is opposite to your natural inclinations. seeds and water. soft and steady progress instead of your intense but short bursts of energy. In practice, this would mean setting a routine and taking baby steps towards improvement. plant those seeds and tend to them as best you can. You will be rewarded. This will take a long time, but it will make you more in control of yourself. I'm pretty certain you will be able to achieve this, so believe in yourself! Once you do defeat the depression (or rather, twist it in your favor) you will encounter the King of Swords. He is a logician, a meritocrat, and a teacher. This card could be a sign that you should learn some new skill, go to university if you haven't already, or that you may encounter a mentor. This is a good sign, but the path will not be easy, the King of Swords has very high expectations and you must meet them.

Anonymous 9472


hey nona i'm up for trading as well
in a year, how will my relationship with E (initial) be like?

Anonymous 9478

Knight of Pentacles, VI The Lovers, III of Wands, VII The Chariot, Significator: Page of Swords, IV The Emperor

It did not go well with E. E is most likely a man but maybe a masculine woman, Knight of Pentacles is one of the more androgynous cards in the deck. I see that he experiences a negative love experience. This may be an experience with you: unrequited love, cheating, maybe the relationship never flourished due to your differences in spirit. So, he decides to leave and go elsewhere in search of new opportunities. The loss hurts you, but not for long. You have more important things on your mind than love. Fate has created a path for your will to follow. This will be a very fruitful time for you, if not materially so through a career or education it will be a spiritually fruitful time. Your goal will be to strengthen your connection with The Emperor. Allow yourself to exercise you will to the fullest extent. Carve out a path for yourself and command that authority. You have something very important to do that you may not even be aware of yet.

Anonymous 9479


Oh! and for the trade I think I'll just ask for a general reading for this next year. My primary concerns are career, romance, and spirit, but I'm open to hearing anything your cards have to tell me!

Anonymous 9497


>sag sun, Aries moon
>is my lifelong loneliness gonna end within the next few years

Anonymous 9498

sorry for the delay!
>six of swords, eight of cups, star, knight of wands, nine of wands, ace of cups
this year is very transitional for you. i see not resolution, but positive movement towards a future that will fulfill you deeply emotionally in all that you mentioned, although i'm picking up the most strongly on romance as far as good developments go.
it will be mostly a quiet, sometimes a little frustrating, but overall good period of your life that will direct you towards the future you envision and deserve.
at that point, things will become more excitingly hectic, and it might stress you a little because you're not used to that specific type of stress, but ultimately it will be for a beautiful cause and reason, so totally worth it.
keep focusing on healing and on marching at your own pace, but without stopping (and this is extremely important) and you will get there.

Anonymous 9505

Thank you nona! I've been getting the knight of wands and the Star often. I'm glad things are looking good.

Anonymous 9687


Hi nonas, can I please get a 1 card reading? Like a general reading. I'm a bit stressed out. Thanks

Anonymous 9688

7 of Pentacles

You reap what you sow. Without more context it's hard to know what this refers to, but if you have been planting good seeds you'll reap good fruit. Usually, this card is very good news.
If you have been a negative person planting bad seeds, then these may also come to fruition. If you wronged somebody, now is the time when karma will set things straight.
This card is very material, so it will most likely manifest itself in the material world very clearly. Perhaps through people's actions, flow of money, or other physical means.

Anonymous 9694



Will my friend reunite with me and accept my feeling? I really love her as a friend and don't want to lose her because of some stupid shit

Thank you nona in advance

Anonymous 9698


>What will my relationship with C be like in a year?

Thanks to anyone who answers

Anonymous 9699

So i dont think the thread OP is still doing readings, but if you want me to do your reading you can refer to the post above and post a pic that resonates with you, age, and one of the four elements that describes you best along with your question

Anonymous 9701

I’m >>9698 so we’ve already got the image, age, and question down. For the element I’d say earth.

Anonymous 9702


I am >>9694 and I would say water for the element that describes me the best

Have another picture that resonates with me, I like birds a lot

Anonymous 9703

_ (1) copy 8.jpeg

Will the man who raped me and his girlfriend face the consequences for how they treated me? Or just in general will Karma treat me right? I'm 23 and a Scorpio.

Anonymous 9723


I got a digital tarot reading that seems like it might offer me some introspection, but it didn't give me anything besides the meanings of the cards and I need help understanding what it could all mean.

The Hermit, Death, and The Fool all upright and in that order.
Taurus Sun
late 20s

My main question when having the cards drawn was a general current life one with a slight focus on what to do about a close, longtime friend.

Thanks to whoever answers.

Anonymous 9724

Basically it means:
Solitude + a great change + a new path/something different

These are strong symbols, I'd suppose your relationship with that friend is over (or at least: it won't ever be the same). This can mean solitude (whether you like it or not, for you and maybe also for your friend), but this loneliness is very fertile. Who are you without this person? Do you even know? Maybe it's time to discover it, and that discovery is done alone.
Maybe you'll change, so much that you'll be a different person, on a path to very new and very different things. That path can be so different, it might conflict with who you are now, and with what you (and your friend possibly) believe now.

My guess: the relationship has run its course. As long as you stay in it, you can't grow.
Doesn't mean the relationship has to end, but it has to, at least, evolve, and you need space from it in order to find your path.

Anonymous 9871


will we get back together in December and if so will we stay together until one of us dies?

Anonymous 9937


Will I ever feel the love I once felt again? Raw and true?
Pisces, 20. Thank you!

Anonymous 9938

fatal frmae.jpg

age: 18

¿why all my family hates me?¿there is a reason even if it is irrational?

Anonymous 9940


Hi nonas
Is the thing I suspect true? Ty

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