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Jungian psychology Anonymous 8508

For some, it can be among the most powerful tools for gaining insight into the deepest parts of yourself.

If you've ever felt like you keep repeating the same negative patterns in your relationships and life, or wondered why you're drawn to certain types of people or situations, have you used it to understand the projections and complexes that drive them?

Have you explored the transformative power of dreams, and how they can offer a window into the unconscious patterns that shape your life?

Have you used it to discover the beauty and meaning in art, symbolism, and archetypal narratives, and how they can help us connect with something larger than ourselves?

Have you explored spirituality, science, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, the occult, the paranormal, or many other topics from its' perspective, or its' many historical precedents?

Though depending on how deep you go and how honest you're willing to be with yourself, it's not for the faint of heart.

Anonymous 8509


I know its a water down version of Carl Jung's psychology, but I used to do shadow working.
Way before I knew he existed, I used to paint my dreams and nightmares.

Anonymous 8510


Anonymous 8690

I enjoy the ideas of Carl Jung a lot. I would suggest (and others did aswell) to read "Men and his symbols" first even though that is more a book on history, culture and myths from around the world than psychology for self-development or self-understanding.

His theory about archetypes that exist in every human makes a lot of sense for me. I started to categorize the people that are reoccuring in my dreams into these archetypes and try to make sense of it. Exploring the meaning of my dreams is what I like most.

Most of my dreams take place in the area where I grew up, especially the forest behind my parents house. But in my dream world it is always enhanced. Like in the forest is almost always I am there a big ass castle in the background or some mountain that is not there in reality. Do you have this aswell? It seems to be like a parallel world.

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