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Lolcow bunker #5 Admin Abdandonment Edition Anonymous 159338

prev thread >>>/b/158071

Anonymous 159343

first for rip lc

Anonymous 159347

I feel bad for the regular CC users, I hope LC comes back up so we can stop terrorizing them.

Anonymous 159351

Same, sorry miners

Anonymous 159352

Fuck I spelled abandonment wrong. Sorry for being a retard.

Anonymous 159354

You are so fucking lazy kek

Anonymous 159364

lolcor admin got dang gone done abdandoned us

Anonymous 159367

well diddly darn

Anonymous 159374

we're mostly staying in our containment threads because we are more organized than them, they'll survive. I wanna get out though bc cc users sure love to race sperg, didn't think it would be this bad.

Anonymous 159381

eh I figured a containment thread would be needed ASAP and other than the fujo war and kddnon coming back there didn't seem to be much news.

Anonymous 159392



Anonymous 159402

R (6).jpg

I want to get into dnd but I want to make my own character rather than use a pre-made one so it's a bit difficult learning spells, character sheet stuff and the like. I just want to make a character that trained as a ballet dancer their whole life but was eventually cast out by the nobles (such as their parents committing treason or they themselves doing something socially unacceptable) and creating a new identity as a travelling circus performer and their main inner conflicted being that they feel like a disappointment. I know I want to make them a lv 1 human bard (unsure if I want to keep them standard or variant), have the entertainer background and maybe give them either the fey touched and/or inspiring leader feat and their stats but idk. I'm also 50/50 about making them male or female

Anonymous 159415

someone said that a mod was in the discord but on dnd, can someone ping her a couple times to ask what’s up?

Anonymous 159451

If you find a DnD group (not really sure how organically I just attract these dorks) DMs and other players will be happy to guide you through setting up a character sheet. Astral tabletop is a nice service for getting that going. I'm sure they're aware that the entry bar seems pretty high. Good luck, your character sounds cool!

Anonymous 159456

>LC admin ghosts
>all of LC migrates here permanently
what did we do to deserve this

Anonymous 159462

PSA, the obvious n o n n i e alternative is nonney.

Anonymous 159468


I miss lolcow

Anonymous 159470

it's kind of hilarious but I hate how many retard males and racebaiters there are here. We have to bully them into submission.

also looks like schizo tranny is back, everyone ignore him

Anonymous 159472

i always preferred n o n n a so for me it's nona. though nonner is growing on me i must say.

Anonymous 159473

what's wrong with the LC userbase (outside of cow boards)?

Anonymous 159474

Thank you for having us Miners. I'm sorry that it followed us here

Anonymous 159477

yeah for sure. i've always said this place should be cleaned up bc it has so much potential. too many males infesting the place or girls fresh off 4chan susceptibe to male retardation

Anonymous 159479

How dare you post this. This is a terminally ill down-syndromed man's last and final wish before he dies of broken penis disease. He requested to make a tiktok with a real life asian woman before he passed.

Anonymous 159480

We aren't staying, trust.

Anonymous 159482

afaik snail has always wanted us to utilize the board (not for cow related purposes, also dramaboard users kinda suck), so i don't think the admin sees it as a problem given she was a farmer herself

Anonymous 159483

This sounds rad, I need to revive my DND character, thanks for the inspiration nona

Anonymous 159484

Why is there no way to communicate with mods?

Anonymous 159488

cc'ers think we're too aggressive and mean, from what i've gathered. But they just need to realize we're either not that serious about what we say or we are too autistic to take personally anyway.

Anonymous 159490

Weren't the CC users the ones being assholes first?

Anonymous 159495

the only ones who tend to be mean on LC are the turbo autists actually. /ot/, /g/, and /m/ are pretty comfy and supportive. tbh i think there are a lot more inexperienced sheltered girls here that haven't been through a lot of shit in life yet

Anonymous 159498


Miss my nonies

Anonymous 159500

Yeah, I think you're right. If someone spergs out on you on lolcow the correct response "wow that's some intense autism"
I meant the cc'ers who visited LC had that observation when they visited

Anonymous 159504

The same way we didnt like when kiwifags started migrating to lolcow. The culture of the boards are different but cc users are being nice by letting us stay, they could ban us all.

Anonymous 159507


miss you too nona. at least some of us are here now

Anonymous 159508

thank you cc s for having a space for us here

Anonymous 159510

we're pretty similar and have so many good traits to offer though (more organized, all female, don't tolerate moid shit, make cc more active), it's not like we're the tourist moids from kiwifarms who didn't even know imageboard culture. I think it's different.

Anonymous 159511

autocorrect got rid of “cc s” my b

Anonymous 159512

Dunno why they keep saying we shitting their stuff, we're just here and the ones that are contributing to their empty threads are not even rude? They are an annoying bunch and their mods are trannies I'm sure

Anonymous 159514

the culture of the boards are not that drastically different, admin is literally a farmer. it's just that they're slightly more 4chan aligned and sheltered. it's almost the same userbase. we just have a slightly thicker skin.

Anonymous 159515


gibe lolcor bac

Anonymous 159520

I wonder what cats talk about all day

Anonymous 159521

Didn't the /g/ bunker threads last for like a week or two? Or was it like a month? Either way, it was pretty long, yeah? This does not bode well for our current situation. I don't know why Shaymin can't just say she has no fucking clue what's going on. What is her damage. Why does she hate us all. Sad days.

Anonymous 159524


Nonita nonite nonne nonney nonitina nonitabita nonabell nonabella nonitine nonitite anony noony noona noonoon noonan nonano

Anonymous 159525

Fuck never realized how much I would miss lolcow, cant believe I laughed at the schizo s that were saving threads, we were so blind….

Anonymous 159528

why cant we say

Anonymous 159529

I think that's different though, because kiwifags are mostly moids. Farmers were just in the containment threads. I get that some people need to integrate to this sites culture more, but if I was a regular here I would be appreciative of the traffic. LC is also a little slow so if there weren't so many men here and CC went down (probably won't happen since Snail Admin seems more active than our admin) I would welcome them to LC as long as they adhere to our culture and rules.

Anonymous 159530


I miss the witch thread…

Anonymous 159532

i was going to post in the terfposting thread but anons there are responding to a moid… i want to go home

Anonymous 159537

men ruin every thing in the world

Anonymous 159539

you will never be a woman

Anonymous 159542

snail (admin) has always welcomed the radfem refugees and wanted more posters from LC, CC was literally born from it. this site has a lot of potential and is unfortunately so dead so often (which is a huge shame because i think admin does a good job and the site itself is great), when it isn't punctuated by male raiders or males LARPing that the lack of activity wards off actual female userbase activity. if anything the uptick in use helps the board.

