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Lolcow Bunker #7- "We're back but we gotta wait" Edition Anonymous 161132

Anonymous 161133

This jumpscared me so bad

Anonymous 161135


First for Mozza

Anonymous 161136

I've always felt that non-cow boards were a a litte bit of sped daycare and this site (a gigant non-cow board) comfirms it tbh. Cow boards and its users are the only thing that prevents lolcow for becoming a sad autistic hugbox, is a pity that there is so few new cow. [spoiler]i miss my cows[spoiler]

Anonymous 161137

Some of the stuff I’ve heard is that Matt and their friend Annabel are always on again off again, she faked a pregnancy, forced Matt to get a joint bank account, cheats on him a bunch, and is generally a BPD mess. Matt has also looked like complete shit for the past two years and there’s talk of drugs. The Jackson lawsuit is super public but ever since they allegedly found out their content has really plateaued and they’re just not fun to watch anymore. Most videos nowadays consist of them getting smashed. Ryan is allegedly a fanfucker but I couldn’t find the proof that was supposed to be on KF. Lots of shit right now

Anonymous 161138

wait what's the post limit on cc threads?

Anonymous 161139


Anonymous 161140

sorry im drunk and looking for SIms 4 cc, I saw this picture of a weird sim cc and I just decided, what the hell?

Anonymous 161141


who here is on their period?

Anonymous 161142

Anonymous 161146

this is the most retarded take i've ever seen. the amount of concentrated sped-ery present here is only present because there's a pipeline from current and former fresh 4chan users

Anonymous 161148

me, feels like shit and did not need it this weekend

Anonymous 161152

Some of it was on a gossip blog on tumblr that is now deleted. SM in general has just soured. They peaked. Matt is now like a “musician”

Anonymous 161155

It's the same as on lc only lc also has ##.

Anonymous 161156

Samefag but i might also have the coof

Anonymous 161157

I can feel mine coming on. My boobs get so sore it's unbearable, sometimes it's so bad I think it's my general chest and that I'm about to have a heart attack

Anonymous 161158

love that a few hours ago everyone was acting like lc is better than cc for no actual reason but now everyone is admitting that lc's cyberstalking hobby is pathetic and trying to blame each other of being pathetic retards and just as bad as each other

Anonymous 161159


tfw you can't escape other girls having "not like the other girl" breakdowns and neurotic intrasexual competition even on anonymous boards

Anonymous 161160

gonna delete this because when I googled the name, I can't find anyone famous, So I hope it's not the name of some random cc Sims 4 creator.

Anonymous 161161

>non-cow boards are sped daycares

Pure cope and protection. The cow boards are completely rotten and outdated, mods constantly ban people and auto-sage in the gossip boards because of the insane autism that happens just over internet nobodies. It’s obvious the offtopic boards added way more balance to the entire website from imploding from the super-mega contained nitpicking, alogging, and fantardism that was turning these cows into a cult-like deity to be worshipped like what happened with chris chan eventually. Non-cow boards was highly needed to keep that god forsaken website alive

Anonymous 161162

cc would be better if it had less 4chan users. the cow boards are basically just a pointless liability to the rest of LC, which is of higher quality

Anonymous 161163

Me and its a week late and I hate it. I am glad I am not pregnant tho

Anonymous 161164

I'm a cowfag and I just want to laugh at tards. I don't think that's a crime.

Anonymous 161166


Anonymous 161167


Lost in thought about Johnny Marr

Anonymous 161169

Why don’t you direct that to the correct person, you should be laughing at yourself you big dummy tard

Anonymous 161170

Lolcow is amazing and is it weird to people watch? Yes. It's also weird people post every moment of their lives online and expect only amazingly good comments and reactions from it. Like you want to post your asshole on social media and talk about how mentally ill you are and you just took a shit with a bit of blood in it, but you don't want people to comment on that shit?
It's all weird tbh

Anonymous 161172

510 replies

Anonymous 161173

that sim is ugly, my sims are always cute

Anonymous 161174

Talking about 4chan, some of the users are saying they are getting a 503 error when trying to visit the fruit farms. Also, it seems that is deleted
Any nonas to confirm?

