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/omg/ -Occultism & Mysticism General Anonymous 9406

Anonymous 9459


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Ritual as algorithm. where code and magic coalesce
Projects I'll try out once I have space, money and time to buy materials and focus on building lol.

>Projects I'm working on

I'm thinking of making an AI chatbot for divinatory purposes. It would get some random input from the user and use this random input to place said user somewhere under a divinatory framework. I am thinking of using tarot, or maybe an entirely unique framework. I'm still doing research + brainstorming on this. The fun part will be getting the bot to produce a cohesive (maybe accurate maybe not) narrative for the user based on their placement on the divinatory framework.

>The Singularity is Near - Ray Kurtzweil

What do you guys think about tech + the occult. Is tech demonic? pointless? are we creating divinity? surpassing human limits?
Im stuck between 2 extremes and would love to hear what others would have to say.

Anonymous 9563


I'm Reading Temple of Cosmos by Jeremy Naydler, it's a good introduction to Ancient Egypt's cosmology; theogony; how people experienced religion/magic back then.
However, it's worth mentioning that many of his interprations are just interpretations, not hard facts, and Naydler's thoughts about the restoration of ancient religions are not very favorable.
I plan to read Faulkner's translation of the Book of the Dead; Pinch's Egyptian Mythology; Wilkinson's Complete Gods and Goddesses.

Anonymous 9584

Where you should I start with learning occultism, at least the concepts and themes. I know this a broad question, I'm not much interested in practicing as much as it's more of an academic venture. I've been thinking of taking on a psych degree and I always thought my interest in occultism, symbolism, folklore, and drug use would help with different perspectives on the state of human consciousness/unconsciousness.

Anonymous 9585

Since you are interested in psych I might recommend you check out Carl Jung. He wasn't just one of the fathers of psychology, he was also very big into the occult. Reading him (or other Jungians) could get you an entrance to occult themes while relating to your field of interest. Marie louise von franz might actually be a better place to start. She wrote about fairy tales and alchemy from a psychological perspective. I'm pretty sure I linked one of her books in the OP under 'alchemy'. if youre not already familiar with some jungian basics, you could read Man and his Symbols to get started.
Personally, the corpus hermeticum was my intro. I think it is a fantastic place to begin. It is also in the OP under 'hermeticism'.
Since you are not really interested in practice, you could probably do without Crowley, Dion Fortune, and other more modern occultists that people usually tell you to begin with.
What type of folklore/occultism interests you?

Anonymous 9696

>translation of the Book of the Dead;
Nooo, don't do it. It's really long and repetitive. It's not meant to be read like a book. Just skim through. Best part is the poem that inspired the Song of Solomon btw.

Anonymous 9718

Please make me a millionaire as soon as possible please. I want to get out of this house and maybe even this state. Leaving isnt cheap and I don't want to get raped at a homeless shelter or stay here anymore.

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