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BIO CHAN thread #2 Anonymous 135972

Previous thread: >>85849

Thread for posting your artworks, memes and general OC for Bio chan.
>Who is Bio chan?
She is a terf character often represented by wearing a science coat and with DNA-like hair that likes to remind trannies that they will never be their desired oposite sex. Bio chan as in "Biology chan": reminding troons of their inherent and inescapable biology. Her personnality changes based on the artist because she isn't fully established yet. If there are little tweaks and things you want to change/add feel free! There are currently 2 designs for Bio chan: one labelled GNC (with shorter hair as seen in in picrel) and one who isn't (with long pigtails and more traditionally femenine appearance). Feel free to draw either.

Thread rules:
>No extensive sperging, no derailing. Keep it related to Bio chan, please.
>If you feel the need to talk about a different topic simply move it to another thread (i.e. "pink pill" thread, /feels/ board, "terfposting" thread, etc.) or create a new thread entirely. There is no need to pollute a thread dedicated to OC with unrelated discussion. It does overshadow OC when people overly sperg about unrelated things.

New thread has been created because other anons couldn't stop sperging about unrelated topics in the previous thread so the Bio chan thread sadly became not a Bio chan thread. It does not seem that we can save the last thread so it is just better to make the next Bio chan thread now. These anons can feel free to talk about whatever they are talking about in the previous thread before it fills up and make another one for their topic. Hopefully leaving this current thread alone because off-topic sperging only overshadows the beautiful OC miners create.

Thank you for your understanding. Now onto posting and discussing Bio chan!

Anonymous 135973


Anonymous 135979


Anonymous 135980

>now I will sing my love for women!
>death to T
the amounts of money i'd pay to attend her concert!! so much cute art! im so happy to see all these anons jump on board to create more drawings of her!!

Anonymous 135986


Anonymous 135987

I’m also so moved right now
Bio tan? So cute

Anonymous 135989

I like the goth/witch biochan!! it already makes me anticipate halloween themed art of biochan where she scares off troons by trick or treating (or something along those lines)

Anonymous 135992

Thanks, I'll do more of her.

Anonymous 136002

Anonymous 136028

Cutest biochans I've seen thanks for the gnc version I love her

Anonymous 136032


I also love this too

Anonymous 136040

she looks soooo cool here!

Anonymous 136048

Keep it up!!!! Bio-chan is so cool!

Anonymous 136107


Anonymous 136128

I hate how this made me laugh

Anonymous 137364


Fren drew biochan for me c:

Anonymous 137376


Asked for the textless version

Anonymous 137385

Please don't say "fren". It makes us all look bad. Nice pic.

Anonymous 137388


Good point, meant it in the silly dog meme way forgot it's also a rightoid thing

Anonymous 137389

I am loving it!!!!!

Anonymous 137415


Uh, so, here. I drew some Bio-chan. She's a little weirded out by the botched phalloplasty or, perhaps, a feces-smelling neovagina.

Anonymous 137416

I Love her!!!!!

Anonymous 137417

An addition to the thing. Don't quite know what I meant by 'biological kiss', oh well

Anonymous 137418

biological kith.pn…

forgot pic oops

Anonymous 137419

proper good art right here

Anonymous 137420

Why, fren?

Anonymous 137421

Can you do a full version of the little black dress one?

Anonymous 137422


Original is from Gekkan shojo Nozaki kun

Anonymous 137423


Anonymous 137428

we need more !

Anonymous 137431

reminds me of the "handsome girl and sheltered girl" manga where two girls start dating, but everyone keeps mistaking the "handsome girl" for a man.

Anonymous 137432

I have now something new to read

Anonymous 137434

I love the funny transphobic cartoon woman so much

Anonymous 137678


GNC biochan meets bio trans girl kikomi-chan

Anonymous 137679


Anonymous 137680

love it

Anonymous 138029


i tried

Anonymous 138038

You're the one who made me unironically waifu biochan

Anonymous 138054

damn you actually got skills

Anonymous 138061

i fukin LOVE this

Anonymous 138719


I was playing around and here bio and bio gnc shopping together

Anonymous 138723


Anonymous 138724

WOOOW so cute i love it

Anonymous 138725

Omg you did a good job, I feel like all my hatred is gone after looking at this

Anonymous 138726

thank you!!!

Anonymous 138729


i’m obsessed

Anonymous 138730

WOOOW this is so good

Anonymous 138731

X-X eyes are so goooood

Anonymous 138740

thank you so much! i’m planning on drawing kikomi and regular bio chan soon too wahoo

Anonymous 138741

I cant wait

Anonymous 138767

bless this thread <3

Anonymous 138769



Anonymous 138771

It’s amazing !!! I and the fact that you didnt gorget the bio note it’s PERFECT !

Anonymous 139039

I for one welcome canonization of the XX pupils

Anonymous 139048

I’ve become so irrationally obsessed with the existence of bio chan that I almost want to make a CC posted only Sunday newspaper comic about her. Idk if there’s any specific canon other than she’s sane and normal about biology though, if I missed something it would help.

Anonymous 139050

Maybe have her and gnc bio chan visit confused gnc girls who're sad and think that being uncomfortable being feminine makes them trans like the other people online. Or have a busting the troons from female only spaces episode.

