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Anyone else think about death very often? Anonymous 8523

It really feels like I think about death pretty much everyday. It's not even deep pondering, like I could be doing something banal such as listening to music or sitting outside having a snack and the sudden thought will come to me - "I'm gonna die one day". It doesn't exactly shock me or make me depressed but it does shake me up a little. It's like a reminder that the stuff I'm doing in the present moment doesn't matter and I feel silly thinking it does lol. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you find it really difficult to avoid the thought of death?

Anonymous 8531

You're not alone in spending inordinate amounts of time musing on your own mortality, anon.
I get told that I think too much, but it's crazy to conceptualize the idea of impermanence. Everyone that you know, love, and care for will someday pass on, and so will you. Even crazier to think that over 90% of all humans who have ever lived are now dead; we as the living are the minority. As soon as you're born, death is the only guarantee. It's only a matter of time for when that will happen, how it will happen, and we think to ourselves what we could have done to save them/save ourselves. It's a reminder that we must all go through this process, and maybe a bit more comforting to think that so many people have also gone through it.

Anonymous 8618

Yes. Every day. Idk people think it’s morbid but it’s more like to “live like you’re dying”.

Anonymous 8623

I think about it all the time. I'm not depressed but I'd really like to go ahead and kick the bucket sometimes. When I was a child I was actually pretty positive none of my decisions held any weight and that I'd get to start over my whole life.

So it'd be nice to die, if that's true. I'd like a do-over, I think I've been a pretty spineless mess for the majority of it.

Anonymous 8636

It's good mental practice imo. Contemporary life is engineered to pretend death doesn't exist; it has to be a proactive choice to think about it, else we'd forget and let live go by.

Anonymous 8644

Not much about death or its process, rather the after. I know its most likely nothing, but i flirt with the idea of reincarnation from time to time. Coming from a broken home, naturally i want another life with another body and another more fortunate life events.

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