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The Ohio Train Conspiracy Anonymous 8521

Has anyone else been paying attention to all of the strange things happening around the Ohio train crash?

1.) A train carrying toxic chemicals derails in Ohio

2.) For some reason authorities decide to do a controlled burn on the crash, causing toxic clouds for miles in every direction

3.) A journalist is arrested for asking questions at a press conference

4.) Strangely Netflix made a movie called "White Noise" before the crash, which has a plot that mirrors the real events that followed almost exactly. It even takes place in the same town in Ohio where the real crash happened, some of the extras in the movie even lived through the real event.

5.) The CDC changed the information they had on the chemical the train was carrying just 11 days before the crash, removing information about long term cancerous affects of the chemical. The information was untouched for 17 years before that.

6.) Residents of Ohio were issued with high tech government IDs just months before the crash. These IDs are designed to track long term illnesses in residents.

7.) The government is claiming that the area is safe to return to, and that soil and drinking water is safe. However there are a lot of videos online of toxic clouds in the area, as well as tens of thousands of dead fish in rivers in Ohio. Also supermarkets are pulling any water bottled in Ohio from their shelves.

8.) Since the crash we are seeing a startling number of train crashes, as well as attacks on food processing plants and farms. This Twitter user has been documenting them https://twitter.com/almost_midnite2

9.) Shortly after the derailment we started seeing all of these UFO/weather balloons be shot down by the airforce. These almost completely eclipsed the train derailment in news outlets, causing many people to not know about the train derailment as a result.

There is even more strange irregularities that I didn't cover here. I recommend ParasykeTVs two videos he recently published on the topic for further information.

So what do you all think of this situation? What is going on here? Pure coincidence, some kind of coordinated attack by the Chinese on the US's food supplies? Some kind of government conspiracy?

Anonymous 8522


Anonymous 8524

That's a great picture. I have no doubt in my mind they're deliberately trying to damage farm grown foods around the world. This is just another example. Destroying crops and the water supply so they can slowly start to ship in whatever laboratory shit they want the public to consume

Anonymous 8525

It seems so suspicious. I don't think the Chinese are involved though, or if they are they're working with the US.
The White Noise movie scares me with its possible ramifications. I have no idea why predictive programming is a thing but it has to mean something.

I remember there being a LOT of food factories burning during Corona times but haven't heard much about any disasters in America since then, but maybe it was being covered up like this Ohio thing was.

I just wonder the reasoning behind burning down everything. I swear to god if it's to start having us eat the bugs, I'm starting a garden.

Anonymous 8529

Govt creating chaotic scenarios to push Draconian laws under the guise of it being for our "safety" + population control

Anonymous 8539

>Residents of Ohio were issued with high tech government IDs just months before the crash. These IDs are designed to track long term illnesses in resident.
I've never heard of this and I know a bit about the incident (from what I heard). Not saying it's not true, but can you tell me where you saw this?

Anonymous 8546

this is all clearly in preparation for the final takeover by our alien overlords that the government has been pretending to shoot down.

sidenote: it's special living in a world where i have to clarify that i am only joking, otherwise i'll end up being debated (or a cult leader).

…but, then it turns out that that's really what's happening, because that's also the world we're living in.

Anonymous 8557

This is horrifying.

I remember only randomly hearing about this, there's hardly any coverage. No news station is panicking. It's hardly talked about at all. I mention it to people in everyday life and yes, while they know of it, nobody cares.


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