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Pink pill thread #6 Anonymous 115461

Vent about men and society here.

>>113030 previously extremely salty thread

Anonymous 115466

I hate how moids are shallow and obsessed with looks and think that it makes them charitable.

Men only want sex and good looks because of muh biology, not like these hypergamous sluts with high standards who want a partner who isn't a cave-dwelling neet. They act like male obsession over youth and looks is morally superior to women's "obsession" with men not being failures in life.

Anonymous 115484

Why does the media focus on how cunnilingus might cause mouth cancer?
It’s one of the best ways to pleasure us, if not the best.
Plenty of other things might cause cancer too, yet people do them daily anyways.
And anal sex does so much imminent damage, yet nobody outside of CC cares about it.
Call me a tinfoil, but this anti-cunniligus psyop is clearly an attempt to shame women for not always having altruistic sex.

Anonymous 115485

WE are the ones who should be obsessed with men's looks. It shouldn't be the other way around.

They use our looks for nothing but degenerate shit. For us to expect anything else at this point is kinda retarded.

Expecting them to be more emotionally intelligent as well as attractive forces them to be more self-aware though.

Otherwise you just think you're entitled to everything and you don't have to care about anything "like women do"

Anonymous 115486

I've never once seen that in the media.

Anonymous 115487

In my state, on the rare occassion cunnilingus gets talked about, they never fail to mention mouth cancer.

Anonymous 115489


Anonymous 115490

Wouldn’t trade orgasm for any of those. What an idiot.

Anonymous 115492

because they're trying to damage hetero/lesbian pairbonding ability while encouraging fagshit

Anonymous 115493

You spoiled weirdo. I gave up orgasms for just a subset of that. Good riddance.

Anonymous 115495

Maybe. Fagshit is based tho, at least in yaoi. Anyways, yeah, some people, or most, tend to be already insecure about letting a mouth anywhere near their pussy, the media blame sure doesn’t help with that.

Anonymous 115496

Your life sucks. Sorry to be blunt.

Anonymous 115504

This is meant as an attack against women, right? Because a common moid argument is that "all women use your money and resources and don't even thank you for it". I'm confused as to what was the artist's intention.
kek, maybe it's just in certain places that a myth/urban legend has spread?

Anonymous 115508

fellatio and PIV sex can also can cause cancer in women but you'll never hear about it

Anonymous 115513


Seems like Troon shit if the whole heterocis stuff tells me anything

Anonymous 115549


when will white women get sick of being bashed 24/7

Anonymous 115554

And why specifically "white women"? I hate the fact that even if you're not white or American or even live in the first world, if you hold certain views or protest against certain things, you're assumed to be a white woman. If that isn't misogynistic as fuck (with a little liberal racism thrown in), IDK what that is.

Anonymous 115555

When they wake up and realise that they are most common type of porn and that porn is basically torture videos.

Anonymous 115556

>a lot of men fetishize "ugly women"
>that means that men don't care about looks
The fact that scrotes can't control their sexual impulses and would fuck anyone willing (or even unwilling) doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of men are absolutely obsessed with looks, and would gladly go for a "10/10" supermodel (they love "rating" women's looks btw) or a 16 year old girl, before going for an average-looking woman in her 20s. On top of that, incels are also obsessed with their own looks and other's men's looks, it's ridiculous to blame women for having standards for male physically attractiveness.
And a lot of women also "fetishize" ugly men. Which incels will never experience because they're terminally online and only view the world through the filter of imageboards, reddit screencaps and edited graphs. Also I find it hilarious how incels claim that women hate not getting attention from moids, but then throw a tantrum on a female-only imageboard because all they want in life themselves is female attention.

It's like they're stuck in a limbo. They are resentful and bitter about women because they don't get our attention, so they create this bizarre version of the real world in their heads where we're malicious, evil, and to blame entirely for intentionally making the poor lonely incel's life shitty. So the most logical conclusion is that they hate women and should stay the fuck away from them, right? But no. Because they cannot possibly imagine living a happy life without us, they are convinced that they need us, and will do whatever it takes to even get the minimum amount of our attention; they basically scream "WHY WON'T YOU LIKE ME" without actually saying it, but ironically saying everything that they could possibly say to lower their chances with women even more. Meanwhile, when we are angry about men, we simply avoid them, but we end up having to deal with their idiotic behavior anyways, because they keep following us, since denying them attention is a crime (and of course they project this onto every woman).

Still the statistics show that males are responsible for most rapes, pedophilia and violent crimes, and overwhelmingly so, and also males are more likely to abandon a terminally ill partner. And yet they still claim that we're the evil sex? They can keep screaming at us all they want, it's not going to make them feel any better, lmfao.

Anonymous 115557

I think it's an attack. I find it super ironic because orgasms, meaningful conversations–
they're being grouped together as if they're 1:1 related…as if most men wouldn't abandon all chances for meaningful conversation with a partner in exchange for sex.

I notice them completely ignoring the actual research on gender and greed (men are on average greedier than women) and pretend that women forsake all depth and meaning in exchange for materialistic vanity.
As if the binary is "male desires = virtuous and deep" v. "womanly desires = shallow/fake."
It's one of those things that makes me really want to peek inside the minds of the men with a hate boner for "gold diggers."

Anonymous 115558

true, but porn with non-white women is just as misogynist. I'm talking specifically about how white women are the new punching bag since it became too boring to bash white men.

Anonymous 115559

>I notice them completely ignoring the actual research on gender and greed (men are on average greedier than women) and pretend that women forsake all depth and meaning in exchange for materialistic vanity.
Expect scrotes to justify this away with a "well, men are greedier because they need money to support their family" but ignoring the possible causes for the behavior of "gold diggers" and simply attributing it to "woman's nature" being "to take advantage of men" (again, ignoring the fact that women aren't as greedy as males)

Anonymous 115560

White men have become so bold it's insane, and tbqh it does not help that WoC embolden them to talk this way about us. Reminder that this comedian in particular is married to a black woman and used that as justification for his bit on SNL.

Anonymous 115562

American racial politics have turned women of color and white women against each other, which allows males to take advantage of both. Sad.

Anonymous 115565


I think it's more like liberals are against whites period. Nobody cares about women's rights. Feminism is now about every other group and "white cis women" are the ultimate evil and acceptable targets. White men don't have empathy for white women because most white liberal women have been bashing white guys for years, always talking about things like rape and entitlement as if they are "white male" things rather than MALE things. Now white women are the ultimate losers, every single group is against us and we don't have the protection of either oppression points (since WW are just privileged karens crying white woman's tears) nor race solidarity (which POC can always count on).

Anonymous 115566

I feel no solidarity with WoC because I’ve seen them saying this same stupid shit. I’m supposed to feel sisterhood for someone who hates me for my race? Lolno

Anonymous 115567

It goes both ways though; I've WoC say the same thing you said about them. So it looks like a weird vicious cycle.

Anonymous 115570

I noticed that few years ago. Race is the only thing that really matters. All the other stuff like gender or sexuality is just superficial and gets always brushed aside whenever there is a race angle to go for. That's why white women and even white lesbians are treated like we suffer no oppression and every complaint is just made up.

Anonymous 115572

>I think it's more like liberals are against whites period
That's exactly what I meant. American racial tensions are fueled by both liberalism and the alt-right these days.

Anonymous 115574

True, an ugly woman is sufficient enough for them to use as a masturbatory aid, but their effort, bonding, money, and love is reserved for beautiful women only. It’s probably why they start to detest their wives once their looks fade.

Anonymous 115575


"The logical and superior sex"

Anonymous 115576

White moids could have taken advantage of the victimization of white women from the media/pop culture by presenting themselves as their allies and/or protectors, but nope, moids are too selfish and retarded to even lie about it.
Instead they tell white women "you deserve it" or "maybe white men will treat you decently if you become a baby factory bangmaid who is my marital hostage and btw your worth expires at 30 and I will dump you because muh biology muh fertility window". On occasion you will see them threaten white women to get back in line with rape, like "if you don't become a white nationalist brown men will rape you", but there's no genuine concern in their words- if anything, it sounds like a threat that they are opportunistically capitalizing on.
This is why white moid race war fantasies will never come to fruition, because it's only motivated by each individual white man's desire for treatment that benefit him personally. They basically feel entitled to white-man affirmative action and want women to be their slaves again. Are they going to do anything actionable to make that possible? No, they will only whine, sexless and undesired. They are just a sub-category of incel, with all of the low IQ, childish entitlement, and indignation that comes with it.

Anonymous 115577

kek so this is what those anons were talking about in the TERF thread

Anonymous 115578

wonder how many bus seats have been saturated by their brownie flakes over time lmaooo

Anonymous 115579

It's extremely common for males do not wash themselves because they think it's too "feminine".

Women need to understand how much males hate femininity and think its beneath them. These males walk around with shit encrusted asses because they want to distance themselves from women.
Males want to violate and subordinate what they want to fuck. When they are not actively lusting after feminine objects to violate, they see femininity as absolutely subhuman… this is how the male brain works. It's absolutely vile.

btw I do not think feminine=female, but moids do. This is also why they'd rather fuck a twink in a dress and lipstick than an average looking XX woman with no makeup and baggy clothes. To moids, a woman is an object adorn with stereotypically feminine trappings, and it's what they want to tarnish to get off.

Anonymous 115581

I am sick of hearing moids (and even the general public) obsess over the estrogens/estrogen analogs in food and plastic and the water supply, or wherever else they're saying.
Why do they treat it as something absolutely deplorable, evil, and to be avoided when there are testosterone analogs in consumables as well? oh yeah because males hate women and don't want to touch our "essence" (that's how they see it at least, especially considering that MtFs think a few estrogen pills will grow them DD tits and birthing hips)
They always act like more test=good and anything similar to estrogen in anything is bad. It's legit just like cooties to them.

Anonymous 115582

>btw I do not think feminine=female, but moids do. This is also why they'd rather fuck a twink in a dress and lipstick than an average looking XX woman with no makeup and baggy clothes. To moids, a woman is an object adorn with stereotypically feminine trappings, and it's what they want to tarnish to get off.
I remember reading on here (I think it was the previous pinkpill thread) that males are not attracted to women, but rather have a femininity fetish, and I believe that describes male sexuality rather well, it makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous 115583

probably my post , I say it a lot.
Males are gyne/femmesexual. They are attracted to the supernormal stimuli of women, which is essentially what femininity is (with a few cultural differences here and there)
Males are not attracted to women, as in XX humans capable of birthing children. They are the most attracted to anything hyperfeminine and often times hyperopedophilic.

This is why moids will say "traps aren't gay", because according to moidbrain, anything with feminine trappings=woman=fuck object. It's why hulking moids can grow out their hair and wear pleated skirts and truly see themselves as sexually attractive women.

There are males who pay have sex with orangutan prostitutes, but the orangutans are shaved and put in dresses/makeup first. This is male "heterosexuality".

Anonymous 115584

>They are attracted to the supernormal stimuli of women
Not surprising at all, given how modern society uses femininity in advertisements, the cosmetic industry, porn, etc. For example, "professional" porn and hentai are probably the most obvious examples of a supernormal stimulus there is in humans.

>There are males who pay have sex with orangutan prostitutes, but the orangutans are shaved and put in dresses/makeup first. This is male "heterosexuality".

WHAT the ACTUAL fuck

Anonymous 115585

Imagine how all the important scrotes of the world just walk around with shit in their pants all day long, while smiling to cameras and doing stuff.

Anonymous 115586

Elon AssMusk

Anonymous 115587

this is why I laugh at the crowd that keeps on screeching about women having unrealistic standards.
there's so many women in the "m-my husband/bf doesn't do this exact thing that I do every single day and it's kind of nasty, am I asking too much, is it crazy to ask for this???" group that gets pretty much 0 credit for the fact that they basically destroyed what standards they had to stay with a guy - who usually isn't even hot - they really liked.

Anonymous 115588

try judging people on an individual basis and being better than those that place entire groups beneath assumptions and stereotypes…unless of course you know you're a white woman who's just looking for an excuse to deny ""woc"" sisterhood lol. whatever

Anonymous 115591

I can't feel bad for those women. You wont die from lack of dick, so have some damn standards. I'm happily single and will never settle for some disgusting subhuman moid who thinks he's too good for basic hygiene and manners.

Anonymous 115593

There's a difference between incontinence and absolute refusal to clean yourself properly.

Shart in mart is because fat old people, most likely on medication that give them liquid shit. Then you have "normal" healthy young men who won't use soap to wash their ass because they think it's "too gay"

Anonymous 115594

>try judging people on an individual basis
Ok. I’ll wait for WoC to start.

Anonymous 115596

idk it depends on the person.
there are pickme black women who resent white women and will throw you under the bus for anything.
there are other black women who have more solidarity with their fellow women than they do with shitty black scrotes.>>115566

Anonymous 115597

>Shart in mart is because fat old people
NTW but I've seen plenty of vids of younger Americans sharting in public places, even people of average weight.
This discussion shall be over now

Anonymous 115602

WE are the ones who should be obsessed with men's looks. It shouldn't be the other way around.

They use our looks for nothing but degenerate shit. For us to expect anything else at this point is kinda retarded.

Expecting them to be more emotionally intelligent as well as attractive forces them to be more self-aware though.

Otherwise you just think you're entitled to everything and you don't have to care about anything "like women do"

Anonymous 115603

I am going to post this everyday to reflect and say it outloud a million times because this is extremely important to me.

Anonymous 115604

Theyre not just destroying their standards they're grinding down standards for everyone by teaching men it is possible to take advantage of us.

Anonymous 115612


Anonymous 115613

Doubt it being a "supernormal stimuli of women" tbh. There are such attractive to males and """"feminine"""" things as long eyelashes, thick hair and long legs, which moids are statistically more likely to possess, so there is nothing screaming "female" in these characteristics, more like the opposite if anything. Your explanation makes no sense imo. Moids are omnisexual and their preferences are the product of their mental illnesses not aesthetic impulses of a higher kind.
Also your post reminded me of one funny factoid about myself: I instantly lose attraction to any being who looks like a male (or who I think looks like one) if I find out that they are actually female, like even if the being in question is very brawny and handsome the fact that they have a vagina ruins it for me. The opposite is also true - I might reconsider my feelings towards a female looking person/character if I know that they have a dick. Is anyone the same or am I just the only like who is like this?

Anonymous 115615

This. The fact that they have such hysteria over estrogen/soy/or whatever shows how much they fucking hate us and don't want to be associated with us in any way or another. So sickening. Also, related to this topic, I hate how general public brands any feature they find feminine as "high estrogen". Like plump cheeks/wide eyes and small feet/short height, the first one is genetics that is not caused by hormones and the latter is sex specific developmental feature - males experience spur in growth during their teenage years that makes them somewhat bigger. Also estrogen governs aggression in mammals lel https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4175137/ and the hype about testosterone is ridiculous - this is literally one of the weakest hormones in human endocrine system that has a very narrow range of influence, why do moids regard everything that is connected to them as grandiose or great by default is beyond me.

Anonymous 115616

Oh and also I forgot to mention how men and women produce the same amount of estrogen and testosterone, the only difference is that males have more free test in blood due to it binding less with globulin (97% in men 99% in women) and consequently have a higher ratio of free test/free estrogen, meanwhile women have lower. So there is nothing male and female about these two hormones, they just function a little bit differently in male and female bodies.

Anonymous 115617

Comprehensive list of red flags that identify trash males:
1. They're male

Anonymous 115618

supernormal stimuli is the most applicable and most studied in regards to sexual preferences.
>things as long eyelashes, thick hair and long legs
which are signifiers of youth, something males also fixate on (as I said also, pedophilic supernomal stimuli).
>Moids are omnisexual
Insofar as "heterosexual" moids are attracted to feminine markers regardless of sex/age/species, yes. Homosexuals, or androsexuals, are attracted to supernormal masculine stimuli. Look at gay porn made by moids, it has the same objectifying lens, hyperfocus and exaggeration of specific body parts/sex acts as hetero moid porn but applied to masculinity instead of femininity.
>and their preferences are the product of their mental illnesses not aesthetic impulses of a higher kind.
Attraction towards and preference for supernormal stimuli aren't high minded it's literally lizard brained shit. Moids are mentally ill, yes, but not in the sense they are tortured, brooding neurotics. They are retarded coom monkeys.

I don't think female sexuality is the same and you can't use your own personal preferences to try and pontificate how moids think.

Anonymous 115619

moids never mature past the age of 10 and estrogen is their grown-up version of girl cooties.

Anonymous 115621

>signifiers of youth
Well that's makes sense, they seem to equate girliness with femininity after all. I just found issues with how you've used "supernormal female stimuli" instead of "supernormal feminine stimuli", which would be more fitting to describe their preferences. I agree with you in everything else though!

Anonymous 115622

Sorry my bad, I meant feminine.

Anonymous 115639

I think someone linked further up thread that estrogen is likely the cause for mammalian violence but yeah i am confused about Testosterone being the weakest hormone in our system just as much

Anonymous 115640

How common is this?

Anonymous 115641

I do side eye black women that don't criticize their moids and only have bad shit to say about "the karens". African men regardless where you are grossly misogynistic and violent so you'd think they'd have more fingers to point at their own and the women who baby and enable their sons while treating their daughters like living in overparentified/ adultified servants/ winch combined with black women being oversexualized by others and oversexualizing themselves is just a storm of uncomfortableness/ sadness for me; like how common it is for black girls to be denied decent childhoods/.
Its not even them complaining about white women inherently that gets my eyebrows raising ( white women can be wealthy and sometimes very racist and condescending regardless of political alignment? Shockers) just only complaining about em ig

Anonymous 115691

Does anyone have a copypasta with real studies and statistics to show whiny scrotes who use cherry-picked unsourced graphs about dating sites?

Anonymous 115696

Can you post the link?

Anonymous 115709

Do you live in the bible belt?

Anonymous 115712

Huh, never though of that. Pretty eye opening concept and it actually explain quite a lot too.

Anonymous 115713

Buut putting a mouth near a dick is a-OK. I hate this fucking double standards, at least the guys I fucked try to returned the favor. I say try because I don't like getting eaten, never did.

Anonymous 115727

Imagine using dating apps and sites as a basis for how relationships are conducted in the first place

Anonymous 115729

I'm already there. :)

Anonymous 115730

ever notice how (heterosexual) moids are disgusted by vulva? just sit with that awareness. they're repulsed by the sex organ they're supposed to be attracted to. meanwhile, lesbian women adore it.

Anonymous 115731

It is pretty bizarre to hear Het man not liking to go down on women or how oral is rarely focused in Het porno if it's male gaze-y.