Anonymous 139057

That’s a pretty good one. Maybe building off that they happen to meet a girl that feels disenfranchised by how men who call themselves women get more respect than the actual ones. And after they bio-pill her she seems to get the unintended idea of “you’re right! I’ll be an AFAB transwoman so nobody can invalidate me!” But still has the spirit so they let her tag along - thus, kikomi is born. I am such a fucking dweeb pfft

Anonymous 139060

Honestly go for it there's no actual canon for her.

Anonymous 139075

Dont forget the bio note

Anonymous 139079

I need a better mic so it wont have lag in her voice… but here we are! Bio chan as an utaloid

Anonymous 139080

Im sorry I should have make the subs better and easier to read
But keep in mind that it’s a test!

Anonymous 139081


Anonymous 139082


Oh my goodness Nona I owe you my life and my firstborn… it’s actually very good for a first-time utauloid even if it is a little laggy.. bravo. IMG made my sides go to the north and south hemisphere

Anonymous 139083

Omg omg im so happy !!! Thank you so much ! I will upload the gif/ png later too!

Anonymous 139088

Do ya have any other vocaloid songs in mind that might come as a second cover, cause It’d be funny seeing how miners could corrupt lyrics to other classics songs to be anti-troon

Anonymous 139089

um wtf

Anonymous 139094

Is there something wrong with it

Anonymous 139096

We need a terf Miku x Biochan collab

Anonymous 139097

Count me in I don’t have much in terms of musical skill but I could do mv art if nobody else wants to

Anonymous 139112

Dancing samurai!!

Anonymous 139113

omg what a banger… the kys scum part would fit so well lol

Anonymous 139114

omg THIS IS SO COOL is there gonna be more??

Anonymous 139141


Anonymous 139151

When I will have more skills Im going to make an original song(tribute song) and put everyone’s drawing in there!

Anonymous 139152

I have design somewhere with a BIO miku abd Gumi

Anonymous 139164


Anonymous 139165


Anonymous 139166


Anonymous 139222


I’m going to spam bio chan old drawing so we keep track

Anonymous 139223


Anonymous 139224


Anonymous 139225


Anonymous 139226


Anonymous 139227


Anonymous 139229


Anonymous 139230


Gif reaction

Anonymous 139231


Anonymous 139232


Anonymous 139233


Anonymous 139234


Anonymous 139235


Anonymous 139256

This one is incredible, whoever made it I’m placing my eyeballs on top of it.

Anonymous 139270


I made a small doodle but I don't have an eraser to erase the guidelines so it looks a bit messy

Anonymous 139271

Xx pupils canon

Anonymous 139281

So cute!

Anonymous 139317

it’s adorable omg??!? keep up the good work

Anonymous 139515

Just had a bad idea

Biochan vtuber…

Anonymous 139517

If it didn’t entail an instantaneous ban from yoochoob that’d be a genius idea

Anonymous 139527

YES fuck hololive

Anonymous 139978

Bio-chan femme ver…

Had to give my take on Bio-chan

Anonymous 139979

Bio-chan tomboy ve…

And the tomboy version (because I really don't like the term GNC)

Anonymous 139988

WOOWW she is BEAAAUUTIFUL <33 good job!!

Anonymous 139995

We could call HER biotarou or Bio kun x2

Anonymous 139996

I think I prefer this design. Really like the XX pupils too!
Great art anon

Anonymous 140142

Blade of TERF.webm

Made a slideshow parody of a scene from Gintama, thought it fitted pretty well
Another anon here redid the voice lines
the full size mp3 file is here, https://files.catbox.moe/qd2nqw.mp4

Anonymous 140146



Anonymous 140148



Anonymous 140149

OMG HAHAH i love the inclusion of all trannies in this beautiful video!!!!! hahhaa

Anonymous 140150

never realised I'd find such a high-effort post on Crystal Cafe!

Anonymous 140152

I love you anons holy shit

Anonymous 140153


re uploading because i fucked up subs first time around, pain and suffering

Anonymous 140156

holy shit these threads have the highest concentration of scrotes on the entire damn site

Anonymous 140204

it's beautiful

Anonymous 140214

This is amazing genuinely 10/10 for everyone involved

Anonymous 140239

This thread is so cool! I check it everyday for new things

Anonymous 140240


made a drawing based on the biochan from the video!

Anonymous 140241

this is literally my favorite thread on all of crystal cafe

Anonymous 140242

OH !! I love it, it’s so pretty

Anonymous 140291

how many TIMs do you think i would trigger if i cosplayed as biochan at the next anime con near me

Anonymous 140293

you'd get thrown out, but it'd be worth it to own the libs

Anonymous 140295

i doubt people outside of crystal cafe know about biochan

Anonymous 140296

There's a handful of people who even know who bio-chan is.

Of those people there's only a handful that TiMs.

Of those handful of TiM's a fraction go IRL to events.

And the chances of TiM's being at your particular event are almost nothing.

99% chance no one even knows what you're doing, let alone cares.

Anonymous 140298

Bless your cosplay

Anonymous 140351

this anon >>140296 is probably right but I still would love to see people cosplay as her lol

Anonymous 140352

yeah im sure you could do a very pretty cosplay based on her design

Anonymous 140385

This is petty, but I kind of wish Bio-chan was just our (CC) thing. Saw someone draw her on lolcow, but lolcow already has plenty of their own OCs. Can't we keep her?
She's too good for anywhere else.