Anonymous 159547

do not respond to the moid, pls

Anonymous 159550



Anonymous 159553

I hope we all integrate and help the board grow then. Some farmers miss the gossip aspect though since lolcow is a gossip site and cc prohibits it

Anonymous 159554

Did anyone else notice that the last time lolcow was saved on Wayback Machine was on the day it shut down? It really may have been planned maintenance by Admin like some people were suspecting.

Anonymous 159555

How do we archive entire websites? Can we archive CC somehow just in case?

Anonymous 159557


Lolcor exclusivity
I challenge all farmers and miners to create origami stars. I will not take no for an answer

Anonymous 159566

Sorry anon, I think you responded to my post >>159529 . Reposted it to add some shit. But yeah I agree, I hope CC can grow more. I can't judge them for having moids when we're also having that issue.

Anonymous 159567

idk why, honestly LC sucks for gossip/drama. i will say KF is better for it and has a wider range of subjects (not praising them, i really dislike KF). LC gossip content used to be ok but all of the interesting people faded plus it just gets old. idk how oldfags can still be interested in the cowboards

Anonymous 159568


Shoutout to any anons reading this today who came to lolcor from efagz ages ago. Time flies when you’re being retarded online. The domains can change, but we will remain!

Anonymous 159570


I feel so bad for the miners here, no matter what theres always men and trannys attached to farmers. They could’ve just fucked off with lolcow being down but they can’t stop following farmers around, same with the anti fujo spergs and the anachans. I never lurked cc before and only came here because of the bunker but the weird shift after more anons started congregrating here and then we finally caught the trannys attention is sad. I can tell alot of nonas are nice and non confrontational but theres been times in confessional and dumbass shit threads where anons confess to coming into threads just to start shit and infight because its fun to them. Lolcow just has too many resident spergs and autists and they really cant let go and fuck off.

Anonymous 159571

Those are cute. My friend made me a big jar of them for my birthday. Sits on my desk. Sometimes I open the jar and play with them

Anonymous 159573

These are cute, thanks for the toot. Could I make them with a folded Post-It note instead of cutting little strips? Or would that be too thick?

Anonymous 159581

those cookies look so good

Anonymous 159584


Dumb dumb question: what is lolcor vs. lolcow?

Anonymous 159585

i just tried it and failed. scammer

Anonymous 159589

blaine was posting here already for months. trannies and males were a problem here anyways. i do agree that some farmers need to stop being fucking annoying and shitstirring for "fun". it's just annoying even on LC. a lot of them are the type to complain when we're being vulnerable and nice to each other because they "miss the old LC" and claim we're "lovebombing"and psychologically manipulating other farmers by being nice??

Anonymous 159592

someone please post the copypasta for this anon!!! i don't think i have it

Anonymous 159594

inside you there are two lols. the lolcow and the lolcor

Anonymous 159598

idk about the thicker skin part, i think farmers are more likely to have a histronic meltdown and pick fights for fun and then call it shitposting to cope with the embarrassment (just look at the derailing that happens when someones husbando gets called ugly kek). miners just seem like testy neets that learned to integrate with males at the worst.

Anonymous 159601

I miss lolcow so much, I hate trannies man they ruin everything when will this end s? When?

Anonymous 159605



Anonymous 159607

Lolcor was just a funny misspelling to someones huge spergout about the admin. I dont have the cap of it but I’m sure a kind nona will have it and you can see just how autistic we all can be kek

Anonymous 159608


2 busy with the janitor..
idts, it was getting saved frequently since last month

Anonymous 159612

husbando posters are a whole different breed. excluding husbando posters, i think most posters have thicker skin, and it's not even about being mean to each other, just like, the grievances users have here about experiences they have irl are typically not things we worry about. but yes you are right about husbando posting insult meltdowns.

Anonymous 159615

I like the shitty infights on lolcor, yeah call me a BPD thot, IDC it's fun (SOMETIMES). Sometimes farmers argue about the most boring shit though so then you gotta wait until they stop sperging at each other over disliking picky eaters vs. being a picky eater. I love the anon who tries to provoke anons over liking spicy food. She's fun and I like to banter back and forth with her sometimes.

Anonymous 159616

I’m pregnant and this picture made me crave chocolate chip cookies so bad I might lose it.

Anonymous 159617

[ARC] Yokohama Kai…

Let us relax and enjoy another night spent with fellow miners, maybe this will bring us closer together.

Anonymous 159619

Yes anon, i've noticed that too…
I remember there was an anon who said she's downloading manually all the threads to her hard drive just in case, and might set them up for a download. that being said, we have archives for now

Anonymous 159623


its' time for "lolcow classics" hangman, someone guess a letter

Anonymous 159626


You're supposed to use a template/pattern like this. They can be made any way but may be flimsy or too hard idk

Anonymous 159627

Anonymous 159628

Anonymous 159629

i think if this teaches us anything it's that more of us need to archive more classic/funny pieces of LC history

Anonymous 159630

Anonymous 159631

Anonymous 159633

Anonymous 159634

Anonymous 159638

the joking and lighthearted infighting is not a problem, that is fun. a lot of infights are actually fun as long as no one is 100% serious and aggressive

Anonymous 159641


Anonymous 159642

Anonymous 159645


Anonymous 159646

Anonymous 159647


here it is LOLCOR

Anonymous 159648

Isnt it time for lolcow to have its own board? We’re 99.9% of the community

Anonymous 159650

Anonymous 159651

Anonymous 159653

>if you like metal and you're not white you're obsessed with being European
That's such a weird accusation to make. I like being my nationality, I'm into metal because I like the music, and I'm not from those countries either.
Funny that yesterday farmers were complaining about the racespergs on CC but last night's thread was cancerous as fuck because of the racespergs from lolcow. Bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous 159654

>we're mostly staying in our containment threads because we are more organized than them
Kek as a farmer, this is just retarded, anon. Lolcow is somewhat organized but only because the total off topic boards are squished into 3 boards. It's not like the whole site is devoted to the off topic discussions even though that is actually the main reason lc is still up to this day. The drama is old and pretty much for nostalgia at this point. You can't make threads about anyone new without people complaining about vendettas or it not being a legit cow. KF is better for that even if I prefer the commentary on LC only because you can barely make a goddamn thread about anyone.

My point is that I don't think CC is terribly disorganized considering the point of the site.

Anonymous 159655


The infighting can be fun until the 'm' or 's' word gets thrown around.

