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Anonymous 9116

Has anyone here ever been stalked by a cult? How did you get them to leave you alone?

Anonymous 9118

My boyfriend at the time sided with them and they ended up posting my name and address online. The only reason I got away was because I went dark online. I got off of the internet for 8 months. If this is in person rather than online it’ll be far harder to get rid of them.

Anonymous 9120

What kind of cult were you stalked by?

Anonymous 9121


The cult that stalked me personally, has been doing it since I was a young child. They've even came to my highschool to try to recruit me and then tried again at my post secondary institution. They even sent people to stalk me on social media and I even think they've hacked into my devices to spy on me.

Anonymous 9124

I was reached out by a campus missionary devotional group. They started by saying they were doing a survey (lie) and asked me some questions. One of them had approached me in the past but I got out of it that time. I am a soft-spoken baby-faced woman who is often by herself so I seem to always attract the wrong attention. They asked me if I am a Christian, which I am. Then they asked me to join their devotional group and if I’m willing to give up my life to follow the word of Christ. I’m a people-pleaser so I just said yes. Now, I find myself attending these meetings I don’t want to.

Anonymous 9125

Seems like you literally walked into that one though, not really being stalked

Anonymous 9126

A suicide cult that believed in fictional characters created by other people online.

Anonymous 9127

This is troubling. They seem pretty creepy. Maybe you should look into filing some sort of protective order due to harassment. Be careful though, as this may aggravate them. Also, if they have members within the police or court system they could also use their power against you.

Anonymous 9135

download (1).jpeg

They're an international cult and I think they have many powerful connections, one of the members is even connected to a sexual predator in the music industry. They've made multiple subliminal threats towards me and I'm scared.

Anonymous 9143

They even stalk me when I'm running errands. Strange people parking near my car and following me around in stores. They've even had creepy people message me into sending nudes/twerk videos so they can use it as blackmail. I hope whatever they're trying to do to me backfires.

Anonymous 9145

So basically Tumblr users?

Anonymous 9147

This is gang stalking 101. Cults often employ gang stalking techniques. You can post in the respective thread if you have anything more to share. I am also gang stalked but I don't think my perps are a cult, but rather governmental officials (I met them in person in high school when they came for me after grooming me to be a mass murderer which failed and they wanted to know why).

Anonymous 9148

Sorry, but what? What you mean by they tried to make you mass murderer? You talking about some MK Ultra shit? Genuinely asking, not trying to ridicule and what you all mean by "cults"? If you people aren't just schizophrenic…

Anonymous 9149

Did they ever try to entrap you or frame/get you to commit crimes?

Anonymous 9189

>What you mean by they tried to make you mass murderer?
They did but they failed. I suspect it was a part of a larger ploy by them. They actually did convince a young student to shoot up his college in that time frame and "foiled" some other "plans" "following his steps" (aka framed some unfortunate teenagers too to show how "big" the "danger" is in my country and how it's a "plan" by "foreign governments" to "massacre our children" (to block some more internet access to popular websites).
>You talking about some MK Ultra shit?
My government is not the same one involved in MK Ultra but they do employ similar techniques, albeit drugs to a much lesser extent.
Yes, they wanted to make me commit a school shooting. They saw a young pissed off bullied girl that was fed up with everything that the society shoved into her.
When I failed, they decided I won't be efficient enough not to commit an actual crime nor to be framed for "a plan to commit one" so they let me go although the harassment NEVER stopped, it continues to this day.
Sometimes they want me to be a public nuisance or lash out at street theater performers ("random people") but I never give in even if I know these "random people" have been planted and paid by them.

Anonymous 9190

Does it even make sense to try to make a woman do this? It's obvious she won't do that and she wouldn't really be able to anyway. Why exactly are they stalking you and how they found out about your bullying? How meetings with them looked like? And if you aren't American then who are you? So you believe in MK Ultra in general? I once saw on Twitter under some conspiracy account a Pakistani man claiming that in their schools they're being recruited all the time with this method and they're for example naming themselves like pets in the process. Would you believe this too?