Like danm sucking coochie is nice! There as good as the titty

Anonymous 115747

is it getting super common for men to leverage some sort of mental issue to manipulate others, especially women? and it has completely flown under the normie radar?

so far I've heard "he threatened to commit suicide if I broke up with him–and then a week after we broke up he hooked up with his friend" type stories way too much in recent years for it to be a coincidental trend. And a lot of other very…very linear instances of men pretty much playing their "mental illness" like a trap card, clockwork (i.e., to guilt trip women into sleeping with them or doing something). Careless disregard for the other persons' emotions is normal, so…yeah, hello, casually talking about killing yourself with it not seeming like a cry for help. In turn, I see particularly vulnerable women be completely devastated by such rhetoric, with guilt often making them more pliable. To even just feel as if something so seemingly horrifying could be disingenuous and manipulative is…well, taboo.
I also am not surprised male suicide rates are such a massive talking point used against women too when even on the micro-scale it's used as an agenda so much.

Alternatively, imagine a fuck boy that talks about how he was cheated on…on the first date…with all his first dates. Yes, that guy totally is being vulnerable–no, chances are, he's posturing intimacy.
Or a textbook abuser that's able to play with peoples' emotions and turn people against a woman (also is why misogynistic communities are so good at gassing one another up, they come up with a talking point that makes women look as horrible as possible and repeat it millions of times; i.e., victim blaming, so men can absolve other men of all responsibility for their sins). In the meantime, there's a theme of Pickmes getting made fun of by men despite literally doing what men wanted them to (i.e., slut shamed, victim blamed, etc.) or actually HUMANIZING questionable men more than even other men have ever done.

there's still conspiratorial whispers of women "hating" male vulnerability or showing emotions despite it becoming a bizarre mating strategy for some men.

Anonymous 115749

my boyfriend of nearly 2 years who i planned to marry (military and my family being rtarded) told me last night after finally meeting him LDR that he didnt feel anything, didnt want to marry and didnt know if he wanted to live alone or not. i sobbed. AMA

Anonymous 115750

Sorry to hear that anon. If it makes you feel better, at least it happened before you planned or even went through with the marriage.

Don't waste time waiting for him to make his mind up. A guy that wants you won't have to think about it. Throw him back and find someone new.

Anonymous 115760

that's what I fear with my LDR bf.

anyway, sorry x2, anon. I agree with the other person about maybe backing away from him. In situations like this I notice the guys sometimes get interested again when she begins pulling away/not being accessible to him/finds someone else. make sure you don't fall for false hope.
most guys are pretty settled by their first impression/feeling about a girl.

any reason why you wanted to post this to the PP thread?

Anonymous 115806

There's a chance you might get those things while you're being looked down upon and in most cases abused; and as soon as you are not decent looking you are "completely worthless" and get nothing

Anonymous 115903

Wonder why they aren't focusing on the fact that sex before the age of 16 increases the risk of getting cervical cancer in women.

Anonymous 115905

Where are the fucking bags and the rings? Not like those are actually of any use, but most men don't want to spend their money on that unless you're willing to let yourself get violated.

Anonymous 115906

Funny how "women's nature" needs to be bashed but "men's nature" of salivating at schoolgirls and directing their unreasonable amount of rage at innocent people is fine and here are 1654 reasons as to why it's completely fine for men to behave that way

Anonymous 115907

>Feminism is now about every other group and "white cis women" are the ultimate evil and acceptable targets.
It's hilarious how white men complain about being seen as the ultimate evil oppressors because a bunch of teenage girls post "why are men like this" on twitter sometimes. They still have most power over society as a whole.
Ah yes, one of the most vulnerable demographic of people said a mean thing about le poor men. Now let's ignore all the shitting on women because they deserve it.

Anonymous 115908


ok…so…anons, how do you unironically stop being self conscious and wanting male attention?

don't get me wrong, like, I spent my teen years not adjusting myself to be what boys wanted, I just lived my life. But the problem was I was, despite tomboying, extremely self conscious and fixated on how I came across, especially to people (and yes I looked fucked up…I thought I looked normal BTW–what I didn't know is that people thought I looked like some hulking school shooter). It also didn't help that I have an insane libido.

I never ended up getting any male attention; even when relatives were gasping at my supposed weight loss glow up I saw no difference in how men looked at me and…I've come to realize that I will never be desirable or feminine and that I was being really dumb for even expecting anything ever to happen. It's a glitch in my programming, I know that now.

Problem is while I've improved somewhat I still often go out, keenly seeing myself over and over again and it's really just fucked up. It isn't like I am confident…just the opposite…but I keep on being worried about the way I come across or fixated on looking good. Like, I was taught somehow to want the high of male validation without getting ANY in my entire life (I'm in my 20s and literally have never seen 1 sign that a guy has found me fuckable, let alone lovable).

Anonymous 115909

Reminds me of that time that read a typical for my country incel post that women's vaginas are dirtier than dicks. He said some bullshit about how "you can't clean inside of the vagina" and how they start to smell if you don't wash them. Jfl how retarded do you have to be? Do dicks not start to smell if you don't wash them? That their piss and their cum comes out of the same hole? "Dick cheese" isn't a made up term either. Vaginas literally fucking self-clean, that's why we have discharge.

Yet they don't wash their assholes and think it's completely fine.

Anonymous 115910

Also worth noting the ""not like the other" moids who pretend to be disgusted at dolled up/bimbo-ish women and say they're attracted to natural beauty. They're usually attracted to what is essentially just another form of femininity, like young/childish features (this goers beyond looks). So basically hebephilia.

Anonymous 115911

Idk, plenty of het women also find dick repulsive. Well at least women have a reason to be repulsed by them, there is 0 reason to be repulsed by vagina unless you're a gay male.

Anonymous 115918

Seriously anon, being seen as "fuckable" is not the only thing that should make you feel good. There's no need to get attention from the opposite sex to feel fulfilled. There are so many other things that define who you are, learn to value those more instead.

Anonymous 115919

All sexual desire is selfish because it makes specific demands of people. Regardless of whether or not a moid prefers traditional beauty or something different, he’s still going to devalue women that are otherwise unless he’s willing to compromise. The toxic thing about male sexuality isn’t that it has an oppressive set of standards but that it refuses to compromise and consider the needs and desires of women. How often have people complained here about subby men demanding specific treatment from women and not negotiating these things with their partners? It’s because even if what they desire can be seen as subversive, their inability to compromise with women on that desire ultimately maintains the power dynamic

Anonymous 115920

males have degraded even further in the modern age - meaning it is not so shocking you have not received positive male attention since they are so gutless now and don't bother pursuing a female.

what killed my internal male gaze and to want to appeal to them?
it was realization I had as an adult that no matter what you do, who you are, how you conduct yourself, they do not respect you in a basic way. they do not think you are really human. you have no theory of mind to them. I truly did not realize this well until adulthood; it's not like I sort of knew while growing up and was in denial of it. it was a very ugly realization for me later in life.
they don't respect a "Stacy." they don't respect a woman that's not a "Stacy." they will stick their penis into a bench at a public park then turn around and demand endless perfection out of women. they will fuck anything they can get but even if some of them manage to score a beautiful or modest or whatever woman - she is not respected. she is only a "hole" to them. perhaps some women are beautiful to them but she is just a "beautiful slut" to them. even when one of us checks off all of their boxes they think nothing of using insults.
all of this to say: you can't win with them.

when I figured out essentially none of them (or none of them at all) will ever subscribe to the idea that you, a woman, has a nuanced internal mental landscape… I simply lost interest. why should I appeal or want to appeal to what cannot even see me as truly alive?

add in things like they, apparently, regularly do not actually wipe/clean after relieving themselves (at least in the U.S.) and how much of a risk dating or being married to one is…

additionally, having a female fall in love with me made me realize how lacking males' love has been for me (although I am aware she is an unusual type, she is intense).

food for thought.

Anonymous 115921

you are correct but women don't go around IRL or online and talk about how filthy penises are except for extreme outliers like Crystal Cafe here. men recreationally love to talk about how repulsive they find vulvas/vaginas.

not to derail but ever notice how homosexuals (male and female) both have an appreciation for the sex organs they like but heterosexuals are not really the same?
>t. sadly unironic penis enjoyer

Anonymous 115922

sub males are almost always so fucking weird.
>yes, mistress, now spank me just how I like, harm me exactly how I want, make this how I demand it to be
submissive males that live to actually serve a woman and do what SHE wants seem to be rare which seems backwards to me.

Anonymous 115923

That’s because it doesn’t matter if someone desires to be sexually submissive or not, they still have specific sexual preferences and so what matters is whether or not they’re willing to work with their partner instead of imposing their preferences. Being a dom or sub doesn’t matter as much as being a considerate partner that’s willing to communicate and compromise

Anonymous 115924

anon, my conundrum came about from already knowing there is more than being cute/appealing.
it also isn't the only thing that makes me feel good and I've long since accepted it was bizarre. this is very much a more animalistic reaction that I don't at all entertain logically. for example I go out and…so much of my default has to do with extreme self awareness rather than just authentically living.

Anonymous 115928

speaking only for myself, should someone come to me and say they want to be submissive to me and serve me then it is about what I want.
which has happened. if that is a little psychopathic so be it.

any and all males deserve nothing less.

Anonymous 115929

already agree, think some of my problem is that I was always kind of…pinkpilled but still struggle with my excessive self consciousness. some people just be going outside and not giving a fuck at all what people think…I'm jealous of that tbh.

Anonymous 115931

more women should be slightly psychopathic. that's how we win.

Anonymous 115932

Western nations now claim males can be females. you can more or less stop caring about what insane things society says and demands now.

Anonymous 115935

I never understood why anyone treats fucking like it's an act or a hobby. it was bizarre looking into BDSM for the first time in my life and seeing that they consider it a kind of pretend play. I enjoy being served in a multitude of ways around the clock. they want to throw out all the rules of polite society but in a funny overly structured way, prescribing certain rules while pursuing a supposedly "lawless" dynamic.

Anonymous 115936

I’m going to give a non insane answer about the subby men problem since no one else seems to want to. As dumb as the other anon is the problem that’s being complained about exists, i.e overly demanding male subs. The reason is because gender dynamics don’t magically disappear in BDSM and men tend to be more demanding and entitled than women so you end up with male subs that are controlling about sex and make it all about them

Anonymous 115938

not any of those anons, but the topic of male subs is very interesting to me. I've noticed some women really playing up how much they want a submissive guy while failing to really understand that there's a difference between a male sub…and a bum that wants a mom. Most men seen as male subs fit into the latter category. most women that think mommying such a man overrate how viable it is in the long-term.

Anonymous 115939

cannot agree more. most submissive men are just as misogynistic as any other male. yes being called mommy is hot but being treated like a warm hole and a mother figure at the same time is NOT fun

moral of the story is moids and their dicks are not worth it.

Anonymous 115955



What sort of attention do you crave from them?

Don't feel that you need to be fuckable before being lovable. It should be the other way around. If a man is genuinely interested in you, he won't care how you're dressed or how you look, I speak from personal experience. As another anon pointed out, looking fuckable shouldn't be your priority. It's a guarantee to attract the worst kind of men.

Males who go out of their way to approach a woman stranger because she was cute are of low quality, the only thing they have to themselves is looks (and even then, not always the case). If you were to actually talk to one, you'd see that their IQ is sub-brick at best, they can't hold a normal conversation and will view you as an object of fascination for 5 minutes and leave. Why would you want such filth to even look at you, much less interact with you? They're repulsive.

Once you realize you are above them, the appeal of getting this sort of attention will cease to exist.

Unless, of course, you just want a quick fuck. Then they're all yours, all you have to do is just smile at one and he'll probably end up following you home.

Anonymous 115957

I've found that of all the men who self-identify as submissive maybe 10% actually. The rest are spineless speds and the thirstiest motherfuckers you'll ever meet, constantly overstepping boundaries and acting like little shits in order to get someone to "dom" them. They also love flooding you with TMI about their weird fetishes and basically consider you their personal sex object from the moment they know you have femdom tendencies. In short, they're the same nasty creeps as any other moid but they're too beta to be as rapey so they go for the """"submissive"""" act, basically just a step above troons. I've noticed that in any good femdom scene where the misbehaving moids get culled all the subs will eventually end up being women.

Anonymous 115969

And there are just intelligent easy going guys who you get to know over a long period. Cute.. not desperate …because they spend more time thinking and working on things and themselves. Like you.. you develop a fun casual relationship overtime. The kinda guy that's balanced internally. Theyre dynamic and have a spine, so there's a challenge there. Usually open minded. If you're lucky you eventually find out they're a SWITCH. The switch is ideal imo. Only thing is if you actively go looking for them you'll never find them ahahaaaaa

Anonymous 115977

There are women only lands. Why don't you take a break and go spend a summer at one? I promise you, you will feel nothing but pity for the you who cried after such a worthless man after you spend a summer shearing sheep, sharing stories, and learning the worth of women.

Anonymous 115978

You mean the amerimutt "culture". Bidets exist in Europe and everyone uses them. America is also the country where it's considered perfectly normal for a grown male to walk around in flip-flops and a sports jersey

Anonymous 115981

Imagine unironically believing this. If he has you tied up and he starts raping you, even if you say no and your safe word, you're still not in charge. Only he gets to decide to stop raping you.

Anonymous 116034

background 2.jpg

Hello im very very new here and reading some threads theirs some common terminology that I dont understand, that being "pink-pilled".
The way I interpret it being "pink-pilled" is a sort of philosophy or cognition that expands past the idea that all society's are built upon hierarchy/patriarchy? Is it demeaning certain archetypes of women in our patriarchal society? Or possibly the idea that since all societies expect women preform a sort of "performative femininity" that all women are inherently subjected and restricted into a common role/lifestyles?

I really wanna learn more about the philosophy here its super fucking interesting, is their any books that anyone could link me to so I could get a better understanding all of yours world views?

Anonymous 116049


question, what is up with tradwife/female redpillers? I barely understand how they work in conjunction to male redpillers because…male redpillers tend to be massive degenerates that would be retarded to actually make the father of your children.
Like, they don't ACTUALLY want to be a faithful family man who actually wants to be a good dad or husband….they pretty much just idealize the STATUS related to fathering children.
Many are pornsick and would use their misogyny to justify cheating on their future tradwife and neglect their children…so basically the system is designed around manipulating a woman into what she thinks is an idyllic married life when it really is being a broodmare for thankless men in most cases. Oh, also, as per usual, they basically don't respect or value any woman. They remotely kind of value cute teen virgins but really no one else. Even the wives they marry whose virginity they took they don't even really value in most cases, other than as obedient pets.

Anonymous 116065

women are guilty of humanizing moids, while moids are guilty of dehumanizing women

Anonymous 116076

>They remotely kind of value cute teen virgins
Value, sure, but it's nothing that the girls can really benefit from. They are valued from the perspective of a male. Moids just want to fuck them and ruin them.How can a teen virgin translate this into anything worthwhile? Nothing can be gained that isn't the same as short-term prostitution.
These moids do not respect cute teen virginal girls, when they were surrounded by them as they themselves were in school, you know they seethed and resented these prudish, cockteasing "stacies".

Anonymous 116077

you're putting too much thought into it
pinkpill is just a reaction to redpill as it is used in incel/pua circles, which basically boils down to women bad, and with pinkpill becomes men bad

Anonymous 116118

I agree with you but what about moids that have relationships? if they see us as objects why do they commit to us? I knew this guy who cheated on her gf and was a flirt with every decent looking girl he knew, but he refused to end his relationship and was always talking about how much he loves his gf, the traits of her he liked, how he spent a lot of money on gifts for her, the positive experiences they had together etc etc. He was (and probably is) a cheater bastard but still brags about loving her and I realized he did enjoy her company and effectively has long term projects with her. Is it love? is it just a safe, stable place for him?

Anonymous 116119

Because cheaters often overcompensate; a lot of the ones that feel some measure of guilt end up being slimy about it and just making up via artificial, often materialistic means.

Tbh, moids are particularly liable to do it in particular. They think saying the opposite of what their actions are "corrects" the action sometime.

Anonymous 116135

>making up via artificial, often materialistic means
Yes that's exactly what i was thinking. It's pathetic. It's just temporary patch to a deeper problem. How the fuck they live with themselves like this. The worst part it's that he's a narcissistic douchebag who feeds his ego with the fact he has a big cock (everyone on the workplace knows it because of a stupid anecdote) and suppossedly having a syndrome that makes him ''highly sensitive'' to stimuli. He acts condescending to everyone like he's the hottest, wiser shit ever. Goddamn men are delusional.

Anonymous 116139

Holy shit.
>I began to strongly suspect that Alexis might be struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, which was later confirmed while he was in rehab.
And yet moids say that women with BPD are the worst.

Anonymous 116143

How to reconcile a radfem ideology with daily life style? I have to interact with scrotes daily but I'm still autistic about how to actually treat them

Anonymous 116145

Avoid moids and choose women (pick female cashiers at the grocery store, etc). If you have to talk to a moid, make it brief and keep small talk to a minimum to none.

Anonymous 116146

males admire BPD moids, look at sam hyde and all of his cronies. Some unfunny narc coomer con artist and internet guru (sigma male grindset) has thousands of other moids in line to suck his dick

Anonymous 116162

Not only that but women who have suffered trauma are often wrongly diagnosed with BPD when they actually have CPTSD.

Anonymous 116168


Again I see trad/white supremacist moids having race wars on porn sites… spamming based hyperborean white women gobbling cock for money to combat the "jewish poison" of non-white women gobbling cock for money. Moids are absolutely subhuman.

This is on /gif/ btw, a porn board where moids post sissy hypno, bbc, and videos of people being skinned alive. Such men of honor, a true credit to their race.

Anonymous 116169

Men with bpd: serial stalkers, harassers, abusers, groomers, narcissists, manipulators, grifting scum of the earth.
society: look at these logical, machiavellian philosophers and entrepreneurs.
Women with bpd: post on lolcow, cut themselves, get groomed on discord
society: these are the worst human begins to exist

Anonymous 116172

psychopathic seems kind of silly and extreme. isn't ruthless enough?

Anonymous 116185

You haven't dealt with an histrionic bpd woman as a mom/ friend have you?
Bpd is a shit ilness in general but i bet dudes have it more anyhow do to generally havimg cluster b traits even when regular. Also likely to have their bpd classed as a mood disorder like bipolar or have it slapped as NPD or ASPD

Anonymous 116186

Anon just avoid that shithole of male mental illness. It's not good for you.

Anonymous 116197

Ngl, I am still pretty weirded out by how males can emotionally separate a stable, healthy relationship from their sexual preferences. As in, he isn't turned on by things being normal. Has to be taboo/paraphilias. And then acting like that's an acceptable life path.

The saddest part is when they won't admit they have pornrot. There is nothing healthy about looking at interracial cuck porn every day, or thinking that hiring hookers will give you a good sex life.