Anonymous 161176

we have a separate thread for this

Anonymous 161177

I like how anons reacted to Trisha’s pregnancy. Was not retarded in a cow thread for once

Anonymous 161178

NTA but I long since grew out of caring about cows in earnest. I just hang out on LC to vibe with other nerdy/cool women who are into imageboards, but aren't pickmes and didn't fall for the tranny meme. Kind of tired of the whole "lolcow is for harassing random people!!!" thing, it's dated these days. In the first place, you can't even make a thread on someone there if they're not a certified trainwreck. The discussion boards are literally faster than most /snow/ and /pt/ threads.
I like CC too, but for different reasons really.

Anonymous 161179


Anonymous 161181

I’ve only seen this image one other time in my life. I had it completely forgotten. Why would you do this

Anonymous 161182

Honestly I think cow boards are becoming relatively obsolete because milk now just isn't what it used to be. Internet celebs just seem mildly embarrassing now and from the little times I've glanced at cow boards it's all just whittled down to nitpicking. "cancel culture" has made the average e-celeb feel like they're constantly under a microscope and they need to tread really lightly in order to avoid any sort of backlash, and even the more mentally ill ones seem to hide their crazy behaviour.

Anonymous 161183


They def fucked

Anonymous 161184

I agree but I’ve also seen people calling her child “hell spawn” and other nasty things

Anonymous 161185

honestly they WKed her for no reason. she shouldn't be having kids, honestly. she's certifiable and moses is also a nutjob. the only reason she's defended is because ethan and his pickme wife are also insane losers. there's no way her and moses are going to work out when the entire relationship was developed out of desperation and cloutchasing/him trying to cashgrab

Anonymous 161186

keep up the morrissey posting

Anonymous 161187

I miss the Internet before Tumblr showed up.

Anonymous 161189

what has Chantal and Amberlyn done so wrong? being fat is subjective (im fat too so Im biased), and scrote shit I don't care about. I watched the cecil mcfly video on the people who talk about them and they seemed worse. Especially the guy making a huge deal over AL saying he gained weight.

Anonymous 161190

tumblr was good for a period of time and still has its moments

Anonymous 161191

This is a cool pic, nona, where did you get it?

Anonymous 161192

Ok if drama bad and autistic vents ans shitpost good why this site is practically dead? not even the most retarded /ot/fags want to post here, and technically is their dream come true. /snow/ is the heart of LC. /w/ is meh and /pt/ is more of a legacy board i give that to you but my point is not even autists want to hear each other screaming 24/7, and the proof is right here.

Anonymous 161193

The whole gender special stuff all started on tumblr. I remember when it started out with “fuck men!! Uplift lesbians!! Women!!” and it changed into tranny haven

Anonymous 161194


just dumping things from my unnecessarily bloated photos app

Anonymous 161195


>Get a fucking hobby
>on a thread for people so terminally online, they can't cope with not visiting their fav website for 2 days
You are just as much of a hobbyless loser than any here, including those who like drama. Embrace it.

Anonymous 161196

Definitely. Almost everyone is somewhat terminally online nowadays and chronically overshares so much that it’s not a novelty anymore. Randos whining about how no one likes them on their public twitters are a dime a dozen. A lot of true cows usually end up being so genuinely horrible that it’s not even fun to talk about after a point.

Anonymous 161197


I read his open letter for the first time this week and was not disappointed. This is bordering on erotic

Anonymous 161199

Tiktok normalizes over sharing that cows are dime a dozen on there now

Anonymous 161200

your parents shouldn’t have had kids but look at where we’re at, you’re here and posting on crystal.cafe hanging out with trannies and real women and being jealous of trisha paytas. life is crazy like that

Anonymous 161201

i visit pt and g the least of the site. I love the new bad comic thread in m. I'm a Snowhead and a Offtopic Face. I like to read Lillie Jeans first few threads from the start because it's so good.

Anonymous 161202

>we haven't known each other for 35 years
>which is many lifetimes ago
Uh. Dunno about that one, Morrissey!

Anonymous 161203

>hanging out with trannies

Anonymous 161204

ayrt and yeah hundred percent. They either share too much and it's boring, don't share enough, but rarely do they hit the sweet spot of being lulzy anymore.

