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Lolcow Bunker Thread #009-Planned Downtime Anonymous 191330

Anonymous 191331


Discord update

Anonymous 191332

Anonymous 191333

LIES I cant access even that

Anonymous 191334

Nvm I’m going to kill myself

Anonymous 191335


no*nie rn

Anonymous 191336

Why do these threads allow so few posts

Anonymous 191337

Works for me. Now I can catch up on threads I was reading while she works on the site.

Anonymous 191338

me too…

Anonymous 191339

Yoo I can get to farm cow but wtf even Is it?

Anonymous 191340

Wait what are they actually going to just nuke all the old posts, seems like it wtf

Anonymous 191341

It's more standard for imageboards to allow this amount of posts. I remember when 4chan had a 300 something limit. LC was made for longer discussions

Anonymous 191342

How much of lolcow has been archived on other sites?

Anonymous 191343

how many lolcows do you think stalk their own thread but missed the notice that it was going down for maintenance and thught it died fr?

Anonymous 191344

I posted hewwo on new lolcow

Anonymous 191346

It's what you get directed to when you get perma banned I think kek

>flood detected


Anonymous 191347

So if they're posting stuff like this then do they know we're talking about the site here? Then why not just post that here? Or is that for when the site is up for everyone? So many questions.

Anonymous 191348

Most of it is on archive.org

Anonymous 191349

Certainly not. Right? I don't think I'd go back if that were the case.

Anonymous 191350

I'm sure Shayna, Kathy and Jillian probably lurk regularly and thought LC went down permanently. And a lot of the camgirls with threads too

Anonymous 191351

the moderation part was very draining after the first few months. this was when the manhate threads were still active so most of my memories are deleting moid bait, infights, gore, porn, whatever on a daily basis and yelling at users to not reply to the moids. us all hating the constant raids that specific thread brought in and the nonstop fighting within those threads were what made the team ultimately decide to close them.

but I liked talking to the other mods and admin on discord, they were a lot of fun to be around. I don't think the current mod team has that level of communication anymore.

next to "anonymous" on every post it shows the posters ip. you click it and see the full post history.

and no they never asked for anyones fuckbook tf

Anonymous 191352


They are going to /m/ the whole site

Anonymous 191353

Someone tell this dumbass that WE CAN'T GO THERE!

Anonymous 191354

>Jill but Steebie is probably the one who told her

Anonymous 191355


I haven't been able to access lolcow but based on the screenshots in this thread it looks like the site's layout has completely changed. Are all the lc threads pre-maintaince time still there? There was a discussion in a /ot/ thread I wanted to continue and I will be heartbroken if it's deleted

totallyadmin 191356

I'd assume it's because anyone can come here and namefag and say whatever like me right now

It works for me but nona it's just an archive, you can't post there anyway

Anonymous 191357

I want Shay, Kathy, and Jill to be friends. Who would be the first to start drama do you think?

Anonymous 191358

Why would she post to here? CC is its own website, we're just using it as a bunker. She's most likely aware, but I think it'd be rude to the CC admins and regulars for her to post her updates about LC here.

Anonymous 191359

I'm talking about the /meta/ thread.

Anonymous 191360

are trripcodes enabled here i only usually lurk when lolcow is down

Anonymous 191362

They're on original.lolcow.farm >>191331

Anonymous 191363

Oh, I'm dumb. No idea, maybe because the site still doesn't seem to work well for a lot of people.

Anonymous 191364

and to instill a bit of paranoia in you all: we would comb through and make fun of specific posters histories back then pretty regularly. but like I said I don't think the current mod team talk to eachother enough to do this now.

Anonymous 191365


Anonymous 191366

No one is surprised with that.

Anonymous 191367

I'm eating overpriced squiggly wheat in spicy water

Anonymous 191368

i would do the exact same

Anonymous 191369

i would absolutely love to be able to recognize retards between threads or at least recognise people within the same thread the way 4chan does on /soc/

Anonymous 191370

Tranny bait, calling it now.

Anonymous 191371


Anonymous 191372


Anonymous 191373

it was just an icon nona

Anonymous 191374


Anonymous 191375


Am able to comment in the meta thread but the catcha makes it so you have to reload like 59 times to get 2 that work, so it's broken.

Anonymous 191376


omg, with the amount of samefagging i've done that would be so embarassing

Anonymous 191377

Tinfoil schizo time: I swear to god there is someone on the mod team following my posts and replying in aggressive ways to start infighting or to provoke me into freaking out. It's been like three times where I'll post something and it seems like the same anon replies back calling me retarded or something like "you have to be 18+ to post here".
>inb4 why are YOU so special
Because I've been posting for years and have been incredibly annoying at times. I don't blame them if they are truing to start fights because I'd be doing the same thing to me if I were a mod kek.

Anonymous 191378

Yeah, LC was smaller back then so I imagine certain posters stuck out a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if the current mod staff had cliques of like two or three that just make fun of certain posters.

Anonymous 191379

i'm not paranoid about this at all because i am 100% certain i am one of the posters you talked about lmao

Anonymous 191380

Like I said, I'm just confused on why that post was made when only a few anons can access the site.

