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Manifestation Anonymous 8827

>what are you manifesting?
>what are your methods?
>what have you already successfully manifested?

Anonymous 8829

>what are you manifesting?
relationship, friendship, popularity, beauty
>what are your methods?
scripting, self-concept, religion, gratitude
>what have you already successfully manifested?
1. I successfully manifested my future spouse details. I used a YouTube guide. I then did a tarot reading and everything matched what I wrote down about my future spouse. Hair & eye color, skin tone, job, hobbies, interests, lanugages, family background. EVERYTHING. This tarot reading was done online by someone who didn't know me personally. I was shocked.
2. Money. $$$$ Never been broke. I haven't worked a job in 2-3 years. I always find money to buy things I want.
3. Friends. I script the type of friends I want and we freakishly end up meeting each other and having so much in common.
4. My ideal body and face. I can happily say I am i love with my features when. I wasn't in the past.

Some tips:
You can start manifesting with something small that you hold no emotional attachment to. A product like lipstick or some fries. You don't need to use any method. I personally script and write notes to help me gather my thoughts and kill time as I wait for my manifestations to actualize. The waiting can be fun. I see it as a slow burn in a novel between two love interests. Except it's you and your dreams.

Anonymous 8830

>what are you manifesting
My ex gf, desired body shape, desired height, money
>what are your methods?
Meditation, subliminals, law of assumption, and law of detachment

Getting high while listening to subs works crazy well
>what have you successfully manifested?
30lb weight loss (in the span of two months), longer lashes, bigger lips, a gf (the relationship was short asf though), binges going away, and drugs :333

Im mainly focusing on my ex gf when it comes to manifestation rn

Anonymous 8853

>what are you manifesting?

I’m trying to manifest money.
>what are your methods?

Subliminal videos on youtube(if that counts), imagining being a millionaire while falling asleep, writing down affirmations, praying, and more……
>what have you already successfully manifested?

I’m not sure if I’ve successfully manifested anything or if little miracles that happen to me are coincidences and atheists are right. Still I really want to be a millionaire so I can get my own place to live along with other things.

Anonymous 8854


I will personally come to all of your houses and steal your most valuable possessions. See ya soon!

Anonymous 8855


>what are you manifesting?
Love and companionship because I am lonely but otherwise feel secure with things like money and my mental health
>what are your methods
I tried writing some things down, I think a lot, I use manifestation threads >.>' and yeah
>what have you already successfully manifested?
A job

Anonymous 8856

>what are you manifesting?
always money, desired body, peace of mind
>what are your methods?
write, subliminals, religion
>what have you already successfully manifested?
30k, lost weight, facial procedures for free (like lips, under eye fillers) a house like I wanted, an iphone, a cool relationship with my mom and brother, healing traumas a lot of work but it comes with money so I'm okay with that

Anonymous 8924

remember the ayylm…

>what are you manifesting?
I think I am manifesting that me and my ex are lovingly wife and husband
>what are your methods?
Just what Neville Goddard applied, firmly believing we both are bonded over something much deeper
>what have you already successfully manifested?
I think I manifested what we had accidentally

But in all seriousness, manifestation seems much more soul draining than I think it should be. It seems as this energy is going towards someone else, when I feel it should be directed towards me instead. And because of this, sometimes I feel somewhat blue emotionally speaking.

Anonymous 8931

Prepare yourself for success. Ask yourself: do my actions reflect someone who has what I want? For example, I want a boyfriend I can bring to my bedroom but keep I keep the floor a mess. Another example, I say I want to travel but my passport is expired. So many contradictions. Find any contradictions in your life and resolve them. I say I want $$$$ but fumbled the $200 I got last week.

Anonymous 8932

Forgot to add: you have to be a vibrational match for all it is you want in life.

Anonymous 8947

Can i manifest death unto others?

Anonymous 8954


Anonymous 8985

a will to live

Anonymous 9097

To manifest a partner, you have to enter the vibration of someone with a partner. To manifest a fulfilling partner, you have to enter that vibration. Here are some practical ways you can do that.
>Clean up your room/space. Wouldn’t someone with a partner invite them to their home/bedroom? Wouldn’t you want that space to be clean?
>Take care of yourself and your body
>Go to events/places you would want to go to with your partner
>Keep clean bedsheets
>Carry around gum

Anonymous 9099


Have any of you ever been able to manifest someone to appear in your life based on their appearance? for example would it work if i manifest someone like kieran culkin young to be my bf irl?

Anonymous 9100

It would absolutely work! You can manifest anything. I’ve never personally tried that. I’ve written down certain features and interests. That’s worked for me.

Anonymous 9569


Can you provide a link to the YouTube guide please?

Anonymous 9571

The raccoon speaks the truth, you all need to take your meds.

Anonymous 9583


Anonymous 9738

Anon I need you to post that guide.

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