Anonymous 140391

Gotta draw her with a pick ax to signify her being a miner.

Anonymous 140410

can you please post the lolcow drawing too? i'd love to see it

Anonymous 140411


Anonymous 140425

No matter what happened she will always be a CC character ! Don’t overthink it and dont worry!

Anonymous 140434


Anonymous 140438


Cute af

Anonymous 140451



Anonymous 140461

You misunderstand me. I was telling that moid to go fuck off, since feminists have always had all sorts of political opinions, no matter how much he cries about it.

Anonymous 140462

Oops sorrry my eyes are retarded im sorrrry

Anonymous 140466


it's ok it happens to the best of us anon

Anonymous 140468


Again sorry and thank you for being so kind

Anonymous 140469

We need a bio 3D model

Anonymous 140476


Anonymous 140489


Daily reminder for travelos へーへ

Anonymous 140493

WOW so cute!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 140498

OOO! so pretty <3

Anonymous 140500


Attempt at serious expression and some extra troons from slideshow

Anonymous 140501

gnc hands.jpg

Anonymous 140502

Amazing work, HD bio

Anonymous 140503


Anonymous 140504

travel var.png

Anonymous 140505

Cute af

Anonymous 140506

Oh my god my heart stopped. IT’S MY FAVORITE EVER !!

Anonymous 140509

I love this one a lot

Anonymous 140511

wtf theres SO MANY beautiful art!! <33 i love you all!!!!

Anonymous 140552

I still don't like seeing her on lolcow
But that's because I don't like lolcow
Why can't she just be CC's

Anonymous 140561

She will always be a CC character because that's where she comes from. But at some point it is a bit inevitable that she spreads elsewhere. I prefer having her on lolcow than on 4chan's /lgbt/ for example but I wouldnt be surprised if a time comes where more people will start to know her and use her elsewhere. It's just how the internet works for better or for worse. What is important is to keep her identity as a CC-originated meme. Drawanons should do some art where we can see it is obvious that Biochan is a CC meme, that way even if she does end up spreading there will always be a CC connection to her. The problem whould be though unwanted advertisement to moids. I'll stop rambling now because I have the feeling that I am not making sense and I am tired.

Anonymous 140562

This is what I like l also think you make sense to me

Anonymous 140563

im glad, i'm very sleep deprived so it feels like i'm losing my thoughts midsentence

Anonymous 140564

I just woke up and my brain is usually really slow but when I read you It’s all clear

Also how can we draw her and make it more obvious she is from cc? What about some crystal maid outfit?

Anonymous 140566

>make it more obvious she is from cc
Part of the difficulty in that is that CC doesn't really have a well-known insignia, partially in general and partially as a side effect of not being well-known as a site.
4chan can slap a clover on an OC and call it a day because a four-leaf clover is both distinctive and not representative of any other website, so if anyone has even the slightest idea of what 4chan is, they can get the meaning.
What symbol does CC have that's like that? The only thing I can think of is the diamond favicon, but it's still not super distinctive.

Anonymous 140567

The diamond's enough imo, you wouldn't want to overtly advertise cc to moids and troons anyway

Anonymous 140570

Crystal is good

Anonymous 140640


Anonymous 140679


What if we add them there?

Anonymous 140705


still waiting for the mods to put this biochan banner that was madein the last thread

Anonymous 140716

Yes i want to see that banner toooo

Anonymous 140749

I don't really like that, banners are all positive comfy things there's nothing spiteful involved

Anonymous 140752

one of the banners is a literal /r9k/ screenshot

Anonymous 140753



Anonymous 140754

Bio chan is kind too so it’s ok

Anonymous 140755

I love it you did a great job

Anonymous 140780

We could still have a comfy bio? I dont see where is the problem

Anonymous 140981


Anonymous 140982

I love bio chan so much it's unreal

Anonymous 141016


Anonymous 141067


Apologies if it's not recognizable enough as bio, but i tried a cute bedroom kinda thing

Anonymous 141071


nice and comfy. i like how the colours give it a chilling-alone-at-night vibe.

Anonymous 141083

Beautiful work as always anon

Anonymous 141095

Post it on meta for a banner
It’s awesome

Anonymous 141178


i think alien girls are cool and the uterus thing on her forehead looked like anthenas so i gave her a pair

Anonymous 141181

Alien ver is so cute!!

Anonymous 141202


I would kill for mini 4 koma biochan manga

Anonymous 141203


Grey ver

Anonymous 141206


Anonymous 141230

Was this version made out of >>141202 using some kind of tool/filter?

Anonymous 141234

oh this is very cute!

Anonymous 141245

Yes! I used the pattern filter!
Thank youuuu

Anonymous 141420


Anonymous 141424

yO that is one cute ass image <3

Anonymous 141448

She would fix me

Anonymous 142767

backround type thi…

Aspect ratio bio

Anonymous 142787

She looks so great!!!