Anonymous 191381

you caught me n0nnie. its me

Anonymous 191382

Screenshot (16337)…

No I was trying to post this
And say I'm sad about the new format and miss the old but I accidentally posted the photo uncropped

Oh good, lol I panicked so hard trying to find the delete button

Anonymous 191383

Damn the website just came back up online. It's going to be buggy, probably for all of Christmas weekend tbh.

Anonymous 191384

What does Lord Hans Ramenrater Leinesch say about it?

Anonymous 191387


the dns change is propagating

Anonymous 191388

Totally expected that to be fair, but I still unashamedly post without ever deleting cookies or taking any precautions kek. I wonder if I ever applied to janny would my prolific shitposting history be taken into consideration…

Anonymous 191389

What year was that?
Bc when I was new I posted for a bit without a VPN kek

Anonymous 191390

IS anyone else not having the captcha load on LC's new site?

Anonymous 191391

Become a janny yourself, do some counter-intelligence!

Anonymous 191392

even with vpn they can see your user-agent and cookie
and if you have extension to randomize them every post you will still stick out like a sore thumb
lolcow tradecraft is hard

Anonymous 191393

I wasn't judging it just saying what was going on

Anonymous 191394

We couldn't see it, you're alright.

Anonymous 191395


want to go home so bad right now fuck work

Anonymous 191396

You can't see the email in your original pic?

Anonymous 191397

once i was really depressed a few years back and selfposted in the personal lolcow thread to bully myself and i got banned for selfposting. i appealed with an apology that i was having a bad time and i think it got removed tbh i never tired to post on that device and ended up getting a new laptop for some other reason anyway

Anonymous 191398

did pakichan post here yet

Anonymous 191399

Click on "no cookies?", it sends you to a page with a working captcha

Anonymous 191400

Same , I hate it here

Anonymous 191401

Lol why is it “no cookies?” Reminds me of the mega mind meme

Anonymous 191403

I had my gmail open and the email shows in the tab but I didn't realize I have so many tabs open it covers it, I panicked lol

Anonymous 191404


can't relate

Anonymous 191405

why did they make him sit on the floor. anime boy figure bullying

Anonymous 191406

Ayrt, I know but I don't care. I was only worried about doxing (or semi-doxing I guess.)

Anonymous 191407

every time i post on lolcow i think of it as a little treat for the mod team

Anonymous 191408

fellow comfycore cozypilled n0nnie here

Anonymous 191409

smug little green fucker

Anonymous 191410

>that pakichan checkmark

Anonymous 191411

You are fine , you can only see your name initial letter

Anonymous 191412


Anonymous 191413

Fucking Kansas City is able to access lolcow before I can

Anonymous 191414

I have an irrational fear that they know exactly who I am and know everything about me and it's embarrassing but I just can't stop posting and being retarded

Anonymous 191415

If kpop is allowed, then my bullying of you must also be allowed

Anonymous 191416

i can#t even access it via VPN

Anonymous 191418


Aww admin seems kinda nice actually

Anonymous 191419

I suppose it depends what you say, empty cache, block cookies, don't always use the same IP.

Anonymous 191420


Anonymous 191421

That fucking site is so fucking ugly and unusable what the fuck happened

Anonymous 191422

She should link fujochan so that the fujos would stay there

Anonymous 191423

Teach me how to make new site pretty pls

Anonymous 191424

You and me both nona
She should add fujochan too kek

Anonymous 191425

t. shaymin

Anonymous 191426

Ayrt I’d prefer if she links it so then the kpopspergs can fuck off there at least.

Anonymous 191427

there will most likely be a thread with gifted css s sharing their layout codes

Anonymous 191428

Who cares? The only thing they can really do with your info is make fun of tot behind your back unless they want legal trouble from illegally selling or leaking information. I think as long as you aren't a self posting tripfag, or super embarrassing the mod don't care about you or your posting history.

Sometimes I like to troll em.

Anonymous 191429

Ew there’s already a male posting

Anonymous 191430


idia deserves, hes cringe. they make fun of his burning bush in the locker room too.

Anonymous 191431

Me too nona. Sometimes I feel bad posting about certain cows bc I know I'm worse than them.

Anonymous 191432

But they won't stay there, they'll use both sites. Linking it as "you might like" implies she wants it to be a k-pop site.

Anonymous 191434

i just know they're laughing at my unintentional hilariously retarded posts and i can't blame them but it makes me want to never post again, and yet i cant help but do it anyway

Anonymous 191435

iirc you can look up lynxchan themes on pastebin or other sites and paste it in the settings (the gear icon)

Anonymous 191437


Click on this icon and click on css, start doing whatever you want

Anonymous 191438

then she should just rename the whole site, kpop has nothing to do with lolcows

Anonymous 191439

I'm too poor for a vpn

Anonymous 191440

Browsing original.lc and feeling as if I was visiting a cemetery… I hope the posts get added back into the new layout/server

Anonymous 191441

Samefag not surprised as they’re watching this thread probably

Anonymous 191442


Post proof or you're a larping tranny, admin(s) and farmhands were always extremely anal about post reveals until recently and admin herself said at some point farmhands can't see post histories.

Anonymous 191443

To me it implies she's aware there's a good percentage of farmers who also like k-pop. So they'd be into a KPop board.

Anonymous 191444

we wont cuz everyone likes us except for you. you should go to hell.

Anonymous 191445

Ok, I might go back to LC if it's to watch kboos and fujo fight.

