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Board mascot Anonymous Admin 223

We're looking for a board mascot! As is traditional for imageboards, our mascot should be an anthropomorphic representation of our community. You're free to interpret this in any way you like, as long as it results in a visually cohesive character design.

All submissions to this thread will be put up to vote in 10 days. We'll vote on the design of the character, not the artwork itself. Have fun!

Anonymous 224

>tfw have a good idea but cant draw for shit

Im sure someone else will think of something similar anyway, looking foward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Anonymous Admin 225

You can discuss ideas here, maybe you'll inspire an artist!


Anonymous 226


Yessss! I'll do it as soon as I can, thank you admin!

Anonymous 227

Can we have more than one? Since this an imageboard for girls to congregate I think it'd be fitting. I'm thinking we could have a group of 4-5 miners, complete with appropriate garb (hat, pick axe, overalls, etc etc). I may try to contribute some sketches when I get the chance but just throwing some ideas out there in the mean time.

Anonymous 228

Shouldn't there be an annoucement for the board-tan contest? I think many miners don't visit the /meta/ thread, so they won't know about this contest until it's too late.

Anonymous 229

I think that's a good idea, but I feel like one recognizable mascot would be more appropriate.

I think an announcement would be a good idea. Kinda what lolcow does when they have a townhall or hellweek.

Anonymous Admin 230

All done!

Anonymous 231


I don't have my drawing tablet with me right now but I did this reallllly quick design sketch. It's really rough still but later when I can I'll try to recreate it and color it digitally for a final copy!

Anonymous 232


Here's my attempt! Sorry about the shoddy phone pic and terrible handwriting, lol.

For the theme I just went with crystals and coffee/tea/anything you could get at a cafe, really. The outfit colors follow the default theme but could easily be changed to match the other themes.

Anonymous 233


i tried but this probably has too many details lol
Colors could be swapped for other stuff, I just went with the main board theme.

Anonymous 235


it seems like the two main interpretations of crystal cafe denizens are A. cute cafe-going girls and B. actual literal miners, so i doodled up both! not really sure what to do about the color palette(s) so that's still up in the air

Anonymous 236

damn this is tight. i love the colour palette, fits the theme of the site

Anonymous 237


Here's my attempt at a board-tan!
I inspired it in the autumn theme and overall "cozy" feeling of the site by making it a very warm palette. However, i also contrasted it by putting colours from the main theme (greens/blues) in the eyes and the jewels/pins.

Tried to mix the masculinity of the "miner" theme with a more feminine touch.
I also tried to not make her too detailed because i feel it would be an issue.

Sorry for wonky anatomy, haven't drawn female bodies digitally in a while lol

Anonymous 238

Looking at these makes me want two really want two mascots! They can be best friends! Maybe you can switch up the hair and skin tones for one of them. Maybe one with short hair and one with long hair/different hair colors. I can totally justify having two mascots because I feel like I can find a friend to talk to on this site. These are both super cute.

Anonymous 239

if that's what people are interested in then i might draw that! maybe one with the regular theme colors and one with the dark crystal palette. any suggestions are welcome 👌

Anonymous 240

agreed. light and dark crystal-tans would be really cute.

Anonymous 241

damn i was gonna design one but yours is pretty similar to what mine has lol, im more for the designs that look like a miner

Anonymous 242


Hey there miners, here's my design. Excuse my weebness, I just think maid cafes have cute clothing. I got lazy and decided not to render it properly, also I didn't wanna miss the deadline if anyone likes it I can paint it better the next time, i guess

Wanted to mix the obvious two name elements with cozy, earthy-ish colors.

Also, yeah, the hat makes no sense lol but I wanted this ~barista~ feel to her hair, so it was my artistic license.

Anonymous 243


samefag to add, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to tell me! I can change the color scheme and stuff like that~

I would love some feedback!

Anonymous 244

I think these are my favs right now.

I kinda like this idea too! Maybe one mascot more ~mineresque~ and the other one more cafe like?

Anonymous 245


>i was gonna design one but yours is pretty similar to what mine has

Post it still, anon! I am loving to see everyone's art and designs. Change a bit if you feel like it, but I bet it's not gonna be identical anyway, so show us yout art~

Anonymous 249

I love this!! So cute.

