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Fake internet deaths Anonymous 819

Let's talk about people who fake deaths online, either elaborate stories about people close to them or their own death or suicide.

Anonymous 820

MJ and Marilyn Monroe are still alive

Anonymous 821

Did you mean conspiracy theories or people like Plaaastic who pretended to commit suicide only to come back under a different persona, OP?

Anonymous 823

The latter but I don't know about Plaaastic, please elaborate if you like

Anonymous 827


Okay! Plaaastic is a Vietnamese girl that amassed a following by posting edgy pics on IG. She had her own fashion brand and an autobiography. She also had lots of drama related to her background: her parents abused her, she was homeless for a while and her husband serially cheated on her. She was pretty open about her mental illnesses but one day a picture was posted in her IG account that claimed she had taken her own life.

People mourned her death but a few months after a similar edgy aesthetic account called nitenite99 started posting pics with the same props as Plaaastic and even the same room and tattoos as her. People on PULL and Lolcow ended up discovering it was truly Plaaastic and that she had lied about many, many other things about her

Sorry if this isn't very clear, you can find more info on those sites!

Anonymous 834

omfg I feel so gratified right now. I remember when everybody on PULL Was poring over her translated autobiography and I remember thinking ffs, this is too over the top and extreme (whether or not she was dead or not). No one would allow any criticism of her and so I just stopped following the thread. haha, I knew something was up, I was so sick of how everybody idolized and made her out to be this uwu angel even when she was alive.

Anonymous 838

Read the thread now, everyone has pretty much turned on her, it's an amazing shitfest. I read her PULL and lolcow threads after reading >>827 and it's been some of the most intriguing drama I've seen, especially considering (like you said) the amount of support she used to get.

Anonymous 1067

She's supposed to be "really dead this time". https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/602401.html#750518

Anonymous 1380

I still remember when Tourettes Guy was said to be dead on his website then came back years later.

Anonymous 1388

i've known someone who killed himself. And i honestly pray for this to be fake. It would be so much less burden on my heart to know if this person faked it all. I wonder if anyone is going through something similar.

Anonymous 1394

I am :(

Anonymous 1395

how long has this person been dead for you? for me it has been 2 years. And i still get dreams where he might have faked it all, and that one dya i just randomly meet him on the street.



I followed prettylittleliar’s thread with regards to Plaaastic’s (real name Nhi) death before it was inactive. There was this screenshot. According to this facebook post in Vietnamese, it translate:
Sad news:
Our daughter and sister, Le Tran Mai Nhi, born in 1994, has left this world on 15/12/2018.
The funeral will be held from 11:00 to th 13:00, Wednesday, date 19/12/2018, at funeral home of Bach Mai hospital. She will lay to rest at Hoan Vu - Van Dien - Ha Noi.
Reported by eldest son, Le Vu Long, on behalf of the family.

We can learn from this post that:
1. Nhi has really passed away
2. Who her family members are

- Lê Vũ Long is her elder half brother who brought her on his dance tour, you can google and find out who he is. He also acts, just like their father.
- Her father who she mentioned was famous in her book is Dũng Nhi (can google him too), an actor in Vietnam, while her mother is Bình Nhi

Her mother’s facebook:

I remember Nhi mentioning that her family sent her to Singapore because she was too different. It sounded like they’re a prestigious family with a lot of media attention in Vietnam, therefore they could not keep an “unwanted mentally ill daughter” around. They never acknowledged her or posted any pics about her. Poor girl, I hope she rests in peace.

Anonymous 4320

I actually did it once, not really that interesting, though. When I was 17 there was a guy I was talking to and I felt like he was manipulating me so I said I was going to kill myself and it was his fault. The next day I pretended to be my mom and somehow he believed that I was actually dead.

Anonymous 9597

An author faked her death to sell more copies of her terrible novels. Susan Meachen, IIRC.

Anonymous 9607

lil tay youngest flexer of the century

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