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Manipulation Anonymous 787

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
>How did it affect the people involved?
>Would you do it again?
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?

Anonymous 788

I pretended to throw a ball for my dog. She looked for minutes for it. I've done this a few times now, each time more confused than the last. She still doesn't know it was me.

Anonymous 789

I made others believe I was a sociopath. Lol

Anonymous 790

I'm the type of person where it shows on their face what they think so I never really attempted to manipulate people.

This is bad but sometimes I kind of wish I was good at manipulating. Others have done it to me so often, I want to be able to do it too as some type of weird revenge.

Anonymous 792

i know this is child's play in terms of manipulation. this is more of a confessional. i hate myself for it but i couldn't stop.
>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
well… i was in love with a man so i told the girl he liked he wasn't interested, then told him the girl wasn't interested. broke up dude and his girlfriend beforehand. i wanted him more than anything. i faked screenshots, broke into his friend's accounts for DMs with his current girlfriend and them, skewed actual evidence to my whims and wants, all because i didn't have what i wanted. i didn't physically hurt anyone but i was awful, manipulative and abusive. but we've been together since high school now. he's the love of my life.
>How did it affect the people involved?
the boy was depressed for about two weeks hardcore then we started dating and everything was peachy. possibly ruined something beautiful between them because of jealousy and possessiveness.
>Would you do it again?
i don't know. i would if it meant having someone i loved. i can't stop.
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
yes. a solid yes.
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
i wish i could stop. this probably isn't even the worst i've ever done. it just sticks with me.
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
i don't really know how to answer this because my guilt won't let me.
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
no, i recognize my own manipulative tactics too well.
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
sometimes… but reluctantly
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
i know it's wrong and i can't stop it. it hurts so many people and prohibits actual natural relationships. i don't ever want it to happen to me. and that's the worst part.

i don't really know what's normal. i loved him a lot, and i still do. i'll never tell him about what i did. i've been living like this my whole life - i'm awfully jealous but you'd never let anyone see it. in high school i lied my way through everything - grades, relationships, prestige. like i said - this isn't even the worst i've done. it's just the one i feel the worst about. i legitimately ruined him and he still loves me and i still love him and everything's fine so… was it worth it? sorry for getting all emotional and whatever. like i said… a confessional… i don't have a name for why i do this. i wish i knew what was wrong with me.

also worth mentioning (very much so): in high school a boy talked about me and i just cried until all my friends fucked him over super bad. house rolled 6 times in 5 nights, egged 3 times, tires slashed, mirrors broken, and back windshield shattered. this was a long time ago, and i didn't have to do any of it. i was always seen as a very protectable (???) girl so i just… cried whenever i needed something done. i literally feel awful about it now. but again… i can't stop. it's been my way of life for a long time.

sorry if this is messy and hard to follow. just typing as i go. you know.

Anonymous 807

I was in a similar situation when I was in HS and the hard truth of what really helped me was being honest with myself and being honest with the people around me.

Being able to not only acknowledge my wrong doings (which you've already done) but change the way I act because of what I have done was super helpful in just getting over myself.

Anonymous 849

You are/were kind of scary.

Anonymous 850


>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
I don't know about the most extreme one, but I'll go with this one:
I have a lot of my (online and irl) friends' and acquaintances' passwords/credentials without their knowledge and use them to read their personal posts, DMs, really anything I can get my hands on
>How did it affect the people involved?
I don't think anyone has found out because nobody has tried to change their passwords. I'm trying to use it for good by being there for them when I know they need someone, making myself out to be a great match as a friend because I know all their likes and dislikes and so forth but I know that in the end it's not real.
>Would you do it again?
Yes, I'm still doing it whenever I have the opportunity to get access to an account
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
Yes but more than anything I'm just afraid of getting caught.
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
I think it's really interesting to see how far you can get. But I know that if someone did that to me, I'd feel extremely violated.
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
Not in the same underhanded way, but I've been bullied a lot. It really fucked up my self esteem and now I have an extreme desire to be liked. I want to be everyone's best friend even if I don't particularly like them. I also try to get any guy to like me no matter if I'm attracted to him or not. It works a lot of the time because I'm very aware of the "type" I am and the kind of guy most likely to fall for me.
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
It is, that should be obvious.

Anonymous 851

The idea of doing this to people sounds pretty exciting. I wouldn't blame you for doing stuff like that.
Eh, with how little people open up to each-other these days, I'd say your kind of activity is pretty justified. Such low trust warrants it.

Anonymous 855

I don't understand, how do you get all this login info from people? Are they just giving it to you?

