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Lolcow Bunker Thread 3- We are still waiting edition Anonymous 176545

>>we know less then yesterday
>>we are waiting

Anonymous 176546

I miss LC circa 2018 and earlier. It's gone to shit so badly the past few years. Honestly hoping it's dead and we can start fresh and try to get back what it once was.

Anonymous 176547

Chubby Chasers Josh is streaming right now, he's retarded and can't work computers, dont watch. Hwa having a break down some kiwifarmer made a game and he doesn't know how to work it. He got it to work

Anonymous 176549

Always remember to ignore attention-seeking moids

Anonymous 176550

Ignore the moid in the other thread. He likes to make women feel bad for speaking about shitty men in hopes they'd be too scared to do irl to be shamed. He does the same shit on lolcow and even blamed a woman and accused her of being a moid for her scrote beating her into a miscarriage
>Inb4 we aren't going to coddle her!
Literally no one asked. The entire conversation was tinfoil about suspicious posts, you're the one who decided to be a cunt. If you think the best way to react to someone opening up about being abused is to be bitchy about it under the means of "we aren't coddling" just go back on 4chin with the rest of the rotten moids where you belong

Anonymous 176553

This is just pathetic

Anonymous 176554


When lolcows down I get cranky

Anonymous 176555


Anonymous 176556

Post something fucking fun instead of shitty tinfoils, you're fucking BORING ANON.

Anonymous 176558

She's right

Anonymous 176559


Anonymous 176560

She's retarded

Anonymous 176561

Nope, keep seething

Anonymous 176562

nta but trannys have been baiting anons for talking about being abused by moids though js

Anonymous 176563

Based clutcher-san

Anonymous 176564

She's clearly the one seething with her multiple paragraphs of chimping out

Anonymous 176565


Ummm akshully it was your fault. If you were stronger you wouldn't have been groomed. No one cares about your problems fuck off

Anonymous 176567

Let's not coddle her let's coddle me, I've been crying all day without my lolcor

Anonymous 176568

What was the other one again

Anonymous 176569

Are we even talking about the same post anymore? How old are you? Sorry I don't feel bad that she didn't leave the first time he called her fat.

Anonymous 176572

The only multi paragraph post was the OG one, which to my recollection, was more of a tinfoil about suspicious posts than a "woe is me" posts, no one really "chimped out" unless you think anons calling out inappropriate reactions to the post was chimping out. Did you just want to be able to say whatever you want and face no consequence or something?

Anonymous 176574

The clutch is the only one that matters
Didn't read it, keep clutchin' nona

Anonymous 176575


Im listening to Sade right now

Anonymous 176576

Which song?? My favorite is By Your Side

Anonymous 176577

What post are you talking about? The one I'm referencing the girls bf didn't even call her fat and she said she was a young teenager at the time so definitely grooming. Can you link it?

Anonymous 176578

Smooth Operator

Anonymous 176579

Shut yo stupid ass up and watch this

Anonymous 176580

Here it is: >>160353

Anonymous 176581

Yeah. Anons even warned other anons that moids purposely derail threads to try to villianize abused to make women shut up about being abused by men and anons are still taking the bait

Anonymous 176582


Omg why don't these dumb femoids just leave the very second their abusive bfs start to be mean to them?? Lol abuse ""victims"" are so stupid and perpetual victims, grooming is fake

Anonymous 176583

I think you're over compensating for the fact that you're the moid and you're trying to white knight so hard because you want to fit in

Anonymous 176584

Okay moid, you got nothing.

Anonymous 176585

This 4D chess, you sound like a schizo

Anonymous 176586

I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.
I will travel across the land searching far and wide, to them to understand the Power that's inside

Anonymous 176587

Yeah because that's definitely a post a moid would link.

Anonymous 176588

"You don't act like a cunt when someone opens up about being abused as a teenager? You're the moid then whiteknight!!"
Literal neanderthal behavior

Anonymous 176589

Cats are so incredibly based

Anonymous 176590

It's called bait and it isn't even subtle

Anonymous 176591

Wrong post?

Anonymous 176592

I'll stop entertaining it now because I just remembered these threads are only 500 posts, but I really did get annoyed at the victim blaming. Now he's trying to reverse uno and call everyone who sees through his bullshit the "real" moid lol. Pig lives for women's attention.

Anonymous 176593

I love the in-between posts of chill anons trying to stop the infight with funnies or cute shit, but nonas egos are too big to ignore the obvious bait and interact with their fellow anons

Anonymous 176594

KEK anon please

Anonymous 176595

I miss the anons that would spam art whenever a male came around instead of replying. I guess they left.

Anonymous 176597

Why the fuck would they come to cc in the first place? The best anons avoid this place like the plague and the loneliest and most bored come here to scream into the void

Anonymous 176598

giphy (1).gif

I wanna smooch you know who like

Anonymous 176599

Agreed. Anons are missing out on the basic psycho manipulation tactics. It wouldn't surprise me if the same moid posted these things and is now trying to distract us/turn us against each other so we just forget the suspiciousness. They're shitting up this thread now so new anons coming to the thread can't see them blantantly victim blaming and trying to turn attention away from the moids trying to shit up lolcow

Anonymous 176600


I used to spam kittens all the time during that or something nice, but the past few months of lc were so exhausting that i am happy it's not working at the moment. Seeing obvious racebaiters who would shit up every /ot/ thread and crap that is happening right now made me completely stop using /ot/ and i switched to only media or other weeb threads. I miss lurking cute husbandofag threads.

Anonymous 176601

I'm not a moid

Anonymous 176602

they probably have lived and aren’t spending all day on here tbh because they’re stacies (not jabbing at you)

Anonymous 176604

no clue , i only posted taylor swift cats.

Anonymous 176606


Lolcow needs to come back now NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW

Anonymous 176607

I don't know what that means
I'm not baiting I'm serious

Anonymous 176608

Samefag unless you meant the “you whores” moid who would use cute cats and make his usual threads

Anonymous 176609

And what does that say about you anon?

Anonymous 176610

I only got one song for the cool cat pool party in the last thread and it wasn't even party material. This is bogus.

Anonymous 176612

this moid started by spamming some random tiktok girl

Anonymous 176613

That I'm bored and lonely kek

Anonymous 176614

Do they like dis

Anonymous 176615


Anonymous 176616

I'm really not sure and tbh I think it might have even been here last time LC was down. There was infighting but also a lot of cats being posted and then a few anons started saying the tranny was the cat poster

Anonymous 176618

Fuck victim blaming moids back to the topic

There was a rumor on lolcow that a moid was serial dating multiple farmers. Could this be the dude? All I've heard about him is that he frequently ends sentences with ">"

Anonymous 176619


omg right off the bat fuck yeah, that's a party song. I have no idea what he's saying though

Anonymous 176620

Lol sorry linked my video twice. But that certain moid had a phase of using cats for threadpics instead but went back to his 18 yo tiktok girls

Anonymous 176621

>Fuck victim blaming moids back to the topic
>keeps talking about moids
Really sad

Anonymous 176622

This whole time I thought this site had no sage feature, but it's just a box you have to check instead of typing it in like we do on lc

Anonymous 176623

KEK I’m glad. My conservative catholic Mexican mother loves this song. Idk either I just know it’s a party song and he says “give me more gasoline”

Anonymous 176624


Anonymous 176625

>(Hard!) Mami, I already know that you won't quit..
>(Hard!) What I like is that you allow to be controlled..3
>(Hard!) All the weekends she goes out to have fun…
>(Hard!) My (female) cat doesn't stop (making the grrr sound of cats) because…
KEK anon I'm not so sure about this song

Anonymous 176627


Anons taking bait are what makes me want to close the window and touch grass. Any oldfags remember beck in the day where moid bait posts would be ignored and they would just give up and leave?

