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Lolcow bunker #6 hopeful update edition Anonymous 160257

Previous thread >>>/b/159338

Anonymous 160262

first loooooosers

Anonymous 160263

Admin needs to tell us that or update on kofi more because its confusing and i admit i am retarded

Anonymous 160264

Was the previous bunker #5 deleted because OP had instructions to not interact with the tranny?

Anonymous 160266


Lolcow users stop replying to tranny males read the rules just report pls ): giving yous just makes the problem worse. Report infighting too please stop this….D': oh my god. pleas read the rules

Anonymous 160267

Please say they have an idea about how long the update will take

Anonymous 160268

this report and ignore the pedo schizo tranny do not respond
agreed how tf are people supposed to know what is going on? I've been checking the ko-fi for updates thinking it would be posted there
not so far, if anyone in the discord can ask and report back to us that would be a big help

Anonymous 160271

s where is lc reeeeee

Anonymous 160272

if shaymin had a subscription option for lc server fees id do a monthly payment i need lolcor

Anonymous 160274

anon you're a sweetheart

Anonymous 160277

Why didn't they announce this beforehand? Are they fucking retarded?

Anonymous 160278

Anonymous 160279


Yes, Kofi is for one time donations, not subscriptions.
And the cost of 100/month makes sense if she has to switch from cloudflare.
As comparison, on the first donation call oldmin launched, she raised around 1k and said it would last for a year, which it did.

Anonymous 160286

This anon was right, I checked and it was in fact back up ust a bit ago. But now it's gone again. Wondered what caused it to pop back for a moment.

Anonymous 160287

admin playing peekaboo

Anonymous 160290

Damn, that is playing with our hopes
I really hope it comes back this week

Anonymous 160293

This gives you an index of all the /ot/ threads that are archived
You can also search on archive.is but their search function sucks ass

Anonymous 160295

Anonymous 160299


Drix is hot ngl

Anonymous 160303

Did the site look any different?

Anonymous 160306

Man I'm having withdrawals from the Shay thread. Glad to have an update though, here's hoping LC will be back up soon nonneys.

Anonymous 160310

No. I just refreshed the celebricows thread, I didn't get to see any other part of the site. But it didn't look any different.

Anonymous 160312

puter base.jpg

yay lolcor

Anonymous 160314

She’s on a road trip with her fat “mumma” “”gf”” and she retweeted her gross porn. Nothing too crazy.

Anonymous 160317

Anonymous 160320

@shaymin set up monthly subscription i would do it idc i know youre reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 160322

I've spend the whole weekend holding on my spergs saved for celebricows reeeeeeeeeeeeeee I want the site back noooooow

Anonymous 160325

IDK what you mean, it's still there

Anonymous 160328

there was one with reigen as threadpic

Anonymous 160330


this one but i think it was deleted

Anonymous 160335

Saying "periodt ahh periodt uhh" until lolcow comes back

Anonymous 160338


One of my cats keeps trying to eat left over vindaloo

Anonymous 160340

I feel so bad because the draw room admins were probably spammed becauseI posted the link,I just don’t like being lonely in those aggie.o boards

Anonymous 160343

Kek thank you. I might have to actually check her Twitter to get my daily dose of agonising cringe.

Anonymous 160351

>image dumps aren't allowed in the porn board here

mods I'm not complaining I think you do a good job but wat is the point

Anonymous 160353


I'm hungry

Anonymous 160355

I love that I left 2 separate lolcow threads in tabs for the past few days so I still have them up. I miss the milk, s. Hopefully we get the farm back soon.

Anonymous 160358

draw room admins dont want link posted to this site

Anonymous 160359


for helping server costs

Anonymous 160361

Why is this place so weird?

Anonymous 160366


Anonymous 160367

Idk but I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. CC in general just feels extremely off. Like someone tried to move all my furniture slightly to the left by detonating a bomb.

Anonymous 160368



Anonymous 160371

TOP KEK I wonder where this drawanon is right now…

Anonymous 160372

bear dance.gif

Anonymous 160373

KEKKK i thought she was lost to the /m/assacare

Anonymous 160375


Anonymous 160378

i just hope new lc moves faster. the last couple weeks its been such a slog and slow moving

Anonymous 160382

Tread lightly, it’s a mess there lol

Anonymous 160383

poor nonnerz.png

kek from the ko-fi, poor nonner

Anonymous 160384

I think its just original artwork

Anonymous 160386

Yeah, maybe it's just cause I'm a refugee here but things feel oddly stiff. Anons always saying that it is cozy here, but people feel kinda condescending, instead lolcow's more straightforward aggressivity, tho I guess I can't tell who is a farmer and who is a miner.

Anonymous 160387


i cant wait to see the banners on our new site

Anonymous 160392

Does anyone have the Steve Carell reaction pic where he sniffs some drink and then he says "it's a male" (but the word male is edited in) please and thannk you

Anonymous 160396

Oh I didn't see that one. If it was #5 it could be because it was a duplicate thread. Or maybe it's hidden in between board index paes, some threads would be lost in the index on lolcow too, and you had to see the catalog to find them

Anonymous 160398

Most miners seem like they grew up in a christian doomsday cult and had only ever lived in a bunker and never once saw the light outside and also are terminal NEETs. That's what they all (mostly) seem like to me.

Anonymous 160401

To contain sexually explicit discussions in one place? I mean you can still post NSFW pics but not spam them. Also no porn dumps because this place is supposed to be anti-porn.

Anonymous 160403


Guys if we all hold hands and pray really hard we can get the site up again, I miss home

Anonymous 160404

Gotta sleep, sleep, sleep. Big day tomorrow. Wishing you all a good night or a good day wherever you are

Anonymous 160405

One day we'll be back on our own farm and this will just seem like the trip we took to our weird dull cousin's house who smells like pee

Anonymous 160408

What I like about LC is that it forces users to use the youtube embed function instead of including the link to the video in the post comment. However that's alsothe thing I prefer about CC, you can choose to not follow those guidelines if you want and you won't get banned for something so simple. I wish there was a middle point.

Anonymous 160412

I'm still convinced it was some kinda deadline because LSA has been working like shit after being down yesterday, now it's back down. Wonder if cloudflare has something that needed to be handled or something?

Anonymous 160413

this place wouldn't be so mad if it had less moids and racebait, the bones are good but it's got an infestation.

Anonymous 160416

Noners it's real lonely girl hours who's with meeeeeeee

no one

Anonymous 160417

penguin clap.gif

Sweet dreams anon!

Anonymous 160420

lolcow wouldn't be so bad if it had less racebait too

Anonymous 160422

infighting needs to be fixed on lc. shaymin please get good farmhands

Anonymous 160423


I have to go to the hospital in the morning, but I can't sleep.