If hiring hookers was enough, why do incels still cry themselves to sleep at night?

Anonymous 116199

It makes me laugh when people mistake extreme fetishes that arise from an overwhelmed, overstimulated mind are a "need".

Also, even if incels got a partner they will probably be unsatisfied because most have basically taught themselves to expect a level of eternal novelty, subservience, selflessness, and cuteness from women that women can never indefinitely give them.

Anonymous 116200

I mean, for example, most incels are probably matched to middle aged women lookswise, but they are in denial of it and think they are entitled to a young skinny white virgin.
However, even someone like that loses her luster eventually.

It comes down to eternally chasing that which is fleeting and really about status and posturing.

Anonymous 116201

I laugh even harder when I read stories of men who pursued their cuck fetishes IRL, and then ended up actually hating it or denying that it degrades self-value and mental health.

Even the incels into MILFs because of their mommy issues instead of the "female eternal youth" kind are honestly pretty selfish and shitty too, I've come to find.

Anonymous 116217

>men recreationally love to talk about how repulsive they find vulvas/vaginas.
It's just moids bonding over demeaning/dehumanizing women. Women dont really bond over that.
>not to derail but ever notice how homosexuals (male and female) both have an appreciation for the sex organs they like but heterosexuals are not really the same?
I don't know much about how gays and lesbians view sexuality and stuff, but porn has a major impact on that. Porn is gross, vulgar and sometimes violent, and considering that the majority of men and probably women watch it starting from their childhood, they just kinda learn that repulsiveness/vulgarity is arousing. Therefore describing genitals/sexual acts/bodies in gross or demeaning ways is seen as sexually appealing/arousing

Anonymous 116218

This is why the pro-porn argument "b-but femdom exists! checkmate!!" is retarded

Anonymous 116219

>I hope nobody breaks it to you someday that the one actually in charge of a BDSM situation is the man though.
Ftfy. Everything else is a cope

Anonymous 116220

They enjoy shallow fake respect from tradmoids, while also idealizing their worldview, most of them are varg's retards, so if you watch thuleanperspective you'll see how insanely stupid and naive they are.

Anonymous 116221

Men don't usually see other men as stereotypes, especially if they can relate to them.

Anonymous 116231


I see evidence of this every single day.

Anonymous 116234

Exactly, even fem"dom" is a male thing in 99% of cases. It's like saying that cuckoldry as a fetish (unsurprisingly, another moid preference) is not misogynistic and often racist too.
Femdom as males like it is born out of the belief that women are naturally submissive, and that a woman being in charge is a "perversion" of "nature". Men, being the degenerates they are, get off to doing things that feel "wrong" or "unnatural".

Anonymous 116245

Anonymous 116246

The blackpill in a nutshell

Anonymous 116247

Tags on e-hentai are absolutely retarded, more so than usual.
Example: Moids think that "DILF" is any middle-aged man so all of their disgusting NTR porn with faceless old ugly bastards has that tag. That's not helpful for finding middle-aged men who are actually attractive.
The vast majority of porn is made by and for men (or by women who were groomed into drawing shit for moids).
e-hentai is a site for males, even the BL doujins that are uploaded there get low scores because moids can't stand the fact that women also like to post stuff that caters to them. I'd say all porn sites are for moids.
If you want het stuff made for women (such as femdom that isn't typical maleshit), or just some easier way to find the content you would like to see, you have to use some other site, like DLsite if you know Japanese, or obscure blogs and Japanese wikis.
check the hidden board's thread on why hentai is for males

Anonymous 116260

funny how right wing moids accuse women of causing le downfall of civilization (screeching about the globohomo agenda) yet they're the ones promoting porn culture and trooning out en masse. scrotes really are a bunch of worthless hypocritical faggots.

Anonymous 116277

Pretty much this
They are bitter at progressive white women for joining in on the kick a white man game and now that they are turning on white women they look on with glee. Because every white woman is one of those women that jumped on the white male bashing train apparently. I suppose they get that impression because that is the only kind of people you see in media. Progressive race baiting snarky cunts. Collage is full to the brim with them too

Anonymous 116291


I mean, they aren't doing such things more than left winged moids. But in my experience they're the worst simps for other men. They routinely worship the degeneracy of other men and basically make a system where they homoerotically worship it, no matter how much damage it causes to society (or women) because they're too scared of actually challenging their hivemind, but then if it gets too weird like trooning out they do a 180 and rage at it. They think it's because they have values when in reality it's just about increasing the status of that which their depravity makes them pathologically obsessed with (i.e., having sex). Gatekeeping, basically.

And, yes, in the meantime, they actually hold women to 100x higher virtue standards than they do other men.

Anonymous 116295

Jealousy from men towards women?

Anonymous 116302

Yeah "natural beauty" to men always means "the youthful glow of a 12 year old", make no mistake

Anonymous 116303

>when I figured out essentially none of them (or none of them at all) will ever subscribe to the idea that you, a woman, has a nuanced internal mental landscape
This is still so hard for me to comprehend, but I came to the same realization pretty fast after seeing how they talk about women online

Anonymous 116308

NTA, but that's reaching and makes you seem like the one who lacks empathy and/or are male. "well, if you don't want to be treated like a subhuman by half of the population, just do X. what you're saying has 0 validity."

obviously that anon wasn't directly wanting "then men will know I have a deep, nuanced mind!" back then. and moreover, there's a problem if this situation was to her already rigged against her. She wanted to be treated like a basic human being…she didn't get that. Presumably, she got a little bit of that from women, didn't from men, so, naturally, she inferred stuff based off that.
Also, what you said makes it seem like insecure people that try compromising to fit in or in hopes of being liked by people. in fact almost everyone adjusts their behavior for that end. is a lot a bad thing? yes. though let me remind you…we're talking about a girl that was being treated like a subhuman based off what she said.

also your implication that women are treated by men based off whether or not they're insecure and not really much else is just wrong. it has a contribution to the end result, whatever it is, but it's a lie to say it leads directly to "Y".
many, many men don't even like confident or very secure women and ironically sometimes humanize insecure women more (which is fucked up but happens) too, for example. these things aren't clear cut.

growing a backbone is needed but you acting like there's some sort of insidious undertone to an anxious, insecure person trying to compromise to be treated like a human being is fucked.

Anonymous 116311

Boiling it down to that is reductive though. For example, if one wanted to be seen as professional by others and get more respect, someone could groom themselves and fashion themselves in a certain way, etc.
This "works" for that end. You are insinuating that there's no way doing something to get a specific reaction from people works in any context. People adjust their behaviors all the time in hopes for something. It's just getting something like respect and being valued is a lot more complex than that.

Also, you insinuated she'd get "Y" without an inferiority complex and blamed it on the fact that she was ever trying to adjust her behavior to get Y. So you basically acted like doing the opposite…on a linear scale…would have given her what she wanted. I agree about the sentiment that she shot herself in the foot either ways and that in many contexts people really don't have that much power to influence how people feel about them. I think anon kind of lost the moment she tried appeasing men. But not in the "she lost out on getting Y" way like you claimed.

Anonymous 116316

Thinking correctly or not still didn't get her basic respect so really, does it matter?

Anonymous 116318

What's hating men for the proper or correct reasons for you? Realising that even after going out of her way to show that she wasn't a one dimensional figure with boobs ( basically straining herself to do something that should be a given to anyone with brain cells) she came to the conclusion that she really wasn't the issue persay and showed disappointment in trying so hard for something that either doesn't exist or isn't worth it in the end to try so hard for.

Anonymous 116320

I think both can be related/ not mutually exclusive tbh. You can be critical of men and the way they treat others and have your own experiences and anecdotes backing it up. I'm sure people in this thread had their loved ones and themselves done wrong and that's usually people's first wake up call / pink pill to be critical of men, patriarchy and society in general anyhow

Anonymous 116326

Personally i see why she did what she did even if it wasn't the best strategy and would at least cut her some slack. Wanting respect let alone admiration out of others is a common enough desire even if she did the mistake of seeking it out from men in the first place at the cost of herself.

Anonymous 116330

Yeah i get it, now to change subjects-
Anyone else get a lil frustrated by tradwives acting like there very oppressed but still doing something very expected out of them? Just grinds my gears a lil bit. I do think people will criticize any woman regardless of whatever choices they made but i still feel a weird annoyance of it.

Anonymous 116342


redpill me on this, what percentage of men are pedos/hebes/etc.?

Anonymous 116343

Most males are opportunistic pedophiles, virtually all males are hebephiles.

Anonymous 116344

Tradwives unfortunately believe they can perform their way out of misogyny, ironically by the most misogynistic men.
I have never seen a group of women get more abuse from moids than trad wives/larpers.

Anonymous 116347

/gif/ fried the brains of some guys i know.

Anonymous 116349


>first shift with male coworker
>he admits to being okay with loli
>has a gf
>interacts with customer's little girl
>"haha can't wait to be a dad!"
My other male coworker is a decent dude afaik but I'm already wary of this one.
Not to start the "um it's 2D not real!!!!1" debate since no matter what it leaves me with a weird feel, man.

Anonymous 116366

>does he just wear a "I love lolis" lapel or something
lmao that reminds me of some scrote who was a classmate of mine in college and had a pin with the fucking HentaiHaven logo on his backpack. How the fuck do moids think that is that acceptable?

Anonymous 116370


Comparatively testosterone itself is pretty weak most most men in their 20’s have about 700 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) and should have around 2-10 ng/dl of estrogen (estradiol and estrone) their blood.

Compared to women who have about
15-70 ng/dl of testosterone and about 3-50 ng/dl of estrogen in their blood

Just for the function men have about 10-15 times the amount of test than women and women only need about 1-5 times the amount of estrogen.
Another telling thing about the power of estrogen vs testosterone is when men try to transition it’s recommended that they stay within the 20ng/dl estrogen range but when men are on testosterone replacement they easily exceed 1000ng/dl ranges literally super physiological.

Anonymous 116373

Casual talk about anime and he mentioned one with loli elements. I said it grosses me out and he said he's not a perv about loli but is okay with it as a part of anime, basically.
Weeb guys are always weirdly open about this stuff. For better or for worse. Worse that they like it but better to know quickly.

Anonymous 116380

That's a really niche info and you know why lmao. I can't really find ref rn sorry, but what I meant by it being rather weak is that it doesn't really have a very prominent role in our endocrine system and is more of a supportive hormone if anything.

Anonymous 116461

I am tired of my friend reposting quasi feminist posts only to not all men them shit.

Anonymous 116463

>I said it grosses me out and he said he's not a perv about loli but is okay with it as a part of anime, basically.
>say something grosses you out
>shocked when the conversation moves to it

Are you a sperg and just expected him to not comment on anything? If anything it sounds like you brought notice to it and he was just giving his thoughts since you also gave your thoughts.

Anonymous 116492

hot take: it isn't a "need" for men to have sex or watch porn or whatever. It's only framed as such because on average, men are greedier, less prosocial, and more likely to abandon restraint to get what they want. They have instead repackaged it as being more of a point of vulnerability because they've fried their dopamine receptors so much, that many, if not most, men have become fixated on that high. porn basically creates more of a craving and desire over time for such things, for example. it doesn't "fulfill" desire in actuality, it expands it overtime.
so, next time you see a male say sex is his love language, it's because he's a zombie and also is probably using rhetoric against you.

males in history have been quite depraved, don't get me wrong. it's just the shape of their depravity have shifted.
and massive amounts of women are basically conforming to that shape while insisting that it's empowering.

Anonymous 116493

This is one of the least hot takes in this thread, you're not "out there" by any standards for miners who commonly post here.

A real hot take would be that transmen are just as abusive and misogynistic as cismen.

Anonymous 116495

tbh that isn't really a hot take for the standards of CC either. I just like attaching hot take to my theories.

Anonymous 116498

Yes? And he said he is unfazed by sexualized little cartoon girls. That was my main point. Other anons were the ones wondering why we were talking about it.
I'm not shocked by the topic itself coming up (as you said, I brought attention to it), it's the content of his answer and that he kind of enjoys it. Which…also isn't shocking I guess.
A lot of weebs are lolicons, I know.

Anonymous 116500

>implying they’re not just groomed into overcompensating in their chase of the male ideal, which is impossible to reach without having a penis
>they don’t realize that no matter how dudebro-y they act, they’ll never be one of the moids, since they do not produce sperm
Stop victim blaming. It makes you sound like a tranny yourself tbh.

Anonymous 116501

You don’t star praising apartheid to a black person who mentions it, dunce. You never praise apartheid in the first place, because it was immoral.

Anonymous 116505

See? >>116500 That's how you get miners going.

Anonymous 116507

Your original post made it sound like he brought this up out of the blue, as opposed to you bringing up. Let me frame it this way: normal people don't know about lolicon. Whether you think about lolicon being good, bad, or neutral, you are weird purely based on the fact you are not only aware of lolicon but have an opinion on it, and not only that, vocalize it. That's weird. Good, bad, whatever? Who fucking cares. All I know is that normal people don't even know lolicon exists.

>You don’t star praising apartheid to a black person who mentions it, dunce.
You praise it behind their back like a civilized person?
>You never praise apartheid in the first place, because it was immoral.
True enough I suppose, not enough emotional distance yet for a discussion.

Anonymous 116508

lolll, I'm >>116495 and I'm pretty confused but enjoying whatever is happening.

Anonymous 116509

He recommended an anime to me with known lolicon (and also shota) elements so I correctly assumed he knew what loli was. I'm not harassing normies about it, anon.
I guess my op was very unclear that my main point of contention was the whiplash of some men being very casual about lolicon yet desiring daughters. Sorry guys.

Anonymous 116510

just saw a male get pissed at women for being lonely and then say he laughs at women being raped and murdered because of it…and he thought the "narc" was women, and that women are the only ones that apparently look at hot Chads 24/7 and that men have way more realistic tastes.

how tf do so many men get so psycho? it's embarrassing.

Anonymous 116513

they're literally built to cum and die, if they live much longer they go insane

Anonymous 116514

yeah, I don't even begin to compute laughing at someone I don't like being murdered and then being proud of feeling that way and acting like I'm morally superior because of it.

Anonymous 116516

Haha yeah, why would anyone celebrate the death of another human being. No woman would do that.

gazes in the direction of the TERF thread

Anonymous 116517

wait, they did that before? haven't seen something like that yet but I'm not completely surprised.

Anonymous 116537

I thought it was clear

Anonymous 116543

i have a conundrum…id like to do volunteer work for a year abroad after i get a few years of job experience in my field, but ill be like 28 by that point… if i have a moid by then i sure doubt hed go with me. and i also doubt hed keep his wiener in his pants for a whole year while im gone. so either i need to alter my goals or stay single until im like 30. im leaning towards the latter right now but i think i need to get pinkpilled harder before i become convinced

Anonymous 116545

This, white women are Based.

Anonymous 116546

I despise scrotes who ruin women's hobbies so fucking much
Don't you have enough with everything else already catering to your degeneracy? for fuck's sake

Anonymous 116547


You realize there’s a difference between a man loving the idea of innocent women being raped and murdered, and a woman enjoying the misogynistic, perverted man, right? Did Hitler’s death make you sad too, anon?

Anonymous 116548

a woman enjoying the death of*

Anonymous 116561

Oh it's okay because you're morally correct. That's what the difference is, thank you for explaining.

Anonymous 116569

Why would I be angry if the problem literally solves itself? Aren't you the ones constantly echoing that all troons kill themselves in the end? Why waste the emotional input on something that literally takes care of itself?

Not like any of you are doing anything meaningful with your anger in that thread anyway. Frightfully and fully fucking boring. All you're doing is sitting in a thread stewing in your anger like a bunch of /pol/fags. No practical plans, no actual advice for what to do in real life, just complaining, complaining and more complaining that troons are awful and life fucking sucks.

I'll strike a deal with you, I'll start getting fucking angry when anyone in that thread manages to have a single interesting practical solution to the troon problem that isn't complaining and moaning.

Anonymous 116582

Why the fuck are you asking me permission? But hey, here's my answer: You're fine too, it makes you a psychopath, but it's fine to be a psychopath. As long as you're not in denial about "Oh they deserve it miner, that makes it okay to do this and makes it not psychotic." No, it's still psychotic, you've just found the lovely switch in your head that gives you permission to drop empathy and act psychotic. Go fucking nuts, do whatever you want, just don't be insufferably boring and in denial about what the act of celebrating death and pain.

Anonymous 116583

Make sure to buy some tissues for the next time a pedophile gets killed in prison. That one will be a real tear-jerker! Anyway, I have no reason to not feel joyful about the death of a misogynistic, perverted skinwalker.
Also, exactly this: >>116564

Anonymous 116584

See? Simple as. Be morally correct, you don't have to empathize with the morally wrong anymore.

Anonymous 116587

>the problem fixes itself anon, why are u even angry???
>oh no anon you're a psychopath!!
Hi Larping scrote

Anonymous 116588

You can't sit with us.

Anonymous 116593

GTFO moid, you stick out like a sore thumb

Anonymous 116597


testy testes, are we?

Anonymous 116599

You've already outed yourself scrote, go fuck off.

Anonymous 116604

Leave moid

Anonymous 116612

stay mad. i hope all misogynists die.

Anonymous 116614

remember folks, hating women is okay if she's white!

Anonymous 116659

Anonymous 116661

I don't know, thought it was a pretty profound lesson on how scrotes only take advantage of those who present and act like meek victims.
>When the gallery announced the work was over, and Abramović began to move again, she said the audience left, unable to face her as a person.

If it was purely about the scrotes inability to empathize they would have still confronted her at that point. There was a change in perception that occurred involving no change on the part of the scrotes.

Anonymous 116665


Males are extreme gender conformists and only see value in hypermasulinity. This is why they usually aspire to be some roided up gigachad instead of prince charming. They attract the attention and admiration of other men with their male only perspective. When they hear about women liking twinks they get extremely butthurt because it goes against their worldview. Look how much moids seethe over kpop boys, or any teen girl idols.
Males hate gender non-conformity, in both men and women. (This is also why they choose to troon out and roleplay hyperfemininity instead of accepting they are non-gigachad males)

Anonymous 116667

Males expect the absolute best behavior from women and all the empathy and emotional support we have to offer. No, fuck you. I don't care if some coomer in a dress kills himself because he doesn't look like a teenaged pornstar.
If you gave a shit about empathy go to scrote havens where they routinely dehumanize and abuse women, for no other reason that we exist.and start birching at them.

Anonymous 116669

NTA, but you sound like that anon that sperged out at me when I had a neutral response instead of an extreme one over a heated topic, basically criticizing me for having a complicated response.

Anonymous 116670

Anonymous 116671

Just an observation. You basically sound extremely male and/or autistic.