Anonymous 250

>>242 this is perfect!

Anonymous 257


Thank you, kind anons! <3

Anonymous 258

ha this is cute. i really like this one but i wish the colors were more like >>233 or fitting of the boards. (i know its fall rn so the orange theme is a thing but still)

Anonymous 263


Hehe I guess I am just biased because orange is my favorite color. I made her eyes aqua green because of the main theme, but I guess it is too subtle :c
When I get back to my tablet, I can changethe color scheme! Maybe pastel pink dress and aqua green gloves/hat? Or the opposite? I accept suggestions! Thanks for the feedback btw~

Anonymous Admin 269

Submission deadline is extended to the end of the month! The survey will be put up on October 1st.

Anonymous 271

I have an idea for a mascot and I can draw relatively well. Can i draw it on paper like an oldschool poorfag and have someone one of you guys make some digital version if anyone likes it? ty in advance yo.

Anonymous 272

I really love both of these!

Anonymous 273

I like this

Anonymous 274

Go 4 it

Anonymous 279


I just want a cute chibi dolly with crystals on her hair, sob.

Anonymous 284

this is actually a really cute idea, anon. i like it

Anonymous 285



Hey anons! Excuse me for the shoddiest repaint ever, but since its just a test, I thought maybe it wouldnt be so offensive lol

Following this suggestion -> >>258

Which one do you like better? Any suggestions on another possible color scheme?

Also, I forgot to paint her eyes with a stronger color (like amber) in case this light scheme is preferred.

Anonymous 286



Second alternative

Anonymous 287



I just noticed as i posted that my tablet's colors are kinda weird/not calibrated right. Apologies, anons!

Also, I could also change saturation/hue of the colors as well, not just the whole color scheme. Also could change hair color and such.

Anonymous 288

Still adorable, Anon! I love all the contributions so far, it's so fun to see the different interpretations.

Anonymous 290

Oh man, it's actually really hard to choose between the two, but I'm probably leaning more towards the pink.

Anonymous 293

>>287 well I'm already saving this sweaty miner as a react sooooooo party over here

Anonymous 295

pink ones real cute but yeah maybe extract the number code (u know what im talking about im high so i cant think of the word) from the actual site theme and make the pink a little more peachy colored like the spoiler is

Anonymous 296

I can whip that up and edit it if Drawnon doesn't mind.

Anonymous 297


I don't mind at all, feel free to do it!
As I said, my tablet was a bit uncalibrated (or my pc, maybe?), so when I got on my PC, I saw that the color were pretty off. I guess I should have color picked from an screenshot of the site, though. Sorry again!

Feel free to edit as you will~

Anonymous 298

I like the pink one better but agree with >>295 about extracting the exact colors from the site

Also this one is super cute, and I would love a chibi design of the official mascot once it's chosen

Anonymous 351


Quickly did this shitty repaint on top of another shitty repaint with my laptop touchpad lol

now I actually color picked from the theme, I believe the color should be a bit better.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous 352

I love it.

Anonymous 353



Thank you so much, kind anon!

Anonymous 355

She's cute, although I'm not sure how I feel about the whole lolita-esque get up. Maybe it'd be better if her outfit was a bit more subtley girly and sweet.

Anonymous 356


waiting for a wild seagull to say how maids are not lolita or maybe that was me

But anyway, maybe any other designs here could interest you, anon? >>235 >>232 These is pretty girly an cute and also share elements in common like skirts and thigh highs~

Or you could design your own cause I really feel like we could use more contestants ;_;

Anonymous 362



Full version if someone is interested! Saged

Anonymous 363

Anon, I love this! This has my vote. Saged.

Anonymous 366

i might have some time to make one tomorrow, but beware i draw weebshit animu.

Anonymous 367

I'm into that

Anonymous 368

This is still my favorite

Anonymous 369

Me too
This one needs work tbh. The pose looks off.. or is that supposed to be a weird retarded baby leg… also face is ugly.

Anonymous 370

oh man, i think this one's my favourite. love the color palette and her hair is so adorable.

Anonymous 371

oh also, has anyone considered doing individual boardtans as well? i don't know if each board has a distinct vibe from one another quite yet but it could still be fun maybe? pardon the double post.