Anonymous 142868

Banner potential for sure!! Absolutely gorgeous

Anonymous 142876

bio note is killing me

Anonymous 143176

Bio chan please marry me

Anonymous 143923

She just like me…

Anonymous 145151

Bio chan is the main character lead in otome games

Anonymous 146416

God I wish that was me

Anonymous 161459


Requesting art with Crystal and Biochan pls

Anonymous 161594


had so much fun doing this

Anonymous 161825

You're amazing

Anonymous 161833


women in lab coats will never not be attractive to me

Anonymous 161841


Now my new go-to draw when bored character tbh

Anonymous 161845

This is so cute!!

Anonymous 161868

Anonymous 161972

Anonymous 162188

I fucking hate that word with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

That being said, tomboy bio-chan is cute, I wish I looked like her.

Anonymous 163015

Anonymous 164420


Really cool how Mika Pikazo put her own interpretations of Bio-chan and Bio-kun in the new Fire Emblem game!

Anonymous 164521

It’s official she is a cc user

Anonymous 165378

Literally nintendo switch corporate design tho

Anonymous 166630


Sorry for this, but i love Bio-chan and Yu-Gi-Oh

Anonymous 166646

omg this is really cute! i'd play if this card existed

Anonymous 166711


Anonymous 166745

Anonymous 167348

I love this sm

Anonymous 167672


Anonymous 167685

loled at the troons that tried to make a trans rights edit of biochan while ignoring the key terfy aspects of her design

Anonymous 167687

>troons don't know key aspects of female biology
who would've guessed?

Anonymous 167688

I just want to say that her inherently terfy design is based as hell, as are her colors. Let's reclaim pink and blue, they're too cute colors to be associated with troons.

Anonymous 167699


Anonymous 167707



Anonymous 167728

absolute goddess

Anonymous 167754

Anonymous 167798

Fuck's sake, they found her already?

Anyway who's gonna make emote stickers of her because I'm buying them immediately

Anonymous 167801

yeah it happenned yesterday, i still have the "edited" pic they did and it's just a lazy recolor which practically changed nothing about who biochan is <3

Anonymous 167803

show lol

Anonymous 167814


here is the tranny "edit" of biochan, im spoilering cuz i dont want tranny-made memes to be visible in this beautiful thread

Anonymous 167817

really cute, i love how you included the tomgirl version too!

Anonymous 167819

okay i didn't expect it to be THAT bad lmfao
at least they could've gotten rid of the uterus and the female earrings kek

Anonymous 167820

samefag but why did they erase her skin tone too…

Anonymous 167828


he didn't understand that no matter the colors, she will and is an anti troon gijinka! blue and pink bio was also drawn here
like, no matter if yoiu draw her bond she is anti trans ( men's brains be like….)

Anonymous 167830

Cause it's funny, I literally took two seconds to brighten it to denote the color connection. Not say 'trans rights omg', I was making a joke and everyone on this site doesn't know what that is.
Autism is the issue here.

Anonymous 167898


AI generated bio chan

Anonymous 167899

Anonymous 167900

Easy mistake to make anon, the internet takes things too literally for my figurative humor to work anymore.

Anonymous 167902

unknown (1).png

ai biochan

Anonymous 167905

ah okay lmao

Anonymous 167906

Are picrews of her allowed? Then again don't think any of them have options for her unique helical hair

Anonymous 167907

AI still sucks at making hands big time, good thing I'm an hobby artist and I can fix those small mistakes including the colors it aint that hard

Anonymous 167908

I love that bio-chan's design is basically impossible for trannies to coopt. Doing a tranny flag edit of her literally just make her color palate lighter and nothing else lol.

Anonymous 167909

That hair though mmmm

Anonymous 167910

Yeah it took me like 5 seconds only because I replaced the black, I was making a joke so I didn't even bother with the skin color as you can tell kek

Anonymous 167911

what AI prompts do y'all use?

Anonymous 167912

I'm pretty sure you just have to put a picture of the character you want into novelAI and the AI will make pictures of that character

Anonymous 167932


Anonymous 167934

Sexualised pedobait garbage, that AI is moidbrained

Anonymous 167978

oh no the biochan thread is getting shited up again

Anonymous 168036

Your "joke" just doesn't make sense anon

Anonymous 168049

Oh yes ! Please fix it you will be a savior

Anonymous 168050

When I was making those AI pic I had the same thought tbf… it is male brain rotted… but i still find her cute! We can still edit it anyway

Anonymous 168088

You're the one with the autism issue. Nobody's laughing at your "joke".

Anonymous 168102

looks jojo-esque. i love it!
it looks like something a tranny would use as its profile pic
it's cute to an extent but it's obviously based on lolishit art

Anonymous 168103

it's like when troons try to claim kikomi-chan was made by some self-loathing tranny as a self-parody of hons. it makes no fucking sense lmao. troons can cope all they want but these two characters were made by women on lc and cc.

Anonymous 168240


AI biochan, I'd protect with my life

Anonymous 168242

She's a cutie, I love her.

Anonymous 168244

loving that hair

Anonymous 168253


Why do they keep looking like trannies I stg

Anonymous 168257

because you're using craiyon lol

Anonymous 168279


Anonymous 168280

This is stunning

Anonymous 168283

That AI is shit use a better one.


Anonymous 168306



Anonymous 168308

you are welcome

Anonymous 168318

Gosh I'm so gay. She could fix me.