Anonymous 159656


Sorry didn’t know about the troonposting happening before we came here and yeah the amount of infights that people would cause and then drop when you werent serious at all was annoying. Someone was race sperging in a thread and called me a self hating brown and kept telling me to “admit it” and I just felt so dumb for even engaging in the first place so I just stopped after sending mexican memes. I hope those anons dont come around maybe they’ll stop flocking here because theres no anachan or egirl threads

Anonymous 159658


Anonymous 159660

What the fuck is that thing

Anonymous 159663

>she doesn't speak catish

Anonymous 159665


Anonymous 159669

Anonymous 159670

Anonymous 159674

Anonymous 159676

> If someone spergs out on you on lolcow the correct response "wow that's some intense autism"
autists don't see it as an insult, they're proud of it, so it doesn't work unfortunately

Anonymous 159678

It's Shayna Clifford.

Anonymous 159679


Anonymous 159680


Anonymous 159682


What are your favorite lolcow caps?

Anonymous 159683


samefag i found a better screenshot, with the cat pic

Anonymous 159684

>until the 'm' or 's' word gets thrown around.
??? Shayna and momokun?

Anonymous 159688

I once compared someone's husbando to Orochimaru in terms of looks, she and another anon proceeded to throw a fit lol Those male attraction/husbando threads attract peak autistic psychosis.

Anonymous 159689


Anonymous 159694


Anonymous 159695


i'm so sad i have all my caps on my broken computer. this isnt one of my faves but it is intensely, intensely autistic

Anonymous 159697

i want the shakespearean IWY

Anonymous 159698

Anonymous 159699

farmers love to project their own community's flaws onto everyone else, just look at the posts above saying they have a thicker skin but it's easy to trigger them into infights that last hours or even days, and always over petty and unimportant bullshit
t. farmer

Anonymous 159702

Anonymous 159703

Anonymous 159704

Anon they attack CC just like LC whether LC is around or not. They attack any female/anti-tranny space, they're not "following farmers". CC has been raided by cp and gore at the same time as LC so many times that I know not to go here when LC is getting raided and vice versa.

Anonymous 159705


from the old shoe thread

Anonymous 159706

You troll the jannies and fuck the jannies, I got it

Anonymous 159707

You know that some of us are itt right? This is like coming into someone's house, mocking their home decor, and shitting on their carpet

Anonymous 159709


If you use linux you can use wget I heard. But if you're a filthy widows user, you have to do it painstakingly by one by one, with extensions like SingleFile.

Anonymous 159710

Someone post the kpop autist staring at her roommate eating casserole

Anonymous 159711

someone post the cars universe shitpost pls

Anonymous 159713


Im sorry I caused that kek also congratulations! I forgot how many mother farmers we have here. Didn’t a nona recently say in the sanic thread she gave birth and theyre both healthy?

Anonymous 159715

no, we definitely have thicker skin in general. go to the /feels/ board and see what miners are deeply depressed over. it's irl shit and i'm assuming it's because they're younger on average

Anonymous 159716

yay the kitty babies

Anonymous 159717


(no i didn't misspell anything and have to correct it)

Anonymous 159723

i mean you're not wrong. just recently with the hamster , such vitrol over a bit of fun

Anonymous 159725

Anonymous 159726

Anonymous 159727

Anonymous 159728

i'm convinced one was a male and OP was a colossal retard

Anonymous 159730

You ever visit /g/ or vent threads?? It’s literally the same shit

Anonymous 159732

Sometimes people are mean to nonas with unconventional husbandos or celeb crushes and insult them on purpose. Other times comparisons are made that aren't meant as insults but the nona takes it the wrong way (to be fair, given how many actual insults are thrown their way, it's hard to tell when someone is being mean to them or not)

Anonymous 159733



now someone else do one

Anonymous 159734

Have you ever spent time on /ot/ or /g/? How is /feels/ any worse than what gets posted in the vent thread?

Anonymous 159736

Didnt the oldmin talk on matrix more than on discord?

Anonymous 159737

Why do the cats look like that, what happened :(

Anonymous 159740


Anonymous 159743

probably just spayed in a mass spay campaign

Anonymous 159744

Now Shill the janitors now fuck the janitors

Anonymous 159745

Dont want to be rude but as a long-time cc lurker most of the vents on cc are from underage edaters.

Anonymous 159747

why'd you say that about OP? i just remember her being upset nonas fought about stupid shit and she just wanted to hear about what anons bought

Anonymous 159748

only YOU can prevent janitor on janitor dumpster fires

Anonymous 159749

hi nonies miss u

Anonymous 159750

KEKK someone draw elsie as this

Anonymous 159751

/feels/ = vent, get it off your chest, advice, confessions and relationships threads
there are farmers who become physically sick when they see ugly people on the street, you're not any less pathetic than miners lmao

Anonymous 159752

I feel terrible for the cc now that they have this annoying tranny aswell. I hope all of the jannies here will overcome him.

Anonymous 159753

this. sorry but it's true. i'm not besmirching miners, there's just a pretty big difference in many of the actual complaints on /feels/ vs vent threads or even certain /g/ threads, that are from their actual lives (not comments from other users). even the e-daters on /g/ are mostly aware their shit won't work out and aren't on the verge of crying over everything and can't understand social cues as much etc. again, i'm not complaining. it's just a noticeable difference

Anonymous 159757

who is Janny

Anonymous 159759

no one was saying miners are pathetic. you're the one trying to insist that was said? i said they seem younger on average and have less of a thick skin irl

Anonymous 159760

Does anyone have news about the situation of LC? I read that the neighbour farm got hacked wonder if the troons attacked our farm too

Anonymous 159763

ayrt I think its a picture from a rescue shelter that takes care of paraplegic cats? The way their legs are splayed out and stiff kinda looks like it and they seem to have small weak legs too.

Anonymous 159764


Tell me, where is lolcor? For I much desire to speak with anon

Anonymous 159765

They had the same problem for awhile, it's not our fault. I lurk some boards here

Anonymous 159766

we'll be a good influence on them, then. they'll need to learn to stop crying over shitty moids or theyll be mocked

Anonymous 159770

he was already here way before lc went down, he just spammed on lc more since it had more activity

Anonymous 159771

the way this artist just traced over a still and called it a day kek

Anonymous 159773

I'm having Luna thread withdrawals and this thread is inpatient

Anonymous 159774

Almost everyone in the husbando threads have crippling autism.

Anonymous 159775

i want to see more h3 hate it fuels me

Anonymous 159777

Some retard who gifts everyone 2 day ban at lolcor

Anonymous 159778

Anonymous 159780

he spammed here before anon

Anonymous 159782

i needed to continue fighting in the manga thread

Anonymous 159784

Jannifer Lopez?

Anonymous 159785


Anonymous 159787

>there's just a pretty big difference in many of the actual complaints on /feels/ vs vent threads or even certain /g/ threads, that are from their actual lives (not comments from other users)
Posters here might be younger on average, and certainly hate males less and are more naive when it comes to that, but basically you're saying that they get upset more at real life things than at online comments than farmers. Does that mean that farmers get more triggered by online comments than miners?

