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Anonymous 149

Alright! Now that crystal cafe is open, I think it's time we decide a very important thing!

What name are we going to use to refer to our fellow anons? Anons? Gems? Miners? Post suggestions!

Anonymous 151


Gems is amazing!

Anonymous 160

Miners is hilarious but I doubt that'd stick

Anonymous 161

gems sounds cringey imo. Miners is just perfect.

Anonymous 162

Cute gif anon, but I agree with the other…miners kek

Anonymous 164

meth heads (jk im sorry). miners sounds the best

Anonymous 165

Haha yeah I don't wanna be a crystal.cafe gem. Steven Universe and all. I can't come up with a better idea though. I'm with miners for now.

Anonymous 166


Miners! It's perfect.

Anonymous 173

Miners is good because the crystal cafe is where we come to show off and talk about the crystals we've found.
I just made myself sick with how twee that is but it's the first thing i thought of

Anonymous 174

Yeah, I liked gem but its association with that mess of a show, just… no.

I like miners

Anonymous 176

Miners > Gems. Anons too, although I'm sure that'd be interchangeable.

Anonymous 182

ss (2017-04-19 at …

Miners is undoubtedly the best option.

Anonymous 189

My vote is in for miners.

Anonymous 197


I vote for miners too

Anonymous 215


As opposed to farmers…? It's funny and not supposed to be feminine. Not everything has to be 100% girly all the time.

Who says miners can't be cute?

Anonymous 218


Anonymous 220

How about a happy medium everyone: Mineral Droplets

(We clog your pores and we don't leave!)

Anonymous 250

That feels kind of long, though.

Anonymous 254

I like miners!

Anonymous 263

Why not just sisters? It's cute and neutral. Everything related to crystals sounds tacky and forced, and I say that as someone who voted for crystal.cafe.

Anonymous 264

sisters sounds too sorority-ish

Anonymous 266

sister could be used along with "anon" in the place of the usual "bro"

Anonymous 267

I like the idea of 'miners' but in practice it sounds similar to 'minors' so I'd rather just stick with anons.

Anonymous 268


Anonymous 269

I think the fact that it sounds like minors is why it's funny. But yeah, I'll probably call everyone anon no matter what we choose. Or sugartits.

Anonymous 271

+1 for miners

Anonymous 277

I like sugartits, I'll use that too

Anonymous 290

thirding sugartits

Anonymous 380


Fourthing (??) sugartits

Anonymous 400

Fifthing sugartits

Anonymous 411

i mean miners is cute and all, but… cmon, sugartits

Anonymous 452

I'm warming up to sugartits honestly

Anonymous 453


Anonymous 475

Samefagging to change my vote to Sugartits. It's too good, my babes.

Anonymous 476

I've had way too many creepy old 60 year old men call me Sugartits for me to like it. lol

Anonymous 477

Time to ~*reclaim this slur*~

Anonymous 482

ooooooo~~ I like this anon erm - SUGARTITS MASTERRACE

Anonymous 496

honestly i don't like sugartits at all :( can we go back to miners?

Anonymous 497

agreed. sugartits sounds gross but also lame and tryhard to "reclaim" a word that disgusting old men use. miners is fun and cute.

Anonymous 503

I'm >>269. I use sugartits as a term of endearment for a singular person, but I don't think it really works for a group name, mostly just because wtf is the plural form of sugartits?

Jewels is one I haven't seen posted yet. Also, just crystals. Miners is still my favorite tho.

Anonymous 505

Same. I'd prefer miners or something like that too.

Anonymous 512

> anon makes shitty posts
ok sugartits

> i make a new post

Okay miners, how do you feel about ____?

Who says we can't use both?

Anonymous 513

Friend, the first 2/3 of your post is almost incoherent. I have no idea who you are, what you posted, or what anons you're referring to.

You can use whatever name you desire.

Anonymous 516

She means that if an anon is shitposting or makes a bad post, you call them sugartits as a sort of insult, but in general everyone is referred to as miners

Anonymous 527

Sugartits is good but how about glittertits?

Anonymous 531


I'm really glad you're here to translate for me cuz I'm semi retarded, apparently. Thanks.

Not sarcasm in case it sounds that way.

Anonymous 532

dw. i had no idea wtf they were trying to say either. ty based translator anon

Anonymous 533

I kinda like that idea tbh

Anonymous 557


I echo all of these sentiments. Sugartits can be used in the case of OP/another anon being dense, etc.

Anonymous 684

Am I the only one who didn't think of miners when I first heard of crystal cafe? I literally pictured a sunny, sparkling cafe where the chairs and tables are made of Swarovski crystal.