Anonymous 168321


Played around with this further

Anonymous 168342


I kinda want a biochan version of this image

Anonymous 168391


Does anyone want to post biochan to a tranny subreddit like r/arethecisok or r/gendercynical to watch them lose their minds over it? Their reaction to kikomi was hilarious so I think bio-chan would also produce awesome troon cope.

Anonymous 168449

Please don't. I'd rather have her obscure and private.

Anonymous 168453

These reactions are delicious.

Anonymous 168455

What do you respond with when a troon says that "kill TERFs" is just people being rude online and that trannies are getting killed for real in comparison?


Anonymous 168456

Who is it that are killing trannies exactly? What I can't take seriously about this is that it's just men murdering mentally ill men, and those mentally ill men respond by threatening women with violence for not validating their delusions. They're a scourge on society.

Anonymous 168463

>I want to die. This negative shit is getting to me

Anonymous 168469

Most trannies in the world getting murdered are sex workers in South America. Most trannies in America that get murdered are also sex workers, and are black getting killed by black men. Watch them not care because suddenly it isn't men of their own race and also these crossdressing moids are gay and suck dick for cock.

Anonymous 168475

Tell them women are killed in much higher frequency than trannies, and that troons in comparison are a much safer demographic. Like the other nona said, the very few troons who are killed are almost always sex workers (which gendies usually gladly support).

Troons are more likely to be murderers than be murdered (sources here https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/17261/interesting-stat-tims-are-more-likely-to-be-murderers-than-victims)

Anonymous 168480

Oh no, male-on-male violence, so sad!! Loool

Anonymous 168486

Troons have the lowest murder rate of any demographic

Anonymous 168494

but the highest suicide rate also

this was a tranny, didnt end up in murder because thank god they suck at killing I hope he killed himself afterwards in jail or something

Anonymous 168497


he attacked a poor old lady, that is so fucked up thats why I say women get armed with a handgun, kill the tranny before he gets you for whatever reason.

He was 100% jealeous his ex-boyfriend left him for an actual woman with a vaigna even if she is less "good looking" obviously a real woman is always superior to a tranny even if the real woman is a rasta hippie.

All trannies got is nihilism, lack of potential, being a dead end, hating the world for this dumb shitty condition they inflicted on themselves through chemical castration. They are pieces of shit and the enemies of life itself.

Anonymous 168506

I love how the fact that an "ugly" woman with a vagina will always be infinitely more attractive to men than a castrated man, because it probably crushes them lmao.
>highest suicide rate

Anonymous 168508

>I love how the fact that an "ugly" woman with a vagina will always be infinitely more attractive to men than a castrated man, because it probably crushes them lmao.

It do crush them just that simple fact, they hate how biology works, they just have this deep resentment for reality itself what a weird position to be at in life. No wonder why it leads to suicide, its the ultimate rejection of how it all works "i don't like how physics are so imma off myself!" and bam they do it

Anonymous 168511

Maybe take this to the terfposting threads please? This is the bio-chan thread, nothing related to her at all

Anonymous 168512

Make a new one I'd contribute, the current one is on it's reply limit.

Anonymous 168519

They are so weak im dying of laughs
Bio chan would terminate their life

Anonymous 168562

LOL, crying

Anonymous 168641

guys can we move all the troon/terf talk to the threads meant for them please
this is for biochan art and aesthetics

Anonymous 168722

biochan x crystal x board-tan anyone?

Anonymous 168725


I tried…

Anonymous 168730

OMG!!! i love it nona<3

Anonymous 168731

tyty <3

Anonymous 168741


Anonymous 168769


LMAO, if Kikomi makes these troons suicidal then bio-chan would be a tranny extinction event.

Anonymous 168771

They hated Kikomi because she told them the truth

Anonymous 168788

lmfao wait til these retards find out we coming to take back pastel pinks and blues.

Anonymous 168801

I love this lmao
I don't want her exposed to the troons though, some of them will probably attempt to make wholesome edits of her or something. Keep her to ussss

Anonymous 168806

Nah they dont know shit or how to edit shit, they will forever be stupid as you saw with the edits they dont remove the details of BioChan because they dont understand her, they will never be women, they dont understand what all the details mean so even the edits are still our meme also barely any trannoid has artistic skills they tend to draw like absolute dogshit like men do duh. Just keep insulting trannies with anime, they hate it because they like anime the sooner they get rejected by the anime community the better so they are filtered to the furry community only.

Anonymous 168843


Anonymous 168962

Can someone give meme reaction pics for other nonas to draw biochan versions of

Anonymous 169273


Anonymous 169738

Aaand here we go with the chimpout kek.

Anonymous 170088


Anonymous 170089

based biochan as always

Anonymous 170192


"Official" edit for you!

Anonymous 170214

>>170192 supra based

Anonymous 170265

My favorite so far.

Anonymous 171034

I don't think we have boardtans

Anonymous 171057

Stop being mean to Bio-chans down syndrome little sister

Anonymous 171141

Bio-chan with the crystal miner girl or with Elsie board-tan? I'm practicing two person pieces.

Anonymous 171209

Miner and Bio together, no Elsie because Lolcor sucks

Anonymous 172291


I realised just now I may have gotten her eyes wrong lol

Anonymous 172424

scuffed biochan.PN…

i made a scuffed biochan on pixel planet
hope it wont get too vandalised

Anonymous 172428

Cute !!