Anonymous 373

i'm down for that!

not feeling this one, tbh.. it doesn't have that mascot aura?

i was thinking something funny but cute like a manga web comic styled one. also, the survey is still going on about our domain name so i think it's too soon to draw a strictly miner mascot.

Anonymous Admin 374

It seems that our users think there is not enough variety yet and we should give artists more time to come up with designs. Especially now that we are having an influx of new users, it might be a good idea to push the deadline further back. Would it be too flakey of me to do so? My suggestion is making this contest an ongoing thing, adding new contestants to an ongoing survey, and waiting until there is a definite majority vote on a design that users are enthusiastic about.

Please let me know what you think!

Also, please remember that this is not a drawing contest, but merely a character design contest. The designs should not be judged by artistic skill but by which design represents our community best.

I like the idea of a multiple board-tans, but boards will be in constant flux as the size and interests of the userbase changes. A pair or small group of friends to symbolize the community aspect would be cute. Don't be shy to experiment and come up with different ideas, there doesn't have to be one board-tan.

Thank you so much for the contributions so far. I appreciate every single one. Crystal.cafe has been a very rewarding experience for me so far and I thank you for it.

Anonymous 375


If the name changes I can design a new one (although I like the name tbh), to me it only made sense have it go along with the name theme when I first designed it like a month a go hehe

Anonymous 376

Pushing it back is all good, not flakey at all. I think pushing it back is a good idea since I do wanna see more variety aswell

Anonymous 408


A casual cozy girl. Not my best drawing ever, just a concept.

Anonymous 409


Aw, she's cute, anon!

Anonymous 425

This is my favorite design conceptually.

Anonymous 429

I feel like if the mug was filled with crystals like this anon's drawing >>362 it would be perfect. COLLAB???

Anonymous 443

We don't really have enough of a board culture to make a mascot yet really. Like all of these are just going by the name where the others have the design incorporated but also the personality of a stereotypical user.

Anonymous 454

Best one

Anonymous 458


Like this?

Anonymous 468

Cute, I like this one c:

Anonymous 469


Here's my take on it.

Anonymous 470


>crystal meth cafe

not bad

Anonymous 471

>>469 i-is that the lolcow board mascot on the table?!

Anonymous 472

Yes. I like to imagine that Lolcow is Crystal-Chan's older autistic sister who the younger chan pities.

Anonymous 473

>>472 fucking incredible. I am laughing so hard. 10/10 anon

Anonymous 474


This is more accurate to the average user lmao

Anonymous 475

we are all cute anime girls here

this one gets my vote. epic

Anonymous 477

Crystal Cafe.png

I like the anthropomorphic idea so I drew a bat girl.

Anonymous 480

i really dig this, anon! it's a different approach and i'm totally with it. kinda reminds me of the fran bow art style.

Anonymous 481

I like it, except the bat's face doesn't have to be so ugly and oversized.

Anonymous 494


the unnecessary rudeness ITT sometimes…

Anonymous 495

Eh, it's pretty tame compared to lolcow, don't you think?

Anonymous 496


Yeah, absolutely. But still uncalled for, in my opinion.

Anonymous 497

I hear you! But unfortunately, Internet anonymity will bring out the worst in others. Oh well.

Anonymous 498

kinda OT but it seems like everyone has forgotten lolcow-tan. like they choose a mascot and that was the end of it, no more drawings or memes of her. it would be nice if that doesn't happen here

Anonymous 499


never 4get

Anonymous 514


I plan on drawing something for an OC banner with the winning design or something like that, I think it would be cool! (if everyone else likes the drawing of course)

Anonymous 515


Anonymous 521

I like this one a lot, I think the design is visually interesting.

Anonymous 530

When will voting ensue, Admin-san?

Anonymous 542


Let's have our mascot be Tomoko.

Anonymous 543

Aww, I'd love that ;_; there's a lot of cute artwork tho, It would suck if we didn't choose one from the thread

Anonymous 544

4chan has yotsuba, we have tomoko

but ur right, it would be a shame to not consider one of the mascot drawings in this thread, which i feel are all pretty good and mascot worthy.

Anonymous 545


We could have twin mascots? I love these!

Anonymous 574


Never got an answer, but I'm still curious about it

Anonymous 576

>>542 >>543 I hate Tomoko with a burning passion, so no.