Anonymous 876

Well, for one thing, don't leave me alone with your computer. Most browsers have an option to show all saved passwords, which I take a photo of with my phone. If I have enough time, I might quickly log into their email address with my phone and delete the suspicious login notification while I'm still able to use their computer, but this is risky. Once I'm in the email account, everything else is just a matter of timing my logins when they're asleep.
If I can't do the email, I just stick to logging into sites that don't notify the user.

Anonymous 878

eugh, sounds familiar. some people are just not very careful with their passwords and im a nosey person, i suppose… i'm just curious about the personal lives of others

Anonymous 879

You just encouraged me to change all my passwords, because you sound exactly like my ex friend. He somehow knew everything about all our friends, even though he was a filthy gossip that no one trusted with their secrets. Gross to think he could’ve and probably did go through my emails and Facebook. Hope someone does it back to you both.

Anonymous 880

Good on you, really. Enable 2FA where you can while you're at it and check if there's any recovery emails set up in your account that you don't know about.

Anonymous 1178


May have tried to groom a young guy to shoot up his school and be first live stream shooting and only stopped as I revealed who my identity was and was no longer anon.
Got trannies to hurt themselves and tried to get a racist pol person on HRT by pretending to date them and sissyfy them but they got scared off when they mentioned suicide and I indirectly encouraged them by wanting to watch it.
Scam people of money.
Make someone think I was in love with them for months just to hurt them for fun.
I manipulated someone slowly by seeding them with the idea they should start using opiate drugs from online and then I started to convince him he should just do heroin as it is more cost effective.

I just wanted to see if I could fuck his life up.
I scammed some incel guys (they deserve it as I heard they want to roofie womam)
>that is off the top of my head I have hurt and played with many people for fun

>How did it affect the people involved?

hurts my friends the only people I care about so I am ceasing all bad stuff I do
>Would you do it again?
I hope I dont
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
No not at all but I would never ever hurt a friend or manipulate a friend,
I got a friend a gift who left me for a while because I kept trying to fuck with people and
she asked if I scammed for it and I did not lie…I never lie to friends.
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
I would not care to be honest is what I would say but I am chnaging to be a better person and learning empathy with help of a friend I care about
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
no not at all, only psychological abuse from my mother
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
yes some people for sure as I see it as winning.
being able to beat psychiatrists at their mental chess is great
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
if they are bad people it is ok.

I am a garbage human and I am changing and I do not want to be bad.
I am not a bad person I just need to change.

Anonymous 1179

wow. you (were ?are??) terrible. other posters' confessions are just catty but you're just. terrible.
pretty sure this is illegal in most places.

Anonymous 1180

>I am not a bad person
you definitely were but at least you're trying to change. i wish you all the luck, anon.

Anonymous 1181

Incels deserve it
And nobody who'd shoot up a school because some girl on the internet tells him to wouldn't do it without her input. What I mean is that if you had been enough to convince him to do it, then he would've done it anyway.
Same with the drug addict. Everyone knows drugs are shit, he's still responsible for his own actions.

The only one I feel bad for is the one you led on. You're not that horrible.

Anonymous 1184

Wow, that's awful. You're awful the best you can do is it at least stop doing it.

Anonymous 1185

>I am not a bad person

You're the worst I've seen in one of these confession threads, and I've seen a lot.

Anonymous 1186

Am I just completely desensitized from a decade of chans because I don't think that Anon is the worst I've seen? At least she didn't rape anyone or got anyone to actually harm themselves. Boundaries and morals break down when you're in that kind of environment with anonymity and hostility everywhere. It happens.

Anonymous 1187

Yeah I didn't word it clearly. It's not anon in particular, because you see this a lot on gossip sites for example, but the actions with the mindset are… very low tier. Most people try to justify themselves in some way (even if it's fake) but seeing someone openly carefree is a bit different.

Anonymous 1189


not fake, that guy who try expose me was an incel who fell in love with the girl (yes I know it was a girl but you have to LARP as a guy on R9K and discords INB4 I am a male)
I did do it to try help a friend at first.

OP of the thread is same guy I was seeding to take drugs and I even manipulated him to stress I shouldnt be doxxed while I told the girl I had to pretend to be scamming her to my "incel friends" or they would disown me

Incels deserve all the hell they get, stupid guys that ignore other girls who are not stacy.

Anonymous 1190

You're a bit confusing here, at least to me.

Anonymous 1216

You are all terrible people…

Anonymous 1218

>Make someone think I was in love with them for months just to hurt them for fun

what happened to that guy?

Anonymous 1234

cute animal cat 1.…

Well I recently talked to them again and decided to be nice to them and I told them 4chan had their info so I had them contact the website to get it removed as pics of them on there were posted when they tried expose me.