Anonymous 176628

Don't reply to the tranny

Anonymous 176629

I need to husbando sperg. My husbando is one of those characters that looks way older than his age and in depictions of him as older they tend to make him look nearly identical anyway (I guess the design is iconic and they don't want to change it too much). I had the disturbing thought that if they decided to redesign him more drastically if he appears older again it would make me feel gross for ever liking the original design if the new one is closer to my age. This is causing me anxiety and it's completely hypothetical.

Anonymous 176630

Anonymous 176631

Uh oh what does this say about my mama

Anonymous 176632

Wait, who's wearing the tranny sign now?

Anonymous 176633

That she makes the grr sound of cats

Anonymous 176635



Anonymous 176637



Anonymous 176638

vroom vroom

Anonymous 176639

Why is n-o-n-n-y filtered?

Anonymous 176640


Yes. The website is full of obvious trolls and baiters but there are so many idiots who keep taking the bait, making said trolls keep shitting up the threads. It really makes me want to leave lc but at least some of the threads i like are never being about the pickme or racebaits. I feel like there are WAY too many newfags.

Anonymous 176641

We r not allowed we r evil creatures

Anonymous 176642

I hope when Admin brings us the new site (the promised land) and we get more staff they can clean up the newfaggotry. But that is a time that is yet to come…

Anonymous 176643

I've noticed a lot of younger users on the site

Anonymous 176645

Same reason why it's redtexted on lc, it used to be used by tumblrfags because of anon asks. It has kind of been integrated in lc culture since then though

Anonymous 176646

It's so quiet here, I miss the energy of the first bunker threads on LC. I'm sure that's been said a dozen times by other anons by now but it was such a fun time.

Anonymous 176647

Hasn't it been a year ever since oldmin departured and gave admin role to Shaynafag admin? Lost /m/ threads never came back either. I don't think anything is going to happen, let alone change, really. I wish they at least would keep an update on their new coding, the Shayfag admin literally does NOTHING and pops out to say something random only when a lot of people complain. And oldmin gives the same old 'we are working on it' only when enough people complain too. I already lost hope, but that doesn't mean I won't give up.
celebricows and some snow threads are full of them because a lot of the cows have a young audience. imo all of the old milky cows are too boring now and bring nothing, the only ones i look at are Venus and Jill (both threads of which are getting infested with wk newfags too).

Anonymous 176650

I feel like people would be more inclined to pay for server fees if she showed more updates

Anonymous 176652

Same, I basically camp in select threads and Jill is the only cow I even check on anymore. I miss the /m/ threads, they said they would be back and that's what pisses me off the most. I'd rather hear nothing than to be told the threads will be restored in a few weeks only for months and months to pass. I mean damn it's going to be a year since the bunker shit in December isn't it??

Anonymous 176653

>D-dont talk about me please

Anonymous 176654

I always remember that horrocow artist that would draw children in hospital beds or whatever in one of the nuked /m/ threads

Anonymous 176655

𝓃𝑜𝓃𝓃𝓎 𝓃𝑜𝓃𝓃𝓎 𝓃𝑜𝓃𝓃𝓎

Anonymous 176656

Omg drop it, no one wants to talk about goddamn moids can you not read the room?? Get a personality

Anonymous 176657

The victim blamer is hoping anons will fall for the idea that anyone who gets labeled a tranny, is one, as if anons will mindlessly attack whoever they want just because they said so

Anonymous 176658

I’m dumb as shit and it took me like 12 hours to figure out LC was fucked and not just insanely slow

Anonymous 176659

I love that anon that shits on the roleplayers like hamsterfag if you are here I have a crush on you

Anonymous 176661


Anonymous 176662

I have a crush on you too

Anonymous 176663


Anonymous 176664


I almost always report those posts instead of telling anons not to take the bait, because then I feel like I'm helping to shit up the thread just as much. But earlier this year I got into an argument with maybe 3-4 newfags about not arguing with moids, and they were actually convinced that they need to "put the moids in their place" and "show them they're not welcome here". The absolute newfaggotry of it all. We need another hellweek on lc soooo bad.

Anonymous 176665

thank you to the farmhand/janitor that updated us atleast.

Anonymous 176666

tbh id hate to say it but crystal.cafe is even worse moderated than lolcow. Like i remember posting here in the past and the moderation sucked balls

Anonymous 176667

YES I saw that argument happen, it's embarrassing behavior

Anonymous 176668

They're not just talking about moids kek they're talking about possible reasons lolcow got shit up. Saying "stop talking about moids" defeats the purpose

Anonymous 176669

When did hellweek last happen by the way?

Anonymous 176670

conservative Catholic Latinos can have one raunchy song as a treat

Anonymous 176671


Will take actual pics another day, but my girlfriend's boyfriend managed to arrive today even though customs lost him! I have been arguing with the postal for a week until they finally moved their asses and started to actually search for him at the logistics centre….
I'm not a fan of nendoroids, so this is my first one. Also I'm bugging GSC until they re-release the Aigis ones because the proportion difference between the nendo and parfom is too jarring kek Glad they got a request form to ask for re-releasea.
(I got the 15th anniversary miku nendo ordered too, mostly because I want the scale but can't spent +€400 at once. Been obsessed with her since her design was shown, I had to get something..! €110 for a 10cm figure makes me want to kms tho)

Anonymous 176673

No, she's talking about moids dating farmers. Stop obsessing over boogie men.

Anonymous 176674

I miss that sperg who kept posting nudes with timetags to prove she wasn't a tranny. She has a great body but is super unhinged.

Anonymous 176675

>No, she's talking about moids dating farmers.
So what?

Anonymous 176676

The moid who dated farmers are the suspected trolls though. Were you not following along? We aren't gossiping about dates we're trying to figure out what loser dedicates their life to bringing women down.

Anonymous 176678

Omg you're so dense

Anonymous 176679

You're right actually, now I'm not sure anymore…

Anonymous 176680

thats not a rumor anon, that actually happened.
His name was Steven and there was drama between him and Romanianon (she was one of the farmers he dated) then they were arguing and doxxing each other in this thread and then romanianon made a vendetta thread about him in Snow.

Anonymous 176682

I don't remember for sure, but it's probably going on 2 years now

Anonymous 176683

You're obsessing over a moid instead of fucking ignoring it. Is your brain fully developed yet?

Anonymous 176684

That was a fucking ride

Anonymous 176685

Any moid who has a track record of dating multiple farmers should be exposed kek. Last time they were going to expose his face and all but it got lost. Moids absolutely should pay the price of their actions for preying on girls and women, anyone who tries to stop moids from being exposed/victim blames women is probably a moid themselves

Anonymous 176686

The racebait is the most embarrassing. It’s so painfully obvious and yet anons respond like it’s nothing. Totally legit femoid was talking about how she went to a makeup counter (first mistake) and was so rudely harassed by a disgusting black man but the european men were always so nice to her.

