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Lolcow Bunker Thread #0007 Planned Downtime part 7 Anonymous 190209

Anonymous 190210

thank u

Anonymous 190212

3:40am just woke up from crashing into slumber, no lolcow no locate. 12/22/22

Anonymous 190213

Dreamcast renderin…

Anonymous 190214

this is so cute. I don't care about the character(s) I just think it's cute to have a collection

Anonymous 190218

Prediction: what # bunker thread will lc come back

Anonymous 190219


There is only one Kirby nona (I think, if there's others show yourself please!). To be honest, with characters like Kirby, Dedede and Meta Knight while I do say they're my husbandos I truly can't imagine myself as an individual fucking/dating them because my self esteem is that low and imagining myself in such settings is too much that it makes me sweat and get dizzy. In the context of "I want to X Meta Knight" I usually imagine a grey woman or Waddle Dee doing the thing I want rather than myself. Really, I more so just have an obsession with these characters, the games that they are from and the pairings they make (like kbdd, mtdd or kbmt) rather than obsessed with shipping myself with them. I confess fully to appropriating the term "husbando" as a term of "intense obsessed endearment" rather than actually shipping myself with them. Though, I suppose in my case I wouldn't call Kirby a husbando as I see Kirby as female rather than male (Though there is some instances in derivative work that I will make that I put Kirby as male, Popopo is always female though.). Would "waifu' work? Either way, it can be pinned down to an autistic obsession. And yes, I do draw and write porn of Kirby characters. Though I like making doujinshi the most! Ironically enough, I don't purely love Dedede, I actually love all three equally at this point I've just been in my "Dedede-phase" of the Kirby-Meta-Dedede season in my brain.
Only if you're an anime watching casual. Game Kirby isn't the same as Anime Kirby why is this so hard for many to comprehend???

Anonymous 190220

Anonymous 190221


I was in the bookstore today and I overheard some teen girl being flustered because she had to loudly spell out "toilet bound hanako-kun" to the worker to check if they have it kek.

Anonymous 190225

low quality pic.jp…

reposting I hate sonicfags fuck fuck fuck
>shuichi has almost no character to the point he feels like a self-insert
Don't insult my precious emo boy thank you, he ended Danganronpa.
>and he's straight except his guy crush on kaito
And that he can date men in game
>he hates kokichi the entire time kek
Source? Kaito's the one who hates Ouma mate.
>i don't get saioma at all
Ouma's a faggot for Shuichi, there you go.

Anonymous 190226


Anonymous 190230

if you post yours I'll post mine
I miss the anon who posted prompts like what music reminds you of him or what would you do for chrismass

Anonymous 190233

for the anons with the "water has chemicals! milk is not milk anymore!" theories: do you guys think drugs is a government thing or not? like i can safely do drugs without the cia spying on me or not

Anonymous 190234

I’m so fucking horny right now s I would shove Kirby in my pussy and I’m not even the Kirby girl. Any fictional man will do I’m tired of the real world. Imagine him squirming around in there tho

Anonymous 190235

sounds like concentrated milk or something. honestly dairy farms have too much milk to play with. we're filtering it down now? give me a break. just stop milking the cows. stop breeding the cows. we don't need super milk. I eat cheese (and sour cream on potatoes) but I would give it up if the dairy industry would just stop.
cows are supposed to live for 15-25 years. the life expectancy of a dairy cow is 2.5 - 6 years. it's obviously not a cruelty-free system

Anonymous 190236

Anonymous 190238

you're sick.

Anonymous 190243

It's about to reopen now, I think

Anonymous 190244

>coming from a sonicfag
The game literally needed a vtuber to get any attention in Japan.

Anonymous 190245

fr and it's such a boring game too

Anonymous 190246


Anonymous 190247

How? Can't be worse than anime boys, serial killers, ultra radi-cool hedgehogs.

Anonymous 190249


fucking stop being autistic, no one cares about danganronpa in 2022

Anonymous 190251

I love you

Anonymous 190253

only the worst types of anons come here when lc is down

Anonymous 190254


danganronpa is so low selling they had to put it on the App Store and the game is basically known for being a laughing stock prerequisite for your turn to die
i couldn't even get through the first one, it's so goddamn bad

Anonymous 190255

One big room full of bad bitches

Anonymous 190257

duality of woman

Anonymous 190258

leave kirbynona alone

Anonymous 190259

imagine the smell

Anonymous 190261


>danganronpa is so low selling
It's literally the 4th highest selling visual novel series of all time but alright.
>and the game is basically known for being a laughing stock prerequisite for your turn to die
Eh, I like both but Nankidai can't even finish YTTD after 5 years.

Anonymous 190263


>And yes, I do draw and write porn of Kirby characters

Anonymous 190264

Weed and used tampons and bath & body works eucalyptus spearmint hand sanitizer, personally

Anonymous 190265

I feel I should clarify, I did not write the post about shoving Kirby up my vaginal canal. Ureatheral vore is deplorable and subjecting Kirby to that is fucking horrifying.

Anonymous 190266

I'm getting a "this site cannot be found" I'm thinking good news?? I hope?

Anonymous 190267


sonic outsold + danganronpa is cringe

Anonymous 190269

>I feel I should clarify, I did not write the post about shoving Kirby up my vaginal canal.
I know, that pic was for both of you

Anonymous 190270

Sonic is more cringe though.

Anonymous 190271

Is that a gijinka of Gumball from the Amazing World of Gumball?

Anonymous 190273

swear to god I'm gonna white knight kirby nona I'm gonna fight u you will not make this environment toxic for her she is a native plant and you're messing up the PH of the soil

Anonymous 190274

Oh. Is it that bad? It's an acquired taste but it's actually really erotic once you're able to appreciate it's aesthetic appeal.

Anonymous 190275

>body works eucalyptus spearmint hand sanitizer
you are being too optimistic. the real smell would be weed, used tampons and mold

Anonymous 190276

Hog pussy hoes back to your failed thread

Anonymous 190277


yeah keep trying to convince yourself of that

Anonymous 190278


No it's Sou Hiyori, who's basically Komaeda but a moe brainlet.

Anonymous 190279

I think I know your twitter lol

Anonymous 190280


All I'm sayin is….

Anonymous 190281

When will you yume haters understand? IT’S OK WHEN WOMEN DO IT.

Anonymous 190282

your turn to die is such a troon game lol

Anonymous 190283

god he’s so hot

Anonymous 190284

It looks like a gijinka version of Gumball from the Amazing World Of Gumball being shipped with a gijinka genderbent version of the cactus. Westaboos are out of this world so it's not too farfetched.

Anonymous 190285


No it's an otome game.

Anonymous 190286

they should unhide /sty/ some nonas really need it (like the one that posted her period clot in /ot/) but it will probably just be purged or something when/if lolcow comes back

Anonymous 190287


says a fan of the edgiest franchise of all time

Anonymous 190288

>homestuck videos
>danganronpa fujos
crazy place

Anonymous 190289

I was really rooting for you yumefags before when I didn't know what it meant, but now that I have witnessed the filth of the kirby anon(s), I truly understood why you people are hated.