Anonymous 1248

Newbie here, as I further read the comments in different threads I get a scary manipulative vibe
4chan is condescending in comparison but I feel anger instead of fear

Anonymous 1262


even though i would feel extreme guilt too, i wish i could manipulate well like you do because whenever something bad happens i just drown in my own sorrow and anger. please teach me how i could do this like how did you fake screenshots without being found out, couldnt he have told the girl that the screenshots were fake, how did you get into his account?

Anonymous 1263

do you have discord

Anonymous 1290

I wish I'd encounter someone horrible enough to justify messing with them. I've been getting bored.

Anonymous 1295

You unironically do not deserve a chance to redeem yourself. You can try, but it will be to no avail. Only death will wipe that slate clean.

Anonymous 1296

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?

There was a guy I was dating that went to a different college than I did. He had the tendency to be EXTREMELY insensitive (when my mum was in the hospital, he showed no empathy, but he got mad at me because we couldn't watch Star Wars together), manipulative, and hot-and-cold; he would randomly distance himself from me. I would get breadcrumbs in terms of attention.

He would treat me as if he found me disgusting, and that he wasn't attracted to me at all (saying ew when I would attempt to kiss him, etc,) and when I would get sad, or ask if he didn't wanna be together, he'd paint me out to be a pathetic, crazy, insecure person.

I realized he had a female friend he went to college with that he'd talk fondly of. I met her. I got a terrible vibe. He started ignoring me FOR DAYS to spend time with this girl. I was hurt. He would rile me up on purpose (admitted to this), and I went full on-psycho at some point.

I made a sock-puppet account after some time (to not make it suspicious so soon after I expressed discomfort with this person,) and I pretended to be the girl he was ignoring me for's "Secret Admirer".

I began harassing her with anonymous questions on Tumblr, obscuring my identity; using a VPN to hide my IP (they aren't very bright enough to see through those types of things), changing my typing style, cyber-stalking his entire friend circle, and listening intently in on conversations, and when I would give information to this girl as "Secret Admirer," my boyfriend had no clue it was me, as "I" didn't have the information "Secret Admirer" had.

It came off as convincing that "Secret Admirer" went to school with them because I knew so much information via cyber-stalking.

I began asking her questions like, "I saw you and -My Boyfriend-," and I pretended to be a crazy person that was obsessed with her, and was convinced they were together, and that "Secret Admirer" was jealous because they were in love with the girl. When in reality, it was the guy I was obsessed with. LOL.

I copied the typing style of one of his friends I hated, and started giving fake "hints" about my identity, trying to paint it as if "Secret Admirer" was my boyfriend's friend I hated. A scapegoat.

I began fishing for information, from the girl about her relationship with my boyfriend, and his entire friend group.

Threatened to "bring a knife to school," to scare my boyfriend for lulz, and he contacted the police. His dad is a sheriff, too. I never got in trouble for it.

The girl ended up messaging me privately, and admitted to me (for some WILD reason that is beyond my comprehension) that she uses my boyfriend for attention because she knows he has feelings for her, but she doesn't reciprocate them, openly calls him a "pathetic loser," and brags about her social status.

I pretended to be impressed, and she went on and on, bragging in the Twitter dms, and theeeennn …

>How did it affect the people involved?

… I leaked the DMs, and now, HE, and his entire friend group hates her. She was exposed for speaking very negatively of her friends, and for using beta orbiters for attention. After our DMs were leaked, more people came forward and more and more and more DMs were leaked from other people's conversations with her, and she was exposed. Apparently cheated on her boyfriend too? LOL. She had this whole manipulative thot persona exposed. My now ex boyfriend has terrible intimacy and trust issues.

>Would you do it again?

No. I felt extremely batshit insane, and guilty. I've never told him, and he doesn't have any idea it was me. What's weird is that he lies about the details, pretended that "Secret Admirer" actually came up to him in real life? Maybe he was testing me. My BPD has made me do psycho shit at times, but never really to this degree.

>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?


>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?

Eh. It's wrong.

>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?

Depends on what they did to me. I can be extremely vengeful.

>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?

There was a guy that made his living off of blackmail and scamming, was a pedo who pretended to like me when I was 13 years old because he had a plan to get nudes from me, and then blackmail me with them and extort me with said nudes and put me into a child porn sex trade sort of thing. Unfortunately for him, you can't really manipulate a manipulator. Didn't send him nudes.

>Do you take pride in manipulating people?

Sometimes. I'm very bitter, and I feel better at getting back at people who "wrong" me.

>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?

Yes. Causing pain is usually always wrong. Should always make an effort to see how you caused it, even if you don't see it. I didn't realize I was manipulative for a long time.

Anonymous 1298

Christ girl…

That's a bit intense. Why did you go out of your way to hurt the thot instead of your boyfriend though?