Anonymous 116675

>you don't have to empathize with the morally wrong anymore.
Am I supposed to see something wrong with not empathizing with pedophiles and perverts?

Anonymous 116676

Males dehumanize women for existing, because that's how the male mind operates. We are nothing but cock-warmers to them and it's in their best interest to relegate us to objects they can use and abuse at their discretion. I dehumanize males because they really are barely human. They are rape monkeys, with only a few notable exceptions. Maybe if they drop the violence, narcissism, and cooming I'd see them as humans on the same level as women.

Now stay mad, moid.

Anonymous 116677

definitely a moid. He is so vitriolic and abrasive in his replies while arguing we need to have such big hearts for violent incels.

Just admit you want women to coddle men's feefees and be their unconditional support base, just like mommy.

Anonymous 116685

I assumed it was the same as >>116516
and it was annoying to me…owing to how if literally saw "this is why I laugh at trannies getting raped and murdered" in the TERF thread I'd be extremely horrified–I haven't seen something like that yet. But I said what I did… because I've seen that brand of sadism and schadenfreude way, way, way more from men than women. I have never felt good at even an abusive males' pain though I will say I don't really care if karma kicks their ass. That's just it, idc if that makes me a psychopath.

Anyway, that anon has a similar energy to one of those tone deaf males yeeting into a conversation, say…about rape or something that men just do way more than women and then saying "but women rape men too!" Key: they don't actually give a fuck about the initial horror being committed that much. If someone is actually heartfelt, it shows. If someone is just a posturing egalitarian correcting people over a subject they don't give a fuck about, it shows. And, lol, wow, I find that behavior annoying…more annoying than someone that actually cares flinging shit. It's just such transparent derailing. It also might be the anon that basically confessed "she" doesn't actually give a shit about PPs and just wants to argue, which is why things felt off.

Otherwise, it's a very distinctly male thing in my experience. Not the challenging others, but the tone deaf pedantry.

Anonymous 116686

You don’t know what the word psychotic means.

Anonymous 116687

Yes, very psychotic to not care if coomer misogynists kill themselves for not being sexy enough in a dress.
>noo Io you can't notice male dysfunction or form an opinion in reaction to male dysfunction that makes you as bad as they are!!!
go back to reddit, moid
>dehumanizing an entire category of people
The identity of troons is formed around the dehumanization and commodification of women. So, I don't give a shit when they die and am not morally obligated to discuss the subject with kitten gloves and pretend like I care.

So much pearl clutching about women mocking violent coomer moids for being violent coomer moids, but no pearl clutching about the moids who kill these trannies. It's all just rhetoric used to browbeat women. And yes, it's very obvious this male doesn't deeply care about mentally ill men in dresses or "psychopathy" in others, he just want to neg women.

Anonymous 116688

Pearl clutching again implies I think you are wrong for acting psychotically. I can not give less of shit if you guys do, as long as you are intellectually honest with what it is you are doing. Yes you keep giving reasons why you are not being psychotic when those reasons being given are why you feel justified in being psychotic. I'm aware you have a vague sense that being psychotic is a bad trait, but I at least respect the one miner in the unpopular opinions thread who boldly states we should be more psychotic on average.

I don't give a shit that moids kill troons and I don't give a shit that troons kill themselves, just be more intellectually honest and less boring.

Fine, you want to tack on sadistic too? Would that make you feel better?

Anonymous 116691

Your definition of psychotic is not caring about tranny suicides.
But you don't care that I'm "psychotic".

Why are you even continuing the discussion? it's obvious you were trying at first to shame terfs with the psychotic accusation. Now being psychotic isn't actually bad, you don't want to change my mind, you "respect me", but also you're bored of this discussion and you don't care? You're just walking it back because you know you sounded like a whiney moid. Well now you just sound like an even whiner moid.

Being psychotic and sadistic is masturbating to the abuse and dehumanization of women, and masturbating to the abuse and dehumanization of women by roleplaying "femininity". If you want to neg anyone, go neg trannies, not the women justifiably mocking them.

Anonymous 116692

>Psychosis: a mental disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality.
>trannies=hecking valid identities worthy of respect
>terfs=disconnected with reality

Can moids to anything but project their own failures onto women? Literally just reverse everything males accuse women of and you'll find the truth.

Anonymous 116695

The fact that you're arguing this hard tells me you care a lot.
I will continue to mock mentally ill misogynists who kill themselves, while you continue being butthurt and hypocritical.
Reddit seems more you speed btw, they love jumping on women's cases for not being angels while defending men's disgusting and harmful sexual deviancy.

Anonymous 116697

random tangent, but while I sometimes dislike how hyperbolic it gets (though it is funny) in these threads, women really need to start dehumanizing men a bit more. Why? Because, well, many end up overhumanizing men and getting into horrible situations because of it. they can date awful men with little going for them, humanize them, then be victim blamed like clockwork, while the fact is that they humanized someone that really no one else did (not even other men). I see women generally overcompensating more for men than the other way around (they only think otherwise because many act like a man treating a nonstacy well means he's a delusional simp…even though doing stuff because you want pussy doesn't mean you humanize a woman…).

it's fascinating how much I've seen people, especially men, willfully (and not to mention suspiciously) refuse to at all allude to how women getting into bad relationships or bad situations with men wasn't because they were some flaming bitch that wanted some bad boy Chad, therefore, deserved to be abused,, but humanized a terrible male too much and overcompensated way too much on his behalf.

Anonymous 116698

>Reddit seems more you speed btw, they love jumping on women's cases for not being angels while defending men's disgusting and harmful sexual deviancy.
this tbh. people like >>116696 don't have the ovaries or balls to actually go challenge men over such shit despite men saying it way more. they said apparently that TERFs are psychotic as if it was a fact which is just…a generalization on par with your dehumanization of men, if not worse, then they turn around and disingenuously act like it's not an issue.
that pretty much was their "mask off" moment.
they even sound more like a psychopath than you, which is the irony here.

Anonymous 116699

oh. well. maybe the better word is sociopath. whatever.

Anonymous 116704

aren't you the anon that admitted you're just here to argue?

Anonymous 116705

You say that you’re not using “psychotic” in a demeaning way despite the word having a negative connotation. You obviously have a motive here and you’re not just some neutral observer. Is someone “psychotic” for wanting a murderer to get the death penalty? Does that make them “sadistic”?

Anonymous 116708

>Is someone “psychotic” for wanting a murderer to get the death penalty? Does that make them “sadistic”?
Depends, are you seeking it as the appropriate punishment for the action, are you celebrating and a hootin' and a hollerin' that the murderer is getting killed? Calls to mind a recent article I read about a family whose 2 year old was murdered by a woman who was a family friend. I could probably dig up the article if you want, but in essence, the family pushed for their to not be a death penalty as, paraphrasing, "Nothing the court does to her will give our child back or fill the hole she's left." Struck a cord with me that there actually are people in this world that would push for the murderer of their own daughter to not be persecuted under the full extent of the law because they don't seek or gain pleasure from violence inflicted to other people, even those who have personally wronged them. So we have a non-zero example of people pushing the opposite direction, one might even say too soft. I'm going to use this example as "100% definitely not psychopathic behavior" at least.

I'd say any celebration of horrible violence or death occurring to someone else is a psychotic tendency.
>but miner, that's the majority of people
And now you're starting to understand the social game you're in, filled with people who, when given proper permission by their ideology, get to be as psychopathic as they want, with full righteous indignation. Is that bad, good, or something in between? I don't know.

Anonymous 116709

yeah, can't get over the moid energy from that one. I don't even really hate trannies but it's transparent that anon had an agenda owing to how they somehow took someone talking about how they don't understand laughing at someone being raped or murdered and used it to bitch about the TERF thread. I'm kind of sure I've seen them elsewhere complaining on CC.

Anonymous 116710

It's not sociopathy. I have empathy and understand others, and can put myself in their shoes. I understand how and why men are the way they are, how and why they think the way they do. Any response to something harmful that isn't forgiveness or acceptance is not fucking sociopathy.
I do not hate men because I am incapable of seeing them as other human beings with theory of mind, I hate men because of their actions and how they treat women. If anything, you can call me a reactionary radfem.
Men hate and abuse women because they do not see us as human, they deem us to feminine and inferior, and objects to be used for pleasure, domestic labor, and breeding stock. They not only engage with the dehumanization of women but gain sexual gratification from humiliating, corrupting, and harming us.
I do not want men, I do not chase them, I do not rape them, I do not abuse them. I do not see them as inhuman tools and objects to use for my own benefit. You're thinking of the average male, who is much more sociopathic and narcisistic than anything you think I'm guilty of. This especially includes trannies.

You are simply a male who is trying to shame women into acting the way he desires. Your insults and negging are annoying and any level 1 feminist can see your bullshit.

Anonymous 116711

Funny how moids whine about women only desiring the top percentile of men, but when a woman gets into an abusive relationship with some average scrote, they say "well she should have picked better".

Honestly 80% of the male population needs to be culled.

Anonymous 116712

Males say trannyism is women's/feminism's fault but holy shit, most of the people who defend trannies and take sides with a tranny over a woman (not to mention trannies themselves are men).
It's like all males have solidarity and can will take the side of demented perverts over women, because they know these demented perverts are men, and any critique of them also reflects on other men.

Anonymous 116713

Uhhh, who is this? I'm agreeing with what you're saying completely, but you called me a male. I was referring to the other person who seems to lowkey…I don't want to say hate but not really be into rad feminism or pinkpills in general. Though I take back calling anyone psychopath/sociopath anyway. That person is just weirdly into semantics.

If you're who I think you are, I trusted that you probably wouldn't laugh at some tranny kid killing themselves or whatever.

Anonymous 116715

>Struck a cord with me that there actually are people in this world that would push for the murderer of their own daughter to not be persecuted under the full extent of the law because they don't seek or gain pleasure from violence inflicted to other people

You moralfags with your delusional egalitarian idea of the sanctity of all human life aren't actually as good of people as you think you are.
Forgiveness like this is what allows awful people to become emboldened and allows them to continue to hurt others in the future. Another child murderer living another day is not good for humanity on the whole. Some human beings deserve death, deserve punishment, deserve to be removed from society. Your sanctimony is not worth the suffering of others, despite how morally righteous it makes you feel.

So yes, I mock trannies who die. It's one less burden humanity has to deal with, less people suffering from their dysfunction and abuse.

People like you getting "proper permission by their ideology" a free pass keep these tumors on society alive, wasting resources, and harming others.

Anonymous 116719

>filled with people who, when given proper permission by their ideology, get to be as psychopathic as they want
Ah yes, what a neutral observer you are. Those evil TERFs are just using their twisted “ideology” to celebrate the death of the stunning and brave transgirls!
>Is that bad, good
I think you’ve made it very obvious how you feel.

Anonymous 116720

I'm still confused that the argument was unironically taken to implying psychopathy is that of someone wanting to see someone horribly punished over doing a fucked up thing that destroys another person. Don't think most people that'd enjoy such a thing would take glee out of it? More ruthless satisfaction. And plenty of it is just human…not psychopathic. A lot of those people wouldn't feel similarly towards an innocent person ever or in other contexts, that's not how psychopathy works. "well, unless you are 100 percent altruistic and benign when someone causes you irrevocable trauma, you might be psychopathic." which is really just a super creepy goalpost to set.

Think that anon might have a bizarre hang up about this all or something.

Anonymous 116721

This has to be a tranny lol, they all think terfs are terrorist.
Meanwhile, they ignore the moids who actually kill trannies. These moids killing them for the same reason they kill homosexuals, not any feminist ideology.

Again, it's just males expecting women to be absolutely perfect and morally upstanding while giving males a free pass to be as violent and antisocial as they please.

Anonymous 116722

Males project and think we want killers/rapists to be executed because we get some sort of sick thrill out of it.
It's more like the satisfaction of cleaning a dirty room or taking out the trash, not some coom fantasy.

Anonymous 116724

I know. It's such a "they want their cake and to have it too." They refuse to remotely acknowledge how most women get into horrible relationships besides acting like the first date was him being a 100/10 European super model that punched her in the face…and that she was asking for it because she has standards. As if standards for how a man act/behave with compassion and nontransactional generosity doesn't automatically rule out most men from the dating pool (and side note, it's not the worst thing ever if someone isn't like that, but it's just such a huge, shitfaced lie that men that desperately want sex and are adjusting their actions based off that are good people…like how the fuck is this even a thing? it's so insane).

While I know plenty of men aren't like that and it's a manosphere sentiment mostly, I notice victim blaming and apathy towards actual abuse being the norm among regular men (and sometimes virtuesignalling for wokefishing purposes…with maybe some genuinely caring). I wonder if men that have been abused find a lot of emotional, nonjudgmental support from other men IRL.

Anonymous 116725

idk, if they are a born female, I think they dislike pinkpills in general and are concealing their power level?

Anonymous 116732

>I wonder if men that have been abused find a lot of emotional, nonjudgmental support from other men IRL.

Lol, no.
They're being ridiculed.

Anonymous 116738

This exactly. And if anything getting a lot of emotional support isn't even that necessary. I never get emotional support and think I'm better off because of it. The thing is I don't believe in being an emotional void either. I journal and then leave it. I don't ignore my problems I'm extremely self-aware. Still I rarely tell anyone whats going on with me, I never get in the cycle of stewing on it and I'm actually way more resilient for it. I think talking about your problems excessively gets you sucked into them and focused on them too much. I'm convinced women are tricked into doing this, to keep them stuck in their own heads, insecure or depressed, or more unstable so they can be easier to take advantage of. So they are more likely to rely on men and feel helpless.

I used to be the opposite of what I am now. I am so convinced it is a manipulation tactic. Men who talk about not getting emotional support are just fucking with you.

Anonymous 116743

I think it's more like males think we have a big fun hug parties where we all gush over each other and have gay cuddles and kisses, that they're being deprived of. Let's not forget this is one of the reasons they believe we have life on easy mode.
They never ask for emotional support from other men. They want the hot cuddly uwu lesbian support, and that support entitles them to give up on their lives and coast from others taking care of them.

Males have this weird fetishistic view of all-female spaces.

Anonymous 116745

I think you should only talk about your issues if you seeking support or a way to fix them ( i.e you are shit out of luck how to begin fix something and google isn't helpful in the same way a caring person with life experience is) otherwise you should be able to at least be able to tell what you want and what's the best course of action to yourself

Anonymous 116749

>>otherwise you should be able to at least be able to tell what you want and what's the best course of action to yourself

And men are SO freaking good at that most of the time, to the point they use it to take advantage of us. I don't believe they are lacking in that department. I know so many women who have horrible learned helplessness blues. Not really through any fault of their own, but the way they were brought up. To focus on their weaknesses more, why they must fear predation more, it snowballs into something really draining and hard to describe. And then they're punished for doing what they are encouraged to. To feel helpless, and act helpless.

Anonymous 116750

I agree, though i think people can also super impose and not give a shit about what a woman wants and needs. I dislike being told what to do on principle but i hateee people demanding something i don't want to do and act like they acting on my best interests. Even if it is for my own good/ benefit, they are still imposing it while having no regard for how ready i am and how i feel about it ( I.E my shitty therapist who gaslit me over trauma and my appearance and always minimize it/ question it). Men don't get that shit and get to do things whenever and however they feel like, so there's another layer to a girl's feelings of impotence i think

Anonymous 116770

checked my email and for some reason saw some news about billie elish straight up admitting porn destroyed her brain and loathing it being so loved by society.

not one for celebrity gossip but I'm surprised to even see something like that in the mainstream.

Anonymous 116781

Anonymous 116783


Lord please give me the strength to say no to men when they try to woo me. Why is it so hard? I am in my mid twenties. I have graduated from not allowing scrotes to grope me, but that’s not much to brag about. I want to be a badass. I can take shit, but I don’t want to take it from men.

Anonymous 116785

*from allowing

Anonymous 116789

Anonymous 116794

admittedly can't relate. I'm probably too ugly to be groped.

Anonymous 116797

It depends. From what i've observed it's usually boomer moids who ridicule men for getting abused. Modern/millenial/zoomer moids usually show sympathy or if not sympathy, an opportunity to shit on women (this is more specific to situations regarding men getting abused by women)

Anonymous 116798

> Why is it so hard?
You are I assume hetero/bi so it's gonna be hard because we're hardwired to seek sympathy, attention/attraction from the sex we're attracted to. If it's possible, you could get attention from moids you find attractive without indulging in it too much? It requires good self-control and it's easier to do online then IRL. Give them just enough to keep them going but don't give up your boundaries and don't get attached. Remember that they're not worth more than 15 minutes of your daily life.

Anonymous 116811


maybe im dramatic but the internet is almost entirely ruined for me because of men, they take up so much space. ive been online since the around the mid 2000s and i saw so much messed up stuff even with parental controls and searching for age appropriate things. the only places i felt okay with browsing were forums and specific communities on youtube but forum culture has been mostly taken over by reddit and similarly functioning sites, nowadays i can name maybe 10 online communities that are intended for women or mostly comprised of them while men have the entire internet catered to them based on whatever flavor of degeneracy they prefer. i’m sure that most women online just use social media sites but even those can ban you for talking about female issues while letting men harass you.

Anonymous 116813

This is the reason I'm so turned off in general trusting them ever. I'm floored… absolutely shocked beyond belief that they are surprised when women express contempt and distrust. After the internet everything changed. Men have no secrets now and we know too much. I can't get over this feeling in my gut that they want world destruction and to burn everything. The way they use capitalism to destroying the earth and nature. Its like we're being used like entertainment. Used like meat and dragged to an ugly end where they'll laugh in our faces when they're done with us and everything is burning. Men who vote conservative make me extremely suspicious. You can never know who you're talking to. They might as well be animals to me really. Though there are individuals I like, Its SHOCKING to me that they actually expect us to trust them.

Women who say "negativity and gender roles aren't everything that dictate relationships between men and women" have their heads stuck miles up their asses because they don't want to see anything. Conservative women are the biggest joke of all though. I mean they walk right into it. I cannot fathom the depths of denial.

Anonymous 116820

As a minor but positive note i started a radfem-y tumblr blog and i already feel hyped and at home

Anonymous 116821

Good for you! I've thought of doing the same, but I worry that interacting with that community too much would just increase my rage, instead of alleviating it. I think the occasional vent on lolcow and CC is best for my mental health.

Anonymous 116825

Oh no i get it! besides anonymity is always better in many ways, then a social persona.
I want to be able to make GC/ Rad femmy friends to be able to discuss not just those topics but a plethora of those without the need to censor myself or account for men in any sense

Anonymous 116863

Oh anon I don’t think it’s that. I am average looking, not beautiful. I think it often comes down to your demeanor. They literally admit to sniffing out women with a certain vibe.

