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Bio chan Anonymous 85849

Do you have any recommendations for Bio Chan? What do you want to change? Keep? Anything

Anonymous 85851

bio-kun pleas

Anonymous 85852

Got you

Anonymous 85870


Anonymous 85874

can we get a gnc version?

Anonymous 85880


samefriending but something like this dumbass edit i just made in mspaint

Anonymous 85882

Make one for TiFs.

Anonymous 85887

not to be a nicefem but I was just about to suggest maybe a supportive biochan for tifs, like her saying be proud of being female or that you dont have to change yourself

Anonymous 85895


The world has been blessed with Bio-chan! We all love you Bio-chan!

Anonymous 85913


I could only do a small sketch >>85887

Anonymous 85914

That's a really cool looking design!! I love it

Anonymous 85915

Thank you so much!! I hope this design will involve in something better too

Anonymous 85967


Deoxys hair

Anonymous 85968


Gijinka Deoxys

Anonymous 85984

stay off of /i/

Anonymous 86006

Nice let's draw them together now

Anonymous 86007

Go back to 4chan troon

Anonymous 86081


forgot to post this one
also i'm not very good at drawing males, i can only draw girls, so i'll try to make a tomboy one too

Anonymous 86083

This biochan is savage, I love it! She turned out really good!

Anonymous 86187

biokun biotomboy.p…

Anonymous 86190

Okay I'm in love now

Anonymous 86202

They're both perfect.
Also, sorry for the retarded question but what's that symbol on her tongue/his forehead?

Anonymous 86236


>>86202 thank you so much
and here

Anonymous 86239

Why does the pp only have one ball?

Anonymous 86242

ngl I prefer it like that anon cuz if we add the other ball it'll look like those cheap penis drawings people did in middle school lol

Anonymous 86243

Exactly lol I struggled a lot for the pp

Anonymous 128782


drew this when the thread was more active but never got the chance to finish it.

Anonymous 128788

OMG she is beautiful anon!!! thank you for posting

Anonymous 128789

This is an old thread BUT the 2 viruses on the hair don’t really make sense with her theme? A better design might have 2 Xs (like XX chromosomes).

Anonymous 128800

honestly i agree

Anonymous 128801

i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be DNA helix.

Anonymous 128803

just realized you meant the hair ties, i never noticed yeah it should be X it would be more anime-esque as well

Anonymous 128812


because i cant finish it any time soon and i would like to see it finished i used petalica paint and my editing skills to color it.

Anonymous 128831

Just saw this thread and now I find myself making some fanart for Bio-chan. Don't know if I will post since I hate my art though

Anonymous 129040


here's a newer sketch. Any thoughts? I took in >>128789 's advice

Anonymous 129041


Anonymous 129043

It’s so pretty!!!!

Anonymous 129078


that's all i can think of right now, later i might drop in with more suggestions.

Anonymous 129200

Maybe we should add a crew later

Anonymous 130003


ik it kinda sucks but I just got my tablet and wanted to doodle her

Anonymous 130014

Based aff

Anonymous 130017

lol i love this anon

Anonymous 130041

This is really cute, I’d love to see more

Anonymous 130122


wanted to try a little harder

Anonymous 130275

loving it

Anonymous 130444


gave drawing her a go

Anonymous 130455

absolutely based and blessed trips, bless you anon for bringing us incredible oc

Anonymous 130478

Masterful, best ITT. I like your take on her hair.

Anonymous 130479


Anonymous 130507


thank you very much, here are some more variations

Anonymous 130510

thank you for your time and effort this is brilliant ! i really like the loose hair variation

Anonymous 130522

oh my god anon i am actually in love with you now this is SO GOOD!!!!!

Anonymous 130539


Anonymous 130571

BIONIKA!!! Im a fan now It should be an indie anime.

Anonymous 130572

They look so classy together!! Awesome!!!

Anonymous 130573

omg they look so good!!! i hope you will color it anon!!!!!!

Anonymous 130575


sketchy gif

Anonymous 130576


Anonymous 130577


Anonymous 130578


older art

Anonymous 130582

Anonymous 130584


I love bio kun

Anonymous 130585

YOOO this is so beautiful anon!!!!! i love this!! this is like a bio familly

Anonymous 130586

I love how many version we can create!! I would kill to see a mini webcomic of them

Anonymous 130617

omg these are all so good. I LOVE the looser more natural hair.

