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Lolcow Bunker Thread #0008 Planned Downtime part 8 Anonymous 190776

Site is going up slowly edition

Anonymous 190777

Are you guys lying, I can't open it at all.

Anonymous 190778

what did they do to my beloved lolcor

Anonymous 190779

>inb4 /m/ is lost again

Anonymous 190780


lolcow.farm works but nothing else does

Anonymous 190781


It’s on & off, I got in but like 30 seconds later it’s back down. You can see the mods talking on the boards about what they’re doing w the site tho

Anonymous 190782

How are you even going on the site? It just says site can't be reached for me.

Anonymous 190784

can't access it either

Anonymous 190785

ngl it looks so ugly

Anonymous 190787

I don't get this

Anonymous 190788

She actually did it, the madwoman

Anonymous 190789

I’m praying they bring back the Keekweek theme god I love that shit

Anonymous 190790


sorry n0nnitas, i think when lolcow does go back up i'm staying on cc, seems more chill here

Anonymous 190791

You can add custom css now though so it can look however you want. I like the new default theme even though I'm a fan of lighter themes usually

Anonymous 190792

hope we have themes

Anonymous 190793

I don't like it either

Anonymous 190794

>that kpop image

Anonymous 190795


Just be a stacy and use both

Anonymous 190796

does anyone have more screenshots>>190790
i want to use here more often but even though i post things are so slow and i get bored

Anonymous 190797

Me neither I'm on mobile

Anonymous 190798


Anonymous 190799


i'm a one site kinda girl, plus lolcow gives me a headache sometimes

Anonymous 190800

FAKE NEWS!!! Jk it not working for me

Anonymous 190801

Maybe ctrl + f5 to hard refresh the cache?

Anonymous 190802

Depends what you’re on there for. Regular chatting stuff, advice, shitposting this place is chill. But if you’re for the gossip & cows then lc

Anonymous 190803

really?? do you know any tutorial about this?

Anonymous 190804




Anonymous 190805

Is this a farmland teasing us on what is going on? Nobody else can see the page

Anonymous 190806

>im going to kms tbh

Anonymous 190807

Samefag but lh a movie night sticky, nice!

Anonymous 190808

This isn’t an airport no need to announce your departure

Anonymous 190809


i only posted in /ot/ anyway

Anonymous 190810

We don't want you to stay anyway ! ba..baka …

Anonymous 190811


Only this site is accessible for me but here's all the currently available themes atm
They don't work

Anonymous 190812

wow! its shit
its for mods to login

Anonymous 190813

Nah a couple ppl got in, I got screenshots in my phone & I’m not at all a farmhand & don’t wanna be ahaha

Anonymous 190814

tbf it depends on how you use the sites, lc can be chill too. I don't like this site mainly because it's even more of a spam target. It just seems way worse than lc in that aspect

Anonymous 190815

This theme(?). Was shown on kofi
Admin said it would be lynxchan

Anonymous 190816

I think it's a template

Anonymous 190817

w3schools has a basic css and html guide if that's what you're interested in, but I'm sure former tumblr girlies will come through with cute guides kek

Anonymous 190818

I was joking about accounts too and there's a counter of unique ips I also joked about a user counter.
I think this is the farmland portal and a farmland is posting to show progress. Or was this posted in the discord or something?

Anonymous 190819

Yeah then cc is the way to go. I’m a snowfag lmfao

Anonymous 190820

What's bad about lynxchan? Don't know much about ib software

Anonymous 190821

I love girltalk with all my heart and soul, but we need the other themes too wtf.

Anonymous 190822

Noo I'm not a farmhand, just a random nona. Maybe the lolcow.farm was brought up by an accident and I managed to load it magically kek

Anonymous 190823

kek, poor admin

Anonymous 190824

So why the log in?

Anonymous 190825

It's probably there for moderator/admins.

Anonymous 190827


Anonymous 190828

Either that or a testing feature

Anonymous 190830

i just think nodejs+monodb is ass

Anonymous 190831


I'm this anon >>190780 and the site is down for me now too
I guess I leaked it oops I'm sorry admin-sama

Anonymous 190832

Nta, but another imageboard that uses lynxchan also has an account link for regular users. It's just there.

Anonymous 190834

no /w/ ?

Anonymous 190835

It looks great, god bless admins

Anonymous 190836


Anonymous 190837

wait it's only popular boards, there is no /ot/ either
im just dumb

Anonymous 190838

Hoping for IP counters in threads.

Anonymous 190839

It says total boards:7 but don't fret this seems like a dev testing page anyway like other nonas pointed out
As you can see from those reply numbers the boards aren't even migrated yet

Anonymous 190840

Logo looks like it says Lolcow.fam needs to be fixed. R & M too close together

Anonymous 190841

NTA but omg that was one of my first OTP ever I miss my 2012 tumblr (and god forbid, miiverse) kirby friend group… Sometimes we would add Taranza to the ship too. Dunno how it's currently, probably shitty like all fandoms, but the kirby fandom used to be so chill I'm glad that was one of the first internet communities I joined when I started using it (we didnt had internet on my home until 2010…)

Anonymous 190842

i don't get lc users who don't like lolita culture, it's the reason the site exist in the first place

Anonymous 190844


Anonymous 190845

It's just not shown, it says there are currently 7 boards.

Anonymous 190846

I wonder if all of the hidden boards are there.

Anonymous 190847

just a joke anon i like /w/ too

Anonymous 190848

I'd assume only about 20% max are still OG users.

Anonymous 190849

It's a gif with expanding text I just snapped it the moment the letters looked smooshed

Anonymous 190850



I got this error what does it mean

Anonymous 190851

But guessing whether or not someone is samefagging is part of the fun

Anonymous 190852

Anyone else got in?