Anonymous 9191

>Does it even make sense to try to make a woman do this?
Suprisingly yes and they even try to ban (radical) feminism for being "extremist" nowadays, that's how they revealed their true intentions - to silence women and if at least one woman committed such a major crime as a school shooting (against a mass of innocent children) they'd have no problem labelling women and particularly feminists as violent and dangerous to society.
There was a youtube video by independent journalists on some victims of this major psyop (also bullied teens with family problems, one was a girl) but they didn't go in detail on who actually prepared them for it (maybe to avoid legal trouble and/or shutting down/assassinations).
>Why exactly are they stalking you and how they found out about your bullying?
I don't know why they started stalking me and why did they target me specifically for this shit. All schools in my country cooperate heavily with the government and I suppose they found out from the teachers and school counselors I reported the bullying to (they didn't do anything to stop it, never, not even once, it was my dad who came to school and scared some of them into not touching me after an incident where almost all of the fucking class I was in ganged up on me after school).
>How meetings with them looked like?
First, they notified my mom that I was "dangerous" and we had to visit the police department where they showed me my online activity on paper (they literally took screenshots and printed them in b/w, it looked fucking ridiculous). The policewoman said I'm really not the type to commit such a crime, "she expected a monster in a black leather trenchcoat and combat boots, not a sensitive soft girl" - her words.
Then the services came to my school (two of them, I didn't ask their names or ranks - how stupid of me but I was too scared). There were also faculty members at each meeting - the principal, some teachers, social service worker and a counselor. All of the faculty were seemingly on my side since I, again, didn't seem to be the type to kill children. There was around 3-4 meetings (I don't quite remember the exact number since I was desperate and hopeless around the time, I was majorly contemplating suicide and skipped school a lot, sometimes to avoid there questionings). They looked into my phone (even the music kek but mostly messaging). They didn't find anything except a chat with one guy around my age at the time who was also groomed by them into committing mass murder, I don't know what happened to him afterwards). After that I never saw them explicitly except some times in public (exactly the same two men or similar ones with official badges). They did follow me into each city/town I went to and to this day they do.
>I once saw on Twitter under some conspiracy account a Pakistani man claiming that in their schools they're being recruited all the time with this method and they're for example naming themselves like pets in the process. Would you believe this too?
Not an expert on Pakistan but I would believe that. Do you have the link or screenshots of that?

Anonymous 9192

Are you European? That sounds like Shincheonji (or whatever name they are going by these days), they often hang around universities or train stations where I live and use that same story about a survey to trick you into talking to them. They don't seem to be the crazy type of cult though, just yet another rehash of Christianity with some scrote calling himself Jesus 2.0 at the top.

I wish some cool/interesting cult would try to recruit me, but it seems like I am just not special enough for that.

Anonymous 9194

With my cult they sent people to offer me illegal drugs (which I Refused), lure me into sex trafficking and tried to trick me into clicking shady onion links to god knows what. Luckily for me I was smart enough not to fall for any of it. Since they couldn't get me on any of that they desperately tried to take things I've said out of context to fabricate things that they could use for blackmail and coercion. It's very dangerous satanic cult.

Anonymous 9197

How did they try to lure you into sex trafficking?

Anonymous 9198

How did they try to make you a shooter?
>Do you have the link or screenshots of that?
I don't have a Twitter account anymore, but go to this big account @iluminatibot and try to do the advanced search in replies with phrases like "Pakistan" or something.

Anonymous 9199

Either by sending a member to act as a "loverboy" to trick me into doing OF/ meeting up with me in shady areas. Or by fake modelling jobs.

Anonymous 9200

Lol, just like Andrew Tate. Can you tell me more about this cult and their actions?

Anonymous 9201

The member that they sent to act as a loverboy used flattery by telling me how beautiful and talented I was and then slowly started to ask me to do sexual things such as send pictures of my breasts and vagina. He also encouraged me to try acid. I blocked him. They sent another one to ask me to meet up with him for a modelling contact and claimed he was a millionaire with multiple properties and that he has access to the best cocaine and shrooms money could buy. I ended up blocking him as well. And then they sent another one who befriended me and out of the blue asked me if I could twerk and that I could make a lot of money on OF. All of these moids they sent were much older than me, like in their 30s and I was barely legal.

Anonymous 9203

It's a luciferian cult based on duality, alchemy, tarot and becoming your own god.

Anonymous 9204


If I end up dead, missing or worse it's these people.

Anonymous 9205

Do they really have such technology tho?