Anonymous 176687

You're the one who's dense, the anon tried to explain twice now and you're still not getting it? That's why I said "So what", really ask yourself what you're sperging out over. Better yet, ignore it and post other shit if you're so bothered.

Anonymous 176689

Do you think any sort of discussion towards a person is "obsessing"???? If that's the case maybe you should stop obsessing over me kek

Anonymous 176690


These are fucking disgusting

Anonymous 176691

That anon sucks and is retarded tbh.

Anonymous 176693

here is his thread for anyone interested

Anonymous 176694

I agree. The anon is just sperging because they want to protect moids. Continue the discussion and out them. Talk about how shitty moids are and let them get butthurt. Idk why the anon is so defensive and wants people to shut up

Anonymous 176695

Fuck yoooooou

Anonymous 176696

I’ve been weepily sperging about my ex moid for the past month and a half and I would still never do something as pathetic as e-date a scrote I met on an image board.

Anonymous 176697

This dude was British, and a small twitch streamer

Anonymous 176698



Anonymous 176699

These are better than the gummy eggs because they are firmer though

Anonymous 176700

LC was unbearable at that time. if anyone criticized romanianon she would say it was steven disguised. im glad the romaniachan hate is back again

Anonymous 176701

Anonymous 176702

What's your point? The anon admitted it was stupid and all but I don't see why the moid shouldn't be held accountable for their actions or should the anon be silenced just because she was stupid.

Anonymous 176703


Anonymous 176704

Samefag, but anons who can't take jokes and the increase of a "no fun/shitposting allowed" mentality on LC has been making the site (or at least /ot/) awful. I see so many anons getting mad at other anons for jokes, either because they didn't get it or just didn't find it funny.

Anonymous 176705

is the nerdsfucker anon still around

Anonymous 176706

lets have a whole hour where we don't infight or talk about bullshit, just shit post and have fun

Anonymous 176707

That really is a shit thread tho.
>persons name
>lets make them a cow
kek no, take twenty minutes to write a synopsis and tell us why we should care

Anonymous 176708

KEKK the worst is that even after she knew he was a incel brit /r9k pretending to be a radfem in a imageboard she STILL thought it was save to send her nudes to him

Anonymous 176709

The best thing was that this all happened on Christmas

Anonymous 176710

Yeah it's not like discussing your moid tin foils wouldn't just be fodder for the trolls you say are always lurking in the background. It's totally worth while to talk about the moids posting on the board because it "outs" them. Right.

Anonymous 176711

From what I read, he encouraged other women to lurk lolcow so they'll read his racebaity posts and make them feel insecure, even if the woman didn't know about lolcow previously

Anonymous 176713

i like imagining this as all the local farmers having to find somewhere new to stay and choosing the ol' mines where the miners are too polite to refuse them and they all have to avoid disgusting invasive goblin creatures that only become more annoying the more you react to them

Anonymous 176714

What a gift

Anonymous 176715

he actually lied about his gender at first and pretended to be a female in the friend finder thread.
He later admitted he was a moid who posted on lolcow for a long time (i dont think he posts anymore after he got exposed).
Now i think the moids who still post on lc is the schizo troon and the ''why arent you whores this cute'' spammer who also spams porn.

Anonymous 176717

No1currs all groomers deserved to be outted, even if the victims were stupid underaged girls he met on the internet

Anonymous 176718


Anonymous 176719

the clutchin' saga was absolutely insane to me. Imagine being so mad over a drawing.

Anonymous 176720

This exactly. Why the negative fixation on the woman that got abused? Unless it's him or his pickmes raging.

Anonymous 176721

This made me so sad for the draw room admins. I don’t want to lose that community aspect of lc for schizochans

Anonymous 176722

Anonymous 176723

Spamming an unrelated thread with 9 larp posts is underage behavior

Anonymous 176724

What are you talking about?

Anonymous 176725

I felt like I wasn't reading half of the site back then because I had missed the rise of Romanianon, so I had no idea what was going on and always just scrolled past.

Anonymous 176728



Anonymous 176729

CC was bad not long ago. I got banned years ago for joking about having a dildo in my purse kek. Sure the joke was stupid and cringe but really?

Anonymous 176730

Christmas in Romania be like

Anonymous 176731

how can i make 5-10 online right now?

Anonymous 176732


Pata pata pata

Anonymous 176733

This. She belongs on gaia if she wants to behave that way

Anonymous 176734

You're dumb, you're not outing anyone on an anonymous imageboard. Fucking dummy. Fucking idiot.

Anonymous 176735


Honestly there's a bigger overlap between cc/lc users than you'd think, but most women that lean into lc prefer it because it's faster.

I'm so dumb because I only got the point of this little image like two weeks ago.

Anonymous 176736

why does it matter to you if strangers are fighting on a imageboard? if u dont like this type of talk just go to another site tf

Anonymous 176737

shut up

Anonymous 176738

because your gay

Anonymous 176739

Continuing to online date scrotes who lie to you is retard behavior. I don’t think she should be abused but god she has some agency.

Anonymous 176740

Suck my ass KEK

Anonymous 176741


Anonymous 176742

i wish i was gay. moids are pigs

Anonymous 176743

>i wish i was gay
Omg girl grow up

Anonymous 176744

>behave that way
They were just shitposts and not even spam.

Anonymous 176745


Anonymous 176746

Screenshot 2022-11…

post this to trigger a n o ny

Anonymous 176747

any updates??? or still silence on lc

Anonymous 176748

9 in a thread that had less than 30 posts at the time? So she was one third of the thread. An unrelated thread.

Anonymous 176749

Kiss kiss

Anonymous 176750

im going to kill myself because of this Winnie the poop

Anonymous 176751

Who silenced her? Some anons were laughing at her that's all.

Anonymous 176752

I don't want your spicy straight kisses Jillian

Anonymous 176753

theres a thread of painless ways to do it on /x/ nona

Anonymous 176754

Dubious sense of humor

Anonymous 176755


There exists inside each of us an autist in a fedora

Anonymous 176756


Anonymous 176757

I follow her on instant gram

Anonymous 176758


Oh my God I missed you crazy bitches. I completely forgot about CC, just checked LC everyday like a sad little loser. Stop fighting and talk me out of expanding my kuromi hoard in scared

Anonymous 176760

I actually like him, so I am okay with this. I'm taking it as a sign from Winnie the God.

Anonymous 176761

Have some fucking self respect

Anonymous 176762

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 176763

Omg do I know you????

Anonymous 176764

I bet this guy is one of those 4chan Christians nowadays

Anonymous 176765

what the hell is up with ginger men being misogynist bastards.

Anonymous 176767

You will NOT consoom.
You will NOT consoom.
You will NOT consoom.
You will NOT consoom.
You will NOT consoom.
You will NOT consoom.