I agree it would be really fun if we did comics. Especially with all the different takes/styles.

Anonymous 130627


bio chan has infiltrated my very psyche

Anonymous 130650

The forehead version is so cute ! I really love your style.

Anonymous 130652

Thank you very much, that one was kinda experimental so i'm glad you like it.

Anonymous 130656

Imposter made me laugh so bad

Anonymous 130681

ANOOON this is so good!!!! i love you bio-chan is so beautiful

Anonymous 130683


anon, you're single-handedly convincing me that pixelly/textured lines are the superior line.

Anonymous 130686

ily anon

Anonymous 130693

I'm actually in love with the knight biochan. They're all so good!! I hope she stays in your psyche these are amazing anon.

Anonymous 130708

made me lol

Anonymous 130733


Anonymous 130735

love this, bio chan is so done with everyone's shit

Anonymous 130737

>facts dont care about your paraphilia
absolutely based and biopilled

Anonymous 130751


Anonymous 130754


Anonymous 130755


Bio Tan

Anonymous 130756


OG drawing

Anonymous 130758


Anonymous 130759

Bio-Chan Laughs at…

Anonymous 130760


Anonymous 130767

i am so so so so so happy to see so many anons post their art of biochan!!! this feels my heart with joy

Anonymous 130771


Anonymous 130772


Anonymous 130777

question, is there any lore around bio chan?

Anonymous 130786


Anonymous 130788

i love her, what an absolute queen

Anonymous 130789

I love her fashion here

Anonymous 130790

I dont think so

Anonymous 130791

Anonymous 130795


Anonymous 130823

it'd be adorable if some talented writerfags could make some lore for her.

All this amazing art work. Let's keep it coming!!

Anonymous 130830

Uuhhh she was a mutant created in a freak lab accident where scientists were trying to find a way to reverse male puberty

Anonymous 130831

she's not a mutant and she wasn't created and she didn't do anything to be like this. this is just her natural self

Anonymous 130832


Anonymous 130870

Ok then you write a better story retard

Anonymous 130973

there's not meant to be a story, she's a biowoman

Anonymous 131040

based, i think keeping it simple is the best

Anonymous 131041

I kinda headcanon than biochan has the ability to always spot troons no matter how well they pass, aka is pretty much powerless

Anonymous 131047

Anonymous 131048

Lol thats sounds like a super fun cartoon lore
Biochan Cartoon Network ver

Anonymous 131059

This is my favorite bit of "lore" because I also really like the idea of there's no story she's just a woman. Her being powerless (but being able to clock trannies no matter what) seems perfect.

Anonymous 131150

KNIGHT B10.png

i love knight biochan and wanted to give her a go. i'm not near as talented as the other s.

Anonymous 131160

she is so cute!!! i love her so much!!! bless your art anon

Anonymous 131164

beach var.jpg

Here's a beach variation, sorry for awful backround

I love this so much, knight biochan will protect us all

Anonymous 131165

they're hunting trannies to scare them off from the beach

Anonymous 131172

This gives me Jamie Hewlett/Tank Girl style in the best way. I also really love GNC BioChan <3

Anonymous 131194

someone please submit a banner with her

Anonymous 131197


my attempt

Anonymous 131198


Anonymous 131201

Such a cute character, makes me wish I could convincingly hide my art style so I could draw her orz

Anonymous 131202

bio chan.png

quick biochan

Anonymous 131203


Here's my biochan. She's not as cool as the others - she still naively hopes that she can help and save trannies by snapping them out of their delusions.
Might colour in later

Anonymous 131205


What's with the Lucky Star cat?

Anonymous 131206

i like it!!! scientist serious biochan!

Anonymous 131224

both on opposite ends of the spectrum but I fucking love both.

Anonymous 131229


Anonymous 131230

Omggg she is so cool

Anonymous 131256

she is absolutely amazing. So smug and sassy!

Anonymous 131382

biochan gnc.png

Thank you! Here's a quick gnc ver.