Anonymous 161205

because there's pointless nonsensical stigma and beef about CC vs LC when really it should've been cultivated properly by its users when admin created it, but also, it's a larger target for men because of… well, a lot about it (the fact that it's girly, the fact that the users seem much more lonely). however, there are a lot of earnest male users on LC that go there for cowboards. men see CC as the "female r9k" so there's a lot of raiding and gf searching, etc. it puts LC users off. now that it has been years into its introduction, the userbase is a little different. girls find out about this place FROM 4chan and as a result we have kind of a different culture, though it's becoming more similar lately because a lot of users are terves now. still the 4chan influence remains imo.

Anonymous 161206

I have hobbies caca stain, I can be a loser and have hobbies

Anonymous 161207

He is such a bitter cunt.

Anonymous 161208

there’s no choice anon, I had to include them because they’re practically the whole moderation team for this website as well kek

Anonymous 161209

Just walk away from the screen

Anonymous 161212

question why is it always troons with upper tooth rot? Briana Woo, Kevin Gibes (and a few of his friends), even "clean" at glance troons have upper tooth rot. I don't get it.

Anonymous 161213

obviously not enough

Anonymous 161214

I’ve seen crystal.cafe mentioned by female zoomers on tiktok and that makes me sad. Don’t be a pickme for imageboard scrotes

Anonymous 161215

??? what?? ngl there's nothing to be jealous of trisha about. she's miserable and she does nothing to help herself but throw herself into more traumatic events. she hasn't invested properly and blows money like crazy. what is there to be jealous of? some people just shouldn't have kids? ethan and hila shouldn't have either

Anonymous 161217



Anonymous 161218

i think you're responding to the tranny

Anonymous 161219

I agree with you

Anonymous 161220

Idk why anons are so defensive over this. I’ve been keeping up with Shay and Anisa for the past five years like a lot of s but I can still admit it’s loser behavior kek.

Anonymous 161221

tldr anons keep getting their posts deleted for mentioning/hating troons that’s why the posts in threads keep dwindling back down even if they reach the post limit

Anonymous 161222

Morrissey wrote a reader/marr fanfic and called it an open letter?

Anonymous 161223

The idubbz and anisa thread on KF made me feel better about checking on cows on lc here and there because the posters in that thread are mostly grown men

Anonymous 161224

Tumblr wasn't all bad and was entertaining. However, like anon said >>161193, all the gender nonsense started there and has taken over every social site. The Internet just felt way more care-free prior to Tumblr and now browsing social media sites like Twitter just feels downright depressing at times to me.

Anonymous 161227

You're deluded if you think there are less speds on /ot/ than /snow/. /ot/ (and what used to /b/) just a board where the anons posting in the cow threads could chill and talk about something other than cows. Now /ot/ is shit pit of near constant infighting and moid induced paranoia. I like the non-cow boards but they've become a lot worse over the last few years.

Anonymous 161229

so which thread is yours

Anonymous 161231

Why are there morrisseyfags on the lolcow cc thread but not on lolcow itself I NEED ANSWERS

Anonymous 161232

tumblr is way better to post than twitter because all of the tumblr refugees ran to twitter

Anonymous 161233

I found LC because I had a big crush in iDubbz when they got together and was so jealous of her but I’m thankful that she made he realize what a loser manchild he was.

Anonymous 161235

what does /b/ stand for?

Anonymous 161238

You're both retarded as fuck, just like both drama and non drama boards are both full of spergs.

Anonymous 161239

I feel bad shitting up LC with my Moz and my sperging. But CC? I will spam this site to my heart's content

Anonymous 161240


Oh, the artist is plastiboo, look them up. Most of the other works are more mild-mannered and less ambitious, though.

Anonymous 161241

oldmin ruined the boards and let men in by kicking radfems/ppers out. it's not "moid paranoia", there are most definitely more moids there now than there have been in many years because oldmin made /ot/ more hospitable towards them because she hated ppers for no reason.

Anonymous 161242

They were posting about Marrissey in the unconventional male attractions thread and about how Morrissey is a male leaning bisexual/gay man recently before the site went down.