Anonymous 1417


Anonymous 1423


Because she is a legit insane person.
Don't try to logically understand what a Bipolar does and never ever believe what they tell you.

It wouldn't even surprise me that much if no person involved did any harm to anyone but her.
Bipolars have that kind of psychotic view during stronger episodes where everyone is evil and deserve what they get by twisting and altering reality so much a healthy person can't even grasp the basics.

Anonymous 1424

BPD, or borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder are different from one another, Anon.

Anonymous 1426

I manipulated someone into sustaining my neet life and giving me money sex etc for an entire year. I didn't once feel love or even happiness.

Anonymous 1441


This kinda' stuff never works out for the "manipulators" it's some Wile. E. Coyote shit where he always fucks himself over in the end. Grow up

Anonymous 1443

You don't even know the difference between Bipolar and BPD. kek.

Anonymous 1461

Is it possible to learn this power?

Anonymous 2306

i kinda want to manipulate people… i don't even lie because it makes me feel powerful and it's addictive. but i know that one day i'll slip and do some extreme psychological shit to people. maybe i'll post what i did to here when it happens lol

Anonymous 2312

im so envious of manipulative girls. the manipulative egirls i have come across always have fame, friends, and fortune. i wish i had that control, because i really want to be adored and i dont like struggling financially. kindness and honesty gets you nowhere but its all i can be.

Anonymous 2313

I can't say the same thing for fame and money but friends you get with manipulation and acting are never your real friends. Other than that, be social, learn a bit about human pyschology and those who you want to manipulate. Most of it depends on how pretty and lucky you are. I would say create a fake persona if you're that desperate but don't do that kind of shit to yourself :/ It'll mess you up

Anonymous 2314

You’ve fallen for their manipulation. A lot of what escorts, e-girls, etc post online is fake or very exaggerated. If it seems to good to be true, then it most definitely is.

Anonymous 2315

photo (6).jpg

This isn't something that bad or special.

I had a (male) gay best friend who was super into this guy. He was practically obsessed, would call me and rant about how there must be something between them and how his crush reciprocates his feelings, etc. (My bestie was just wishfully ignorant; the guy was straight kek). Eventually he shows me a picture of him and he looks handsome, so i get interested. I had a boyfriend at the time but i was just using him for practice. My bestie and his crush wants to gift me something for xmas, but i wanted to manipulate the situation a bit. I knew that my friend was super jealous so i couldn't make any moves in front of him. I cancel all plans with them but make secret ones where I'm alone with the guy. We go on a few more dates. Then i make another friend of mine lightly push him to confess feelings for me, and he shares that he wants to ask me out romantically. As we girls do, we share screens and i'm made aware of these plans. I pretend not to know and i break up with my bf at the time. I was single for 2 hours lol.

Me and my new bf keep our relationship secret from my bestie who is still having obsessive rants about him being gay and how there must be something between them. I grow more and more annoyed but instead of being upfront i decide to be catty. I take pictures of my new bf's legs and calves and send them on snapchat to my bestie and ask him to guess who i'm hanging out with. I never reveal who it is. He obviously recognizes who it is and it leads to him having panic attacks. He confronts me and i confess and we decide to stop being friends. Months later i get a call from him, he's suicidal because some guy rejected him and his life sucks etc. I decide to be good this time which apparently makes him want to live longer. But i grew tired of having to give him constant attention that i eventually tell him it's OK if he wants to commit suicide. During this time i'm actually semi-cheating on my now bf with my ex by sending my ex nudes etc. I also openly talk about all the e-guys i'm talking to (tinder and discord shit) in front of my bf and i ask for a break so i can freely send nudes (but i don't admit that). During this period i realize that none of it is really fun and my bf tells me I'm breaking his heart and that I'm neglecting him, he's losing sleep over me etc. We get back together after he negs long enough, but i still don't have any feelings for him. I'm just using him for different things (companionship, money, affection, etc). I still get urges to cheat, etc.

Weirdest thing is, i never felt ANY empathy. It was actually kind of boring to me, i just knew what i wanted. Even now, i don't feel bad for them but rather for myself for just acting on impulse without thinking things through.

Anonymous 2316

That sounds… sociopathic. Really cool and amazing (in a toxic way), but sociopathic. No judgement tho, i would probably do the same if i were pretty

Anonymous 2327

men only ever truly fall for these women, so if you want to be loved you either have to hurt them badly or settle for being the second option.

Anonymous 2328

You sound exhausting to be around.

Anonymous 2331

This. All the girls I've met that were like this were wholly unhappy and always had shitty relationships where they couldn't draw proper boundaries. They're also extremely bored which is why they enjoy fucking with others so much. It's all monkeybranching from one person to mess with to the next, with mind-numbing boredom in between.