I feel like I know what you’re saying here, but I’m not sure. Basically finding orbiters? I truly don’t want any attention from low value males. Maybe it does have something to do with hardwiring since it seems terribly common for other women to have a hard time asking men to stop doing shit to them

Anonymous 116867

dont be sorry,the anon replying to you is just a huge tard and sperg.

Anonymous 116928

Did anyone ever hear from moids that sperm is more important in reproduction than egg and how nutritious it is or some shit?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't sperm just the trigger the egg needs to start developing into a fetus? And sperm being more nutritious then eggs seems bullshit also, if that wasn't the case we would be drinking animal semen instead of eating chicken eggs (which are extremely nutritious), etc.?

Anonymous 116929

>I truly don’t want any attention from low value males
No one really does want that, but if it's just to get the craving off then what's wrong with it? As long as you don't include them in your friend circles, it's also possible to get pretty decent moids to orbit you too, they don't have to be bottom of the barrel

Anonymous 116930


I see this all the time and never have a rebuttal. How can I counter?

Anonymous 116931

I honestly don't think there's anything that needs to be justified in this image as if it implies the ratings are unfair or something. The x-axis is from least-most attractive but does not say they're rated as above average or below average, literally just less or more attractive to the viewer, right?

It makes sense to me given that when people are asked to rate someone's attractiveness, the person's physical appearance is very important combined with a few key factors like professional ability, hobbies, interests, etc. When it comes to physical attractiveness, I don't think anyone would disagree if I said women in general put a substantial more amount of effort into looking presentable than men.

"Bad hygiene" to women is generally "average hygiene" to men. Of course a larger number of men look less attractive, like have you seen how some guys go out? I've seen all sorts of nightmares from gut hanging out under threadbare t-shirts, crocs with socks, wearing the same pair of adidas shorts every day for three months, taking a shower once every four or five days. That's not to say some women don't go out looking like shit or barely put any effort into their appearance, but it's much much less likely ime

Anonymous 116932

No, the sperm does not poke the egg LMAO

Anonymous 116933

men are just ugly

Anonymous 116934

Name a more damaging stereotype than "women are shallow, only care about looks, go for the asshole" etc. It's a hop, a skip, and a jump from literal incel agitprop. Countering with "well moids just look like shit" is just playing into the destructive stereotype.

Anonymous 116936

Why would you need to rebuttal it? Men and women have inherently different reproduction strategies as far as the in built biology. Just because men have loosier standards doesn't mean women should too. Not unless you're some crazy that thinks everyone should be an asexual grey blob.

Anonymous 116938

Male reproductive strategies are based around violence and domination. Do you really want to play the biology card? I don't.

Anonymous 116939

Recently discovered the limerence subreddit and even in that sub (limerence is a state of strong infatuation/obsession with a certain person) men want to degrade/humiliate the women they're limerent for. It's very telling, that even when they're supposedly in love with someone to the point of obsession they still thing of them as objects to abuse.

Anonymous 116946

If you accept that moid sexuality is built around violence, don't you agree that comes from their biology? Why would you not "want to play a card" that you believe to be true?

Anonymous 116947

Neither do I. They act all nice but you can never know what the fuck they're really about.

Anonymous 116955

As if its not enough we have to be surrounded by disgusting porn, degeneracy and liars we have to be numb and be "open minded" and not "shallow" too? Who the hell does that for us?? Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby?

Anonymous 116957

Why don't you just bend over for them to screw you in the ass already? They use women's appearance and requirements of emotional labor to destroy our minds when we're young. Get OFF to the double standards imposed on women, and what they can get away with. They LOVE the sadism of imposing it and you know it don't lie!

And you're telling me /I'm/ the one that shouldn't be "shallow" are you kidding? Men are massively shallow AND violent ..but you're saying I should stop being naturally attracted to who i am.. hide it or feel shame about it so we don't "hurt the poor baby moids feelings??"
Were you a southern fundie christian nut in your previous life too? /I/ should be punished for being attracted to beauty ?? We should give up how we feel for these ugly wankers and feel numb all the time while the world burns around us anyway? Women like you make me so sick. Its the reason we're surrounded by ugly entitled ass moids 90% of the time. They threaten some kind of crazy, and you cave. But that's all they ever do is threaten crazy, because they know you'll react how they want. Its just called being spineless.

Anonymous 116961

Its true though, even beautiful women I know have horrible self-esteem, and get treated like garbage by the boyfriends. Hell Britney Spears was treated like garbage and used like a slave. She was supposed to have everything. Incel opinion my ass.

Anonymous 116962

Its because when they sense you are willing to do all the extra emotional labor, they take advantage of it. Like anyone would take advantage of somebody who's extra nice. I don't understand how this truth gets lost on women. Its not like its news.

Anonymous 116963

The fact that most men vote conservative is enough for me. A conservative guy comes with too much BS nowadays. Talk about dragging around a ball and chain.

Anonymous 116964


Anonymous 116965

And in the real world its called business lol.

Anonymous 116966

Er in the real world its called .. everyone I've known dates or dated someone controlling af. Sociopathy has nothing to do with it. Its just how men are they want to have their cake and eat it too. Fuck them, and fuck "masculine" double standards.

Anonymous 116969

Sociopathy or just most people? Its not really sociopathy to use someone for food because their generous. Its not like killing a puppy. It just happens to you if you bring it on yourself.

Anonymous 116971

>> >>116934
As if its not enough we have to be surrounded by disgusting porn, degeneracy and liars we have to be numb and be "open minded" and not "shallow" too? Who the hell does that for us?? Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby?


Anonymous 116975

Hypergamy is based. Men's willingness to stick their dick in anything vaguely woman shaped does not make them morally superior.

But if you want a "gotcha" for this graph, look at a graph of moid preference by age. Their preference is getting the youngest women possible. They're all pedos.

Anonymous 116985


When I come across pointless internet arguments where women on both sides attack each other over a matter related to men, it's often a man who instigated it. Even online communities mostly comprised of women are infiltrated by men, although it's harder to tell when every user is anonymous. But unfortunately, women do fall for the bait each and every time.

Anonymous 116987

and there's a difference between straight up exploiting someone and benefiting from them. i.e., I've had a nice friend and I observed some people took advantage of it in observable ways, others didn't. really not complex.
also, I meant more the other anon. it's one thing to get emotional labor. another to by default use someone if they're being nice. it's a very male mode of seeing the world, like >>116966 suggested. think the key is…is it reciprocated? or is it like a rat basking in sunshine?

Anonymous 116988

I'm not entirely sure what you and this moid are arguing about. If you're saying it's more nutritious to eat an egg than to eat a sperm then yes, that's true. By and large the female sex invests more into reproduction, this is pretty much why the egg is one of the largest cells in the human body.
When it comes to "who does the most for reproduction"… whoever is claiming the answer is men to you actually MUST be retarded. What happens in fertilization is that sperm eat through a kind of "outer shell" of the egg until one of them reaches the inner cell wall and is able to bond with the egg. At this point it rejects all of the other wannabe sperm. The sperm that bonded with the egg releases its contents of DNA, pretty much all that it contains, and is absorbed by the egg. This triggers the egg to undergo its first division, the chromosomes from mother and father combine, and then the egg leaves the tube and implants itself in the uterine wall. The DNA of the egg is from the mother and father more or less equal, as far as I know there is no real bias to either side. The woman obviously contributes more to the pregnancy by being the one who nourishes the egg from zygote to embryo to fetus. She essentially builds a person using her own resources while the man is discarded from the process entirely.
What some moids believe they "contribute" to the process is the sex of the baby. This is because they're retarded. The egg contributes the X chromosome and the sperm will either contribute the X and the Y, and men take this to mean they "decide" the sex of the baby. Just explain to him that women and men contribute equal DNA, and since the entire exchange of DNA is decided in the uterus, and in fact if the uterus finds something wrong with the egg it will be forcibly aborted, the mother actually biologically (not willfully) decides a lot more. And that men are more of an afterthought in reproduction, and that he's a fucking retard

Anonymous 116995

I wasn't arguing with anybody, just saw some moids reply to a comment saying that and a chain of moids agreeing with him

Anonymous 116999

I mean, I always have filtered it out. It's just how you worded it sounds off. If you're that other anon, you sound very r9k.

Anonymous 117003

The issue is that I don’t want attention and I’m getting it. If I find a man whose attention I like he’s going to be the only one I want it from. Trying to subtly deflect advances from the ones I don’t want doesn’t seem to be strong enough and I’m coming to accept that I have to flat out say that I don’t want to spend more time with them.

Anonymous 117007

I don't know that hell you do, but I WORK for a living. The last thing I need is to hit the glass ceiling because of some bullshit about bimbos or "thots" or whatever.

Anonymous 117008

question, what is it with men, especially creeps (like incels), being so delusional about "nice guys"?

the actual kind guys I knew never had issues with dating.
there was a 5"6 pugfaced dude that seemed completely naive about his height and actively did things to help others (btw, this didn't include money, he was poor), was hilarious and a cheerful person all around. he was considered a treasure. he was very willful and resilient too.
…and he was popular among women. very popular. regularly got crushed on, etc.

without fail I've noticed "pushover nice guy" be equated with "virtuous good compassionate man".
it's interesting but, in a way, it's like…many incels, MGTOWs, redpillers, etc., have completely given up any conception of a man, simply, choosing to be good? and having VIGOR aabout it instead of amorphous passivity (which very, very few men remotely pull off).

there's a ton of very entitled, transactional minded men that thought they were nice because they orbited women while doing nothing compassionate whatsoever for…idk, society, others, etc. it's absolutely wild and seems to be some sort of martyr thing.

Anonymous 117009

>Men are massively shallow AND violent ..but you're saying I should stop being naturally attracted to who i am.. hide it or feel shame about it so we don't "hurt the poor baby moids feelings??"
There's a lot going on in this post and it seems personal to you. Yeah, it's probably unfair, so you can either play the unfair metagame or chose to go against it, just be aware that your choices have consequences and just because you're being "brave" or whatever that you may not be rewarded.

Anonymous 117010

>why are crazy people delusional?
if you want a better answer idk you probably have to ask them directly

Anonymous 117011

>They use our looks for nothing but degenerate shit.

not to be a contrarian but art of women still exists. not to mention pornography stemmed from art of the female form and all that

Anonymous 117012

forgot to make my point sorry for samefagging.
if we get just as comfortable objectifying dudes then not only will men be gross, we'll also be gross. and then 100% of the world would be gross, not just 50

Anonymous 117024

if I become gross will I finally be happy?

Anonymous 117028

>immediately assumes the worst
textbook projecting. I hope for your sake you're taking care of yourself

Anonymous 117031

>so you can either play the unfair metagame or chose to go against it
LMFAO moid
"You can be UNFAIR and not date men you aren't attracted to, or you can go against this corrupt system and settle for some unworthy scrote"

Anonymous 117033

its not just americans, look closer. one post says "doing a poo" which is something only the BRI'ISH say.
still this is fucking disgusting and I almost vomited.

Anonymous 117034

ngl, it felt like such a veiled threat and very creepy.

Anonymous 117041

Easiest way to spot an incel moid is their use of "consequences", it's one of their favorite words
Honorable mention to "women need to be held accountable"

Anonymous 117042

Honestly, I'm tired of the internet and especially - the men on it.
If you write "Women are better than men" in YouTube you'll be burried alive with videos saying that women are too ahead of themselfs, that they're the weaker sex, that they live life on "easy mode". I even found a video about women fighting againts men and getting beat up (I can't find the video anymore, naybe it was taken down?), or even if there is an positive video on the subject, it is disliked to oblivion and the comments are full with men saying bad things about the person who made the video.
But on the other hand, if you search "Men are better than women" you'll find videos encouraging men to better, you'll find motivational videos, even if a video is ironic the comments will be saying "Yhis but unironically."
I once searched as a joke "Women must not vote" and I got terrified by how many people agreed to it. Suprisingly I found an Alexander Grace video named "Why women must have the right to vote" https://youtu.be/ViPcNqUtsAk and the dislikes were above the likes. There were many disgusting comments such as:
-This man is fighting for his own enslavement.
-Women don't need freedom, they need safety coming from a man. A man is the one who needs freedom.
I just wonder why can't men agree that both sexes need the same freedom.
I also hate the fact that there are so many Pick Up "artists" who claim that women want to be dominated, that they want to be led, that they preffer somebody better and more successfull - when this is an utter lie. I can't stop seeing men in and outside the internet try these pitifull pick up lines and tacktics, it even happened to me once. He would not stop refusing with everything I said, when he said something and I agreed to it he changed his mind, sometimes out of nowhere he would become mean and rude, sometimes he would not reply to me for days. It was really annoying since we were classmates and I needed him to make a group project. If he thinks these things are going to make me attracted to him he was lying to himself - it only made me despise him even more. No wonder when he was showing the class a presentation his YouTube was full of "masculine alpha sigma" males talking about relationships.
The internet ruined this generation of men. And porn only makes things worse and worse day by day. Now young males have to take viagra at 20-30 because they broke their penis by jacking off. It's just sad.

Anonymous 117043

>it even happened to me once. He would not stop refusing with everything I said, when he said something and I agreed to it he changed his mind, sometimes out of nowhere he would become mean and rude, sometimes he would not reply to me for days.
I would've either told the teacher about his shit behavior or slapped him across the damn face or punched him, all while I say clear and loud that he's delusional if he thinks I like him or that I'm interested in anything unrelated to school, for treating me like an animal that he could supposedly train and play with. Guy's probably gonna become an incel when he realizes that PUA shit is a scam and doesn't work, lmao. And then he will forever be miserable because he will be too far gone to ever be normal.

Anonymous 117044

Telling the teacher would on;y make things worse. No matter what a student reports to the teacher, the whole class reacts negatively.

Anonymous 117056

tbh, for every woman saying some basic criticism about society or men with no teeth…there's male that thinks women should be slaves, or would act like it justifies threatening her or wishing rape or death on her.
oh. and there's also a (or 100s) male for every criticism, small and big, we make, cackling "OH! YES! I AM NOTHING LIKE THIS! THIS IS 100 PERCENT BULLSHIT!" lol.

Even among many right winged men, they don't actually believe in freedom for women, nor respect it, and pretty much only claim they respect (they don't in most cases) a woman being a SAH mom. They might not actively try to take away basic liberties, but you can guarantee many have a disdain for women simply being able to do things and be selfish…like men. It's why right winged spaces online are usually misogynistic (and rarely over things women actually do more than men). when a male dehumanizes a woman…every ugliness, every defiance, complexity, and selfish action (that really has no victim) from a woman is seen as despicable. that's why, ultimately, most misogyny talking points have almost no statistic/scientific/researched backing and entails hating women for mind crimes that…actually might not even exist because they're so abstract.

think it comes down for it being extremely common among men to not at all value or respect women doing…really much of anything. and I think that's usually the giveaway. Most don't give a shit if a woman saves 100s of lives or remotely acknowledge it. Most don't give a shit if a woman does exactly what he wants her to.

anyway, advice I suggest not looking for this stuff. the depths of it is nuts. after I realized that a lot of men simply contain their real power level in real life it got a lot more depressing for me, but explains why so many women get pinkpilled by just being in male dominated industries.
I really wish all women got just a lil bit pinkpilled about such things, like, you don't have to think all men will rape or hate you but you can keep yourself safe.

Anonymous 117059

I know that I must not look at things online that upset me, but I'm worried that things will start to escalate in real life too. Reading the news about a proffesor who said that women must stay away from STEM, medicine, science and computer programing and etc, hearing about the indian politician who said that if a woman get's raped she should just lay and enjoy it, seeing on the news about the taliban take over of Kabul… There's absolutely no way I'm not bothered.

Anonymous 117060

That's it, I know I'm going to write a two page essay about it but here I go…
The saying that women live life on easy mode is a complete lie. Most men focus only on the pretty girls from rich families and think that it counts for all of us. They never talk about the not so attractive or ugly girls from poor or ordinary families who have it just as hard (if not harder because of the insane beauty standarts and expectation about the behavior of women and young girls).
They don't ever discuss the fact that most sex trafficking victims are women https://www.womengoingbeyond.org/post/why-human-trafficking-still-happening
Men are more likely to leave their partner if their partner gets sick or can't function normally anymore https://www.yourtango.com/200943948/men-6-times-more-likely-leave-sick-partner and yet they think women are loved unconditionally.
None of them sees that women and girls aren't allowed in temples or religious places, some of them have to skip school and aren't even allowed to enter parts of their own house just because they're menstruating. And in the days they menstruate they have to be in cold, unhygenic, moist "menstruation" huts - where there are death cases because of the cold, snake bites and uncleanliness.
Men aren't forced to cover their entire bodies even in extreme heat or warm weather, and their wives aren't encouraged to hit them to "fix" them.
Men don't have to worry about being forcefully married, while girls as young as nine have to be married to 40-50 year old men againts their will.
Commercials, ads, TV shows, comics, books, music videos, magazines, video games and etc aren't constantly sexualizing men just to tease and please the female viewers.
There are deepfakes that can undress even a fully clothed woman and be used againts her, while if the same deepfake undresses a man, his penis will be replaced with a vilva and he will be given breasts.
In some third world countries women can't have property or a bank account unless her husband or father agrees.
Most women didn't have voting rights untill the 1920s, and in some countries they still don't.
Men are allowed to age naturally, while signs of old age in women is stigmatized.
Men don't have to worry about being raped (unless they're in prison)
In some countries a girls's education isn't encouraged.
I can keep going but I'm too tired and I need sleep. Also sorry if there are mistakes english is not my native launguage.

Anonymous 117063

>unfair metagame
lol. I have a "unfairer" one.
short men are greedier and more violent on average. obviously not always, but it's apart of a trend of toxic overcompensation that men love pretending doesn't exist for favor of pretending ugly or relatively undesirable men are automatically better choices. men regularly try to manipulate the "meta" constantly, and even women too, including those that aren't Pickmes. metanipulation.

go for an ugly male? he better be well adjusted, prosocial and secure without a speck of bitterness in his body because he is, simply, a man.
this is a "high" standard. why? because it rules out most of such men, and it's hard to vet for. that's why it's buried.
and sometimes, you have people actively pretending insecurity is something not just to be…accepted, but coddled or something you must give men chances over. in reality, a male whose dating decisions are inspired by basic self preservation are not trustworthy…a man prioritizing self preservation (i.e., that of the ego, wanting sex too badly, etc) is even less trustworthy than a regular male. it's interesting but, in all the metanipulation, the bullshit women are being fed is the opposite: the more of a blind beggar a male is…the more trustworthy he is.
it's all very tenuous owing to how…if a man doesn't overcompensate in any productive, positive way for his shortcomings…there's a woman that will on his behalf by project virtues he probably doesn't even possess onto him.

Anonymous 117070

it's a saying for keeping their real beliefs to themselves. usually used in context to neo conservatives or redpillers though.

