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Omnipresent daytime sense of doom Anonymous 9220

I just hate the sun. Whenever it's daylight outside I can feel every second of my life tik-tok-tik away. Slowly. Like nails scraping away at a rusted board.

I genuinely feel uncomfortable during the daytime. Every day. All my life. It usually isn't so bad as to interfere with my daily life, but it's still uncomfortable. Particularly during sunsets, I get this horrible feeling of impending doom. I cannot properly describe it, it is like a terror you can see from a distance. Far enough yet not to panick but close enough to want to do something about it. Except nothing ever comes.

But this feeling always goes away during the night. It doesn't matter what time it is during the day. When the sun is out, I feel stress 10x worse. I can (by thumb) measure the time that has passed since I started studyin, the time left for me to finish the assignement, if I am at home it makes me feel bad for missing out on some fun, if I am outside it just makes me feel annoyed somehow. But at night I feel at peace.

In a weird way, I feel like this song captures this feeling fairly well, I listen to it almost every day since I found it.

Sorry for the weird post, I just needed to vent my feelings once. Feel free to reply with whatever and feel free not to. Not like I want any type of advice or consoling.

Anonymous 9221

I'm the opposite. I really hate the night, darkness, and cold. Nothing beats the sun burning down on me to really make me feel alive. Midday is nice because it's warm and sunset is nice for the colors that it brings. Meanwhile I feel like the night is really lifeless.
For some reason, though, I despise sunrise most of all. It just feels wrong. While I love the sun, the coolness of the morning and the pale-blue sky is extremely unsettling. I don't care for the night too much but sunrise legitimately fills me with this awful fear. It sounds insane but I can't stand it.

Anonymous 9222

Nta but I hate mornings too. I think it's because I associate them with waking up at 6 am to get ready for school kek.

Anonymous 9226


I've always liked nights, especially in the summer because it's cooler. As I've gotten older I've begun to really hate the summer, especially since it's get so humid here. I'm not really a fan of winter though, late summer/early fall has become my favorite season, because sundown comes sooner and the nights are cool and refreshing.

I feel the most uneasy during high noon, something about the sun just cascading down on me bothers me, I try to get all my activities done during the mornings or afternoon. Since I worked overnights for so long, I actually really like the stillness and steadiness of incoming dawn. I guess it was a positive because mornings meant it was almost time to go home, and I could sleep through the part of the day I hated the most. I wish life wasn't so built around the day time. The kind of job I wanna go into would require me to be up during the day rather than up at night, which sucks. I've always liked the nightlife too, wish most things didn't always close at midnight. the only thing open are bars and I hate getting drunk and being around other drunks. There use to be a 24/7 little coffee joint in my old city that I'd go too. All the other weirdo insomniacs or night owls would be there. It closed down due to no real business, but I always had the most interesting conversations there. Oh well.

Anonymous 9230

images (12).jpeg

I feel like that when it's summer and really hot, lately summer where i live has been way more hotter than before it feels like it's frying your brain sometimes, the entire planet is also getting warmer in general, i mean have you seen what is happening on the North and South Poles. If the world ever ends i think it's gonna be from everyone getting on fire and fried.

Anonymous 9231

I kinda relate, to me it feels like the world is invading me. Just existing is annoying, and there's nothing i can do about it. I keep my curtains shut but i can still feel that it's sunny outside. I have exams to study for but i accidentally fixed my sleep schedule so now i wake up in the morning, spend my day simply waiting for the night and pass out.
I'm considering going nocturnal after exams but i'm unsure about the health risks + i would miss out on rainy days and early mornings (the best time to be alive). Also almost everything is fucking closed here during the night.

Anonymous 9234

Definitely relate to a lot of what you're saying. I have always disliked the daytime and the sun. Can't fully explain why, it's almost offensive to my soul or something. I feel relief when night comes. Don't feel any distress at sunsets. Summer is very difficult for me because I live in a place with almost constant daylight. Winter is the opposite and thus I'm much happier. Like reverse seasonal depression.

Anonymous 9242


I've felt like I have "reverse seasonal depression" too. Summer is the worst for me because the sun makes me lethargic, demotivated, and irritable, and more hours of sunshine equals more hours of the day that I feel like shit. During the day I feel like I should be doing something productive but am unable to, and seeing other people seemingly able to go about their lives normally makes it worse, it makes me super moody and withdrawn. I can definitely relate to the impending sense of doom op feels at sunsets, for me it feels like time is running out (to get mundane tasks done, but also just time in general). Sunlight to me feels heavy and oppressive, and of course it doesn't help that most people enjoy it and can't understand why you wouldn't want to bask in the "glorious weather we're having". I'm fighting for my life during this summer solstice

Anonymous 9243

also to add another song this one pretty much encapsulates how I feel all summer

Anonymous 9249

I know this feel. Daylight makes me sick, especially the morning sun. Also, nice taste in music. I'll add this one by Woods of Infinity: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb6IfR6tWvo&pp

Anonymous 9323

I don't dislike the sun exactly but the warm weather/sunny weather makes me incredibly depressed, but frustrated depressed. I get angrier and I have less patience. I tend to take it out on myself, too. Cloud cover or shorter days feel safer and cozier to me.

Anonymous 9326

I feel this. Cold autumn and winter weather rejuvenate me

Anonymous 9327

I go out after sunset to run and exercise because when its light outside i feel like Im being watched always. In the dark I feel anonymous.
The sun feels like it is watching me and is heating up the world. it feels like a fire about to happen. Part of this may be the doom of global warming.

and here is some music about the sun exploding.

Anonymous 9328

>The sun feels like it is watching me and is heating up the world. it feels like a fire about to happen.

I get this EXACT feeling except I find it comforting - like god is watching me and is about to let me return. I love warm weather and summer for this reason

Anonymous 10551


You guys should read SCP-001: When Day Breaks. IIRC it’s pretty disturbing though (just a warning)


Anonymous 10552

Literally read any other 001, When Day Breaks is shit and has no business being a 001 in the first place

Anonymous 10557

Sorry, I read it years ago and the thread topic reminded me of it. I’m no longer into SCP and haven’t read any of the other 001 stories

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