Anonymous 160424

I have four windows open, everyone but this one is working. Lolcow down. Lsa down. Kiwifarms down. Kek, I have nowhere to go but youtube shorts

Anonymous 160426

Everyone but this one isn't working

Anonymous 160428

I miss hellweek ,lc been so angry lately it’s not even funny it kills the fun sometimes

Anonymous 160429

threads around here have been bogged down so heavily with racebait, i've never seen it at that level back on LC.
I agree we have an infighting issue, although sometimes i think infighting is fun if it's not in a thread where it's considered a derailment. The schizo tranny is def making it worse than it would be naturally

Anonymous 160430


Get some rest anon! Hope you're ok

Anonymous 160433

Tbf a lot of miners are/were farmers

Anonymous 160434

I hate how I use a VPN but the one I was using IT was also using to spam dumb shit. So I'd constant get ban messages that was meant for IT. I also learned through cycling through VPN services that some.scrores get 2 year bans instead of perma bans for some reason

Anonymous 160436


Thank you! I'm okay, just a bit anxious for the test results. I hope this will have been the last test I need.

Anonymous 160439

all the free proton ones are banned because of it

Anonymous 160448

gunter vomit.gif

I hated that video at first but now it's stuck in my head

Anonymous 160449

Same anon, IT is a idiot. Some people fuck up and just want to post on a site they love. Instead it wants to clog up vpns with bullshit.

Anonymous 160450

Boyegachan is a troll, y/n?

Anonymous 160454

stupid moid spammer

Anonymous 160455

I was the Drake is Trans anon and I wasn't joking, but I don't want to talk more about it.

Anonymous 160458

molbandon thread.g…

Excited to get back to the husbando and dumbass shit threads.

Anonymous 160460

Can you spam your proof that Drake is trans please n/onnie? I just think it'd be funny if a farmer left behind some slight schizophrenic posting before we all go back home.

Anonymous 160465

Now the miners can keep their dead site as it was. But I think I may stick around anyways for a while, unless it's too dead.

Anonymous 160468

Wow thanks anon

Anonymous 160471

what is this gif from, it's so cute!

Anonymous 160476

All I have to say is before the site went down there was a tweet in the Twitter hate thread. It was from a woman saying basically they could convince Drake he was a woman. A lot of people want her to return to her true form. They leave little hints and it's not from people trying to "Crack a egg" aka Troon grooming or telling jokes. Its people who know. Drake has been looking and acting more and more feminine these days. Growing her hair out etc.
She's just not happy. That's all I can say.

Anonymous 160477

I think the really bad racebait, both here and on LC (occasional in country threads, or the recent Little Mermaid sperging) are started by males.

Anonymous 160478

pui pui molcar!

Anonymous 160484

im laughing

Anonymous 160486


Anonymous 160487


Drake is trans and you’re laughing?

Anonymous 160490

fully agree

Anonymous 160491

when he does come out i will swallow my laughs and think of you nona

Anonymous 160494


Me dancing on troonies grave

Anonymous 160495


i regret not posting on here sooner but i still think the /g/ bunker was way more fun

Anonymous 160497

Honestly it is funny. She's badly playing the part of a scrote lady man for a long time, then through her music she shows her gentle side. The beautiful side that only biological women have. No matter how much shit she pumps into her body, she will never be a man. I mentioned back then on lolcow that, Drakes beard was fake and she was "skin walking" Ariana Grande. I no longer believe that, I have my reasons. Drake also wears a fake male breast plate because her surgery was so bad. I at first thought she got bad fake ab etching (like Ellen Paige) but nope it's fake. Money can't buy everything. Especially happiness which she isn't.

Anonymous 160499

Anonymous 160501


Is it true that Morrissgey and his genital preference for Marr's penis protected LC?

Anonymous 160505

Anonymous 160506

The irony here is that most anons qpukd think you're a troon for posting that gif cuz anime

Anonymous 160510


Anonymous 160512

Anonymous 160513

What is the first thing you're gonna post when the site comes back online?

Anonymous 160515

Anonymous 160520

kek based. i look forward to stumbling upon your post.

Anonymous 160522

Check shaynas thread
Check ot
Check and see what responses posts I made before the merge got

Anonymous 160523

need to talk about how luna has been making muh ED posts but said she "drinks a can of coke every day for her stomach"

Anonymous 160524

I need to husbando shitpost. I think I justify it by knowing so few people post any sort of content on the internet, even with forums it's always a much lower percentage of posters than lurkers. The internet needs more content, even if it's shitposts, as long as it's not, like, AI-posted stuff. My husbando needs more content.

Anonymous 160525



Anonymous 160527

Bitch me too! I'm just scared to get too annoying with it and make anons despise him…

Anonymous 160531

Is this an [email protected] SideM live concert?

Anonymous 160535

i don't post as often as i'd like for partially that reason. i don't need to join the "non.as people talk about negatively due to their posting autism" club

Anonymous 160536

KEK, yeah, I'm not gonna post him here too cause that just feels like too much

Anonymous 160538

is that why drake got into a spat with fantano

Anonymous 160543


a woman of class, i see.

Anonymous 160548

nta but you are affecting me somehow

Anonymous 160551

i miss my lolcor :(

Anonymous 160554


I prefer Alex Jones, personally

Anonymous 160555


Anonymous 160563

He looks so pathetic.

Anonymous 160564


Anonymous 160570



Anonymous 160572


Fun fact: Paul Dano actually appeared as The Riddler before The Batman (2022). See here, this screenshot from Limmy's Show, he is shown making his first appearance as The Riddler, though his face was completely covered by a mask as he has been quoted saying, "I would have never done it without the fucking mask on; fuck the Scots, man" though he has reportedly refused to comment on his earliest Riddler appearance since.

Anonymous 160574


That's exactly why I like him nona

Anonymous 160575

Nah I made a mistake posting the first version and ended up posting the second with a typo. After making the thread I ended up watching dune with my mom kek I missed the tranny posts.

Anonymous 160581

is THIS why there was a nerd thread

Anonymous 160582


jerma is live and i hate his gf who follows fat furry artists on twitter

Anonymous 160584

who is his gf i dont follow jerma but im nosey

Anonymous 160585

I want s help into finding out if this weird artist is fucking their dad or not

Anonymous 160586


Anonymous 160587

Fuck,I want s help**

Anonymous 160588

can nonneys please keep their sperging about ugly moids to a minimum and stop shitting up the bunker? you will be the next driverchans if you don't tone it down

Anonymous 160590

contemplative cece…

Anonymous 160591

_ (7).png

Anonymous 160592

Jesus christ that is unfortunate, I hope jerma isn't a furfag too

Anonymous 160593

@meekcheep on twitter

Anonymous 160594

Why the fuck I can't post n0nni3s….s nona anon nonita bonita

Anonymous 160596

I know one that is fucking her brother, who's the one fucking their dad?