Anonymous 190853

>what is a joke/shitpost
you are probably the tranny, neck yourself

Anonymous 190855

A huge part of 4chan users do not like anime either, even though the site was founded because of it. Cultures change, that’s just how things go

Anonymous 190856

sometimes i read old threads where samefags have been marked and its always incredibly entertaining. i wish it happened more

Anonymous 190857

kek n0nnies are doing the online equivalent of peeking curiously over admin's shoulder. Let her work in peace.

Anonymous 190858

I'm not an OG but i'm a weeb/ into Jfashion
Apparently >>190836 was a joke but i know some anons genuinely dislike anime
Why are you even here ? Imageboard culture is anime culture, just go to prettylittleliars or any normie forum

Anonymous 190860

It doesn't really have anything to do with anything about lolita, all of those threads used to be in /snow/ anyway. /w/ is just a sad board.

Anonymous 190861

I can't access lolcow.farm on mobile :(

Anonymous 190862

>A huge part of 4chan users do not like anime either,
they are retards and no one likes them

Anonymous 190863

I love it, it finally looks like a modern ib. The old layout was lacking in features.

Anonymous 190864


No, it's been too long. I'm desperate.

Anonymous 190865

/w/ is about J vloggers/ lolita/ cosplayers
If you never lurk here it's ok, but don't make shit up

Anonymous 190866

I kind of like that in some img boards you have thread specific identities. Of course those would be evaded with vpns etc

Anonymous 190867

yes and it's a symptom of its downfall

Anonymous 190869

Yeak bc we love anime lover 4chan users

Anonymous 190871

The anime watchers? Yep, I agree

Anonymous 190872

It's down for everyone now, at least we got confirmation things are happening.

Anonymous 190874



Anonymous 190875

ryan gosling is so cute

Anonymous 190877

>what is reading comprehension
i'm saying interlopers who demand a community change its own culture for their tastes are disliked by all members of the core group, not that we (lc and cc users) love 4channers, dumbass

people who go to weeb sites to bitch about weebs are the biggest losers. go hang out reddit or twitter, those are your communities

Anonymous 190878

not this again..

Anonymous 190879


Anonymous 190880

I know that dummy, I'm saying people disliking the board probably isn't because of the lolita cow threads. Learn how to read.

Anonymous 190882

/pol/ is mostly non anime fans but it's one of 4chan most famous/ frequented board
idk what you're on about

Anonymous 190883

And even then it's still filled with anime and if you start bitching about it you'll get told to fuck off.

Anonymous 190884


Still waiting for the answer to this question

Anonymous 190885


>has the weirdest dream
>has party in mega mansion super mall as usual in dream
>walks into one of the hallways and sees two celebrities talking about stupid shit
>one of them is nicholas cage in his prime and not old and fugly
>he stumbles on to my young dream body through a bathroom and it kind of hurts
>he’s kind of sitting right on top of me on the bathroom floor even though he’s a grown man and heavier than me
>dream me says “it’s ok I can be the guy with the boner now”
>nicholas cage whispers excitedly “yisss”

what the fuck is going on kek?

Anonymous 190886

/pol/ is full of redditors from r/thedonald and deranged racist boomers from stormfront, but even no one there outright dislikes/hates anime or wants it removed. 4chan is a weeb site at its core, it can't be escaped

Anonymous 190889

I like the old theme for nostalgia so I’ll miss that, but I do like the newer one it’s more clean & updated for the times

Anonymous 190890

you're a retard, that's what you are

Anonymous 190891

nonas i missed my train. should i kill myself?

Anonymous 190892

Anonymous 190893

but are you guys slow? admin had a whole advisory that the website was going to go up for service changes/maintenance probably this week, it’s probably going to take longer since she’s the only one working on it or getting help from external sources, just be patient

Anonymous 190894

Anonymous 190895

Normie thats the name. Stop posting your shitty ship

Anonymous 190896

Getting real fucking sick of the bootlickers. Also the banner wasn't visible to anyone with adblock

Anonymous 190897

Anonymous 190898

why would they choose to do it now when tons of people are off uni/work for winter break

Anonymous 190899


pic related, some anons' "nigels"

Anonymous 190900

What are you talking about

Anonymous 190901

Probably because whoever is doing the update has time off work or school to do the update?

Anonymous 190902

fr cc is infested with discord kittens

Anonymous 190903

Looks like shit. Objectively worse than before.

Anonymous 190904

Can we start bullying people here already? Itd be for their own good.

Anonymous 190905

Spend more time learning what this word means anon.

Anonymous 190906

I can't believe my retail job is still open during this tarded snowstorm. Because the people NEED donated clothes for christmas. Smfh. FUCK YOU.

Anonymous 190908

nta but i got what the anon meant by that lol

Anonymous 190909

Do you want me to do a graphic design analysis? Cause I don't feel like writing that much while on mobile.

Anonymous 190910


Wtf? I was just asking a question. Why so hostile?

Anonymous 190911

>using the board that ruined allas example

Anonymous 190912

cc has a different culture it’s a lot more edgy and has a lot of non feminist anons not that i’m a retarded handmaiden but i like talking to people with different viewpoints. and also just more schizos. i use both boards for different reasons, it would suck if cc became lolcowified

Anonymous 190914

Because no answer means "no" most of time. And it's annoying to read and see the same thing twice. At least post a ship with actual chemistry.

Anonymous 190915

samefag tbh cc already kinda sucks, it’s mostly dead and the /feels/ board is basically a female /r9k/. but i like the occasional good threads

Anonymous 190916

>no answer means "no"
…No what? I asked what m/f shippers are called in similar terminology. If you don't like the ship just ignore the picture dumbass

Anonymous 190917

take your meds

Anonymous 190918

Schizos are fine. But something must be done with the people who keep using coomer manga images.

