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Moid comebacks Anonymous 104187

Post the best comebacks you have seen or thought of in response to common moid stupidity.

Requests welcome too!

Anonymous 104189


Anonymous 104202

>"more than I could ever count"
H-how would you reply?

Anonymous 104204

"There's a nice mature looking chap over there then. Seems more your type"

Anonymous 104205


he unmatched me after I sent this

Anonymous 104206

"Gross. Whore." or say I don't want AIDS

Anonymous 104208


Anonymous 104209

what did you write in your bio?

Anonymous 104210

Can't remember but it was something like "you can find me working at X or jaywalking"

Anonymous 104213

Very good mansplaining comebacks:

Anonymous 104216

i think it was a joke

Anonymous 104217

Was anticipating someone would say that. I can't remember exactly what my profile was but it definitely could be described as "questionable"

Anonymous 104219

Anonymous 104223

she's so cute wth

Anonymous 104279

Homophobia moment

Anonymous 104281

Most of these don't work! I tried it with my cousin and he said idk, idgaf and continued talking like nothing happened.

Anonymous 104283

Can anyone enlighten me why would anyone even send a dick pic anyways? Unless the context is already sexual, that is.

Anonymous 104284

Perverts operate on the idea that if even one woman in a thousand gives a positive comment, he's succeeded.

Anonymous 104285

I don't buy it. Moids may be dumb, but are trainable. If those pics get sent - somehow they must be getting a response they expect - at least some of the time. Shotgun method, and all.

Anonymous 104297


Anonymous 104300

it's just a digital version of flashing. they get off on forcing women see them naked

Anonymous 104302

this is the correct answer. It's not about compliments, it's about scaring women and putting them in awkward situations. A lot of sick moids LOVE making women uncomfortable- they don' care about how their victim reacts. (Unless the victim is an absolute BAMF and tracks down the moid's family and send screenshots over.)

Anonymous 104306


This kills the pervert.

Anonymous 104309

Which seems t be the reason why any kind of response doesn't work on them. The best you can do is not to read the message, so even if you saw the pic he doesn't get the satisfaction from knowing he flashed you.

Anonymous 104434

It's only homophobia if the guys response to it will be homophobic

Anonymous 104459


I get a lot of old men saying g-rated but creepo things to me in passing (“don’t you have anything to do besides walking around and looking so pretty?”). Good comebacks for this?

Anonymous 104461

“yeah, but it’s not you” might work

Anonymous 104463


I like to just give guys like this a disgusted look, then yell "ew!" and keep walking. even better if they're with friends.

Anonymous 104472

Lol keep it coming, I gotta try all of these now

Anonymous 104475

What kind of old men?

Sorta nice 70-90 y/o grampas? I would not do anything mean, maybe smile? They probably don't mean to be rude and since they are from a "different time" they might think they are being nice.

Guys that are old enough to be your father and are clearly hitting on you? Be gross. But not sexy gross like saying something raunchy, that will never work on moids, say like >>104470 said, or fart, or do a guy voice and tell him "thanks bro"

Anonymous 104479

I gotta try this one, I'll tell them Thanks bro, I used to be a guy.

Anonymous 104482

Not really a comeback but I have trained myself to just ignore comments like this.

Anonymous 104545


Anonymous 104584

kek. Fatality.

Anonymous 104631

If you get a dick pic, send them a dick pic back. Go on r/penis, pick and send him a pic and ask whether he likes your dick. Hell, if you're not faint of heart send them urethra torture porn if the guy isn't an obvious masochist degenerate.

Anonymous 104637

Lol I do that. i have a pic of a bleeding penis with lots of needles in it. it makes moids shiver

Anonymous 104642

>i have a pic of a bleeding penis with lots of needles in it.
Can I get a spoilered image or a >>>/nsfw/ crosspost?

Anonymous 104665


Sure, here it is.
Warning to everyone else: don't click on this image it is very gross

Anonymous 104716

laugh at it, humiliate him telling him how little it is, call him pathetic loser and then block him

Anonymous 104742


Anonymous 104877

Some men might send dick pics exactly because they want to be humilliated, though.

Anonymous 105318


What to do if someone sends you a dick pic:
Step one, Save it
Step two, Find gay male dominated space(s) for example /hm/ , /soc/ or even /b/
Post the pic along with whatever contact info he's got saying something like "I'm horny, hmu"
Step three, Sit back and enjoy

Anonymous 105321

lmao cat.jpg

I just spam them with penis gore :^)
kills their boner. (and the possibility of doing such a stunt again)Go big or go home

Anonymous 105326

True dedication🥺

Anonymous 105327

I'm pretty sure men are into this…

Anonymous 105350

I don't think straight men are tho

Anonymous 105396


what do when I respond like this but they laugh and try harder instead?

Anonymous 105568

"straight" men lie about their sexualities all the time though, a lot of them are bi and jerk it to tranny porn or cheat on their wives with men.

Anonymous 105649

stand and scream "fucking take a hint and fuck off you creep"

Anonymous 105663

a funny one is to pick your nose and say "eeew, go away"

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