Anonymous 160598

you can't say certain nona-related words here

Anonymous 160600

I'm convinced im addicted to LC and checking on Jfashion/Celebricows.
Idk what to do with myself with the site down. I hide it from my bf so I think the thrill/secret is part of the itch. If he knew I was a farmer we would break up immediately bc of his tranny brother.

Anonymous 160602

anon, I like Jerma but…you're coping hard if you don't think he is looking at weird stuff on the downlow.

Anonymous 160603

Tinfoil: Jerma's gf has a fat fetish and is planning on making him obese. Get ready for his bedridden landwhale era.

Anonymous 160604

Please dear god I hope not

Anonymous 160607

I hate his fanbase so much now. I also hate the sponsor streams but I get why he has them. I don't know, I feel like I growing out of Jerma. I also hate how he acts dumb. He has dumb moments but he genuinely seems like he puts on sometimes. Troon heart every five mintues and someone posted some weird Trans comic on lolcow from his fans. It's gross

Anonymous 160610

She says her dad is well know In the webcomic scene with a webcomic than spanned years and had niche fandom in tumblr, also apparently her dad has contacts with European comic artist but…idk you would think with that renow there would be something but its all her word and her "autobiographical" comics

Anonymous 160612

Jerma definitely plays up his stupidity. I feel bad for him sometimes. Sometimes you can kind of tell that it annoys him. I haven't watched him in a while but I remember the last stream highlight I watched, he was in a pretty cranky and snappy mood. I don't blame him at all.

Anonymous 160613

Feel like the only streamers I watch who haven't changed is Vinny and Joel. No Troon shit, no politics, nothing but what they want to play and when



his fans are so embarrassing i don't have the chat open ever i just wanna look at him
unrelated shay name dropped lolcow on twitter

Anonymous 160617


I love him so much nonas. this part made me cry laughing

Anonymous 160620

i like vinny and joel here and there. I could never get into jerma

Anonymous 160621

He literally acts like a edgy teen comic entertaining edgy teen comics. I felt he was super high but funny during those infomercial streams because he enjoyed that. I also hate Ludwig, non binary cat boy was why I didn't finish the doll house. Even before I knew it non binary I found this gross cat boy idea gross.

Anonymous 160624

kek nobody is even tweeting about it, way more people are tweeting about kiwifarms shutting down

Anonymous 160627

This is why I couldn't get into Jerma. It feels like he puts on a forced act and zoomers eat it up

Anonymous 160628

interesting to see the IQ drop in the moids posts, they call it chimpouts for a reason kek

Anonymous 160629

it's just pedo tranny spamming again no lifing it like usual

Anonymous 160630

There was at least like 3 people on twitter being
>like darn lolcow is down. Anyway
I don't think she knows of cc

Anonymous 160632



Anonymous 160633



yes but there were no danoposts in that thread (but they're welcome)

does any fellow danofag have the pierre drawing that's seen in this collage?

Anonymous 160634

They are stuck in 2012 when liveleak was peak edginess lmao

Anonymous 160635


Anonymous 160636

what is this thing supposed to be

Anonymous 160639

It's a beanie baby, zoomer

Anonymous 160641

A platypus Beanie Baby


anon you're so real for this. nathan is so good

Anonymous 160645

its a beanie baby

Anonymous 160646

A benie baby i think? I remember seeing it on the superbad website

Anonymous 160647

anyone here smoke weed

Anonymous 160648

this is so funny. tbh im glad to have discovered this because its kinda cute but i miss lolcow!!!

Anonymous 160649

I can tell we are getting more comfy/more homesick based on all the more frequent husbando posting. We held out pretty strong for a few threads, we should be proud of ourselves.

Anonymous 160652

weird webkinz.jpeg

oh I thought it was the funny looking webkinz (picrel) lol my eyesight is bad

Anonymous 160655


Omg I had the chihuahua beanie baby! I heard the webkinz site is still usable

Anonymous 160658

Anonymous 160659

what was the /g/ bunker?

Anonymous 160661

Was this part of Beanie Babies 2.0? Anyone remember that site? I used to play it a ton as a kid. My favorite pet was bubblegum the zebra. It was a shameless webkinz ripoff which is no surprise considering the company. I loved it though.

Anonymous 160663

yes thats kind of the point

Anonymous 160665


my favorite beanie babies were the dragons. this one in particular is my favorite.

Anonymous 160666

pffff samefag i meant webkinz chihuahua not beanie baby

Anonymous 160667


Is this the pierre you're talking about?

Anonymous 160668

wow I thought it went down years ago, I wasted so much time playing as a kid
went from neopets to webkinz

Anonymous 160669

moid short circuiting rn

Anonymous 160670


Be free like her.

Anonymous 160672


my brother had this beanie baby and he loved it so much, it was his favorite. We used to have a ton of them.

Anonymous 160673

Googles has no arms… poor thing

Anonymous 160675


Anonymous 160678

When /m/ and /ot/ broke and you couldn't post in them but the only working board was /g/ and nonas from other parts of the site made a temporal general there until the other boards were fixed (just like now)
Isn't it ironic and kind of poetic that both times the unlikable bitter anons with sticks up their asses had to seek refuge in the places they despise the most? (/g/ and cc)

Anonymous 160680

yessssssss tysm!! cutie!

Anonymous 160681

realest shit you have ever sad. we are all just autists in the end

Anonymous 160682

kekkk does anyone have the dark triad stacy gif? its my favorite

Anonymous 160685

Those were some good times. It sucked so much kek.

Anonymous 160688


Beat me to it. I was furiously scrolling twitter. Have another Pierre as consolation.

Anonymous 160691

pink husky.jpg

I used to collect the different husky ones, this pink husky was so cute

Anonymous 160692

Cool night and it move so slowly
Slithering and slithering and slithering among us
I could be alone but I wanna be together
If it's okay with you
Great dark, swallowing often
Looming in the distance, never coming near
I'm missing you, I'm missing you, I'm missing you for real
Under Leviathan

Anonymous 160694


Baby borzoi

Anonymous 160695


dragon plushies rule so hard. this one is from jellycat i really want my own someday :,)

Anonymous 160699


Carnation the cat was my favorite object in the entire world when I was like six. I would "play" with her by just staring at her for hours.

Anonymous 160700

i remember hearing about some app or something that lets u use free trials for anything, does anyone know what that is?

Anonymous 160701

can someone post the lolcor copypasta

Anonymous 160702


These two were my favorite growing up I love cute bugs!