Anonymous 190920

>/feels/ board is basically a female /r9k
yeah if the /r9k moids were the male version of handmaidens

Anonymous 190921

Isn't this character meant to be a ftm lol?

Anonymous 190922

Nta but on imageboards no answer is more like someone didn't know the answer, whoever does didn't feel like answering, or the question just got overlooked.

Anonymous 190924

It also has more trannies and moids

Anonymous 190925

it's lacryboy lol. anons still can't decide whether they're a ftm, scrote with just a really feminine artstyle, or pornsick woman

Anonymous 190926

>on imageboards
on *lolcow

Anonymous 190927

KEKK as if a scrote would draw batman x paul dano riddler nsfw

Anonymous 190928

Why did my dumbass read this as batman x Aaron Paul

Anonymous 190929


tbh i like the anime images used on CC. there are always weird anons on LC who seethe about almost any anime image and accuse you of being a tranny because of touhou, vocaloid, sailor moon or just random ass drawings. the freedom here is refreshing.
actual coomer shit is what you see on twitter and 4chan, CC's choices for anime pics are always just cute.

Anonymous 190930

What are you doing anons? I'm bored.

Anonymous 190931

That kind of dedication from a scrote just to better pass as a woman would be almost commendable.

Anonymous 190934

she is a pornsick ftm, it's ridiculously obvious. anyone calling her a scrote is coping hard

Anonymous 190936

maxresdefault (1).…

breaking bad yaoi

Anonymous 190937

I never got called a troon for using these images.

Anonymous 190938


yeah i'm firmly in the female camp, but she draws incest porn and coomershit too. she drew picrel, i think she has a feminization kink for moids

Anonymous 190939

Random question but do any of you have memories from when you were a baby, before you could remember things right? I remember my grandma came to babysit me when I was a baby and I remember her vacuuming the coffee table and it seemed like I was in a snowglobe.

Anonymous 190940

I'm the one complaining about coomer art and I don't mean the banners, I mean in threads. The banners are great.

Anonymous 190941

kys scrote

Anonymous 190943

Reeeee I cant get in

Anonymous 190944

I remember my father carrying me during my 2nd birthday

Anonymous 190945

>she has a feminization kink for moids
gross but her art style is kinda cute

Anonymous 190946

anon shut the hell up you can’t code for shit therefore admin chose what the website looks like, cry more

Anonymous 190948

How are the friend finder threads? I'm so desperate for friends I might end up doxxing myself and waiting for anons to show up at my door. (But not really) (but I am desperate)

Anonymous 190949

My earliest memory is probably me floating around the forest

Anonymous 190950

I have a memory of being in a pushchair with with a plastic covering for when it rained, and the smell of the plastic + sound of the rain.

Anonymous 190952

i had some drama but also met two really nice n0nnies that i still talk to every day now. im sad theyre gone

Anonymous 190955

i miss the friend finder lc thread/ romanianon / r9k moid lore it happened at christmas time too

Anonymous 190956

they got unbanned recently then banned again

Anonymous 190957

oh damn

Anonymous 190958

It"ll take some time to get used to but i like it tbh. It's just a bit jarring now cause it's so different

Anonymous 190959

My mom sitting on the ground and crying hysterically with me not knowing what to do and trying to give her my pacifier. Later I found out it was because an old ex bf of her commited suicide.

Anonymous 190960

personally i don’t care for anime and it is gross and weird to me but it’s also retarded to get mad at people for posting anime/manga pics on an ib

Anonymous 190961


Lc back up with themes

Anonymous 190962

don’t do it it’s full of horny moids eager to groom you on discord even if you’re 21+ years old, most of the anons who use it are super picky and autistic and likely can’t hold a conversation with anyone irl so how can you trust them to not ghost you eventually if things don’t work out?

Anonymous 190963

i have a vague memory of something stinging my eyes and having my parents wash them. i was probably 3-4

Anonymous 190964


Anonymous 190965

I hope today you look up at the sky and see a beautiful scene before you, no matter the weather. What weather is your favorite, Nona?
I like windy spring days and the stillness of midwinter.

Anonymous 190966

i cant find it ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous 190967


posted in one a long ass time ago, like 2 summers ago probably? And got contacted by several moids who either admitted to being male from the start or upon asking. Wouldn't recommend.

Anonymous 190968

everything is gone kek, guess we have to wait another week or so

Anonymous 190969

It loaded for me!!!

Anonymous 190970

wtf happened to /ot/ catalogue

Anonymous 190971

theyll probably migrate it all somehow

Anonymous 190972

are there any imageboard reader apps that make browsing cc and lc easier on mobile?

Anonymous 190974


everything is …….. gone ……. ??

Anonymous 190975

i’m not using lc until the stuff is back, i was in the middle of a conversation wtf

Anonymous 190976

these post numbers, is everything gone??

Anonymous 190977

i was just about to say that i ended up flaking/ghosting because I get really awkward about keeping friendships going, even casual online ones. anytime anything remotely personal in conversation came up, i felt paranoid.
paranoid feelings aside, all the nonas i met on there were really nice, funny and interesting. i'm just too retarded.

Anonymous 190980

hehehe i got a peek at lolcow while its up for a sec while they test

Anonymous 190981

>0 unique recent IPs
dead internet theory

Anonymous 190982

Soooo where are the threads on my lolcor

Anonymous 190983


It’s all on archive right now

Anonymous 190984


>yfw nothing is restored and the next time there's an argument on /meta/, "someone" starts vehemently insisting "actually, lolcow has ALWAYS allowed trannies and men! radfems started showing up in 2018, complete newfags! no one wanted them around!", and we won't be able to look through our own history and link to old threads to prove those claims wrong

Anonymous 190985

>dead internet theory
tell me more

Anonymous 190986

don't fret anons, i'm sure they're still working on the site and it'll be migrated when they're done

Anonymous 190987


Dev space

Anonymous 190988

pretty sure LC did initially allow men though just not as late as 2018.