I don't know how to turn that into a name for us though :/

Anonymous 685

I didn't vote for the name so I don't know which were the options and what atmosphere they were supposed to convey, but as someone who's played way too much harvest moon/rune factory/stardew valley it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the name

Anonymous 687


I agree.

Anonymous 804

I was thinking tea party, samuel adams, adams family, idk I'm high, but anyway. Miners? What are we mining? How about "gems"?

Anonymous 814


mining through the dark and creepy depths of male dominated image boards for the crystal cafe where the gems are our experiences here and anything nice or generally positive we get out of coming and posting here?

I'm not even high, just sappy.

Anonymous 818


>>814 a-anon…

Photo related

Anonymous 840

I like this idea
It's quite appropriate, too

Anonymous 845

This is too cute, I'm dying

Anonymous 846

To expand:

I imagined miners, dirtied and tired from slowly picking away at the unforgiving dark walls of male dominant imageboards and websites, determined to find something worth relating to. She picks and picks away, some parts of the earth less difficult than others, some parts having been already dug through by faceless predecessors. Still she picks, sweat on her brow, until a small light beams through the borne hole.

She continues to pick away at the hole, and finds others, who have come from separate directions, yet share a common purpose. To pick at the hole, until the hole becomes larger and larger and.

The crystal cafe is visible, a sparkle only discernible by the light of their torches. The counter tops and tables a translucent shimmer in the dim light. The owner smiles, and brightly requests all torches to be hung for lighting and all boots to be removed for cleaning. No need to muddy this cafe, one mutters, following suit.

The miners awkwardly sit around dim torches and glass stools. Who are you, one asks. Is this what I hope it will be? another wonders, quietly, to herself. Are we called miners? How about sugartits!? Chatter rises.

As each lonely miner comes, she participates. As she participates, she notices the torches burning ever so brighter; her world is becoming ever so broader. This is for you, I believe in you and you deserve this, one miner says to another, while pressing a small, polished gem in her hand. The miner peers at the gem, it is small and easily lost, yet she smiles. Thank you~ she replies, though finds no one in front of her. All she sees are the crystal tables and crystal chairs, occupied by those she knows and those she doesn't. It is a strange feeling for her. She looks for the miner who gifted her the gem. And yet… no face comes to mind. No person or life comes to mind, and yet she feels at ease. Thank you! she calls again, at no one in particular but the ever brighter torches and sparkling interior of the crystal cafe.

I'm drunk this time, and super gay I guess.

Anonymous 849

I love this, anon.

Anonymous 852

this is adorable!

Anonymous 860

omg I'm usually never into sappy things but this just made me feel so happy and at ease :')

Anonymous 861

Very moe Anon :3c

Anonymous 869

I love this and I love you, anon

Anonymous 872

Idc how gay that was, that's super cute anon ;w;

To expand on this idea: can miner-chan be the official boardtan? She doesn't have to have a specific look (so that she can embody any of us) as long as she's holding a pickaxe and wearing a hardhat?

Anonymous 967

this might be lame but i think it would be fun for us to make our own slang as well! like our own form of kek? what do you guys think?

Anonymous 980

I love when fruit/nut names became an insult on cgl. Maybe we could carry some of that over? I believe it started with someone calling someone "a walnut"

Anonymous 986

why should slang be forced? let it develop naturally.

Anonymous 988


Anonymous 1715


I'm still bitter we can't be Gems because of SU. Maybe Jems like Jem and the Holograms?

Anonymous 1716

This is kind of lame, but I've been fond of "Sister". Cozy female unity and all that.

Anonymous 1863

I'm down for sisters and miners. I was a little hesitant about miners at first because my first thought was Minecraft, but after seeing the cute anime miner girls and >>846 's post I think it's good.

Anonymous 1898

Sister sounds best to me. It's friendly but doesn't have any strong associations.

Anonymous 1900

pretty comfy w miners already~ been using it and i see it around here a lot. sis/sisters sounds corny as fuck.. especially since where i'm from it's kind of a tacky thing to call someone. kek

Anonymous 1932


as a geologist i'm totally down with miners

Anonymous 2687

Does anyone wanna talk about the design of the new board-tan in here? Or should we make a new thread for it?

Anonymous 2688


I talked about it in /meta/. Admin considered the idea of opening a contest to draw her, I am very pumped for it because I have a clear design in my mind.

Anonymous Admin 2689

Anonymous 96022

Aged like wine

Anonymous 96036

way to necro bump

Anonymous 96495

Is it too late to suggest 'senshi'

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