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Moid Secrets #2 Anonymous 179729

A couple years ago someone did a thread on moid specific secrets. let's do a part 2

Anonymous 179733

This should be obvious but they see nudes as something akin trading cards, like baseball cards for humiliating women, hence why they share them around whenever they receive any.

Anonymous 179745

What's the takeaway from this graph? The only thing I see is that homosexual men are a bit more attracted to women that heterosexual man are attracted to men. Also heterosexual pedos are more attracted to adults than homosexual pedos.

Anonymous 179748


Here's the paper it come from. Tldr even "normal" men have some attraction to children


Anonymous 180097

Yeah they specifically share their ex's nudes to humiliate and ruin her.
Also remember that guy who founded a specific site for revenge porn that doxxed women? Moids get a special kick special kick out of ruining a woman's life. You also see this in the revenge fantasies incels come up with.

Anonymous 180112

Yeah. Nudes have become for trading and for men to nitpick what's wrong. I only ever dated one guy who ever actually acted thankful and appreciated nudes I sent and I have an objectively attractive body. The first guy I started sending nudes to would beg for them to the point of threatening break up and cheating but then when I did he would just tear me apart, point out any change, ignore them, or some other stupid shit. It was always "you gained weight""you lost weight""your boobs got bigger/smaller and my ex had bigger boobs" all while I completely healthy and my weight changed very little if any at all. What's even the point of asking for nudes if all you're going to do is act disinterested?

Anonymous 180246

I will never understand why moids will do nothing but criticize and demean the women they supposedly love.

Anonymous 180340

images (24).jpeg

men know if they want to marry a woman within seconds of meeting her. if he hasnt proposed within 2 years (and im being generous by not saying 2-6 months lol), he is still waiting for the love of his life.

when they really love you, they want to take you off the market ASAP. only way to do it is through marriage, even the ones who "arent ready to settle down yet" "marriage is just a piece of paper anyways" are quick to put a ring on Mrs Right fingers after breaking up with their forever gfs.

many women cant seem to cope with this fact and hide behind the "i dont believe in marriage either" shield yet are still waiting after 10 years of relationship with the same dude for him to propose.

Anonymous 180342

samefag, but ofc men who wants to have easy sex with 4eva gfs (and the 4eva gfs themselves) are gonna deny this fact, listen to the ones who have nothing to lose by admitting it (already married or just pretty honest due to internet 'anonimity'/male-only spaces) they all say the same thing kek.

Anonymous 180343

There is literally no point to marriage unless you wanna be a pickme handmaiden for the rest of your life with someone who will do 30% of what you do and will never appreciate it.

Don't even get me started on how pointless it is to weed through them. Who really wants to waste 10 years of their life pinning all their hopes on an illusion when most men offer garbage, porn addiction, lazyness, they want you to be their mom.

Wasting your life over what's mostly crap to chose from… why should I care anon????

Anonymous 180344

Not to mention most of them are ugly af and it only goes further downhill.

Anonymous 180345


i agree with you nona, im just stating this fact that most women seem oblivious to, for the ones who do not want to waste time.
>"moid secrets"

but if i were to marry a moid i would like one who always liked me from the start, not the one who marries me as a last resort bc hasnt found the love of his life while leaving me on standby for 7years of situationshio, just because hes afraid shitless of dying alone w/o legacy (something they project a lot on women).

knowing male perpetually pedophilic unlovable deceitful nature i would not marry a man. even though there is less % of getting cheaed on and dumped for a younger mommybangmaid if he 'likes' from the very beginning

Anonymous 180350

men are all pedos

Anonymous 181399

this isnt a secret

Anonymous 181413

nice fantasy but marriage guarantees nothing so your theory doesn't hold

Anonymous 181415

oh no no no

Anonymous 181417

then why is it always a female teacher in the news

Anonymous 181426

cuz male pedos get away with it constantly

Anonymous 181464

Because the "news" shows novel things.

Anonymous 181469


nona how do you feel about adoption? or fostering? in my country they let single parents adopt too.

Anonymous 181517

It's jealousy. They know women have deep power over them sexually, so they desperately want their little petty powertrips to cope.

Anonymous 181519

You're pulling that out of your ass. In our current society, there are few reasons to rush getting married. If you have a stable and happy relationship, it barely matters either way.

I would even say that wanting to take their time is a green flag, before a certain point. It means they're taking it seriously and don't want to risk doing it before you've both had a chance to really be sure. Also, weddings and houses are fucking expensive and sometimes the money and opportunity isn't there yet.