Anonymous 2333

Based stacy. Men deserve to have their hearts broken.

Anonymous 2336

You're a terrible person but I really don't have pity for full grown men who stick around poison and then whine about how shitty their lives are. Take em to the cleaners.

Anonymous 2337

men can only love themselves

Anonymous 2341

Everything and everyone you spoke about disgusts me. Of course you yourself are disgusting.

Anonymous 2347


I got a group of roughly thirty people to work for me unpaid, with ten of them working full time filling out hundreds of documents. They all thought it was a fun hobby.

Anonymous 2348


Anonymous 2349


It was as simple as telling them it would be fun. They did have fun, so maybe it wasn't a manipulation as much as it was transaction.

Anonymous 2350

What was it for?

Anonymous 2351


Casting a wide net to research (and snoop) on people, then cataloguing that information and writing it up into reports. Most of them were very casually doing it, but a core group did the bulk of the work, including roping new people into the project, for about two or three months. I didn't use the data for anything particularly useful, I just have an obsession with data and archiving it.

Anonymous 2354

I like you, and I really like the ratposts

Anonymous 2356

>I just have an obsession with data and archiving it
girl same! any tips?

Anonymous 2357


I cannot possibly stress this enough, but stay on top of it. The more you let unsorted or unprocessed things pile up, the worse the situation will get until it becomes an unorganized mess where nothing can be found. At that point, it stops being an archive and it starts being a garbage pile. Otherwise, I have a lot of folders and make use of a lot of spreadsheets. Lately, I've been wanting to transition to dating things better. Probably with a year folder, twelve month folders within that, and then within each month four week folders. If there's a lot going into a specific day, maybe give that day its own folder.

Anonymous 2358

you remind me the r/datahoarder

Anonymous 2360

What do you use the data for even if you do not use it per say you satisfy yourself somehow to the point it is worth doing. can you give a breakdown of how you use it and how you started etc?

Anonymous 2361

What kind of data do you have anyway?

Anonymous 2531

so how do you yall manipulate people? give me tips

Anonymous 2532

If you have to ask then what kind of answer do you expect? It's not like there's a tutorial to follow. Everyone's strengths and weaknesses are different. You're gonna need a lot of intuition and even the best plan won't work if the other person simply isn't receptive.

If you want help, give us a real example.

Anonymous 2534


Lately, I have been hiding money in the stock market to get my parents to give me more (;

Anonymous 2536

hell naw women should manipulate moids more

Anonymous 2537

I get where you're coming from but it's just that women are more emotionally intelligent and thus have more options. Men will absolutely fuck you over emotionally, they're just less creative about it. Some fun things moids get up to, to jog your memory: Men will lead you on to get sex rather than money, same thing, except money is replaceable. Men build revenge porn empires to gain more power over women. Men pretend to be "feminist" as a shortcut into women's beds. In fact they'll adjust their entire personality to deceive women into thinking they're decent enough to sleep with. They also get up to all kinds of petty shit, they just don't talk about it as openly as we do. There's always drama in moid friend groups. I just witnessed a friend group almost splitting in two because one of them was ~gaslighting~ another dude for months, lying about him and deflecting every question with "I'm not the one who has a problem with him, it's my gf". Eventually the gf and the other guy realized that the dude had fed both of them lies to make sure they'd never speak to each other about any of it and the other dude wouldn't come to hangouts anymore, but the dude who was excluded was in a really fucked up family situation and everyone was aware, but that one guy didn't give a shit and just focused on keeping him away from his support system. In the end when they cleared the air the aggressor didn't even have a reason. He just didn't like the other guy much and didn't want him at hangouts so he pulled strings for like 7 months to make him feel completely abandoned, instead of saying "I don't like that guy too much" just once

Anonymous 2538

This. See >>>/feels/52467
>Literal wars have been started over men's desire to coom.

Anonymous 2541

You're generalizing quite a bit, but you're right on a few things. I don't think it's just guys, but everyone has lost the value of respecting each other.
There are still good dudes out there, they're just hard to find.

Anonymous 2542

>you're generalizing quite a bit

I was responding to another post that was generalizing quite a bit.

Anonymous 2595

Disgusting and pathetic. I can't believe people are cheering this on. She sounds like she did ex-GF a favor by getting her to break up with someone stupid enough to fall for faked screenshots.

Based af. These people had it coming. Anyone who's crying about how "evil" this person is are what's wrong with the world.

I love it.


Anonymous 2596

I'm sharing this because not only have I wanted to open up about it, but it's so outrageous that I doubt anyone reading this will believe me.

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?

I won't say too much but I ran a spiritual service.

>How did it affect the people involved?

