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Lolcow Bunker Thread #006 Planned Downtime Anonymous 189597

Anonymous 189599

The previous thread had a young Mike from RLM at the start, so this thread is already inferior.

Anonymous 189601

Why is the newmin still an admin?
It's been a whole year and she did absolutely nothing other than sabotage lolcow.
Can't even communicate with others until people start spamming with complaints, moderators are not doing much (cp and other stuff would stay up for days), /m/ is still broken, all of the promised 'new website code' from oldmin really sounds nothing but a big fat lie now.

Anonymous 189602

the b.jpeg

lolcor bebe my beloved

Anonymous 189603



Anonymous 189605

headed straight to /g/ when lolcow is back because this is the first I'm hearing that other mikefags exist

Anonymous 189606

Can anyone tell me why you'd go to a night club unless it's exactly like this?

Anonymous 189607

cat (13).jpg

@Admin: Open the site now before I have to step in.

Anonymous 189608


I read that most people age 18-29 live with their parents now since great depression.
I moved back in with my parents 3 years ago now, I like it and see them all the time but also miss privacy and worry my social life is being retarded and people will judge me.
does lolcow live with parents?

Anonymous 189610

Yeah? But I am not a burger, I think in most places people don't move out in their 20s unless it's for practical reasons.

Anonymous 189611

I fought with my fiance today and wish lolcor was up already so I could vent, trash talk him and clutch my damn pearls. I am really mad, but it is honestly my fault for dating a scrote.

Anonymous 189612

I think I saw you posting about this on /ot/, maybe in the vent thread? I hope there aren't a lot of nonas getting ED-triggered by dasha and anna. what is it about them that gets to you? if you don't mind me asking. I feel like they have some special formula as well that makes me feel like it might be a good idea for me to starve myself but I can't figure out why and I haven't succumbed to it thankfully.

>uber emergency contact
I'm sorry this made me laugh very hard. that's deranged.

Anonymous 189613

no I left when I was 18. couldn't go back if I wanted to honestly.

Anonymous 189614

Yes we are, stay strong!

Anonymous 189615

randal cut down the internet i just know it

Anonymous 189616

WHY must you always ruin these threads. why. every fucking time

Anonymous 189617

Im 26 and moved back into my parents a couple months ago to save money. I have my own living space in their house but I can’t stand it for all the reasons you listed. I’m getting my own apartment again as soon as I can.

Anonymous 189618

kek yes that was me. i'd get redtexted on lolcor if i was too blunt but i hate them both so fucking much, if i didn't feel so physically unwell i'd want to beat them up. if it's just one of the ana thread cows i don't care because i already know they're unwell, tbh i don't even visit that thread much, but i kind of feel with redcows it's a grey area where they're not really suffering but they act like they are because their idea of being anorexic is cool and glamorous. i don't feel cool and glamorous and i don't like them at all, i know i'm thinner than them but i feel so much weird pressure about it.

Anonymous 189619


it was cruel of dasha to post this pic of anna

Anonymous 189620

Don't people in most countries still live with their parents in their 20s? For some reason in america you're seen as some loser for doing it. Shit idc if someone thinks I'm a loser, my parents love me and I don't pay for anything. Anyone who's mean about it just seems bitter and jealous

Anonymous 189621

i'd rather have an aids infested monkey nut in both my ears than listen to 10 minutes of their narcissistic drivel

Anonymous 189622

>average nona on ugly men you find hot thread

Anonymous 189623

when is lc coming back

Anonymous 189624

late but which oney guy?

Anonymous 189625

Anna's own flesh and blood sister is the one who took the picture and posted it. dasha reposted it though I guess.

Anonymous 189630

i'm a burger who still lives at home and i try to not tell people about it as long as i can kek it makes me feel like a loser

Anonymous 189631

I left for an hour against my will because my disk space was suddenly 100% full and my laptop kept booting up in read only mode. I am a tech retard but I run linux mint for funsies (it runs smoother than windows on my old laptop so I prefer it). This retard got back in though, so fuck you tech overlords. You can't keep me from my shitposting!!!

Anonymous 189632

That thread really shows how some women have no standards. It's no wonder the ugliest men in the world believe they deserve the hottest hotties even though they themselves look like a troglodyte. Women please stop propping up the nastiest looking moids, you are giving them egos they do NOT deserve

Anonymous 189633

This burger thing of leaving your parents house is so difficult to understand. Like, are you rich? If you aren't why drain yourself like that?

Anonymous 189634

As a burger I don't get it myself, granted my mom doesn't want me to leave and kind of babies me sometimes.

Anonymous 189635

independence, baby. that's what they sell us. also some people don't have good relationships with their parents.

Anonymous 189636

I left when I was 18 because my mother isn't the best.

Anonymous 189637

Anonymous 189638

I mean the slow/delay definition

Anonymous 189639

it makes my irrationally happy to hear people rant about linux
like when josh does it on streams
ilu babe

Anonymous 189641

That is so bourgeois.

Anonymous 189642

I was crying while frantically reading through tech forums not understanding shit and inputting random sudo commands. Surprised I didn't delete something important (but we'll see kek)

Anonymous 189643

this is nice program to figure out what is using up space

Anonymous 189644

if i see the josh posters irl i'm gonna beat them up.

Anonymous 189645

nonas i need advice? i have this younger female friend, i want to be there for her like an older sister but she is so socially averse its difficult. the thing is that she is quite antisocial and doesnt understand how she comes across (oftentimes cold or mean tbh). she says she doesnt like having friends, she doesnt care if people hate her, etc. but she must actually like me since she still keeps in contact, we hang out sometimes etc? we are both in stem (the same major actually) and i feel we both have a bit in common as loners, etc, i can relate to being misunderstood at her age. im not really sure how to approach being her friend though because while she complains of being hated/people thinking she is weird/mean she isnt receptive of my advice either, and often our conversations reach dead ends too so im not really sure what to offer her as a friend. am i overthinking it? i think she has the tism or something. but im friends with other spergs so i didnt think it would be this big of a problem. im not sure what to do.

Anonymous 189646

I bet when/if Jerma and his new gf break up it'll be incredibly dramatic.

Anonymous 189647

"American Dream" or something. But in this economy? Fuck no! As if I'd love to pay some random fuck all my money for a shitty place to live where I can hear all my neighbors movements, and they can kick me out without a moment's notice.

Anonymous 189649

it can be couple things
- boomer parents get resentful and kick you out
- no good job opportunities near home
- better social life

Anonymous 189650

the trick is to get old enough that it flips and now your parents live with you instead (bc they are old)

Anonymous 189651

y r u gay

Anonymous 189654

my grandma had alzheimers if my mom gets it I don't know what i'll do
it's bad but I would prefer she just dies

Anonymous 189655

Kek anon if I was in STEM I'd think you were my friend. I have the 'tism along with depression so I find it really hard to socialise, even though I care about my friends and want a more active social life. In my case I actually worry about how I come across, maybe your friend is the same? I'd just approach it in a gentle way, like just ask how she is and explain that you're there for her and can always support her in social situations if she starts to feel uncomfortable. This probably isn't helpful at all but good luck nona.