Anonymous 181546

Whatever helps you sleep at night

Anonymous 181615

This is the best way to describe it. They hate they want to fuck us and will do anything to make it look like they're doing women favors by ""pretending"" to be interested in us. It's so fucking weird

Anonymous 181842

You sound like a tradwife. Imagine wanting to marry a man who will watch Anal Teen Stepsister Gangbang right before your 50th anniversary and flirt with young waitresses and follow girls half his age on his Instagram and make no mention of you. Many such cases!

Anonymous 181843

50th anniversary dinner*

Anonymous 181849

men deny it all the time ,they say they’re attracted to young women not kids , in reality most are attracted to kids as young as 7, prefer young teens,completely turned off by women over 23.

Anonymous 181850

there’s more male teachers who groom their students , even though most teachers are women, the fact men are pedos can’t be denied

Anonymous 181864

yea no… my parents were and are together for 30+ years without being married. sometimes it has to do with tax shit and stuff as well.

Anonymous 181867

addition: but they are originally third-worlders so might be a different mentality now that i think of it idk.

Anonymous 181882

Keep on clutching

Anonymous 181897

I can tell that you have serious issues

Anonymous 181898

If anything it's more common here. America doesn't have a culture of judging people for "living in sin"

Anonymous 181925

Did you know statistically speaking most women are murdered in their own home by their boyfriend or husband? Men are very easy to obtain so not having one doesn’t mean you aren’t able to, it most likely means you don’t want to.

Anonymous 182376

I know 2 secrets:
>moids are sexually attracted to all ages, but mostly romantically attracted to girls in their teens and younger (they do care about romance, far more than they would ever admit, but are incabable of a lifelong one for this simple reason)
>incels talk about how a moid who suffers from lack of a gf should be saved by a woman, yet no ’incel’ would do a damn thing to save a single mother and her kids, who suffer from lack of a father

Anonymous 182382

You're wrong about the second part, plenty of them do eventually settle for that option out of horniness/loneliness.

Anonymous 182594

Moids are super attracted to novelty. Google the Coolidge effect. That's why loads of moids cheat an attractive women with average/dumpy women

Anonymous 182602

Imagine wanting to marry
Imagine sending nudes

Anonymous 182640

Imagine being a low IQ zoomer who can only express themselves with empty sarcasm

Anonymous 182648

No one wants to be someone's reluctant second choice.

Anonymous 182649

Plenty of people do it anyway.

Anonymous 183065

That is how most moids feel when they are in a relationship wuth a single mother. Like they are a second choice (more like n^100th).

Anonymous 183179

why is it newsworthy when a human bites a dog but not vice versa?

Anonymous 184734


If you're insecure about your boyfriend thinking about fucking the other women in your life, you better not get one because he probably IS thinking about that.

Anonymous 184764

I wish I was a lesbian.
Fuck men, honestly.

Anonymous 184765

Anons with bfs, tell us stories where your bf looked at other women. How'd you deal with it?

Anonymous 184769


Picrel is from the same type of thread: What is something guys never tell their girlfriends

Apparently you shouldn't even tell guys the heavy shit, including any traumas, because they're probably not gonna think it matters.

Anonymous 184774

He looked at another woman with a deep cleavage dress and I ignored because I'd just looked at a guy in a suit with a perfect ass. Neither of us are guilty of thoughtcrime.

Anonymous 184775

Fair enough. As long as you don't act on the thought, right?

Anonymous 184777

Do redditors really reflect ALL men irl though? Maybe terminally online men, but what about normie men who don't really use the internet?

Anonymous 184780

redditors might not reflect all men, but it's not like people using the internet aren't real people you can come across in your lifetime or on a daily basis even. if anything, the internet gives a space for people to say and do things they otherwise wouldn't out of societal pressure, so it's pretty good to gauge how they would behave when no one is watching and judging. something like their true, horrible self beinf revealed.
i believe the average man is often a bad person and a bad boyfriend, regardless of how much time they spend online

Anonymous 184782


THIS male is honest

Anonymous 184793

I don't. Men grow out the honeymoon stage quick and will suddenly want to fuck everyone except for you once it wears off, even if you're objectively more attractive, better in bed, funnier, smarter, etc. I've seen it with my own eyes all the time on other women. The best thing to do is date them, fuck them, when they start getting attached dump them and that's how you make a man truly love you forever. You'll be the hot ex they fap too and it doesn't even give them a chance to suddenly stop losing interest

Anonymous 184794

>Thinking Reddit is anything other than a circlejerk of shills

Anonymous 184797


Anonymous 184798

This should be obvious, but men really are just as petty and dramatic as women are when it comes to friend groups. Tyler said this and Austin didn't like that. Gunner is mad at everyone for not remembering his birthday, even though he never told anyone. Dylan slept with Brandon's ex so Brandon blocked Dylan, and Dylan is now mad at Brandon. Don't feel bad when men tell you that your friend group is destined to fail just because you're women. When men put two brain cells into their friends besides going out for beer or having fun at gun practice, the trust tends to crack and crumble.