Some people were looking for validation, but others were obviously desperate. Most of them already had their mind made up about their situation and wanted a supernatural element introduced. In fact, I had lots of clients like >>792 whose so-called true loves later went astray and really wanted the angels to intervene because he said "hi" to his ex after a decade.

The biggest impact wasn't the price, but how long I'd entertain their stories. They needed someone to back them up and believe them, to know someone was going bibbidy-bobbidy over a bible for their selfish desires. I never upsold my services. Reverse psychology work and I always made sure they were the ones who felt that they were in the most control.

If it was obvious the person was in true need of help, I helped them for free or very cheap (if they insisted on paying). I won't divulge in how I helped or how I was able to discern this. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, people get by just knowing someone is there for them.

In the end, I was feeding an addiction.

>Would you do it again?

Yes, but maybe with a team. The bigger you run with this, the easier you can clean up. But you need a trustworthy team to help you handle people and not cause scandals. It was actually fun and I'm in a cool off period right now. I'm considering taking it to a larger level, minus the dick spells. Haven't figured out how, although it's very easy to form an organization where I live and ordination credentials are rarely questioned, especially if you do it with Christian foundations.

>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?

No. Maybe because I grew up around it, I knew the kind of people involved. There were a lot of disgusting people on the receiving end, but there were also disgusting people on the other side.
Because some "desperate" as in "I want to fuck lots of women, here's the last of my emergency savings," it was hard to feel sorry for them. If anything, I liked taking their money and giving some to a better cause. Fuck them.

>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?

There's a time and a place for it.

>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?

It would, but I realize I only know these client's stories from one side. I've had fears where clients were single moms with 4,5,6 kids who spent their time chasing rich men were paying me money to bag these guys that should have gone to the children. I actually stopped working with these kinds of clients for that reason. I know they'll just find someone else because these services can be more addicting to people than psychic readings.

>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?

I went through a lot of being manipulated when I was younger because I was just too trusting to people who had ideas about what they wanted me to be and how I should act. I think that's why I was even able to do what I've been doing for so long. In fact, I think what bought me into spirituality was not only a natural calling, but seeing how weak my manipulators became in the face of religion. I don't have animosity towards religion and spirituality, but I do think these people are disgusting for how they do bad things and seek validation of innocence in a higher power. They trample on people who need help for the sake of their ego.

>Do you take pride in manipulating people?

Depends on the target. On a larger scale, I am proud of this. I don't care about being seen as bad or good, I'm just me and having a good time.

>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?

The keyword is abuse, and it's never justified. That doesn't mean I'm above it. That being said, there are times where you need to defend yourself against people attempting to manipulate you into something that isn't good for you. At that point, is it really abuse?

Anonymous 2597

>stupid enough to fall for faked screenshots

Anon most people don't look at screenshots and instantly think "this must be fake". Especially if this was a few years ago and the recipient is relatively normie. If you question every interpersonal screenshot (not news/gossip/etc) you need to change your environment. I don't blame them for falling for it, most people still believe you can't believably fake videos without a CGI expert either. I've tricked many people with fake screenshots, but you can't trick someone into changing their whole impression of someone just with screenshots. They have to doubt the other person in order to be receptive. If you find their insecurities and base your narrative around those, they'll consider their fears confirmed. Anon did way, way more than just "fake screenshots". It's not that simple.

Semi related but a long time ago the boyfriend of a friend of mine randomly hit me up for a threesome. I was taken aback and asked if that was something that she wanted and he basically went "we'll convince her together" and I said no. I wasn't gonna say yes anyway, I wasn't into either of them and I couldn't imagine her being into me, but I was insecure and at least wanted to know why he asked me. Of course this was part of how I realized that no man will ever be happy with what he has; she was objectively super hot and sweet
Anyway, the next day I felt really bad, I knew I hadn't done anything to give him that impression (I was super oblivious and never flirted with him or anything) and I wondered if he was doing this with other girls too, especially if he had drunk. On one hand I thought she had a right to know, but on the other hand I was afraid she would blame me for it or it would otherwise cause a rift. So I told her the next day, over text, and she went "well now either I'll have to find a way to get into his account or you're gonna send me screenshots" and of course I sent screenshots right away. She never questioned them, confronted him right away, he confessed and they stayed together but eventually split up for other reasons.
We're still friends now and she's married (to a different guy of course)

Anonymous 2598

I really enjoyed your post, I can relate a lot to what (I think) you did and to your ambivalent feelings about it. I'd love to chat about this in private if you're ever willing.