Anonymous 160704

oh man i love jellycat! that big fat black cat plushie is really cute. i have a little cow plush from them that i love to death.

Anonymous 160706

God I can't stop laughing at this. Such a fucking based gigastacy queen, there's no other way to describe her.

Anonymous 160707

love these, the snail one is especially adorable

Anonymous 160708

hopeful for lolcow to be back up soon…miss the nonas

Anonymous 160709

awww it has the flag of mexico on it. that's so cute

Anonymous 160712

Nah. It also got a lot more nönnies to draw in the doodle boards. And other memes that came from it.

Anonymous 160714

Anonymous 160717

post all your borzoi pics in the dog thread

Anonymous 160718

aren't these all over aliexpress for cheaper?

Anonymous 160720


Me and my Nona's

Anonymous 160721

nta, but it probably looks like ass.

Anonymous 160723

aaaa i didn't know there was another, i'm so happy thank you nona!!

Anonymous 160724


Anonymous 160725


She mesmerized me!

Anonymous 160727

this is so cute omg

Anonymous 160728

Drix would mansplain (pillsplain?) pharmacokinetics to me.

Anonymous 160729

He is attractive tho, in an autistic way

Anonymous 160730

she's based

Anonymous 160733

me and u.png

me and who

Anonymous 160736


That one is tumblr artist shabawdy!

Anonymous 160737

went on a calorie deficit to lean up and I lost my ass instead of that little remaining bit of stomach fat and I’m sick of eating 1400 cals and ive ruined my relationship w food forever!! i was still lifting heavy throughout and while I saw some progress it was all in vain. oh 2 have good genetics or just be unaware of how much I was eating in the first place, sure I was less lean before but I was way happier and now I can’t look at a plate of food w out knowing how many cals r in it, sorry for ana esque sperging

Anonymous 160739

Did Drix treat women in a condescending way at all? I don't think so but I might be misremembering. I like smart and serious men who are respectful to women.

Anonymous 160743

if he did, i doubt he meant to. he's smart and sweet but a little naive so he might say or do something stupid unintentionally.

Anonymous 160744


I wonder if they ever got back together, either for love or for one to steal the rest of the horde

Anonymous 160746

AYRT I haven’t watched it in nearly 10 years (tried watching it a few months ago on Netflix but got bored). It’s just the vibe I get. We’d be in the middle of getting it on and suddenly he’d start explaining the enzyme kinetics of my birth control I take and I’d have to remind him “bro I’ve got a degree related to this shit”

Anonymous 160747

ah sorry, thank you for sharing another excellent artist though

Anonymous 160748

how do i stop impulse spending

Anonymous 160749


she looks like scooby doos retarded cousin

Anonymous 160751

If you shop at dollar tree you won’t stop it but you will spend less

Anonymous 160752

Did she lose weight or has she just mastered her angles?

Anonymous 160753


I keep thinking about the cutest asian guy I saw on tiktok spewing commie shit but I barely listened to what he said and only cared about how pretty he looked, I’m debating on redownloading the app just to see his face again. Is this a good idea anons, idk, it’s super rare for men to look as cute as him

Anonymous 160754

Nonas how do you tell whether a woman is into you or whether she just wants to be a friend when you're obvs both women

Anonymous 160755

kek, I get how that'd be annoying if you already know that, but as someone who doesn't that just sounds hot to me

Anonymous 160757

he sounds based,

Anonymous 160758

does she stare at your tits?

Anonymous 160761

Share his name/face

Anonymous 160762

Should I make a fake gfm asking for money for a supposed top surgery i'm broke and can't get a job due to my college double major schedule

Anonymous 160763

my fettuccine n0nnies..

Anonymous 160765

big booba

Anonymous 160768


I rather take a thousand Shaynas over the millions of intruding rude trannies and dick owners any day of the week. I don’t know why anons are so obsessed with her besides her embarrassing failing sex work “job”, she’s not even completely ugly

Anonymous 160772

I really miss the consumerism thread s. i miss the pixie thread too even tho it was dead. it became a comfort spot tbh. i also miss all the threads of s being funny talking about husbandos or sharing about their lives. love u guys.

Anonymous 160773

I had the snail, I liked to squish it

Anonymous 160774


No problem! Glad to share with another Danofag!

Anonymous 160775

One of my high school friends just went into our old gc and openly talked about how he wants to chop his dick off and how he's a transgirl

Anonymous 160776

wait why can't we say n0nnies???

Anonymous 160778

What was the pixie thread?

Anonymous 160779

are you sure it's actually fat and not just anterior pelvic tilt making your stomach poke out?

Anonymous 160782

How do I keep my meatballs from going dry in the oven?

Anonymous 160783

I think it's a filter that was created in the beginning of CC's history but idk why

Anonymous 160784

I want to read Jill threads so bad, having withdrawals. I miss reading about my cows.

Anonymous 160787

As she should, I hope she slowly peaks and goes full BPD-chan and starts going after them. I believe in her, I’ve seen the most filthy people and lolcows given more chances to change than she was given just by being a woman kek

Anonymous 160789

god, me too. i sometimes update my sister on jilly because she vaguely knows about her.

Anonymous 160791

Rainbow DID youtuber

Anonymous 160793

cook at 350 not too long

Anonymous 160794

this is so stupid, why would the other boards despise /g/. We're all one website, unless you're a twitterfag or something, you originated and found the website from a drama thread

Anonymous 160795

put a lid/tinfoil over whatever ur baking them in

Anonymous 160797

when the period sneeze hits

Anonymous 160799


Hornyposting threads, please come back.

Anonymous 160800

unpopular opinion: i dislike people who like the cow boards because i feel like the only people to follow niche cows like that are alogging and projecting

Anonymous 160803

unequivocally based

Anonymous 160806

shut the fuck up rattler

Anonymous 160807

I'm so ootl so is kf actually gone forever or is it just another tranny scare

Anonymous 160812

Another tranny scare

Anonymous 160814

Before the bunker threads, /ot/ regulars acted like they were better than /g/, because it's where sex discussion occurs (hence "de/g/enerate")
It really feels like the populations of both boards have mixed more after that and now you don't see as much animosity towards /g/ users anymore

Anonymous 160815

I’ll admit I see myself in some cows, kind of like a cautionary tale of what could have happened if I went down a different path. That’s part of the fun of reading about them to me.

