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Industry Plants Anonymous 754

An industry plant is an artist who has Major/Indie Label backing their movement but presents themselves as a "home grown start up" label to create a pseudo organic following. They act as if things are miraculously happening for them based on their talent (via blog coverage, media coverage, mtv playing their vids, etc.) The reality is a low risk/high reward situation for labels looking to build the next "new star"

Who do you think is planted?

Anonymous 764

im not very fond of the music industry but i remember when JB exploded and people said Usher found hin and was his pupil and shit.

I understand he did have talent (
he was a fantastic drummer) but that part of the story was fabricated and it was confirmed now.

i also remember avril lavigne, she was fabricated too and sold as organic.

Anonymous 771

Most of them, especially the ones that have their 'humble beginnings' pointed out in ads and shit

Anonymous 793

I saw this long post on tumblr about how 21 Pilots were a manufactured band created for a very specific demographic, and have become successful simply because everything they did was planned out to appeal to their fans. Im gonna look for the post again, it was actually pretty interesting

Anonymous 794


Damn that sounds interesting. Have you found it anon? You've made me really curious and thirsty for it now haha

It's very fitting Halsey is in the picture, she has made up so many lies of how she was homeless, kicked out of her house, got bullied in school etc. And how she's marketing herself towards 14 year old SJW edgelords with her bisexual/bipolar act and getting fake outraged over little things on Twitter because that's trendy nowadays and draws in a large crowd

Anonymous 813

Like Lana del rey?

Anonymous 842

On youtube someone wrote 21 pilots are suppose to fill void my chemical romance void. As it. Never can happen.

Anonymous 1382

I don't really like the term "industry plant". I feel like the term is being miss-used a lot by people nowadays. I, of course, will not deny the fact that there are plenty of artists who got more than enough incentives and had the perfect conditions handed out to them in order to reach top charts while in contrast acting as if they worked really hard to do so.
However, that said I still think that the "fabrication" process
of building up the persona of someone to be something more interesting then they actually are (someone that most of the times is completely different) isn't really applicable to that many artists.
Take >>764 Avril Lavigne for instance, before she released her first record "Let go" she was actually already into her whole tomboy way of dressing/acting (heck, even before she denied working with the first record company). Then, 2007 comes along and she started releasing records like "The best damn thing" with the song "girlfriend" which feels as cookie cutter and generic teen girl pop as it can be. Heck… she even dubbed that song (in the most awful way) in like what? 8 different languages? Then she continued her transition into pop and now… she's pretty much only criticized.
One might say "hey but wasn't she a catholic or whatever singing in churches?" so was Justin, but guess what? that's when they were really young (under 18), people grow up and like I said, she had the whole tomboy thing going for her before even working with music professionally.
If anything, Avril was fabricated post 04 into becoming just another overly marketed pop symbol for teenage girls.

Now, the new hot thing is calling Billie Ellish a industry plant as well. I honestly don't know her past, how she used to dress/talk/act back when she didn't work professionally or when she still wasn't famous. So honestly, I can't really give any opinion on her. But frankly, I cannot see how being an "industry plant" affects an artist's work. I can't see how it makes their work less enjoyable or how it takes away talent from them.

Anonymous 1383

I don't really have a dog in this fight but I can see the argument for why being an "industry plant" would detract from the art. I'd argue that art is degraded if it's attached to a sold package or product, and the sold product that it's a part of (celebrity image, personality, a fantasy,) turns out to be false a.k.a. false product.

So, if you just dig the art (void of the image or package attached to it) then the art is not affected for you.

Anonymous 1398

the entire music industry is plastic as fuck. rule of thumb is, if you find yourself reflexively calling a musician an 'artist', they are a corporate product. the music industry and media define who gets to be an 'artist' and is to be taken seriously, versus who is merely an amateur.
whether they come from humble beginnings or not is irrelevant, they aren't an 'artist' until the industry brands them.

Anonymous 1399

Anonymous 1400

I'm not sure if the only people who can shit out artist titles are those in the music industry. If anything, what you're saying would work best in defense of small artists that haven't been knighted.

They are artists BECAUSE no one in the music industry acknowledges them. It is exactly the moment they're swallowed up by labels and corporations and whatever else that they're nothing but a product to be sold.

Anonymous 1445

Screenshot 2019-12…

That makes so much sense. They got popular between 20012-2014. MCR split up in 2013. I used to be a huge MCR fan back in middle school. Anyway, its obvious the Gerard was wanting something different than everybody else. Their Danger Days was definitely them trying to keep their shit together and get as much money as they could before the split. I think their recent get togethers is just to make money but idk.

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