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University general Anonymous 111529

For all those who wish to talk about anything related to post-secondary education and discovering what do you want in life. I decided to make this so all the uni threads don't clog up the catalog, we don't need 10 different threads.
Some questions to get started:
>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?

Anonymous 111533

>What did you want to study as a kid?
If there was the faintest of intimations of a career or field of study as a kid, I remember the distinct thought of Game Design. However, going to school for that isn't really needed.
>What are you studying now?
Going to head back to school for mathematics this coming spring to see how far I get. If anything opens up for me to work on what I should ideally be doing I'm dropping out instantly though.
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
Feels like this question should have been first. I never planned on it as much as it was a given. I was already taking college classes in High School, so obviously if I'm managing at that age there is no reason (besides massive debt) not to continue. No one probably pushed me as hard as I should, or, more accurately, I didn't know what I actually wanted to do, and there was no reason to struggle if there's nothing to struggle towards.

As of now I'm only going back because I realize that countries that have made using IQ tests illegal for hiring people have just simply replaced the IQ test with a college degree, so I might as well try my luck at the hardest of shiny shit test paper diplomas to see whether or not I am actually smart or not.
>>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
Not in the slightest. Most retards that bellyache about this live in metropolitan shit holes and refuse to move where jobs pay better and rent is cheaper. I worked in a factory for 2 years that had people who probably dropped out of High School making 3x minimum wage. Trade schools are also a better option if your goal is just "job that pays well" rather than a degree, which is "job that pays sorta decent, but isn't physically demanding".

Anonymous 111534


not to be a downer but I dropped out years ago because I was constantly panicked and unhappy at uni.

Even now most of my dreams involve going back to university and doing a better job even though I literally never think about university. I wonder if I was scarred or something.

Retrospectively I kind of wish I just chose something interesting and stuck with it. Getting a work ethic, engaging in discussions, etc…they're not bad things.

Anonymous 111547

>What did you want to study as a kid?
Physics of elementary particles. And I am studying it now. And I absolutely regret doing it - the prospects are horrible: either being stuck in a theoretical field that currently experiences a major crisis or go into NuClEaR mEdIcInE and I would rather rope myself than work in this shitfield. I have also become disillusioned with current state of humanity after so many years so I don't want to invent/create anything anymore while moids are in power. Planning to change my major to IT or math, fuck this shit seriously, I want money.
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
I am in it already. Hate this shithole. It's considered to be the best STEM uni in my country (Russia), and honestly if this is what the pinnacle of technical education looks here I am disgusted even at the thought of what is happening in other unis. Basically self-education, which would be ok if your approach to work wasn't vehemently controlled and over-critiized for the shallowest of things (straight up evaluating your work on the impression you gave them and then coming up with an excuse to give you that specific mark). They also don't let you to skip lessons like normal unis do, you will be lynched if you dare to do it here. And the laboratory equipment is outdated and impossible to work with, most lab mistakes happen not because of stupid students but because of old unusable gear. And the scolarship here is basically 20 bucks. So nothing can outweight for the pain of being here. Anyway I can sperg about it all day, but the point is I hate this place and regret going here. If I were to make a decision again I would go to an uni that doesn't patronize their students so much, I hate being ordered around and told what to do.
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
No, certainly not. The degree is basically a way for a person to get connections within a field, if you manage to do it in some other way, you don't need to go at uni at all. The problem is that plebs are generally speaking incapable of doing it so they need to go to unis to achieve it.

Anonymous 111548

God and miners, please, forgive my typos. My excuse is that I was rageposting and not rationally-posting.

Anonymous 112261

I was thinking recently and I realized that once I am done with school (I'm in my last year) I really think my quality of life will improve. University has given me so much anxiety and has even made me suicidal at times. I consider myself a happy person and I never had any mental health issues before starting my program. I guess I've just come to the realization that school really isn't for me. Sure it had it's moments of fun, but I will NOT miss it at all. The cons have outweighed the pros at this point. I can't wait to get out. It truly feels like a prison to me.

Anonymous 112364

>What did you want to study as a kid?
Theoretical physics
>What are you studying now?
Engineering because I want to be able to pay off future student loans.
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
Not necessarily, but I always wanted to do something cool with my life, and being a receptionist or a burger flipper doesn't really fall in line with that.