Anonymous 131383

"i love you" would not convey the intense feelings i have for you and your art

Anonymous 131384

this one is my favorite
so cute thank u

Anonymous 131388


Anonymous 131427

Wow, there are a lot of talented artists here!

Omg I love her so much

Anonymous 131731


biochan with a kikomi body pillow

Anonymous 131739

That is a perfect combo

Anonymous 132398

I really like the personality you gave her

Anonymous 133039


kneel to the supreme leader biochan

Anonymous 133040

Created in a lab by lesbian scientists making their own biological love child with no use of male dna.
The egg was taken from her "left" mother, the spermatozoa generated from the bone marrow of her "right" mother. She has XXXX chromosomes.

Anonymous 133069

Adorable and very nice anon!

Anonymous 133237

supreme leader bio chan !!!

Anonymous 133249

i think i am actually starting to fall in love with biochan… there is no turning back from this point

Anonymous 133252


Anonymous 133255

I LOVE HEEEEEERRRRR great art anon!!

Anonymous 133256

Thank you !!!!

Anonymous 133268


Bio chan but as biotaro ver gnc

boobs should not be viewed as a sex tool or woman thermometer. Having less or more boobs doesnt make you less or more a woman
obvious, I know but still…

Anonymous 133273

she looks so good like that!! amazing design

Anonymous 133649


Aggie.io bio chan party

Anonymous 133656


You're a man, aren't you?

Anonymous 133663

she looks like shit

Anonymous 133701

Why ? Because we draw her with boobs or is it the love live version? We just had fun sketching around without thinking much.
This whole thread goal is supposed to update her looks so if you have any ideas go for it. >>133677
I can post a link so we can all draw together

Anonymous 133703

Here an aggie.io link: https://aggie.io/zpy4m6y5z8
I dont know if it’s a good idea but still

Anonymous 133712

So many cool stuff itt! I don't draw online but keep it up artistic nonas!

Anonymous 134963


Because you draw her the exact same way my porn sick artist boyfriend draws women. Literally, the exact same. Where the girl or woman is no longer a person but instead a caricature of the male gaze.

Anonymous 134964


Anonymous 134965


Just playing around dw

Anonymous 134971

Why are you dating a man that is porn sick

Anonymous 134975

True hate on your bf not a random small 10sec sketch

Anonymous 134981


Anonymous 134986

what do her shoes look like?

Anonymous 134987

biochan's design sort of changes a bit from artist to artist so do the shoes you think would fit best for her!

Anonymous 134992


someone's asked what's her pronounce

Anonymous 134993



Anonymous 134995


I imagine her having army boots so she can crush moid skulls. I wanted to write something beside her but I don't know what so the space is empty.

Anonymous 134997



Anonymous 134998

that evil scientist vibe

Anonymous 134999

So many talented artists here, I'm in awe!!

Anonymous 135012

she looks so tired of this bullshit, I love her

Anonymous 135015


Bio-Sama. Whether this is an grown-up Bio-chan, Bio-chan's older sister, or her mother (who managed to figure out human-reproduction with only female involvement), you can decide.

for the face markings, the eyes are supposed to be the ovaries (eyevaries lol), the fallopian tubes are hidden behind the hair, the uterus is on the forehead, and the nose-bridge is the vagina.

Anonymous 135023

I like the tatoo on the face !!

Anonymous 135024


I just did a wojak bio chan

Anonymous 135043

looks neat

Anonymous 135048

Cool, I like one single lower ponytail.

Anonymous 135051

Because I'm heterosexual and he cooks and cleans so I'm willing to look past his hentai drawing rather than take a risk on another man who will watch live porn while slowly pawning the cooking and cleaning off on me.

Anonymous 135053

>rather than take a risk on another man who will watch live porn
so you are saying he isnt actually porn sick and you are just jealous that he draws woman that arent you?
none of the drawings in >>133649 are sexual in any way except for the honkabadonka one

Anonymous 135076

the hair is nice

Anonymous 135108

Thank you I tried to make it less bright!

Anonymous 135109

Thats hypocritical to me but fair enough
A man that actually produce 2D porn is not less worth than the others

Anonymous 135120

What makes it a wojak bio-chan?