Anonymous 582


I also played around with the "miner" thing and also kind of a diner/cafe- waitress outfit. I also used the colors of the board's theme.

I love it

Anonymous 583

is this orangey autumny theme temporary tho? i thought the original site colors were like green or something

Anonymous Admin 584

Voting starts now!

Click here for the survey

Anonymous 585



I didn't think this was was gonna be eligible for voting, lmao gg admins

Anonymous 586

>>585 tbf I genuinely want someone to go in on making a proper, really detailed a r t version of >>469 once the mascot is chosen. Like so so badly.

All the artists in this thread, please. You're all so talented. Make my christmas. Deliver us this precious art.

Anonymous 587

If the original artist could please explain some of what is going on, I might be interested in giving my take on it? Because right now it's a little confusing and I want to know the story behind the art.

Anonymous 588

I already voted but I'd like to vote again just to choose this one.
mfw I didn't even vote for my own artwork :'D

Anonymous 589


all of these are so cute but tbh i don't like them enough to be our board mascot..
i was thinking of houseki no kuni's characters as our mascots. they're all literally called and are gems. i think it's perfect for crystal.cafe and each girl in it is a different stone so there's one for everyone~

Anonymous 590

Some of us would prefer original mascots, though

Anonymous 591

that's fine as well~ it was just a suggestion and i think it would be pretty cute.

i feel like it's too early to pick one though because a lot of these are still rough sketches?

Anonymous 592

To anyone who hasn't voted yet, here's the link to take the survey:


Anonymous 595

Ahhh it was lowkey hard to pick one I liked the best because they all had potential
Gg anons
Also when the mascot is chosen can we see some more drawings of it in different styles?<3 I would love to see everyone else's take on it

Anonymous 596

Seconding this, I love this concept and honestly it's the only reason I check this thread.

Anonymous 597


I voted on my own and kinda feel bad about it :')


I am >>514 so yes! I plan on doing something original with the mascot picked. i just hope it's not >>469 tbh even though i like it, i didn't want it to be our official mascot lol

Anonymous 640

i am weirdly honored that someone actually saved this.

Anonymous 645

When will we knowwwww plz?

Anonymous 646

Did you draw >>499 ?

Anonymous 647

yeah, that and a few others in the kiki threads.
i wanted to try my hand at the mascot contest here, too, but irl stuff became distracting and i couldn't finish anything in time…

Anonymous 648

Please tell me >>469 won!!!

Anonymous 701

I think the results might be a bit overdue now, right? (sorry if I sounded salty or mean)

Anonymous 978

A-admin san, did something happen?

Anonymous 986

Voted for this. Love how she looks strong, not some little anime blob.

Anonymous Admin 987

Sorry for neglecting this! I have not announced a winner yet because none of the submissions is significantly more popular than the others, and a large portion of users voted that they did not like any of the designs enough. I would suggest waiting a bit longer while I try to find ways to encourage more artists to join.

Anonymous 1001


here's a suuuper rough doodle. i kinda totally stole elements from other mascot drafts i liked, namely >>279 and the first choice in the survey. for some reason i'm unable to find it in this thread? probably looking over it.
their designs seemed very 'chan', imo. very simplistic, yet cute.

this girlie can change her colors to match each board theme, but for now i just loosely used crystal. her skin tone is left undefined to emulate >>589 but it could also be an inclusivity thing. like with homestuck.

anyhoo, what exactly do miners want to see design wise? i'm not concerned with body type since it's assumed people will do what's done with yotsuba over @4c & doodle her as everything from a buff body builder to a statuesque lady, holy hell i've typed a lot for this scribble.

to finish up this essay, if i can get like, four people who like this? i'll attempt to finalize it! thanks for reading

Anonymous 1002

I can't draw for shit but I imagine a super NEET girl in a hardhat picking her nose mining for boogers

Anonymous 1003

Anon this is so cute! Her miner outfit is a really cool design.

I can't draw but when I think of a crystal cafe mascot I think of a girl who is half minef half maid.

Anonymous 1004


Oh, that's kinda sad tbh. But hopefully more people will draw new mascots then?


How about this one, anon? >>362
Or this one? >>477
Maybe even this one, although not maid, but waitress >>582

Anonymous 1005

Wow, I really love this one!!