Anonymous 189657

yeah i am afraid of that for both my mother and my father in law, that shit is rough!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to us

Anonymous 189658

Thank you nona!! But my disk analyzer told me it was Timeshift this time (like it is every time kek). I didn't realize just how big the frequent snapshots were when I first installed mint, so I switched it to monthly snapshots almost a year ago and didn't have any issues… then suddenly today it fucked me over bad out of nowhere and took up a massive enough amount of space to block me out. I couldn't even get into Timeshift to delete the snapshots because there was so little disk space that my computer could barely run. I restarted my laptop not realizing this and then was locked into the tty1 screen for an hour kekkkk.

Anonymous 189659

>boomer parents get resentful and kick you out
This is very real in america actually. I forgot about that since I left on my own but actually my siblings got booted before they were ready and it was a big problem for them. dad didn't care. "see you at thanksgiving" was what he would say lol

Anonymous 189661


Anonymous 189662

He is fat though

Anonymous 189665

I can't believe he ruined his life to run a forum.

Anonymous 189666

Every time I feel bad for being an American, I realize I could be Australian and I buck right up. On an unrelated note, please lice yourselves Dannofags and stop living Danno this is an official KINKSHAME

Anonymous 189668


how do i cope with feeling i have to interact with people and leaving them hanging or whatever

people in question are moids i think i should not talk to moids again

Anonymous 189669

you have an ENTIRE thread to spam. why are you guys like this?

Anonymous 189672

imagine a world where girls were stronger than boys

Anonymous 189674


i cannot believe there are n0nnies that want to fuck this, his teeth look like tic tacs

Anonymous 189675

Why do people here keep making threads with coomer manga art in the op? (Rhetorical question)

Anonymous 189676

Maybe even 7 feet tall?

Anonymous 189679

Biggest tic tacs I've ever seen. I bet he's packing and enjoys nipple stimulation.

Anonymous 189680

maybe you can rewire your brain to see them as the ghouls they are. truly they are not glamorous. it's probably why they don't do live shows even though all their peers do (probably would shatter the filtered illusion)

Anonymous 189681


i have a friend who went from she/they to full they/them, is it too late for her?

Anonymous 189682

My stomach is so upset right now, I just wanted to sleep early fuuuckk

Anonymous 189683

idc about this guy but those teeth are normal

Anonymous 189684

I opened a twitter account and it was just mediocre sketches, anime boys, and jerma pictures.
I didn't know this was such a type.

Anonymous 189686

She sounds a bit like I was. I would have appreciated someone like you to talk to sometimes. All I can say is that I don't reach out to the few friends I have much at all, because I don't want to socialise, but I like that they are there. It only works when both parties are comfortable with that much distance though, of course. You sound like a nice friend though nona. Keep being there (if it's what you want) and don't overthink it.

Anonymous 189688

A tranny is demanding to be let into the female communal areas of the spa I work at. He wants to be allowed into the women’s locker rooms and women’s showers. And we have to accommodate because he can sue us if we don’t.

I hope I don’t have to massage him.

Anonymous 189690

I do. I don't really mind it. Living rent free is nice, and I'm saving up for a down payment on my own place. I live in one of the most expensive cities in burgerland, why bother paying rent?

One of my cousins who works as an accountant moved out in her early 20s. Moved back in in her late 30s. She still works as an accountant and makes bank, but she's also saving up to buy a place. I don't know if she pays rent to my aunt, but there's no way it's more than paying rent elsewhere.

Anonymous 189691

I know what she di…

the house prices go up faster than I can save

Anonymous 189692


the popovy sisters make a bjd body that's transparent and I love looking at it

Anonymous 189693

Imagine having this ugly fat moid as your husbando instead of any 2d cutie.
Hell even the danofags have better taste and he is ugly as fuck.

Anonymous 189694


an older lady told me she thought there would be a real estate "reset" soon (but not a crash) because these prices aren't sustainable. but she couldn't elaborate. I hope she's right, I would like to own a home.

Anonymous 189697


anyway us (2d) trapfags are so oppressed

Anonymous 189698


Anonymous 189701

That's just a girl with short hair. You trapfags are mentally retarded.

Anonymous 189702

I am so deprived of milk from my favorite cows that I had to read about Brazilian cows on some shady facebook group, Shaymin you will pay me.

Anonymous 189703

nayrt but ive been obsessively watching the market in my city and have seen prices starting to fall. Lots of houses cutting their prices by 10k - 50k+ so I'm hopeful homes will get more affordable soon, even with the high interest rate

Anonymous 189704

Is it safe to shop online with a VPN? Will my credit card information and personal info be at risk?

Anonymous 189705

This thread just gets worser and worser. Burn it down and start over.

Anonymous 189707

Just think about the fact these men would not think twice about leaving you hanging so why should you feel bad for doing it to them?

Anonymous 189708

As frustrating as this is, I didn't expect anything better from shaymin. My bet is lc remains off-line through christmas

Anonymous 189709

It comes back the day after Christmas, and all that has changed is there are snow falling graphics

Anonymous 189711

I'm the first anon who posted about wanting to buy a place and I'm hoping for the same! There are still a handful of decently priced places in my city, and even if they are technically expensive, the monthly payments are still very close to rent prices. Only issue is forking up that down payment. Besides that, why the fuck would I bother paying exorbitant rent when I can pay that same exact exorbitant price but own the place I live in?

Anonymous 189712

The VPN provider can't see your cc or personal info.

Anonymous 189713

How long til miner mods/admin tell us to stop making bunker threads and get over it?

Anonymous 189714

I live in a place that went super insane with their prices during the pandemic. It got to the point that it priced out everybody except someone filthy rich. But the thing is, someone filthy rich would be retarded to live here. So prices are dropping like crazy. The issue is mortgages are still insane so now we just gotta wait til those crash. People got greedy as FUCK during the pandemic. Studio apartments here are around $15k a month. I live in a landlocked state, not along the border. What the fuck is up with that kek

Anonymous 189715

Anonymous 189716

shaymin wanted us to all spend our holidays with friends and family

Anonymous 189718

>Studio apartments here are around $15k a month
wtf where

Anonymous 189719

>Studio apartments here are around $15k a month. I live in a landlocked state, not along the border.
what the fuck lol

Anonymous 189721

omg my bad I meant $1.5k!!! 15k would be insane kek

Anonymous 189722


Who is she…

Anonymous 189723

where the fuck is lolcow. did they break it

Anonymous 189724

I bet they still won't get rid of the daddy's little porkchop banner

Anonymous 189725

Creamy Mami

Anonymous 189726

rent is so bad I was ready to believe you. i was gonna guest Aspen, CO (they seem crazy enough there to do it)

Anonymous 189728


Anonymous 189730

Hes only cute in this gif

Anonymous 189731

Does anyone remember anons having a fight about whether or not Australian girls were the most attractive in a previous bunker thread?

Anonymous 189732

Is anyone up for an infight or…?