Anonymous 190290


better than dang man ropeme

Anonymous 190291

what's the erotic appeal of baby blob things

Anonymous 190292


Which one is the cactus? I've only seen a few episodes of gumball honestly.
It's not even the edgiest VN with a death game in it, fate is way more edgy.

Anonymous 190293


Anonymous 190294

It's one anon.

Anonymous 190295

what’s so wrong about loving a little pink ball

Anonymous 190297

Blood clot nona did nothing wrong. Her candor is inspiring, don't you dare try to silence her.

Anonymous 190298


"edgy" meaning needlessly gory and "dark" and specifically made for edgy 14 year olds or those with that same mental level

Anonymous 190299

loving is okay but it shouldn't be sexualized

Anonymous 190300

i wish that you all could get together in a big room and after that I would go there lock the room and set it on fire

Anonymous 190301

Don't lump us with normal husbandos with the wierdo ones.

Anonymous 190302

I feel like I'm in prison. Just 2 more days and I'm on holidays. If this keeps up I'll have a mental breakdown caused by work.

Anonymous 190303

why not

Anonymous 190304

I hate you.

Anonymous 190305

moid mentality

Anonymous 190306

fate edge.png

Yes fate is far more edgy than DR in that sense.

Anonymous 190307

>Blood clot nona did nothing wrong
Except for lying about her clot size, that thing was puny.

Anonymous 190309

she didn't do anyhting wrong I love it and she did politely spoil it but if there was a board for that sort of thing she wouldn't have to spoiler it

Anonymous 190310

No I seriously don’t get it. Kirdede anon is dedicated and seems truly in love with Kirby and co. Why does everyone freak out about it?

Anonymous 190311


who the fuck brought up fate

Anonymous 190312

one of the 2d idol songs that's on my spotify playlist has lyrics that sound like "cumming face" and i laugh every time. yeah boys, that's really great.

Anonymous 190313

I have to be at work in 3 hours and haven’t gotten an inkling of sleep. Pray for me.

Anonymous 190314


Anonymous 190315

unnamed (1).png

the episode game >> sonic >> danganronpa >> your turn to die

Anonymous 190316

Me, I'm saying DR while pretty edgy isn't even the most edgy VN in the death game genre (which is already niche as fuck) so it's not even close to the most edgy franchise of all time.

Anonymous 190317

I feel like we crossed paths in the vent thread in a past life

Anonymous 190319

>And yes, I do draw and write porn of Kirby characters.

Anonymous 190320

i love metaknight as well but all my lewd thoughts are directed at him in gijinka form.

Anonymous 190321


are you autistic?

Anonymous 190322

I played the mean girls one but I didn't wanna spend money.
God I wish I could find that shota Metaknight gijinka again, twas cute.

Anonymous 190323

No I'm just saying that DR is edgy but it's not the most edgy franchise ever.
If we're just talking about VNs the most edgy is probably like maggot baits or something.

Anonymous 190324

Okay you're right, I'm sorry. I'll still root for the normal ones but Kirby anon should kill herself. Are we sure she isn't a scrote? Like she is rivaling the worst coomers. I refuse to believe a woman would be so fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 190325

ive never played this game before but just for that scene it seems to be so moid-like

Anonymous 190326

Ok, so? Almost every yume/fujo draws porn and writes smut of their favs. I seriously do not understand all the hate she gets.

Anonymous 190327


yep, definitely autistic

Anonymous 190328

First OFF. THEY'RE. NOT. BABIES. None of them are. Kirby can only be considered a baby if you're talking purely in the context of the anime, 星のカービィ, where Kirby was unearthed from his warpstar 200 yesrs eariler than he should have been. Outside of the anime, which mind you is a 6/10 at best, is non-canon. Kirby, like most characters bar Adeline/Ado (she's the only canon child) are vague in age. As that was intentional for one reason. Kirby being vague in both gender and age is so that ANYONE can enjoy Kirby, woman and man, young and old. As for erotic appeal… it depends on the character. For Meta Knight he's fot all intents and purpose "perfect top or dom". Meta Knight is super cool and has many 'appeal point', he weilds a mighty sword, has his own battle ship, commands his own fleet of soldiers and more. He has bat wings, wears a mask and cape, has an adorable face under said mask and cape and so on. I think a big charm that Meta Knight has is that he has a lot of 'gap moe' to him. He hides himself under the facade of mystique, he's strong and powerful, and he has an air of stoicism and maturity but he also has an adorable face similar to Kirby, he has a huge sweet tooth (which could imply his body is erotically plump), he cares about upholding a chivalric knightly code! It's hard to put into words but Meta Knight is just really good all around. He's perfect for taking on a more dominant and mature role with his whole "intimidating knightly aura" but you can knock off his mask and turn him into total humilation bait.

Anonymous 190329

guys please the new error is sussing me out so much
the ip is gone

Anonymous 190331

You must be trolling if you can't tell the difference between porn of normal human characters and porn of Kirby and Dedede.

Anonymous 190332

That's some Komaeda sexy guro .

Anonymous 190334

this made me horny….

Anonymous 190335

samefag but I gotta add. To clarify, Kirby as a franchise has MANY different medias. There's Kirby anime, there's Kirby manga (several different ones), there's even Kirby novels. So if someone says "I love Dedede!" or "I love Meta Knight" it's not uncommon for someone to either describe which one of Meta Knight or Dedede they like or their individual interpretation of Dedede or Meta Knight may have an amalgamation of different traits pulled in from different media. It's surprisingly cool and can lead to a lot of fun interpretations.

Anonymous 190336


new copypasta

Anonymous 190338


Anonymous 190339

Why are you so mad? What is scrote brained about anything I said?

Anonymous 190340

ow the edge

Anonymous 190341

anon are you proud of this?

Anonymous 190342


Anonymous 190343

I’m not trolling I just don’t care. Why do they have to be human? Yeah she’s unconventional but it’s not harmful to literally anyone or anything.
You yume haters act like yumes with anthro husbandos are like the zoosadists. Bitch is just writing fanfic about a 8 inch tall pink ball. It’s literally funny, and harmless.

Anonymous 190344

>What is scrote brained about anything I said?
nta but literally everything. you sounds like a girl chris chan

Anonymous 190345

Will we even have LC back in time for christmas?

Anonymous 190346

NTA but it did sound a bit "he's really 5000 years old" tier excuse kek

Anonymous 190347


I drew me and my husbando like a sonics

Anonymous 190348

>still haven't recovered from surgery a month later
>phone stolen by an aggressive scrote who stalked me the whole evening
>workload of two people at once
>lolcow is dead
Well… can 2022 get even worse than that?