Anonymous 159788

is it really that bad, it's just talking about your favorite 2D boy isn't it?

Anonymous 159789

would he have been ok with being Spongebob if nonina was Sandy

Anonymous 159790


Someone stop me. I'm about to troll the admin and fuck the admin!

Anonymous 159793


>Blocks your path

Anonymous 159795

I think by "the neighbour farm" she meant KF and "our farm" is supposed to be LC

Anonymous 159797


Anonymous 159798

Yeah, that's just it.

Anonymous 159799


Anonymous 159800

As someone who uses both imageboards idk don't know why lc and cc anons hate each other so much. We're more similar than different

Anonymous 159802

agreed. i do think there are differences but we're more similar than we are dissimilar for sure

Anonymous 159805

i like that weird pedobait anime pics arent posted on lc

Anonymous 159806


probably would have been a greater insult to him. sandy is the top alpha in the whole fucking show and she is a female.

Anonymous 159807

By "OP" she meant the hamster poster, not the one who made the thread. Honestly it annoys me how terms like OP and samefag have adopted a different meaning on lolcow.

Anonymous 159808

nun underwater.jpg

You're doing God's work and I won't stand in His way.

Anonymous 159809

has admin-chan forsaken us

Anonymous 159810


what do you guys think luna is doin right now

Anonymous 159812

no??? i very obviously meant OP. hammiechan was fine. OP was obnoxious. just because you make a thread doesn't mean you get to dictate everything that goes on on the board. she made 4 shitposts and OP got all upset despite other anons still posting in the intended way anyways. OP has a stick up her ass

Anonymous 159816

What is the hamster thing u are talking about, pls spoonfeed I missed that thread

Anonymous 159817

You can paint over photos to practice.

Anonymous 159819


this isn't funny anymore give it back

Anonymous 159820

but at least it would be heterosexual

Anonymous 159821

yeah same, i guess they've been brain poisoned from 4chan or are trannies/moids

Anonymous 159824


Anonymous 159825

upset that Lurch took down lc because they posted da big areola teacher

Anonymous 159826

yeah but you don't slap your signature on it and post it

Anonymous 159827


Anonymous 159830

I would beat you up irl for insulting my husbando because i know he would do the same

Anonymous 159831

There was a thread for things you bought recently and an anon made like 4 posts roleplaying as a hamster buying hamster things, then some infighting happened when some retard got extremely upset about it because the hamster posts were "retarded" and other people liked them, and then proceeded to take that fight to 4 other threads for more than a day

Anonymous 159833

[cyberbullying intensifies]

Anonymous 159835

What do you think are the most autistic things to have blessed our holy /g/ husbando threads?

Anonymous 159836

that was the schizo tranny stoking infighting, and it was so out of left field anons didn't catch on until it was too late

Anonymous 159837


OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 159839

Lmao what, who gets that upset over some silly little hamster rp

Anonymous 159841

Oh sorry I didn't know OP was the angry tard.
Can you blame me tho OP gets misused all the time on lolcor

Anonymous 159842

Axl Rose.jpg

The hidden porn board on crystal cafe is so fucking moidy. The attractive male thread is filled with mid looking dudes and obvious male self-posters, an asshole thread and a lot of male gazey shit. I guess we still have this thread to hornypost though

Anonymous 159843

I thought it was funny, nonney. sorry the troon ruined it

the resident tranny trying to stir shit up

Anonymous 159844

I will not be surprised if lolcow doesn't come back for a god-damned month. Get comfortable, we're in for a long one this time.

Anonymous 159845

most men are faggots and would prefer to be fucked by "chad" than pegged by a woman

Anonymous 159848

The Dedede wall of text

Anonymous 159849

I found hammy-chan so silly and cute, went to sleep and woke up to a really annoying infight in that thread. It was so stupid

Anonymous 159851

I don't have the cap, but the anon who browsed lc in public and someone thought she was watching porn.

Anonymous 159852

The arguing was retarded. Don't like a post? Scroll and read something else. There's a group or maybe just one anon on LC that seems determined to identify certain posters and then derails threads to post schizo ramblings about them. I suspect it's troons looking to disrupt the site.

Anonymous 159853

does anyone have the ash voicemail post

Anonymous 159854

There's a hidden porn board?

Anonymous 159856

The cringiest thing about the tranny is that out of any character from Bleach he chose to stan Aizen

Anonymous 159857


Anonymous 159858


Anonymous 159859

what happened to that anon who made the cap blog on tumblr? anyone remember the url

Anonymous 159860

Komaeda-chan in general.

Anonymous 159861


Anonymous 159863

the tranny is trying to claim he was behind the hamster rp, please ignore pleASE

Anonymous 159865


Anonymous 159866

We should fix it while we're here

Anonymous 159867


Anonymous 159869

I miss the stupid rp threads we used to have on ot, anyone have the caps for one that was lolcow hotel?

Anonymous 159871


Anonymous 159873

I usually try to judge the posters who post male gaze shit.
Also it's not a porn board, it's a NSFW board, you cannot dump porn there. As for the average males that are posted there according to you, are you forgetting about the unconventional attractions thread that is more active than the attractive male one on lolcow

Anonymous 159874

he wasn't behind the rp, i'm saying he was the one who sperged out about it and started attacking anons who thought it was funny. anons were so outraged that someone could be so mean about a cute hamster rp that everyone in /ot/ joined in without realizing it was just him trolling

Anonymous 159876

so anyone who visited kiwifarms.st earlier today was hacked?

Anonymous 159878

have you seen the blog posters in the cow threads? they treat any random thread like their own vent thread/diary. so i'd say lc is worse in that area.

Anonymous 159879


does anyone have any new screenshots of discord updates?

Anonymous 159882


nony nony nony nony nony nony nony nony

Anonymous 159883

No. Ko-chan is way more autisic and spergy.

Anonymous 159884

NTA but the tranny is here avatarfagging and claiming he was the hamster poster

Remember to not reply to the troon and report all his posts so they hopefully get deleted quickly

Anonymous 159885

Unfortunately no. Talking about the tranny teacher though

Anonymous 159886

samefag, nothing new about lc i mean.

Anonymous 159887


Me when I smoke a fat crack rock and blow the smoke out of my mouth and eye balls (I have turned to hard drugs as I have no lolcow farms)

Anonymous 159888

no, not even the actual users. the hacker was a retard who tried to export the entire userbase data at once and it was too much so it just returned nothing so yeah, nothing was leaked

Anonymous 159889

god that was so funny, I wish I had caps. Maybe someone archived it on wayback? Idk how to get the URL to check though

Anonymous 159890

weren't they (dedede and komedachan) fighting the other day?