Anonymous 189733

I'm surprised I saw anon defending some of the weirder banners and saying it's stupid to complain about them. Like how? Anons can't even share certain harmless opinions or joke or post a picture of fat ass without being told to die, but us not wanting to see some womans greased up booty or corndog blow job's is weird?

Anonymous 189735

Admins probably happy to see a spike in users and I'm sure some anons are lurking other parts of the site. I don't think they will

Anonymous 189736

>post a picture of fat ass
Did you post a picture of a fat ass and get told to die?

Anonymous 189737

No not this time but another thread I did. Some other weirdo posted him.

Anonymous 189738

And not a "fat ass" but fat scrote to clarify I'm not posting actual fat asses.

Anonymous 189739

people can hate fat scrotes and shitty banners at the same time you know

Anonymous 189741


Good night for the nonnerinas in a similar time zone as mine. Hope you have good husbando dreams, 2D or 3DPD.

Anonymous 189742

Am I the only one who side eyes youtubers who play games but are always calling a female characters bitches? I remember back when the walking dead was really was popular, I watched a youtuber and he was calling Clementine a "little bitch " immediately.

Anonymous 189744

Thank you n0nny, same to you <3

Anonymous 189745


My new medication is giving me the shits

Anonymous 189746

I was complaining about the disliking I was complaining about the uptick of weirdos telling people to kill themselves over every little thing, like the retard last thread. That gives off scrote vibes.

Anonymous 189747

Tbh I think it's mostly newfags complaining about the banners. I can see wanting the daddy's porkcop banner gone because it's a cow that no one really knows or cares about, but the other ones are so harmless and banners are meant to reflect some of the site's history. Even the "but I get those banners in public!" thing doesn't make any sense to me because we get so much more worse stuff posted on lolcow, and you can just scroll away or reload the page. Not sure why you would even go on lolcow while someone is close enough to see it.

Anonymous 189748

Good night it's 9:38pm for me

Anonymous 189751

Ok that makes more sense hahahahahaha. 15k would've been even more than my expensive ass state's studios!!! A friend of mine lives in a 1br rent stabilized apartment and it's 1.7k and tiny as fuck.

Anonymous 189752

I'm not a newfag I just think it's gross and annoying. It's only really two banners I hate and it seems I get those two the most kek

Anonymous 189753

that deserves more than just side eye

Anonymous 189755


More pictures of Heather's new scrote just dropped, she's throwing down "I love you" already too

Anonymous 189757

Anyone else really thought chocolate and strawberry milk were made by chocolate and strawberry cows? Also in my elementary strawberry and blue milk would get you picked at.

Anonymous 189758

he looks so much like my sister's bf here lol

Anonymous 189759


Note the edgily titled can of water

Anonymous 189760

>tfw almost everyone in my nsfw fandom group likes piss or guro or both at the same time.
Goddamn it.

Anonymous 189761

I wish my parents were stable enough to live with them. Ones dead but that wouldn’t be the case if they weren’t anyways. And my grandparents can’t afford it on one side and the other one hates me because he was abusive and allowed abuse for the parent and them so I try to contact them as little as possible even though they’re a millionaire

Anonymous 189762

Some Heatherfag please give me the rundown on this woman, I've browsed /snow/ for years and could not tell you a single thing about her.

Anonymous 189764


I hate how cute I think he is. I know he's a garbage, bottom of the barrel moid, but part of me craves that shit. It's that "I can fix him" mentality that I know is bullshit, but I can't shake it. I want to argue with him over cows and have noisy, passionate sex afterward. I feel as though I shouldn't even be saying these things because I know men browse cc and will get an ego boost thinking they aren't the pieces of shit they are. That fucking eyebrow raise he does in that gif, though, dear god.

Anonymous 189765


He has that real generic scrote look (ing dump over for now, will repost whenever lolcor is back if another anon doesn't)

Anonymous 189766

they should get shit on because they don't know how to use an adblocker to block site images. 2 or 3 clicks and it's gone
I would not defend the banners themselves though

I noticed more of that lately before lolcow went down. it doesn't affect me since I'm not a low-self-esteem teenager anymore but it's really out of place and spoils the mood of the thread. always in a reply to something innocuous too. contributes nothing.

Anonymous 189767

I just found a fanfic whose writing I really like but it's only halfway done and it was last updated 1 month ago, like 2 days after uploading, so I'm worried it won't get updates. Why does my favorite ship have to have almost 0 good content. Now what am I gonna do while lolcow is closed.

Anonymous 189768

I was shocked to learn that liquid death water is not even carbonated. literally just flat water in a can.

Anonymous 189769

I never wanted to get into her because I always felt she looked like the rare Cow that isn't a bad person just weird/annoying/mentally ill and made dumb decisions randomly. Also would like a run down she looks cute at least

Anonymous 189770

thank you nonner for looking out for your fellow heatherfags, all 10 of us kek. I would say it's insane that she's already saying I love you, but this is Heather. Also, these pics just show even more obviously how unfortunate his hairline is. My man's hair is scraggly. He's balding!

Anonymous 189771

does the ship have any good art to look at? could sate your hunger while waiting.

Anonymous 189772

I used to think that too. Brown cows are chocolate milk cows!

Anonymous 189773


there's 2 versions, one is sparkling

Anonymous 189774

She's basically harmless but stuck in a vicious cycle of her own making as she works through every "spooky" scrote in her local area, goes hard within days and scares most of them off. She's known this one for like a week. She likes to proclaim each new scrote is the love of her life which of course sends them running for the hills. Also she has a stalker ex husband who is known to post in the threads as well as his furry degenerate friend.
But compared to most cows, she has a normal job, is not a sex worker, not an addict, and her mento illness (see above, serious dependency issues) could be treated I think if she got a therapist instead of looking to random scrotes to save her.

Anonymous 189776

It's 2 female side characters from a game that only came out like 1 year ago to not much fanfare. So very little fanart, like 2 or 3 drawings at most.

Anonymous 189777

wow she's just like me

Anonymous 189778

that's adorable n*nna

Anonymous 189779

The other is just water? What is special about it?

Anonymous 189780


im so bored why is this taking so long i miss the vidja gam thread in /m/ he;lp

Anonymous 189781

it'll murder your thirst!

Anonymous 189782

Thinking about the time when I acted really sore about my breakup and I found every way to contact my ex. That's basically stalking and harassment. I don't think it would have ended as badly as it did if I didn't go off on my ex and just moved on and respected boundaries. I feel ashamed, embarrassed, guilt. Never gonna throw away my dignity like that again.

Anonymous 189783

No b/c as a kid we would make strawberry and chocolate milk ourselves at home? Do other people only buy it or make it away from their kids or something?

Anonymous 189785



Anonymous 189786


Small tuna update- wonder if she will over the holidays or already has

Anonymous 189787

Hehe why is this lolcor bebe

Anonymous 189788

So, it's edgy Fiji water?

Anonymous 189789

I remember hearing that its for alcoholics who still want to have the social aspect of drinking.

Anonymous 189790

And does alcoholism kill enough braincells for them to buy this bullshit?