Anonymous 190349

Bitch I'm mad because Kirby has been one of my favourite franchises since I was fucking 5 years old. I don't know a single fucking scrote who would say even half the shit you have said about this innocent sweet character. Fuck you. Like you might as well have said you draw porn of puppies or some shit. Fuck you! I've never hated someone so much. I really feel like I'm talking to some reddit scrote here, you are that fucking awful.

Anonymous 190350


Writing those prompts is so fun!! I love when anons ask too, it really gets the 'ol yoom brain going.

Anonymous 190351

Ok just as a question
Why are most of you okay with fucking Shadow the hedgehog but not Kirby? Shouldn't they be on equal footing?

Anonymous 190352

That is a particularly bad moment, usually it's just a background layer of passive fanservice.

Anonymous 190353


all of this cringe kirby/sonic husbandoposting is fujo propaganda in their war to prove that the yumes are more cringe

Anonymous 190354

10 more days to go

Anonymous 190355

Because Kirby is their comfort character and none of these girls play sonic.

Anonymous 190356

ntayrt but
>disliking kirby porn = yume hater
come on now, some of us are yumes ourselves and still think it's weird

Anonymous 190357

god i love nonas who draw self insert art

Anonymous 190358

In 10 days I have more than enough time to have my life ruined, I'm bracing myself.

Anonymous 190359


Fujo here, I'm pretty indifferent to yumes I get the appeal on some level though because I waifu Ange from Umineko.

Anonymous 190360

Sonic autism has always been a thing and it's pretty much normalized at this point. Also refer to my other post here >>190349 that anon is taking something very precious to me (and other anons I'm sure) and shitting all over it, just like scrotes do. It's sick.

Anonymous 190361

I still don't really get it? I mean I used to be really into kirby as a kid but I'm not really sure how it's that different from sonicfagging.

Anonymous 190362

Kirdede anon ships the boys together and most Shadow fangirls ship him with Sonic. The fake ass war between yumes and fujos is so stupid. It overlaps so much.

Anonymous 190363

Idk, I'd rather have Kirby porn than gross moid rape porn. It's obvious she's just autistic and obsessed with it because of good childhood memories she had. This is just the product of those feelings mixing with reaching adult sexual maturity.

Anonymous 190364

OOOH this is so cute! >>190347 was me lol aaah I'm inspired to draw us getting married now!

Anonymous 190365

She isn’t shitting on it she’s enjoying it in her own weird way. Stop taking this shit so personally, jfc.

Anonymous 190366

some anons here likes to talk about the celebrity cows threads but this yume vs fujo thing is so insufferable too

Anonymous 190367

I love it anon! If it wasn't 3 in the morning for me I'd draw some fanart for you kek

Anonymous 190368


Kirby guro lol

Anonymous 190369

By shitting on it, I meant basically just defiling it. I hate when scrotes take something pure and cute and ram their dicks into it. She's basically doing the same thing. Fuck her and fuck you too

Anonymous 190370

this is so wonderful, so dreamlike like from a fairytale romance!

Anonymous 190371

No way nonni3 this is so cute.

Anonymous 190372


Anonymous 190373

>as soon as it popped up on lc more often it started in my usual husbandoposting spots
it's so dumb. can't we just high five and learn to tag stuff?

Anonymous 190374

I was thinking the same thing. to me they are identical.

Anonymous 190375

Stop avatarfagging

Anonymous 190376

I think there's 3 types:
Most people are the third option but "strict fujos" and "strict yumes" get into infighting a lot

Anonymous 190377

Ok the dead libido and voyeuri fantasies is true kek.

Anonymous 190378

kirby just looks too innocent and babyish (even if he's really ageless or hundreds of years old) to me. idk it's like wanting to fuck a plushie. the designs give off a different impression

Anonymous 190379

she looks like me….

Anonymous 190380

Dreamt last night I met a girl who called herself a “mega terf” in real life… why can’t it be real.

Anonymous 190381

No she isn’t, shes obviously very emotionally invested in Kirby and loves him.

Anonymous 190382


Now you're just being a little bitch anon

Anonymous 190383


For someone who's been into Kirby for so long you clearly haven't been in the community enough.
>I don't know a single fucking scrote who would say even half the shit you have said about this innocent sweet character.
That's where you're wrong. This is more so the JP fandom so please bare in mind. The JP-Kirby fandom, more so the derivative work side is predominantly women, like 98.5% and one of the most popular characters is probably Meta Knight with couplings being Meta Knight x Kirby. AND LET ME TELL YOU THERE'S A LOT. Art, novels, doujinshi(several which I have) it's there. There's a surprisingly HUGE amount of smut to, all of it is mostly made by women. To say it is scrotish to have such thoughts about Meta Knight or shipping is a baseless accusation as it's a huge part of the fandom. You really think scrotes would make shit like pic related? The JP-fandom is literally factions of Meta Knight, Magolor, Dedede, Marx and so on who each have their own dedicated ships like Magolor stans loving Magolor x Kirby or Magolor x Marx. It more so sounds like your personally offended rather than it actually being a moral problem.

Anonymous 190385

i agree with you anon sexualizing a character who looks like a baby is such a moid/porn addicted thing to do.

Anonymous 190386

It's true I was the girl

Anonymous 190387

who cares about Sonic? the chao garde will never come back so what's the point?

Anonymous 190388


Anonymous 190389

The fans are funny because they're all insane.

Anonymous 190390

I love you Kirby anon. Never stop.

Anonymous 190391

So lolcow is just dead now? What the fuck is Shaymin doing

Anonymous 190392


>wanting to fuck a plushie
real talk: many girls have done this

Anonymous 190393

Stay here hehe

Anonymous 190394

I worked so hard to make my blue running type Chao to look like sonic

Anonymous 190396

sorta OT but whenever people mention Shaymin the pokemon's cry plays in the back of my head does this happen to anyone else?

Anonymous 190397

i wish lc would come back this unfunny spamming kirby anon would just get banned there

Anonymous 190398

Why not? This was by far my favorite part of the game and my main reason for playing. I was so fascinated by it.

Anonymous 190399

humping a teddy bear while imagining something else still feels different than drawing porn of it imo

Anonymous 190400

They’re migrating servers wouldn’t this be normal?

Anonymous 190401


i can’t do this anymore i had a dream about browsing lc last night

Anonymous 190402


>all these retarded fujo vs yume psyops
I smell a rancid xy. Stay seething, fictional men will always be superior and I'm glad my fujo/yume sisters know that.

Anonymous 190403


My next chao project : turning pink two-tone into an angel chao in its next life

Anonymous 190404

do you think that everyone who disagrees with you must be a moid?

Anonymous 190405

She is migrating to another server, just like she said.

Anonymous 190406

In going to shit my pants I hate met Forman all my s hate metformin

Anonymous 190407

Sonic is a moid franchise ngl

Anonymous 190408

No, just you.