Anonymous 9246

Not stalked, I don't think, but dishonored and re-victimized.
It's not a cult either, a secret society more like.
Several of my relatives are its members (there was a list of names leaked online and my mom somehow found it).
After I reported my abuser (from the one side or my family) a relative (from the other side of the family who isn't supposed to know the abuser, as they live far apart and have dissimilar lifestyles) somehow got his hands on each and every nasty detail in no time, called me a liar, demanded my apology, and after I didn't apologize for doing the right thing, he doxxed me and my case to his social media followers and never invited me to family gatherings again.
Now, another relative, only distantly related to the previous relative, saw me approaching his stall, and he turned sour and went to hide under the counter the second he saw me, though we literally don't know each other aside from swiftly exhanged pleasantries in the family gatherings, and I just knew why.
I don't think I'll ever have a job tbh, these are influental people, politicans, cops, etc.
However, I don't think they'll kill me or anything, they're just a club for old faggots playing golf and doing penis magic tricks.

Anonymous 9248

Freemasons? I consider them to be a cult too. A very scary one at that.

Anonymous 9253

Yeah. First, I thought the leak was fake and consisted of some made-up names that included my relatives by coincidence, made by and for schizos, but then, the relative who doxxed me always spoke highly of them (lol). "Charitable fellows" my ass.

Anonymous 9255

Could you please share the leak? I have suspicions I may know some members and I'd like to check if possible

Anonymous 9257


Anonymous 9259

Sorry anon, it has been over ten years, so I don't thinks mom has it anymore, and besides, it only included the ones from a certain euro country.

Anonymous 9261

ywnbh (You will never be Heather)

Anonymous 9263

No worries, thanks for replying. Am a Eurofag myself freemasons are really just everywhere here huh?

Anonymous 9267

2 of the members of the cult that I believe hacked into my devices illegally are this weird bald guy from Ottawa and another weird bald guy from las Vegas.

Anonymous 9268

>Thanks for replying
>Am a Eurofag myself
Cool! Honestly most miners seem to be from US.
>FM's are really just everywhere here huh?
Yeah. What's ironic that the only reason my relatives from the one side could join such a richfag moid worship club is, because our foremother, a woman, (a feminist no less!) made her way out of poverty. (The circumstances in which I've almost fallen "back" into lol).
If FM's didn't cover for pedophiles in their ranks, and if they didn't treat women as less than, I would find their occult aesthetics fascinating and their charity work noble. I don't believe in mumbo jumbo lizard men or whatever, I just think FM's are evil richfags akin to mafia.

Anonymous 9285

I'm kinda in the same boat but not 100% sure. I'm from an old money family and I've heard whispers about pedophilia and freemasonry. Not sure I even want to know the extent to which it's true cos like you said FM's worship moids and hate women. Wish there was a secret society that was women only tbh.

Anonymous 9295

There's Belizean grove

Anonymous 9296

Anonymous 9297

but she's literally me

Anonymous 9310


Here is one of them

Anonymous 9332

It's not surprising that they'd cover up stuff. The cult that is stalking me for example is full of people possibly connected to sex trafficking and grooming kids, some of them even being social workers. One even "joked" about luring girls into trafficking by giving them crack.

Anonymous 9377

A "joke" which I have a recording of.

Anonymous 9417

I also have a recording of him yelling at a person in the background aggressively to "stand over there". I wonder who that was?

Anonymous 9464

I also believe that one of the members of this cult sent me a phishing link,hacked into my laptop and is using the personal info to stalk my family or commit identity thef

Anonymous 9587

This guy who is in a cult is encouraging my other gangstalkers to kill me.

Anonymous 9589

> he has a taylor swift playlist on his channel lol
what cult is this guy in?

Anonymous 9596

It's possible to escape any cult or secret society, I have done it by Jesus Christ.

My discord is cultrecoverycc I'll help anybody I can.

Anonymous 9598

if you found the real ring of sinful habbits you will die with the rest of them, jesus is an faith sucking suicide death cult that betrays the followers to death religiously

Anonymous 9599

People who preach jesus to people going through spiritual vampirism are total assholes. As if the christian church isn't the biggest perpetrator of spiritual vampirism the world has ever known

Anonymous 9601

Did either of you try to contact Jesus personally?

You don't need church for that.

Just faith.

Anonymous 10515


I recieved this threat in November and a few weeks later around Christmas time, I take a supplement that nearly killed me. There's no doubt in my mind that the same satanic cult that's been stalking me and my family had something to do with it and I personally think it goes back to Trudeau.

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