Anonymous 190989

nonys… i already need to figure out how to make a new thread now.. sniffing and crying rn

Anonymous 190990

lc was always one big samefag… but tbh that "only 150 posters" theory creeped me out more. somehow it all being fake is less disturbing than the possibility that it's the same 150 people jerking each other off across the site

Anonymous 190991


Anonymous 190992

how are you all accessing the website? I get nothing

Anonymous 190993

The sites clearly not done yet anon, and the version we're seeing is probably different from whatever admin has done

Anonymous 190994

try harder

Anonymous 190995

initially, sort of. it was a female space, but lax about it up until /r9k/ started raiding. containment threads didn't work, ignoring them didn't work, and the userbase was sick of it, so a blanket ban on male posters was introduced. this was pretty early on.

Anonymous 190996


I have no idea how I got on, I just loaded the site, now I'm taking screenshots

Anonymous 190997


Samefagging to post this. I'm not saying there's a feeder here, I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised if there were a feeder here.

Anonymous 190998

>no nsfw
Husbando nonas..

Anonymous 190999

You can do it!

Anonymous 191000

>jerking each other off
What do you mean? People infight over everything there.

Anonymous 191001


Watched thread feature? Okay I'm done I feel weird. I have no idea how I was one of the lucky ones who loaded up the site. Its not done yet and nothing much is going on. Feel like imma get in trouble somehow kek

Anonymous 191002


Newest dev update

Anonymous 191004

tbh you dont really need to post your husbando on the dev threads

Anonymous 191005

can we not post there until the full site is restored? i have a bad feeling about this, anons.

Anonymous 191006

by that i mean infighting too. the idea that it's only 150 people getting along with each other in one thread and infighting in another without realizing it creeps me out

Anonymous 191007

I think it's cute. We're like one big retarded family.

Anonymous 191008

didnt admin once say that new banners will be added at least around this update? i wanna see which ones got in

Anonymous 191009

kekk for real

Anonymous 191010

but 150 seems like a much too small number. lc is referenced by too many people for it to be that small of a userbase. that's what i tell myself at least

Anonymous 191011

i don't think there is even an option to post, the posts are coming from mods/admin. there's no reply space

Anonymous 191013


Anonymous 191014

I've tried clearing my cache and using several browsers but I still can't access LC. What do I do?

Anonymous 191016

maybe only users from a specific country can acess the site right now? idk its pretty weird that only you can screenshot lc

Anonymous 191017


Does this mean post per hour? Sorry retarded

Anonymous 191018

Anonymous 191019

Anonymous 191020

Kuroba-dev but not sure if it's compatible with lynxchan

Anonymous 191021

its likely not actually supposed to be up theyre just testing something adn it will go back down when theyre done until theyre ready

Anonymous 191022

I wish it were around 150. It's probably more than that. Also don't forget the lurkers who never post anything.

Anonymous 191023

Bad feeling about what? Obviously we can’t post they’re still testing and working on the site. The threads are still available to view, it’ll probably take a bit to migrate.

Anonymous 191024

I think /g/ and /m/ and maybe /ot/ could potentially only have 150ish regular users but the cow boards? No way.

Where does that number come from anyway? Was it the last townhall that had about 100 or 150 users in? Surely only a fraction of the userbase would be interested enough to join boring ass townhall?

Anonymous 191025

Go for a walk then.

Anonymous 191026

I just reloaded, it wasn't working before when the first anon came around for me. But when I tried it came up. I was the on accusing that anon of being a farmland, but nice, I can access the site just can't use it

Anonymous 191027

Fair enough, I at first was weirded out by how chummy anons were when they started the movie room because everyone was so aggressive at the same time.

Anonymous 191028


something doesn't feel right at all. all hidden boards gone, all our threads completely gone. call me paranoid, but all of this is creeping me out for some reason.

Anonymous 191029

I’m from Canada & I can get on it, you might be onto something unless other Canadian cows can’t lol

Anonymous 191030

Didn't the Eurovision Finals have about 100 watchers in the movie room? There's probably more anons.

Anonymous 191031

It’s because it’s a new site & it’s in beta. We aren’t even technically supposed to be on it I think.

Anonymous 191032

That's not the finished state of the update.

Anonymous 191033

calm down n0nna theyre still working on it

Anonymous 191034


me too nona

Anonymous 191035

Iirc it was more like 40

Anonymous 191036

in bongland and it loads up

Anonymous 191037

No offense but are you stupid anon

Anonymous 191038

unironically take a walk, eat something nice etc. This shit takes time, she literally just changed servers and has to reconstruct a lot of things.

Anonymous 191040


I can see mod tools and look like they are deleting things, sorry admin not posting anymore kek. I feel bad

Anonymous 191042

why are u like this touch some grass calm down

Anonymous 191043


Anonymous 191044

aw man seeing their test posts was funny

Anonymous 191045


i read that wrong and thought you said "unironically take a shit", kek

Anonymous 191046

Quieten your hearts my beloved farmers, I have a good feeling about newsite and the weight of these mining picks, so graciously offered by our friends, will soon be lifted

Anonymous 191047

most of the n0nnas that ended up contacting me were really nice but tbh keeping up conversations when you don't really click seemed kind of forceful to me sometimes so the contact ended up dying out. i only had really good and enjoyable conversations with one person but she suddenly ghosted me after a few months and even though it's been like half a year i'm still not over it kek. also i didn't rlly get any moids contacting me besides a single super obvious one but i also mentioned that i was in a relationship and maybe that deterred them a bit idk

Anonymous 191048



Anonymous 191049

wtf KEK

Anonymous 191050

I see that /m/ has the description of fujos,kpop,animu. Does that mean the kpop thread will be back?