Anonymous 190409


Himejoshis are superior btw

Anonymous 190410

>the same 5 franchises over and over again

Anonymous 190411


Anonymous 190413

Oh god not you again

Anonymous 190414

need to find a kent ito voiced character yume to sperg with

Anonymous 190415


Wtf? It's not our fault no one wants to make good yuri media. We only get crumbs, fuck off if you have a problem that we appreciate the little that we get

Anonymous 190416

I can't read any of japanese text that but it doesn't look like porn, how is that the same thing as saying she writes and draws porn of kirby? Writing and drawing porn about waddledees fucking kirby, or even talking about shoving kirby up her vagina, is rancid and coom-brained. Like another anon said, female chris chan behavior.

Anonymous 190417

where. she only said there was 'maintenance'

Anonymous 190418

It's hard to claim superiority when all you have is crumbs, who are you claiming it over? Ants?

Anonymous 190419

i'm spraying you with water. no more fighting over anime characters.

Anonymous 190420


new theory just came up: the kirby spamming anon is christine chan

Anonymous 190421


for all the hate she gets she really doesn't freak out at people or spam. I don't think she was ever banned and I never saw her break the site rules or anything. like I said she's a native plant. you're a weed if you're trying to choke her out.

Anonymous 190422

> talking about shoving kirby up her vagina
that wasn't her, read better.

Anonymous 190423


Quality beats quantity

Anonymous 190424

Peak female performance unironically

Anonymous 190425

Anonymous 190426

Utena is a repetitive shitty anime.

Anonymous 190427

she would get banned on lc for spamming kirby on unrelated threads like she is doing here through.

Anonymous 190428

she was banned and redtexted from in husbando threads on /g/. she even mentioned this in one of the doodle rooms

Anonymous 190429

*in the

Anonymous 190430

I take it back this is peak female performance

Anonymous 190431

omg shes gorgeous…… i love making pretty two-tone chaos

Anonymous 190432

are you reading Liar Satsuki? Satsuki is my hero. is it himejoshi if I want to be her princess? (not familiar with the term)

Anonymous 190433

but this is a bunker thread, it's not meant for any topic in particular so if she spams kirby she's not really breaking lc or cc rules

Anonymous 190434

so how come some women want to be like, the pussy police?
>wahh don't like yume content
>wahh don't like yaoi
>wahhh don't like small pink blobs
like who gives a fuck? moids are out there with much worse sexual tastes with absolutely no shame. why tf should i care if a woman wants to sexualize kirby? how does that help us?

Anonymous 190435

Yes himejoshi just means female yuri fan

Anonymous 190436


Compared to the most popular fujobait animes like Yuri on Ice, I think it's safe to say the yuri genre is well represented kek

Anonymous 190437

>even talking about shoving kirby up her vagina
First off, not me.
>how is that the same thing as saying she writes and draws porn of kirby?
What I'm saying is, Kirby is predominantly inhabited by women in the "derivative work" sphere of the fandom and that it's common as fuck for both kinds of stuff, safe and not-safe content, to be made and that it's no different than someone drawing porn of anime boys fucking or romances between them. It's a matter of perspective, because even I will admit that to the uninitiated this all looks crazy but if you actually knew it's relatively normal within the fandom. What I don't understand is what is scrotish about it? If someone drew porn of Ado then that would be scrotish and deserving of a gunshot to the head but if it's Meta Knight and Kirby then I don't see the problem

Anonymous 190438

you'd just be a yumejo if you want to be hers. gender of the character doesn't matter for yume.

Anonymous 190439

Who gives a shit it's a bunker thread

Anonymous 190440


Why can't we all get along?
T. Himefujo

Anonymous 190441



Anonymous 190442

you all are right but idc she is unbearable

Anonymous 190443

Yeah, you've got a point there.
The only fujo anime I actually thought was good was hybrid child honestly while there's a fair amount of good yuri anime.

Anonymous 190444

I almost want to post my twitter in case any of you wants to follow me whenever lc is down.

Anonymous 190445

it's "scrotish" because they want women to be pure asexual beings, only ever want to have very bland/normal sex with men, or be cottagecore lesbian wlw who hold hands and kiss but never have sex because that's "too porny". ignore people like that, nona. they have sexual problems of their own.

Anonymous 190446

All Fujos will eventually troon out, so why bother arguing with them

Anonymous 190447

I don't know, I think she's pretty entertaining
I like her extreme autism about Kirby slits or whatever to the point where I wanna hear how she HC's how they fuck.

Anonymous 190448

I agree.
t. fujoyumehime

Anonymous 190449

I stand corrected she's a criminal

Anonymous 190450

Don't do that, you never know what moids or troons are lurking the site and could end up stalking you

Anonymous 190451

Anonymous 190452

how did you get all of this from people thinking kirby porn is weird wtf..nobody even mentioned those things

Anonymous 190453


You're so retarded. Why is it so hard for you to accept a normal woman can squee at two cute anime boys kissing without any tranny shit going on. Genuinely starting to think this is an anti yume psyop

Anonymous 190455


you sound like this

Anonymous 190456

Hybrid Child is not very good nonni3, you should watch Doukyusei or Umibe no Etranger. Those are the best things we've had so far.

Anonymous 190457

if you can't answer these simple questions: "why does it matter" and "why is it scroteish", it will be answered for you with conjecture

Anonymous 190458

normal women aren't obesseded with gay porn, you will troon out at some point

Anonymous 190459

it's all speculation

Anonymous 190460


leave us YoIstacies out of this

Anonymous 190461

strongest womansexualityhater comeback

Anonymous 190462

Doukyuusei & Sotsu…

I love doukyuusei so much it's unreal

Anonymous 190463

It's been explained multiple times by multiple anons why it's scroteish. Get over it.

Anonymous 190464


I'm secure

Anonymous 190465

what are normal women obsessed with?

Anonymous 190466

nta but you know women can have autism too, right?

Anonymous 190467

normal women don't go on imageboards period, by your logic everyone on CC and lolcow will troon out.

Anonymous 190468


does shaymin hear our pleads?

Anonymous 190469

no it hasn't but ok lol, hope you can get over women being "weird"

Anonymous 190470


Someone mentioned in the last thread that lc will come back after Christmas, is that confirmed? I can't wait that long

Anonymous 190471

kirby anon if you shove your kirby plushie into your ass i will not delete your devianart kirby porn account

Anonymous 190472

Also gay scrotes

Anonymous 190473

oh god not you again

Anonymous 190474

No but I get the same feeling.

Anonymous 190475

I watched Umibe, it just felt like one of those 'read the manga' movies, which it failed at for me since I had no interest in reading the manga after watching the movie.

Anonymous 190476

please for the love of all things that are holy, get me out of here and back onto lolcow. some of these anons here with us in the bunker threads are making me want to kermit

Anonymous 190477


Anonymous 190478

yeah that's why I said "almost", it's tempting but I'm too paranoid for that.