Anonymous 161243

She claimed pp/gc threads were banned because of raids I thought

Anonymous 161245


kekkk i remember making this

Anonymous 161246

>moid induced paranoia
Actually nevermind, kys blaine.

Anonymous 161247

how is it cyber stalking to look at what people post on public platforms? If we were praising them and under EVERY picture/post and running a stan page, people would'nt consider that Stalking. 98% of the people we watch are people who post that content on public platforms. It is weird no doubt

Anonymous 161248

there were virtually no raids, there are more raids now than there ever, ever were. oldmin is a documented liar, i have plenty and tons of evidence of it and she proved it throughout the 2X saga with literally 0 shame and everyone calling her out.

Anonymous 161250

You left in the dog licking his lips and decide to post it here without a spoiler? For shame.

Anonymous 161251

>everyone is retarded but me!!!

wow you’re such a special smartass that clearly isn’t apart of the two groups you despise! kek

Anonymous 161252


Anonymous 161253

Nona… iDubbbz looks repulsive with that pedostache idk how you could have a crush on him
He looks like a discount pedo moot

Anonymous 161254

Maybe I will check it out. Twitter and imageboards can get really depressing real quick.

Anonymous 161255

>Scrote raiding puts lc users off and that is why they dont like us
oh look a post send from 2019. Lc is raided all the time with vile shit and sometimes it stays for hours. Sadly the average farmer has learned to deal with it somehow. It has been like that for almost a year and that hasnt increased cc userbase at all. My point still stands not even the most retarded /ot/anons like this place because not even autists want to hear each other screaming all day.

Anonymous 161256

I just don't understand this weird larp, you're not some 44edgy44me, you're not "maladjusted" unless you're basically a chronic masturbator into CP and gore, posting about wanting to kill animals because it excites you and wearing your dad's underwear because it makes you wet, which is also known as the average post on a place like 4chan and Reddit.
Most anons have jobs, families and hobbies outside of lolcow, hence why it's often quite dead, specially during the weekends.
So I don't really get how is lolcow, or even this imageboard some "lol super edgy sekrit club full of degenerates and insane women", constantly saying such things just make those anons look like 14 years olds that just discovered imageboards and have way too much free time.

Anonymous 161257


Anonymous 161258

I saw some of the threads in 2x calling her out. I’m grateful for the pp talk on lc because it taught me a lot

Anonymous 161259

Thank fuck. Mozfags and Limmy anon, it's been a pleasure

Anonymous 161260

totally agree actually. i don't get the "if you use lolcow youre maladjusted" thing at all

Anonymous 161261


Anonymous 161262

Uh, seriously? Does she really hate rad fems or is it just cutting off the threads? What has Shaymin done?

Anonymous 161263

I literally didn't say any of that

Anonymous 161265

she banned 2XX and manhating threads for that and the other fact that she was one of those sjw types that laughably think tat men are human beings and are redeemable

Anonymous 161267

she went off on us a million times and lied her ass off and called pinkpillers/radfems "cancer" and that everyone on the site hates us (basically verbatim). if i had the caps on this computer i'd share rn.

Anonymous 161268

This. Social media makes it harder to find good cows because the wheat gets lost in the chaff. 70% of what gets posted on social media these days would have been classed as cow behaviour ten years ago.

Anonymous 161269

So, it's back, but I can't visually see any changes? Was the update purely tech and not cosmetic at all?

Anonymous 161270

did we all find out lolcow is back at the same time holy shit

but i cant post

Anonymous 161273

chantals animal abuse. not only does she not take care of her cats, theres a story about her driving over frogs with her car to explode them for "fun"

Anonymous 161276

yeah oldmin had extreme pickme vibes

Anonymous 161278


Isn't it the nature of the beast? Like, there's been some creeps that do go too far, try doxxing information that isn't publicly available, etc. And the greater the buzz around someone, the greater the incentive structure to dig up the dirt.

Anyway it's back anyway.