Anonymous 172459


Another ai biochan

Anonymous 172474

wow!! pastel colors! i like it!

Anonymous 172475

Anonymous 172476


oh seems like the trannies have found out

Anonymous 172477

Me and other miners are helping clean it up

Anonymous 172478

we shall not let the trannies win

Anonymous 172480


Anonymous 172481


she has a speech bubble now

Anonymous 172491


Anonymous 172500


Anonymous 172504

Bio chan is number one
Fuck the moid terminally online fucking ugly mtf

Anonymous 172505


Anonymous 172515

The jannies are fast today.

Anonymous 172523


flag is expanded

Anonymous 172524

the troon is trying to give her a frankendick sadly

Anonymous 172534

Very cute

Anonymous 172539

Thank you to whoever helped me out with the labrys :)

Anonymous 172688


Anonymous 172711

aw!! they gave her pretty eyes

Anonymous 172714

We won

Anonymous 172723

In the next thread some anon should put pixel bio-chan as the op pic to eternalize it.

Anonymous 172753

good idea!

Anonymous 173167

shes about to star…

I would like to contribute

Anonymous 173168


so pretty nona 🙏

Anonymous 173330

can someone make biochan minecraft skin hehe

Anonymous 174030


I really love this edit nona, thanks <3

Anonymous 174145

The trannies killed biochan. :( I put her back together just yesterday, but they replaced her with a trans flag so I erased the flag and replaced it. I'm going to recreate her somewhere else on the board and hide her so they spend time searching for her. But just like just their immutable sex, she'll always be there. I'd appreciate it if anyone else wants to work on the flag with me, since it cool down timer on how often you can place pixels.

Anonymous 174146

If you're in the discord share the link there so the lurking trannies here don't find her

Anonymous 176152

anyone considered dyeing or styling their hair like bio chans?

Anonymous 176229

I have
I want someone to cosplay bio chan

Anonymous 178735


Anonymous 178754

How cuteeeeee she is stunning

Anonymous 178755


Anonymous 178756

Someone should commission Bio chan to a famous artist

Anonymous 178758

I miss this artist too
Come back

Anonymous 178850

im sorry.jpg

Forgive me anon, I'm sorry
Bio chan has done so much for me and all she's gotten in return is months of neglect, i don't deserve her
Here's something quick, I'll try to shit out a proper batch this week

Anonymous 178858

You're still a miner? I thought you left.

Anonymous 178865

Welcome back queen, I am glad to see you back

Anonymous 179785

gnc grind.png

GNC on that grind

Anonymous 179786


Bio sama from last thread, she deserves love

Anonymous 179788


does anyone have any fun bio related headcanons to share?

Anonymous 179794

mamamia we got food tonight girls our god has fed us the almigthy biochan SPREAD love happiness soul and death to trannies amen

Anonymous 179804

Anonymous 179805

Bio chan
>volunteers at a women's shelter
>obviously a girl in stem womanboss
Gnc chan
>Teaches women's self defense
>Fujo and my gf

Anonymous 179831

Anonymous 179862

She doesn't shave. She sees shaving as unnatural and weird as pulling out her fingernails.

Anonymous 179872


Anonymous 180039


I never post stuff I draw anywhere ever so here’s something for u s

Anonymous 180051

>obviously a girl in stem womanboss


Is she also a lesbian perchance?

Anonymous 180079

Anonymous 180085

Real and true
Very cute
Yes and gnc chan is febfem

Anonymous 180102

i love her!!!!! what a beauty <3

Anonymous 180114

She is so cute!!!!

Anonymous 180146

Her love for women is beyond lesbianism
It’s a form of agape but only for women.

Anonymous 180207

Super lesbian

Anonymous 181768

More like meta lesbian

Anonymous 181792

i drew the original bio-sama drawing and i think i'm going to mildly die from happiness from seeing your illustration! it looks so good. just from the general way she looks, the neatness of her fashion update, the foldings in the clothes aaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous 181807

What is bio-chan's stance on non-TIM moids?

Anonymous 182286

hates them, as she should. gnc biochan is febfem for a reason

Anonymous 184413

bio sama.png

Anonymous 184492

bio mama

Anonymous 184654


Troons always resort to their 4shit level of communication when their masks get knocked off by anything not going their way. It's always "nigger nigger nigger" and trying to threaten normal women with dick pics or iterations of "kys".

Anonymous 184661


Biochan with a gun edit from this really cute picrew


Anonymous 185481


>feces-smelling neovagina
God wants to throw up

Anonymous 200449


very quick christmas bio, have a good time everyone

Anonymous 200453


also here's a suit bio from a while ago that i forgot about posting

Anonymous 200470

Wtf I love Christmas now

Anonymous 200480

Oh a bio-chan I posted here got deleted, why?
Why do mods randomly delete stuff?

Anonymous 200688

When you get banned your post history gets cleared

Anonymous 200696

I've never been banned

Anonymous 201176

Just post it again

Anonymous 201177

Did you use a VPN perhaps? Or maybe you got IP spoofed by some moid

Anonymous 201375


>Did you use a VPN perhaps?
Nope. Anyway it was this Bio-chan kek. I just get sad whenever any Bio is deleted, this is the most talented thread on CC like >>200449 is amazing and so cute.