Anonymous 189791

yes but it's in a can

Anonymous 189795

I thought it was an energy drink the first time I saw it
it does kinda look like a malt liquor drink

Anonymous 189796

I never had goat milk, I don't like cow milk unless mixed with something, but I heard that goat milk is great.

Anonymous 189797

Yeah, I heard it was for people who wanted to blend in a situation where social drinking is acceptable other than at a club or party (like a concert) but didn't want to drink. idk it all seems very surface level "ughhh i want to look coooool"

Anonymous 189798

thanks it actually helps a lot to hear this. she probably just has an extremely short social battery even more than mine but at the same time it must be a comfort to her to have a friend looking out for her. ill just take things with a grain of salt and not try to be overly invested either

Anonymous 189799

>"Hey, aren't you drinking that overpriced water? Are you retarded?"

Anonymous 189800


At school I'd get these in elementary (I'm 27 to be 28). They came in Chocolate, strawberry, regular flavor (green) and blue

Anonymous 189801

What was the difference between the green and blue milk?

Anonymous 189803

what does green milk taste like? mold?

Anonymous 189804


my bebe!

Anonymous 189805


Anonymous 189806


Anonymous 189808

1.5k is still pretty crazy for an apartment with basically no rooms

Anonymous 189809

we are expected to get a big blizzard in a few days here and people are buying food like crazy. Empty shelves and long lines at some big stores here

Anonymous 189810

same here. my fridge has enough food to cover me though, luckily; helps that vyvanse kills my appetite so i take smaller meals these days anyway

Anonymous 189811


Anonymous 189812

>huge project to finish
>only 23 days to finish it
oh god why did i major in cs if i don't get this done i might kill myself fr wish me LUCK nonas i spent today paralyzed with fear

Anonymous 189813

did you stock up?

Anonymous 189814

good luck nona i believe in you! you should start asap but try to not stress yourself out more than necessary

Anonymous 189816

23 days is a long time
waht's the project

Anonymous 189817

Blue was skim milk and green was regular.

Anonymous 189818

damn we still down? merry chrimmas seeya lolcor :(

Anonymous 189819

we are expected to get a tiny amount of snow here (Portland OR) and everyone is buying food like crazy (empty shelves etc) because the entire city shuts down if the snow sticks. everyone knows they could be stuck at home for days. so stupid that an entire city cannot mobilize plows for the snow that comes literally every year. I don't care if the salt is bad for the environment, holy shit, salt the roads!

Anonymous 189820

Good luck!!

Anonymous 189821


nona my sympathies are with you. next semester im finishing an art degree that i had abandoned for a different major and i found out the new paraprofessional is a barely attempting to "pass" (literally just a man in eyeliner kek) tranny calling himself "cecilia". its a really small department so im dreading running into him there or anywhere else tbh. but the good news is i bought picrel ovary necklace on etsy to troll him/ misogynists in general and im so excited for it to arrive. wish there was more we could do though.

Anonymous 189822

Not really lol I do work in a grocery store myself so I can probably nab a couple items on my lunch

Anonymous 189824

I love phone posting

Anonymous 189825

>maintenance scheduled for the 19th
>it's now the 22nd in my timezone and lolcor still down
beginning to lose hope nonas

Anonymous 189826

I've been on lolcow for almost 2 years and I still really don't entirely know what the big deal with Shayna is. The amount of threads about her are intimidating to comb through tbh and the only major thing I've gleaned from them is that she's a trashy whore I guess? I suppose it's just one of those things where you can only understand it if you've been there when it happened.

Anonymous 189827

What's the shop name? I want one

Anonymous 189828

I want to order tacos and call in sick tomorrow, so I'll compromise by ordering in and going to work I guess

Anonymous 189829

Sometimes I post on lolcow with my phone and Puter at the same time (same anon)

Anonymous 189830


i'm gay for lizzy caplan

Anonymous 189831

The biggest shay news was that her parents were begging her to quit and would literally pay for her to go to school. I think that's why I get so tilted inside in her threads. She could be doing anything else, it annoys the fuck out of me when she sad posts about any small inconvenience and wants to die, as if she has no choice but sex work. That's really the horror of shayna. Other then that she boring repetitive and I don't know why I go to her thread expecting anything less

Anonymous 189832

I think it's because we're just waiting to see just how bleak her life will get. It's not like Venus where her downward spiral was hard, fast and depressing the whole way. Shayna could have easily been a normal girl with an office job and an apartment in her name, but she chose to be a trashy, nasty bottom of the barrel "sex worker".

Anonymous 189833

got to build a webstack from scratch plus some other features (purchasing a product and buying it).
i'm just gonna muscle through this so i can do what i've decided to do (ui/ux) and not ruin anything with my poor programming skills

Anonymous 189834

kek dont say that because when i lived there (not anymore) and worked at new seasons they wouldnt make us come in during "inclement weather" and i would always get the day off when it snowed and it was the best. wish it was like that where i live now. reminds me of being a kid

Anonymous 189835

this is how I feel about Lori. it's the delusion/not picking a normal 9-5 when they could and basically digging their own grave.

Anonymous 189837

yeah it's nice that your job doesn't give you shit about it and having an adult "snow day" is kinda novel, but it just chaps my ass because I'm from new england and it's like portland has a mental illness or something

Anonymous 189839

This is why I think it’s weird anons say they wish she would have a turn around and she won’t. She is too up her own ass and loves being a gross pickme for men who she pays to fuck her. She is a pickme for pedophilic men, sexualizo go baby clothes and diapers. I don’t want to sound psycho or whatever but i think it’s good she is getting fatter and miserable, it’s what she deserves for being such a shit person who doesn’t think of anyone but herself

Anonymous 189840


Anonymous 189841

Sexualizing* le phone poster

Anonymous 189842

damn CC is a lot idk, sweeter than lolcow? we're kind of assholes in comparison lmao (or is it just the farmhands? idk)

Anonymous 189844

why am I attracted to him

Anonymous 189846

I think it’s both Kek. Lots of unhinged posters on lc and the farmhands being snarky. Cc seems to pride themselves on being “comfy” and nice, don’t think that’s a bad thing though. I saw they are recruiting more mods so good for them, they can deter off the nasty moids

Anonymous 189847

>>189827 AmeliaRayJewelryShop on etsy. i ordered it in sliver and only paid $40 but i think she sold out until after the holidays or something? i love it though its so pretty. i knew i wanted a terfy necklace, it was that or one with a venus symbol but i think i would feel too obvious wearing that. i hope i make a terf friend by wearing it (and scare away males with it as a bonus)

Anonymous 189848

I’m sure someone would love to tell you the good threads to read where shit goes down. The bulk of her threads are skippable because this bitch lives the most miserable groundhog day.