Anonymous 190479

yuri on ice isn't even bait it was canon gay. and it was wicked popular. one weird thing I remember is that I used to listen to the My Brother My Brother And Me podcast and even they talked about it. then it just kinda died, no sequel or anything. I would like to listen to tinfoil about why that is.

Anonymous 190480

never posted in defense of kirbyanon before, always ignore fujo/yume arguments but now it's infested the only thread we have. cope.

Anonymous 190481

i don't think it's the biggest issue in the world, i dunno here's my reasoning >>190378

Anonymous 190483

it varies based on what makes the person say that insecure

Anonymous 190484

>normal women don't go on imageboards period
nahh in the last thread anons here agreed that taylor swift definitely post on imageboards

Anonymous 190485

And yet they'll always be women, something that you'll never be.

Anonymous 190486

Personally, I find people who defile plushies to be utterly degenerate. I like Kirby, but I respect the merchandise as it's a psychical manifestation of something someone is passionate about and such. I feel that to go as far as doing something like that is completely and utterly insane, and denotes you as mentally ill and disrespectful to the original source media. There's a reason why most plushfuckers are moids after all.

Anonymous 190487

at least in the farms i can just ignore the autist sperging, here I'm stuck on the bunker thread with anons discussing if kirby is for scrotes or not

Anonymous 190488

Having a sassy gay best friend

Anonymous 190489

Would Taylor be a fujo hime or yume

Anonymous 190490

We are quite literally the only ones posting on this site

Anonymous 190491

>Implying based Tay Tay is a normalfag

Anonymous 190492

you are wrong, my queen kiki kannibal has been on imageboards before

Anonymous 190493

>scrolls thru discography
What do you think

Anonymous 190494

taylor swift would post on snow and the relationship advice thread.

Anonymous 190495

yume bc her break up songs etc

Anonymous 190496

she would. seethe.

Anonymous 190498


I think she's a yume who husbandos Light

Anonymous 190499


Instead of the cloudfare error I'm getting picrel, so hopefully something's happening

Anonymous 190500

Did you guys husbando L or Light?

Anonymous 190501

it's so quiet outside of the bunker thread, it feels very eerie. i keep venturing outside this thread just to see what else anons are saying but it's just complete silence.

Anonymous 190502


Anonymous 190503

I honestly didn't like either of them, the Wammy boys are cute though.

Anonymous 190505

light initially bc he was more good looking, now l bc he is strange and i hate normie men

Anonymous 190506

Light. Shit, I still do.

Anonymous 190507

It's not that normie women wouldn't post on imageboards, it's that imageboards are more obscure than where normie women do post. LanaBoards had plenty of normie posters, MumsNet is full of just random normie women, and more niche places like MyProAna or something are also female oriented spaces. I think normies lean more towards actual forums as opposed to anon boards

Anonymous 190508

The correct answer.

Anonymous 190509


Bles… stopb fiting..

Anonymous 190510

Ew neither. It’s Lelouch for me .

Anonymous 190511

that's what this site is always like n0nny

Anonymous 190512

4chan is famous though

Anonymous 190513

please god strike me down so i can leave this thread i can't do it on my own

Anonymous 190514

1476820465082 (1).…

>no sequel or anything
W-we don't know that yet..They didn't officially cancel the movie yet.

Anonymous 190515

You can do it, I believe in you!

Anonymous 190516

stop with this uwu girl thing you sound like a troon

Anonymous 190517


Hopefully soon because I ain’t doing my own research on shaymus lmao

Anonymous 190518

same. at least we are struggling together

Anonymous 190519


I agree I couldn't look my gloworm in the face when puberty hit and i feel guilty to this day

Anonymous 190520

Yeah I got the same thing

Anonymous 190521

pweaste stop buwwying….

Anonymous 190522

I’ve seen it more active, given that when I came back a few hours later it was full tranny raid

Anonymous 190523

Can I has cheeseburger style typing is for either sex

Anonymous 190524

Are you guys really upset? I find this absolutely hilarious. The chaos, fast posting, stupid infighting, and name calling is so funny.

Anonymous 190525

L because eyebags

Anonymous 190526

lelouch did you la…

He's a man slut though, he literally has four kids all with different parents (CC, Kallen, his sister and Suzaku respectively) in the mobile game.

Anonymous 190527

I haven't been in an active group chat since middle school on kik so this is fun for me

Anonymous 190528

Agreed. It feels wrong to have people who would commit such an act just hanging around in society. They need to be skirted off into their own community far far away from regular society. And by community I mean an insane asylum specifically just for them.

Anonymous 190529

I was decorating xmas cookies with my mom and aunt and the topic of those PrEP commercials came up and we all agreed gay scrotes are disgusting sluts. Why do they play those commercials during tv for normal people anyways they should play on porn sites or the data lounge

Anonymous 190530

Anonymous 190531

uwu (in a post ironic feminist way)

Anonymous 190532


Anonymous 190533

Anonymous 190534

wow that's me in picrel

Anonymous 190535

4chan is cancer though. I know women post there but after experiencing lolcow, the moidposting there is unbearable. I tried to explain how lolcow works to a friend of mine and she found it confusing. Idk about the US, but the concept of imageboards is probably unusual to the average female user here. Even though I was glad to stumble on fellow country posters on lolcow and on the lolcow music nights

Anonymous 190536

every time i see lolcow mentions on reddit and twitter I feel repulsed

Anonymous 190537

Those commercials and the erectile dysfunction commercials should be fucking banned. Also the bent carrot commercials. Why the fuck are half the commercials these days about men and their dicks? I'm tired of it.

Anonymous 190538

>mobile game
Not canon idc

Anonymous 190539


Anonymous 190540

I'm glad you're all here nonas I'm genuinely so happy lolcow and cc exist. these little corners of the internet where it's mostly based women are so rare and precious

Anonymous 190543

Don't post this it makes me think of minions and then makes me go into an uncontrollable rage

Anonymous 190544

Me searching “lolcow” “l0lc0w” “lolc*w” “łôłčòw” etc to sus out the newfags

Anonymous 190545

>lolcow and cc
>based women
girl did u lost the kirby infighting

Anonymous 190546

This is my daughters favorite toy and she carries it everywhere and moids always act so fucking autistic about it and make weird jokes. Like seriously she's a baby just playing with toys stop making everything weird

Anonymous 190547

gloworms are from the 1980s there's no way your daughter has one unless she's a millennial

Anonymous 190548

Lumen dropped kiwifarms btw.

Anonymous 190549

It's part of the charm

Anonymous 190550

They brought them back

Anonymous 190551

Those of us who knew about imageboards before Lolcow and its predecessors existed just had to manage. /cgl/ was fine before moids took over recently.

Anonymous 190552

Anonymous 190554

I went back to cgl after two years of not using it and was honestly flabbergasted at the state it was in. How did that even manage to happen? We're all the old mods replaced with scrotes or what?

Anonymous 190555

that was a based conversation

Anonymous 190556

no way… for real?

