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Was Amanda Todd targeted because she was on the autism spectrum? Anonymous 9423

I was watching a documentary about what happened to Amanda Todd and the sadistic web of pedo blackmailers known as "cappers" and I recently found out that Amanda was on the autism spectrum. I wonder if this made her an easier target for these freaks because it is no secret that satanic people hate those on the spectrum.

Anonymous 9434

thought that was one of felice fawn's rare unshooped nose pics at first

Anonymous 9446

For sure. They target anybody who will be easier to manipulate. That's also why they go after victims of CSA. Epstein intentionally went after formerly abused girls because they were more likely to accept without telling anybody later. I didn't know she was autistic, but if that was the case then they would definitely use that against her.

>it is no secret that satanic people hate those on the spectrum.

I didn't know this. Why do they hate autistic people?

Anonymous 9448

Toxic people target everyone, they intermingle with whoever they meet. It's just that they only stick around with the vulnerable ones because it's easy to manipulate them. Autistic girls especially fit this criteria, so they make excellent victims. I don't think anyone is consciously seeking out autists in particular, just that autists are more susceptible to reacting in ways that are favorable to the perpetrators and it snowballs.

Anonymous 9453

It's fucked up how callous so many people were about this shit, blaming at actual child for getting groomed, exploited, stalked and harassed online. There's so much hate for teenage girls

Anonymous 9463

Because autistics are more innocent and they hate innocence. Which is why they also hate kids. Also autistics are living proof of adverse effects of their "vaccines" aka poison.

Anonymous 9468

Remembering that made me super angry, as I was also bullied online as a teenager. People make mistakes but it makes my blood boil that they hated the girl so much and not the people who ostracized and harassed her.
Not the OP but my guess is that they hate autistic people put of spite that for example they can be happy on their own and are less dependent on social connections. They hate those who don't conform so they want to break their sense of safety and further use their problems to break them as people, torture them emotionally and sometimes physically. They might be also picked on because of worse understanding of social norms and cues, possibility of being manipulated etc. As autistics tend to seek patterns they might be hated too because they have a potential to see the patterns of evil and thus recognize the ways of operating of their enemies.
I also believe it's due to the hate for innocence as >>9463 said. This is also something I saw myself, certain forces who wish to destroy innocence and anything that can work for it are really strong. That's why for example they want to manipulate autistic people to merge their community with the troons and all sorts of perverts. They misuse their empathy and being lost in life to redirect some into supporting the evil while shunning those who speak against it.

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