Anonymous 189849

I agree. I've started branching out to other image boards to see if I can find another I like. cc is cute but I miss the lc unhinged cattiness

Anonymous 189850

nta but thank you! i will definitely check out her shop, that necklace is so cute
i need to wear more terfy jewelry. i started wearing a double venus necklace but then a tim classmate complemented me on it so now i feel like that's been ruined lol

Anonymous 189851

girl why is maneskin such shit

Anonymous 189852

okay now you're just lying for no reason kek there is nobody worse than the retarded inbred neanderthal hammerhead shark looking ass incel christian she used to be with

Anonymous 189853

Post pics

Anonymous 189854

there was tons of unhinged cattiness in the previous bunkers. just wait a few hours and it'll happen again kek

Anonymous 189855

I would in a heartbeat if lolcow was back up. I don't remember his name so I can't search him up, I think his account was private anyway so the only images of him were in her thread

Anonymous 189856

venus symbol is terfy? good lord culture is really shitty now isn't it

Anonymous 189857

My guess is he doesn’t pass at all and has all his bio-junk because management had to have a whole meeting about him. And they’re trying to work around not subjecting women to his perversions while also avoiding being sued.

Sympathies tho nona. I likely won’t ever have to see this freak and you’ll be seeing it for awhile

Anonymous 189859

How can I signal to other n0nnies in the wild? What would make you think "oh, she browses lolcow"?

Anonymous 189860

Omg for a minute I thought the necklace was an outline of a cow face. Like the fallopian tubes/ovaries were the ears

Anonymous 189861

cow print blouse and braided pigtails

Anonymous 189862

I love what u said nonn ie. that’s so cute. We should have that as some sort of radfem symbol or something on 2x, like a cow but it can also be a uterus. Idk if anyone could make that work

Anonymous 189863


drankin and vibing to chisato moritaka with my cat on this fine wednesday night. wish lc was up but cc is nice too, the banners are super cute here

Anonymous 189864

If lolcow had cute subtle merch I'd buy it. Like how kiwifarms has those fucking autism patches. I feel nobody would know what the fuck a lolcow is, they'd probably think it's one of those cheese brands and you know how people like wearing shirts with brands on them.
Like skittles

Anonymous 189866

Was supposed to wash my hair today but woke up late, so I didn’t. Now I’ll have to wash it tomorrow, but I wanted to wash it on friday because I’m meeting a friend then… Pray that the dry shampoo will cut the grease enough to make me look presentable at my job’s holiday party tomorrow kek.

Anonymous 189868

i think they should do cute cow stickers for discreet merch. i would totally get one and put it on my water bottle

Anonymous 189869

a t-shirt with the hall & oats copypasta
jewelry or accessories of that tiny cow that appears at the bottom of every page

Anonymous 189870

mention what a girlboss jodi arias kek

Anonymous 189871

Has the admin ever tried to make money from the site? Does 4chan has merch???

Anonymous 189872

i bought this shit on accident once because i thought it would be sparkling water but i got the plain one and i was so annoyed. SO annoyed.

Anonymous 189873


Anonymous 189874


Anonymous 189875

The sparkling version one has I think 3 different flavours available besides just sparkling water. I got some on a road trip

Anonymous 189876

Lolcor chic

Anonymous 189877


me leaving here and walking into /ot/ to shitpost in the dumbass thread when site comes back

Anonymous 189878


Anonymous 189879


don't forget to accessorize

Anonymous 189881

borzoi nona.jpg

this is what the lolcow borzoi looks like irl in my imagination

Anonymous 189882


Anonymous 189883

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 189884

whoops meant to say "borzoi nona"

does she actually have a borzoi or does she just like them? is she multiple people?

Anonymous 189886

lolcow pool toy.jp…

this is for sale on amazon
"Swimline LOL Cow Inflatable Pool Float"

Anonymous 189887


Anonymous 189888

currently saving this for the next dumbass shit threadpic

Anonymous 189890

Or what?????

Anonymous 189891

how many days has it been down?
time is foggy

Anonymous 189892

2-3 days depending on your time zone.

Anonymous 189894

I keep getting recommended relationship content on Instagram and the amount of retardation when it comes to dating is mind boggling. Weirdos in the comments saying that a woman can’t stay faithful during ONE night out and texting her boyfriend the occasional updates or like bragging about weird shit like sleeping with each other on FaceTime every night? I’m not all that lucky in love but holy shit sometimes I’m convinced the only way to get a moid to stay is to have no fucking expectations.

Anonymous 189900


if you invite me over and you have a cow print beanbag chair I'm gonna look at you like this

Anonymous 189912

Screenshot 2022-12…


Anonymous 189913

it's like an echo

Anonymous 189915

cow slippers.jpg

i think it's cute

Anonymous 189916


We are currently witnessing nonys trying to spell the full alphabet.

Anonymous 189919

How many gb's do you think lolcow is?

Anonymous 189920


Anonymous 189922


This bitch.

Anonymous 189923

who is spamming letters and why

Anonymous 189925


>jewelry or accessories of that tiny cow that appears at the bottom of every page

Anonymous 189929

me and 2 other nons cause we're bored

Anonymous 189931


Anonymous 189939


clearly too long the girlies are discussing making lolcow merch to recognize each other in public. I wish the site would start running again bc none of us are coping

Anonymous 189942


Anonymous 189943


we did it!

Anonymous 189944

nonys.. i think the alphabet posts are being deleted..

Anonymous 189946


they are not doing a very good job

Anonymous 189947


Anonymous 189949

I’ve been reading the Shayna threads since the first one that was deleted. Initially I read them because i idolized her from tumblr, she had hundreds of thousands of followers and was my age and got famous for smoking weed. As a 17 year old that seemed cool as fuck. After ##i quit camming and## she started camming i was intrigued. Her thread reminds me every day I did the right thing, even 6 years later. I would say the highlights are in the first few threads, just the wack-ass videos she’d make
>meeting up with random old man in Seattle and posting his foot in her pants
>video shoving frying pan handle in her asshole dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled, a children’s movie
>out-of-nowhere diaper fetish video
>followed closely by peeing in a children’s training potty sat atop her rug
The Ballad of the Star Blanket also never ends, that’s been a running joke for years, although I haven’t seen it in a while. I’m pretty sure it was nearby in that kids potty video. Shortly after, she meets Fupa and finding out his garbage was exciting, we got a few breakup sagas that were each more boring than the next. The cam shows are usually funny. She has a terrible attitude now. But her videos were hilarious at Fupa’s place
>office secretary themed video
>shot in closet, no windows
>white wire shelves on walls
>dog crate covered with a blanket = desk
It is something you sort of have to be there for. The latest exciting saga was Vivi posting, but her visits to different cons churned out some funny photos as well. The end of her time in Oklahoma is a thread I’d like to revisit to see if she’s gotten that fat again. I’m just waiting to see what happens next.

Anonymous 189950

what're you nonners doin'? I'm drawing to pass the time

Anonymous 189951

stare into the infinite void and question my existence

Anonymous 189952

fanfic reading with 4 blankets wrapped around me, it's so fucking cold

Anonymous 189954

thank you for your service

Anonymous 189955

A thousand pardons s, a "janny" sent word that she didn't want to be a killjoy but things were getting to messy so she had to put an end to the alphabet game

Anonymous 189957

you'll never catch me in public with my cow slippers

Anonymous 189958

What did we do?

Anonymous 189959

>weird question, do you hate borzois?

Anonymous 189961

trying to sing the alphabet together. mods deleted 90% of the posts tho

Anonymous 189962


What janny? From where? Is this "janny" in the room with us right now?