Anonymous 176768

They're men

Anonymous 176769


Exactly, I don't even think shayna admin even really wants to do anything about the lc, we never really gotten an introduction from her either. It's sad.
I am happy to see you here while the lc is down, Aegisfag. I hope you are well. I love Persona 3 dearly and i can't wait for the pc port to play it over and over again. I hope the game will never have a remake tbh because i don't want p5 newfgags to touch any of that.
Why do you not like nendroids if i may ask? I was puzzled between getting a figma and a nendroid but in the end got figma as it is the most true to the design and I am waiting for the day when I can put her on my table. My item is currently sitting in customs for a day in the NL, hoping things will be okay as I have not been ordering ASL delivery from Japan in about 2 years, or ever in EU (i used to live in a country where we didnt have to pay custom duties from asian countries eu and the us).
This kind of racebait is the most obvious one, but i am tired of LSA-copycats who are LARPing as women and keep throwing racebait topics, then saying how much they hate x-race women and make up stereotypes about others. I don't want to describe them even more as I don't want this thread to get shit up by these idiots too.

Anonymous 176770

okay luna don’t do it

Anonymous 176771


Which one are you tag yourself

Anonymous 176772

One day you will realize that not everything needs to be so serious.

Anonymous 176773

I invented the fedora and will spend the rest of my life in deep regret, despair. They were supposed to catch period blood but the diva cup blew up my market and now all the manlets have put them on their head and the beast is out of my control

Anonymous 176775

anon, everything from amazon and aliexpress is a low quality trash. you would be better off getting a more expensive and official merch with good quality instead of wasting your money like this, if you really want to consoom. regardless i think wasting money on some sanrio character is meh. how old are you

Anonymous 176776

I have no ears you can't troll me because I can't hear you I have no fucking ears

Anonymous 176777

The awesome, obviously

Anonymous 176778

no ears

Anonymous 176780

Good, tell me Im a poorfags that needs to save to move out. I've been trying to tell myself but I just simply do not listen.
Wow, this was the most effective form of bullying I've ever received in my life
No but let's be friends okay

Anonymous 176781


Anonymous 176782

Omg so self righteous kek

Anonymous 176783

I am 100% the bastard

Anonymous 176784

I say buy it

Anonymous 176785

Did you know I'm all?

Anonymous 176786

Too old to be a sanrio consoomer 26

Anonymous 176787


No, no I think I know you.

Anonymous 176789

I love her hair bows kek

Anonymous 176790

i wonder if the schizo troon is still here or he is on a vpn break kek

Anonymous 176791

But it’s a dollar ..pull the trigger I say

Anonymous 176792

asking for coherence and sanity from romanianon is the same as asking for delicacy from a pitbull

Anonymous 176793

the money guy

Anonymous 176794


You little young-ass Minerfuckers
Don't one of you Miners got Nonni3-cell or somethin'?
You're fuckin' with me, Miners
You fuck around and have a panic attack or a heart attack
You better back the fuck up
Before you get smacked the fuck up
This is how we do it on our side
Any of you Miners from MinerYork that wanna bring it, bring it!
But we ain't singin', we bringin' drama
Fuck you and the motherfuckin' Miners
I joke nothing but love

Anonymous 176795

yeah too bad she's a pickme

Anonymous 176797

KEK i love you

Anonymous 176798

Im the power

Anonymous 176799

I like Cardi B. No real reason, don't even like her music but she seems funny.

Anonymous 176800


… From where? You're giving me the spooks nonita
Stahp that's how I justified my bullshit last time

Anonymous 176801

Same I think she's hilarious and that's all my small mind can absorb, therefore I love her

Anonymous 176802


You guys are kinda stupid but it’s fun

Anonymous 176803

how to summon the troon.

>post about kiwifarms.

>post about your struggles as a woman or bodily functions.
>be a man-hating stacy queen.
>be a underage boy on discord.

Anonymous 176804


You know where

Anonymous 176805


Wish me good luck in my dump

Anonymous 176806


The rat bastard bitcch

Anonymous 176807

Anonymous 176808

I hope everything comes out okay

Anonymous 176809

Are there really a race of humanoid females with cervix that big…..holy shit….

Anonymous 176810

I don't have to prove anything to you, lady

Anonymous 176811

Good luck on your dumpy.

Anonymous 176812


Anonymous 176813


/ot/ down? Time to post Anok.

Anonymous 176814


Anonymous 176815

She's so beautiful

Anonymous 176816

Seethe incoming

Anonymous 176817

you know you need to save up for a new PC and moving out.

Anonymous 176818

So why's the admin called Snail?

Anonymous 176819

Who could seethe about this???

Anonymous 176820


Anonymous 176821

I don’t think the gay males from celebricows are here so I think u should be okay

Anonymous 176822

What’s going on?

Anonymous 176823

Anons in the celeb thread kek

Anonymous 176824

the picture ended up becoming a raging bait for retarded twitterfag newfags

Anonymous 176826



Anonymous 176827

samefag, by that i mean someone jerking off to racebaits and racetalks. it was so damn dumb

Anonymous 176828

Oh I'm in the mood
For dancing, romancing
I'm giving it all tonight!

Anonymous 176829

im pretty sure it is the gay males or lsa fags who keep posting her

Anonymous 176830

We don't know

Anonymous 176831

kek I'm neither.

Anonymous 176832


Anonymous 176833

guys its not racebait to post that you find someone ugly yall sounds like twitterfags

Anonymous 176834

I think we've had this conversation before. Am I being cyber stalked? I'll call jessi slaughters dad and you'll rue the day I promise

Anonymous 176835


Anonymous 176836

Maybe Shaymin is an avoidant NEET with social anxiety who is too shy to use her capcode.

Anonymous 176837

sperging about the posts in three different threads (one being the SHITPOST thread where it truly belonged) is clutching behavior

Anonymous 176838

fresh lies.PNG

Anonymous 176842

I miss lolcow from like 2017. I was away most of 2020-2021 and came back to a significantly whinier user base and annoying anons trying to see how many times they could use the terms “scrote” or “moid” in a single post. Sad! I miss laughing at cows and anons not dragging their creepy husbando shit into every /ot/ thread. If it just doesn’t come back idk if I’ll even miss it at this point despite being completely friendless and isolated.

Anonymous 176843

>wife scowled at me
stop posting triggering shayna posts

Anonymous 176844


1200 files in my funny pics folder and not one of them makes me laugh anymore

Anonymous 176845


Just smoke some weed with me n0nnie it'll all be okay

Anonymous 176846

Is this mr enter

Anonymous 176847

you can do whatever joke you want but the jessi slaughter sitation was so fucked up she done bad by everyone around her at a young age id feel shitty to make fun of a child having a breakdown.

Anonymous 176848

Fattie is probably up to all sorts of bullshit since LC is down and she thinks she can get away with it

Anonymous 176850

idk if its because im esl but this tweet is unreadable

Anonymous 176851

I need my husbando or im gonna go postal

Anonymous 176853


Waoo beutiful hairy arms pits natural like very beutiful hairy arms pits super super larges never shaved plis never beutiful beutiful natural hairy arms pits waoo you smell beutiful beutiful natural soy tu fans de tus axilas peludas me encanta

Anonymous 176854


I miss being able to talk about guys we want to fuck.

Anonymous 176855

Anonymous 176856

wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo

Anonymous 176857

Girl be calm no one's making fun of her, I'm mocking her scrote dad if anything

Fuck. You are stalking me rabbit is that u

Anonymous 176858


this popped up on my Facebook timeline drakechan

Anonymous 176860

I'm glad we could set the record straight on Louis Wain's ooo so spooky cats

Anonymous 176861

? how would that be taken? Enlighten my ESL ass

Anonymous 176862

She's saying that she was seated in between a couple (on a plane, I think) and that the guy asked to sit next of his wife. She said "I wouldn't dream of separating you" and didn't realize that it might have come off wrong.

