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coverup/theory discussion thread Anonymous 9238

a thread about coverups and conspiracies involving powerful people/groups (involvement with sex trafficking/abuse in particular)
here’s a list of some to begin with:
> X dossiers/Dutroux case
> The finders
> Pedophile activism organisers
> Jeffery Epstein and the Maxwells
> The Franklin scandal
no pizzagate bs, focus on actual cases as much as possible

Anonymous 9241



The Finders are one of my favorites

Rumors of a photograph of children being forced to slaughter a goat (titled the Sacrifice of Henrietta & Igor) and reports of dirty children seen in a alone in a park, but occasionally visited by men in suits, prompted police to investigate and found a number of children under age 12. After taking them back to the police station and contacting their parents, they were surprised to find that their parents not only knew where they were, but their mothers were educated women wearing tweed and pearls.

There was speculation that the children were molested or involved in satanic rituals, but one of the former members of The Finders came forward years later with a book titled The Gamecaller detailing his time in this cult-like group. It involved men and women with privileged backgrounds like venture capitalists engaging in drugs, free love, and bizarre social games organized by their leader.

The children were part of an experiment to grow "free range people", and to observe how the children's development was affected by lack of traditional parenting and guidance.

There's a lot of speculation that the group's leader was a CIA operative and The Finders were just another part of MKUltra

link to The Gamecaller epub:

Anonymous 9252

Pizzagate IS an actual case though, of course the whole pro-trump shtick is bullcrap but everything else is pretty plausible and there's a lot of proof, unless i've missed something that debunked it.

Anonymous 9277

sandy hook.jpg

Although I believe a large amount of mass shootings were either false flags or staged entirely, I always maintained that Sandy Hook was legit and most of its conspiracy theorists were either morons or feds trying to distract from actual operations. I've been looking even further into it recently though, and I'm starting to really question what I believe.

Anonymous 9278

it must hurt to be this stupid

Anonymous 9279

The feds are here too, it seems>>9278

Anonymous 9280

yea and we're gonna get you better kys before we get there

Anonymous 9281

Tbh the pictures are a bit of a stretch for many of the kids but also why use childhood pictures of middle school kids to pretend were shot and killed when they still had to make a bunch of actual kids disappear? Especially because everyone at the school from child to parents to faculty could point and go "this wasn't the class that died" or "who are they? they didn't go here". There's no reason not to use the pictures of the kids they were faking the deaths of instead. Unless there's more info where you got this from? I could be misunderstanding picrel

Speaking of info, I have no idea on where to find any resources on things. I can tell there are pedos for example deeply involved in Canada but I have no idea where and how beyond the international trans medical org. I came across a post I think on b mentioning Canada being owned by 4 corps as well but seem incapable of getting the right results in search engines cause they're all fucked now. I feel bad for the spoon feeding request but I don't know what questions to be asking I guess

Anonymous 9284

I'm confused how do the pictures of the children relate to the pictures of the teenagers? Were the pictures stolen and victims identities faked or are the teens crisis actors? I've always thought shooters were groomed by the 3 letter agencies but I'm open minded to all possibilities.

Anonymous 9286

The picture's not mine, I believe it's showing fake victims not the actual (supposed) crisis actors. I've taken it with a grain of salt since I don't have the source on most of it, just thought it was interesting. I'm more interested in gathering other people's ideas than furthering my own.

Anonymous 9287

every time i see sandy hook conspiracies i laugh because i knew someone who lost someone in that shooting and you could tell she couldn't move past it. sandy hook hoaxers get a life edition

Anonymous 9288

Would you mind if I asked some questions about your friend? Thanks.

Anonymous 9289

whoever made this is retarded + blind

Anonymous 9292

sorry, not to rain on your parade but i'm not the type of person who will gossip online over a family-friend's grief, anonymously or not

Anonymous 9293

> i'm not the type of person who will gossip online over a family-friend's grief, anonymously or not
> every time i see sandy hook conspiracies i laugh because i knew someone who lost someone in that shooting and you could tell she couldn't move past it.

Wew lad

Anonymous 9298

That's okay, I've just been trying to gather evidence and theories from both sides. I respect that it's probably not something you want to talk about but figured it was worth asking.

Anonymous 9388

thanks for derailing the thread glowie retard.

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