Anonymous 191447

same. im doomed to humiliation

Anonymous 191448

I'm also very stingy

Anonymous 191449

a shame you seemed an honest cow

Anonymous 191450

>implies she wants it to be a k-pop site
Not really, there are anons who keep asking about and posting kpop.

Anonymous 191451

I used to have multiple devices with dedicated personas and IPs but now I just don’t give a fuck kek

Anonymous 191452


its so ugly im free ty shaymin

Anonymous 191453


Anonymous 191454

The endless fuho sperging is not very enjoyable

Anonymous 191455

new admin new rules I guess, I hope she just keeps the link instead of letting kpop posting Kek

Anonymous 191456

Anonymous 191457


literally no one likes you, you're just as bad as kpoop fans

Anonymous 191458

Samefag but also choachan is a sister site since it was made because of lolcow so it makes sense to link it. Redirecting kpopfags to a site made for them by them is the right thing to do.

Anonymous 191459

Why do you hate fujos so much? We literally stay in the fujo thread. It's not like you have fujos derailing whole other threads in /m/.
This girls hating on other girls for liking girl shit always makes me mad.

Anonymous 191460

I feel like it’s bait, there’s clearly a male posting on nu-lolcow right now so he has to be watching this thread

Anonymous 191461

don't even worry about it. some of them are cows themselves. i won't elaborate.

Anonymous 191462


>want to report moid
>captcha won't load

Anonymous 191463

And the UI you held so dear
Looks like a whole new site now

Anonymous 191464

there’s fujo sperging on /ot/ a lot but you might not be one of the ones who interact with that infighting. Women can like what they like as long as they’re not causing endless i fights

Anonymous 191465

I don't want fujo gone, I enjoy hating them. They are like argentinians to me.

Anonymous 191466


>We literally stay in the fujo thread.
this cannot be more untrue

Anonymous 191467


you're probably right, the "you should go to hell" part just made me mad, but it's probably bait

Anonymous 191468

you have an entire website dedicated to your autistic hobby, why do you have to constantly flood lc with it

Anonymous 191469

Anonymous 191470

Cant access that site either. That's a shame that it's all gone now. I have to wait a while for the discussions on the new lc to begin then

Anonymous 191471

You should put that creative energy towards something constructive like fanfiction

Anonymous 191472

I mind pro/anti-fujo discourse just as I mind fujos, but honestly I hate how overrun the site is with femcoomers (+ actual coomers larping ofc).

Anonymous 191473

kekk that image is spot on

Anonymous 191474


Also the male on nu-lolcow. Don’t doubt he’s in this thread

Anonymous 191475

These cursors are adorable nona, I think we most likely will be able to use them now since they added an option to change/add the CSS and JS of the site.

Anonymous 191476

me neither

Anonymous 191477

At least lol-now has fast moderation.

Anonymous 191478

i can only access the site on mobile, haven't been able to post bc of captcha, now the captchas are disabled and i am somehow already banned kek it's a mess rn

Anonymous 191479

And who are those?

Anonymous 191480

why do you hate argentinians n0nnie

Anonymous 191481

no she didn't. if she said anything like that she was either lying, misinterpreted, or talking about jannies who I'm pretty sure can see them too, at least they could back then. revealing post histories of cows to all users is a bigger deal, and often times they'll have posts from different ips which all have to be compiled over time, thats all they're anal about. all my old screenshots are on my old phone, not digging them up right now but I can tell you the format to get the post history: lolcow.farm/mod.php?/IP/[insert ip here]

Anonymous 191482


what is this cece erasure

Anonymous 191483

Ngl I've been seeing more people complain about fujos than fujos being annoying on LC. But I don't use /OT/ regularly enough to be effected by it. I like fujos because their existence pisses off moids, I'd rather fujo and kpop spergs over the new annoying breed of "radical feminists" who think hetrosexual women wearing makeup and leggings need to be burned at the cross for betraying womanhood or whatever.

Anonymous 191484

But for how long?

Anonymous 191485

Share examples of fujos not staying in fujo thread

Anonymous 191486


>this was the final post on lolcow.farm

Anonymous 191487

I'm Brazilian.

Anonymous 191489

Why leave if we can live in your head rent free?

Anonymous 191490

Fujos, monsterfuckers, yumes (the self shippers? were they called that) to name a few

Anonymous 191491

Most of /g/, /m/ and a lot of /ot/ is completely overrun with husbandos/waifu threads, fujos, "what are ur degenerate fetishes?"/"what are your socially acceptable fetishes", "who do you find hot" "Who do you find overrated and ugly" and the opposite sex versions of both,

Anonymous 191492

>doesn't know about the yaoi drone strikes

Anonymous 191493

Well, there would be no one left on LC.

Anonymous 191494

A lot of dedicated game/series threads on /m/ are really about the characters nonas are crushing on

Anonymous 191495


Anonymous 191496

yeah, coomerism is pathetic to me. i don't want to see girls talking about schlicking or what they jerk off to when i just came on lc to laugh at some retards and be chill with other women

Anonymous 191497

It's the only place I can post about loving pussy, everywhere else you get called a terf for it or is run/infested by polilez types. Or here I guess if there's a complete ban on coomer behavior at LC from now on.