Anonymous 113363

can't bring myself to do a single test, literally going to drop out after one semester

Anonymous 115090

I already posted about this here >>113856 but I'll revive this thread because it seems more appropriate.
Both my main recommenders plus my back-up ended up responding but only one of them submitted the letter of recommendation so far and the deadline is in 3 days. They're back to not responding.
Fuck this shit, it feels so powerless.

Anonymous 115092

>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
I wanted to be an Astronaut so physics? But then when I was older I wanted to study film but my controlling parents didn't let me. Ended up studying chemistry. Planning to start another degree in engineering next year so I can build cool things in my lab.

>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?

I always planned to go, never really thought about not going.

>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?

I've had a few different jobs and none of them have been degree related. Having an uncommon skill is more important than a degree.

Anonymous 115220

I'm a weirdo with few friends. Every person I get close to I find a way to ruin it somehow. Never been invited to a party. Whenever I hang out with someone I'm reminded of why I'm so alone. It's because having friends is exhausting. But I still feel like a loser. I'd like to have at least one good, real good friend here. I've made so many mistakes.

Besides that, have any of you had luck with finding internships? I'm waiting until the spring to find one for the summer but I'm worried I'm not smart and charismatic enough to find one. Some scrote on a youtube comment said he found one by calling up local businesses and asking if they'd like an intern. Would that work?

Anonymous 115272

This sounds like you’re autistic.

Anonymous 115273

Have you tried joining nerd clubs at school? You'll likely find other awkward people there instead of normies. Normies can be quite delicate and easily offended by any flaws in adherence to social cues.

Anonymous 115287

The non-stem nerd clubs at my school are infested with genderspecials. I plan on starting an art club since its the only thing im good at.

Nope, just stupid.

Anonymous 115298

Have you ever been assessed for autism with a psychiatrist? It’s pretty common for women to be overlooked and not realise until later in life.

Anonymous 115329

>be me
>skate by courses for 4 years with As
>now finishing up last course ever before graduation
>borderline failing
I can't care anymore, the combination of senioritis and lockdowns is lethal and killed my motivation to do any of this.

Anonymous 115400

>fail a bunch of subjects pre-pandemic because I'm losing motivation, in part because I hate commuting to school every day and it's exhausting having to interact with people
>online classes should be easier/more comfortable for me because I wouldn't have to go all the way there and talk to people in person and I'm very good with computers
>end up dropping out of uni because I was a "smart" kid and everything was easy to me so I didn't have the need to study, and around the same time I got addicted to video games/computers/the internet so I started to forget the habit of doing homework too, and this lack of good habits later turned into an inability to form any good habits whatsoever and permanently fucked up my brain, and made me a depressed mess due to not living up to the image people had of me as a "smart kid" which made me a perfectionist who feels immense guilt and shame every time she fucks up; online classes turn out to be even less motivating because I'm easily distracted when I'm using a computer and no one is there to supervise me
>be a NEET who's trying not to let suicidal ideation turn into actual suicidal thoughts as she feels like a burden on everyone who loves her
Fuck you now I'm crying

Anonymous 115406

>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
i wanted to be a lawyer when i was young, now im doing film studies
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
up until like a year ago i wasn't going to go, then i became so bored with the monotony of not doing anything fulfilling, i don't go to classes a lot though, which is retarded of me but its hard lol
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
i think depending on what you major in and what you do with it, i have friends who got degrees in law and shit and do nothing with it

Anonymous 115693

I'm >>115400
Do you think I'd need a tutor or something to help me acquire the habit of doing my homework before trying to do a different degree next year?

Anonymous 115762

Is it normal do have only mere days before a deadline and not do any work? I'm sitting in a library right now… it's been a few hours and I've not typed a single word. I literally can't, my brain won't work today. Yesterday was fine, but today I cannot commit myself at all I just keep getting distracted no matter how hard I try.

Anonymous 115766

If this happens a lot, it could inattentive ADHD

Anonymous 115787

This, or you hate your major.
I can work on a personal fun project for hours and put off peeing and eating, but the shit I study just doesn't grab me.
No advice just adding that it may not be a condition.

Anonymous 115845

I think I'm gonna try and get this checked out and see if I have ADHD. It's genuinely killing me.