Anonymous 161282

awh I wanted more bunker discussion. its funny seeing every lc board forced together and having beefs with each other

Anonymous 161283


I’ll probably be back nonña

Anonymous 161285

the site is definitely loading slooow

Anonymous 161287

I am halfway through mine thank f. my cramps are typically miserable the first day or two

Anonymous 161288

Report and ignore. Calling an anon with a different opinion a moid, scrote or troon like it's some epic argument winning clapback is giving troons exactly what they want because it disrupts discussion and makes more work for the farmhands. One tranny even admitted that he intentionally went to LC and did this because it destroys threads with inane infighting.

Anonymous 161289

Bye everyone. Thanks for the shelter during this trying time. Now I gotta go look at the Luna thread.

Anonymous 161290

Wtf, that sounds so annoying. So glad I'm not an oldfag or else I would have went to war with her. Accidental speedrun of a ban.

Also why do girls want to say this is a tranny site so bad? Trannies are drawn wherever girls go to, even lolcow doesn't escape it.

Anonymous 161292

shoutout to the anons in the luna slater thread who are already back to work lmfao

Anonymous 161295

Blaine itt because he will never blend

Anonymous 161297

I remember when the official LC Discord allowed incels/scrotes. Shit was wild

Anonymous 161303

Anyone have SCs or other records of the chaos or no?

Anonymous 161306

>one tranny
It was you. And no, we will always call out yoyr gaslighting shit.

Anonymous 161308

i have scs of the 2X saga and official pinkpill shutdown saga where admin lied repeatedly with no shame but not on this computer. i've posted some of them elsewhere on cc in the old lolcow discussion/complaints threads though if anyone wants to do digging

Anonymous 161309

no anon stop being cryptic and post that shit in the dumbass shit thread on LC, it’s up and running but very slow. please give us the real juicy sauce

Anonymous 161311

don’t be cryptic n0nners post the stuff in dumbass shit thread for us to see

Anonymous 161312

You're the schizo troon that doesn't want anons to report and ignore because it deprives him of the female attention he desperately wants.

Anonymous 161316

i dont remember anon, this was like years ago or something. i think i last posted them like 9 months ago somewhere on cc. i don't remember what cc thread, it has been ages.
lmao if i find the scs i will. i've posted them on lc too i believe. it just has been a while i don't like bringing up the drama on lc because oldmin is also certifiable and idk how close shaymin is to her but i know for whatever reason she accused CC admin of hating her for being brown and treating her "like a pajeet" so it feels more ok on here

Anonymous 161319


Anonymous 161326

How come you're advertising for people to just ignore you then? You will never belong, you will never "blend".

Anonymous 161327

WHAT?! Where do you guys even witness this stuff?

I'll see what I can dig up anyway.

Anonymous 161330

Anonymous 161334


It's back

Anonymous 161340

Maybe because I'm not the schizo tranny?

Anonymous 161343

not yet but i feel it coming

Anonymous 161349

Anonymous 161356

there's some of it there, those were old caps from when she used to use lainchan or some shit and wasn't a lesbian yet and wasn't admin yet (old caps). then there are new caps of her and her sycophants complaining about how the site/gc/pp users are all "rich white women" and snail treated her "like a pajeet", in addition to them all agreeing that ppers were going to shoot up a school or some stupid shit and that they hated them (along with her saying ppers are a cancer and everyone hates them, publicly). that's just some of the private chat stuff but much of her nonsense was out in the open too

Anonymous 161363

Pink pill shouldn’t even be hidden anymore because every thread on /ot/ practically has man hate talk in it anyway

Anonymous 161383

Ya, while the original admin was a scrote, he was wayy better than her to have. New admin might be kind of uncommunicative, but at least she doesn’t want to run the site to the ground.

Anonymous 161385

Anonymous 161389

This is my question as well, in fact it seems like everything's loading slower now.
>constantly saying such things just make those anons look like 14 years olds that just discovered imageboards and have way too much free time.
The fact that the behaviour displayed on lolcow or other imageboards has been normalized doesn't mean that it's not a sign of being maladjusted. You have posters openly fantasizing about raping males and obsessively insulting random women's appearance, it's always the same with you retards, you only think in black and white because all you care about is winning an argument, you'll say "no, I'm not maladjusted, no I don't have issues" only because you're not a male rapist who gets off to child pornography and animal torture, as if there were only two levels of sanity. Everything you say is just a cope to not appear as bad as others.
>running a stan page
Isn't that basically what lolcow culture is? Keeping track of their every move and activity, collecting, digging for more, creating edits and putting it all in one neat thread like a fangirl? Basically you're following someone's entire life, someone who doesn't even know you, how is that not like stanning and stalking? Oh but when a creepy scrote who saw you once at work does the same to you suddenly it's considered cyberstalking?