Anonymous 191498

And you know the infight might ban you
And you know you've doing it too much

Anonymous 191499

Stop oppressing our fujosisters

Anonymous 191500

>she allows kpop therefore the whole site is a kpop site
calm down

Anonymous 191501

they're not talking about lesbians , they're talking about husbandofags and fujos constantly shitting up the site with arguments about their anime men

Anonymous 191502

What that even means

Anonymous 191503

Someone remind me why you can't just hide threads you dislike?

Anonymous 191504

but there's no other place to talk about how hot it is to torture moids.

Anonymous 191505

>muh quirky cat avatarfagging
Thanks for making yourself more recognizable.

Anonymous 191506

There needs to be a /love on lolcow for everything sexual or romantic.

Anonymous 191507

i don't think that's bad tbh. vive la female sexuality (sans the sex-posi lies)

Anonymous 191508

I’m excited for that aspect of new site as well!

Anonymous 191509


Stahp fighting about anime boys ya hear

Anonymous 191510

I hide every single anime man hornypost uguu thread but you still manage to infight in multiple threads I do read

Anonymous 191511


i'm not even the only catanon in this thread but you're welcome n0nnie

Anonymous 191512

Is "" banned on cc?

Anonymous 191513

worthless without proof

Anonymous 191514


Cat anon #2

Anonymous 191515

NTA but what

Anonymous 191516

nta but I liked the kpop critical threads since I used to be into kpop as a teen so it's fun to keep up with some of the 2nd gen groups, but it's true that when lc allowed kpop there was just too much kpop sperging and snarky kpop reaction gifs everywhere and those just remind me of twitter too much.

Anonymous 191517

Lol cry.

Anonymous 191518

complaints like this make me wonder why ppl don't hide threads and go about their business
is it a zoomer issue, like you can not be nosy and go about your life

Anonymous 191519

I think picking on some nobodies from twitter is the most vapid, superficial, frivolous thing you could possibly do. But here I am, sharing the website with you and not bitching about it.

Anonymous 191520


So I am aware that this site overhaul took a lot of work but what was the point of this? no one ever asked for a site overhaul and no one definitely wanted all the previous threads to be moved to an archive
I'm more then confident that if you were to set up a poll, more then 90% of the users would want to return to the original site layout, I'd be willing to wait more then a week if you that was possible in someway

Anonymous 191521

Im so curious about my post history

Anonymous 191522

There are so many threads about it that could easily fill a whole board. And then /m/ can actually be about media.

Anonymous 191524

I also reply with cats often and I don't even agree with this anon. Courtesy of the cat thread on lc, I try not to do it all the time so it doesn't look like I'm avatarfagging but cats are always appropriate so many anons end up using them.

Anonymous 191525

Admin said the threads will be put back up on the site they’re just finishing stuff up. It’s just on the archive for now. Not everything is lost

Anonymous 191526


Anonymous 191527


I feel like crying if that site look like that cutesy shit forever it is so ugly

Anonymous 191528

where/when did she say that

Anonymous 191529

You will be able to add your own css

Anonymous 191530

what do you not understand about customizable css

Anonymous 191531


we are legion

Anonymous 191532

Its just a typical symptom of imageboards, not necessarily a zoomer thing. They've always been full of people whining about shit they don't like.

Anonymous 191533

Not everything is a zoomer thing. I'm 30 and >>191510 this anon

Anonymous 191534

>This girls hating on other girls
It's not, it's a seething moid sperging and samefagging. It's not a coincidence the sperging over fujos came up the same moment lc got moidposts.

Anonymous 191536

well I'm frickin lazy so too bad for you, nonbeliever-chan. this is why you don't get to go on the goddamn polar express.

Anonymous 191537

Wait nvm I misread her post on the new /meta/. But I remember in an old /meta/ thread she said she would be moving everything over and that’s what I was thinking of. I hope she keeps that cuz wtf

Anonymous 191539

How tf did I catch a ban already on LC for namefagging and spam when I haven't posted in days

Anonymous 191540


I kinda do wonder why the Movie Room was on the front page banner but not the Doodle Room

Anonymous 191541

>I'm more then confident that if you were to set up a poll, more then 90% of the users would want to return to the original site layout, I'd be willing to wait more then a week if you that was possible in someway
tbh a poll would only mean anything if oldmin wasn't around. the site updae was her idea in the making for years, and the last time we had a poll for user's opinons, she got mad and insisted all the votes were fake because they ddn't agree with her.

Anonymous 191542

I was the one who posted the screenshot about the banned moid in the new lc. He is definitely lurking and trying to stir up shit

Anonymous 191544

The same one infighting on /ot/ when it was up?

Anonymous 191545

Doodle thread has had so much drama honestly

Anonymous 191546

is that really the new logo.. I hoped they'd use the one of elsie with a bottle of milk

Anonymous 191547

It makes me sad for the doodle room nonn ies. Some of the infighting was so unhinged and insane it made me wonder if it was just genuine crazy nonn ies getting mad over some drawn dogs or moids trying to stir shit

Anonymous 191549

Screenshot 2022-12…

Is everyone temporally "banned" (mine expires tomorrow) to avoid posting in nu lc? Tried to make my first post there and was greeted with this when I haven't done neither of these things and was fine before the maintenance

Anonymous 191550


That’s the last one with an image, here’s the last one without out an image.

