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Twin flames Anonymous 9036

Just learned my twin flame planned to kill himself through an anonymous reddit post. I was feeling suicidal (and actually ready to do it) for the first time ever. I turned to a subreddit I like to browse and found a Reddit post and was freaked out by the details. I went through the post history and I’m 100% sure it’s the same guy (details about age, birthday, specific program he’s in, family, etc.).

Ever since I met this guy, I always end up running into him somehow or intuiting where on campus he is (exact floor & room), and I’ve always been right. Freakishly right. Similarly, I was seeing 111, 222, & 1111 everyday for weeks. Also, through cyberstalking, I found out that we have exactly similar family situations and upbringings. A lot of experiences in my life line up with his.

I seriously think my twin flame is going to hurt himself so I definitely plan to reach out. Funnily, his post talked me out of killing myself.

To clarify, a twin flame is one soul that is living out two different human experiences in the same lifetime. You feel like you are meeting yourself because you are.

Anonymous 9037

Cute story, but sad. I wish I had a twin flame. I’ve always kinda wanted one I think. I’m lonely.

Anonymous 9039

i've speculated on if i've recently met my twin flame, but i'm not so sure.
do twin flames always have to be romantic?

Anonymous 9040

No. Neither are soul mates.

Anonymous 9041

if he dies, do you reabsorb your full soul or does half your soul forever go missing?

Anonymous 9045

thank you for you response. i really wasn't sure.
i knew soulmates could go different ways, but was not certain with twin flames because it's hard to find accurate information about this stuff nowadays.
i dont have romantic intentions with this person, but i think they do with me, so it feels complicated.

Anonymous 9046

I found this online, “When your twin passes away, it's only his or her form (body) that's gone. Consciousness continues. The telepathy and synchronicities continue. In fact everything seems to increase. If you possess psychic abilities, they will get sharper. Any dormant abilities will surface. You'll find yourself not caring about trivial things anymore. Astral projecting will become common. (I had never done that to my recollection). You will still have the ability to communicate, but differently as their vibration and frequency is much higher than ours. Ours is lower in vibration because of the density of the human body.

Meditation and in our dream state are most common for visitations. There is no difference other than the lack of the human body - that actually dies. His light body remains. This is very confusing from the 3D level. At least it has been for me. To know someone is sitting by my side, knowing I can't see them anymore was disturbing. But other people do have that ability and have seen him here. There is some comfort knowing that.”

I don’t know but I’m really worried for him. He apparently started cutting for the first time and I’m afraid he’ll seriously go through with it. I’m not sure if a mentally I’ll person is the best person to console another mentally I’ll person. The fact that I even found his post and it was the first one even though it was posted a while back is so eerie. He said he would end his life soon, maybe on his birthday. I’m really worried for him. Death has been everywhere recently. I just learned another student recently passes and I feel like the universe communicates with me.

Anonymous 9047

me and him2.jpg

Ever since I was young I always felt like half of me was missing, maybe it's due to being the youngest child but I have always been very lonely. I used to wish I had a twin, a male twin because I wanted to know what it's like to have a brother (now I realize I'm lucky to not have one). I thought maybe I'm just autistic, but I'm pretty sure I don't have autism. I'm just kind of dumb and lonely and don't fit in well.
Are you friends with him? Or do you just watch over him? You should start befriending him and acting kind, maybe he'll take it as a sign to continue living. I think a mentally ill person can comfort another mentally ill person, it's not like you're delusional and schizophrenic (right?) you're just depressed (?). I mean, group therapy basically does the same thing.

Anonymous 9048

>>Are you friends with him? Or do you just watch over him?
We’re not friends but I would like to be friends with him. I started “watching over him” last night.
>You should start befriending him and acting kind, maybe he'll take it as a sign to continue living.
I will try to. The semester is over so I don’t know if we’ll ever run into each other again. The good thing is that we both live in the same city, at least.
>>I think a mentally ill person can comfort another mentally ill person, it's not like you're delusional and schizophrenic (right?) you're just depressed (?). I mean, group therapy basically does the same thing.
I’m not schizo, just depressed. I suppose group therapy is the same thing, yeah.

Anonymous 9050

Depressed people can totally comfort other depressed people. When I was really struggling with depression I wish I had others who understood and could help on that level. It sucks that you may lose touch after the semester. Does he have social media?

Anonymous 9051

I can't find any social media that he has. I only learned through his reddit post that he has a twitter and instagram. The instagram is like super private that I couldn't find it. The twitter is a private one so no one he knows in real life knows what it is. Obviously, I don't have his number. I suppose I could reach out to him through email, and did consider doing so.

As twin flames, I wonder if keeping myself alive will keep him alive? I instantly lost my feelings of death when I read his post. I always run into him so I'm 100% sure I'll run into him this summer.

Anonymous 9056

Just found out about this term. I have a story that's like yours.
I also found him on Reddit making a suicidal post, at first I didn't know (I was just talking to suicidal people because I wanted to do it) but then I started talking with someone who had a lot in common with me, it was insane. Eventually he said some things that made it obvious it was him.

I always found it creepy how everything he said was just like my own life (sexual abuse, abusive mother, same problems in relationships, same behavior, same experience through college, same taste, etc) but when I realized we found eachother on Reddit while being suicidal genuinely made me freak out. What are the chances that you text someone you know irl in a subreddit that has a bunch of daily posts with no replies? I just understand.

And I would believe that he's lying to make me feel like we are the same, but he's usually the first one that confessed everything. I don't know, he makes me feel so vulnerable and exposed. Am I going crazy?

Anonymous 9059

Wow, nona. So many freaky coincidences.

Anonymous 9060

I'm starting to think the post was never him. Maybe the universe . For example, he mentioned taking IB courses (we're in the the usa) and uses English verbiage (but strangely not spelling?) I feel so manic and psychotic. I literally emailed a relative of his (the email never wen't through, thank god!) because I was concerned. Oh, well. I'm hope he's all safe and happy. I still believe he's my twin flame. Again, there was a lot of overlap between our lives based on things I know in real life.

Who the hell did I think I was to intrude on his life like that? I'll keep my mania to myself.

Anonymous 9101

For context, I don’t use my real name on social media. However, I come across videos about “soulmates” and “you and this person will get married soon” and it’s always me and my crush’s initials. Soulmates fr!

Anonymous 9439

how do i find my twin flame?

Anonymous 9579

i think if it's meant to be, you'll find each other (if you have one)

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