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Anonymous 8630

Am I the only one that thinks that this woman's murderers were apart of some cult? This murder seems ritualistic

Anonymous 8631

Never thought of it, but maybe. It's very odd that so many people were involved, and how her ribs were cooked but her torso is missing. Perhaps they were eaten? And also that she was beheaded.

Anonymous 8632

The fact that multiple women were involved in the coverup and possibly in the homicide directly makes it an extremely unusual case, but it also makes it seem unlikely to have been a ritual killing. Cult murders committed by women cultists will be brutal but dis-organized rather than heavily ritualized as a rule, like in the Manson case. Women cults usually generate their internal discipline and rules by nonviolent conditioning and socially coercive means and so violence is a spontaneous explosive affair, an eruption where the conditioning breaks, rather than part of the rule. Exclusively male cult practices are more likely to incorporate heavily ritualized violence.

There are exceptions, like Ms. Robin Murphy's involvement in the Karen Marsden case. But in general Satanists deny any distinctly Satanic quality to the Marsden homicide, and claim the "ritual" there was entirely improvised so that still seems like it follows the pattern more than not.

Anonymous 8651


I don't know, but the way some people made light of it just makes me sick

Anonymous 8656


I read up on this case after seeing this thread and then shortly found out about the Diao Aiqing case too. When reading fucked up cases like this, does anyone else get a strong urge to go back in time to try and save these women? I don't have some kind of savior complex and I don't usually consider myself a person of high empathy but I guess I just find alot of these women's cases so misfortunate. For example, someone could have easily told them to go meet with someone else on that day or walk to another street, and completely have prevented their doom. Like if Junko Furuta had just stayed home that day she was abducted, she might have never encountered those sick fucks that did all those things to her. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but I am really angry for these kind of cases of pure circumstance. I hope if we ever invent time machines we use them to protect women from evil moids.

Anonymous 8657

That's grotesque. Men were never moral but they used to have standards.
When the Fall River murders were publicized, the result was an international psychological crisis, the so-called "Satanic Panic," a neurotic response that is still echoed in conspiracy theories that are alive today. Because the scrotes knew deep in their bones that they were supposed to have some sort of reaction to bad people murdering young women, even if they don't have the prosocial instincts required to figure out what.

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