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Anonymous 8983

What is the meaning of the clown or fool in the occult?

Anonymous 9000

For me personally, it really depends on the situation. Sometimes it genuinely is saying to you “you/someone are an idiot” sometimes it represents spontaneous energy or blind faith in something. These cards have soooo many meanings.

Anonymous 9027

The fool represents innocents before the fall. freshly fallen snow, a child unburdened by life.
In the occult it would represent someone who hasn't been touched by the occult

Anonymous 9387

The fool represents Kether in cabala. In more general terms, it is the first spark of an idea or creation. In the RWS deck, the white sun is a representation of the initial divine spark. It contains all possibilities. none have been categorized and pruned to create truth and reality. Thus this act of creation is filled with paradoxes and conflicting possibilities, making it both divine and foolish. He is about to fall down a cliff in the RWS deck. This represents the downward 'fall' of the initial spark of creation toward becoming the material world.

In a spiritual reading it could represent new beginnings and divinity, but for banal issues it would mean a kind of foolishness or naivete.

Anonymous 9416

>The fool, in tarot, is the embodiment of spiritual perfection. Wiser than the Hierophant, greater than the Emperor or Magician, the fool's number is zero - everything and nothing, infinity and emptiness. The sun that shines down is his eternal, radiant optimism, the white rose his untarnished purity and innocence. With his few possessions on his back, he wanders through the unfamiliar wilderness of life towards the precipice of the unknown. He does not fall blindly from the cliff-edge, however - the white dog is his impeccable intuition, an ever-faithful companion. Guided by this intuition he leaps confidently into the abyss. His is a divine foolishness, a wise idiocy, and this is what makes him the master.

>The fool of the tarot is the "perfect man" of Chuang Tzu's story:

> Who can free himself from achievement

> And from fame, descend and be lost
> Amid the masses of men?
> He will flow like Tao, unseen,
> He will go about like Life itself
> With no name and no home.
> Simple is he, without distinction.
> To all appearances he is a fool.
> His steps leave no trace. He has no power.
> He achieves nothing, has no reputation.
> Since he judges no one
> No one judges him.
> Such is the perfect man:
> His boat is empty.

>We can all be as Lao Tzu, with "the mind of a fool, understanding nothing". For as wise as kings and sages claim themselves to be, it is the humble jester who holds the secret of all wisdom.

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