Anonymous 159892


Anonymous 159893


All i know is that kirdede nona posted her manifesto about dedede and i loved it

Anonymous 159894


Omg I was not aware if that blog, thank you

Anonymous 159895

someone on meta was saying they got banned for reporting him, and another anon said they got permabanned for posting a meme of chestplate troon >>159247 Idk enough about the mod team here to speculate on why, are they troon defenders?

Anonymous 159896

I think someone posted a cap about how komeada anon thought dedede anon was faking her interests and trying to be the new over the top husbando sperg. Then dedede anon got mad at komeada anon for even implying that she didnt love dedede goddamnit when lolcow is back im capping everything

Anonymous 159898


Anonymous 159899

top 10 anime betrayals content

Anonymous 159903

tantrums being thrown if Arthur is not the OP image

Anonymous 159904

do not engage the troon, retard

Anonymous 159905


Not a cap but from the husbando posting thread for others to use thank you to the nona that made this if you’re here!

Anonymous 159908

the ardvark?????????????????

Anonymous 159909

I love memes in Spanish, anonita, let's post our collections.

Anonymous 159910


this one was cute

Anonymous 159911

theres a male janny this is also why certain posts never get deleted despite being obviously male with that being said you should still report them just to let him know he doesnt pass from the report queue KEK

Anonymous 159912

I want ulquiorra pics ;-;

Anonymous 159914

nah. from what I can remember someone mentioned dedede-chan to which ko-chan insinuated that dedede-chan's love for her husbando was merely a played up joke which caused dedede-chan to have a mass spergout and write a 950+ word long easay post about how much she loves dedede before telling ko-chan that her husbando looks like a druggie. dedede-chan got clowned on which caused dedede-chan to get embarrassed after seeing all the attention she got and flip-flop between accepting and not accepting it which caused another mini spergout. dedede-chan is polite snd harmless although extremely autisitc. funnily enough I stumbled upon her twitter and it's surprisingly less autistic than I expected.

Anonymous 159915

can you girls please make it your mission to cap all of the great posts when we're back up? i would myself but i am repeatedly chided irl for visiting LOLCOR.FARM so i cannot keep caps

Anonymous 159916

how? I thought admin looks at post history and voice verifies potential new mods/jannies

Anonymous 159917


𝕸𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖈𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖊, 𝖎 𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖕𝖊𝖉 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖈𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖕𝖊𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖎𝖌 𝖇𝖆𝖉 𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖈𝖗𝖆𝖋𝖙 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖕𝖊𝖗. 𝕸𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖜𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖓 𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖕 𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖊𝖉 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕴 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖘𝖔𝖔𝖓 𝖏𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖊𝖞 𝖆𝖈𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕬𝖙𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖈 𝖆𝖘 𝖈𝖗𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖑 𝖈𝖆𝖋𝖊 𝖍𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖉𝖎𝖉 𝖑𝖎𝖋𝖙 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖗𝖊𝖉 𝖙𝖊𝖝𝖙 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝖒𝖞 𝖕𝖔𝖘𝖙

Anonymous 159918

how did a male get on the mod team here? I thought this site was supposed to be female only, it even says in the FAQ

Anonymous 159920

i'm so sad i can't read that manifesto rn, fuck. i love both of them regardless. i love all our autists

Anonymous 159921

nta but one of the thread pics there i saw was a porn gif of some guy stroking his dick, not even spoilered either

Anonymous 159924

I would kill to read that manifesto too. It's so passionate.

Anonymous 159925

It's a troon trying to make the LC userbase paranoid and distrust admin and the farmhands.

Anonymous 159927

nonies I just tried going to crystal.castle because I couldnt remember the name of this place lol

Anonymous 159928


That infighting was always so dumb since we’ve had different husbandos as threadpic before. No one complained when he had revolver ocelot as threadpic. I understand wanting Arthur because he was just recognizable but I’d rather have a poll made up of tumblr sexymen to use as threadpics so people could stop taking it so seriously lol

Anonymous 159929

afaik they aren't supposed to be. admin on here is sometimes away and they have literally so much to keep up with with the constant raids. there isn't supposed to be full on porn there afaik, or at least that's how it was last year. there used to be a bunch and it was all deleted because she said the new rule was no full on porn

Anonymous 159930

oh it's just the ugly schizo pedophile tranny again, got it

Anonymous 159932


Let me in let me in!!!

Anonymous 159935


anyone have that matar los putos meme of the cats or whatever

Anonymous 159937


is there a draw thread in here

Anonymous 159938

It's probably just down for maintenence. Right?… right?

Anonymous 159939


Yeah. Here's the cap of it. It's obviously unreadable but I just want you guys to see the sheer size of it. Don't fuck with husbandofags kek

Anonymous 159941

this is what i call it in my head kek

Anonymous 159945


I bought this novelty miniature shopping cart. As a POH (person of hamster) I often struggle making my recent purchases with the regular carts available at Tesco. Investing in my own has really made my purchasing easier. 8/10 would recommend

Anonymous 159947


im a different person you fucking coper im just not dumb enough to use my real ip because he'll start stalking me I'M NOT CRAZY, ONE DAY YOU'LL SEE THE TRUTH

Anonymous 159949

theres too many moids and trannies on cc i dont think theyd want the link here

Anonymous 159953

seconded, don't post any of our links here

Anonymous 159955

that shirtless dano illustration at the bottom gave me cervical cancer. i hate it so much. it could've been so cute with anyone but him or with a 2D husbando or leon or something

Anonymous 159956


i hope lc isnt dead but if it is, i will save every screenshot of it i see and put it onto my hard drive that i recently acquired and in 50 years i will leak those posts to the public, whatever that may look like, and show the last traces of what once was and what can never be again because FUCK TRANNIES AND FUCK JANNIES

Anonymous 159959

I think it was cute, danofags are so endearing.

Anonymous 159960


Does anyone have the webm that was posted in one of the consooom threads? It was a tiktok of a woman who had a whole room dedicated to horse figurines. Or at least know the brand of horse figurines she was collecting?

Anonymous 159962

i love the american psycho elsie so much

Anonymous 159963

Why the fuck is it still not up?

Anonymous 159965

>(Yes I am mad.)
Out of all the stupid shit this is what destroyed me the most. I would love for someone to do a dramatic reading of this.

Anonymous 159966

unironically do this but don't wait 50 years, i need my nostalgia

Anonymous 159968


Got you nona

Anonymous 159970

i unironically will if i get the time

Anonymous 159973

Realistically, when WILL lolcow be up and running? Do you think it'll be back to how it was before?

Anonymous 159974

thank you so much anon!

