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This person looks unreal Anonymous 9605

Am I the only one that thinks this person looks uncanny Valley? Like a man or something else wearing a face mask? I don't know who this is but it's a pic I found browsing the internet.

Anonymous 9606

You're right, its super uncanny. A lot of celebrities are like that I think.

Anonymous 9609

That's because most of them aren't human. This person legit looks like a reptilian in a human suit. I can tell especially with how glossy and soulless the eyes are.

Anonymous 9610

The skin also looks plastic and rubbery.

Anonymous 9612

The image looks ai generated. it may be too much photoshop, but the pixellation on the tapestry vs her hand doesn't look right. her face looks like it was pasted onto an overly long head. the doorknob looks photoshopped. She has reptile eyes and wide mouth. it looks like a frankenshopped image where you don't know which parts are original.

Anonymous 9614


Another picture from their page, look at the all seeing eye imagery.

Anonymous 9636

Are you lost?..

Anonymous 9637

what is your identity and what are your pronouns?

Anonymous 9638

youre glowing

Anonymous 9645

What happened?

Anonymous 9646

someone posted "transphobe spotted" expecting this to be a tranny hugbox.

Anonymous 9647

I noticed more trannies are on here now. Expect more porn raids and worse.

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