Anonymous 176863


Come with me!
Hail Shaytaan!,nonni3's run quick, see
What do we have here now?
Do you wanna ride or die?
La la-da-la la la la la

Anonymous 176864


Who tf is rabbit I'm a fucking baked good bitch

Anonymous 176865

I just wish she could live her truth

Anonymous 176866

I choose to believe that you husbando retards are partaking in an elaborate inside joke because I can’t wrap my head around it any other way.

Anonymous 176867

husbando posters are based you're dumb

Anonymous 176868


This image always makes me laugh

Anonymous 176869

I guess this is a good time to ask, but why is Shayna the most popular cow now? I followed the Pixyteri stuff back in the day and I get why she was a big deal, but what is so interesting about Shayna? Is she different than the hundreds of other fat OnlyFans girls?

Anonymous 176870

Anonymous 176871

Why not

Anonymous 176873

samefag this goes for >>176866 too

Anonymous 176874

I love him forever

Anonymous 176877

You don't believe women can be attracted to 2D characters?

Anonymous 176878

But how would that be be taken wrong, I am confused

Anonymous 176880

I guess she's saying if she continued to sit in the middle she would be separating them physically and would also totally seduce the old man, his wife seethed and as usual everyone clapped

Anonymous 176881

That was so embarrassing and a way to bring the mood down on a fun drawboard, can't believe someone tried to continue arguing about it the other day (glad she just got told to shut up…).

Were you the one who asked about it on the buyfag thread the other day? I was one of the people who replied to it. I think nendoroids are cute, but they're way too chibi for me (that's why Makoto got a tiny doll body instead of his actual body). They're good if you want a small group of 1-4, but more than that and they will start looking same-y in your collection, figmas and prize/scale figures got more design variety. I hope you enjoy your figma!! They're so fun to pose, I don't regret buying mine.
(I want a P3 remake tho, people are already annoying so nothing will change. P3 needs a bit of rework imo, specially on the male route… Where's the Ryoji s.link with him..)

Anonymous 176882


Justin Bieber kind of looks like an FtM. Finally breaking my silence.

Anonymous 176883

her father was crap but unironically the one good thing he did do was try to defend her when she was getting hate for being raped by the guy from botdf.
He did it in a retarded boomer way but atleast he had good intentions.

Anonymous 176884

I feel like it would be okay to think some anime guy is cute and obsess over him when moids are real and disturbing

Anonymous 176885

I hate them. Good to see others weirded out by them too

Anonymous 176886

i immediately thought this was a luna post, dont do it

Anonymous 176887


ok so you're my mortal enemy aren't you? How about a nice warm cup of knife tea?

Anonymous 176888

Do you think the internet has done damage to the human sexuality? I can't imagine that it hasn't.

Anonymous 176889

>flinstones appliance voice
>"it's a living"

Anonymous 176890

Anonymous 176891

What is there to be weirded out by exactly?

Anonymous 176892

Is she the most popular or does she attract the most autists? I'd say at this point it's the latter.

Anonymous 176893


Lord, We Gather Today,
In Your House We Kneel Down And Pray.
We Ask For Your Mercy As We Open Our Hearts
To Receive Your Forgiveness O Lord.

Lord, We Lift To You,
All These Gifts We Offer For Your Glory.
We Will Eat This Living Bread,
We Will Drink This Saving Cup
And Feel Your Presence O Lord.

As We Offer This Bread
And As We Bring You This Wine,
Bless Them Lord Jesus Feed Us Now, Give Us Life.
Send Us Your Spirit The Source Of Our Lives
And Together We Will Serve You With Love.

Anonymous 176894

ofc it did it made pedophilia normalised

Anonymous 176895

i know its hard for a chronically online person understand this but its not normal to be obsessed with a 2d character nona…

Anonymous 176896

i mean people are still using a 10 year old girls trauma/rape as a joke and as a meme so yeah the internet is a moidy shithole.

Anonymous 176897

tramp leon.jpg

your loss

Anonymous 176898



Anonymous 176901

Maybe that's it. But why? What's her allure? Is she really that milky?

Anonymous 176902

I’ve never looked at one of her threads. Should I? Or should I remain ignorant and happy?

Anonymous 176903

Anonymous 176904


I thought we was besties but we been beasties all along

Anonymous 176905

Kek true

Anonymous 176907


It's funny watching her fail and her weight gain is also amusing.

NTA, I don't care that there's a thread for it on /g/ but I do care that's dragged over to /ot/. It's the same level of cringe as watching men talking about their waifus.

Anonymous 176908

it is what’s not normal is being obsessed with ugly inside and outside 3D moids

Anonymous 176909

I once felt the same way and now I mostly frequent the husbando threads. I keep the sperging to those though. All it took was enough shitty real life relationships and stumbling across the right character.

Anonymous 176912


My friend is a woman and hates ppl obsessing over her

This one's for u bby <3

Anonymous 176913


Anonymous 176914

Ketanona here to shitpost fuck u LC mods for locking my shitpost thread, banning me, then breaking the site the day I got unbanned reply with cursed pics

Anonymous 176915

just a picture.png

People joke about it but honestly, I feel like people are catching on. There was a viral tweet how someone could "convince" "Drake" "he" is a "woman". It shines through. When I noticed "Drake's" Lipfiller/lip lift, it disgusted me. I hate having to look at his face, despote everything he's a fucking weirdo and a liar. A phony. I had a friend who i spoke to about this and they sent me a face app'd picture of "drake" as a woman. Of course he was NOT a pretty woman, but a tomboyish one. I think he's one of the few FtM's who are rotten inside out. I tend to sympathize with FTM's and dislike TIMS, so thats saying something.
I don't get why women can't just like their husbando's? Why does it trigger people so much?

Anonymous 176916

Wtf was the clutchin' saga all about?

Anonymous 176919


I see a lot of clutchers in the crib tonight

Anonymous 176920

Anonymous 176921


Dropped image, messed up spoiler, pretend that didn't happen

Anonymous 176922

YES to male and female, but mostly men. It's literally turning scrotes gay and limp dicked and turning a small precent of women into bimbo's or thinking they have to eat shit crusted scrote asshole to please their limp dicked scrote.
It's porn and twitter

Anonymous 176924

People argued whether it was a moid humor or not.

Anonymous 176925

You post that gif and think husbandofags are weird…

Anonymous 176927

the girls that post their husbando outside of husbando threads is the female version of that guy who has a waifu pillow stained with cum

Anonymous 176928

no, i say this as a ShayHead/Shayfag. Her threads are an endless sea of the same clothes, same bullshit and dryness. I'm a special type of loser, so I can deal. If you want to keep your head don't

Anonymous 176930

all of yall retards spreading this drake is gay or female conspiracy are doing free WORK for him.

Because pedo men like Drake love when people make rumors like this about them because it makes it easier for them to get away with shit.

Anonymous 176931

IMO you all act extremely childish and talk about your fictional characters nonstop. I’m 28 and the only time I’ve ever encountered behavior like this IRL were a few derpy girls in elementary who were overly obsessed with Aaron Carter and older women who had a ton of Jack Sparrow merch when Pirates of a the Caribbean came out. I’m perpetually single but I don’t see how anyone could feel companionship and intimacy with a character that doesn’t actually exist. It’s weird and maladaptive. Obviously what you all do doesn’t affect me in any way and I’m glad you’ve found something that you enjoy but I do find it bizarre.

