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What event made you believe in the paranormal? Anonymous 8106

The first time I was sitting in a room was renting out a while back. I smelled a man. It was so obvious, because it was like standing next to one in an elevator or especially church, because he smelled like he was dressed up. Aftershave, cologne, some hint of pipe tobacco. Somewhat old like from the 70s, because you'd never smell something like that now. It was there for a few seconds then it was completely gone.

The second time I was riding my bike to work. Every night I drove home at the crack of dawn, and crossed this big suspension foot bridge right next to an abandoned Levis factory. Another biker turned down my street 40-50 ft ahead of me a few blocks before the bridge, but then he turned into the chained up entrance to the factory and vanished. I did a double take, looked everywhere to see where he could have gone and it made no sense. It was a straight steep brushy hill down into the river on the left, & chained up factory entrance to the right. I wish I had more interesting stories to tell but I don't they're surprisingly boring. Neither situation was scary, or carried bad energy, I was just extremely surprised.

Anonymous 8107

Wow, some people are convinced by so little. I'm not saying this in a mean way, I'm jealous. I feel my brain is physically incapable of letting me believe in anything I haven't seen a bunch of first-hand evidence for, like I'm just wired to be a killjoy cynic or something.

Anonymous 8108

Okay, how would your brain make sense of a guy and a bike virtually vanishing into a wall?? Would you start calling yourself insane based on one instance of seeing things??

Anonymous 8321

I saw some box move when i was a child and my dad tells me it was home spirits pranking me, once i heard snoring next to me, i saw the hat man at 12 in a dream before he became viral, i had premonition dreams about my domestic abuse before it happened and other dreams that predicted life altering events in my life. Thats what i could think of rn

Anonymous 8362

No event. I've just always believed in the paranormal.

Anonymous 8730


I don't know where else to put this, but I'm seriously questioning my beliefs because of what a moid friend did. You see, I told him about Tomino's Hell, which is a supposedly cursed Japanese poem that you would never read out loud and only read in your head. Simple, right? Well the retarded moid friend I had went and read the whole poem out loud, and even recorded himself reading it out loud to "show" me that it was not cursed. Well, color him fucking shocked when eventually, his siblings keep getting Covid, his hair loss and weight gain get worse, and when his mom gets diagnosed with cancer despite living a healthy life. I don't want to say this all started because of the fucking poem, but I feel like he should have avoided reading it out loud just to be sure. I'm skeptical of believing in the paranormal, but it really looks like this dumbass put a fucking curse on himself.

Anonymous 8731

reading the poem aloud rn thank you anon

Anonymous 8732

Wanna do this but my life is already cursed enough

Anonymous 9330

psychosis. while I don't believe in the things I did while it was going on, it turned my mind on to just how much of our sense of reality is built upon unconscious biases and assumptions that we pick up through our lives. it made me realise that all the things I thought impossible, though still unlikely, were maybe less so than I had previously thought.

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