Anonymous 160816

Their .net domain was dropped by cloudflare, and they're trying to keep their other clearnet sites up but struggling. They're not gone forever, they're still on tor

Anonymous 160819

there is genuinely something wrong with anorexic women I have more mostly for bpdchans than anachans, it’s a competitive mental disease they partake in it. calories aren’t fucking horrible it’s a source of energy your body burns (and you can exercise off) if you eat healthy, balanced meals. anachans make me want to alog so hard, you are not cute and never will be cute you are fuckkng destroying your own body and self-esteem

Anonymous 160820

Josh is running on pure spite rn, he's trying to patch up the site but, trannies are now paying hackers to fuck with him. This is pretty much a waiting game to see who gives up first.

Anonymous 160823

trannies have been ddosing the site like hell and hacked into it. they've also caused multiple ddos protection providers to drop service for the site. the site isn't dead but it'll probably keep getting fucked with for a while. josh is stubborn as hell about this and plans on trying EVERY option.

Anonymous 160824

same, except i see me when i was like 10-14 so it amazes me how they grew to adulthood and still act this way

Anonymous 160828

That's not unpopular, that segment has been repeated all over /ot/ for 2 or 3 years.
My question is where the hell you people come from then. I get not frequenting drama threads since the milk got dry and following the better ones can be a pain, but I don't get the retarded holier than thou act since it's pretty hard to find lolcow without searching for drama and there's a lot of crossover on the boards anyway. We aren't like 4chan where people never even visited certain boards.

Anonymous 160829

me too, they're so pathetic and annoying and a terrible influence on young girls who get groomed into their bullshit.

Anonymous 160832

idc who wins the kf vs trannies war tbh
josh is a rapey faggot with obvious fasd kek

Anonymous 160834

Bullshit, there were maybe two retards meming about de/g/enerates but that's it.

Anonymous 160836

I found the website through this site, through 4chan and I don't give a shit about the drama boards.

Anonymous 160837

For those who care about the moon v. troon situation
>Site Breach

>User Impact Statement

>The forum was hacked. You should assume the following.

>Assume your password for the Kiwi Farms has been stolen.

>Assume your email has been leaked.

>Assume any IP you've used on your Kiwi Farms account in the last month has been leaked.

>Thankfully, most users pay attention to my privacy checkups and there isn't much to leak.

>I do not know for sure if any user information was leaked. In my access logs, they attempted to download all user records at once. This caused an error and no output was returned. I shut everything off soon after. If they scraped information through some other mechanism, I cannot say with any confidence either way.


>The site will be restored from a backup point taken at September 17th at Noon GMT.

>This will not happen immediately. I need to reformat and reinstall everything. I need to completely evaluate my security from the top down.

>Cloudflare not only provided DDoS protection, they also accounted for many popular exploits like this. As I've worked for weeks to combat the endless flow of attacks from every conceivable angle I have spread myself very thin and hurridly replaced old systems with new ones that are not properly vetted.

>Even now, the many groups which have organized to terrorize businesses and attack the servers are looking for new opportunities to complicate our situation.

>I am very, very tired of writing statements like this, but I find it difficult the stifle my righteous indignation. Every time I see the reaction of these people, it is this hideous arrogance. I am so filled with utter revulsion at the thought of letting smug, dangerous perverts get away with hiding who they are from the public.

>More than anything, I really miss spending time with you guys and laughing at stupid shit. It is very draining to deal with such miserable people all the time.

Anonymous 160840

josh is a fag but keffals is a pedophile trying to groom children.

Anonymous 160841

Based. Anons who just like the cow boards are disturbing. I like some cows but I like the other boards more

Anonymous 160844

kek are you just making shit up as you go

Anonymous 160845

lmao so is josh, he would probably FGM all of us nonners if he had the chance

Anonymous 160846

not to completely excuse him but those chat logs where he was spewing antisocial things happened when he was 17.

Anonymous 160847


Real Utena hours

Anonymous 160849

Based. If anything I question all these "holier than thou" anons, and based on the discords that keep popping up, some are equally as unhinged or cowlike as the ones posted on the drama boards.

Anonymous 160851


Anonymous 160854

lmao and? a moid's brain will never change from that sort of behaviour. it's just the Y chromosome.

Anonymous 160858

I remember some nona in a cow thread (I don’t remember for the life of me) replying to some Unsaged newfag being like
>pffff bitch this is lolcow where do you think we are
Mean girl fantasy realness

Anonymous 160859

That's nice, but it's usually completely the other way around.

Anonymous 160862

Who actually enjoys raw mushrooms and how are you supposed to eat them

Anonymous 160865

Hahahaha ew

Anonymous 160866

i actually want to know. the criticisms i've heard about him nowadays is his blatant racism and his disingenuous attempts at pandering to radfems. anything more than that?

Anonymous 160868

when the period shits hit

Anonymous 160870

Yes you are, those rules never existed and anons in 2016 were much spergier and mad than now.

Anonymous 160872

Can we not make the thread about jersh plssss

Anonymous 160873

I miss the beanie talk.

Anonymous 160874

Made this horrific threat thing towards a girl online once talking about how he'd stab her, slice off her bits, and rape her ass until she shat herself, then excused it with "I was really mad that day uwu"

Anonymous 160878

I don't think the discord is/was an accurate reflection of lolcow users to be honest. The atmosphere there was really weird.

Anonymous 160879

whoops, forgot slicing off all her fingers and toes and letting her bleed out sufficiently

Anonymous 160882

NTA but, I found out about it many years ago to read about drama occasionally, but I came to stay on lolcow through other imageboards because I wanted one where I didn't have to deal with retarded males. I don't visit drama boards now.

Anonymous 160883

nervousness, long eye contact
agree, it's like the worst of LC

Anonymous 160884


Who here play poptropica and nicktropolis

Anonymous 160886

yeah, that's fucked up and new to me. he makes a big deal out of the site being for adults with a disclaimer at the bottom but lets that happen? wtf josh

Anonymous 160888

I don't know what FGM is and I don't think I'd like to find out.

Anonymous 160889

Anyone else feel oddly suicidal on their period? Like less actually suicidal but something about exhaustion/possible hormones making you just want to lie down on the cold floor and sleep forever and simply d i e

Anonymous 160893

Anonymous 160895



Anonymous 160898

I haven't experienced that, though for some reason whenever I get a cold/flu it always appears during my period

Anonymous 160900



Anonymous 160902

can you guys post your fav female artists im looking for more art accounts to follow on tweeter

Anonymous 160903

I don't like Josh for his confirmed racists, there's a lot of misinformation about him and IT likes to speard it, so I don't know what to believe about some of this shit. Doesn't matter though

Anonymous 160904

I do get that but mostly before the actual period starts. I go into full bpd mode. Then when it starts I feel normal but still more sensitive

Anonymous 160905

Anyone a huge fan of the rainbow magic series as a little girl

Anonymous 160906

The Discord has a lot of LC lurkers and people who don't even use the site at all. Weren't there also self-admitted moids in it?