Anonymous 190557


(Unrelated) sometimes I see radfem arguments in tiktok comments and it sounds like they came from lc

Anonymous 190558

Ayrt. Yes, 4chan is famous, but think about why it's famous. You and I know it's full of every kind of moid from normie to complete cancercels. Normies know 4chan as a dark web murder group of nazis who organise mass shootings and plan out genocides of gay people. It's not a place where normie women are going to gravitate towards

Anonymous 190559


instead of a cloudflare error page lolcow.farm now has no dns record

Anonymous 190560

>We're all the old mods replaced with scrotes or what?
Had to have been what happened, it's literally unusable now.

Anonymous 190561

muscular underarms erotic

Anonymous 190562

I thought this too but then I see them be like “not all radfems are TERF” and I lose all hope.

Anonymous 190563

What really made me stop posting on 4chan was the harassment. You could never talk about any female oriented anime or manga without getting insulted by moids. Fujo threads always got spammed and derailed to death, fighting and pleading with the mods to have 1 fucking thread in peace was so stressful. You could never give any opinion as a girl without being told to fuck off or derailing threads, so you had to shut up and put up with moids' warped perception of women and what they like. So tiring, I'm glad I left.

Anonymous 190564


Anonymous 190565


This could be us but you're straight

Anonymous 190566

Good choice you're not missing out on much

Anonymous 190567

Why it is showing as if lolcow didn't exist?

Anonymous 190568


Idk some miners seem a bit..out there

Anonymous 190569

Anonymous 190570

did you mean to type this into google n0nnie

Anonymous 190571

fr. i used to lurk /x/ sometimes but now its infested with /pol/ "jews run the world!" moids

Anonymous 190572

I remember hearing last year on lc that /cgl/ has actual tranny jannies now which explains a lot.
Generally the coomerism is off the charts on 4chan. I remember going to /sp/ world cup threads since 2010 and while they were always fast and spammy threads they never had as much porn as they did this year. It was like every 3rd post was a porn gif, unbearable.

Anonymous 190573

Damn nonni3 I'm not a mom but I don't know if I could put up with that. I think I would just insult them and tell them to shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 190574

Anonymous 190575

sorry but this post is lesbian troon behavior wtf

Anonymous 190576

nona this isn't true anymore i'm sorry, 4chan is a curiosity for children and teenagers at this point. very few people are actually scared of it besides boomers and very clueless millenials. like 60% of users are zoomers and girls from tiktok claiming to be 19+, posting pics of themselves or people they know, and insulting eachother lol. sometimes normies think it's funny to post nonsense on /b/ when bored, but don't really go there regularly

Anonymous 190577

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 190578

>making picrews of your ugly moid and not your otp

Anonymous 190579

>the nonce from /x/

Anonymous 190581

I mean there is a genre of 30+ yo women who went on 4chan bc they played wow with their neckbeard husband. They look like homely normie women with jobs irl but on the inside they still have “unpopular in hs” complex.

Anonymous 190582

troons can't be lesbians. a lot of lesbians like cunnilingus

Anonymous 190583

this could be us but im agoraphobic

Anonymous 190584

I couldn't find the image I wanted to add, but it had to be said regardless. Google us also showing ampits, barf..

Anonymous 190585

I'm gonna vomit

Anonymous 190586

This, the wokiest of woke "neurodivergent" did having zoomers with weird gender identities and neopronouns use 4chan nowadays.

Anonymous 190587

It’s always the most boring literal who’s that say this lmao

Anonymous 190588

fujo posting got better there (marginally). I notice there is always a very slow thread on /y/ with actual discussion of yaoi titles and people even refer to each other as "she" by default.
on /a/ there will occasionally be a BL thread with 0% stupid namecalling or derailing, just discussion of BL manga without smut (or minimal smut). and a little Ao No Flag trolling but not too much.
I say this as a very occasional lurker though. I got sick of it a long time ago but can't help but check back sometimes.

Anonymous 190589


Anonymous 190590

Anonymous 190591

And this is why I believe in elsie supremacy. No way we’d let them go unbullied.

Anonymous 190592

>4chan is a curiosity for children and teenagers at this point
do you mean american children and teenagers right? because most of my irl friends dont give a fuck to imageboards
yeah but posting nsfw lesbian porn on unrelated topics is r/actuallylesbians behavior

Anonymous 190593

wtf? what boards do they use?

Anonymous 190594

Honestly feels like female posters are at an all time low currently on 4chan as depressing as that is.
Only board you really consistently see femanons still is like /cm/ and /co/

Anonymous 190595

they're too honest

Anonymous 190596

What if I fell in love with my husbando when he was more than a decade older, but now I've almost caught up. Also I've always been 3 years older than him anyway cause his game is set in the future…

Anonymous 190597

nona his ass isn't real

Anonymous 190599

Do you mean the homothreads with the mugen thread pic or is it an actual BL thread? The last homothread I was in like a month ago got spammed as well. I would be very interested in an actual BL thread.

Anonymous 190600

It's every fucking board now. Even the small inactive ones like /wsg/ or fucking /an/. Hence why I'm 99% sure 4chan is not even owned by proper mods or hiro anymore but feds making sure it stays unusable.

Anonymous 190601

I must have been there in peak CP days because I still think admitting to lurking 4chan /b/ is tantamount to calling yourself a MAP

Anonymous 190602

4chan is just cringy. Every time I go on to try and give it another chance I last maybe 30 seconds because the moidposting is so viscerally painful.

Anonymous 190603

/ic/ has a cute boy thread with mostly female artists

Anonymous 190604

/co/, /v/ and other video game boards, /b/, /soc/, /r9k/, nobody threads in /x/. /mu/ is well-known by some actual normie musicians, lots of tiktok egirls think they're cool for knowing about /cgl/, etc

Anonymous 190605

Anonymous 190606

>do you mean american children and teenagers right? because most of my irl friends dont give a fuck to imageboards
nta but I'm eastern euro, 4chan was well known in all slightly alternative/nerdy/gamer male circles as far back as 2012. It's really not that obscure, especially nowadays

/b/ has a ton of openly underage posters, I wouldn't know had I not went searching for something on the archive kek

Anonymous 190607

Literally why I avoid 4chan

Anonymous 190609

if you use 4chan, you're a pedophile, period

Anonymous 190611


I want lolcow back. It's the only tolerable website to have discussions with women from my country. I tried to get my fix from another image board and it was full of gross brain dead scrotes. Then I tried my luck with a gossip subreddit about cows from my country and it was full of teens and its too goddamn slow.

Anonymous 190612

nahh this generalization discredits the fight against real pedophiles

Anonymous 190613


>Lesbian shitposting is troon behavior
>Comparing this work of art to porn

Anonymous 190614

I used to enjoy /ic/ but now I exclusively use it to destroy male egos

Anonymous 190616

yes thank you I forgot what they're called, I do mean the homothreads. I haven't lurked one for a year so I have no idea what they're like lately. they were ok in 2021 I guess lol

Anonymous 190617

Trannies cannot be lesbians because they are men. Transgenderism is the most patriarchal bullshit ever, it’s incel men who are so pussy deprived that they will try to be “haha one of the girlies” just to be around women. This post will be deleted because the ugly troon mod reading this will get his dick in a knot. Kys tranny.