Anonymous 159975

this please. like the navy seals but based

Anonymous 159976

15 years

Anonymous 159977

we need a sanic totem thread to find out

Anonymous 159978

seconding out of former horse girl curiosity. were they breyers?

Anonymous 159979

it doesn't bode well that no admins or farmhands are saying anything, even after days of it being down. I'd suggest assuming the worst, that way if it comes back it will be a nice surprise.

Anonymous 159984


i want my shameful kinks thread back i need to post about my intrusive thoughts about raping males

Anonymous 159986

How funny would it be if LC came back, but all the /ot/, /m/, /w/, /snow/ and /g/ threads were just gone, and only /pt/ remained?

Anonymous 159987

is that xqc

Anonymous 159988

what if the only thread was the husbando thread

Anonymous 159990


Yes, he fell off though

Anonymous 159993

to be fair, I was insanely high at the time and I knew the creator of naruto would base his characters off of real-world actors/singers and wrestlers and the dude was a clear inspo for Orochimaru lol The guy was actually pretty cute just he also looked like Orochimaru lmao. I meant no foul. I have seen some genuine disgust posted for men go completely ignored though. I guess Anime comparisons are where the lines get drawn?

Anonymous 159994

actually what if the only thread was the nerd thread or a dano thread

Anonymous 159995

I hate breyers, they're nothing but low quality shiny plastic molds. Schleich is so much better and you won't see the paint rub off on them

Anonymous 159996

the lc discord has no updates about the site being down, why are there at least no mods telling us what they know?

Anonymous 159997

would there be any interest in making a new lc from the ground up (assuming og one never comes back)? I barely know how to code but I'd be willing to help as much as I can whether as a mod, theme designer, learn to code and help as a dev, or anything else
maybe we can give lc to the end of the week and if it's not back make a new one ourselves?

Anonymous 159998

i'd be so sad. the only things worth a shit are the non-drama boards anyways

Anonymous 159999


I am actually selling them! Interested?

Anonymous 160000

Yes but you absolutely need verification because theres moids and trannies on this site lurking the thread (obviously.)

Anonymous 160001

no anon, most things can’t lay forever, maybe it’s good that LC was shut down before the trannies could get to us

Anonymous 160003

If you do make sure to use the proper music to go along with it.

Anonymous 160004

yes. i can't code but i would donate.

Anonymous 160005

i second this, i want to make more female-exclusive sites and was thinking of learning coding. the site shouldn't be lc but a similar imageboard for women only. my only coding experience is in data analytics languages so i have no idea how to build a site but really want to help out as much as i can

Anonymous 160008


>i will never be a bad gyal
>not even on cc

Anonymous 160009

Get better King Crimson taste troon

Anonymous 160011


Anonymous 160013

It's the very same tranny claiming this. He did this on lc all the time too.

Anonymous 160015

we should raid those choachan mfs its time to get our revenge

Anonymous 160017

It scares me deeply that there might be a piece of Kikomi media that I haven't yet witnessed

Anonymous 160019

kpop spergs are actually the worst and most rabid. im not going to lie they would probably win

Anonymous 160020

those yakuza moids are BUTT UGLY sorry i just HAD TO SAY IT because i am TIRED of pretending they are not

Anonymous 160021

samefag but the discord having no news or updates is very concerning. anyone in the matrix server who can tell us if there were any updates there?

Anonymous 160022

she's got a twitter acc. unsure if it's the actual artist but she's famous now…

Anonymous 160023


using my crack addiction to open a channel to the other side and commune with the sanic totem for answers, I may die on my spirit journey but I'll die happy knowing it was for the girlies

Anonymous 160024


one of the threads from that nsfw board… jesus fucking christ

Anonymous 160026

of course, it would be a team of women vcing together regularly during development and I can maybe do some sort of photo timestamp or something too to verify
nah I'm not going to back down against gross pedo troons I always want online spaces for women no matter what happens
ayrt I'm a poorfag who can't cover server costs right now so this would help too
I'm in the process of learning to code only I kinda suck but I'd be willing to learn as much as possible
it's good theres other nonas interested we can definitely make this work if lc is down for good

Anonymous 160027

Where were you when lolcow died? I was in the Shayna thread on Friday night.

Anonymous 160028


Anonymous 160029

lmfao anon i love you. let's split a rock and journey onto the other side

Anonymous 160032

nah have you seen that ogata dude? he's fugly and creepy, he actually scares me

Anonymous 160034


Anonymous 160035

tbf that was 4 years ago and honestly we had tons of shit like that on /g/ before anons grew up. we still do get posts like that honestly

Anonymous 160036

SAY HI TO MAGII-CHAN FOR ME a-and tell him i might have a little crushy on him…………

Anonymous 160037

>an asshole thread
I hope you mean "people who are asshole in the figurative sense that I'd like to fuck"

Anonymous 160039

i love the schleich bayala stuff and safari ltd has nice molds but idk if the qaulity is good
i've boxed up my horsey stuff but this kittor would make me fall off the wagon

Anonymous 160041

farmers love fugly men I guess

Anonymous 160043

why? kpop spergs are sometimes our allies. they are the most effective posters outside of yaoiposters when it comes to shutting moids down

Anonymous 160044


Anonymous 160046

this is a fact, sadly. it actually depresses me.

Anonymous 160053


we have "women" unironically thirsting after this racist trad piece of shit so, love yourselves ladies

Anonymous 160056

danofags are deeply mentally ill

Anonymous 160057

this actually

Anonymous 160058


Admin should make a /kpop/ board on lolcow.farm as a coalition with anti-tranny kpopfags

Anonymous 160059

idk who this is bu…

>mfw saving hundreds upon hundreds of my fugly man of choice

Anonymous 160060


Crab Uber.

Anonymous 160061

i honestly feel like danofags are the least bad compared to the other husbandofags. they stayed to their thread

Anonymous 160063

Leave Jersh alone, you troon.

Anonymous 160064


If danoloving means I'm mentally ill, then I'm proudly mentally ill

Anonymous 160066

omg fuck OFF

Anonymous 160068

>that shirt

Anonymous 160071

This dude is so fucking ugly and mid jfc

Anonymous 160072

the entirety of mumsnet and ovarit have their panties wet over that slimeball that can’t even keep his own website up KEK, i knew most of these female spaces were cooked or doomed from the start when they were heavily relying on men who hate trannies but also feminism and women

Anonymous 160075

everything about him just is repulsive. he's so soulless and boring, his face is all wrong

Anonymous 160076


Anonymous 160079


literally what the fuck are these tweakers seeing in this dude?