I haven't worked out if I hate my major yet. Although it's tough I love learning and coming to lectures and classes… I just hate actually putting pen to paper and writing shit. I must be such a horrible student gdi

Anonymous 115873

Yes, it's normal. U r balid uwu

Anonymous 115942

I've been in this kind of situation before. Generally bad habits can change only when it's more painful to continue with the bad habit than to tear it all down and start again. And fixing one bad habit will make the rest easier.

Anonymous 120031

Is it bad to be a shut-in at uni? Throughout middle school, high school, my NEET phase, and now in university, I've always just spent the entirety of my free time in my room hanging out with my bf or like, taking naps or something.
I'm not miserable about it at all, I'm quite happy, I just kinda wonder about how there's a lot of stuff out there available to me. People say that the parties and connections are the best part of uni, but I get so tired from talking to other people that I don't really know if I care. It just feels like I should, you know? I always hear that I'll regret not jumping on those opportunities.
Someone advised me to join a sorority but that's just going to be full of normie stacies, isn't it? I don't really want to join something with a long-term commitment or that's hypersocial because I'd get really burned out. So I guess I'm also wondering, are there any cool things you can do at uni that don't involve that? For instance I like to walk around and see the architecture and landscaping because they make it quite nice.

Anonymous 120037

I failed straight through 4 years of college (got kicked out two times 2 years in total due to almost nonexistant grades/attendance). I went to class and didn't submit any assignments. Now i'm going back and i really want to get back on track and graduate quick. I feel like a big idiot and starting from ground zero i can't comprehend why i did nothing and wasted all that money and my future. What should i do to ensure i don't fall back?

Anonymous 120041

I wish I could give you good advice, because the same thing happened to me. I was on honor roll 1st semester, but dropped out the next semester.

Major in something easy and just get the degree. The easiest major is Geography, by far. All you need to do is memorize some maps and cultural stuff.

You could also just try to get married to somebody in a better country, which is what I'm trying to do. But also get some job skills.

Anonymous 120044

There's nothing wrong with being introverted in itself but uni is a good place to make connections that will serve you after you graduate.

Anonymous 120099


any tradies here?
is it worth it to finish a 2-year degree that i know i don't want to pursue? i'm 4 classes away from graduating but i work so much idek if it's worth showing up to class anymore.
i want to get a different 2 year trade degree and i know exactly what it is.

Anonymous 120106

any other computer science students here or anyone who graduated with that degree? how do you get good at writing code? I'm in an online program and the only help I can get is from moids and I don't feel comfortable with them tutoring me
worried I won't be able to get a decent job after graduating since my coding skills are pretty bad despite that being the focus of my degree

Anonymous 120121

Read books, lots and lots of programming books. Read the classics (K&R C programming) to understand where programming constructs came from and why the syntax is how it is etc…

Also practice. Practice with examples, practice with your own original programming ideas. It doesn't really matter what you're writing, so long as you finish it.

You can do it sis!

Anonymous 120153

Thank you. I think i would fail again if i took an easier major/class with the same mentality, so i'm trying to suck it up and go through it. I don't want to mirror the women i've seen and be dependent on a man so i'm going to force myself to stick through if i want to keep my life free from all men…The thought of meeting one terrifies and disgusts me tbh

Anonymous 120207

lol where from?

Anonymous 120292

I'll look into the classics, going to browse libgen hopefully some of them are on there
idk where to begin with projects so I'll look up easy coding projects for beginners and start from there, thanks for the encouragement

Anonymous 120447


>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
as a kid i wanted to be a marine biologist or a musician, i really, really loved classical music growing up, i was infatuated with the piano and later on the violin, my family couldn't afford either the instruments nor their classes (although a cousin of mine taught me to play some music on the piano and those are some of my happiest childhood memories)
Rn im a freshman medical student and it's killing my will to live as we speak ;'D
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
I have always planned on going to university seeing as i was a straight A's kid growing up, i don't remember the exact moment i decided studying would be the thing that defines my value in life, because in primary school i was a careless fun kid who averaged C+ at best, but i grew up in an environment that encouraged studying all the time, and the sentiment of "you're more than grades and academic success, love urself!!!" online wasn't as much of a big thing back then, so now whenever i look back, yep- all i did was study, i didn't go out with friends (didn't have friends actually) or have many adventure/stories to tell. (i used to play vidya a lot tho i miss that time [ironic XD])
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
Not necessarily true everywhere, but in my country, it a 100% is, and i had to grow up watching my parents blow their money into divorce settlement and addictions and unecesary stuff at the expense of our families necessities which made me kind of a bitch when it comes to money, aka i suck at spending money on myself/necessities, etc… And i am always hoarding it for no apparent reason, just like to have enough to not think "i can't afford buying that" but to instead think "i can definitely buy that, but i won't it's not worth it" which is arguably better anyway. So yeah, i will do everything in my power not to end up poor as a grownup, because it just sucks it's miserable, the constant feaf that we might have to sell our home to pay taxes (aka homelessness) or that my parents could end up in jail fucked me up

