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Dark Energy Anonymous 8940

Have you ever come across someone, something, or a particular house/place with a "dark energy" or aura? for some reason, you feel an overwhelming sense that there is something uncanny, malevolent and sinister which emanates from this person/place/object/area etc..

Anonymous 8942

I see her in the mirror

Anonymous 8943

like a shadow?

Anonymous 8945

I feel that every time I see a woman stuck trying to handle a bunch of toddlers with her useless husband doing nothing.

Anonymous 8950

Yeah there's some guy at work who gives me evil vibes, like maybe he's a narc. I don't like it when he looks at me, I think he was looking at me from across the building, from the shadows kek. What a weirdo.

Anonymous 8951

have you interacted with him directly?

Anonymous 8952

No, also kek I forgot to mention the first time I saw him he was cursing under his breath because an old lady was in his way. He sounded scary.

Anonymous 8955

Not a 'dark energy' per se. But I've definitely met a handful of people who just skeeve me out really bad, and nobody else seems to see it. Like - I don't think these people are any real threat, but they come across as so absurdly dishonest and fake that it raises my hackles nonetheless.

> A little too agreeable

> Compliments you a little too earnestly or too frequently , despite not knowing you well enough to make those comments in the first place
> Uses use a lot of 'nothing-talk' to fill the gap and pretend they're conversing with you. So you're the only one actually saying anything of note. It's like they're trying to collect information on you, without actually wanting to build any equal rapport. It's not an equivalent exchange.
> Uses a lot of unnecessary disclaimers (eg: 'most people' or 'sometimes' or 'so I've been led to believe') when it's not necessary. It comes across like they're trying to always think of their exit strategy in case you don't like what they said.
> Every natural gesture seems oddly choreographed

Honourable mention:
> People who tell you all about the evil people in their lives who hurt them, and try to pretend like they were an angel even though it's obvious from context clues that they're hiding a lot of information. This is especially bad if they're obviously trying to connect with you and be 'on your level' over something genuinely traumatic that you've experienced for yourself.

In short, people who try too hard to make you like them, but are obviously thoroughly dishonest about their approach.

It's likely just a self-preservation technique for people who feel anxious in social situations, but by god, it skeeves me out. It's normal to be self-conscious at times, and it's normal to adjust ourselves a little bit to blend in with a group. But when taken too far, you don't come across like a person - you come across like a fucking skinwalker lmao.

I live with one at the moment, and I absolutely despite him. He particularly directed that shit towards me, to the point where my other flatmate has commented that the guy is weird towards me. Note: The cool flatmate even said "I'm autistic and even [I] noticed that shit. He's weird".
I really want to kick the guy out of the house. I'm thinking of mentioning it to the cool flatmate, but I don't know how to go about it. It's not a crime to skeeve people out.

Anonymous 8975

Inauthenticity is a huge indicator of malicious energy honestly. I always knew something was off about this girl I knew in high school, idk if I would qualify for as dark energy per se.
She definitely did the “choreographed response” thing you mentioned. I’d often hear her having the exact same conversation with someone else that she had with me and it was almost word-for-word the same.
I guess she had this desire to impress everyone and signal that she’s intelligent, when in actuality, she isn’t.
This highschool was well-known for its academics, because everyone was extremely competent and she wasn’t (it was obvious she was just there because her grandparents are rich) she would make a lot of effort into trying to make herself more relatable?
She would always LARP as poor and it was really irritating and she would often tell fake stories about her childhood to evoke sympathy from others.
a couple of times, she faked panic attacks to get out of exams. This entailed her staring blankly at the table for 10 minutes until she could squeeze out a single tear (she didn’t want to take responsibility for being unprepared)
she started going around telling everyone that she has BPD (which was an obvious lie because no ethnical psychiatrist would diagnose her with that at 16) during the final year of highschool.
Currently, she’s dating this younger guy who she claims is “emotionally manipulating” her (it’s most likely the other way around)

Anonymous 9576


Yes. I have always been weirdly and unsettlingly attuned to “bad energy”, as has my mother. we both recognize it in the same things and people. in highschool i had a friend who was mentally ill and later became addicted to hard drugs. when we first spent time together I knew something was wrong with her: i looked at her and there was something dark about her image. it wasn’t her clothes or makeup or anything, but rather an energy emitting from her. at this point it wasn’t malevolent, just sad and heavy, though personality wise she seemed to perky. as she became more and more addicted to drugs, it became BLACK. darker, heavier, and malevolent. i went to her home and her room was suffocating, dark, like a black hole. i would always leave feeling sticky and gross with her energy. this was before i knew anything about what or how she was doing. since her second bout of rehab it has receded.

another girl my mother and i clocked immediately as having bad energy. it’s like an invisible aura of darkness. i have always had a hard time connecting my emotions to words so i would often ignore this innate warning, but i have always been proven right. when something has a dark energy, BELIEVE IT.

Anonymous 9577

Do you sense it visually, is it possible to feel it virtually as well or remotely? Is there a spectrum of types of energy? I wonder if I have a dark or light energy.

Anonymous 9578

it kind of depends. not truly: there isn’t a literal black smudge around them, but they do look “darker”. a light is missing in their eyes. i can’t explain it, i haven’t been around dark energies in a bit (thankfully). it’s mostly non-visual, like a deep understanding you just Know.

I cant recall experiencing it remotely unless it was obvious the person sucked, and then it’s not really an energy. it’s really something you have to be in the presence of to understand. i’ve gotten that feeling of foreboding for future situations, but that feeling is not the same kind of energy as it is for a present reality.

yes there’s absolutely a spectrum. rehab friend went through multiple iterations. first she was just weighed down by a ”dim” energy, then later an actually dark one. i’ve seen (sensed) the spectrum.

i don’t think we can know our own energy (we’re too bogged down with our associations with ourselves). find an older woman, one who has life experience and is open to spirituality. she doesn’t have to be religious (non-religious or religious-curious preferred). my mother and grandmother are into things like numerology, tarot, and such, things i have my doubts it, but that openness to spirituality gives them an accurate insight into energy. let us know what they say!

Anonymous 9595

how do you improve your energy?

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