Anonymous 160907

I tend to get incredibly depressed when my period is about to start. It's been getting better lately though.

Anonymous 160908

i read that as poptartia at first and thought poptarts made an online game world for a second.

Anonymous 160909

Am I depressed or is it iron deficiency

Anonymous 160910

i start feeling like a fat ugly unlovable POS and check my tracker and i'm invariably within 7 days of my period. on my actual period though i do get pretty tired

Anonymous 160912

The moids were cleaned out of it. I don’t see any in the member list anymore

Anonymous 160913

You could have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

Anonymous 160915

I wanted to post this on lolcow but then it went down

For my fellow anemic nönnies: It's not enough to just consume iron-rich foods, you need to get vitamin C so your body can absorb it better.

Anonymous 160916

n0nnie this has me dying

Anonymous 160917

I might be having a Mandela effect but I swear to god poptropica had a poptart event or something

Anonymous 160919

How do I stop having cringe attacks of when I used to be a tumblr shipping sjw and tranny handmaiden during my teen years

Anonymous 160920

Who am I supposed to tell I got shingles at 30 if not lolcow

Anonymous 160921

I love the cow boards, my life is so nice but I like seeing how cows live with so much mess and drama.

Anonymous 160922

Da fuck is shingles? I may have it too

Anonymous 160924

Anonymous 160925

only look back and realized you were misinformed and younger, you grew into someone beautiful and better now and continue to keep growing and learning and feeling like someone brand new each time, every past you will always look up to the you of now

Anonymous 160927

awwww thanks nona.

Anonymous 160928

I now self diagnose myself with shingles

Anonymous 160931

It's not that bad, many people were like you but aren't anymore, people change their views and teens are naturally stupid so you're defnitely not alone. Be glad you didn't make out in public with your boyfriend at 16 in a mall.

Anonymous 160932

chickenpox rash thing


Fujochan sucks I just wanna shitpost with my yoomies

Anonymous 160936

It's like chicken pox but worse and only adults who have had the chicken pox can get it. The virus stays dormant in your body and it can come back as shingles.

Anonymous 160937

I feel like Nik smells like baby powder

Anonymous 160938

Did… you do that nona

Anonymous 160939

Sometimes I feel suicidal but realise that if I ever die then nikocado avocado would have outlived me so i continue to live and be strong

Anonymous 160940

Literally every teenager with a boyfriend has done that kek

Anonymous 160941

This is how I feel about shayna

Anonymous 160942

Yes. When I think about it, it makes me feel suicidal.

Anonymous 160945

I have ptsd from nik



Is anyone else enjoying Splatoon

Anonymous 160947

Are there any new posts on /yu/ from lolcow yumes who can't shitpost in their thread?

Anonymous 160948

Nik is going to lose all the weight and makes thousands while doing it. Mark my words. His addiction is to fame/attention.

Anonymous 160949

I think I cured my depression temporarily from laughing at videos of nik and orlin physically bashing each other

Anonymous 160952

I heard the online is just as horrible as Animal Crossing's so I hesitate to get it.

Anonymous 160953

I don’t play it, but my younger sister is obsessed with it. The few times I played it it was fun. I like the sounds of the game, very asmr to me kek

Anonymous 160956

Are you sure? That makes me feel a little bit better. But I don't mean like kissing and such I mean like grinding against each other's crotch

Anonymous 160958

Any fun competitive mobile games you'd recommend? Kinda like clash of clans-based with the war and growth structure but obvs not with the sort of community you'd get with them.

Anonymous 160959

I am hoping for the My 600-lb Life appearance. We need Dr. Now to scold him.

Anonymous 160961

Me too. The Right Opinion's video about him (how I learned his story) has made me despise mukbang in general.

Anonymous 160962

What cow do you think never reads their thread but checks every so often to see if we are still talking?

Anonymous 160963

Anonymous 160965

I got it at 15 it's just a thing that sometimes affects the young. It's mainly an old person's issue, and it's fuckin painful/itchy heal up noonaa

Anonymous 160967

I want Supersize vs. Super skinny with Nik and Lucinda.

Anonymous 160968

free the mipple.jp…

Queen's funeral is later today so today is the day LC will be back up, Morrissey willing. Screencap this if you wish.

Anonymous 160969

Play kotodama instead

Anonymous 160970

It’s definitely gotten worse since the Dollhouse stream and all the new Zoomer fans. Jerma isn’t a stupid guy and his brainfarts were much funnier when they were contrasted with him so what acting normal. Now it feels forced even though part of what used to make him so funny was that while he was weird as shit it always felt extremely genuine. Now he just really seems to hate it.
Unrelated but while I think his new gf is kinda boring my newish personal cows are this tumblr clique that absolutely despises her because they like to draw rape and shota porn of Jerma.

Anonymous 160972

I'm concerned more about candy than about nik

Anonymous 160975

I think that as well, she'll mention people finding ugly pictures or her or making her pictures ugly, eveeytime she has a bad brain day, I think it's code for "I looked at lolcow and something hurt me because it's true " or something about Fupaul who is equally as disgusting as Shayna. I never brought the idea one was worse then the other.

Anonymous 160977


Eyebrows willing

Anonymous 160978

It's impressive how retarded she looks all the time, it makes you wonder…

Anonymous 160979

Is this the type of gay man TIF coomers want to be

Anonymous 160980

Are you talking about that chai person

Anonymous 160981

does anyone follow steven assanti? last i heard, his wife divorced him.

Anonymous 160984

ANON PLEASE you cannot just drop that last bit of information without dropping a link or something, what the fuck. I hope he retires SOON, imagine having fucking braindead zoomers draw pedo porn of you holy fuck. His fans deserve the worst. I hope he gets outed as a tranny hater.

Anonymous 160986

Wait they hate her for that reason?
You know, I expected someone like Reviewbeah to attract a weird crowd but as far as he know he doesn't or they aren't loud. I hate when fanbases make me dislike someone who is just mildly annoying to me. I miss when I first found his streams. When he was playing Sea man, Clock tower 3 and sims 4. That's when I became a viewer

Anonymous 160988

Screenshot 2022-09…

Anonymous 160989

um hello to not attract moids

Anonymous 160990


Chai person I think she was initially into supermega but now is into jerma and his friend (don’t look at her art)

Anonymous 160991

Anons got any pretty necklace recommendations?

Anonymous 160992

i thought i was the only one retarded enough to still have this blue bitch saved KEK

Anonymous 160994

Anonymous 160995

This person has (evil) autism. I can sense the bad just wafting through the screenshot.

Anonymous 160996

Only on the internet do you find "muh hypfixation" for this horrible shit.