Anonymous 121460

Do practice problems, change stuff and see what happens, review the fundamentals until you understand it in simple terms. You should get used to asking others for help even if they are moids. When you get into the industry, you'll do code reviews with your team, mentoring, get mentored, ect probably by a man.

Anonymous 121467

Sorry if it's a dumb or rude question, but what's so hard about programming? What I mean is, how can your "coding skills" be bad?
I wanna get into programming and maybe get a CS degree as well so I really need to know

Anonymous 121477

it's the same with learning any other skill like art for example
if you pick up some art supplies without knowing anatomy, shading and lighting techniques, color theory etc your art is gonna look sloppy and amateur until you learn the fundamentals and can apply them to your work
with coding I need to better learn the fundamentals and actually be able to use them while coding which requires lots of practice and memorization
if you're willing to sink in the time and effort practicing and researching outside of class it gets easier but I haven't been doing that so I'm not making any progress
I've always had trouble asking people for
help but it feels less intimidating asking other women, I guess I need to get over that if I want to succeed in this field

Anonymous 121997


Where are you coming from/going to? Is there the possibility of working to stay some place if you can afford a ticket to get there?

Anonymous 121999

*>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
Wanted to study english/ teaching for ages, this didn’t really change but when it came
to it I didn’t have the confidence to go for a degree in English literature because of the associated uncertainty and financial instability in the arts. I ended up studying science (biochem) which I find cool but definitely not my real dream
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
It was always the unspoken plan because I am terrified of not having the safety net of a degree/ the ability to get a job and be financially independent. I’m not from a wealthy family so the importance of this was pretty evident to me always
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?*
In my case, yes, mostly because I don’t think I could long term hack the long hours of minimum wage for 40 years and I don’t have any discernible skills beyond being good at school. Been thinking of studying grad med because it feels like a compromise between science and people based work. I’m an old introvert with low confidence (I can fake it sometimes but it’s not my natural state) so I am hesitant about everything career wise

Anonymous 122000

*introvert not old introvert

Anonymous 122053

>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
When I was a kid I wanted to be a musician. I'm not studying anything formally at the moment.
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
I went to uni. It's something I'm really, really grateful for and it ~expanded my mind~ and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
…Buuuut, it also lead to me becoming a NEET due to lack of a useable degree.
Right now, I'm heavily considering going back to school.
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
It really does depend on the degree. A degree =/= livable wage by default. Overall, having a degree is not necessary to making a livable wage.

Anonymous 122133

>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
I wanted to go to art school in my earlier teens, but I decided to study English once college was imminent and followed through with it. Then I got a master's in information science.

>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?

Yes, I always planned to. It would have been the only way for me to not get stuck living in poverty. That's not the case for everyone, but if you come from a lower class family like I did, the likelihood of succeeding without a college degree is pretty low.

>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?

For myself, I do. I think it depends on your personality and the opportunities around you. I definitely needed to get away from home to be successful, but not everyone needs to.

I could have written this. College was constantly stressful and socially alienating. I didn't make one friend in all that time, and I was much poorer than everyone else around me. It was so taxing, and I fantasized every day about being done so I'd finally be "free." My quality of life truly did improve after finishing.

Anonymous 122581

I don't want to say because paranoia, but it's a developing country. And I'm not sure about that, I wanted my degree and experiences I've had/made from uni courses to put on my resume. I can easily do a desk job/work as a secretary or proofread things, but I'm basically a NEET. I wouldn't even know where to begin finding places that'd let me fly in with a work permit. Also I'm a little scared of being trafficked lmao

Anonymous 122746

college seems like way more work than work does tbh

Anonymous 122755

>master's in information science
doing this right now and it's really difficult with the amount of content covered in my classes plus all the mini assignments that are due on a weekly basis. how did you survive it? well, i guess you went to a different school from mine, but i think the same concepts and theories apply across the same degree.

