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Anonymous 989

Any experience with Angels?

Anonymous 990


well, i'd say i'm conversing with an anonymous one now, anon <3

Anonymous 991


Anonymous 992

Idk if this count as an angel but:

>be 12 year old me

>been trying to sleep for half and hour by now
>suddenly a 2 feet wide white orb goes from the window trough the wall (lol) just above my head head
>fucking lost it and end up sleeping with mom

Mind you in that house always happened weird shit but never anything that uh visual, my mom did ended up telling me it was an angel but Idk, I also had something kind similar happen a few weeks ago but idk if it was the same thing at all

Anonymous 1025

>be outside during a storm (when i wasn't supposed to be)
>rushing around in the dark fields behind my house, not a tree or anything in sight
>bright fucking flash of light shoots down before me
>get spooked and rush back inside
idk man maybe that was angel trying to warn me

Anonymous 1026

For most of my childhood, I was afraid of my basement, especially the boiler room. It always felt evil to me, and even though the whole floor has been redone and I'm grown, I still feel uneasy going down alone. When I was 10 years old, I walked down the flight of stairs to a big, dark empty space. A white light came from the direction of the boiler room in the shape of a man, but it wasn't quite a man. It was shaped like a lot of potato sacks stuffed to portray a man, and the light started moving toward me like a puppet, its head and limbs weighed down as it came towards me. I started screaming and ran up two flights of stairs to my sister's room and started crying as I told her I saw a ghost. No one ever believed me, and it was probably just a hallucination, but I'll never forget it. It's the most afraid I've ever been in my life, except for maybe one other occasion that is irrelevant to the story. I mention this only because I had no idea what it was, and angels and ghosts don't seem so far apart when none of them should be real.

Anonymous 1030

When you say "angels" are you talking about the religious kind from the Bible? Or do non-religious people here believe in angels too?

Anonymous 1038

There's no possible obvious explanation for what a flash of light in a storm could have been

Anonymous 1060

I don't think those angels but what would be called "fey" or other such spirits. Of course i'm not here to knock any one's experience but >>1026 especially does not sound like an angel.

Anonymous 1063

but it was so close

Anonymous 1219

I believe in angels and am non-religious.

Anonymous 1224

Yes, angels(angles) are the structural entities that maintain the angular composition of the omniverse. With the assistance of lesser entities, elves, gnomes, fey.

Anonymous 1244

Was reading for hours about angels in my bed, when i heard a voice saying “you are beautiful”

Anonymous 1315

What do you believe they are?

Anonymous 1316

>be me
>in hs, don’t believe in anything
>go to lake to sulk
>sky gets grey and yellowy
>heat lightning
>wtf I’m scared
>drive home
>almost get into bad wreck
>missed by a literal inch
>feel weirdly calm
>I’m never calm I’m edgy damaged teenager
>ask myself why am I so calm
>hear very clearly a voice in my head that isn’t mine
>”archangel Michael”
>yo what
>look up who that even is
>find site that says he protects people in cars
>oh ok dope

cut to 4 years later

>go to psychic

>while I’m waiting I shop around
>feel connected to an archangel Gabriel tarot deck
>buy it
>cashier puts it in bag
>psychic comes down the stairs and says she’s ready
>sit down w her
>she says I have two main angels looking over me
>”it’s archangel Michael”
>wtf how did she do that
>you have another one..I wanna say Gabriel
>I took out the tarot deck to show her
>we both go wtf

cut to the next year

>roommate’s “spiritual” friend is staying over

>before I meet her my roommate tells her my archangel Michael story without saying his name
>spiritual friend: “it was michael”

idk what to make of it bc I rly don’t wanna believe it but

Anonymous 8763

Hate to bump a three year old thread however Michael is the most famous angel in the world. These spiritualists saying Michael is your friend is just a shot in the dark most likely. Saying something like "Yeah i can see two beings chanting from the realm of Barbelo, they are directly from the Pleroma" also wouldnt sell as well.

Anonymous 8771



I was a kid and this was during Ramadan. It was cloudy and maybe around 7-8pm. My friend was staying over so my mom asked me to walk her back home. While I was walking back home, I swear I saw a line of white beings are going in the same direction. They looked like bright weird clumps of light, and kind of matched what I had been told angels look like. I felt too scared to move so I just stood frozen watching for a good 15 minutes. Then I ran back home and told my mom what I saw. Back when I was still muslim I thought that the moment was such a spiritual experience especially since the beings were flying in the direction of the local masjid. But now I don't what to think; maybe a reflection on the clouds, or airplanes (unlikely), or I was imagining things (highly unlikely).

Anonymous 8778


All I know is I want a real life human angel to be in love with me, I think that's my ultimate type. I just don't think it is realistic because real human boys aren't like this and will never be angelic. I just wish I had my own cute angel to protect me from harm and feelings of sadness. How do I contact an angel for guidance or channel the closest assimilation of a real life angel into my life?

Anonymous 8845

take meds

Anonymous 8847

Check out third man syndrome/factor.
People report the voice and presence knowing things that the people in danger could never EVER know. So it clearly isn't a psychotic break.
That's what she experienced in the car.

Anonymous 8848

You're right

Anonymous 8880

Anon that you both replied to here, glad I decided to come back to cc. I forgot I even made that post. Third man factor seems fitting. I have a couple of friends who experienced similar, but for them it was a family member who was watching over them.

Anonymous 8888

>I have a couple of friends who experienced similar, but for them it was a family member who was watching over them.
Interestingly enough, many of the cases involve exactly that.
>In his case, Hillary knew the entity which appeared to him and guided him: it was his late mother, who had died in a car crash more than 20 years earlier.
>'It was like she'd come out there to keep me company,' he said.
>In a similar vein, diver Stephanie Schwabe escaped certain death when she heard the voice of her late husband and diving partner Rob Palmer.
Whether is the actual person or just whatever it is using an image to motivate and get you to trust "it" is another question.

Anonymous 9663

Are you still around?

Do you still want such a thing?

Anonymous 9669

Yes and yes. I see angel numbers all the time and still no angel boy. Not yet at least.

Anonymous 9674


[email protected]

Email me for discord, we should talk.

Anonymous 9686


Have anything interesting to share?

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