Anonymous 117086

>…and he was popular among women. very popular. regularly got crushed on, etc.
Were you one of those women?

Anonymous 117106

Anonymous 117119

question, what is it with US conservatives and abortion? they obviously don't give a fuck about the child once it's born, so is it really a human rights thing? I also know a lot of these male pro lifers are just misogynists.

there's been massive disasters in history just from a lot more children being born into poverty in other contexts. Low social mobility paired with way more criminals being pumped into society. arbitrarily letting more children be born under dubious circumstances runs opposition to the utilitarianism (might be the wrong word) that often reflects their social policies (for example, immigrants from wartorn countries can easily die if they aren't let in, but does it add value to the US than not? maybe not). it's technically worse for kids too because you have kids being born to parents that can't support them or never wanted them. where are the support networks to help these kids being financed by conservative politicians to make sure they become the mentally well trad family workhorses they want them to be?

maybe it actually encourages women to stop opening up their legs, who knows, but god knows men, including pro-lifer men, would bitch endlessly about it. jordan peterson among many others have implied that sex pacifies men and keeps them less violent. not that I buy into it, it seems like coddling the same toxic structures that brainwashed misogynistic men to begin with.

Anonymous 117126

This isn't even really a complaint about men, I just don't like flooding by making threads about men…

But why do urinals exist? Why would any man not only be okay with peeing like just right next to, but explicitely choose it OVER the stall?
It's not any faster than a stall, it takes like .3 seconds to close a door. They could just build stalls instead of urinals.
They would get a ton more privacy. Is it just because men are perverts and pedophiles so get off on knowing that their penis is out in the same room other people and kids could be?

Anonymous 117136

Not to politics sperg but's literally just a way to control women, since most pro-life men are conservative and religious. Southern states in America where abortion is banned tend to be run by republicans, there are a lot of poor people who work a low minimum wage, and unless you live in a big city where there's liberals, the schools will teach abstinence and to save having sex after marriage. It's the perfect strategy to trap women into staying into marriage and kids they don't want. Another thing is that even the "reasonable" pro-lifers who would make an exception for rape victims, how would you prove that? Trying to prove you're pregnant after being raped would cause severe stress for the victim, and I read that rape kits are invasive and retraumatizing, especially for young victims. I understand why someone would not agree with anortion but flat out making it illegal is evil to me.

Anonymous 117144

I really wish squat toilets were a thing everywehre.

Anonymous 117148

Something you need to understand about men is that they have reproductive/insemination anxiety. They are very neurotic about how their sperm is treated, and whether or not it is allowed to enter a woman unimpeded. All they care about is ensuring their genetic code being passed on. This is why they don't give a shit about infants or protecting mothers. They only want to make sure their sperm has a vessel and that vessel is not able to reject it.

Anonymous 117169

We have all these techniques to make sure we don't have to actually touch the filthy rim of the toilet. Their equivalent of this is some "etiquette" where you don't take a space next to someone else unless you have to.

How is a urinal not preferable. They can just whip it out and be done within a minute. I'm somewhat jealous.

Anonymous 117170

>I just wonder why can't men agree that both sexes need the same freedom.
Men don't need freedom. They need to be held in cages and fed ghost peppers

Anonymous 117171

Why do you limit it to US conservatives? Most men either don't care about abortion ban or support it

Anonymous 117172

God no. I attended a school that had them once and they are uncomfortable as fuck

Anonymous 117173

How do you know that?

Anonymous 117177

>M-men are too ashamed to report being raped by a woman n fear of being ridiculed, t-that's why female on male rape statistics are so low!1
>But not ashamed for expressing their attraction to children, being trannies, hatred of women not being slaves, degenerate porn usage, terrible hygiene, excusing/supporting/downplaying rape, posting their dicks online for everyone to see, etc.

Anonymous 117181

It's so gross to me that a lot of men just shake after a piss.
Please use toilet roll to get the excess pee you pissydick

Anonymous 117190

The thing about the claim that men are shamed if they report a woman raping them, is that ridicule is usually from OTHER men. Look in the comments of any news article about pedophile women who abuse boys, the comments from men are usually "ooh, lucky boy" and whatnot

Anonymous 117191

i hate how men always try to make us the scapegoat when it’s mostly other men doing the things they’re complaining about. murder, rape, criticizing them for being too feminine are majority of the time done by men to other men. but they always wanna put the blame on women because they’re “just being equal!1” when it’s not equal at all

Anonymous 117197

Satan, a male, coerced eve to bite the apple, it was never a thing she just randomly did for the craic. That's the original message. Man made the devil in his own image.

Anonymous 117200

Christianity is and always will be a male role reversal fantasy. It presents the first woman as an easily tempted degenerate, which males have used as an excuse to blame and persecute women for hundreds of years. The story of Eve was made for males to project their own flaws onto women as a way to cope with their own inherently degenerate nature.

Anonymous 117201

Incredibly based Eve.

Anonymous 117203

I know other men can be against it. just questioning conservatives because they are the ones making a piss about wanting to overturn roe v. wade.

Anonymous 117205

>moid: women are pushing out Christianity despite actually technically being more likely to believe, and have their faith be more important to their lives, than men
>religious propaganda often puts the emphasis on bullying women into it because women are more likely to believe and follow religious covenants than men
>moid: still blames women

Anonymous 117207

>the 2000s skepticism religious hatred movement almost entirely weaponized by atheist, marketed mostly for men, because men loved that shit
>10000s of videos they make ape tearing apart religion

>it's still the wahman killing religion

>redpillers: have early onset dementia and are cowards, so they entirely blame women for Christianity's collapse despite being more degenerate than the average female themselves

Anonymous 117209


This >>117207
Women aren't the ones pushing out Christianity. The reason sexual degeneracy in particular is becoming more obvious and extreme amongst males these days is because they now have to watch women do everything that, in the past, was treated as something only males could do. They now feel like they've lost their artificial purpose in society, thus are succumbing to their only true, biological purpose of cooming. Your remedy to this would be to halt the rights of women so le poor moids can feel better about themselves, but I doubt that would make a difference as males have always been degenerates who have enabled most of the world's misery.

Anonymous 117210

Some men genuinely believe women are happier when "submissive" to men. They do not have eyes, surely?

Anonymous 117211

the thing I find funny about this is that actually one of (if not the greatest) predicator of a marriage being happy and more likely to work out is this:

each partner showing compassion and generousity and interest to one another. i.e., your partner says something and you perk up, turn around, ask them about it. might be the littlest shit ever.
if women liked being dominated, it'd be the opposite.

when you're an abusive male, of course you think manipulating or bullying a woman into a relationship means they love being dominated.

side note: some women/Pickmes love being submissive so it's not entirely wrong.

Anonymous 117215

ok rittenhouse

Anonymous 117217

Stop it Q

Anonymous 117218

Pretty much if men dropped their "need" for sex, porn, etc…
100000s of women overnight would gradually slow down if men stopped giving validation and attention and stopped guilt tripping women about such things. While, men would raise a ruckus if women started the "no sex till marriage" movement and start sayin they'll kill themselves or murder women.

That's why people like Jordan Peterson suggest that sex pacifies mens' violent tendencies, but, because they love sucking incel cock, they can't admit that this means men would start getting significantly less sex nor would go along with "monogamous family life" with most women, who they don't value (because they don't look good enough).
Most men won't wait for marriage to have sex. Why? Because they can always get sex/dopamine elsewhere. That's it. And less of them than women are able to do so.

These men are spineless and desperately trying to pacify entitled porn-obsessed men and make these men feel like kings. Or, the reason why women do what they do is often just…appeasing men or the fact that the hypocrisy/double standards started with men being far more likely to have depraved fetishes and preoccupations, but more likely to shame the opposite gender over depravity.

So, we have a situation where more women than men actually want a real family life. Most of such men solely value the status from it; they don't give a shit about idyllic family life, but can't take accountability for this fact.

This is why so many "trad" men are pathologically obsessed with teen blond virgins and women being slaves to them. It isn't that they actually care about marriage or real women, but want a trophy. It being virtuous is a costume for them to add to the validity of it. The hypocrisy of these men spikes when they themselves sleep around or deceive women about their intentions, including women that actually want marriage/commitment. Redpillers love bragging about abusing their trad wives as well.

This is why I noted how it's more likely for women to be singled out and shilled propaganda. Women might be given 0 credit for it (not that it's really a good thing), but more actually like family life than men, and this is still true even in the face of the lib fem "sex positivity" movement. Most of such feminists don't actually want to be "sluts" if men weren't so obsessed with sex as being the primary means of connecting to another human being.

Anonymous 117220

and let me repeat: the men that hound women over this shit don't have any balls. They're spiritual wastelands of human beings that solely police women over such things and would clap like a seal over men doing the opposite of what they want women to do…or, stay quiet. They don't care if what a man does hurts society in an objective way.

Challenging their hivemind is impossible because, deep inside, they know men are incapable of not being obsessed with sex and porn in the modern era that is impossible to reconcile. So, right now, all this is, is basically a mass cope made to collectively apologize for any bad action men do, and blame it entirely on women. Why? Because it's all about power and basically just…a team sport. These men don't care about virtue or what's right. They care about men winning.

Anonymous 117222

oh, also, hot take:
society would actually improve if men started cherishing single mothers and marrying them and becoming good husbands and fathers. sure, it'd be like putting the bandaid on the issue, but many of these women were lied to or cheated on. They're often not "sluts."

But guess what? These men HATE them all blindly.
The implication is that these men want these women to become slaves to a man and fight with all they can to make any relationship work, even if the relationship's start wasn't indicative of how it would be in a few years.

Anonymous 117230

If I remember correctly, ancient Japan had unisex urinals.

Anonymous 117236

"Liberals are the part of degeneracy"
Every right wing male I have ever known was addicted to pornography and a pedophile (it's ok since my 13yo wife is trad for being my domestic slave, unlike these pedo liberals who fuck 13yos and dress them in rainbows without making them fold laundry and wash dishes)
Every right wing male I have known was spineless. They had no dreams or ambitions, they just endlessly complained how much they were owed for being born white men. They are lazy, hedonistic, entitled, hypocritical, and all around revolting. They praise Hitler for his revolution while being the most cowardly and ineffectual cretins to exist. I truly hate them, and their smug self-satisfaction about how they think they are better and smarter than everyone else.
T. Formerly "right wing"

Anonymous 117257

right wing men want women to be private property, while left wing men want women to be public property

Anonymous 117261

Skinhunger sounds like a really good metal band

Anonymous 117263

So much for ”the rational gender”. Why do moids have rights?

Anonymous 117264

They're not really happier as it's msot kinkster women are mentally ill/have a history of abuse. They're happy getting strangled in the same way as self harmers being happy cutting themselves or anorexics seeing the number going down on a scale.

Anonymous 117274



Anonymous 117282

Can confirm, was all those things, am only happy now

Anonymous 117299

My workplace is full of men and most older. It's required form me an enormous amount of mental energy to be "nice" to them. I despise every single one of them, some more than others. Their "jokes" towards me, their voices (moids talk ridiculously loud) and their existence in general. They are nasty in every single way and I wish them to suffer.

Anonymous 117300

report them if their jokes cross the line

Anonymous 117373

i never said i loved you, john:
why will you tease me, day by day,
and wax a weariness to think upon
with always "do" and "pray"?

you know i never loved you, john;
no fault of mine made me your toast:
why will you haunt me with a face as wan
as shows an hour-old ghost?

i dare say meg or moll would take
pity upon you, if you'd ask:
and pray don't remain single for my sake
who can't perform that task.

i have no heart?—perhaps i have not;
but then you're mad to take offence
that i don't give you what i have not got:
use your common sense.

let bygones be bygones:
don't call me false, who owed not to be true:
i'd rather answer "no" to fifty johns
than answer "yes" to you.

let's mar our pleasant days no more,
song-birds of passage, days of youth:
catch at to-day, forget the days before:
i'll wink at your untruth.

let us strike hands as hearty friends;
no more, no less: and friendship's good:
only don't keep in view ulterior ends,
and points not understood

in open treaty. rise above
quibbles and shuffling off and on:
here's friendship for you if you like; but love,—
no, thank you, john.

– by christina rossetti (1862)

Anonymous 117660

holy moly this is brilliant
what's the source ?

Anonymous 117663

men only exist because of a woman, so they should return the favor by killing themselves once theyve made a woman upset

Anonymous 117664

Order of the Stick.

Anonymous 117667

I would've learned plumbing and other traditionally "male" skills if it weren't for the fact that society actively discouraged me from "doing guy things" since I was little. You doing that job is rewarded with money, or with "female" household chores if (god forbid) we're married and you're doing it at home. Objectifying myself just for you has nothing to do with it, and you shouldn't expect me to do it if you're not even ready to objectify or humiliate yourself for my sake.


Anonymous 117668

"you're selfish and going to cause the collapse of humanity because you refuse to wear sexy underwear 24/7"

do these morons hear themselves talk?

Anonymous 117672

Anon you're so right i love you

Anonymous 117673

A man must always handle blood on his sword, the men chanted as they were returning from war, and yet, they still would not hug their wifes and daughters when they were bleeding.

Anonymous 117674

As a libertarian I've never understood conservative men. They always say they are for freedom, but how can you be for freedom if you refuse the same freedom you have to others?

Anonymous 117681

Because they don't seek freedom, only power to control others and wish to use their concept of 'freedom' to get it. That's why they'll be libertarian but religiously facist and want to enshrine religious practices which do not affect them due to different biology in to law. They want control. They just want the fame and praise of being good while being evil.

Anonymous 117683

Women are capable of any things men are capable of except cumming kek.

Thanks for the climate change, deforestation and plenty of other things currently destroying the environment because of muh technology.

The reason we aren't progressing is because of how greedy and violent moids are, not because women refuse to be treated like cattle for a bit of shelter and food.

Also kek at "a bit of sexy underwear" women are expected to clean, cook and care for children for years while also pleasing the moid. The sole reason men are able to do anything at all is because they don't have to do all these things. They rarely take good care of themselves when they live alone and are single. Easy to call yourself the one that built this civilization when you don't have to do the most essential thing, which is child bearing and caring.

Anonymous 117686

Women literally create civilization via virtue of giving birth. Eat shit moids, your accomplishments are ours.

Anonymous 117687

Reminder that when a moid says he prefers 18yos, he means 16.
When he says 16, he means 14.
When he says 14, he means 12.
Why do you think TikTok has become such a pedo haven?
It’s because CCP won’t ban softcore CSAM.
Quite horrifying tbh.

Anonymous 117692

We don't get pregnant on our own. If you wanted to do that you'd still need a man's semen.

Anonymous 117694

Yes, but making the baby takes moids only 2 minutes and cum. Also their mass produced tiny sperm can't complete againts our hard to produce little in numbers big eggs.
Also we do all the heavy lifting in making the baby - we carry it for 9 months, move almost all our organs in our body to make space for our baby and uterus, that are becoming bigger and bigger, then live trough one of the worst most brutal pains in the world pushing a human being out of our womb, then feed it out of our own bodies for 6 - 10 months.
Also, there is a way found for women to become pregnand using bone narrow, so moids won't be needed for pregnancy.

Anonymous 117695

That is the easiest part of reproduction, but keeping the women safe and healthy takes effort, just as carrying, birthing and raising a baby does.

Anonymous 117703

MtFs are misogynistic incels and porn addicts who trained their dicks on sissy porn.
Trannies are unironically more masculinist than the average scrote, they just wear dresses and have long hair. It's funny how just a superficial change like this makes other men unable to read their psychology. Males are extremely stupid and lack the ability to understand anything with depth.

Anonymous 117704


How the typical mtf brain works

Anonymous 117707

So it’s the same reason why scrotes like pain?

Anonymous 117708


Anonymous 117716

the biggest pinkpill i ever took was being "one of the boys" as a child. i spent a lot of time with my extended family, and our activities were pretty split down the line of sex. girls and women did x, boys and men did y. however, nobody complained if a boy wanted to do x or a girl wanted to do y. as a tomboy, i usually hung out with my male relatives. hearing how they talked about women, especially my female family members who i really truly loved, had a huge impact on me. for example, one time they were talking about a great-aunt of mine who had been assaulted. my uncle joked that the rapist must have mistaken her for a hot young babe. even as a child, i knew that didn't make any sense. that wasn't how rape worked. another time, they were ribbing on my aunt (who worked at the hospital, and made her own money) was into martha stewart-esque hosting. they said that her husband should cut off her cards and "knock some sense into her". maybe she was overspending, but even if that was the case, it was no excuse for joking about abusing her. those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. long story short, i realized how much men bottled stuff up in public and the level of vitriol they harbored – towards women they were smiling and laughing with only thirty minutes ago. honestly, because they were my family, it made me sad. it made me wish they didn't have this "all or nothing" attitude; stoicism or rage. i wished they could learn from watching women and support each other and be subtly honest and open in small ways woven throughout the day, release in microdoses, learn to care for themselves, self-soothing, finding balance. the men in my family liked to appear stoic when around women, but, of course, i quickly learned it was just that – appearances. ultimately, i'm glad i learned early. those experiences made me more cautious and cognizant going forward into puberty.

Anonymous 117721

>even when I was gay I liked straight porn because it lacked misogyny → abuse → oppression

Anonymous 117724

tbh, I find it interesting there's such a deep denial among redpillers about the fact that men being obsessed with sex/youth is really bad for society. And guess what? Most of them are homoerotically prideful about it and can't stop bragging about how much men love 14 year olds. They really love this fact. They can't shut up about it.

But. Well. You create a situation where men value something that is eternally depreciating rather than…anything deeper, so, a disportionate amount of their motivation and pursuits floods into stuff like porn (almost exclusively with young girls) and other novelties. You will notice men bastardize this as "b-but wife just needs to not be fat!" as if most of these men wouldn't pick an obese 18 year old over a fit 35 year old.

Many of the degenerates proud of male pedophilia (including many redpiller moralfags) pretty much straight up gaslight themselves or women by acting like women being devoted slaves somehow cancels mens' obsession with youth or looks. Do they have an IQ of 10? Probably. But, they also just don't actually care and are just saying the optimal they can in order to apologize for degenerate males and avoid holding men to the same standards they hold women. That's why they pretend that it's a good thing for men to sleep around. It's because they have to or else other men will look down on them.

Truth is, men are on average less into most things that entail keeping a family together than women are, but you will notice that women disportionately get flack for not wildly overcompensating for the fact that most men don't actually want the fixings of a modern family life…they don't want to put in effort for an aging wife.
Men are constantly questioning why they should put in effort for anything less than a 10/10. And that's just it.

If a man wants to fuck a teen there's really nothing you can do about that.
You can't force most men to value their child's first birthday party more than taking the virginity (or the idea thereof) of a young girl…you can't force them to care about the family more than sex.
That's it.