Anonymous 201434

Who are the girls in the background??

Anonymous 201482

Bump for cp dont scroll down

Anonymous 201895

Cc mascot and a random girl i guess, maybe a miner?

Anonymous 201921

I intended random girl to be bio sama, but forgot to draw her face markings. Same goes for bio herself, its a very unfinished sketch

Anonymous 204527


Miku says no to trans rights.

Anonymous 204534


Anonymous 204827


I'm now unapologetically obsessed

Anonymous 205052

hahaha this one is so good

Anonymous 206020

Freakin epic

Anonymous 206641

this thread is the only reason I use cc

Anonymous 206672

Anonymous 206736


Anonymous 206748

Super cute!

Anonymous 207009

I love bio-chan and gnc bio-chan with my entire heart. I wanna see miku, bio-chan and lain hanging out hating trainies and moids. I don't have anything to contribute currently but I'm making a bracelet that says "bio♥chan" and not sure if I should use pink/blue or pink/purple

Anonymous 207013

why would you use pink/purple? she's pink/blue inherently so go for that.
you just made me want to make a bio bracelet myself though so thanks kek

Anonymous 207017

Some of the arts here have darker blue hair and the beads I have are more lavender and pastel purple so I thought maybe that could work. I was thinking about it later and I think blue is the best choice, agreed

Anonymous 207018

good luck and show us the results!

Anonymous 207078

I LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 207079

lovely idea !

Anonymous 207128


happy new year desu

Anonymous 207129

Kawaiiii omggg this is more than amazing! Happy new yearr

Anonymous 207144

This is so cute happy new year to you too!

Anonymous 207158

Cute asf and happy new year to you both!

Anonymous 207490


I drew Bio-chan from memory so her bangs are a bit off…

Anonymous 207491

Anonymous 207509

anww that is really sweet

Anonymous 207609


Anonymous 207614

omg! it is so cute!

Anonymous 207620

Cute, I like the black bead as an accent color.

Anonymous 207791


Bonus terfy stuff kek.

Anonymous 208008

I would buy this

Anonymous 208044

Do you wear these out? Has anyone ever connented on them?

Anonymous 208048

based, do you sell them?

Anonymous 208084

I would, but most people irl wouldn't even understand the references. I also might get assaulted in more ways than one by a troon for the YWNBAW one kekek
I wish but I have honestly zero idea how to set up an online store and having to ship it is a pain here lol

Anonymous 208455

Omg if you sell I would buy 10

Anonymous 208929

Anonymous 208933

>why does radfem art look like it's drawn by men?
>they really are reppers
>how do they know about kikomi?

Anonymous 208934

they didn't even post the full webm

Anonymous 208941

They were too intimated by the full power of animated biochan

Anonymous 209017

we knew already we always been among trannies here, just filter them, you know the drill.

Anonymous 209085

the OP was laughing at how "dumb" the Y chromosome bio chan art was…like how further will you deny you have a Y chromosome?
They were also laughing at how CC is a female only site, because moids love to invade women's spaces, as usual <3

Anonymous 209124

someone should make a discord for bio-chan/terven stuff tbh

Anonymous 209136

>kikomi? why do they know about that? are they obessessing or those the kiki mod also post on there
They're so brain dead they think Kikomi was made by their group (inadvertently admitting we're right about them). The GC anon who made her must laugh so hard every time.

Anonymous 209506


they should have post the whole animation at least

Anonymous 209511

I don't know if this is true, but I heard the nona who made Kikomi is an Ayden or ex-Ayden and also made the Pooner drawings. Does anyone know if this is true?

Anonymous 209527

the pooner drawings? i feel like the art styles are too different

Anonymous 210497


Kek, these faggots. Tranny freaks are either skinny lanklet twinks that have never done physical labor in their entire pathetic failson lives or fat AGP degenerates with tard strength. Yeah, males come in different shapes and sizes, what a revelation

Anonymous 219677

Someone make a bio miku fusion pls

Anonymous 219781

aaaa (3).png

Haven't drawn in weeks, hope the drawing is okay

Anonymous 219782

omg!! she's gorgeous! great work nona <3

Anonymous 219787

She is so cute! I love her slippers!

Anonymous 219789

so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous 221385

I may or may not have a crush on a drawing right now.

Anonymous 226283


Anonymous 226326

i love this.. great work

Anonymous 226367

Bio-chan my beloved im fixing you, any miners online pls help fix the queen im about to get plastered

Anonymous 226387

Lovely! Love the accessories super lively energy and colors.

Anonymous 226498

bio tomboy.png

I cant really explain how much I love bio tomboy

Anonymous 226500


and heres an extra sketch

Anonymous 226501

im obsessed. great work. now make them kiss!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 226514

new bio, praise the gods
these are unbelievably cute, i love them so much.
I feel like drawing more bio again now

Anonymous 226518

Poggo extreme

Anonymous 226524



Anonymous 226526

that is so freaking epic and based and valid and poggers!!!