Anonymous 176932

Only the first few threads were funny, after a while she gets boring
>shaynafags calling anyone else cringe

Anonymous 176933

lol the shay threads have an interesting vibe to them. I was following shay for a long time but she is just boring and weird. Her karma for being a pedo panderer is coming to her in the form of being phat as hell

Anonymous 176934

It's a gif of Big Shaynus before she got fat.

Anonymous 176935

I've been in her threads for a while and I'm possibly an autistic adult. I like following Shayna because her downfall is so fascinating. As a poorfag, watching her fuck up all the privilege being an upper middle class white girl afforded her for the most pathetic porn you've ever seen is the most irritating thing ever. Yet, when my life is shitty and I feel bad, I can look at Shayna and go "at least I'm not her". and it gives me the strength to carry on. Also shaynons sometimes make funny memes and it's fun to bully an autist online.

Well now I feel bad I'm sorry we're bffs ok

Anonymous 176937

I'd say it damaged both equally, but in a different way; like you said moids become limp dicked but women are groomed into enduring more violence and degrading behaviors during sex because of how normalized it became

Anonymous 176938

I’ll let them have their fun but I do think it’s funny when they shit on other s for at least trying to have real life relationships kek.

Anonymous 176939

twitter shouldn’t exist

Anonymous 176941


she’s fun to follow because she’s so bad at her job that she comes across as a parody account. even disregarding the spergs her chicken dancing speaks for itself

Anonymous 176942

I would'nt DARE post about this outside of our image board. "he" would come out soon enough. It's seen as "jokes' but as you can see, everyone is changing, "drake" is being seen as the asshole he is. His true gender is the least of his issue

Anonymous 176943

How is Anok Yai a twitterfag thing? They rage about her because she doesn't look average or fat like them lol

Anonymous 176944

>first few threads were funny
Yeah? Butthurt coomer moids and seething OF thots everywhere? Soo funny

Anonymous 176945


Anonymous 176947

Thats why when people were whining about Elon Musty ruining it I was like, GOOD. No hair off my back, Cute off my face. Twitter and Porn is a curse

Anonymous 176948

>coomer moids
Again I’m glad males are pretty much banned from lc. Old threads where males were free to post were so cringe. They all sound the same.

Anonymous 176950


No I'm not no I'm not

Anonymous 176951

Exactly. They drag that shit into every thread and act like drooling tards about it. Husbandofags are also hyper sensitive and defensive and they make every thread they enter about themselves and their love of cartoon men.

Anonymous 176952

>Twitter and Porn is a curse
one is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the other

Anonymous 176953

Huh, do you think the dramafags and husbandofags have the least amount of overlap on LC? They really do feel like two totally different areas of the site with two totally different userbases now that I think about it.

Anonymous 176954

So high and mighty, I've never been on twitter in me loife

Anonymous 176955

didnt know you can post while having a brains stroke.
Also overused meme, retarded troon.

Anonymous 176956


I love husbandofags

Anonymous 176957

you mean Worst learn the difference

Anonymous 176959

Are you retarded lmfao

Anonymous 176960


Anonymous 176961

lmao what? it's worse, not worst. are you retarded by any chance?

Anonymous 176962

Honestly yeah. Someone said that some cow threads have the feel of middle aged women posting in them. (Just a generalization obviously) some cow thread posters have a certain vibe to them where they vehemently hate the cow. This isn’t true for all of them though. The JC threads have some of these and so does the H3 threads

Anonymous 176963


Anonymous 176965

Wow, what a moid thing to say

Anonymous 176966

all my kpop fags you can post here, ha im so happy.

Anonymous 176967

Anon have you seen the posts from n0nnas who have rl relationships? They're miserable

Anonymous 176968

they are right though, sometime those radfems border on sounding like moids, did you see the shit they were doing on celebricows.

Anonymous 176969

Radfems are based but twitterfags are cringe. I think lc has a lot of tiktokers and twitterfags now though

Anonymous 176970

There are plenty of anons in nigel brag thread tbh

Anonymous 176971

I don't post about Fat Shat in /ot/ or anywhere else where it isn't relevant. My point was that I don't care that anons have husbandos, if that makes them happy then they should be allowed a thread but I think it's cringe and it needs to stay in the dedicated thread.

The edits in her thread make me laugh. Maybe when LC is back someone could remake the shaynatorium on /manure/

Anonymous 176972

i heard a rumour on the meta thread that even the lc admin hate radfems

Anonymous 176973


Since I don’t have the hate thread to vent in, I HATE the Daisy sour cream commercial, “Do a dollop, do-do a dollop of daisyyy” and the kids are all jazzed about eating sour cream, and the mom is standing at the counter with a bowl of strawberries, and she DIPS A STRAWBERRY IN SOUR CREAM AND EATS IT

Anonymous 176974

Wow, what a tranny response

Anonymous 176975

I'm radfem adjacent but yeah. Kinda. Everything is a political stance, you can't do anything without being a moidtrannypickme. I understand why people are wary, I am too, but still. It's exhausting.

Anonymous 176978

I would rather try and fail irl than have the only good things in my life not exist.

Anonymous 176979

I've seen it said before but the /g/ posters (husbandofags and such) don't use /pt/ and /snow/. The opposite is also true. Personally I haven't used /g/ in years cuz I don't wanna see constant husbando/ ugly men I wanna fuck threads. They invoke a primal level of disgust I don't fully understand.

Anonymous 176980

you are retarded not everyone who has a different opinion is the tranny, you are the one who sounds like the tranny since you cant handle hearing something different on crystal cafe.

Anonymous 176981

Wasn’t that Oldmin we know nothing of shaymin

Anonymous 176982

I literally admitted it lol. I'm probably not the only one who sometimes lurks her shit and goes "my life may be shit but at least I'm not Shayna". Life sucks, let me cope.

Anonymous 176983

Good for you dummy

Anonymous 176984

Anon sour cream isn't much different than plain yogurt

Anonymous 176985

unpopular opinion: there's no radfem users on LC. women aren't radfem because they hate on trannies and call men moids on an obscure imageboard, but I guess that's just another term the internet has completely made lost any meaning.

Anonymous 176986

Yeah I kind of agree. They bring a lot of "no fun allowed" vibes and kind of kill what could otherwise be fun conversations in an all-female space by poisoning with shame and paranoia.

Anonymous 176987

God what a scrote

Anonymous 176988

I don't know about Shaymin. It was the previous admin that hated radfems because the wouldn't stop shitting up /ot/ with infighting and calling each other moids.

Anonymous 176990

so what i get is that every woman who likes something you all don't has the worse taste and should'nt like it? Can we like anything? or is everything we like automatically seen as the worse?
I think it's natural that some s think, "Well my shit is the worse, but it could be worst, at least i'm not "insert cow here".

Anonymous 176991

I agree with this. People will see women say something mean about a tranny online and throw the radfems label at her. Like no, she just doesn't think trannies should be considered women and thinks men are shitty assholes.