Anonymous 122757

yeah, it's probably about the same no matter what school you go to. it was pretty hard at times, but I just kind of stuck it out and did it until I was done, you know? establishing a routine helped a lot. like, doing stuff for one class on certain nights (instead of doing work for more than one class in one day) helped to keep me from getting too overwhelmed. do you have a lot of group work in your program? to me, that was the worst part.

Anonymous 122762

I'm going to graduate next year and I'm so scared I won't be able to find a job because I'm a borderline recluse and don't know how to network. I feel like I missed out on my chance to learn social skills years ago.

Anonymous 122764

yeah i have a lot of group work which makes it even more difficult since the degree is online right now due to the pandemic. i hope it doesn't transition to in-person in the near future (i'm far far faaaar away from my school right now lol). the introvert in me just wants to complete the degree online before it becomes mandatory to be in-person again. i'm kicking at myself for not applying to an online-only degree, but i applied in pre-covid times lol.
the most difficult thing for me is catching up with the readings. my program's courses assigns so many unnecessary readings. it's hard not to feel like i'm drowning in them

Anonymous 122765

that sucks. in my program, you could choose to do either in-person or online only. we had a lot of unnecessary readings too. i tried to make the most of it, but all those readings really were a drag. best of luck to you! hopefully you can finish quickly and move on with your life lol.

Anonymous 122766

it completely sucks that you can't transfer graduate degrees, only undergraduate. what a scam! i'd change to an online-only program in a heartbeat if i could.
>hopefully you can finish quickly and move on with your life lol.
me too, anon, me too lol. btw did you get hired pretty fast after completing your degree? i am not looking forward to that next milestone lol

Anonymous 122767

why cant I post pictures?

Anonymous 122768

CC has been getting raids of CP from a bot (or an angry moid).

Anonymous 122770

well, i was already working full time while i got my master's, and i'm still working there. kinda sucks because i'm realizing i might be stuck in a low-level position without much chance of advancement. even though the initial job search might be a pain, you're better off because you're probably going to be making a really decent salary right off.

Anonymous 122771

Definitely not a bot, considering the amount of effort that should go into bypassing CloudFlare's DDoS protection, doing the captcha for every post, waiting for the precise moment that images are allowed again (as already happened), and changing IPs.

Anonymous 122774

So the entire website was raided for over week? Why do moids ruin everything

Anonymous 122778

It's still happening nona

Anonymous 122790

Let's just go full textboard and call it a day. CP raids would inmediately cease to be even a possibility. It's that easy.

Anonymous 122791


Exactly. And then we'd stop getting 4chan screenshots and attracting that awful demographic.

Anonymous 122797

Anonymous 122800

I have no problem Crystal Cafe becoming entirely a textboard, but I'll miss having the opportunity being able to post images.
Well I guess it's better than seeing CP just because some sicko moid/tim decited to spam it…

Anonymous 122809

Would cc really survive with no image posting tho? I'm doubtful

Anonymous 122814

Don't mods have the option to block images from being posted?
If not maybe that would be a good option. See a raid in progress? Flip the off switch for an hour.

Anonymous 122832

I think it would be fine. Not really an ideal solution, but it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Anonymous 122845

God I hate school. I just started the semester and I am already behind lol. I really struggle with focusing on my school work so I am constantly stressed out. The only upside is that this should be my last semester as long as I pass everything. fingers crossed!!

Anonymous 123462

im waiting on a yes or no from a state college right now, i should know in a few weeks. im really nervous, ive been on plenty of community colleges (like three or four oh god) i feel like university is going to be more intense and ill feel even worse if i fall behind. im not even sure what exactly im going for either, i have a good idea and already have my associates degree in something specific. Is it really that different s? or am i conflating it and trying to find an excuse not to do it for another year

Anonymous 123489

Just switched from chemical engineering to computer science. I was so nervous about it at first since I don't know much about coding, but now that it's been a few months I'm so happy that I did! As much as a liked the chemistry aspect of what I was doing, it seemed to be a lot more industrial focused and the job duties seemed draining. Plus there are less required courses. I can't wait to get paid to be a shut-in since I vaguely enjoy coding and math.