Anonymous 226529

v n,bj,.lbn.png

alr Im just bored now

Anonymous 226530

shes just like me…

Anonymous 226703

Anonymous 226858


Anonymous 227391

There is no winter mode bio chan… I should draw it

Anonymous 227408

oh my god she is literally me

Anonymous 227410

Bio-chan cosplays when

Anonymous 227439

Ive been seriously considering doing one, if I ever feel in the mood of wasting money on wigs and learning how to style them I WILL post pics

Anonymous 227478

i would love to but im so paranoid about my career, everything would go poof if i got exposed as a raging TERF by some spiteful Y chromoid at the local convention

Anonymous 227713

we could photoshop one

Anonymous 227731


Anonymous 227741



Anonymous 227795

cute <3

Anonymous 227841

what a queen

Anonymous 227849

Anonymous 228625


I think she’d make an amazing vocaloid

Anonymous 228641

mama mia THIS IS STUNNING!!! amazing work nona!

Anonymous 228642

Omg that one made my day it’s amazing

Anonymous 228643

I love this, i love my girlfriend biochan and i love you, thank you so much anon

Anonymous 228672


Anonymous 228690

I love how everyone has their own unique takes on her hairstyle. She really is a vocaloid <3

Anonymous 228691

And beautiful colors

Anonymous 228788

New Drawing (13).p…

Anonymous 228792

I love her, her facial expression, and your artstyle nona!

Anonymous 228802

I'm a boomer who grew up with Harry Potter and I love this.

Anonymous 228918

Anonymous 228959


Anonymous 229657


I always seem to have the most fun drawing when i draw my wife bio chan.

Anonymous 229658

the kikomi body pillow??! chef's kiss

Anonymous 229659

I love my wifes!! they look so comfy <3

Anonymous 229660

nona… this is sooo good

Anonymous 229689

Kino kiiiinnnnooooo

Anonymous 229728

I LOVE this, the detail is amazing

Anonymous 229729

>kikomi body pillow
>miku figure
>labrys flag
So good….

Anonymous 229785


Animation that i don't like and took far far too long.

Anonymous 229786

For an amateur animation thats great! I draw but never dared to make animaitions of it. Maybe this weekend I will try!

Anonymous 229787

she's jamming

Anonymous 229788

Lol you deleted your first post just when I replied. Amazing that at least 2 are browsing CC at the same time <3

Anonymous 229791

I'm sorry anon, i realized it wasn't transparent and deleted, then realized it was a pain to make it transparent. I'm feeling tired today

Anonymous 229804


Anonymous 229818


Anonymous 229833

She dunkin on trannies

Anonymous 229834


In case anyone sees this and thinks that Bio is inviting you to a brothel, some additional context is that someone made a post that hurt my feelings a little, and so i spent my afternoon seething and drawing this.

Anonymous 229835

She's beautiful

Anonymous 229869


Anonymous 229870

We're being fed today biosisters

Anonymous 229887

so so based

Anonymous 229896

I know that they’re both holding controllers so that’s not the case, but I really want to believe that they’re playing hogwarts legacy

Anonymous 229912

They're playing lego harry potter for the xbox 360.

Anonymous 231592


tranny projection, how do they think women draw like??

Anonymous 231623

They’re all just jealous

Anonymous 231633

I'd argue radical feminists are more masculine than average, probably a function of agreeableness.

Anonymous 231649

Literal male projection clocking art is almost as easy as clocking troons
>sparkly flowery nice to look at
>small details accessories nice to look at
>woman in underwear but not sexualized nice to look at
It's so easy to tell when a woman drew something because it isn't an autistic assault on the eyes

Anonymous 231654


She doesn’t get who Jenda is

Anonymous 231670

she just like me fr fr

Anonymous 231681

>me opening the terfposting thread for my daily dose of horror

Anonymous 231736

It's like the daily news to me, I just wake up and check what's happening

Anonymous 233489


Anonymous 233491

I love
sincerely, me

Anonymous 233494

this has good lineart

Anonymous 234111


I can't really do pixel art, but I couldn't get this idea out of my mind

Anonymous 234246

>I can't really do pixel art
Yes you can girlie <3

Anonymous 234291

TransTransWomen Ar…

We might actually have just the the biochan pic to post in those places. This just in from Ovarit:

Looks like they're trying to start a movement of "transtranswomen," i.e. women who identify as men who identify as women. The idea is to just dress up as the most disgusting, offensive caricatures of trans stereotypes imaginable, and then invade tranny spaces with the explicit intent of ruining them, just as they've invaded and ruined everything for women.

It'd also allow us to argue for our own spaces AND call ourselves lesbians while excluding transwomen, given certain hypcrosies in tranny ideology. The aformentioned link goes into more detail on what those arguments entail.

They've even made a flag for it. It's a chevron impeding on the trans pride flag, just as that trans chevron impeded on the original gay pride flag. The colors are just an inversion of the trans colors in GIMP, and the whole thing is designed to be deliberately ugly.

And it seems some of the Ovarit users also use this site. They just posted this an hour ago…

Anonymous 234532


someone posted an edit of bio-chan on ovarit, well turns out it was a fucking moid that creepily lurks cc and censors “tranny”. didn’t know that ovarit even allows moids, not so based after all
to the moid reading this: you will never be a radfem, pretend all you want but you’re either just a degenerate coomer with “female supremacy in bed” fantasies or a repressing tranny yourself. fuck off

Anonymous 234533

samefag, the post above is the moidpost i was talking about. the idea is nothing new (kikomi-chan)
this thread is also on autosage lol

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