Anonymous 160997

I'm convinced by photo evidence that all troons are alcoholics or into hard drugs. Or worse make weed his entire personality.

Anonymous 160998

low self-esteem and low standards

Anonymous 161000

actually i just like the cow boards and i'm cool and awesome and not weird at all

Anonymous 161001


Anonymous 161005

all "trad" men are groomers and pedos, s

Anonymous 161007

What's your budget? If you can drop hundreds to a couple thousand, a good investment is antiques. They are not only pretty, but more unique and have history.

Anonymous 161008

Also since it's safe to say, I think shayna is autistic. The dry lips, the constant attachment to certain clothing items after she feels good in them. The way she clings to sex work and the same ideas. How awkward she seems, her hate for other girls. She reminds me so much of Chris chan.

Anonymous 161011

Ofc twitter newfags don’t know where to go in case of 522

Anonymous 161013

Explain the "clings to clothing items after she feels good in them" ??

Anonymous 161015

Lol the side by side of her and the Chris chan drawing

Anonymous 161016

Who is worse, DDLG pedo lovers or shotacon wannabe molesters?

Anonymous 161019

I want them both to [redacted for a-log]

Anonymous 161020

How could anyone forget the star blanket

Anonymous 161022

That's the schizo troon you're replying to
>random song video
>random irrelevent weird comment no one cares about
>blatantly begging for attention

Anonymous 161023

I hate critical. I hate smug fuckers who act like they don't care about anything but clearly do. I also find it so gross to think Jerma putting on cat boy maid outfits and some great scrote who may or may not identify as a woman is getting off on it.

Anonymous 161024

girl what, jbp is so obviously a sexpest like the rest of them. they all pretend to not be but literally everything out of their mouth is shit like "girls are most fertile at 15-22"

Anonymous 161026

are they not the same

Anonymous 161029

probably brought up all the posts about josh and kf earlier too

Anonymous 161030


Anonymous 161034

critikal was funny when he was just a dumb faceless moid playing papas pizzaria back in like 2012

Anonymous 161037

Go talk about jersh in the kiwi thread that was made then

Anonymous 161039

100% evil autism. Goes on massive cope spergouts anytime some anon even dares to assert if her drawing 36 year old Jerma molesting a prepubescent version or Ludwig is kinda weird.

Anonymous 161040

She wore that bra 2 times in a row, then wheb she got home she thought she looked so hot in the bra/tank top combo, she made 2 tiktoks where she wore the same bra again. The cheerleaders outfit. The long sleeved white crop top. I legit feel she thinks clothes has powers or allure to them. She doesn't think she looks pretty normally, so it has to be the items she's wearing which is why she wears them over and over again. It's like the fat pussy thing or when fupa said she had a ass from her weight gain. Once you gave Shayna a compliment it becomes her personality, she shows more then what we think she thinks very lowly of herself.

Anonymous 161041

Are you sure? The constant pee pee poo poo penis vagina booby jokes get tired after a while.

Anonymous 161042

some of us actually came when milk was interesting and not nitpicking little shit. if you remember the nick bate threads for example, onision, etc. like no milk is worth visiting cow threads now and even pt's shit was overblown

Anonymous 161043

vivienne westwood

Anonymous 161044

who’s his new gf?

Anonymous 161045

Anons who can’t even admit that this is a degen hobby are delulu.

Anonymous 161047

images (4).jpeg

I am confused as to why Morrissey has become our patron saint, but I seems fitting enough.

Anonymous 161048

I feel like most fans of the “white goofy quirky male YouTuber” are unhinged

Anonymous 161052

It’s not even a hobby it’s technically cyberstalking but they’re too pussy to admit it is.

Anonymous 161053

Anonymous 161054

Im telling

Anonymous 161056

Petersonfags are almost as bad as Ezrafags

Anonymous 161059

what's a degen hobby? not everyone who visits lolcor is even remotely interested in cows anymore, especially given what's on the site rn. a lot of users grow out of the cow boards

Anonymous 161060

He was never funny. Was maybe good for being manlet punch slave when he used to take care of himself.

Anonymous 161061


s with anger issues what's the most horrible shit u've ever done while being angry?

Anonymous 161064

I started lurking lolcow for the cows when I was 16 and now as an adult I mostly use it for the noncow boards. I like checking on some cows from time to time but the non milk sperging and infighting is annoying to get theough

Anonymous 161065

eagerly awaiting these replies kek

Anonymous 161066

Just by knowing of lolcow you are no better then us.

Anonymous 161068


>mfw no lolcor

Anonymous 161069

I’m too tired and lazy to tag the right anons but I think ludwig/jerma any of those “golden retriever” wholesome streamers are hiding an insidious part of themselves, I like jerma because he’s actually relaxed unlike the others who just scream and eat food while watching other peoples content but he’s probably a fucking shitty unfunny asshole off the camera

Anonymous 161071

I was like 10 and called my family retarded for some stupid reason but felt really bad so I took it back

Anonymous 161073

Anonymous 161075

I got so mad at a slobby roommate who NEVER cleaned up that I threw trash and a dead roach on his bed. I was stressed from a lot of work and beyond sick of the messes around the house which tipped me over the edge.

Anonymous 161076

morr ew.jpg

>mfw gayden (he/they) flirts with you because she knows you're gay

Anonymous 161077


I mean, isn't it kind of a more exciting or even edgy version of being into celebrities and celebrity gossip? Speaking as someone who doesn't at all understand celebrities, can't remember any celebrities, and can't understand being into any of it. I also consider myself mildly to moderately mentally ill.

Anonymous 161078

Supermega seems like they have skeletons in their closet. I think Ryan fucks trannies based on a tiktok of him holding hands with one

Anonymous 161079

This, anyone who's still using the drama boards almost exclusively, even when there's little to no interesting milk, is this >>160800

Anonymous 161081

Wouldn’t u like to know glowie. Torture and arson.

Anonymous 161083

Oh and no, I don't follow any lolcows either.

Anonymous 161084

why does everyone praise this guy like they don't realize a prereq to being a streamer is being a freak?

Anonymous 161085


anyone remember the Japanese editions of twilight and their sick illustrations? I'm trying to find them all but it's hard af

Anonymous 161086

I fucking hate Ludwig and his gaggle of white scrote “funnymans”. Jerma is catching the flees from them, or perhaps revealing his true nature.