Anonymous 184801

Oh yes this ^^^
Ik a male friend group that fell apart because one friend started dating his friend's sister and broke the "bro code" (the rule where youre not supposed to date a friend's relatives - mom, sister, cousin, whatever). The brother ditched and abandoned all of them, stopped talking to his own sister, and the male friends felt sad and cried over it for a while but then shrugged their shoulders and moved on.

Anonymous 184804

>brother ditched everyone and stopped talking to his own sibling
Oh my fucking god males are so sensitive

Anonymous 184808

i would get if it was his ex but a sister???

Anonymous 184810

Ikr it's like he feels entitled that he owns his sister cuz he has to act as "the man of the household" and control who she can or cannot date.
It's definitely a control freak problem.

Anonymous 184815


Men keep photos of their exes. Not just beach, party, or Christmas photos. I'm talking about nudes. Men keep their exes nudes, show them to their buddies, and masturbate to them after months since the breakup, or even while they currently have new girlfriends. Men don't even think this is wrong. They will look at you like you're the retard when you point out that those pics should be deleted. So to all those ladies who sent your boyfriends nudes, those pictures are now in those phones forever because it's quite likely that he's never gonna delete them. I think it's a power dynamic. Males are so fucking creepy, I know.

Anonymous 184817

Based on my experiences, never trust a male who says he doesn't watch porn either. With every guy I met who claimed to not watch porn, I always caught their masks slipping, whether they mess up and use porn lingo, or just by looking at the names of their tabs while they show me something on their phones or PCs. Seriously. Every single time. Surveys were also conducted about males and their porn consumption, and what stayed consistent about the results is that an overwhelmingly large number of men watch or have watched porn. Men lie all the time, and "I never watch porn" has got to be the most blatant one.

Anonymous 184822

My father in law is one of my biggest personal cows tbh
>Got crazy bitch he wasn't even in a relationship pregnant
>Distanced himself and started seeing other women
>Continues to see other women and offers zero support
>Gets Asian lady pregnant and doesn't even give them contact to their family so grandma and grandpa found them via social media
>FIL cheats and leaves Asian lady for crazy ginger bitch, then steals all of the families money and cuts off his own mother and father while ginger bitch convinced FIL that everyone is abusive except them
>FIL and husband reconnect, I end up getting pregnant and they said that we could stay with them until our apartment move in date which won't be til the following month
>They reneg at last second, and would make up reasons like "you didn't get the covid vaccine(after husband made an appointment for it and I had a medical exemption)" then claimed we lied about random stuff because they got our university wrong, leaving us homeless in a Midwestern winter while I was pregnant
>To this day everyone in FIL side is blocked and he doesn't talk to his family at all

Anonymous 184823

Why do men like to pretend like they don't thrive on drama? They don't care when it's stuff like friends getting married, getting a good job, or if they get fucked over at work or some. If they find out any woman in their life has sex related drama they will ABSOLUTELY never shut up about it kek. I once fucked my exes best friend directly after he broke up with me and uninvolved moids absolutely never shut the fuck up about it even when women didn't even care

Anonymous 184825

>fucked my exes best friend directly after the break up
Holy shit, I wish I was this cruel to moids

Anonymous 184921


Scrotes think this is art.
Just a generic beautiful woman staring into space.
And that’s all.
They literally use cutting-edge technology, just to generate endless Stacy mugshots.
Those pics aren’t always lewd either.
I don’t get it.
What’s the secret behind this NPC behavior?

Anonymous 184927


Anonymous 184929


Scrotes are also unaware of what a fair dating scene should look like

Anonymous 184932

As a 25yo lesbian, I’m relieved.

Anonymous 184934

Lesbians are based, even in their sexuality.

Anonymous 184935

I wish I was a lesbian I swear to god
Not even a tiny bit gay like bi. I’m 100% straight
I hate the way I was born

Anonymous 184942

Don't worry. You're not doomed to date men. Just remember that scrote bs is not worth it no matter how hot they look, this is coming from a bi woman.