Anonymous 135121


This sounds like a you problem.

NTA, I count at least four that are sexualized. Though the only one approaching pornographic is honabadonka.

Anonymous 135131

I actually broke into laughter. we should make more 4-komas like this. that's awesome

Anonymous 135180

also having big boobs is not a sexual thing per se. it just so happens to be a feature that some biological women have.

Anonymous 135181

i like the shoe choice

Anonymous 135189

He watches and masturbates to porn, that's porn sick. Not my fault you've got a libfem view of porn.

I just think you're not going to find a man who doesn't consume porn. I hate porn because it dehumanizes women while normalizing violent acts against us and more importantly, those are actual people being raped on camera for the enjoyment of others. So by taking the watching women get raped for fun aspect out of it, that's a big enough deal that I'm willing to settle.

>My observations are a me problem
No shit Sherlock. Just like all of your observations are a you problem because without the input of outside information, there is no you. Doesn't change the fact that I still think that person is either a man invading the board, or else a TIF.

Anonymous 135216


Maybe this will help

Anonymous 135220

I have a vagina and like drawing my 2D girls with big booba. Why does that bother you nona?

Anonymous 135245

>>128812 appreciating the madohomu figurines on her table <3

Anonymous 135269

>No shit Sherlock. Just like all of your observations are a you problem because without the input of outside information, there is no you.
If this is how we are defining a "you problem" then yes you are correct. I've never heard anyone state it this way, but with this redefinition I have no way to establish consistent meaning with you.

Anonymous 135274

Yeah and as if dating a moid producing 2d PORN doesnt help this whole rape culture? Cut your shit and go break up. I think you are stupid to think you cant find a man with no porn addiction.

Anonymous 135353


GNC biochan

Anonymous 135354


Anonymous 135373

I think you're either one of those delusional lesbians that believe that straight women shouldn't date men ever, or a delusional straight women if you think that all men don't consume some from of porn. #notmynigel

Anonymous 135374

wait, do u think that 2d porn is just as bad as real porn?

Anonymous 135379

Kek when someone spews shit like this you know it’s a personal issue and not because they care about women

Anonymous 135387

Gnc is the best

Anonymous 135393

Exactly. What's the point of being anti porn if it's not to save women? Hentai is still bad because of the effect it has on dehumanizing women, but at least it's not actual women being raped like in 3D porn.

Anonymous 135395

Yeah it is as bad
Stop making assumptions about me when you date someone who draw shitty porn oh yeah right it’s okay because he cooks and
clean for you. Go gorlll you are so woke
And how is it shit? I don’t understand why it’s a bad take? You are just putting in on a me problem. Porn is porn 2d or not. What about those hentai addicted ? All of those 2d/cgi porn ??? It’s definitely not adding more problems on women must be a personal problem.
This thread is just a gijinka thread and if you girls cant be even together to built something cool and just sperging about your bf there is no need to keep going

Anonymous 135398

There is so many 2D porn rape and it encourages/normalise it.

Anonymous 135399

can u guys keep the porn sperging to another thread instead of shitting up the biochan thread?

Anonymous 135404

True sorry

Anonymous 135456

How is this gnc

Anonymous 135457

that's just how people call this specific hair + more comfy clothes design for her

Anonymous 135463

We need more of gnc

Anonymous 135503


I took inspiration from

Anonymous 135506

wow!! i love how it turned out! cute design anon

Anonymous 135510

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous 135555

I like the ovarieyes. Nice job.

Anonymous 135589

Yes, but when it comes to brass tacks, which is worse? 3D porn or hentai?

Anonymous 135599

I made a biochan utaloid where should I post her anti troon songs?

Anonymous 135600


post to the biochan thread anon

Daily reminder this is a biochan thread. We do not care which porn is worse, it's all porn. We don't care. Take your porn autism somewhere else this is a BIOCHAN THREAD.

Anonymous 135772

>>133703 there are 2 drawings here so far, anyone add more if they want to

Anonymous 135774

Alright, making my contributions.

Anonymous 135974

new sperg free thread >>135972

Anonymous 141124

Looks like a busy naturalist too invested on her research to give ears to social muh gender is a construct bullshit.

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