Anonymous 1006

Victorian Woman mascot when?

Anonymous 1007


If any of you can mix Victorian women and miners, you automatically have my vote.

Anonymous 1009


Even though I already drew a mascot, I am very tempted to draw something like this, hmm

Anonymous 1040


Id personally like a Victorian girl covered in gems and jewelry. She doesn't need to be a miner imo, and having tons of gems would do match the word crystal.

Anonymous 1041

images (17).jpeg

Ugh. Sorry for the typo. Attaching this one just because I think it's funny. Also thanks butthurt anon who gave us the Victorian idea. ILY.

Anonymous 1043

Oh man, i would love to draw a victorian-chan since it's such a fun and creative idea, but like >>1009 i already drew a mascot so i can't :(

Hope someone does use the idea!

Anonymous Admin 1044

Everyone is welcome to submit more than one design!

Anonymous 1045

Ah alright, thank you admin! It's nice to know we can submit more than one <3

Anonymous 1047

non colored sketch…

I tried to do a Victorian-cahn lol it's only a non-colored sketch, but yeah.

I am pretty happy with her design but i wasn't sure how to color her since i wasn't sure if i wanted to use the popular colors of the era to keep with the theme or maybe incorporate the board colors in her (which wouldn't fit too much imo)
I made a skirt and Pantaloon version for variety reasons and to accommodate the variety of women we have in this board with different preferences.
I incorporated a pickax on the umbrella, as well as a pickax+female sign mesh on the fan so the miner theme would be present without being overwhelming.
It has multiple coffee references in the hairpin, the neck thing, and the fan, as well as crystals on the hair and in the fan as well.

Also her waist is extra tiny because corsets and shit and i wanted to keep true to the theme (used various Victorian drawing as reference, and wew at those waists) regardless of how fucked up it looks lmao.

Anonymous 1048

I love her, Anon!

Anonymous 1049

I love her too, she's cute

Anonymous 1065


This isn't as appealing as it looked in my head.

Anonymous 1066

Hang this in the MoMA

Anonymous 1084

>>1047 YES YES YES. Both are perfect. Could we see it coloured?

>>1065 bless this post

Anonymous 1087


Thank you!
Thank you! <3

I've colored a version of it!
Sorry for the big meaty claw and perhaps shitty coloring (my monitor is garbage).
I lazed it out in the end and only made the pantaloon version (and used some clip studio paint assets instead of drawing frills kek), but since it's more an idea than a finished project… yeah.

But i decided to add all the colors of the different board to her one way or another idk if it's any good or if it clashes too much.

Anonymous 1094

Screen Shot 2018-0…

i want to do cute drawings of our 'menu items'. any suggestions?

Anonymous 1095

This is so cute!
You should make deserts/menu items based on each board
I don't have any ideas though
I can't wait to see what you end up doing though!

Anonymous 1096


Screw it, I'll post my past-the deadline design.
I never submitted it, but I figured you all might like it anyway.

Anonymous 1097

I diggy. Reminds me kind of Clarissa

Anonymous 1098


Omg anon this is so adorable! I kinda want to nag you for not posting it on time, but at the same time hug you and squeak about how awesome it is.

Anonymous Admin 1100

Since the poll results were so vague, the deadline is extended until further notice! See >>987

Thank you for all the new contributions!

Anonymous 1111


This is so cute! I love the cartoony approach <3


Mirror cakes topped with jewels?
Cheesecake with a crystal crust?
Iridescent iced tea with gems as the ice?
Magma looking hot chocolate?
Geode ice cream boats?

Anonymous 1118


Metamorphose just released this dress, maybe it could inspire someone?

Anonymous 1120

Screen Shot 2018-0…

i imagine the anthropomorphized version of crystal.cafe to be a gentle-spirited meido who gives off a bit of an older sister vibe. worried that this version of her outfit is a bit too close to an akihabara cafe uniform though. the buttons on her apron and socks are supposed to be chunks of quartz.

i'm not sure what kind of color scheme to use but i was thinking either a nice calming lavender, or a minty blue-green.

Anonymous 1121

Oh my god anon, she is super cute!
Probably my favorite design here, good job.

