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Rabbit Hole Thread Anonymous 9721

Got any creepy mysteries or disturbing rabbit holes to delve into?

Anonymous 9748

Prison Planet theory/ Gnosticism very interesting if u look at it with a open mind

Anonymous 9781

the mark laita/amanda/soft white underbelly scandal. involves allegations of pimping, grooming, possible mkultra mind control-tier experiments, mysterious deaths, and a collusion between hollywood weirdos and the los angeles occult scene. all wrapped up in a neat little bow of "art".

Anonymous 9784

Do you have any links on this?

Anonymous 9786

Look up BJ Investigates and That Surprise Witness

Anonymous 9787

Anonymous 9793

Anonymous 9797

the great plague has done several videos on this rabbit hole and seems to be the first person on youtube i can find to talk about mark laita’s weird beliefs and behaviors. also bj investigates but at times she’s a bit melodramatic (for me).

this is his latest video.

Anonymous 9876

I feel like BJ's is better researched but I wish she'd drop the reality tv music/effects

Anonymous 9877

Here's a video exposing the illicit activities of the bohemian grove. There was even child trafficking involved

Anonymous 9878

my friend showed me this the other day

Anonymous 9895

yeah im going into the rabbit hole right now

Anonymous 9910

Anonymous 9915

The rabbit hole that I'm interested in is the fact that a lot of these cults and secret societies are connected. They operate in a pyramid like hierarchy with the elitist cults/secret societies like the Shriners on top and the more lowly cults at the bottom. I figured that the lowly cults do the dirty work of the higher ups. I noticed this when I found at that Charles Manson had many connections to different cults like Scientology, ordo templi orientis and others.

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