Anonymous 123490

show me your ways… biology is burning me out

Anonymous 123493

do you ever do coding projects outside of your required classwork just to improve your skills or add to your portfolio? I haven't been a cs major for long either but I don't know if that's something I should be doing or not

Anonymous 123954

what year are you in? I'm a sophomore so switching majors while still graduating on time was a bit inconvenient but not too bad. If you're in your third or fourth year it may be a bit trickier but if you think you'd like coding it's worth an extra semester or two. Especially since you may want to go to grad school for biology, which is both expensive and draining if you're feeling burned out. Since you are already somewhat interested in cs content-wise, I recommend first looking into the daily job activities for software engineering (or another cs job) versus what you would do as a biologist. If cs seems better for you, maybe try to work out a general plan in terms of what credits you need to take when. The most helpful thing is talking to the cs advisors for pining down details and making the switch. Also, you might want to consider minoring in biology, or even keeping your major and minoring in computer science if switching would take a lot of credits. I'm still minoring in chemistry and it was pretty easy since I only needed another two classes. You could even look into computational biology, if that's something you'd be interested in
Honestly, I'm not really good enough at coding yet to even imagine what type of projects I'd want to do. I've only coded a personal website before and I'd definitely be too embarrassed to put it in a portfolio. From what I've gathered, it seems like having a portfolio is really helpful, but getting an internship may be even better and could make up for a weak portfolio unless you want to work somewhere like Google. The only other thing is that it seems like the interview process for cs majors actually involves a coding segment a lot of the time, and you can often choose the language you do their interview prompt in. So maybe just become comfortable enough in a language that's easier to use (like python) so that you can code faster during the interviews, and try to master the basics so that you don't have to look up as much dumb stuff on stack exchange.

Anonymous 124131

yeah I've been looking into getting an internship, they seem competitive though so it's a bit hard
practicing those coding interview problems is good too, maybe I should focus effort on that first instead of trying to do projects

Anonymous 149816

how to survive in male-dominated classes? i haven't met the people yet so there's still hope for another girl(s?), but i looked up the unofficial online communities for my specialty and literally everyone is a dude. i tend to hide in such situations, but i feel like i should at least try to get along with them, teamwork is required afaik.
hoping for the best, preparing for the worst

Anonymous 149839

a flavor of computer science, i know that women are becoming more common in CS but this one is more uh.. electronic? i guess that could scare off some, especially in my country. i wouldn't be too anxious about it if i had picked regular CS, but here i am

Anonymous 149857

I'm a math student, it has way more females than computer science (we even have a female only group). Computer science moids are either autistic or creepy. It's not uncommon for us to get stalked by them.


TLDR: I wanted to be a paramedic, started studying it, decided the timing wasn't right, dropped out of Paramedicine, started in IT, have since bought own home and life is amazing, I regret nothing.

I wanted to be a Paramedic when I grew up, I spent all my high school years choosing classes that would aid me in this, biology, health science, etc…

I then left high school and began studying my Bachelor of Health Science Paramedicine, stuck it out for a year before realising this wasn't the right time in my life to be doing this…. Paramedics where I am at only earn 52k a year, this would not put me in a financial position to buy a house ($700-1m) or life a comfortable life….

I left study and began working in IT as a junior, quickly rising up the ranks and fast forward 4 years…

I am now a senior in my field, earn an unbelievable amount of money for someone in their early 20s, work for one of the largest companies in my country and just purchased my own home and have met a sweet, thoughtful, gamer bf who has a lovely family that I love seeing weekly…. I am so happy with life and do not regret my choices to leave Paramedicine…. once I have kids, married and feel the time is right, I will definitely continue my pursuit as a Paramedic.

Anonymous 149978

Did you study IT in uni?

Anonymous 149979

Would it make any sense to get into IT after getting PhD in chemistry? On the one hand, it was a long road and I am happy with my specialt. On the other hand, chemists are paid shit unless they get lucky and work for big pharma or smth

Anonymous 150006

I knew a woman who did exactly this and it worked out reasonably well for her. I don't think you'd be earning a lot of money to begin with though, you'd probably have to start with a fairly entry level position if haven't had any experience working in IT before. If you're comfortable working at a job like that and gaining experience for a few years, your PhD could open up some interesting opportunities in the future. I don't know what your opportunities could look like if you spent those few years working as a chemist instead though, I guess that's just something you have to weigh up for yourself.

Anonymous 150013

>graduate med school
>hate medicine

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