Anonymous 176994

>sour cream and strawberries
This is fucked it's not interchangable with cottage cheese, whipped cream, or yogurt. It's the one fucking thing you shouldn't use with sweet stuff. Also for me it's a psiorasis commercial with a disgusting ginger scrote paired with a beautiful woman it makes me want to scream every time I see it which is constantly on this site I play a game on

Anonymous 176995


I want ihm

Anonymous 176996

I mean, I get it but I also DO NOT

Anonymous 176997


Anonymous 176998

Coconut head

Anonymous 176999

It's different enough for the combo to taste bad.

Anonymous 177001

Only if you're mentally isane in the head.

Anonymous 177002

Saying the word cunt is illegal

Anonymous 177003

My dreams look like this

Anonymous 177004

Some who ended up breaking up with their nigels..
you don't get it, if husbandos existed then they wouldn't be good

Anonymous 177005

I am losing my mind at this gif my sides hurt

Anonymous 177007




Anonymous 177008

Yes they always end up sperging about the dumbest shit and police every post it’s exhausting.

Anonymous 177009


Anonymous 177010


Anonymous 177011

Yeah I only use /g/ for the husbando & purse threads, I don't care about most others because they're mostly about irl men, makeup/skincare, weight loss and such.
I visit cow threads from time to time, but I'm mostly on the off-topic ones.

Anonymous 177013

To be fair, most nonacitas in good relationships (me) don't talk about them online so I think the numbers are skewed. Personally I talk about myself the least when I'm happy and content and I think the same goes for other people.

Anonymous 177014

>sour cream, strawberries
this + sugar squashed well together was something I ate EVERY day as a kid in summer. Nowadays I'm a bit lazy to do it, but it's still delicious. Doubters should try!

Anonymous 177015

What if you have a nigel but you think 1 anime guy is kinda cute

Anonymous 177016

it’s fine to think she’s beautiful, I do too. but people reply to pictures of her like they do to kpop pictures on Twitter, or how they’d comment on a celebrity’s insta. Endless omg she’s beautiful I stan! so perfect!! replies that don’t add anything new to the discussion. On an IB, it shits up the threads, which is why people don’t do that and encouraging them to move the convo to thirst threads in /g/ gets people accused of “sperging” and racism. This is why people don’t like it very much: it doesn’t cohere with board culture

Anonymous 177018


There's actual coconut heads in the show and he is not one of them.

Anonymous 177019

i swear this is not a racebait but i cant see why would a woman find this tranny look beautiful

Anonymous 177020


Anonymous 177021

>be a refugee
>tell someone on a site that allowes kpop to go back

Holy mother of retard.

Anonymous 177022


Anonymous 177023


Fry is so cute, ngl.

Anonymous 177026

he looks cuter on video

Anonymous 177027

I am proof that women can, in fact, incredibly cringe and autistic.

Anonymous 177028


>What then?
>I'll blubber to my friends and let them say
>By that they mean you
>How rude
>FUCK THEM, right?
>But what should I expect?
wtf was her problem?

Anonymous 177029


For me it’s him

Anonymous 177030


take one or die

Anonymous 177031

It means you're a turbonormie

Anonymous 177032


Anonymous 177033


i hate this so much. the first time i noticed it i had to rewind it to make sure of what i saw

Anonymous 177035

twf is husbando cant dance then what is the point

Anonymous 177036

I husbandofagged so hard it broke me. My life was at such a low and completely uncontrollable and realizing the only thing that made me happy was a figment of my imagination made me feel an indescribable wave of retardation.

Anonymous 177037

I got meme'd into finding this attractive and I hate myself for it

Anonymous 177038

No one has ever made this complaint when self-admitted twitterfags/coquettes posted Anya Taylor Joy kek

Anonymous 177040

Everytime someone criticizes "radfem" farmers, I have literally no idea what they mean. There are very few things that I've seen on LC that I'd call radical feminism, it's not like every supposed radfem prefaces their posts stating they're radfem, so how can we know a poster is one at all in case the post content isn't standard radfem stances?

Anonymous 177041

She was spitting facts
I miss that era. I'm sad the internet probably won't be like this again

Anonymous 177044

This gif fills me with rage every time

Anonymous 177045


We take the hot butter

Mix it with the ice cream

Freeze it up cool, you can see it on your screen

Put it in your microwave, make it real hot
Like a soup or a dip

We call it Heat 'N' Sip

Anonymous 177048


better call saul

Anonymous 177049

What do you guys consider radfem?

Anonymous 177050

It's kinda true that when it comes to beautiful black women the way people praise them is just… different. It's definitely a praise but because it's different than how people usually praise a beautiful white girl i just feel strange reading it

Anonymous 177051


Anonymous 177052

what if.png

i can't believe posting cartoon men on an imageboard of all places is considered "cringe" now. what has become of us

Anonymous 177053

shirtless Kiryu.jp…

mai naijeru

Anonymous 177054

newfag detected…sigh

Anonymous 177055

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

Anonymous 177057

I hate it when some retard tries to tone police threads. Like shut up you autist let people meme or so whatever, especially if it's OT or something

Anonymous 177058

the husbandofags who flood moid threads with big-titty-pectoral fujo art are one of my favorite things about lolcow, hands down

Anonymous 177059

being bullied for liking weird things makes you remember your school times?

Anonymous 177060

this…take care cc thread

Anonymous 177061

Kind of disagree, I don't see anything out of the ordinary with it. What I found weird was when some posters would praise Elle Fanning's looks and be almost…angry about it.

Anonymous 177062

Honestly I don't know why anons care, yes I personally stopped having husbandos at 17 but I still think it's cute when girls like fictional characters and it doesn't bother me one bit.

Anonymous 177063

Because of how they're praised?>>177038
You know they hate it when anything not white or Asian gets praised.

Anonymous 177065

Me too, anon. It's over.
Then how do you compliment a woman who is black? I compliment all women I think is a qt the same way, but could be because I'm into women so I don't see the issue.

Anonymous 177066


Anonymous 177067

I'm pretty sure the anons being upset about people calling Anok pretty were the ones who first brought up race by saying stuff like "you're being performative!!!" so yeah they were racebaiting (or at least racesperging).

Anonymous 177068

Omg I love aigis too so happy for you!
I thought my cat was gonna die but she lived! Life is precious I love everyone here except for moids!

Anonymous 177070


iconic, show-stopping, breathtaking.

Anonymous 177071

Then go to the other LC thread. Both can exist.

Anonymous 177072


>be husbandofag
>lurk /g/ husbando thread
>it's all anime dudes
>few times I posted my husbando I got made fun of
yeah well whatever

Anonymous 177074

what is a hellweek? pls no bully!

Anonymous 177076

No one is saying yaaas slay black kween wtf lmao. All anons were saying is she's pretty.

Anonymous 177079

Both LC and CC have both been infiltrated. It's too late.

Anonymous 177081

I remember this exact "It's actually WEIRD you guys are praising a black woman's looks" argument before. It turned out one anon was literally (c)rap-chan, and the other was some black anon who was actually just mad that Anok Yai, as a supermodel, doesn't represent the "average black girl" like her, therefore it's somehow wrong or racist to think she's pretty.
All this shit is just racist concern trolling and jealousy, and it never happens when female celebrities of other races are praised. That's why I ignore it. There's nothing wrong with finding a beautiful woman beautiful lmfao

Anonymous 177082

Week or two event where moderation is strict and everyone who steps out of line gets banned

Anonymous 177083



Anonymous 177084

Keep posting him. They will have to adapt. Mine is furry-tier and idgaf.