Anonymous 191551

doubt this is true, also it’s really not that upsetting to know a bunch of faggot lolcow jannies on discord laughed at anonymous posts.

Anonymous 191552

but isn't there /g already?

Anonymous 191553


nta but I do not know what that is and refuse to learn. mods, think of the general population.

Anonymous 191554

>the last time we had a poll for user's opinons, she got mad and insisted all the votes were fake because they ddn't agree with her.
Old admin was a massive fucking cow herself. Probably one of the worst ones I've seen on the site.

Anonymous 191555

And K-pop's really not my thing…
I am sperging, I am baiting
Shaymin's fucked it all

Anonymous 191556

i like it. you could probably change it, or maybe it changes with every theme ?

Anonymous 191557

There was a male posting but they could also still be fixing stuff

Anonymous 191558

I hope they bring back /w/ & keekweek, literally why is there no w but a kpop board tf

Anonymous 191559

The movie thread has had some as well, I don't think it really matters though.

Anonymous 191560

They made /m/ the kpop board. I'm so mad, there is already husbando shit belonging on /g/ there, color threads and now kpop too. So much shit to shift through

Anonymous 191561

For a while, fujos (and kpops) started spamming moid thread as soon as they popped up, very curious about why that anon is bothered by that.

Anonymous 191562

whats keekweek?

Anonymous 191563

Fucking idiot, copy-paste some from pastebin.

Anonymous 191564

probably both. i also remember issues with people drawing over other people's doodles more than once, like the stocking-anon and like two others

Anonymous 191565

Mfw you all getting banned meanwhile I haven't even seen a GLIMPSE of the new site yet

Anonymous 191566


Anonymous 191567

Yeah I haven't visited the drawing boards this month because all the spam, but I had some cute ideas for the xmas boards…

Anonymous 191568


This is weird, cause I had a nap a couple hours ago where this exact scenario happened, lolcow was replaced and all the old threads were lost forever, when I woke from my dream I was so relived that it had all been a dream but now knowing that is a reality I actually feel like crying, lc meant so much for me and I can't stand the idea of so many of posts on /m/ and /snow being lost forever

Anonymous 191569

honestly ive browsed for ages i just rarely leave my specific threads

Anonymous 191570

im a kpop anon and an advocate for a kpop thread because i truly believe it will act as a contaminent thread. im forever grateful to the mods for this and i swear i will only post idols in this thread

Anonymous 191571

>has never been blessed by the week of the keek

Anonymous 191573

is all the old shit really gone?

Anonymous 191574

I don’t think they’re lost forever non ny

Anonymous 191575

Did cow awards happen this year? Usually the poll is around this time, no? Or maybe I completely missed it

Anonymous 191576

>sensitive catposting

Anonymous 191577

Kiki Kannibal got called out for shitposting so there was a keekweek dedicated to exposing/shitting on her dumbass. After that tho the site theme stayed so it’s one of the layouts people like

Anonymous 191578

for christs sake anon how many times do we have to tell you spergs that they're not done with the site yet and are probably still migrating shit

Anonymous 191579

Anonymous 191580

same n0nna i'm sure it's a bug

Anonymous 191581

non nies cannot read

Anonymous 191582

imagine being new

keekweek was the single funniest week on lolcow. what the actual fuck possessed kiki kannibal to say all that shit.

Anonymous 191583

they're not lost you fucking retard, they're still working on it, give it some damn time before you start crying over some lost threads

some of you all are legitimate unstable

Anonymous 191584


can someone on discord ask the mods if they are ever going to moving the old threads on the new site

Anonymous 191585

you sound like an autistic scrote, go away

Anonymous 191586

is this male bait now

Anonymous 191587


You can't hide posts on old lolcow, just images.

Anonymous 191588

>implying sensitive catposters aren't the best posters

Anonymous 191589

Kek what

Anonymous 191590

you seem pretty defensive about it,
I frequent /ot/ yet manage to miss all the infighting because I hide threads, the only place I've noticed annoying infighting is in the TiF thread - which seems more symptomatic of being a troon than a fujo.

Anonymous 191591

I'm actually quite excited, this is like an early Christmas present

Anonymous 191592

Yes, and?

Anonymous 191593

oh i never paid attention to those i just used default. i did google keekweek and an old lolcow thread comes up and you can read it if you use the archive site

Anonymous 191594

Honestly with the hikki thread, BPD thread and autism thread always being on the first few pages of OT, it's to be expected there's a lot of mentally unstable users who freak out over the slightest change.

Kind of sad tho.

Anonymous 191595

if you're that desperate for your old threads right now there's original.lolcow.farm which has been mentioned plenty of times upthread

Anonymous 191596


kek i love the update bc im a customization fag

Anonymous 191597

It’s been answered multiple times that old threads are most likely going to come over, it’s still buggy as shit right now admin and her team are working on it

Anonymous 191598


Anonymous 191599

Meow meow meow meow

Anonymous 191600

Hey this is a bit weird but this pic was the pfp of this scottish incel on discord who used to give money to me and this lithuanian lesbian girl i met through lc. if you’re there hi do you remember me, you were funny and i was kinda retarded

Anonymous 191601


Anonymous 191602


background-image: url('https://i.imgur.com/yCDyO6k.png');
background-repeat: repeat;
background-position: center

/ unvisited link /
a:link {
color: black;
text-decoration: none;