Anonymous 161393


that's one of the times. she went off another time (i believe it was on 2X and had a massive spergout that was so fucking ridiculously embarrassing). not sure if it's still on 2X. notice how she ignored the survey results because they weren't what she expected/wanted, kek. she had literally no scruples. notice how ridiculous and bitchy that post was about her deciding, completely without any regard for the userbase, that she would ignore everything they voted for. i'd recommend interested anons to read the responses to picrel because it's obvious she's so full of it

Anonymous 161411

1578562723299 (1).…

also here are some of the results i found that i had posted to this thread if any of you want to do digging: https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/4.html

Anonymous 161412

Oh yeah she randomly assumed all the manhate came from newfags, even though it was just a natural progression. Then turned around saying that oldfags just have to migrate to reddit. Later on she said her real problem was with "telfs", trans exclusionary liberal feminists and that the manhate anons weren't enough like radfems. Which I kinda get, but that's not what she said at first. Wasn't that also the self harming admin who made her other teenage friends farmhands?

Anonymous 161413

yes, that's the same admin

Anonymous 161432

I miss the /2X/ early days, when we had GC and other threads on /ot/, for some reason i assumed the 'closeure' of the threads and later moving /2X/ to a private board was because of the moid raids, but despite everything back then I never saw any raid myself because the moderation team was pretty active and good. sigh

Anonymous 161433


thank you for having us miners!

Anonymous 161483

Can one of you autists write a fanfic in which a tsundere lolcow tan has to crash at Crystal chan's place due to life's circumstances and at first Crystal chan is annoyed by the prescence of elsie/lolcow tan but they start to get closer to each other please and thank you

Anonymous 162228


Is this where I thirstypost my husbando?

Anonymous 162236

I like the thought of this, and suddenly feel more forgiving towards the cc hate from some farmers now that tsundere is in my head, crazy how making everything about imaginary girl romances makes it more digestible.

Anonymous 162258

Anonymous 167100


Hey bitch

Anonymous 167102


Hi … just the two of us for now

Anonymous 167103

just got on my lunch break and now this. god turns her back on us

Anonymous 167105


Hold me nona

Anonymous 167107

just when the pixie milk was getting good today this shit happens. if this lasts for multiple days again idk what ill do

Anonymous 167108

What happened? I went to see husbandos and found the site is down

Anonymous 167109



Anonymous 167110


I made a post in her thread right before the site went down. Can't believe this shit, vangelina won't be able to look at the threads now kek

Anonymous 167111

I'm not sure, everything was normal for me before it went down. Most likely they are continuing with updates

Anonymous 167112

Why can't they ever give a fucking heads-up or announcement?

Anonymous 167113

Samefag tbh I’d rather it be down if there’s like one mod atm (and if it’s admin too because admin can do the farmhand role) with the spamming from moids it just sucks as cow enjoyer smh

Anonymous 167115

i hate that they never give us warning for this. like its not hard for admin to give us a few days warning if its site maintenance, or hell even just a blog if the site is down for server problems so they can actually tell us whats happening

Anonymous 167116

Oh noOoOoo not again..

Anonymous 167118

Good question, like always we get no transparency.
I wish they would put the mod applications back up instead of waiting to for some arbitrary reason

Anonymous 167119

Shaymin is so awful with giving us updates, we don't know if she is working on the site or if it is suffering an attack, nothing

Anonymous 167122

There was supposed to be another downtime (but said within the same week as the first). Shaymin pls at least in kofi

Anonymous 167123


I just wanna look at milk yo

Anonymous 167124

dearest anons how did you cope with lc withdrawal during the last site maintenance? are there any good distractions because im already struggling

Anonymous 167127

going on a date with your husbando

Anonymous 167129


There is a place I go where the wild nonas grow, if you know you know

Anonymous 167130

Yeah, nonichka, but an update from her wouldn't hurt at all
Sadly we can't see the Discord and there is not any update on kofi

Anonymous 167132

God fucking dammit, why now? I just went to catch up on the Jillian threads after Vangs livestream today. Anyone know if Jill’s reacted yet?