Anonymous 191051

I think I saw this before it went down, it was some moid thread in /ot/ and probably wasn't banned before the site went down.

Anonymous 191052

They got rid of/w/ KEK, time to celebrate

Anonymous 191053

>possibility of kpop being back
I'm so confused.

Anonymous 191054

Yeah I saw that too

Anonymous 191055

I stg every time I go to watch a movie the chat is so dead. Then again maybe it’s cause I’m up at 3am

Anonymous 191057

i hope not

Anonymous 191058

kek if it helps nona calm down, that too

Anonymous 191059

So they're making the husbando/fujoshit an "official" part of the board culture. Yay.

Anonymous 191060

Is that good? I don't want their shit infiltrating other boards.

Anonymous 191061

they got rid of /w/ but are letting kpop back in? that's worse

Anonymous 191062

Samefag, these caverns shall dampen spirits no longer… The wide fields await, and I ask this day, who amongst the cavern people will join us? What novel shitposting awaits us as we emerge up into the fresh new world?

Anonymous 191063

i'll kill myself if there's a kpop thread again

Anonymous 191064

Anonymous 191065


if fujos get threads then so should kpop

Anonymous 191066

Same, what's the point when choachan exists

Anonymous 191067


can't wait for the seething from certain anons

Anonymous 191068

Even if so it’s weird that’s the only message they saved lol. It’s the newest one posted, the other tests are from few months ago that post is from today

Anonymous 191069


Lolcow is being upgraded and kiwifarms is breaking

Anonymous 191070

Honestly idgaf if there’s a kpop thread as long as it’s contained

Anonymous 191071

always has been

Anonymous 191072

Thanks god, fuck kf

Anonymous 191074


Keep the faith, nonas.

Anonymous 191075

Anonymous 191076

ive been too nervous to attend. mostly no one talks?

Anonymous 191077



Also /m/ allows posts

Anonymous 191078



Anonymous 191080


Anonymous 191081



Anonymous 191082

oh fuck no, I don't want even more kiwimoids on lc

Anonymous 191084

I see the same stuff idk whats going on

Anonymous 191085

at least it's readable, nice

Anonymous 191086

It's not working thoughhh

Anonymous 191087

Dev board is down now

Anonymous 191088

If you think one of the troons won't find out they were posted I the MTF thread and come for out space next you are crazy. This is literally troons calling the families of the providers and harassing them. It's not kiwifarms going down for being a shit site and no one wanting them, it's due to angry troons who also hate women more then anything

Anonymous 191089

lolcow is canadians-only now???

Anonymous 191090

I know why they are useful but I hate them

Anonymous 191091

why was it changed to this extent

Anonymous 191092

The problem with kf is that they allow doxing, LC doesn't.

Anonymous 191093

yes sorry n0nna didnt you get the update it was posted last week

Anonymous 191094

They swapped to a new imageboard software, which makes it much easier to implement all sorts of changes.

Anonymous 191095


Anonymous 191096

if they can take down kf for doxxing that means they can take down lolcow for something too if they tried. there doesnt need to be a good reason

Anonymous 191097

Is this real

Anonymous 191098

I accessed it from eastern europe

Anonymous 191099


farewell /w/, i'll miss you

Anonymous 191100

Anonymous 191101

yes i would never lie to u n0nna

Anonymous 191102

anon its an obvious joke are u autistic?

Anonymous 191103

Because it uses newer imageboard software, I guess.

Anonymous 191105


I’m going to have an aneurysm if /m/ just turns into uncontained kpop posting & dumb shit

Anonymous 191106

I neeed new ShanGus updates miss her

Anonymous 191107

canadians-and-croissants-only imageboard?

Anonymous 191108

It's not about doxxing. Cloudflare knew about that but did nothing until the Troon shit. It's not because racists, doxxing or being problematic. It's because kiwifarms talked about the wrong troons, LGJ who has a lot of connections and called up someone's wife for a "girl talk " in the middle of the night. He brags about knowing people who shut things down on kiwifarms. Any place that speaks about troons can/will be taken down using this method.
They can lie and say whatever

Anonymous 191109

I bought some pressons and painted them black. I feel cheap yet powerful, they've all stayed in since Sunday

Anonymous 191110


yeah no i'm not using captchas. hello cc my new home

Anonymous 191111

what no france is on western europe right

Anonymous 191112

>celebricows thread (likely) still not banned
>kpop (allegedly) unbanned
lmao the site will be filled with the worst kinds of posters. kpoppies already have their own site too, this is wild.

Anonymous 191113

no one cares

Anonymous 191114

>>191110 genuine questions, what's wrong with captchas?

Anonymous 191115

have fun with all the moids and troons

Anonymous 191117

We all know that's the true reason, but doxing is used as an excuse to get it shut down.

Anonymous 191118

I guess Canadians are so nice lolcow decided if they only allowed the maple syrups the site would get a bit sweeter

Anonymous 191119

It might help. Sometimes a good shit fixes all your problems.

Anonymous 191120

Both threads are fine, they just need stricter moderation

Anonymous 191121

>site becomes ugly as fuck
>kpop unbanned will result in mass influx of underage twitter users
>mods sucking /g/, /ot/, and /m/ dick when the site is centered on /pt/ and /snow/


I dont even care about lynxchan's added functionality because the UI is so fucking irredeemably ugly

new admin's first move in office, off to a god awful start.

Anonymous 191122

Last thing we need is kids clogging up the boards. Gross.

Anonymous 191123

i'm in ingerland and can access it

Anonymous 191124

for real

Anonymous 191125

Nta but personally they make me too lazy to post sometimes, especially if they're Google captchas and whatever 4chan is using right now. The simple numbered captcha LC has right now doesn't seem too bad

Anonymous 191126

Does this mean they're trying to expand?