/ visited link /
a:visited {
color: black;
text-decoration: none;

/ mouse over link /
a:hover {
color: hotpink;
background-color: black;
text-decoration: underline;

* {cursor: url(https://cur.cursors-4u.net/cursors/cur-7/cur610.cur), auto !important;}

width: 10px;

background-color: #fff;

background-color: #000;

::selection {
color: #fff;
background: hotpink;

Anonymous 191603

I hate that shit, I just want the old lc back

Anonymous 191604

same wtf it's so ugly, reminds me of strawberry milk or something

Anonymous 191605

there u go s love u

Anonymous 191606

Again, what do you not understand about customizable css

Anonymous 191607

this is the theme doja cat will use

Anonymous 191608

There's some anons who just want everything they don't like about the site nuked and throa shit fits about things they don't like, instead of ignoring them and moving on. Funnily enough complaining about Fujos, or whatever just makes people talk about it.more. it ain't going anywhere weirdo maybe you should.
And I don't know or care what Fujo means, but leave them alone

Anonymous 191609

i am doja cat

Anonymous 191610


Same nona, except I'm trying to get the old lc theme back but I'm not sure if it's a wasted effort and the admin just didn't include it yet kek

Anonymous 191611

What you do not understand about nobody ever asked for this shit

Anonymous 191612


Anonymous 191613

It’s custom not the real site

Anonymous 191614

Have the admins confirmed it on their discord

Anonymous 191615

i’m back in a town i used to live in a couple years ago to pick something up for someone. i have a lot of bad memories from here and it’s making me depressed. it’s making me want to text my exbf but that’s an awful idea

Anonymous 191616

The real is just as ugly

Anonymous 191617

/ot/ is clean from moid sperging finally

Anonymous 191618

stay strong do NOT text him

Anonymous 191619

omg we have to make a dedicated css thread when the site is up

Anonymous 191620

wait is the site working for you guys? it's not for me ;__;

Anonymous 191621

fujochan is a site dedicated to that stuff, maybe they should use it instead of using a site about obscure ecelebs and casual talk between women. if lc was meant to be about everything there would be nothing special about it anymore. kpopfags and fujos need to migrate to sites that have to do with their actual interests

Anonymous 191622

neither for me anon, at least not on phone

Anonymous 191623

yes i will gladly contribute to it even tho these other n0nnas are bitching

Anonymous 191624


So is there any actual confirmation from the admins on their discord that the old content is being moved to the new site

Anonymous 191625

Now that you say it, I hope kiki's meltdown page is still up somewhere.

Anonymous 191626

kekk I love you

Anonymous 191627


So is everyone just getting banned for posting? lmao wat

Anonymous 191628

Posting is disabled rn

Anonymous 191629

Sure but how is that male bait lmao

Anonymous 191630

tried to offer constructive criticism on /meta/ and got insta banned for namefagging even though i wasn't at all what's up with that

that's so cool

Anonymous 191631

how many more times are you going to post this

Anonymous 191632


Anonymous 191633

they must. it's our history and heritage

Anonymous 191635

We literally have been, and everyone has been awaiting the site update

Anonymous 191636

Same I was just trying to ask if we’re getting /w/ lmao

Anonymous 191637

You waiting for ugly? Whatever then

Anonymous 191638

That's a custom page. Are you guys hard of reading?

Anonymous 191639

Too bad for you, sites can change over time. If the admin and mods allow it, it means it belongs there. You can cry all you want but that's how it is.
Not to mention fujoposting is just women talking about a hobby made for women by women. It perfectly belongs on a women-oriented site.

Anonymous 191640

touch ass

Anonymous 191641

wasn't /w/ technically voted to be removed at the last or second to last townhall?

Anonymous 191642

but n0nnie she's so scared and has a bad feeling uwuwuwu

Anonymous 191643

how can I change my background? Can I just get a imagine and turn it into CSS or something? I want to make my background a picture on lolcow

Anonymous 191644

Any info on when the threads will be restored??

Anonymous 191645

Anonymous 191646

fujos = ok
kpop twittertards = no

Anonymous 191647

why do you keep trying to lump kpopfags and fujos together? the core userbase has always been full of fujos since it started from cgl. the vast majority of kpopfags that care about groups/idols that aren't fossilized are a very specific set of underage idiots, while fujos are so plentiful you could never reduce them all to a single profile.

Anonymous 191648

Use this CSS but change the link to a picture you uploaded on an image hoster

background-image: url('https://i.imgur.com/yCDyO6k.png');
background-repeat: repeat;
background-position: center

Anonymous 191649

do you think the same of kpop n0nny? i'm curious. is it okay to flood the site with it because mostly females like boy groups?

Anonymous 191650

you need a link. look up background image css

Anonymous 191651

>if the admin allows it it belongs there
Do you take this attitude to IRL matters too?

Anonymous 191652


Same .