Anonymous 189963

samefag but damn i wanted to see if we could spell long words together too like banana

Anonymous 189964


This always gets me on the eror page. What can i do? Whats happening?

Anonymous 189965


I've made a mistake looking for cow print items to post itt, I'm about to actually buy this one

Anonymous 189966

when i see this picture my autsim brain thinks
>floor is glue
>pull the plug and they will fall into hole when glue drains

Anonymous 189967

Now I see it too, it does look like glue doesn't it?

Anonymous 189968

Beware of the forbidden glue hole

Anonymous 189969

New jcs vid dropped a few hours ago btw

Anonymous 189970



Anonymous 189971

>I like your shoelaces

Anonymous 189972

it will be for a while

Anonymous 189973


same anon this is how it feels to me (rough mock up)

Anonymous 189974


I want floors like picrels

Anonymous 189975


Anonymous 189976

Which one are you, the absolute retard waste of space who should've been shot on site or the cop?

Anonymous 189977

Anonymous 189978

How to cause autistic meltdown in lolcow users

Anonymous 189979

I'm stupid I'm sorry I thought you were saying you were one of the people in the pic, please forgive me

Anonymous 189980

girlies, i’ve been eyeing the shayna threads for months but the fact there’s over 100 stresses me out. is there a particular thread i should start at or the beginning or what? i wanna laugh at her too but that’s a lot of reading, wheh.

Anonymous 189981

kek i never browse cc except when lc is down, so reading the terf thread is like bonus content and im loving it

Anonymous 189982

Honestly there's 0 point in reading 99% of her past threads. Anons constantly bring up things from the past in the current threads so you're fine just learning along the way

Anonymous 189984

Start with the fupa saga (it's pretty much the only interesting part of her life)

Anonymous 189985

yeah this is how i started reading her threads, i just started on the current one. i didnt check her old threads until i'd read two or three.

Anonymous 189986


I've been a near daily loser on lolcow since its inception. Where the hell is my containment site I'm going to lose it I swear to god I'll kermit don't think I won't REEEEEEE

Anonymous 189987

I miss the maskfag thread. I didn't even post on it that much but I enjoyed seeing it whenever it was bumped.

Anonymous 189988


one of these days..one of these fucking days. wait is that…milk in the distance?

Anonymous 189991

The masked characters thread.

Anonymous 189992

Was considering posting the huntress from dbd

Anonymous 189994

Anonymous 189996

Good morning anons, what's for breakfast?

Anonymous 189998

Anonymous 189999

Grimes is the #1 muskfag

Anonymous 190000

He looks like a little fatty. Like a little piggy

Anonymous 190001


Same. One of the best threads on /m/, I'm not even a maskfag (or am I?) and I've only posted in it one time.

Anonymous 190002


Anonymous 190003

I love baby goats

Anonymous 190004


i'm gonna join too

Anonymous 190005


Anonymous 190006

There are like 150 daily lolcow users, you have more chances of meeting someone who was struck by lightning

Anonymous 190007


masked characters??? aha

Anonymous 190008


Anonymous 190009

ive picked up some bad habits the last few months,,, biting the inside of my cheeks, for some weird reason, clenching my jaw. i don't know why i'm so stressed out lately. but now i have this awful jaw pain frequently & ear problems bc of it, i think.

Anonymous 190010


Rice nap

Anonymous 190011

Look up how to stretch your jaw, it will help. I've been grinding my teeth a lot lately but stretching really helped.

Anonymous 190013


Anonymous 190014

Anonymous 190015

i think it's worth it from the beginning, just have to do a lot of skimming.

Anonymous 190017


Anonymous 190018


Anonymous 190019


i like viscachas<3

Anonymous 190020


Anonymous 190021


if i have to see him again i'm going to have an aneurysm, is that what you want nona? i'm going to die and then cannibalize everyone ITT. i'm suffering from mad cow disease

Anonymous 190022


s I got my kitten yesterday and oh my god I'm so in love with the little gremlin! He purrs whenever I pick him up, he usually comes out of his hidey holes when I check on him, he wants to be in the same room as me most of the time so far and he slept with me in my bed most of the night (until my roommate woke him up when he left). He's so careful with not using his claws on me and already sometimes bumps his little head against my hand. He doesn't seem to be a butthole exhibitionist yet, and loves to sniff my face and push his nose against mine. >pppppfcd000000000000dddddd2ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Greetings from a very curious kitty cat.

Anonymous 190023

It's been 3 days, how ling dies an update take

Anonymous 190024

i can't sleep someone fucking suffocate me pls

Anonymous 190025


Anonymous 190026

God I wish that was me

Anonymous 190027

thank you

Anonymous 190029

Goat anon I love you and the baby goats

Anonymous 190030

i will start believing in god if he can bring lolcor back within an hour

Anonymous 190031

i need my daily cringe, s. i read it like the morning paper. watching shayna and tuna make every possible move against their best interests keeps me motivated that im doing the right thing and that things will work out for me.

i need my validation s

Anonymous 190032

russian names - ku…

are the Watamote mangakas a husband and wife team?
the woman is the artist but she must also contribute to the story because there's no way a man wrote all of it.
pic kinda related, it's the other manga they did

Anonymous 190033


Too sweet, stop nona, I'm gonna cry

Anonymous 190034

they're not dating

Anonymous 190035

if you have to announce that you're bettet than the cows, you are not better than the cows

Anonymous 190037

IDK anything about this guy why do people think he is attractive again? Or is it just like an ironic meme?

Anonymous 190038

my aneurysm is starting i hope you're happy

Anonymous 190039

I think my 14 year old sister is autistic

Anonymous 190040

Is >>190036 her? Because if so, I have some very bad news.

Anonymous 190042

Third day I wake up and LC is still down, I cant live like this

Anonymous 190043


how is this real?

Anonymous 190044

He fell asleep cuddling upnext to me soon after I posted this! He's so adorable I can't believe he is real!!

Anonymous 190045

It's only the third day? It feels like a week at least.

Anonymous 190046

99% of people that read threads about lolcows do it because watching people make bad choices validates that they are doing a good job

Anonymous 190047


Anonymous 190048



Anonymous 190049

that joshfag is starved for attention and thinks she gonna be the new romanianon/pakichan

Anonymous 190050

it's not

Anonymous 190051


i miss ot

Anonymous 190052


Anonymous 190053



Anonymous 190054


Why the fuck would I want to do that? I don't want to talk to any of you weirdos irl. Some of you loved stuff like picrel a decade back and it shows

Anonymous 190056

Watching youtube vids on victorian christmas foods with my mom. I've convinced her to do a victorian-themed Christmas feast this year.

Anonymous 190057

do you really want to meet that kind of unfunny schizo >>190036 ?

Anonymous 190058

I had a boss named Haylie and she said she was born in a barn laying on some hay so that's why her name was "hay" "lie" or some shit I don't even know I wasn't listening attentively because she was such a bitch I hated her she was always complaining and doing nothing and keeping us all there late for her own overtime

Anonymous 190060


I got mad about that one likely baitpost a Nona made in the last bunker thread that said yumes are retarded because I'm insecure in my husbandofaggotry so I've just been drawing my husbando and waiting for lc to open so I can post in the fujo cringe thread

Anonymous 190061


Good night, girlies. Maybe lolcow will come back by the time I wake up tomorrow.