Anonymous 184950

Yeah at this point I’m thinking of choosing singledom over a scrote boyfriend. A moid will never love me a woman can. His eyes will always wander and latch onto the next shiny new object, like Creed from Too Hot to Handle Season 4 (yes I do watch cringe reality tv to reinforce how awful moids are).
As a side note, all the men in Season 4 literally chased the youngest girl with the biggest breasts even though theoretically ALL the women there are hot and beautiful. It’s depressing that not even these uniquely beautiful woman can sway a moid. The one with the biggest tits and ass and slimmest waist and shortest height and biggest lips and babiest voice and youngest age will always attract them. There was this one girl on there named Brittan who looks like a literal fairy tale elven goddess and she flat out got ignored during first impressions because she’s too skinny.
And yes I am flat chested and slim so watching moids in the wild like this makes me feel insecure and even more worthless. Even if I do end up with a bf, he’s just gonna look at the youngest girl with the perkiest breasts. It honestly sucks so much and leaves me paranoid. So why worth the anxiety dating moids who settle

Anonymous 184953


Don't be afraid of being single, . Men are quite literally overhyped.

Anonymous 185409


Bump to hide CP

Anonymous 185465

Dunno if this really counts, but men are bigger homos than I expected. They'll get a girlfriend, get married and such, but then a lot of them sneak out and have gay sex with males they meet up with. These men will still call themselves straight, but will continue to cheat on their wives with males. I feel bad for women who are used to be the shield of a man's faggot tendencies.

Anonymous 185539

Everyone's got a little bit of bi in them

Anonymous 186293

Looked through his Instagram searches and I felt like I got stabbed. Idk I’ve always been easily jealous, even before I was peaked on porn and things like that, it didn’t sit right with me but i see those girls around and I wanna die still.

Anonymous 207657

I am a janitor, I've cleaned multiple building types with all sorts of restrooms and…
Men get their urine everywhere. When they stand to pee it splashes the wall next to the toilet, dribbles down the front of the bowl, and gets all over the seat, under and above. They also don't even wash their hands because they're dumb enough to believe they didn't get any pee on them…as if the point isn't to also wash off everything you've picked up since your last wash.
The bad ones don't put the seat down when they're done because they're lazy and they think it's gross.
Men bitch that women can't drive when they're literally too retarded to not piss everywhere. The worst part is they've somehow convinced themselves that sitting to go is bad.

This is an example of peak male selfishness and dirtiness. If your man won't sit to go for you then kick his ass to the curb.

Anonymous 207685

Can verify. There was always piss on the ground. The men's room was consistently worse than the women's, but on the occasions the women's room was worse it was WAY worse. Even so, I'd rather deal with the occasional filth bomb than needing to scrub urine out of the grout every single day solely because they can't control splash or aim properly in general.

Anonymous 207923

This brought up some bad memories. I've dumped two moids because they couldn't be toilet trained. It wasn't just piss everywhere, these joyrides included things like forgetting to flush, flushing with the lid open, stinking the room up and sitting in the poop cloud on their phones until the smell of feces got deeply encrusted into their clothes, I'd have to do my makeup and shower in the gas chamber every morning after facing a 40 minute toilet queue in my own house, them not wiping properly, never cleaning the bathroom so I had to scrub their piss off of walls while gagging every few seconds. And it wasn't just the bathroom, their boxers had shit stains and wet spots. These adult human people with jobs and legal rights shat and pissed their pants every day.

I'll never understand why it's so hard for men to piss in the toilet bowl and wipe their asses. Like we fought over it several time and these dudes weren't even embarrassed. I always thought kitty litter smelled foul but when my parents got divorced mom took the cat while the smell went with dad. Just incomprehensible.

Anonymous 208074

100% true & you're lucky if showing them to his friends is where it ends.

Anonymous 208106

I keep nudes from my exes, but I don't ever look at them. I just want to be able to remember as much as I can when I get older.

Anonymous 208115

When men have recently masturbated, then their piss comes out like a lawn sprayer and they have no control over it. I heard my brothers joking about it when their toilet on the construction site inevitably became piss filled after a week.

You'd think that they'd just sit down to pee in that instance, but no.

Anonymous 209253

He was doing it on purpose. I once lived with a moid that would purposely piss all over the toilet floor to get back at me when he was angry with me at something.

Anonymous 209257

and would you end up cleaning it?

Anonymous 209629

Funniest part is that sitting down reduces the risk of prostate cancer, so mr. manly man is actually gambling with his health when doing it standing up.

Anonymous 209716

Are moids really that stupid to not realize that how they casually pee (standing up) is detrimental to their health? What even makes them pee like that anyway? What started it? Do they do it just because they can? You pointing out that the stand-up-to-pee method is harmful only makes me see moids as even dumber.