Anonymous 190618

Literally, the first thought that came to mind when I saw the pic was how blatant the differences between lesbian art made by women are compared to males.

Anonymous 190619

I remember a thread a few weeks ago about someone asking why all artists in that thread are so good and they tried so hard to avoid the obvious answer kek. Moids quite literally can't cope.

Anonymous 190620

Is no music woman a meme now?

Anonymous 190621


>My girlfriend and I watching videos of men being beaten to death

Anonymous 190622


wish there was an lc version of this too

Anonymous 190625

the way you display your pins is so cute, i really love the ship (but especially shuichi) too

Anonymous 190627

I wanted to play it because I figured it’d be a cool rpg. Realized how boring it is. Fuckin Roblox used to (and probably still does) have better danganronpa knockoffs made by kids.

Anonymous 190628


Anonymous 190629

i really am sick of nonas thinking "woman? being inappropriate or autistic? male or tranny". learn to clock for fuck's sake

Anonymous 190630

Sucks too cause I hate kiwifarms & there’s not really anywhere else w gossip that hits the same as lc

Anonymous 190631

>Positive environment

Anonymous 190632

Kiwifarms is up?

Anonymous 190633


transvestigation time

Anonymous 190634

NTA but for me it's up on mobile

Anonymous 190635

How long is “planned downtime” planned for lol?

Anonymous 190636

yep it's just blocked by google search, i think. still up though.

Anonymous 190637

im not saying that this anon is a troon but its definitely inappropriate and coomer troon behavior

Anonymous 190638

I love my wardrobe.

Anonymous 190639

kf has been up for the past 2 months with no issues

Anonymous 190640

It's tasteful spoilered lesbian art with a meme caption in a thread where lesbian media has been a topic of conversation, not that deep

Anonymous 190641

the art is tasteful, we are all just shitposting. no need to pearl clutch.

Anonymous 190642

dr is garbage, badly written with almost no gameplay and the characters only exist for fanservice and are extremely one-dimensional and gimmicky. the only people i've seen hype it up are edgy teenagers who think it's "mature" because it's gory

Anonymous 190643

>with almost no gameplay
It's a visual novel, what did you expect?

Anonymous 190644

idc posting porn in unrelated topics is coomer troon behavior even if its a lesbian one. be better

Anonymous 190645

I would have gotten less feedback if I posted the danganronpa boys butt fucking each other

Anonymous 190646

Anonymous 190647

it's bad as a game and badly written as a visual novel, it literally has no redeeming qualities. when people bring up criticisms of the writing or one of the 829292 plotholes i've seen fans say "it's just a game don't take it too seriously!!" but there's almost no gameplay

Anonymous 190648


my neck
my back
lick my pussy and my crack

Anonymous 190649

LC-free Christmas? Maybe the gods are forcing me offline

Anonymous 190650


Anonymous 190651


I liked the first game, second one was okay, but DRV3 was pretty bad

Anonymous 190652

Xmas is already shitty enough this year lol what a gift

Anonymous 190653


Why does God punish me

Anonymous 190654


Anonymous 190656

is cc down now too

Anonymous 190657

i don't think so

Anonymous 190658


Still no LC, can't handle it

Anonymous 190659

This is so nasty, im at the beginning of my 20s but i never understand when girls date old men. Like they do understand they are being take advantage of right? They're not stupid minors anymore, it's sometimes hard for me to feel even empathy for girls like these. Do they just havd daddy issues, what causes some girls to put themselves through this?

Anonymous 190660


I can’t believe I got covid just in time to quarantine with no lc

Anonymous 190661

>cold as fuck so I can’t sleep
>still no lolcow

Anonymous 190663

i hate to tinfoil but i think lolcow is gone forever sisters

Anonymous 190664


Anonymous 190665

Anonymous 190666

Always find it’s always the most immature chicks too because anyone with a good head on their shoulders would realize how weird it is. I’m 22 & maybe I’m just biased because of my experiences but I’d much rather be with someone my own age & grow together than be with some old man whose done all of it already lol. Then again if you’re both consenting adults do whatever as long as you aren’t hurting anyone

Anonymous 190667

next time somebody says they're doing IVF I'm gonna respond with "how very Elon Musk-core"

Anonymous 190668

just a bad feeling

Anonymous 190669

Hopefully not, unless y’all know something I don’t I figured it’s just maintenance because they’ve been updating the site to some new shit or something due to all the troons & moids spamming and fucking up the threads

Anonymous 190670


This could be us, but you're straight, version 2.0, this hangs in a museum

Anonymous 190672

Tbh been drunk & done that to my friend, I’m straight and it checks out

Anonymous 190673

I went to the louvre in 2018 and bought this on a postcard at the giftshop

Anonymous 190674

Idk how handmaidens read posts on r/MTF and don't peak. All of their posts is about them wanting boobs, wishing to be anime girls, saying how much of dumb sluts they are, coomer behavior, etc. It is an amalgam of sexist stereotypes.

Anonymous 190675


i buy sausage

Anonymous 190676

Throw what around?

Anonymous 190677

Image 22.12.22 at …

They don't. Billie Eilish is dating a 31 year old moid and she thinks she's so cool for doing it. Says shit like "I got this man, ME, I did it". You should see the interview where she talks about him. As if it were difficult for a hot 20 year old millionair to date a fucking 31 year old moid. She thinks he is amazing and looks up to him so much. It's so sad, he is so ugly and it makes me so mad.

Anonymous 190679

I would agree with you all if evan peters wasn't 35.

Anonymous 190680


Jesse Rutherford is disgusting

Anonymous 190682

Should I make a toastie?

Anonymous 190683


Anonymous 190684

Okay Evan Peters doesn’t count I’d make him my daddy any day & I hate that word w a passion ahaha

Anonymous 190685

you should make me a toastie (please)

Anonymous 190686

i feel like it's one of those things everyone knows, but no one talks about out of discomfort

Anonymous 190687

I mean I’d just shoot that out of pure fear if I was alone in the woods

Anonymous 190689

you're retarded, admin literally announced that she planned to migrate servers

Anonymous 190691

samefag: the post i am replying to was one that stated billie eyelash fucks her brother.

Anonymous 190692

kek please do

Anonymous 190694

My theory is that straight women are more comfortable in doing mild gay shit, exactly because of being straight. Unlikely to be a serious gesture with a lot of consequences.

Anonymous 190695

damn that's gonna take ages.