Anonymous 191653

that's not true, literally kpop fujos have been a thing for over a decade

Anonymous 191654

Yeah no /manure/ or /cream/ threads either

Anonymous 191655

no stop asking

Anonymous 191656

Upload the image somewhere on the internet (imgur, tumblr…) and use its url on the background-image html tag

Anonymous 191657

n0nnies read the thread and replies before sperging about old post history challenge

Anonymous 191658

Somebody should compile a bunch of BGs and ask admin to upload them to the site itself when it's ready. IMGUR might cut you off

Anonymous 191659

Love you n0nnies but you are more stupid/autistic than I thought

Anonymous 191660

most fujos i know are into kpop and vice versa lol

Anonymous 191661

The site has a space for Fujo shit to be talked about, just like it has a space for food and shit. Just ignore or hide the thread(s). The admin lets them do it, if you don't like it then YOU leave. Not the other way around. So sick of s rolling on the ground like they on fire becuase someone posted some shit they don't like (thats not troon/weird shit) and then showing MORE attention to that shit, which makes more people talk about it.

Anonymous 191662

I honestly don't care about kpop as long as it's contained and the posters aren't underage. Mods just need to keep their eye on it.

Anonymous 191663

they've been a thing since the beginning of kpop and even celebrities kek i dont like gay moids fictional theorized etc but its the truth, it's always been a thing just not necessarily in the animu otaku way

Anonymous 191664

What do we use? I know lc just swapped to lynxchan but are we yotsuba or kuroba? Smthn else?

Anonymous 191665

It's going to be an underage magnet

Anonymous 191666

unfortunate for you. anyway, they're not the same

Anonymous 191668

cc is tinyboard according to the faq

Anonymous 191669

so 3d moid fujos shouldn't be allowed while 2D fujos should?

Anonymous 191670

My cervix sense is tingling

Anonymous 191671

Who said that

Anonymous 191672

the people that keep denying most fujos nowadays are into kpop and vice versa

Anonymous 191673

kpopfags are just a blight on every community they touch. that's it.

Anonymous 191674

when did i say that? you can have a whole dedicated board if it gets implemented all i have to do is not visit it kek. i don't mind, i just hide

Anonymous 191675

underage and twittards
it's not the subject that's the problem it's the type of users it draws in

Anonymous 191676

Didn't see your post, here is my reply >>191662

What do you even mean? Like following authority and laws / rules? Well yeah.

Anonymous 191677

>most fujos nowadays are into kpop
nta but this is literally a lie lol

Anonymous 191680

Yeah this is why I hate both

Anonymous 191681

Because /w/ was shit, hope they ditched that flunky mod and all the bitter egirls & WK simps leave lolcow forever. Jill can be in /snow/ and the rest of them should stay gone, imo

Anonymous 191682

do i put this in the CSS section on the site right?

Anonymous 191683

KEK what the hell

Anonymous 191684

But it gets everywhere. You never hear about the knitting thread in irrelevant topics, do you?

Anonymous 191686

>making me have to see this post again
just when i've finally scrubbed it from my memory.

Anonymous 191687

that's not fujo shit though. if anything, that's yumejoshi shit. are you guys just saying women having any sort of weird internet sexuality = fujo? lol

Anonymous 191689

Better keep Venus & move her to snow cause I love that thread lol

Anonymous 191690

Can somebody with a telegram update us on the kiwifarms situation?


Anonymous 191691

you keep claiming this but haven't offered any proof, I just don't wanna get my hopes up

Anonymous 191692

Those groups are exactly the same, other one just pairs moids together and other themselves with a moid

Anonymous 191693

you need to take your meds, it's not the estrogen btw

Anonymous 191694

Wait wait wait. Do you mean fujos as in m/m shipping or do you mean just users who post anime boys?

Anonymous 191695

most don't, some do, but either way, it's clearly the kpop obsession making them unhinged retards who spam their shit everywhere. they should keep it to choachan or fujochan, while regular fujos are fine on lolcow.

Anonymous 191696

They should just merge w with snow, they're essentially the same thing anyway

Anonymous 191698

I still can't accessssss

Anonymous 191699

fujos are normal anons you talk yo just fine in other threads. kpopfags aren't. kpopfags are hyperfixated on their special interest to the point where they don't want to post about anything else, but also have the inexplicable urge to tell everyone outside their own threads about it. they spam that shit everywhere, devolve other threads into racebait, and multiply like lice until entire boards become their shitting grounds. fujos don't do this.

Anonymous 191700

Can you actually name some examples of this? I browse /m/ the most and can't recall any instances of fujos posting in threads where they didn't belong.

Anonymous 191701

me neither

Anonymous 191702

>tranny equates yumes to fujos and defends kpop
>calls actual women trannies
you need to dilate and 41%, no pill can save you

Anonymous 191703

most fujos are not kpopfags. you retarded a little bit?

Anonymous 191704

I mean, how would you know someone is a kpopfag except for the obnoxious ones? Same with anachans, fujos, any group people assume only speak on that one topic.

Anonymous 191706

Most recently the spicy straight thread devolved into fujo fighting, as does the FtM thread on regular basis

Anonymous 191707

(t. bitter anachan)

Anonymous 191708

I did in this thread or the last
>last tier 1 dropped them
>They have been harassed (LFJ alledgely called their wives/doxxed them)
>null is traveling (probably to see family/friends for holidays)
>can't do much rn
>May rent out a ISP

Anonymous 191710


gimme back da og lolcor NOW what the fuck is this

Anonymous 191711

i only found cc because a couple years ago i was reading old threads and saw it mentioned. i had to do a bit of looking around but i finally found it. im glad we're all here n0nnies

Anonymous 191712

i wish they would ban the word fujo like they did n0nnie

Anonymous 191713

There isn't. That "anon" has seen weaponized fujo and kpop spam in moid threads and is mad about it.