I'm not at all surprised there's such a neurotic quality to the propaganda shilled to women about the nuclear family. Sure? Good ones are good? But beneath that is the presumption that men are a lost cause that pretty much want the ego kick of gaining access to a young girl without really valuing her through her entire life.

Anonymous 117758


> even when I was gay I liked straight porn because it lacked misogyny → abuse → oppression

even when I was gay I liked straight porn because [gay porn] lacked misogyny → abuse [of women] → oppression [of women]

iow, dude says he was gay but liked to jack it to misogynistic porn (not that there is any other type), which led to him fetishizing abuse of women, which led to him wanting to be the woman getting abused

Anonymous 117761

men are monsters tbh. I'm not one to actually say that but…at this point the fact that they're a hivemind that starts defending rape pretty much tells the whole story. I've seen too much of this shit. I'm getting tired. Men being desensitized towards evil shit is extremely disturbing, like, it sounds like a George Orwell novel in the making.

They're desensitized towards women being raped and murdered, but not being called out for their evil…which actually hurts their egos and feels suddenly too real…because to them, brutality towards women isn't really real, it's disconnected. The only thing real to them is actually being seen for what they are.

Anonymous 117762


I can guarantee you everyone that replied has at least 12 pron tabs open on their browser as they type their garbo. They only think this shit is normal/fine/regular because their already deficient brains degraded from years of porn addiction. They'll always play it off as normal because if not they might have to accept they are actually disgusting bastardos. Were they to take a few weeks away from porn or to reflect on what they actually consume they might realize they are junkies seeking a harder and harder fix like some meth head.

Men are just fucked, I've left so many Discord groups because there are always men just casually discussing lolicon/shotacon. Fucking gross. Worse yet is that despite the images themselves rarely cropping up the open discourse (even in General Channels) tells me so many (if not all of them secretly) of them are openly accepting that 'they're just drawings'. Art in any form is a representation of something either imaginary or real. In this case children are real so I don't buy their defenses for a second.

I bet these sick fucks imagine themselves as the rapists in these porns and fantasies.

Anonymous 117763

and then 90 percent of these freaks think of themselves as nice guys just because they put on a mask.

what a joke.

Anonymous 117764

I have no fucking words, is this real? Why is that subreddit even called the way it is and described as a place for ""women's perspective""?

Anonymous 117766

TMI but fucking hell, this reminds me of the fact that my father used to watch Dan Schneider shows like iCarly and Victorious. I wonder why! I wanna fucking kill myself every time I remember him watching the obvious fanservice scenes. Fucking hell. When I think of confronting him about that (I've already confronted him about porn but I had forgotten about this until I read the Dan Schneider thread on LC) I tear up. He wouldn't be able to come up with an excuse. What the fuck.
>Most "Rape" videos are usually "acted" out and not real anyways. Unless hes on the deep web.
Keep telling yourself that, you disgusting waste of human life.

Because fucking troons (AKA porn addicts) moderate that subreddit and several others that are supposed to be for women. Yes, I know how ironic it is that a subreddit called "two X chromosomes" is moderated by a biological male who probably gets triggered whenever you bring up chromosomes.

Anonymous 117767

Whats funny is that he feels the need to specify that most are acted and then provides a source where you can see real rape videos, because that's totally not what he does.

Anonymous 117773


This subreddit is the most blackpilling shit

Anonymous 117779


Males as they exist and function are deficient. By and large, they are drones who have been cursed with an inferior knowledge, and the ability to rationalize. They manifest their neurosis in how they act and think but are not smart enough to fully and truly acknowledge the true curse of their existence. Unfortunately males are not incentivized to reflect on themselves accurately, and probably lack the brain chemistry to do so anyways.

At the gene level, males are driven nearly exclusively by their desire to cum in as many holes as possible. It is the only way for a male to have a future, to leave his mark on the world. The male extends its will by populating the earth with copies of itself. It is a sad, self-perpetuating cycle as the males who are the most sexually compulsive and r-selective pass down their genes, promoting further male sexual compulsion in the newer generations.
This is all he lives for. It influences every action males take. Coom. Just observe them for a short while and it's irritatingly clear.
While every male has a compulsion to breed a propagate himself, not all men are worthy. Most males are abject failures, and would be terminally rejected by women in their natural state. Thusly, we see their insemination anxiety manifest in many different ways. Most obviously they are completely and utterly obsessed with sex and women, to a degree that most women cannot even comprehend. Men spend their free time looking at fake pictures of women, Often times it becomes such an addiction for the vast majority of men that if they go 48 hours or more without seeing pictures of a woman they experience withdrawal symptoms like a heroin addict. They are constantly discussing women. You cannot go to any male dominated space and not see images of women and unsolicited, irrelevant opinions about women. This obsession is not based around love, either. Their obsession is based around their neurosis. It's hatred, covetousness, and jealously. At its most harmless, it is satisfying their lizard-brained sexual compulsion. None of what men feel towards women is worthy of any respect, only disdain and aversion.
Their insemination anxiety also manifests in the societies they build and force upon women. Uncontrolled by men, women are free to reject a man's sperm, which is to say reject a man's existence. We see countless times throughout history men stripping the freedom, liberty, and security of women and girls. They attempt to make a woman worthless, with her only option for basic survival being cohabitating with a man and raising his inferior spawn. But sometimes it's not even that glamorous, since we all know that when men lack the incentive to treat women decently, they often times won't. If a woman is designated as your slave and has no escape route, why wouldn't you beat and rape her at your leisure? Even the "kind" patriarchs still take a woman's freedom and ambitions hostage so he has his guaranteed bangmaid.
When men say women are inferior and point to history as an example, what it means is that they have conspired to make women their inferiors because it's the only way they can maintain somewhat of a level playing field reproductively. Despite enslaving women for god knows how long, it's evident that we will always be infinitely more valuable and even a male's own thoughts and obsessions betray them.
Concerningly, the societies that are created by the system of incel affirmative action are truly terrible, and only become increasingly more terrible as more genetic trash is dumped onto the planet. How many incels have been artificially kept alive and flourishing, only to burden others? Consuming resources, reproducing. 8 billion people on this planet and the quality of our lives has not gone up in proportion. Rather, these incel spawn are a tumor that exist only to inflate the political power of one moid nation vs another moid nation, in a international dick-measuring contest. Male societies are pyramid schemes where women and children are sacrificed for endless growth and destruction. Is it really any wonder why the human genome has stagnated since the neolithic era? Instead of prioritizing quality and conservation, males would prefer to live on an overpopulated trash planet so long as some of the inhabitants share their genetic code. They are naturally inclined to be serfs. Just look at how homosocially attracted they are to men they perceive as their superiors, their endless search for father figures. It's pathetic, disgusting, destructive.

In the animal kingdom, and this also includes humans, you can see in our genome that the majority of our ancestors were female. Roughly 80% of males who ever lived on this earth never saw their genes passed down, never had their chance to "live eternally" in the only way the drone knows how. In response to the damning effects of female sexual selection on the average male, they have grown to hate us as well as covet us. I can reiterate infinitely how this influences how they perceive and treat women. Males are parasites. They are incomplete creatures who absolutely need women to become complete, but their appetite is insatiable. They will endlessly consume women and still never be satisfied, they will drive the entire planet into the ground and never be satisfied. They have no goals or aspirations, or any idea of laws or forces larger and more important than themselves. Their universe begins and ends with them, in their lizard-brained glory.

In short, we need to genetically engineer raccoon bfs before these hairy unevolved apes continue with their bullshit any longer.

Anonymous 117780

I hate that I'm attracted to men.

Anonymous 117782

>Sounds like a normal guy who's been watching porn for a while - bla bla bla - it gets stale and you seek out more exotic material

Do they not hear themselves? Like this is one of the reasons porn is harmful. The fucking acting argument too. Acting is when a sex scene is played out in a movie, in porn the people are actually having an intercouse. Fucking hell

Anonymous 117783

>Art in any form is a representation of something either imaginary or real. In this case children are real so I don't buy their defenses for a second.
I agree. The "it's a drawing if they were attracted to actual children they would watch child porn" is stupid. Do people who watch hentai not attracted to real women too? Also there's no reason to believe they don't watch real child porn or that lolicon/shotacon can be a gateway to it.

Anonymous 117784

Does anyone remember the "song" on youtube about le modern women destroying the society? I can't remember the title but it's about how all girls have an only fans and have bpd and other retarded bullshit.

Anonymous 117787


i hate crusty moids n scrotes so much its unreal, they are even going full damage control when fujo neet women have interest in fictional twinks and characters rather than their degenerate up in their own ego's ass

Anonymous 117788

lol@ idiot women who think homosexual moids hate us any less

Anonymous 117791

males have gigantic egos and virtually 0 capacity for empathy. They default to their moidbrained ideals about "masculinity" aka their monkey dick waving competition that they obsess over because of intrasexual selection.
Human male animals are dysgenic. They got too high on patriarchy and think, by default, they are born perfect and have the right to command women around, even command our own thoughts and feelings whenever they want. These moids simply need to die off and cleanse the genepool of their inferior selves. At least the gay ones are checking out voluntarily and infecting each other with anal death bugs.

Anonymous 117792

>mentally ill enough to keep a tab open of this place to stalk it 24/7

Why are men like this? Even the gay ones have this compulsive need to keep tabs on women and invade our spaces. Imagine being a homosexual man and having 0 reason to care about the opinions of heterosexual women, but visiting here anyways just so they can fuel your misogyny fetish. Males are obsessed with women, even if they are homosexual. Male obsession with women isn't just tied to their sexuality it seems, it's like a primal OCD.

Anonymous 117796

Moids spam cp and gore here all the time, not to mention their own dick pics and discord handles.
Only a dumbfuck male would think this reflects poorly on women and not the men spamming it.

Reminds me of when trannies spammed porn/cp/gore to JKR and then said she is endangering children for allowing them to see it in her twitter replies.

Anonymous 117800


Being a homosexual male obsessed with hating women is the definition of rent free, more pathetic than trannies even.
Go suck dick and chill out Bryan lmfao

Anonymous 117801


Some fujo drew his favorite shonen protagonist as a handsome anime prince instead of a sweaty greek god in a jock strap and he never emotionally recovered.

This is the funniest shit I've read all night.

Anonymous 117805


Anonymous 117808

Bone marrow. Can’t be bothered to look myself, since I don’t want kids anyways.

Anonymous 117809


Just read some of this bread and the /ic/ one
so not only moids are becoming trannies to invade our private spaces and get closer to our pants now they want to invade our cartoon fantasies as well?

Anonymous 117810

Unrelated, but I was worried for a sec, but then I remembered that my dad only likes Spongebob Squarepants, and Phineas and Ferb.

Anonymous 117812


because you're a pathetic wannabe normalfaggot trying to fuck other normalfags and seek their approval even if they don't want you, hope that helps and enjoy your ban scrote

Anonymous 117817

I agree. Considering this, moids are absolutely delusional to think sexbots are threatening females.
If the sexbots actually work, all the females of the world would sigh in relief, because then, all the worthless incels would be gone, locked away in their mancaves for good. That would be a dream come true. Nobody misses them.
And if moids, like they predict, start to mistreat us because they don’t need women anymore, they’d reveal their true nature.
If sexbots don’t work, they’d somehow blame that on us too, instead of bearing any responsibility.

Anonymous 117818

Oh, and forgot to add:
My opinion on sexbots is, that they shouldn’t be made.
Not because of doomsday scenarios, but because I think it’s a waste of time and resources to build a superintelligent realistic humanoid just for sex.
I don’t think they need intelligence to hump and moan and whatever.
Instead, it/they/she/he should be programmed to do something that matters, such as taking care of old/sick people. Raising kids. Therapy. Operating in environments that are dangerous to ”fleshy” people. Pretending to be a human to gather info on suspected serious criminals. You know, actually being of benefit to society.

Anonymous 117820

That ungrateful scrote doesn’t realize that he’d be screwed if majority of us didn’t defend his rights to dig poop JFL.

Anonymous 117821

They don’t get that by sticking their shlongs in a piece of silicone. Just like trannies, they want muh validation.

Anonymous 117822

2813_sip (1).png

holy shit, I saw a circlejerk on a gay sub about women and guess what? They were bitching about women not being "easy" and how horrible other men have it. They were bragging about how they can netflix and chill with a guy ASAP and that women are stuck up bitch-whores.

they want women to open their legs to any guy and abandon any way of actually vetting a guy. Why? Because it's asking too much to see if a guy is actually into her and doesn't see her as another hole.

It's funny, but it really exposes just how hilariously massive male privilege is. They can't imagine much going wrong at all or why you need to have any expectations, because almost nothing can go wrong for them.
99 percent of what they care about is, simply, getting access to a woman, and they have no qualms, as a hivemind, of bashing women into being easily harvestable.

Likewise, it also exposes how deeply entitled men are. The funny thing is that many of these men probably are fixated on what they think are entitled women, when in reality, most of them were the ones with issues with COMPLETE STRANGERS not making them as accessible as possible for men.

Anonymous 117823

>I'm a woman
No one believes that

Anonymous 117824

Nice larping bearer of a slowly dying chromosome. No sane woman wants to be dominated by a man and you know it, muh honorable keeper of traditional gender rolls

Anonymous 117826

>If the sexbots actually work, all the females of the world would sigh in relief, because then, all the worthless incels would be gone, locked away in their mancaves for good.
yeah no, men won't become any less violent or hate women any less, they'll jsut want to either kill off women or take our rights away because we're now 'useless' to them, besides sexbots replacing women is a joke to get a reaction out of women at best and an incel cope at worst, moids can't make it without women and they know it

Anonymous 117829

Scott Pilgrim ruined an entire generation of women

Anonymous 117830

I don't see how a sex bot changes anything compared to porn. Greater than 99% of male interaction with women is via porn as of a few years ago. We're already on the path of all men viewing real life women as inferior holes compared to their favorite porn or appliances you put resources into and get babies out of. I don't see this working out for women, or humanity as a whole, in the long run. We should ban porn first before worrying about banning sex bots.

Anonymous 117831

>They were bitching about women not being "easy" and how horrible other men have it. They were bragging about how they can netflix and chill with a guy ASAP and that women are stuck up bitch-whores.
What a cope kek. I still remember one gay dude posting on I think offmychest how he wishes he was hetero because of how shallow and horny men are and how lonely he feels all the time

Anonymous 117832


>This is a male hate thread, misogyny fetishist losers need to fuck off.
That's why you posted a comic about muh bpd onlyfans feminist whores and gave it a "why are women such losers?" caption, right? Because it's definitely wasn't made by a misogynist at all, but anons doubting you're female because of that post are the moids here

Anonymous 117835


>Fujos get the rope
based fujostacies making faggots and confused scrotes seeing fanservice for women seethe and mald for the 24/7th time
your g*nder is nothing aside from eye candy for women and only when exaggerated to the point of actually worth looking at

Anonymous 117836

I hope this isn't just a joke and it actually happened because I wanna see it lol

>You know, actually being of benefit to society.
As long as capitalism is the dominant system, sexbots will be produced before things that would help those who really need help.

Moids really think that female sexuality is the same as theirs: get boner, think about sex, coom, leave.
Does it ever occur to them that different testosterone levels cause men and women to give sex different levels of importance and that women have to risk many more things physically and psychologically to have sex (such as pregnancy, HPV, rape, pain and bleeding during penetration, etc. not to mention the social aspects such as one's reputation)

Anonymous 117837

I know you probably didn’t do it on purpose, but the artist of that pic draws lolicon.

Anonymous 117838

I think your words are based tho.

Anonymous 117839

Conservative women are just hornyposting IRL

Anonymous 117841

It just means that marrying as a cishet natalist woman is all about settling. liz lemon

Anonymous 117842

it's going to cause an incel apocalypse.
already, porn use makes men into weakwilled and frivolous monkeys (well, worse than before). sexbots will make them even more unappealing and flaccid.

Anonymous 117844

>i shower few times a week and my t-shirt has no holes in it, wdym i’m not hot shit?

Anonymous 117846

oh god, i can already imagine the facebook posts from moids wondering why is their dick rotting, and it turns out to be because they put some bdsm shit into the robovag and never clean it either.

Anonymous 117850


Medfag here, went into a patient's room because I had to bring them down for an x-ray of their right forearm. Despite me loudly knocking and proclaiming entry he didn't bother to stop playing with his wrinkly old dick. On the plus side I guess his wrist is all better. The downside is I'll never unsee that.

Ladies, is there any way for me to un-know something? Why are men so fucking gross and perverted all the time? I keep seeing posts and responses here about how men can only exist to come everywhere and I'm starting to think it's not just a meme.

Anonymous 117852

It was obvious due to the artstyle, but I guess not everyone is able to recognize those things in seemingly innocuous pics.

>Women who say "negativity and gender roles aren't everything that dictate relationships between men and women" have their heads stuck miles up their asses because they don't want to see anything.
You can still see the gender role/sex shit without focusing entirely on that. That's not the same as pretending it isn't there at all.

Should've called a security guard or something to kill his boner tbh

Anonymous 117853

Authentic female sexuality is frustrating and confusing for moids. The hilarious thing about it is that when they see it, they think it's tranny shit since they can't comprehend why women would like "gay shit".

Anonymous 117863

what is ironic that they confuse their own homoerotic powerfantasies for a female ideal, and then bark at effeminate artstyles for being gay.

Anonymous 117865

Isn't it telling that people assume gay moids can't be misogynistic because they're not attracted to women? Really makes you think.

The fact that female extinction fantasies always involve sexbots and not just artificial wombs for propagation shows that even without women, males need a surrogate female body to be fulfilled. No ability to nurture, his only purpose and goal really is to coom into something. The eternal half-person.

Anonymous 117868

I assumed Hunter Schafer would be different since he’s HSTS, but nope, I should’ve known. He’s just another man who fetishises misogyny. He thinks he’s real artsy and profound for it judging by his little poem.

Anonymous 117876


If men actually drive women to extinction just because we hurt their feelings it will be their downfall, so whatever. Imagining what scrote world would be like as men infinitely cope with the absence of women is kind of hilarious. They would probably all go gay and die of AIDS, if they don't first fling themselves off cliffs en masse like lemmings upon realizing the fate they've doomed themselves to. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the male ""utopia"".

Anonymous 117877


>>My POC identity was not black. It was not white. Or mixed. It is an attraction to racism.
>>To never know a world without racism is to NEVER know yourself without it as we are all mirrors.

Anonymous 117882


KEK the repressed faggot even went to the femporn thread on /h/ to whine about pretty boys
Look at him, look at him and laugh

Anonymous 117884

SPOT on!

Anonymous 117885

Lol he's doing it!