Anonymous 190696

It's true, the "no homo" straight girls are much more likely to be lesbian than the "OMG boobs girls are so hot" makes out with their friend type straight girls

Anonymous 190697

Was it announced on lc or somewhere else? I was out for a couple days so if it was on there I missed it

Anonymous 190698

dont like boobs = lesbian
like boobs = lesbian
literally coomer brain

Anonymous 190699

like cunnilingus = lesbian
don't like vaginas = lesbian

Anonymous 190700

Something is up on the lolcow.farm site. can't post acceptable screenshots cause I'm on mobile. it's…not looking good?

Anonymous 190701

samefag, I'm sorry I should have taken screenshots because I was somehow able to get into what looks like a front page stand in but can't anymore. sorry anons

Anonymous 190702


The point is that straight women don't actually like boobs and thus can joke about it easily, while lesbians are hesitant because it's actually true

Anonymous 190703

hmmm yeah it is giving a different error this time

Anonymous 190704

They had a small banner at the top of the site that said “planned maintenance” with a date for at least a week, if not two. I didn’t look to see if it was announced in meta.

Anonymous 190705


Anonymous 190706


i kinda like this site better than lcf

Anonymous 190707

It said a week? All I saw was "planned maintenance on the 19th" but I don't remember the date.

Anonymous 190708

ladies i was just out to drinks with my bf and some of his colleagues. i have a no irl friends and felt so awkward the whole time. the conversation took a turn to livestock and it took all of my strength to not bring up the interesting facts id learned earlier today while reading the wikipedia article for mr hands.

the autism is terminal.

Anonymous 190709

No, I mean the banner was up for the last week, at least. Not that maintenance would take a week lol

Anonymous 190710

Yes, straight women will flirt really hard with me, confusing the fuck out of me. Like, going really far. Then with actual other lesbians, could be going out on a date and there's hardly any flirting, just a lot of nervousness and apologetic confessions via DM after the fact. Or being expected to assume interest from just a couple glances.

Anonymous 190711

i will never understand anons who have a bf but no friends like friends are much easier to have

Anonymous 190712

Its not that complicated. There are ppl that when they find a bf/gf have 0 interest in other ppl like old friends etc. So idk of its soooo misteriussss

Anonymous 190714

i'm one of the most insufferable people i know and yet i know 1 or 2 girls i might text every now and then. for you to be sociable enough to have a bf it's weird that you're not sociable enough to have friends.

Anonymous 190715


There's a term for yumejoshi, fujoshi and himejoshi. What are you called if you like m/f ships?

Anonymous 190716


are the weird pics gone? I'm afraid

Anonymous 190717

I tried to join a female only gaming discord and they ignored me when I sent verification so I left now I'm paranoid they are going to use my info for something even though I blocked stuff out. Dumb lonely me

Anonymous 190718

kys tranny

Anonymous 190719

>Stop being autistic
>Sonic gif

Anonymous 190720

Like the anon above me said, it's lack of interest. We're not close so I kinda don't care much

Anonymous 190721

they have a kpop thread, let's revive CC

Anonymous 190722


Anonymous 190723

I can't believe you all think lolcow is gonna come back after that.

Anonymous 190724

Talking about Sonic, I hope the Sonic induced autism nona is reading this thread, love her

Anonymous 190725


I dont feel like scrolling thru all the kirby yume drama, but I used to have a crush on claycia back when the game cane out & my main motivation to learn how to draw was for making NSFW art of her kek
Im pretty sure I still got a pic of me giving a pic of her a cake I made for valentines day somewhere…

Anonymous 190726

damn, you are unhinged (complimentary)

Anonymous 190728

For a second I thought lc was back but I just hadn't refreshed the page yet so I can keep on reading the tranny thread. Yay.

Anonymous 190729

what mbti are you?

Anonymous 190730

kekkk hunters finally being useful

Anonymous 190731

i met him online and moved to his country. i work from home so i dont meet people irl and never really tried because i think im autistic

Anonymous 190732

I'm literally guffawing

Anonymous 190733

intp is the only femcel/incel enough to use imageboards

Anonymous 190734

a pround INFP (shinji ikari style)

Anonymous 190736

adhd, i can't get through the questions

Anonymous 190737

entj :/

Anonymous 190738

Anonymous 190739


UK girlies are the royal mail strikes done yet? I ordered some Terry's chocolate oranges to try them for the first time and I'm dying for them to get here. Should have ordered through some german shop instead of Amazon.

Anonymous 190740

>met him online
>moved to his country alone
>work from home
>no friends
nta but damn so many redflags

Anonymous 190741

thats adorable

Anonymous 190745

i hope you never break up or you will be left all alone
second this

Anonymous 190746

he has plenty of friends but theyre not MY friends.

Anonymous 190748

why the fuck would you move to another country for a moid that encourages you sit in the house all day? way to ruin your whole life

Anonymous 190749

ISTJ-T, tell me if that means I'm autistic

Anonymous 190750

i had the work from home job before i moved here.

Anonymous 190751

I Swear To Jesus - Troon

Anonymous 190752

Let me guess, is it an age gap too??

Anonymous 190753

no im older by 1 year

Anonymous 190754

yeah and that makes your situation worse, do you usually frequent lc's relationship threads? how can you use a radfem imageboard and not realize that working from home, alone without friends in a foreign country because of a moid is not a smart move?

Anonymous 190755

Fuck :(

Anonymous 190756


Anonymous 190757

MBTI is worse than astrology

Anonymous 190758

I'm the same but we both moved to a new country. He made friends but I'm retarded so I can't. I actually don't really want normie friends.
But for me this is better, because here I could leave him whenever I wanted and any job would pay me enough to support myself. Back in my 3rd world home country that would have been impossible. If we lived there and got married, I would be 100% depended on him. I love the 1st world.

Anonymous 190759

if you took the mbti test in 16p then its not real mbti, try sakirnova + read the functions

Anonymous 190761


Anonymous 190762

there's a royal mail strike? what the fuck

Anonymous 190764

all of it is fake garbage, every "new and improved" personality type system always ends up just as bad as the last

Anonymous 190765

blast from the pas…

I used to love the Magolor/Marx ship when I was young. It was more of a platonic/best friend OTP though (I'm so sorry but the smut made me laugh out loud), and I still think they're cute. The good old days of 2012 Tumblr…

Anonymous 190766



Anonymous 190767

its not the same because you both moved to a new country but do yall dont have a family? i would never let my daughter move alone with a stranger moid like this. its so risky

Anonymous 190768


K I got in, it’s back up rn

Anonymous 190769


we lived together abroad for 3 years before i moved to his country. i thought i would make new friends but somehow wasnt able to put myself out there enough to meet local women

Anonymous 190770

where are you having them shipped to? There have been some delays but people are still getting their parcels. Something I ordered that was meant to be delivered earlier this month is arriving today (apparently).

Anonymous 190771

no it's not

Anonymous 190772


Anonymous 190773

i literally just did that so I could answer 's question. I'm not doing anything else, fuck the types

Anonymous 190774


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