Anonymous 190062


>drawing my husbando

Anonymous 190063

what is that image from?

Anonymous 190064

>drawing her husbando
i would be doing the same but i can't draw for shit tonight. i will try again. thank you nona.

Anonymous 190065

KEK actually good art

Anonymous 190066

Some moid asked me earlier why do I spend my time doing my hair if I’m just going to tie it back while I eat. Had to slowly explain to him it prevents food from getting in my hair. He scoffed and acted like what I said was stupid. Anyways I forgot to tie my hair back and now I have gravy on the ends from my poutine

Anonymous 190067

I hate men

Anonymous 190068

Don't listen to the bait anon, live your best yume life! I drew myself with my husbando today too, it's such a good antidepressant activity.

Anonymous 190069

I moved back in with my grandparents, because I cannot afford the recently ridiculously expensive energy costs. I'm going crazy from living with boomers though and having 0 privacy. They act like I'm going to die every time I go outside. They want me to be a loser who stays inside all day.

Anonymous 190070

Rent free

Anonymous 190071

a new friend I thought I trusted and connected with, copypasta’d my personality//humor to obtain a scrote I used to date, I wish them the best sincerely, but fuck off. I just feel hurt, I want her back. I suppose it’s for the best, brain rot twittards are meant to be

Anonymous 190072

>They want me to be a loser who stays inside all day.
Mine do too and they got what they wanted kek. Then once you do they'll ask why you never go anywhere

Anonymous 190073

What do you for a living? (if you don't mind lol)

Anonymous 190074


i'm hungry feed me n0nas

Anonymous 190075


me too anon. let's eat

Anonymous 190076

[AS BUMP].png

Anonymous 190077

Someone keeps trying to get into my accounts and it’s awfully annoying. Doordash, Snapchat, all of it. Lmao.

Anonymous 190079

I'm so hungry I want fruitcake. IT's christmastime i want christmas food.

Anonymous 190080

I'm a lawyer. I have a lot of work since everyone is going bankrupt (or divorce, problems with their landlord etc), but not enough to deal with this inflation and energy costs. For some reason it's way worse here than in the other countries (I do know why, retarded treaties, which we cannot get out of).

Anonymous 190081


miso n0nni3

Anonymous 190083

What are some traditional christmas foods from where you live?

Anonymous 190084


thank you n0nny!

Anonymous 190085

I’ve always heard about fruitcake but don’t know the actual recipe I’m interested!

Anonymous 190086

i was hooking up w this girl and just a few days after i broke if off with her (she was upset and took it poorly) she posted on social that she got diagnosed with cancer. i don't want to see her again but i feel fucked up about it, like should i do or say something?

Anonymous 190087

You didn’t do anything to cause that, unfortunate timing or she’s playing you which is fucked. If she just got diagnosed that’s some coincidence, wish her well, and be on your way.

Anonymous 190088


Bread puddinggg

Anonymous 190089

Anonymous 190090

No, we have a treaty with Germany to sell them gas for ridiculously cheap if they are in trouble and now we have to buy it back from them at an extremely inflated cost. So I think they're doing a little better than us.

Anonymous 190092

Rip, I'm sorry .

Anonymous 190093


>when the pain meds finally hit

Anonymous 190094


Anonymous 190095

Smoked a bowl, got a cup of sleepy time tea and now i’m snuggled up under my warm duvet but Im still not comfy bc I NEED MY BEDTIME LC BROWSE.

Anonymous 190096

>accidentally say I hate t4t ships and nsfw (I honestly do, I don't see the point.) on a public askbox site
>amount of asks I get drops suddenly to 0
>people are no longer interacting with me on twitter as much as they used to
h-haha oops talk about a whoopsie

Anonymous 190097


My wife got me picrel as a surprise and they are so good!! They have a cute leaf design on top and are fluffy and heavenly

Anonymous 190098

You're braver than the marines n0nn13, I could never do that with the amount of Aidens and fujotroons in my fandom, it'd be social suicide with the amount of boycotting they do. I respect you.

Anonymous 190099


I NEED to fuck him. You don’t understand.

Anonymous 190100

i miss /ot/ infighting

Anonymous 190101


smoking a bowl drinking one of these ayyoo

Anonymous 190102


Enjoy nona

Anonymous 190103

kys furry

Anonymous 190104


I just want to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, only for Snoopy. I want to be happy again

Anonymous 190105

I suggest next time a man asks you that just scoff and say "You've never had long hair have you?" –like it's some moral failing of his or a reference he doesn't know. As if he's missing out on some basic knowledge (which he is).

Anonymous 190106

Honestly it's not like I was agressive I said something like "No. No thank you. To be honest I don't really care for that type of content as I find it sort of counterproductive and I just really can't get off to it." but I was really fucking pissed since it was in relation to one of my favorite ships. I think I'm being paranoid but it feels like the amount of interaction on both twitter and that askbox has dropped significantly for me. I don't know how I feel, I dislike being shunned for wrong think but I feel there's nothing I can really do at this point.

Anonymous 190107

once the site is back everything will be exactly the same. cap this

Anonymous 190108

are you sure that's what happened?

Anonymous 190110



Anonymous 190111


what if the site sucks when it's back up and we have to make cc our new home? will there be a divide between lc loyalists and cc users? will this site welcome us with open arms?

Anonymous 190113

mental illness. leave those fictional children alone.

Anonymous 190114


absolute babby tier taste. superior edgelord coming through

Anonymous 190115


>sleepy time tea

Anonymous 190116

why does he have tit scars?

Anonymous 190117


Anonymous 190118

you will have to INTEGRATE

Anonymous 190119

Another one to add to the Husbando playlist…
wanna cry, PMS really hitting different this month

Anonymous 190120


i will put yall names on the chain of infection

Anonymous 190121

Shut the fuck up bitch if you don’t wanna ride that hog you’re INSANE.
I would have sex with every single hedgehog male

Anonymous 190122


Talented nonita. If only he could fix his life. Him and Venus Angelic would have been so much happier without the internet.

Anonymous 190123

autism off the charts rn with this one n0nnie

Anonymous 190124

Oh, you clearly don't know husbando autism

Anonymous 190125

Don’t compare me to these sick moids. I only want to fuck cartoon hedgehogs who don’t look anything like real animals.
I embrace it completely.

Anonymous 190126


Anonymous 190130

is SIA a lolcow-original theory or did it come from somewhere else?

Anonymous 190131

I forgot to say at the beginning of this thread that this video is cute as shit and I love it

Anonymous 190132

I can't give you this floor but i can't can offer you 1 million dollars to buy it, you just need tout give me your mom's credit cart number

Anonymous 190134

nOoooO im the one who tells newfags to integrate I can not change my ways

Anonymous 190135

For those who have nonhuman husbandos, does that make him more or less appealing? For me, I like the non-human aspect as a human version of my husbando wouldn't be has cuddly, fluffy and pudgy like a plush toy.