Anonymous 191127

i can access it from australia but dont see any posting options

Anonymous 191128

try a different browser, delete cookies and disable VPN if you're using it

Anonymous 191129

>watched threads option

Anonymous 191130

I did all of those earlier, it did nothing.

Anonymous 191131

yesterday i saw a lolcow tab that was still loaded on my ipad and i read it twice

Anonymous 191132

>mods sucking /g/, /ot/, and /m/ dick when the site is centered on /pt/ and /snow/
Wtf fuck you. They don't even like us non-cow board users.

Anonymous 191133

for celebricows yes, for kpop, no. it will attract underage newfags no matter how heavy the moderation is because thats 99% of the people who care about it.

and good luck with those stricter mods kek I know the mod team has literally never been bigger than 12 total members before, 10 of whom don't do anything and the other 2 of whom hand out a few bans in /snow/ hours late at a given time but maybe the mods will really pull themselves up by their bootstraps this time!

Anonymous 191134

thanks nona

Anonymous 191135

I checkered her Twitter and there’s so much milk it’s killing me. New stupidly fake stories, updates on how her parents were great to her as a child, & she fingered herself in a dirty airplane bathroom. There’s more but I need the shatmus thread ahaha

Anonymous 191136

i would be okay with kpop talk on lc but kpop stans are always posting links to lc on twitter/elsewhere, they're one of the worst kinds of users

Anonymous 191137

nta but the same ones will be on lolcow, don't kid yourself

Anonymous 191138

hell no, by the very end after we got the results maybe, but it did peak at 100 and was steady at around 70

Anonymous 191139

i cringed so hard at the makeup box she got as a gift…. perfect place to store all that makeup she bought but has no idea how to ever use

Anonymous 191140

F U jeb bush admin

Anonymous 191141

can't wait to scroll past threads about why taekook is real while i'm trying to have fun and wind down

Anonymous 191142

I honestly don't care about the K-Pop or fujo shit as long as they keep it contained, well-moderated, and away from the boards that actually matter. Which they probably won't but a girl can dream.
Boy howdy do I hate the new UI though

Anonymous 191143

Will we be unable to use VPNs if we want to post? I’m stupid so idk how it works.

Anonymous 191144

Okay I love celebricows I don’t want that sht banned lmaoo

Anonymous 191145

I meant joe biden but close enough

Anonymous 191146

We'll all get used to it, I'm more concerned about the changes to content.

Anonymous 191147


This a new banner?

Anonymous 191148

exactly. they're literally all children, and then there are the kpop coomer moids who obsess over girl groups. they had their own generals on 4chan and they were so bad they had to be dispersed to containment/throwaway boards like /trash/.

Anonymous 191149

we all know having a place for retard teens on the website will just result in them flooding all over the place

Anonymous 191150

I'm sure we will I'm just too autistic and don't want to have to

Anonymous 191151


Anonymous 191152

yes, i think it's just because they're having DNS issues. I'm not 100% how it works either but this is just a temporary issue whilst they're still working on it.

Anonymous 191153

Is there any Taco Bell breakfast you guys like? It's 9 am and I want something cheap but I don't eat taco bell breakfast so idk what to get

Anonymous 191154

Am I the only one that believes in Admin-chan. I think LC will be fine

Anonymous 191155

I'm disgusted already

Anonymous 191156

kpop stans has fried brains its impossible to keep them away from other threads

Anonymous 191157

Komaeda-chan hacked lolcow and is the new admin?

Anonymous 191158


For anyone who can't access the site worrying about the old threads

Anonymous 191159

LOL no way

Anonymous 191160


Anonymous 191161

What time is it where you are, what else is open?

Anonymous 191162


Moid pouring milk on himself (its a gif)

Anonymous 191163

No, that's not the problem with KF, don't start this shit again.

Anonymous 191164

good point nona.

Anonymous 191165


literally the worst parts of the userbase being pandered to

Anonymous 191166

tbf, the lynxchan update was oldmin's idea

Anonymous 191167


Anonymous 191168

Ugh, is it at least a good looking moid?

Anonymous 191169

european map.jpg

>what no france is on western europe right
No, France is located somewhere in the balkans.
That's why there are so many muslims in frans, they all come from Turkey.

Anonymous 191170

Fuck I’m hungry and you just reminded me.

Anonymous 191171

Probably use it to store all her LA Colors & Elf products lmfaoo

Anonymous 191172


Anonymous 191173



Anonymous 191174

this one is good kek inshallah!

Anonymous 191175

Has there been any new milk with her? I haven’t checked her threads in like two years.

Anonymous 191176

God, a cute banner at last.

Anonymous 191177

it's ugly and it's unnecessary, like buying a $15k gaming pc for someone who just sits and plays sims 2 all day. guarantee only 1% of posters will actually bother using it to the fullest. most don't need to because they sit on the same damn board or two all the time.

Anonymous 191178

lynxchan is a good thing from a technical standpoint i just hate the new look

Anonymous 191179

Why is banned here :(

Anonymous 191180

I also hate the new UI. Already seems clunky and annoying to navigate, but good on admin for giving it an update I guess. LC might get annoying popular soon… I'll miss comfy era LC, but I'll stick around because I'm autistic and Shayna is my special interest

Anonymous 191181

I'm getting scared nonitas…

Anonymous 191182


i'm glad they've finally added some sweet banners i like the wholesome ones

Anonymous 191183

sorry anon not from burgerland but im bad at geography too

Anonymous 191184

There's a bunch of places open. I think I may get a cheesy egg bacon and cheesy egg sausage burrito though. Both sound good and I'm really craving bacon. Should I get Starbucks too?