Anonymous 167133

Lol @pic

Anonymous 167134


Right? The milkening was only getting started. Even the derailing Jesus-chan was growing on me. Thread was too good to be true I guess.

Anonymous 167135

wishing i were a husbandofag rn

if you say kf im gonna off myself

Anonymous 167136


This is unfair and unjust

Anonymous 167139

Nayrt the only thing I go on kf for is vine sauce threads and even then it smells too much like balls

Anonymous 167140

I thought KF was still down

Anonymous 167141

God no I'm not that retarded

Anonymous 167142

as of like an hour or two ago she said nothing, only deleted her tweets about vangelina. might check her twitter to see if anythings changed but i doubt it, tbh i think shes just quietly fuming for now

Anonymous 167143

Shame, but not surprised. Thanks for the update, .

Anonymous 167144


We'll get through this s

Anonymous 167146


Gato libre

Anonymous 167148


I can't handle this

Anonymous 167150

samefag, she retweeted one of her tweets about people taking her aggression out of context from a few days ago or w/e and told her followers to keep it in mind lol, thats it. sorry to shit up this thread w pixie stuff ill stop now

its up again just slightly harder to access, there was a link on the lc kiwi thread before it went down

Anonymous 167151


What are you going to serve your guest for dinner?

Anonymous 167152

What's up dear sisters in farms
we're on a withdrawal

Anonymous 167153


Noo, please let me keep rambling about robots & neocities drama </3
I have to say these bunker threads are kinda fun tho, I loved the last ones

Anonymous 167155

I appreciate you nonas being here, nothing matches the vibe of the bunker threads in /g/ though.

Anonymous 167156


shayna is such a dumb bitch

Anonymous 167157

She deserves what she gets, no pity from me

Anonymous 167159

are you the with Aigis as her waifu?

Anonymous 167162

Are you retarded?

Anonymous 167163

It was lurch again

Anonymous 167165

Yep! CC used to be my main imageboard until a few months ago actually, but now it turned into a desert town…

Anonymous 167168

Ugghhh I'm just gonna go make a snack or something. See ya nonas.

Anonymous 167169

I'm kinda jealous how much fulfilment you can get from a fictional character.

Anonymous 167170

That Jesus retard is annoying as fuck and everyone interacting with it is equally retarded. No one wants to see disgusting feet

Anonymous 167171


Hi fellow neocities drama appreciator. I am enjoying the Hebrew saga, I hope my analyses weren't too spergy.

Anonymous 167173

every time an anon interacted with him and engaged him in his stupid foot detective faggotry i died slightly more inside. like i thought we were all clear to leave him alone and not engage with the tranny scrote, what happened

Anonymous 167174

It’s the tranny being like “loool it was me all along u guaize” and then after a day or two the site comes up and he will say some shit being like “wow you guys were being so mean to shayminn” or some other inconsistent thing

Anonymous 167175


i do love that everyone flocking here the second lolcow isn't working again

Anonymous 167179

I feel like the pixie thread frequenters just weren't that familiar with the spamming tranny compared to the rest of the LC threads I've seen him appear in. They're definitely taking the bait too much in that thread.

Anonymous 167182

I hope that troon is not shitting up here too

Anonymous 167184

im just happy that we have somewhere to go. last time this happened i forgot that cc even
existed and i was left wondering if lolcow was down for good. thanks for being here anons

kind of sounds like a larper to me but who knows

Anonymous 167185

nta but you are 100% correct. I couldn't even go into her thread because I felt like I was losing braincells with the retards nonstop taking the bait

Anonymous 167186

He has been nonneriti just ignore the autism

Anonymous 167190


it's all my fault nona… It's all because I called Dylan Mulvaney a cube head in the MTF thread… I'm so sorry

Nice to see you Aigis nona. I was about to check the husbando/waifuism thread to see if the life-size doll discussion went any further when the site went down. Guess I'll just watch more youtube videos about hand holding maid robots on wheels in the meantime lol. Picrel is my own favorite fictional robot.