Anonymous 177085

I thought the husbandofags are usually really nice. Unless he's a certain Kirby character

Anonymous 177086

Yes, I was. I was so sad that i couldn't figure out which one to choose, but in the end decided to go for the figma, after all the artist's artstyle is one of my big inspirations, despite me already figuring out (as of today) on how she draws the eyes. I thought of even going as far as trying jp proxies to get her artbooks, but realised it's not worth it as i am a poorfag who has to get over 5 (!) gifts this Christmas, thankfully found some of her artbooks pirated on one of the websites. Waiting for the newest one to be leaked even if that's terrible towards the artist's hard work.
I -want- p3 remake only if it would affect the gameplay and graphics, because i think atlus will do a shit job at doing something to the story (i didnt like p5 at all!), and especially considering how bad the p5 fandom is because of twitterfags. These people really are trying to ruin p4 for no damn reason (i think you will guess how).

Also, i hope one day i will be able to get a cute figma/ pop -up parade of mine and my partners favorite youtuber, she is such a cool woman! But EU and the amount of customs we have to pay in my country make me way too anxious to spend money on any more merch atm. Hell, the figma which i ordered is being sold only for 100$+ in european/american anime stores, it's insane, and i bought it for 45!

Anonymous 177087

Idk thinking shit like imageboard culture matters is more cringe than someone avatar-fagging with some black model girl. Like how can y'all seriously type that shit out? We're anons, it doesn't matter just post and go on with your life.

Anonymous 177088


Anonymous 177090

nah i just think it's weird when people complain about anime on sites for posting anime. i always wonder where they came from.

Anonymous 177091

I've been wondering why paki/crap-chan talks about black people so much. I wonder if it's just because she's (allegedly) moving to America.
I don't think anyone was even avatar-fagging tbh.

Anonymous 177092


Anonymous 177093

then can you please shitting up every /ot/ thread without retarded racebaits thank you very much
you ruined celebricows with your blogposting, it turned into nothing but LSA, please go back there and shut your mouth

Anonymous 177094


Earthworm Jim, kek

Anonymous 177096

Iktf. I love weird, cartoony husbandos. I will always support you, so don't be discouraged!

Anonymous 177098

This is also what I don't get. Imageboards are supposed to be for weebs.

Anonymous 177100

rioru_v_v (2).jpg


Anonymous 177101

Laughing at women for being groomed by online predators when they were teenagers is moid tier behavior

Anonymous 177102

They're the true Twitterfags tbh. I think the husbandofags are embarrassing and cringe too, but I just ignore their threads they tend to stay pretty well contained. No reason to complain about them imo, it's not like they shit up everything like a moid/Twitterfags/mini mod.

I'm not even the one posting her. I've used LC since it's inception.
So what are they even complaining about? Seeing her face too often?

Anonymous 177104

The people spamming Anok are definitely retarded twitterfags or gay fagguettes because they always post pictures of her randomly in celebricows with no context and expect the whole thread to be derailed and just people to reply with compliments for her and then get mad when someone tells them to stop and then accuse that person of being a racist like we are on twitter.

and before any of you start ive seen anons say simple things ''please take your anok spam in g/'' and they were literally called a racebaiter by one of the mouthbreathers.

your so fucking weird even resorting to calling actual black women racebaiters because they dont want to see performative spam about her.

Ive literally seen more anons racebait whenever they see a asian on lolcow but i guess that not a problem for you, i dont understand how not wanting derailing makes someone a racebaiter.

Anonymous 177105

I HATE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T TAKE A HINT! If you're talking to me in public and I'm turning away from you or walking away, maybe I just don't want to talk. I love southern hospitality but sometimes I wish we were a little more cold like those Europeans

Anonymous 177106

Honestly, based.

Anonymous 177107


my husbando

Anonymous 177108

i saw yall in real life but it sounds like, "yaw"

Anonymous 177109

atj, Elle fanning, Halle Bailey at best get a few posts saying they are cute and at worst get full on wars in the replies: Stans vs. other s calling them overrated and busted. I don’t like that either, but at the very least there is debate. With anok it’s just endless omg bae! Queen! Love! posts that go on and on. It literally is like reading a pop girls Twitter comments

Anonymous 177110


Anonymous 177111


im guessing its the same type of people who are now complaining of anons being '' evil racists'' for not being okay with derailing about anok on celebricows.

Anonymous 177112

How many times do you people need to be told that southern people in general will use y'all? Not even the chan boards or /cgl/ got this autistic about post policing. Twitterfags for the most part will stay away because we're very anti trans rights over here. It's scary for them. You're just an annoying autist screeching about image board etiquette like log off.

Anonymous 177114

Paki-chan is not a black woman. I didn't call the black anon racist, but I did imply she was jealous, because her reasoning made absolutely no sense and was bizarrely self-centered. I can smell that you're a twitterfag without even finishing your post, cope and seethe and dilate.

Anonymous 177115

ily hypnospace outlaw anon. reminds me i have yet to finish the game

Anonymous 177116


oh my GOD I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS ONE how is this woman ALL BACK she's just BACK ALL THE WAY DOWN she has such a weird body jesus lmao

Anonymous 177117


I'm just chilling on tumblr 'til lolcow gets sorted out

Anonymous 177118

i moved to Germany last year and I cannot tell you how much I love not having strangers talk to me or even acknowledge me. The downside is that everybody acts indifferent ALL the time, so you get doctors, dentists, retail workers etc treating you like trash.

Anonymous 177120


Anonymous 177122

>So what are they even complaining about? Seeing her face too often?
I honestly don't know. Anok doesn't get posted in that thread often. I think the last time she was posted before the Halloween stuff was the last MET gala (or maybe the one before that? I'm not sure), and obviously those were both on topic. Anons could have just asked for the thirsting to be moved to /g/ and that would have been reasonable, but they had to sperg about how calling someone attractive is performative. The celebcow thread is basically just racesperg central at this point.

Anonymous 177124

just letting you know that you are the problem and the cancerous part of the userbase who no one likes.
And resorting to calling someone a tranny every time you lose a argument makes it look like you have the intelligence of a 4 year old. (also very shitty thing to do in general considering we actually do have a tranny spammer here)

Anonymous 177125

I swear it's the autistic, self-hating kpop spergs behind all this shit, kek.

Anonymous 177126

How come I spend so much time on LC and missed all the Anok poster? I had to google her

Anonymous 177128

I don't usually sperg over this but to be fair, lc in general is very strict over writing styles being uniform. It's what adds to the anonymity and having a writing style that stands out is often the reason why some anon is being made fun of. Whether it be emoticons, esl shit, yall, aave or whatever someone will definitely point it out. It doesn't help that twitterfags use y'all, but imagine if anons with a boston accent started writing like that like Pixie does with her cringy alter. It stands out kek
Personally I don't care but it's something that I have noticed on lc, anons love the style uniformity way more than on 4chan even though 4chan has that rule too. It's just another form of integration that anons need to get used to.

Anonymous 177129


My husbando

Anonymous 177130



Anonymous 177131

LC back?

Anonymous 177132

Because it's solely contained to celebricows, which is quite different from the rest of /ot/, the rest of lc in general.

Anonymous 177133


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