Anonymous 117891

You said it's a male hate thread you idiot, not a "laugh at abused women" thread. Some of you hate men so much you turn back around and start hating women again

Anonymous 117897

>Reee stop hating men!
Cry harder.

Anonymous 117900


that mentally ill obsessed fagautist probably still has an open tab of here even by now, how many times do we have to say it again fag you will never be beautiful neither your roided vomit-inducing uggos, why are you wasting your time here anyway? shouldn't you be wasting it by eating the smegma out of one of those jock bears you love so much rather than women(which you won't/will never date) living rent free in your head even when you're an uggo homo?
before you give up and go on damage control and try to spam cheese pizza links here

Anonymous 117903


Homosexual men are an interesting subject. They are mad that women don't find their ideal attractive… why? If gay moids enjoy each other what do they care if women look at bishonens? I think they have this idea (moids are very susceptible to conspiratorial delusions, especially about women) that women are plotting to ruin "the masculine aesthetic". I have seen it numerous times, it's even in the /ic/ thread. We're trying to turn males into sensitive softboys who pick flowers and cry about their feelings instead of sweaty chads with veiny dick bulges. It's honestly fucking funny and sad, because even when women make their ideal male very clear, straight men are still walking around in cargo shorts, neckbeards, crusty boxers, and 0 emotional intelligence.

Another thing I noticed about a lot of homoids is their insistence that women are terrible for not pandering to straight men. A lot of them want women back in the kitchen and serving hetmoids hand and foot, and think we are stuck up cunts for not worshipping and groveling for the patriarchy. They're almost like pickmes, thinking they can treat moids so much better than us, and that we don't deserve them. But then why would a homosexual man want more competition for any potential prison-gay converts?
I can only conclude that they have this fantasy where women are background characters and are stuck at home supporting males, while males are free to go out and enjoy life out in public like it's some big gentleman's club. They want women to be society's support base/foundation while all them men go out and have fun with each other.
A lot of homoids, (especially in the past, because they could get away with it), treat women like we are non-people and need to sacrifice our lives to make theirs better. Getting "beards" aka free maids/broodmares, and demanding we allow them access to our wombs via surrogacy.

If anything, homosexual males show how men in general would act if they didn't have to rely on women entirely. They're all degenerate manwhores who feel entitled to women's labor and emotional support.

Fag hags need to wake up. Tired of dumb bitches thinking their gay nigel bff isn't a misogynist just because he doesn't want to hatefuck you like the straight nigels. He still thinks you're a subhuman, you just don't make his dick hard.

Anonymous 117904

The pic you posted has made the rounds as incel propaganda since 2011. A fucking decade old facebook comment section of insecure women. Males do 1000x more horrible things infinitely more frequently.

A lot of radfem misogynists are just falling for the same trap that everyone else in society does, policing women and holding us to higher standards because we are less threatening. Rather, we can be reasoned with like human beings while the chimp moids are basically a lost cause, their disgusting behavior is just accepted as normal. You really think some self depreciating webcomic is substantial enough content to criticize women while men are beating/raping/enslaving women and girls every day? Fuck off.

Anonymous 117905

For every woman with a humiliation kink there are 10,000 porn addicted moids jerking off to the idea of being castrated and turned into a human pig by some leather-clad dominatrix.

Men like to say women are masochists because masochism is one of the more common paraphilias for women. However they don't ever mention that being a paraphiliac in general is very uncommon for women, meanwhile all males are porn addicts with a plethora of extreme and distasteful fetishes, which are much worse than just wanting to be called a "dirty whore" when they fuck their bfs.

Anonymous 117906

Males love to say how all much women love being raped, yet I know exactly 0 women who have ever gone to alleyways at night dressed in their underwear trying to enact their supposed fetish.
For such a common and pervasive obsession, why is it no women ever engages in it? Meanwhile we have countless male exhibitionists and voyeurs flashing their cocks and recording upskirt/spycam videos. I guarantee if women actually wanted to rape men, men would start loitering around in alleyways in assless chaps waiting for their chance.

There is 0 biological incentive for women to ever enjoy or seek out literal rape. No female in the animal kingdom wants to be a host of the genetic material of an inferior male. No woman is willing to sacrifice her safety and fertility for the offspring of a failedmale, despite how much males insist the idea arouses us. The fact that men even have to resort to rape proves that women don't actually like being raped. I mean it's in the goddamn name.

Men love prattling on about evopsych but what they say never makes any sense from an evolutionarily adaptive perspective. All they do is justify their fetishes and compulsive sexual behavior with "muh biology". Rarely could they ever outline a real working model with their theories. "Women like rape because we rape them", is the extent of how deep males ever philosophize. It makes no sense. I wish they would just say they are degenerate coom monkeys instead of trying to sound like big brained men of science. But I suppose that goes back to the male ego and how inflated it is.

Anonymous 117911

Completely misinterprets my post on purpose and tells me to cry/seethe/cope harder, classic moid technique.

Anonymous 117922


Anonymous 117928


Here on the left we can see a based male artist recreating the masculine ideal in this masterful art, which promotes healthy social order and proper male role models.
And on the right, evil female ""art"" depicting the downfall of western civilization and promoting the degradation of our educational system. See how she omits proper male bonding rituals (oil wrestling and mutual masturbation) and adds gay shit like emotional subtext and the lack of veiny pecs. The female artist feminizes boys, encouraging them to be lazy and hedonistic (not to be confused with laziness and hedonism from playing videogames and watching porn all day- that is actually based and redpilled).

This is why women can't make art and why they are so stupid. Women should have no input on social matters, just look at what their rotten minds produce. Us males could be livingly authentically masculine lives by having gym orgies and having sex with little boys to teach them our philosophical ways.

Anonymous 117929

Males have insemination anxiety and would rather rapists roam free and go unpunished than see another XY's "valuable" sperm be terminated by the women he assaults. Funny, since the sperm of an average XY is one of the least valuable bodily excretions on this planet. Yet males hold these superstitious beliefs about how valuable it is and how women are absolutely evil for ever rejecting it.

The last line about sparing human life to… Only a moid would think a rapist's life is worth saving. Preferably he should be dead.

Anonymous 117940


I didn't read closely and reported your post. Sorry I am an idiot, jannies don't touch her.

Anonymous 117942

tbh, the funny thing about men is that the more depraved and fucked up they are they are, the more their rationality morphs into a werewolf of convenience, one who is constantly at odds with other ones. talking points they can spam to "cancel" anything that remotely challenges them; basic self preservation to their rotten monkey brains.

the truth is, almost all men are incapable of experiencing any authentic empathetic reaction about rape…it's really not anymore emotionally relevant to them than a sea cucumber, so, that's why we notice so much of this disingenuous shit constantly. do you think they care when they yeet into a conversation about rape to mention raped men as if the majority of men raped aren't done so by other men? no. they only care if it hurts their status/egos as men. to them though, they're just "fixing" an error. very few actually care and aren't just reacting to women

so. yeah. we get situations like "haha, women love rape!" from demons larping as human beings. why? because, well, as a cognitive weapon, it's genius to destroy what victimhood leverage women (or individuals) have. they don't actually care. that's just it.

Anonymous 117943

How deep into the internet rabbit hole do you have to be to ever get exposed to something like the image on the left let alone know about the discourse surrounding the two aesthetics

Anonymous 117945


you made it so real that a moid with deviantart tier fetishes would unironically post that like on that /ic/ thread, fucking bravo
please make it illegal for men (especially w*stern moids) to draw (japs are alright since everyone there just draws whatever they want instead of complaining)

Anonymous 117948

What? Look up any male character+ rule34 and at least a third of the results are hyper bara.
Also "masculinist" homosexual moids say shit like this all the time.
This is no rabbit hole, men are more than open about their porn preferences and misogyny.

Anonymous 117951

sauce on the right?

Anonymous 117952


Whenever I read shit like this I imagine a literal monkey with chimp rage because he can't get monkey pussy.
Males aren't much more complex than monkeys. The only difference seems to be that they are capable of speech.

Anonymous 117953

>Yet males hold these superstitious beliefs about how valuable it is and how women are absolutely evil for ever rejecting it.
I always thought it was too dumb to be that common but it actually kind of is, even among normie males. They might not be obsessed with female "hypergamy" like incels, though you will notice them entirely being incapable of registering that it'd be really dumb for a woman to just…sleep with them. No strings attached, or otherwise.
While, to average male, they see a literal free burger in a sexually available woman, and seem to act like sex is most of why they'd even pursue a woman, but then can't own up to what this actually implies about gender dynamics. They also see women being smart about it as women being full of themselves when it really is this: male sexual interest is of no value.
Mens' attempts at acting like being the object to their crack addict like desires is the greatest privilege of all is magnum opus level cope.

Anonymous 117954

>Mens' attempts at acting like being the object to their crack addict like desires is the greatest privilege of all is magnum opus level cope.

This is why they think calling us fat/ugly/old or otherwise unfuckable is the greatest insult. They are saying we don't deserve their dicktention, not realizing how worthless it is.

Anonymous 117956

>their crack addict like desires
This is the part that always seems to alien to me.
When I’m horny, I don’t feel like turning into a goddamn Godzilla over it, no matter how horny I am.
Why can’t scrotes just not demand women to pamper to their needs as if it’s a matter of life and death?
I mean, they have their fleshlights and terabytes of porn and prostitutes, yet they still get emotional breakdowns over being rejected by some random woman they’ll likely never see again, and might even kill/r*pe her over it.
That’s fucking insane. Moids aren’t humans I swear.

Anonymous 117973

Males are like a machine, when they encounter women in even the most banal situations they short circuit and their brain goes "bitch bitch bitch whore whore whore" and they don't return to normal until they coom or shoot up a school and off themselves

Anonymous 117974

It's because men don't respect men who masturbate, but see men who sleep with a lot of women as cool. It's about status.

Anonymous 117980

Question, why are trad wife types attracted here? It's very disturbing because they seemingly have the same exact agenda and obviously hate this place, while somehow coming across as extremely sheltered.

Anonymous 117982

Some of us here are in happy longterm relationships and don't have depression. You had to assume we're all misanthrope dragons that wanna roast men alive IRL. Telling.

Just admit it; you just don't like it when people criticize men and you cope by pretending no good woman hasn't been used/abused for sex, or has had her light dimmed out by being with a mediocre or bad man. Some of us here have been that, some haven't. I've known of women spiritually true and bright that have struggled in dating. Some that haven't.
Of course some just attracted gloom into their life with their gloom, but saying that's a rule is just egalitarian Reddit shit and I look down on your arrogance in assuming women just always ask to be in a bad relationship. Victim blamer type shit.
And I find it funny you quote >>117981 because it's so in line with your way of thinking. "Well, they must have been trash."

Good people end up with bad people all the time (and the good one isn't always the woman). Well rounded people have the best chance, yes, true. However, what is also true is that there's just, statistically, more men that do deep rooted harm…than women and that's really at the core of many disordered experiences women happen to have. Should women self improve and have a sense of self responsibility regardless? Yes. But, "we are the problem" being your answer to women being used or abused, even in questionable circumstances, reveals that you're deeply spiritually bankrupt.

Anonymous 117983

I love you anon, but tbh I think this would've been pretty fitting for the moidposting thread too

>We're trying to turn males into sensitive softboys who pick flowers and cry about their feelings instead of sweaty chads with veiny dick bulges.
Funnily enough it's trapfags and trannies that want to turn males into sissies. But since sissies still fit into traditional (female) gender roles while adopting a stereotypically female appearance, and since that gets their dick hard, moids don't care. Moids only care when men are depicted as anything other than ugly-ass macho Alphas or horny tradwives with male genitals, because they want to either fuck or be one of those.

I also feel like homos are super obsessed with showing everyone how "superior" their taste is. They are so obsessed with sex between disgusting men that they cannot stand the existence of people with other tastes. Like a typical coomer moid, but gay.

Anonymous 117984

Holy shit this just reads like he actually gets off to these delusions.
Is this why /pol/cels become addicted to cuck porn? To cope with their lack of sex? What am I saying, of course it is.
They end up getting of to cuck porn and/or trooning out because they "realize" that by "becoming women" they'll get lots of sex like those female singers this incel fuck fantasizes about.

Anonymous 117988

Pretty telling that they care more what their buddy scrotes think, rather than basic morals. Or it’s because there are very little, if any, circumstances in which their ego would deal a blow, and when they get told ”No.” by someone they perceive as subservient to them, they burst into pathetic rage, like a kid at the candy shelf.
Or both.

Anonymous 117989

They’re trannies, because the vast majority of tradcon women wouldn’t know of the existence of imageboards, and even if they did, the edgy and sexual humor of 4chan(the one they’d get exposed to first) would scare them off for good.

Anonymous 117990


>"we still have to call cougars/milfs 'hags' because teehee predominately pro-pedo weeaboo community"
>thread is actually somewhat sex positive as a surprise
>then picrel happens

Most men (read: pedos) that cite "the bioclock" for why anyone will care about them when they're wrinkling, balding, and getting fat are coping hard. Nobody having sex regularly even needs to mention such a retarded sexist concept. A woman's self-worth is never dependent on childbirth. Third worlder ooga booga brains that still think this deserve to die as virgins.

Not only is it just wrong in general, older women are better about looking younger than men. I've seen 30 y/o moids that look 50's already bc they don't take care of themselves and hit the wall FAST.

This image is ugly in addition to how gross anon's grooming thought process is.

Anonymous 117991

This reads like he has an unironic cuckolding fetish and started jacking off part of the way through his sentiment. Very interesting that he had to detail how much he sees himself as a loser and couldn't leave it at "I don't like female singers because I'll never own them or their pussies", which is really what this autism adds up to.

Anonymous 117992

>breed her repeatedly from toddler to mid schooler age because those dirty darn roasties(please fuck my dickcheese :( ) are nothing more than baby making machines
okay mohammed, somalia seems your speed
the world would've been a better place if all women became lesbians and had all the chimp brained moids desperately go gay since they can't live without fucking something that can move and die from aids

Anonymous 117995

There's not much internet space that tradwives don't get shit on completely. They might hate it here, but they can talk

Anonymous 118045

This is the pinkpill thread, idiot. What did you expect?

Anonymous 123006

If they get rid of roe vs Wade I don't know how any of you could bear to touch a man. It would be such self imposed violence..it would be shameful. We should burn them alive with a movement to never touch them. Just masturbate. Especially to yaoi and dominatrix shit while they cry. Anyone still able to have the kinda sex where they take charge would have to have serious fucking brain damage. I would never be able to respect her.

Anonymous 123007

Honestly you could just throw your body into a dumpster too, it would have the same effect.

Anonymous 123008

expand on this, why do u feel this way

Anonymous 123009

>Be me
>Watch father abuse mother my entire life
>Watch friends and family be similarly abused by their male relatives
>Get sexually assaulted by adult male family friend as a child
>Get bullied and treated like shit by boys/men for being ugly and weird in elementary, high school, and college
>Be delusional
>Still think you can find fun, sweet, uplifting boy to marry and be happy with

When am I going to learn?

Anonymous 123011

You're literally me except my mother wasn't abused (just cheated on and emotionally abused I guess)

Anonymous 123013

How do you take advantage of moids' madonna/whore complex to always be seen as the Madonna?

Anonymous 123014

Do you fantasize a lot? You latched onto an idea that brings you catharsis–there's no "boy" to marry. Just men (who often act like boys but in an incompetent, disgusting, and/or embarrassing way).
It's already a L if you associate with them so much to begin with. What are you trying to achieve?

Anonymous 123015

>What are you trying to achieve?
I want a good husband.

Anonymous 123021

I'm in a depressive pit right now so I don't fantasize about anything. But I still have the stupid idea in the back of my head that maybe there is someone out there that will love my ugly face, anxious personality, and fucked up past. Realistically, I know there is a 0% chance (I've never had a man treat me with human decency in my entire life) but my useless brain just won't relinquish the hope. I think I'll try electroshock therapy and if that doesn't work, I'm a lost cause.

Anonymous 123042

Sorry but that's not happening.

Anonymous 123337

Same here. I tell myself that it's a good thing I'm still capable of falling in love, but when I do I just get hurt again.

Anonymous 123862

The internet is rampant with misogyny. I sometimes wonder if the right way to go about it really is misandry or if we should be trying to instead help men better understand the difficulties women face, i.e. education.

Anonymous 123867

This thread didn't reach its bump limit as well? Geez. Saging.
Anyway, yeah, it's mostly a lost cause, I'm sorry anon. It's why I really advise girls and women to really be careful about where they go because it's very blackpilling seeing how many men really think/feel.

A lot of it boils down to male greed, entitlement, and antipathy towards women.
There is 0 reasoning or "teaching" men that literally can't conceptualize women as being complex human beings that are capable of good, and capable of being wronged. That's why they hate women over things that women aren't more guilty of than men mostly (even most of the traits they ascribe to women you can find brain scans/research disproving), or seem incapable of acknowledging that men relentlessly wanting to access women has as many downsides and upsides, because it'd make their egos combust.

If a woman abused a man I'd see him as a victim. Even if he wasn't perfect…my first impulse wouldn't be to hyperfixate on some flaw to blame, at least. This isn't "virtuous" of me. This is basic sense. Like, not everything is related.
And if he was, say, rich because of "privilege"…I wouldn't say "well, that means he can't ever be a victim."

With misogynists, they are mostly incapable of this thought process. A woman has some sort of unrelated advantage?=she can never be a victim or suffer or have a bad time. It's insane and something you can even use science to disprove.
They instantly look for an error on her part to blame for when she is wronged. There was no empathy, no humanizing. Just robotic ruthlessness. This is a lot more explicit in certain countries across the world as well. Man does bad thing? A woman is to blame because women are the only ones they hold to any moral standards. There's also a good chance they'd blame male-on-male violence on women somehow…at least sooner than admitting that masculinity can be fucked up because they're too weak to challenge other men on any meaningful basis. That's why they constantly ignore what each other does, or insists that since not all men rape, feminists are retarded for ever criticizing it, etc.

It's sociopathic, and yes, you can bet that every rare, rare instance a woman acts remotely the same, they coom themselves and it makes them hate all women more (side note: why do you think a male hate containment thread gets so many dozens of male lurkers? lol…)

Anonymous 123869

Oh, and let me add, when people try teaching men about something about ethics, it usually offends/triggers them. It's why so many men get offended at a woman exhibiting basic measures to keep herself safe, while in the next breath victim blaming these women if they aren't defensive and get raped/abused/etc. Most of the time they only care about how their ego is affected.

Anonymous 129026

Men are aware, they simply do not care. To them, caring about women is like being a vegetarian. They know that us/animals directly suffer and are killed because of them personally, but to stop our murders, they would have to make a slight change that would inconvenience them, so they refuse to.

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