Anonymous 2603

I'm a little spooked of manipulation, but I've only pulled minor schemes, usually because I want to be lazy.
When my car battery was messed up and needed a jump to crank, I would flag down guys to start my car for me despite fully knowing how to jump a car. I was living on campus at the time so it was pretty easy to come across young guys. Only once did I flag down some skinny emo who couldn't do shit. When I went to get it fixed, even my dad encouraged me to try to get the guys there to check it for free (they did lmao).
Another time, I noticed this girl kept trying to suck up to a friend of mine, so I told my friend to instruct the girl to throw away my friend's lunch mess and she actually did. After that, I got really scared of that power.

Anonymous 2604

i try to stick to some morals i created in my head, which definitely helps keep me in a good headspace. i also dont like wasting my time and energy on shit that doesnt matter. i definitely just go around using people as they happen to offer themselves to me. ive been in relationships where i felt nothing for someone, almost hated them, but i got free shit out of it. i always break it off soon after because its not where i want to be. im a lesbian, but men will chase after me some times. i hesitate to shut them down because i like having someone pine after me. until i get bored of it. i cant really drag anyone along, i have better things to do.

i actually feel off put by people's genuinely affection for me. i used to think they were trying to manipulate me by buying me things and hanging around with me. i just don't get it. its discomforting and hence, i don't like seeking it out. it just happens.

Anonymous 2605

>that power
Anon be honest are you still 16

Anonymous 3186

I wouldn't mind answering some questions here. Regarding a chat, I don't really have time to do it these days.

Anonymous 3198

When I was 19 or so I think (from there to very early 20s), I convinced some dude online that I was a terminally ill girl and scammed free pizza off of him for a few months before 'dying'.

feel awful about it when I think back to it, I was a real shithead until like 3 years ago. At the time it felt 'justified' because I was poor as fuck and this guy had kind of a reputation for being a pervert weirdo in an irc where you were supposed to at least pretend to hide that, but now I regret it.

Anonymous 3199

idk why you regret it i would do the same if i had the skills

Anonymous 3200


>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted?
Always, no matter who and when does it
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
Yes. I hate manipulators - they are not people.
I once had an opportunity to get my revenge though - this stupid, attractive girl was a compulsive liar manipulating everyone around her, so when during a party she jokingly said something bout fighting me, I said yes and put her in an armbar almost breaking her arm. Her face expression was great - she finally realised she can't fuck around without end.

I hate people like you

Anonymous 3201

I have empathy for social retards like that guy to a degree, and also to a degree I was fairly sloppy and wouldn't want getting caught to fuck me over.

Anonymous 3202

i feel like some people deserve to be manipulated. like gross dudes getting scammed by pedobait

Anonymous 3219

Are you short? I feel like short/cute women naturally bring out the protective side of bigger women around them, as if they are moms. I'm kinda tall (5'9'') and even I feel myself infantilizing short girls sometimes like I just want to protect them. Super weird.

Anonymous 3342

you and i are one in the same, holy shit.

Anonymous 3391


>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?

when i was a minor (17) i talked to a clearly lonely, mentally ill boy (15) and tried to groom him into taking hrt.
>How did it affect the people involved?
hes a fag now and i dont think we originally was one.
>Would you do it again?
never to an underaged kid. I feel so bad that he was younger than me, even if he was 2 years younger than me. The damage he has done to himself is irreversible.
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you have manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
I have never been manipulated into taking estrogen (or I guess if somewhere were to make me take hormones testosterone)
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
No because I usually don´t do it. I think the reason I did that was because I think that was the first time I saw someone who was more vulnerable than me. I used to be a really sensitive person and I always lurked and hung out in the worst places.

Anonymous 3413

I grew up with it and learned from my ex. I just manipulated a 4chan thread. I pretended to have a nervous break down on a blue board to get back at another poster. I also spammed it with guro to unsettle a mutilation fag. Of course, I got banned but that's ok. I feel satisfaction at finally getting one over Croc. Kinda feel bad about the other poster, may have went to war with her… Oh well. War isn't pretty.

Anonymous 3417


I only manipulate other people if I think they have intent to harm me. I would never manipulate somebody for fun. I grew up with very strict and violent parents, so I learned how to get people off my ass.

I have been manipulated far more extremely than I manipulate others, as I only do it in self defense. My family manipulates others mostly just to do it.

>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when purposefully inflicted?

Yes, why would it not be?

Anonymous 3418

Truth is, when my ban is over, I want to go back for more … I shouldn't but I want to push her over the edge.

Anonymous 3422

Nevermind, I'm over it.

Anonymous 3436

Reading this thread and the other thread from another board just made me realize how much fucking losers you all are lmao. Literally, get over yourselves. Nobody feels sorry for all the fucked up stuff you did. Even though most people who posted stuff they've done feel no empathy you'll always be fucked up and it'll make your lives worse. I doubt any of the people who did horrible things have stable lives, relationships and are happy. How retarded do you have to be to not recognize you're creating your own hell.