Anonymous 190136

I really fucking hope the banners get changes, all the porny ones get nuke and the cute ones anon have been making for the past few weeks get added

Anonymous 190137

a human version would at least have a human dick

Anonymous 190138

came here to ask about lolcow since I don't login as much lately. I saw that the maintenance was supposed to be on the 19th. was the site supposed to be inactive for so long?

Anonymous 190139


Anonymous 190140

The always call us yumeSTACIES femcels meanwhile every yumeSTACY I have ever known lives a normal life with her itabag and dramaCD addiction. I myself am in a long term relationship but I still want to FUCK AND SUCK anime men. Anime men are my SLAVES and SLAVES to women everywhere. Why would you choose to deny yourself the pleasure of listening to “ASMR Japanese boyfriend licks your ears” while rubbing one out over a picture of the IDEAL male form that no human man could EVER COMPETE WITH?? Because of your “MORALS”? Because you don’t want to be “CRINGE”!? What is more immoral and cringe than not USING AND ABUSING WHAT GOD PUT ON THIS EARTH (dedicated women selflessly drawing handsome men to delight their audiences)? It’s there for you to enjoy.
You call us FEMCELS… you call us AUTISTIC… perhaps even FURRIES. Well I say I am simply based. If you can’t understand that well I TRULY FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.

Anonymous 190141


Anonymous 190144

>normal life with ita bag
Read again

Anonymous 190145

yes. i like that he's a puppet. sorry.

Anonymous 190146

spamton nona?

Anonymous 190147

it went down for maintenance at like 11:59pm EST on Dec 19th so it's been a little over 2 days now. never saw an estimate for completion. my gut tells me it'll be back after christmas, can't explain why I think that

Anonymous 190148

it's ok kek at least you're not aidens

Anonymous 190150

My husbando has the body type of a plushie or a Japanese mascot you'd see at an amusement park, applying said proportions to a human would be grotesque.

Anonymous 190151

It's never coming back, Shaymin took the money and ran.

Anonymous 190152

does he have a wooden dick

Anonymous 190153

I like him being nonhuman because I fetishize the dynamic.

Anonymous 190154

>You call us FEMCELS… you call us AUTISTIC… perhaps even FURRIES. Well I say I am simply based.
KEKK but please anon go to a therapist

Anonymous 190155

Aw monsterfucker anons are here

Anonymous 190156


>Implying you have to be a yume to have an itabag and dramaCD addiction
Which fabric color should I use btw

Anonymous 190158

even though yumestacy anon is a bit extreme, I would myself love to have an itabag with my comfort character spongebob if I could afford it(i saw a themed itabag and i think about it from time to time)

Anonymous 190159

Are you spongesex anon

Anonymous 190160

I just know for a fact this is the dededefag

Anonymous 190161

Actually I do live a pretty normal, albeit boring life. I get a lot of compliments on my bag too kek.

Anonymous 190162

first time I hear about it. Is it an american thing?

Anonymous 190163

2 husbandos one the samedi ita bag ? Fucking disgusting cheater

Anonymous 190164

I've never heard of such a thing, what is it?

Anonymous 190165

it's a fujo

Anonymous 190166

2nd best thread on /m/ after maskfag thread. just a little too much infighting because they can't decide on the line between furry and monster (pokemons are monsters I'm sorry "mon" is right there in the name and they're not real animals)

Anonymous 190167

I'm feeling the husbando thread withdrawal and I'm feeling so unhinged that I almost want to post the art I made of us

Anonymous 190168

Guilty. Though, as of late I've been really thinking about MUCHO SEXO with Meta Knight.

Anonymous 190169


I don't have a husbando, these two are just my OTP hence 'implying you have to be a yume'

Anonymous 190170

Inconceivable levels of base

Anonymous 190171

post it anyways!

Anonymous 190172

I wonder which husbandononas are in the building with us right now. We already know about Shadow and Dedede.

Anonymous 190173


shit ship anon

Anonymous 190174

can pikachu have sex

Anonymous 190175

Please don't make fun of me but what is a "yume" I tried googling and it just says it means "dream". But what does that mean in context to what you all have been saying?

Anonymous 190177

Filtered milk has been around for ages. The advantage of it is that it filters out the bacteria in the milk that turns it sour so filtered milk can be kept in the fridge for over a month without going bad and it doesn't taste weird like UHT milk. There's debate about the bacteria being beneficial for humans and if filtered milk is a good thing or not.

Anonymous 190178


Anonymous 190179

no I'm a normal spongebob enjoyer. I will look for spongesex anon when lolcow is back up kek

Anonymous 190180


Oumota has a good dynamic but I hate Kaito

Anonymous 190181

I still think about the kirby nona but I'm not sure kirby is her husbando I think she's just obsessed with him in like an austistic way but she said she drew nsfw too…?

Anonymous 190182

Where do pokemon's eggs come from?

Anonymous 190184

It's not even shipping merch, just pins of both characters next to each other, if you want to be unhinged at least to it properly

Anonymous 190185

yumejoshi self-insert into fiction romantically. it comes from japanese self-insert stories that paralleled the y/n format, though anyone can technically "yume" from any source.

Anonymous 190186


kaito is based and shuichi is straight

Anonymous 190187


>goes on /feels/
Are miners ok

Anonymous 190188

Do I even want to know how you sex a blob

Anonymous 190189

you missed a lot of lore

Anonymous 190190

Thank you omg I was sitting here trying to make sense of it all, wondering why there was an infight in the previous thread over dreaming kek

Anonymous 190191

>Fairlife is a brand of ultra-filtered milk distributed by the Coca-Cola Company.
Nothing to see here, just capitalism.


Anonymous 190192


>kaito is based
I'll say this, Kaito's writing is pretty fantastic but I hate him as a person sort of thing
>shuichi is straight

Anonymous 190193

Yume is short for yumejoshi which specifically refers to the husbandofags who self-insert and ship themselves with their husbandos. You can be a husbandofag and not a yume, but we are all united in our love of fictional men.

Anonymous 190194


Anonymous 190195

Metaknight could make me cum with his voice alone
I am now imagining Metaknight making me cum with his voice alone.

Anonymous 190196

I know. i saw the littelest bit of her posting and didn't dig further but i can't forget about her

Anonymous 190197


Big Shaynus

Anonymous 190198

but they would do it with other mons right? unless there's half human abominations out there

Anonymous 190199

Damn I saw a whole Kirbussy tho

Anonymous 190200

my waifu……

Anonymous 190201

Is that bruises or skidmark or ????

Anonymous 190202


Anonymous 190204


My shipping merch is all on my pin board sis, mirror merch looks more aesthetically pleasing anyway.

Anonymous 190205


>you hate kaito
no taste. shuichi has almost no character to the point he feels like a self-insert and he's straight except his guy crush on kaito. at least, he hates kokichi the entire time kek. i don't get saioma at all, oumota is way better.

Anonymous 190206

does she have a rash or what

Anonymous 190207

stop criticizing her! misogynists

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