Anonymous 160081

There’s no vent thread here but… man I really need to vent. Why am I so fucking stupid!!? I locked myself out of my fucking car, and my phones battery is at 5 percent… I called so many locksmiths to get my ass out of this situation and it’s a fucking Sunday so no one wants to work rn. This locksmith is gonna be so goddamn expensive, and I need to return this shitty car back home so my dad can take it. FUCK!!!

Anonymous 160082


Anonymous 160083

that pic is so cute

Anonymous 160084

Null made a statement about the hack

Anonymous 160085


You'll understand in time. The first stage of danoloving is always denial

Anonymous 160086

there is a vent thread on /feels/ its just super slow compared to lc

Anonymous 160087

there is in the /feels/ board (i hate that name for it though lmao)

Anonymous 160089

now that the summerfags are calling dano ugly i now find him hot, thanks dumbass

Anonymous 160090

i actually saw this dude first in okja and he freaked me out so bad

Anonymous 160091

Wait what, mumsnet and Ovarit like Josh? It's honestly the mumsnet that's shocking me the most, I didn't expect them to even know about his existence.

Anonymous 160092

i'm not a summerfag, i've been on lc for almost 8 years. i just have eyes and refuse to lie to myself or others about this man. i suggest you do the same.

Anonymous 160093

No one is clicking that obvious ip logger loser, that’s not even their new website link

Anonymous 160094

I don't care it kinda annoys me that we get nothing from Shaymin. I hope she's okay and if she's done…I don't know. Its just ugh

Anonymous 160100

i don't know what this means. i wish i was autistic and interested in coding

Anonymous 160101

no one gives a shit what that stupid uggo thinks

Anonymous 160102

the kofi goal was fully reached so either she took the money and ran, is actually switching to the new server and site, or the troon ending

Anonymous 160103


I have been so busy with work the past few days, I didn't even know lolcow went down. Today was finally my day off and now I can't catch up on milk and discussions. I have posted on cc before but the userbase has always been too small. If lolcow is gone for good, I hope s will either grow out this userbase or make a new lolcow. I only really followed Pixielocks/Jillian Vessey and the Celebricow threads at this point, when it came to the drama boards. A lot of the cows overall have become horror tier and emotionally drain me. I loved /ot/ and /m/ a lot, though. But I'm definitely addicted to lolcow so maybe this is a way to finally get out kek but I just love having a space with other women to speak freely so much. I love you guys.

Catching up with threads here and I'm sorry, anon, I have none of the comics but I did save the fanart anons made in the lolcow doodle board when we had a kikomi theme < 3 hope you enjoy

Anonymous 160106

who cares about their website I want my fucking lolcow back dammit

Anonymous 160108

kikomi chu is killing me

Anonymous 160110


from the discord

Anonymous 160112

That's good. At least we know it's coming back.

Anonymous 160113


Anonymous 160116

lmao I love this
is this from a mod?! holy shit finally why could nobody tell us this before lc went down

Anonymous 160118

pls use this for the next thread pic so everyone knows that troids did not take lc down kek

Anonymous 160119


Praise kami sama

Anonymous 160120

im in the discord and i will confirm if this is real

Anonymous 160121


Plz ask how soon is ‘soon’? A week? A month? Several months?

Anonymous 160122

>even dreamwidth is down
Kill me

Anonymous 160123

and you’re going to be the only one surrounded by trannies and scrotes, why would you ever want to be here

Anonymous 160124

uh are you really that pissed having farmers here, female imageboard users should get along so i'll just assume ur a troon

Anonymous 160126

Damn Trisha's baby was born. I want to know the h3h3 drama that will inevitably ensue without actually having to watch their shitty podcast

Anonymous 160127

this can someone ask for an eta and more communication? so we aren't left in the dark?

Anonymous 160128


good news!!!
some of us are crossposters, you know?

Anonymous 160129

Nta but I usually ignore negative responses to my husbando because there's nothing I can really do to change the other person's mind, so it feels kind of pointless to reply to them kek

Anonymous 160132

Your exodus has brought many more scrotes than we've ever had before. You even brought us your very own pet troon.

Anonymous 160134


oof thank god

Anonymous 160135

that refuge dreamwidth space from like 3 years ago? i'm the one who made it, do you have the url? also dreamwidth.org is up for me?

Anonymous 160136

THANK god omg. i would like to know how soon is now though

Anonymous 160137

So the kiwifarms things did effect us somewhat?

Anonymous 160138

Thanks for sharing the LC update. I really hope that the work goes smoothly and that the site goes back up soon.

Anonymous 160139

that's literally a complete lie

Anonymous 160140

Ntayrt, I like to agree with pwople who think my husbando(s) are ugly because I am well aware that they are KEK.

Anonymous 160141


Lmao I accidentally made a thread. It is real I was the og anon posting discord caps in previous threads

Anonymous 160146

based selfaware husbandoposter

Anonymous 160147

Queefing in relief rn

Anonymous 160148

you are responding to the pedo tranny himself, he isn't a pet troon he is the only one who calls himself that since he's a freak

Anonymous 160149

She was changing it just in case cloud-based dropped us or because there's a risk?

Anonymous 160150

Stay unapologetic albeit your questionable tastes, anon.

Anonymous 160151



Anonymous 160152

oh that's right. i forgot about his time spent begging on /meta/ to become an actual site pet-troon to spot troons or something

Anonymous 160155

when my irl husbando is called ugly which he often is i cry myself to sleep but also get horny fantasizing about calling him ugly, but he's MY ugly, and then i sit on his ugly face

Anonymous 160156

Probably both, but admin has been talking about a server migration or something for a while now.

Anonymous 160159

LC's existing site software is ancient and it's speculated that the new site software has better moderation tools for dealing with raids and CP spam

Anonymous 160160

are you the steve howe poster

Anonymous 160162



Anonymous 160164


I hope soon is indeed soon. I want to be mean and rude, when LF is back,I'll pick up a fight with someone to celebrate.

Anonymous 160167

anons I have a question.. if she’s changing the server does your permaban or bans go away?