Anonymous 3442


Anonymous 3443


Anonymous 3444

70 (1)_kindlephoto…

Stop being so sensitive snowflake.

Anonymous 5035


Anonymous 5036


Anonymous 5037

You just stole that line from some teen angst drama, what are you though like 24 now??
I thank god everyday I don't feel the kind of desperation necessary to drive me to any of the behavior posted here. It reminds me of having to interact with trailer trash. Just what did your mother do to you to make you so seedy af???? Lmao and I thought my mom was bad. It reminds me of how human beings often add no value to anything, they're kind of just these parasites that suck everything around them dry. Its this kind of thing that gives me so much clarity in daily life. If humanity was wiped out it would be pretty priceless.

Anonymous 5038

Well okay. Half of humanity.

Anonymous 6151

This is stupid, but:

One time this guy I liked was crying over this girl he was with because she was ignoring him. I really wanted them to break up so I messaged her “hey what is going on with you and [name]? He’s crying” knowing she would be angry.

Then she blamed it on him and they broke up after. He got mad at me but he was kind of a doormat back then so he forgave me. Never got together though, and I’m fine with that. We’re still friends.

Honestly? They needed to break up. He’s actually kind of thankful I did that.

Anonymous 6262


Mostly just lie to professors to get away with turning things in late or even never at all, and still get good grades. I would start each year/semester being a very conscientious, proactive student to build that schema in their mind. "Oh, Anon, is so responsible and smart, I'm sure she really did turn the paper in like she said". This would buy me time to actually do the work and turn it in later, or sometimes they would even say something like "Oh, I must have lost it, no worries". Never called out once for it, never got penalized because of it. I did this all through my PhD program lol. I seem very innocent and naive to most people, but I love lying and controlling the reality in someone's mind.

Anonymous 6279

Oh yeah I used to do that all the time. I've always been "cute" and "needed to be protected" and I would play that up like nobody's business. I'd act really innocent to the teachers and professors, really act like I'm giving it my all, and then I'd be able to get away with damn near anything because I'm "just nervous and doing my best". Hell it worked with anyone. I was smart but also "quirky" enough that even the punks of the school were my friends and they'd help me cheat regularly.
I think my magnum opus was when there was a ridiculously hard test in class that I was sure to fail. I pulled out all the stops on that one and just started crying and then the teacher was like "ah uh maybe this test is too much, this won't count against any of you"

My parents had put me in really difficult classes and I had no choice but to start manipulating people to survive but I've never been the same since then. Now I constantly manipulate others, including my family, with the cutesy act even when I don't need to. The thrill of completely outwitting someone is addicting.
>I love lying and controlling the reality in someone's mind.
Yep that's me to a T.

Anonymous 6306

To add onto >>6279 since I've calmed down a bit since I posted that

I do really feel bad though sometimes. Like I'll feel on top of the world for manipulating someone but then just wish I could be honest with them and not have to put on an act and second-guess every action I take. I'm at the point where everything I do is pre-planned. "If I say this maybe people will take pity on me and continue to give me stuff" or "I should continue to pretend I don't know how to do this so other people do it for me" or "ok let me make sure to stand like this and add in a few stutters here and there, that should really get their guard down"
It's scary to be honest in life though you know? If you put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable, you could be hurt or end up having to do something you don't want to do. If I didn't exploit people, I don't think I could make it on my own.

Anonymous 6578

The issue is you should be learning to rely on yourself, that's what youth is about, that's why everyone is kind of nice and changes the rules for you when it seems too hard.
Later, you won't have any help, and you won't have any experience. You're condemning yourself to be a pick-me. If it disagrees with you, I suggest you try and fail now, and eventually succeed.

Anonymous 6694

>it's just that women are more emotionally intelligent and thus have more options. Men will absolutely fuck you over emotionally
This. I would say that more than half of all men consciously try to "manipulate" people (by which I mean friends and gfs, not vendors at the flea market), and the only reason it doesn't go anywhere is that they suck it. They don't feel remotely bad about it, quite the opposite, they do it to try to live up to the power fantasies that society has encouraged in them. Unfortunately for them, they have no talent so these ploys usually just amount to more laborious ways to piss people off. There aren't that many that could manipulate others for meaningful gain.

Anonymous 6706

Pretty much this. So many people can only think of "manipulation" in this cringey abstract way, like they're a high ranking CIA member or a Game of Thrones character trying to protect themselves and further their tangible interests, but the reality is most people (particularly most people in places like this) don't have nearly an interesting enough life for there to be some manipulation worth doing. If you're reading this you're probably just a community college art student or something, there's not much to be gained by manipulating people. You'd be way better off if you just kept doing a reasonably good job at your occupation and try to be friendly and fun to be around.

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