Anonymous 1122

Screen Shot 2018-0…

thank you! that's really nice of you to say.
i did a version of her as a miner as well but i feel like it turned out looking a bit like a JRPG character instead haha

Anonymous 1123

she does give an older sister vibe! i love her as a miner.

Anonymous 1124

these are my top 3.

Anonymous 1126

She's beautiful and perfect and I love her

Also does anyone think it would be cool to have two mascots? One being a cafe girl and the other being a miner? Kinda like what ^^^ they just did but with them being actually two different people. Idk if this has been suggested yet so sorry for repeating if so

Anonymous 1127

Love her too. Our mascot(s) could just have different outfits and hairstyles? It could be variations of one character (she works as a barista, but her real passion is… spelunking…?) or a gang of girls, each representing one of our boards

Anonymous 1128

Screen Shot 2018-0…


I really like both of these ideas.
Since the miner theme seemed to be palatable to some anons, I went ahead and finished up the full-body sketch. It might take me some time to color, though, I'm kind of slow at that. if anyone wants to suggest some color schemes, though, I'm working in layers so that it'll be easy to adjust later on.

Anonymous 1130

Yo I know we haven't picked the mascot yet but I really want to make some info/challenge sheets for /hb/ regarding personal improvement, health/fitness, skincare etc.

Are people okay with me using artwork from this thread? I've been holding off for ages in the hopes a mascot will be chosen sooner rather than later but I'm hoping it'll be chill to use general bits and things from here? Let me know

Anonymous 1131

you should probably quote the posts that you're intending on using so as to ask the specific creators of that artwork but i would think it would be fine?
even if their artwork isn't chosen as mascot, they still created & put it out there in the hopes that some other people would like it. if it were me, i'd be flattered to know that someone else enjoyed what i made enough to save it and spread it around a bit.

Anonymous 1132

I'm voting for this one in the mean time… The other ones are too pretty and friendly.

Anonymous 1133

these are incredible omg

Anonymous 1134

Screen Shot 2018-0…

what if we did something like this?

Anonymous 1135

Anonymous 1139

Did you draw this anon? It's really nice!!

Anonymous 1167

I like this one

I think the majority of the mascot ideas are too girly/frilly/complex. If it's a character that's going to be drawn over and over then it would be such a pain to include randomly placed frills and crystals.

Anonymous 1169

Alright, so I've gone through the thread and these are my favorites. They're adorable.~

Anonymous 1171

Screen Shot 2018-0…

yes, i did! thank you.
i started coloring the other one as well but something happened to my tablet when i tried to install an updated driver last week, so that's why there hasn't been any progress. this was as far as i got before it crashed. i tried to include a simplified version as well to address concerns like that of >>1167.

Anonymous 1173

When can we vote again?

Anonymous 1174

This one is by far my favorite.
These two are seconds.

Anonymous 1199

Screenshot (1).png

hope im not too late, but heres my idea. very messy and I tried to keep it nice and simple.tho it does look abit like an animal crossing girl character.

also >>1096 yours is very cute! love the cartoony feel, kinda looks like a mighty bee style for some reason- totally choosing that one!!

Anonymous 1203

Cute. I vote on this one.

Anonymous 1205


I also love her! She looks like a younger sister to >>362 and imagining that in my mind was cute.
I like that's a simple design as well, so it could be drawn in memes and reaction imgines with ease, and she's still adorable.

Anonymous 1206


this is >>1096 anon. >>1199 i like your color scheme. i have utilized it in a newer design that can be used for all boards.
here is site-tan 2.0

Anonymous 1219

ahh its really cute! looks like a combo of the two, great job

Anonymous 1285


just a quick lil draft…
stole some elements from everyone, and added feminine wojak face

Anonymous 1286

holy shit!!!!! i love this! ;_;
if there's a miner fem wojak, there needs to be a miner fem pepe.

Anonymous 1287

Look through /meta/, someone drew up a lizard fem pepe earlier this week and posted a bunch of variations.

I hope it catches on.

Anonymous 1295

I freaking love this one!

Anonymous 1299

thanks for letting me know! i love cece and she looks great!

Anonymous 1328

Cute as heck!

Anonymous 1384


not a mascot but i just wanted to share and wasn't sure where else to put it

Anonymous 1429


Anonymous 1433

what a cutie :3
>my nudes are only for cc girlfriends only
is she gay?