Anonymous 160168

i honestly think they do. I think she should be gearing up for spammers and raiders though

Anonymous 160170


oh thank god but also admin you dumbass

Anonymous 160171

I can't wait to join in on the fight to bait both sides <3 I love you nonner

Anonymous 160174

probably not, there is likely a way to migrate banned ips over

Anonymous 160178


Anonymous 160181

samefag I know someone who ran a small altchan before and when he transferred to a new server/hosting provider the banned ips stayed banned

Anonymous 160182


Chieftain Crack Eagle Chan communing with Chief Big Areola for spiritual guidance

Anonymous 160184

is it the right size for a tarantula? Asking for a friend

Anonymous 160186


Anonymous 160187


Anonymous 160188



Anonymous 160189

lmaoo anon clocked you so bad

Anonymous 160191

this post made me laugh out loud im so sorry nonner

Anonymous 160193

What's the proper music would you say? I'm seriously considering it

Anonymous 160194

based, another convert. danofags rise up

Anonymous 160195

these edits are sending me omfg

Anonymous 160196


Anonymous 160197


Anonymous 160198

i'm not getting anything… don't lie to us

Anonymous 160199

no lyin

Anonymous 160200

Gottem hah

Anonymous 160201

idgi the ko-fi money thing is full

Anonymous 160202

wha it says they were met on the ko-fi? there has been over $100 donated for current goal

Anonymous 160203

your mean

Anonymous 160204

Shut the fuck up blaine, you will never belong here or to lolcow and no one wants you as their "pet tron"

Anonymous 160205

Anonymous 160206


Anonymous 160207

they're both so hot
it's called having a different taste than yours, sperg

Anonymous 160208

Hol up, yes it was. That Kofi said it had 106% of its donations what's the craic with that?

Anonymous 160211

he already is fully aware he will never be a women and will always be hated by everyone, stop responding to a literal pedophile

Anonymous 160212


you moid is ugly cope and seethe

Anonymous 160213

damn did we miss live camming?

Anonymous 160214

Server bill is $100 a month

Anonymous 160215

Lmao same except I will still get mad because only I can call him ugly

Anonymous 160216

Can't type in the discord because im not verified yet but if someone is please ask about it in it!

Anonymous 160219

it was at 106% of $100. unless that bar is donations and not subscriptions?

Anonymous 160220

Anonymous 160223

reviewbrah cat

Anonymous 160224

donations, lc should have a patreon

Anonymous 160225


Fat Shat is probably elated thinking that the first link on google for her name has been removed.

Anonymous 160228

that would be insanely based

Anonymous 160230

Can LC come back so I can go back to lurking the recent danofagging thread. Damn I can't have anything

Anonymous 160233

You can have him all for you, nonas kek

Anonymous 160234

Imagine if every board is /m/assacred in the server switch.

Anonymous 160238

yes that's for the month, but it's not like the goals have been met for the year

Anonymous 160239

all thats left is a paul dano png in the middle of a black screen with low scary ambience

Anonymous 160241

we will make new memories then, my dear [n-word].

Anonymous 160243

i think they probably won't have anymore drama with trisha anymore tbh. at least not publicly.

Anonymous 160245

i dont know if you intended to type that but it did make me laugh that n o n n y is censored here

Anonymous 160247

testing nona nonners nonner nony

Anonymous 160248

kek wow half of them were censored

Anonymous 160249

Oh thank god. I will be able too see the bad art, bad photoshoppers, husbando and Sanic threads kek

Anonymous 160250

You should've posted a screenshot of what you wrote in the text box!

Anonymous 160255

I think the goal on ko-fi was met for the month, not year. I am not a webmaster, but I thought you could pay yearly for hosting sites, having the domain, etc.

Anonymous 160258

Anonymous 160261

Anonymous 160333

She posted that they won’t know the monthly cost until they set it up

Anonymous 160342

Kek anon I'm snickering in bed now. Idk why it tickled me as much as it did.

Anonymous 160344

Does anyone have a link to the kofi I can support I don’t want to be out of the loop I’m still in the old abandoned discord and patreon

Anonymous 160346

go to the ko-fi website and type in lolcowfarm after the slash

Anonymous 160349

Anonymous 160376

Thank you beautiful non nies

Anonymous 160380

mua mua.jpg

i for one welcome this cultural enrichment.

Anonymous 160385

yaaaaaas i need more lurch meth induced twitter sperg.

Anonymous 160389


's you're genuinely my friends and I honestly don't know what I'd do without you lol I love you guys so much. lolcow is like a little peaceful island honestly and you're all my friends. it's slightly weird since I've never met you guys but I was quite sad to be without you all… you're my sisters. I wish I could meet farmers irl sometime

Anonymous 160394

love you too anon

Anonymous 160397

same I've been so sad the whole time it's down and it's only been like two days, I miss all my nonners

Anonymous 160407

Can the next lolcow doodle board theme be "lolcow reunion"? like we are all together again rejoicing after the many obstacles we've faced, like when ot was down and now this… we've had a busy year filled with migrations, spam, attacks, server fails, fears of lolcow being shut down due to a lack of moderation and funding..! I hope we can get together again soon and just appreciate the moment together on lolcow

Anonymous 160411

omfg please thatd be fun. celebratory thread

Anonymous 160415

don't forget kaitlyn tiffany

Anonymous 160419

they're strangers anon you need to make some actual friends if you think this way

Anonymous 160425


ANON! I feel the exact same way. I've been around lolcor so long that all yous feel like family to me. I love you sisters, for real!!

Anonymous 160427

i love lolcor because i can be unhinged with my nonas. Its nice to waste time on lc

Anonymous 160435


Anonymous 160437

nta but why does there always have to be a negative nancy that takes a fat stinky dump all over the mood?

Anonymous 160445

She's right tho

you're attracted to the female version of dano who has the same facial structure though lmao

Anonymous 160446

If you have this level of attachment to anonymous strangers I think it's pathetic

Anonymous 160452

And I'm right too, even if it is true why bother shitting on the mood?

I don't, I said nta, I don't get attached to nona's cause a lot of them are meanies who just want to bring people down

Anonymous 160453

NTA, but policing strangers on the internet over who they're allowed to feel something for and considering the earnestness more pathetic than your analness? Kek.

Anonymous 160459

She literally doesn't know the people she's feeling something for

Anonymous 160462

She doesn't have to. It's just vibes. If you can't vibe then you belong here.

Anonymous 160463

guess you're right

Anonymous 160464


I feel the same way too nona! Makes me wanna share my ds games with everyone kinda friendship

Anonymous 160469

Me to my mom after she found out I was edating a guy off MySpace

Anonymous 160472

Happy that happened to you!

Anonymous 160488


Thank you to the kind anons who posted the LOLCOR explanation for me in the previous thread. And thank you to whatever nona posted this bc KEK

Anonymous 160492

eh, ok, you're not wrong. Reread it again and I don't find it pathetic of her, I just hope she isn't let down or expects too much. I did have irl friends, but after developing a terminal illness I'm barely able to get out, I look like death and genuinely creepy, etc. A part of me would love it if I could feel a bit of kinship for a group of strangers like that even if it's highly likely to bite me in the ass.

Anonymous 160502

I'm so sorry to hear that anon. Sorry if insensitive question, but did your irl friends not visit you?
I hope that you can find a supportive group of lovely people who'll improve your life anon.

Anonymous 160511

ntayrt, but god same, i’m not gonna lie it feels like the only place girls can be unapologetically ourselves

Anonymous 160521


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