Anonymous 209777

I can't be mad. If I could aim that easily with my urethra I'd be practicing piss archery every day

Anonymous 209955

Screen Shot 2023-0…

No matter what they claim they like educated women. Even the Taliban members want educated wives.

Anonymous 209964

president of egypt…

They do because it is advantageous for women in their family to be educated. It does not mean they share this for their vision of society. You have to understand they think in terms of family and tribe, they have no nationalism or loyalty to a nationstate or any care for anyone not related to them or affiliated/connected somehow. Not educating women follows from their social ideology (not necessarily religion), but educating their women is so desirable and advantageous that the ideological position is irrelevant and they will make exception for theirs because it makes their family stronger (which is what they ultimately think in terms of, not 'society'). Because they are so family-oriented, they love their children and from that getting their daughter an education and happy life follows naturally. This does not change their ideology but will in practice temper it. They love their family more than current atomised consumerist societies can even comprehend. It's blind, unconditional love and loyalty. It's why this ideology doesn't stop them.

Anonymous 209973

I think many of them do it on purpose. I worked as a janny for a few months and I'd often find toilet paper covered in loads of shit stuck to the walls or the ceiling, obviously on purpose. There's something about the moid brain that makes them want to be evil for the hell of it.

Anonymous 212733

I imagine it works like this:

Every adult man was once boy.
Every boy was once junior high boy.
Every junior high boy was going into puberty.
Every junior high boy going into puberty has uncontrolled junior high erectile responses. Not just full fledged erections, but "semi" erections that make piss spray unpredictable.
Junior high boy spends most of his waking hours at junior high school and 2 hours afterschool activities such as sports.
Junior high school toilet facilities have upright toilets designed for significant spray variation.
Junior high boy thinks he has only to hit the broad side of a barn if pissing upright.

Junior high sitting toilets are sized for those exiting grade 6, and so are lower and shallow.
Junior high boy with an aim-affecting semi cannot sit down to force piss out because the required angle of attack will risk his penis physically touching junior high public toilet surface and contaminating matter or water or not water oh god that's not water at all.

THE DECISION: do not risk touching toilet surface with weird swollen penis even if urine splits into two or three sprays at 120degree angles from each other

Anonymous 215127

anyone else noticed how in the comments of true crime videos, especially if it's a male criminal and a woman victim, there are barely any men at all expressing anger, sadness or sympathy for the victim?
im well aware of how there are more women into true crime than men, but even the ones who do comment usually only compliment the woman narrator lmao or are like "do this other case too" and don't even acknowledge the horrific content of the video

Anonymous 215141

This is cope, I doubt junior high boys have semi erections 24/7

Anonymous 215161



I honestly think part of the problem is the design of toilets, or rather, that they are not designed well to be used by men standing. If the pee is reflected off the surface of the water and bowl with enough force to splash back out, then this is a design flaw. The bowl should be deeper and maybe fish bowl shaped to redirect the reflected piss spatter.

Obviously, this would not fix the disgusting piss dripers who can't aim their dick at something right in front of them.

Anonymous 215166



I assume this is why longer toilet bowls and seats with a cutout are made. Popping a softy into the underside of a toilet seat or the lip of the bowl would be no bueno.

Anonymous 215167

People take insane risks every day doing dumb shit to save 3 seconds while driving to the store, like cutting off transport trucks.
So if they can save 10 seconds when pissing I think a lot of people would do that too if they have the option even if they risk cancer.
It's just some combination of assholes doing it on purpose, lazy idiots and drunks being incompetent, and people with actual medical conditions like parkinson's disease or something.
Most of them can obviously aim when they feel like it.

Anonymous 215193

Men have simple minds. Use sharpie to make a dot on the toilet bowl just above the water line and instead of pissing everywhere, men will aim for dot.

Anonymous 215249

>moids want a woman like this
>no moids want a woman like this!

Moids don't want any type of woman, they want womEN. Several. One to fill each of their fantasies. It's never enough, it's black hole of lust and greed. Give him 10 hot women, and he'll want teenage virgins. Give him teenage virgins, and he'll want little girls. Give him all of that, and he'll want erotic asphyxiation, animals, piss and shit, vaginal prolapses, necrophilia, a Human Centipede creature of his own consisting of all of the above.

Anonymous 216591

>Despite making up 25% of the teachers in the US, male teachers make up roughly 70% teacher/student misconduct

Anonymous 222123

Hard say. I know the white guys like to show off their conquests. But the brown guys here seem to hide them like it’s a secret harem

Anonymous 227609

There is a link one of the comments in the screenshot to this video:

Is it supposed to be funny?

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