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Life or Death Anonymous 630

Have you ever been in a life or death situation? What happened?

Anonymous 631

Probably it was very short but still felt like an eternity.Around age 11-12 i was going to a swimming course.At the end of the course teachers would let us have fun,splash,swim or even fight with water around.As i always had a special thing for diving,i was diving and resurfacing between lanes,having fun in my way.And suddenly when i was underwater i felt a fucking sharp pain behing my neck,and lost all my breath,all my movements,everything.I don't open my eyes underwater and it was dark,i couldn't move, breathe or anything for a real long while.Apparently someone jumped into the pool and landed on my neck while i was underwater.It was forbidden to jump into the water all the times but it was end of the day and you know how hard it is to take care of a bunch of 12 year olds.After the pain in my neck i was just there..in the water.Just inside,floating.No idea where i was,no idea if i was short on oxygen or not.Only thing i knew that i was inside the water and couldn't even move my hands.Teachers said they took me immediately out and i was fine after 10-15 seconds.But honestly it felt like an eternity and nothing can explain how scared and weird feeling i was.now i'm afraid to dive in deep places and whenever someone is around.I also have a lot of nightmares with the same feeling/same thing happening over and over again.

Anonymous 632

>be me
>19 or 20
>in an abusive relationship with a guy who abuses me physically, emotionally and sexually
>he's also a raging alcoholic and pathological liar
>hides my important shit so i can't leave him, rapes me, the whole nine yards
>has a gun he likes to wave around
>eventually he beats up my elderly dog and I get the fuck out
>guy harasses me 24/7 with terrible messages, attempts at calling, spewing conspiracy theories about how his 'friends' (actually just people he hangs out with at uni, they turned on him and helped me get out) were all just trying to sabotage our wonderful relationship
>blames his best friend for the dog's injuries despite the best friend being in another city on the day of the event
>holds my work materials and personal items hostage for leverage
>frames me for credit card fraud and my apartment is searched and my computer taken for evidence
>everything is fucking nuts
>return once to fetch my stuff
>bring my big buff Russian friend for protection
>ex attempts power play, says he will keep this or that of my expensive tech for work because I'm a dumb slut who fucked him over yada yada
>also tries to manipulate me with dumb shit like presenting my favorite chocolate and having bought my favorite drink
>acts like we're having a fun hangout to talk things over
>I need my shit
>fight escalates into shouting at each other
>he calls the police to get us out of his place, I insist on at least taking my hard drives
>police arrives, I explain the situation
>police literally just tells us to get along and fucks off
>ex wants us out of the house
>starts yelling at my Russian friend (who has done nothing but stand in the corner silently)
>suddenly pulls out his fucking gun and points it at us
>my mind goes blank
>suddenly i have no fear
>only rage
>seconds feel like eternity as he stares me in the eye with the gun trained at me
>'yeah anon actually you're right'
>puts it back into his pants pocket
>I rush into the room, grab my shit while friend blocks the door, loudly threatening to call the cops again about his gun (not murrica, stricter gun laws, his is definitely illegal)
>this makes him shut up for a second and I get to run out
>still lose most of my belongings and a shitton of money
>but at least I didn't get shot

In hindsight I wasn't in much danger since the gun wasn't loaded but due to the build-up I had come to expect anything.

Anonymous 900

I nearly choked on a fucking after eight when I was about 19.
Got the mint filling into the wrong tube. Turns out the shitload of menthol in it is highly irritating on more sensitiven tissue.
Worst part was when I ran to my dad after I realized that I cant breathe anymore (lived at home) and he was just unable to do anything because it was nothing that got stuck but the menthol indicating extreme spasms. Like a bossfight asthma attack.
The only thing I thought was "I'm such a frail doll that I get chocked by pretentious pseudo british sweets, fucking emberassing"
It wore of right before I passed out.

Anonymous 914

No but if I knew how many I have been in without knowing I probably would have been scared.

Anonymous 1000

during the summer i was eating calamari and i choked on it and started coughing and could barely breathe till some tourist got to do heimlich to me and pretty much saved me(from such silly death lol)

it was a scary thing to go through but while all this happened and everyone in the tavern were alert and terrified,my mind was mostly calm saying "you will be fine,you will swallow it or spit it out.it will be ok".my whole body was in panic but there was a part of my brain which was calm.it was so weird

Anonymous 1028

>there was a part of my brain which was calm.it was so weird

Adrenaline. It makes things not as bad as they seem, while you body does it's own thing the experience is not the end of the world. If you have this happen once or twice to you, you'll stop being scared, as even the worst things aren't as bad as your imagination. Watching somebody go through something bad is usually worse than actually going through it yourself.

Anonymous 1072

I had a stroke. I'm so scared of dying now. Death is just that. There is nothing after. You die and the world dies with you. I don't want to die.

Anonymous 1102

rofl there is life after death anon

Anonymous 1111


If you're being earnest, I'm jealous of you and wish you the best in life.

Anonymous 1183

That sounds ideal to me. I'd be way more scared of drifting about in nothingness or any of the spiritual spheres.

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