Anonymous 1438

nah, there was a post on 4chan about how some dude had purportedly invaded the discord and was enjoying all the nudes we sent back and forth
afaik there have been zero nudes shared on the discord lol

Anonymous 1448

He was 100% talking out of his ass btw. He never got to verified to begin with. The screencap he had was old .

Anonymous 1457

>no spelunking until we know each other better
Spelunky is a great game tho…

Anonymous 1464



I'm imagining her doing this pose
can someone make this happen please!

Anonymous 1471

I love her! She looks fun to make memes of. Definitely gets my vote!

Anonymous 1539


This board sure has a high ban rate.
Also I agree with >>1471

Anonymous 1541

No shit Sherlock. Those were all men.

Anonymous 1542

True. I was actually worried if discussing controversial subjects could be grounds for a ban, because that's what generally happens with trigger happy mods.

Anonymous Moderator 1543

As long as you don't break any of the rules, you're good to go. As the anon above me said, all those bans in the pics were of men (hence why it says "You can't sit with us" ).

Anonymous 1544

fucking lol! that's hilarious

Anonymous 1631


I like the concept of more than one.

I took >>1206 character and the Victorian idea. Like an older sister. Because we have a wide range of age i guess.
I wanted that the older has her hands on the shoulders of the younger one, but i always looked kind of creepy. Like the beginning of a horror story. So i did not do it in the end.
Don't have a scanner or a tablet, so crappy photo it is.

>>1285 Is one of my favorites. It looks so sad, yet so accepting. Like: "There are no crystals, this is my life now."

Anonymous 1684


When will the mascot be chosen?
It's been a whole year now and we have lots of designs here.

Anonymous 1687

yeah I agree. This is getting ridiculous. Just make us vote in a straw poll or some shit already

Anonymous 1729

I'm in love with all the designs.

I think it would be interesting to make a board mascot that can transform into a animal-esque creature (the bat one is absolutely cute!).

Anonymous 1759

original (12).gif

>tfw no reply and still no mascot to make cute banners and designs with

Anonymous Admin 1760

I will update the poll and repost it within the next 1-2 days!

Anonymous 1761


Anonymous 1763

6 nonc.png

>posted 5 days ago

Anonymous Admin 1785

Sorry for the wait.

Here's the updated survey!

Anonymous 1796

B u m p

Anonymous 1798

Keep it simple r*tards
It needs to be easy to redraw in order to make memes out of it

Anonymous 1803



Anonymous 1813

Okay, but when will the survey be closed? Just so we know when and the board mascot choice won't go on for another year…

Anonymous Admin 1815

I'll announce the results on the last day of November 2018.

Anonymous 1834


Shouldn't this one >>242 be replaced with the recolor >>362

Thanks, admin!

Anonymous 1880

it's happening tomorrow, lassies

Anonymous 1883


Today is the day, lets see what gets chosen after all this time.

Anonymous Admin 1885


Here are the results!

49 users voted.

The winner is >>1206, which 46.9% of users voted for!
Runner-up is >>235
Third place is a tie between >>1120, >>1122 and >>242.

Despite the wait, I hope you enjoyed the contest. I think it's really interesting to see how different the interpretations of our community can be and I'm very excited to see more art!

Anonymous 1886

that's definitely one of the best designs up there
>49 users
surprising as hell
thought we'd have at least a 100 lol

Anonymous Admin 1887


That's true, but luckily this doesn't mean we're dead!

Anonymous 1901

this is nice
some of those gorls need to post though

Anonymous 1904

I always forget how lurkers tend to outnumber posters by quite a bit.

Anonymous 1917

Makes me feel so special to know I'm one of the few people brave enough to actually post.

Anonymous 1920

yay I'm gonna spend the whole week drawing our board-tan! I'm super happy with the results, miners have good taste!

Anonymous 1932


>leave for a while
>come back
>my design won


Anonymous 1933

stfu your ugly design is a ripoff. Proud to say I never voted for such trash

Anonymous 1934

There's no reason to be a bitch about it .

Anonymous Admin 1936

I'm sorry your favorite didn't win, but there's no need for this. You're welcome to use any of the other designs, but the majority vote has spoken.

Anonymous 1959


Rip off? Of what? Although it wasn't the one I voted for, it is cute too.

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