Anonymous 191185

Anonymous 191186

Anonymous 191187

really hope the banner with the girls wet bum is gone forever

Anonymous 191188

Me too. I don't want lc to become mainstream.

Anonymous 191189


Anonymous 191190

Do you think the update was worth all this?

Anonymous 191191

Please it's so fucking gross. No idea why such a coomer banner is on a girls website.

Anonymous 191192

Anonymous 191193

If so, god bless our new overlord.

Anonymous 191194

Idk last time I heard she’s just a dumbass & on the Kanye antisemite bandwagon

Anonymous 191195

there are a bunch new jill banners i've noticed, maybe one of the mods is a pixiefag lol

Anonymous 191196

why theres one specific anon thats keeps spamming this "uwu im scareed" shit here?? go for a walk fr

Anonymous 191197


There's a lot new, like a cow beating up a scrote (gif), I see a few Jill ones as well. Wont post them all so it can still be a surpise

Anonymous 191198

bright side: if it's clunky for us to use, maybe most normies won't be able to figure out how to use it

Anonymous 191199

Okay you didn’t have to call me out like that ahaha

Anonymous 191200

i hope we still have the default non pink lc theme and that they kept the luna one, i really liked it. i remember asking if they could make the link colors more legible kek
hopefully in the future we could have sitewide search that include posts and not just threads.
plz no more rounded corners

Anonymous 191201

Anonymous 191202

Anti-fujo & paki anon btfo

Anonymous 191203


Anonymous 191204

Lolcow has too many annoying pearl clutchers

Anonymous 191205

Anonymous 191206


This is a gif

Anonymous 191207

Just answer the question.

Anonymous 191208

Or some sort of old mode.

Anonymous 191209

Nah, me too.

Anonymous 191210

I wonder if I'll just stay here on cc. Probably not, place is so dead.

Anonymous 191211

Whenever I smell newfags or unintegrated users I like to drop some transphobic shit casually so they know where they are.

Anonymous 191212

*pear shaped clutchers

Anonymous 191213


Anonymous 191214

agree i like this site better. i like having discussions that don't get shut down after you simply disagree with the groupthink and get a hit with "TRANNY" "MOID" and a temp ban

Anonymous 191215

Fuck I love sims

Anonymous 191216

i made one of those posts, i'm less concerned now but you have to admit this shit is weird for anyone who's used LC long-term

Anonymous 191217

I like the energy itts too. Let's try to keep the same energy when lulcur is back up.

Anonymous 191218

Haha, what

Anonymous 191219

Wow, she's adding literally any and all banner suggestions. Queem shit

Anonymous 191220

Anonymous 191221


Welp the troons are back & I still can’t make threads

Anonymous 191222

I've used LC for a long time and it's really not.

Anonymous 191223

cc and lc have largely the same userbase and you're all gonna yell at me that I'm wrong but I'm not gonna change my mind

Anonymous 191224


Kek last one

Anonymous 191225

i don't see her pandering to moids and troons

Anonymous 191226


i'll stay here with you anon

Anonymous 191227

So annoying there’s no report feature for spam and it’s already starting ugh

Anonymous 191228

one of jill's alters made her way onto the mod team

Anonymous 191229


Anonymous 191230

We give shaymin a lot of flack but I'm glad she let us know about the downtime, and it should have been expected that it would be down for a little bit. I hope the site's running smoothly when it's all finished.

Anonymous 191231

Anonymous 191232

God I hate trannies so much.

Anonymous 191233

new theory came up: troon jannies?

Anonymous 191234

I hope there'll be more faster permabanning troons once it's back up

Anonymous 191235

yeah like how 4chan has futaba or whatever it's called with everything old looking

Anonymous 191236

yes… idc i need LC in any form bc im a retard

Anonymous 191238

Anonymous 191239

No, you're right. I'm pretty sure CC was an offshoot of LC way back when. Probably a lot of the older LC userbase came over here and stayed

Anonymous 191240

Anonymous 191241

old ass theory

Anonymous 191243

Someone cowtip and tell Jill that lolcow is down for good so she gets her hopes up.

Anonymous 191245

LC is still not working for me. I'm sad.

Anonymous 191246

That's not pandering, that's a moid raiding LC. They're not welcome and I'm sure shaymin will clean it up. They had the ability to post threads be locked because of shit like this.

Anonymous 191247

Cc is a smaller circle inside LC in a venn diagram.

Anonymous 191248

i think they should've looked for software that'd allow them to keep the same layout, or a similar one, while still updating things on the inside.

Anonymous 191249

idk about that i heard that you need to actually dox yourself to be a janny

Anonymous 191250

it look like it's shitting out cow.farm

Anonymous 191251

I haven't seen any changes for the better. They could have just overhauled their mod team instead.

Anonymous 191252

This made me laugh

Anonymous 191253


Anonymous 191254

did anyone else do that 'janny application' that was on lolcow a couple years back like a retard and then realise its just a way to grab emails from regular users and track ip?

Anonymous 191255

There's probably been troon jannies since the beginning, LC was originally made by a man. He just gave ownership over to his unwashed handmaidens who played hot potato until shaymin took over.

Anonymous 191256

Fuck kpop and fuck the stupid ass fans

Anonymous 191257

How are some people posting?

Anonymous 191258

what is "this", the downtime? It has been down for like 2 days that's not that bad imo

Anonymous 191259

>He just gave ownership over to his unwashed handmaidens who played hot potato until shaymin took over.