Anonymous 161087

most aren't funny though. i'd say many memes born out of the threads are funnier than the cows themselves honestly

Anonymous 161092

Omg remember when Coca Cola had one, like a Habbo hotel type social game and it was called MyCokeFest Kek

Anonymous 161093

It’s 10 am over here and that made me laugh in my tired sleepy state

Anonymous 161096

Anonymous 161097

All male streamers/internet personalities are either gay and bisexual so I would not be surprised they are on the down low. I literally just watched a clip of some streamer called Mizkif who admitted he sucked tranny cock at a party and didn’t care because “let’s try anything!!!”, who knows if that story is even true because these men’s preferences are straighter than a Westboro baptist church protestor but they all give off aggressive fag vibes, especially Destiny. Never understood the underlying evilness coming off of him but I feel like he’s definitely a sassy homosexual who deeply hates women

Anonymous 161098


>implying normal people use imageboards
Shut it with this retardation already. Drama can be interesting, just like chatting on /ot/ can be.

Anonymous 161100

heheh I like how Bella looks like a Japanese woman to make it easier for Japanese readers to self-insert

Anonymous 161103

destiny calls himself bi. he absolutely HATES women though for sure

Anonymous 161104

It feels like every supermega fan is distrustful of them and come up with insane tinfoils about them. Why's that?

Anonymous 161105

or maybe some women just enjoy having a fun shitposty place to speak with other women unfiltered and anonymously about the things they experience and share?

Anonymous 161107


males are whores that are to be fucked and thrown away (except reigen you cutie)

Anonymous 161110

Even the blog about the twink's ex girlfriend calling him gay?

Anonymous 161111

the wall-eyed scowl made by his tits and sad chubby stomach is the default state of my face for every minute we are without lolcor

Anonymous 161112

They used to be okay and endearing but changed in a weird way recently. They kinda got lazy with their content and there’s a bit of drama behind the scenes

Anonymous 161114

Kek, agree, anons who like to act as if they are the exception and the rest of us are maladjusted have gone off the deep end and can't tell normies are unaware of lf and wouldn't understand half the shit we say.

Anonymous 161115

Yes, I project when talking about cows but I project my shit all over OT as well. I don't care what part of the site beautiful nonnitas decide to plant their asses. I'll admit here I'm jealous of Cows like Shayna or Stefany because they are women who have everything they could exploit (well off families who care for them) but choose to live a lie.

Anonymous 161117

Honest question, what's "normal" to you?

Anonymous 161118

I think his guttural arrogant queer voice gives off the bi-ness. People suspected he only did it to grift and put up appearances to other people but I highly believe it, he would suck a guy’s dick, honestly all men would fuck a guy because they are deeply entranced with what is similar to them. Narcissism at its finest

Anonymous 161121

why did you get so offended lol

Anonymous 161123

Samefag but also a lot of supermega jokes about ironic sexism got tiresome too imo. They also had a tranny on their podcast that kept making “I hate women” “””jokes”””

Anonymous 161126

>we’re just pretending to be retarded it’s all a prank it’s ironic

No you’re just retarded and lack social awareness. Following random strangers online is going to fall quickly out of fashion soon, and I will never defend the cows farmers and kiwis make fun of but it’s becoming extremely tacky and pathetic. Get a fucking hobby

Anonymous 161314

I have never played a Splatoon game but decided to buy Splatoon 3 because it looked fun. I'm really enjoying it! I've never been big on any competitive games tbh, the big ones like Apex, Fortnite, PUBG, Warzone, Overwatch…. I didn't like any of them at all. I usually play single player story driven games (TLoU, D:BH, etc) or cozy games (Minecraft, AC:NH, Stardew Valley, etc). Splatoon is competitive but feels very easy to get a hang of, very cozy, and doesn't make me use a gun since I have terrible aim kek I miss the video game thread, nonas.

Anonymous 161339

I bit my dad on the arm

Anonymous 161350

what's gross about jerma is his new gf was a fan of his for years and made fan art and it's known that he met her on discord and she's 10 years younger than him

Anonymous 161353

Ugh I lost all interest in watching Ludwig after he started watching the Johnny Depp trial on stream. It was just so nasty and exploitative, he had nothing interesting to say about the situation. He obviously had a pro-Johnny bias even though he said he was trying to remain non biased. This is why I’m glad jerma doesn’t touch politics. He may be a disgusting scrote behind the scenes, but at least right now I can just laugh at his videos and not hear him say disgusting things about women, which Ive heard from basically every other male streamer.

Anonymous 161400

Same. The existential dread of it kind of hangs over me; finding out someone I followed for years has been nasty all along? Sheesh.

Also never watched Ludwig. All I know is that apparently his partner does almost all the housework and I really don't know where or how I learned that.

Anonymous 161455

uhh, isn't she, like, 30?

Anonymous 161456

This is why I'm constantly worried about having so many favorite male creators. You never know when the next scrote is gonna be outed as a piece of shit who hates women.
At least with female creators you can rest assured that they hold certain views because they were influenced by moids and not out of their own free will, 99% of the time.

Anonymous 161461

This. Even /pt/ moves at a snail's pace nowadays ##I miss the gold that was the Vicky Shingles thread.## /w/ and /snow/ is infested with twitterfags and /ot/ is filled with racebait from moids and those same twitterfags. Shatna's thread is the only reason I even visit /snow/ anymore. At this point the culture seems symptomatic of society as a whole I don't think we'll ever get the "good old days" again.

Anonymous 161462

Also forgive me I was too autistic to read how to spoiler here before posting my reply

Anonymous 161471


… absolutely…

Anonymous 161582


Anonymous 167099


air raid sirens howling loudly from a distance, and the gentle orange glow of the burning city of lolcow pulses on the horizon

Anonymous 167121

trying not to panic and failing

Anonymous 167126

Damn! Just when the Pixie/Jill milk was flowing. I'm le sad.
Why Shaymin didn't warned us? Is she THAT autistic ?

Anonymous 167138

this, also lolita thread in /snow/ was on fire, im sad

Anonymous 167167

feel like pure shit just want lolcor back

Anonymous 167172

new-ish to lolcow, do the farmhands sometimes shut it down to remove the weirdos clogging up the threads? like i was legit about to throw up seeing nothing but those awful feet pics in the pixie thread + everybody taking the bait and responding to the trolls

Anonymous 167177

Wellllll…… we have an admin who is oddly unwilling to communicate with us, so when these things do happen it's just ahhh

Anonymous 167180

Weird that's how it is here they refuse to correspond with anybody

Anonymous 167192

i noticed, i barely found this place last time they shut it down. i genuinely thought it was gone for good with the other site getting murked

Anonymous 167196

And yet here you are. Using one. Fascinating!

Anonymous 167208


and as the lone figure in the sands looked out towards the gentle burn on the horizon, a voice came on the wind

"Your journey is far from over, Crack Eagle…"

Anonymous 167217


Kek the chief crack eagle shit kills me. I'll see you ladies in the stoner thread.

Anonymous 167239

Nobody respond to the troon, you know the drill

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