Anonymous 167191

It probably is because she arrived on the perfect time and place. The way I have been always interested on robots/ai & how her relationship with the MC is probably my ideal relationship probably helps too

Anonymous 167193

And the site went down on my day off, I am really unlucky

Anonymous 167198

I wonder how the discussion was going, if nonitas would buy robots of they husbandos or waifus

Anonymous 167199

ntayrt but fuck i loved xenosaga, underrated

Anonymous 167200

We must do the horrific thing such as touching grass. Except it’s fucking cold where I live ffs. At least the leaves are starting to turn

Anonymous 167201

ot but youd think dylan would use some of his newfound fame to crowdfund his facial feminisation surgery because boy does he need it

Anonymous 167202

That Mulvaney troon looks Lord Farquaad

Anonymous 167205



Anonymous 167206

She's cute!! Always happy to see more robot characters~
(Sorry for kind of derailing the husbando thread with discussion about the age of hand-holding robots tho… I seem to have an ability to accidentally derail stuff)

Anonymous 167209

its back up again for me

Anonymous 167210

tranp glare.jpg


Anonymous 167211

komaeda-chan im so glad you could join us!!!

Anonymous 167213

not THE ko-chan, just a non-sexual Komaeda appreciator

Anonymous 167214


Anonymous 167215


I got into Stable Diffusion, and I can't stop prompting now. I mostly make goblins and other monsters.

Anonymous 167218

Its back for me too! I missed you lc..
I have a timer lock to not spend too much time on lc daily, and yet…

Anonymous 167220

not for me

Anonymous 167222

nikocado fail.jpg

can't post

Anonymous 167223

just went down again it seems

Anonymous 167225

nvm, false alarm..
The front page loaded, but nothing else responds. Might just be my half broken phone tho

Anonymous 167226

I was back up for like a solid minute and now it's down for me again

Anonymous 167227

It's down again
I wish I had the reaction image with Tomie saying "ugly man" to the schizo tranny

Anonymous 167230

dude has Minecraft anatomy fr

Don't worry, it's an interesting discussion, plus it's not really derailing since it's related to living with a waifu

Anonymous 167232


there you go anon

Anonymous 167235


Tending to my garden

Anonymous 167236

Apparently for Shaymin, yes kek

Anonymous 167237

appears to be up again? maybe?

Anonymous 167241

Thanks, noninha

Anonymous 167243

one character I'm really interested in is very geared towards scrotes and I feel guilty about it, but it's not interest on any level like you are at

Anonymous 167244


General thanks to farmers for being cool; I used to stay away from lc because I kept hearing shit talk about it, but turns out lots of yall are very chill actually, a kissaroo from me to you

Anonymous 167247

I know nothing about sonic, but chao are so cute. Take good care of them, love these little guys

Anonymous 167249

I know a healthy BMI scares Americans like you, but you don't need to project on me

Anonymous 167250

That has been one of the best things I have found in imageboards actually, the freedom of not having to talk back to mean spirited messages. On any other places they would dogpile you.

Anonymous 167255

It seems to be back again? Hopefully for real this time

Anonymous 167258



Anonymous 167260



Anonymous 167261

Posting in lc has been pretty slow for me during today in general (as in, the time that passes between you press the post button & it actually posts)

Anonymous 167267



Anonymous 167273

sonic inflated ass…


Anonymous 167281

cat in mouf.gif


Anonymous 167283


i don't really keep up with jillian aside from the basic well known stuff but all this milk has me intrigued. can some kind give me a quick tl;dr of what's going on there aside from "read the threads"? i'm on the newest one but there's so much going on

Anonymous 167293

ignore the tranny, the current milk is that jills faking DID and shes having twitter beef w a somewhat known youtuber called vangelina something. in general though shes just been very milky, attention seeking and claiming that lc is stalking her (she made a video a few days ago about us)

Anonymous 167425

God I was obsessed with this.

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