Anonymous 191260

TERF honeypot theory confirmed

Anonymous 191261

I think most of the functionality is for the backend, not just for the users

Anonymous 191262

i dont lurk meta much. why is admin referred to as shaymin? does she lurk the shayna threads

Anonymous 191263

who says shaymin isn't playing hot potato

Anonymous 191264


Anonymous 191265


Anonymous 191266

I was a jani and eventually promoted to mod a couple years ago and all I was asked for back then was my discord and email

Anonymous 191267

i dont remember much but it asked for email and what anon board history you have and what threads you use most

Anonymous 191268

>grab emails
use a throwaway
>track ips
they already do that

Anonymous 191269

I stop looking at lc for one week and come back to it looking like a bare choachan reskin. Idk what they needed fixing in the backend but the old layout looked way better, the new colors could have just been added as a much needed actually nice looking dark theme

Anonymous 191270

if i was that smart n0nnie i wouldnt read threads about dumb internet retards for entertainment

Anonymous 191271

what's it like being a janny? I considered applying for janny when the applications were open ages ago but decided against it because cleaning up raids must suck ass

Anonymous 191272

it's very obvious she has almost no computer experience
I don't know why she wanted to switch lynx chan but if nonas expect her to add features don't hold your breath

Anonymous 191273

nahhh i remember that they used to ask for your facebook too back then

Anonymous 191274

I know kpopfags want to talk about kpop on lolcow, for some fucking reason, but they're just so annoying like I just know kpopfagging is going to leak all over the site like how you can tell the celebricows thread leaked all over /ot/. Kpopfags PLEASE be considerate to normal anons who don't give a fuck about your plastic pop people.

Anonymous 191275

same, keep getting 404 errors
seems like the wrong type of error unless she just set up redirection like that

Anonymous 191276

Yeah, it was revealed a while back that she's a shayfag.
She probably is, but who'd want to own lolcow now? It's too big to be a fun little project but too small to get a bunch of ad revenue cash/donations.

Anonymous 191277


Yeah, I'm already extremely happy there is a thread watch.

Anonymous 191278

i love this fucking pic

Anonymous 191279

yeah this has anon not noticed that you get shown your ip address when you get banned? mods can see the full post history made by your ip at any given time.

Anonymous 191280

n0nnies if i ever get rich ill buy lolcow and become the most autistic yet good admin of all time

Anonymous 191281


Anonymous 191282

If oldmin stayed LC would have been switched to lynx chan anyways because she had talked about doing it before she left

Anonymous 191283

maybe it's autism, I heard they hate sudden change

Anonymous 191284

that's a heavy plea to make, they weren't even considerate after getting banned.

Anonymous 191285

What would you do for the site, anonita?

Anonymous 191286

me too, it should be a banner

Anonymous 191287

What does this look like the mods? Do any jannies/ex-jannies have screenshots?

Anonymous 191288

ban everyone she doesn't like

Anonymous 191289

lolcow is for autistic women

Anonymous 191290

pay people to actually maintain the site/rules and pay a good wage because you get what you pay for when you work off volunteer labor

Anonymous 191291


So no one can make threads but somehow some dumbfuck is being allowed?? It’s sus & confusing.

Anonymous 191292

you WILL see the kpop dog oy gif everywhere and you WILL like it

Anonymous 191293

I don't think you'd even need to be rich, lolcow can't be very expensive.

Anonymous 191294


I still can't load lolcow

Anonymous 191295

I can't even access the website so going by your logic you accessing the website at all is sus

Anonymous 191296

Dogboy isn't a kpopper to me he is like a son. Dogboy is lolcow history.

Anonymous 191297

i wish you would actually stay here

Anonymous 191298

how much do you all think the price of lolcow is?

Anonymous 191299

3 shillings.

Anonymous 191300

You can read old threads at original.lolcow.farm apparently

Anonymous 191301

that gif should be banned

Anonymous 191302

one banana thats why romanianon cant buy the site

Anonymous 191303

considering it would likely never make a profit without coomer ads it will forever be a use of resources to keep alive with no gain. i bet admin would accept a few thousand dollars to be relieved of the burden and not have to pay to maintain it

Anonymous 191304


If anyone cares this is what what happened, it's not about Doxxing because apparently the Troon was doxxing people to get what he wanted. Hopefully they (he)leave us the fuck alone, which is why I hate people talking about lolcow on other sites like twitter/tumblr.

Anonymous 191305

I always hide threads I'm not actively following so only the ones I'm very interested in show up, so I don't think I will use the thread watch function much, but it's very nice to have.
I'm specially excited about the ability to change the site's CSS, finally we will be able to pick any color we want for LC.

Anonymous 191306

looks like it works. i'm feeling beter now.

Anonymous 191307

Doesn't work.

Anonymous 191308

This won't be accurate at all but just for an idea of how many people are ITT:
>there is at least one user on crystal cafe
Your turn.

Anonymous 191309

Me neither

Anonymous 191310


lolcow no longer using cloudflare and is directly hosted on a portuguese server provider https://dotsi.pt/
what does it mean

Anonymous 191311

Anonymous 191312

There's only one and I'm talking to myself.

Anonymous 191313

>at least 3 users on crystal cafe

Anonymous 191314

ive personally made 62% of the posts and replies in this thread

Anonymous 191315

>at least 4 users

Anonymous 191316

Impossible, I have literally made 100% of the posts itt

Anonymous 191317

Awww I miss her so much, I love the old design

Anonymous 191318

fr best country bora portugal !!

Anonymous 191319

I am no one I do not exist

Anonymous 191320

and you don't seem to understand

Anonymous 191321

Is shaymin portugese?

Anonymous 191322

Anonymous 191323


Old site back up, just can’t post.

Anonymous 191324

im your alter n0nnie we are the same

Anonymous 191325

would you like it if lolcow had a cow cursor option like this for example

Anonymous 191326

Doesn't work for me

Anonymous 191328

idk maybe I already meet her in irl?

Anonymous 191329

I can't even access original.lolcow.farm, but I can get to farmcow.lol. Not a great solution…

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