Anonymous 191714

clearly you haven't been on lolcow when the kpop threads were active. the super autistic ones make their presence felt sitewide, and there are a LOT of them. its awful, and it's why they're banned.

Anonymous 191715

can someone show me physically how to do a background? Like how it's supposed to be set up please? Am retyarded and a visual learner.
I have a link but can't get the image to show up. Thanks

Anonymous 191716

graphic design is shaymin's passion

Anonymous 191717

i'm a kpopfag and i don't do this

Anonymous 191718

i wonder why they banned everyone and gave a stupid reason instead of just inputting the actual reason… also the new boards are mad ugly but there are improvements so? win some lose… maybe more kek

Anonymous 191719

You must be blind if you really do not see the regular fujo infighting across boards regularly

Anonymous 191721

like just a screenshot of the CSS and how it's set up on their end? Thank you non88es

Anonymous 191723

Anonymous 191724

pick one. also if fujos didn't do this this bunker thread wouldn't have randomly devolved into fujo sperging, as fucking per. all of you are annoying

Anonymous 191725

Are we going to have another townhall?

Anonymous 191726

Nta, but even as an /ot/ user who only goes on /m/ for certain threads I see so much fujoposting and infighter.

Anonymous 191727

yeah plus literally 99% of female kpop fans do this, making them fujos, but n0nnies on lc don't really like 3dpd fujos even though there's arguably more of them than 2d fujos

Anonymous 191728

blaine clocked, YWNBAW you schizo freak. stop crying about fujos because you can't get off to anything that doesn't involve a woman to pretend to be.

Anonymous 191729

Nta but I have been around and I literally didn't notice them until someone cried about it on meta.

Anonymous 191730

a minority.

Anonymous 191731

No, that isn't yumejoshi, that isn't fujoshi, it's just some weird fantasy by a kpoper, probably underage. The obsession in categorizing if something is fujo or yume is stupid and has been creating this huge useless infight. I support yumes and fujos and though I don't like kpop I wouldn't mind them in lc if it didn't attract so many underage people. Ofc there are underage yumes and fujos, but kpop has a way larger fanbase. If you truly believe in letting women having their own weird sexuality, try not to put fore fuel to this useless fujo yume infight

Anonymous 191732

nope, i've been in multiple fandoms and trust me most female fans ship 2 members of whatever group they stan together

Anonymous 191733

it does not matter because most fujoshis do not give a fuck about kpop. the fact that some kpopfags are shipping the members is irrelevant, and if you think its only the boygroupfags that are insane nuisances you are delusional.

Anonymous 191734

It started because someone like >>191422 kept saying in the bunker threads fujos should be banned. Stop bringing it up and people will stop talking about it.

Anonymous 191735

Why are you so bothered about it, who cares if most fujos were also kpoppers

Anonymous 191736

Where? Infighting about what?

Anonymous 191737

this thread is full of lolcow users. they are borderline schizophrenic and none of them ever go outside or socialise so they don't know how to act beyond acting like retards. even if nobody mentioned it from now on there'd be at least a handful of retards going back and forth for days on end (look at literally any thread on /w/).

Anonymous 191738

Like >>191706, >>191709 were mentioned

Anonymous 191739

do you know what "if anything" means? my point is that trying to lump fujoshi in with underage kpop morons from twitter is bullshit and shouldn't be entertained, and all their "proof" is a massive reach.

Anonymous 191740

Forget about fujos, I hate seeing female submissives embarrassing themselves in every fucking sex-related thread.

Anonymous 191741

No one would've talked about it if you didn't sperg out about fujos at any chance.

Anonymous 191742

N0nnies what are you eating today?

Anonymous 191743

exactly. it happens on snow, g, w, ot, fucking everywhere. ftm, western animation, sjw etc type threads as well as anything weeby brings them in and then they never leave. not to mention they read anything as criticism or 'hate', including random off-hand comments

Anonymous 191744

Anonymous 191745

nta but the thing is, they aren't. you just want to put them together to legitimize kpop stans. it won't work because everyone's seen how different the two groups act on lolcow, and that's why one is unwanted while the other is just "whatever"

Anonymous 191746

What infighting? How did it start?

Anonymous 191747

but most female kpop fans are fujoshis…….

Anonymous 191748

Anonymous 191749

kpop fans didnt start from twitter it literally sounds like you're the underaged one here like you had to be there in 2009 to see what yellowfever girls were posting on livejournal. it was nothing but shipping which the celebrities themselves fed as it got them money

Anonymous 191750

I find the people who complain about fujos more annoying than the fujos. I keep off /g/ and /m/ because I know that's their stomping ground for the most part and I'm not into horny-posting. They don't seem to bleed out into /ot/ or the drama boards for the most part so I feel like half of the people complaining about their existence are moids

Anonymous 191751

Anonymous 191752

>full of lolcow users. they are borderline schizophrenic and none of them ever go outside or socialise
as if the cc users were popular gigastacies

Anonymous 191753

My pills, just as I type.

Anonymous 191754

lol ok

Anonymous 191755

lmao this 100000%

Anonymous 191756

Fujos are women, idk why are you so intensely against them, that is why I accused that anon of being a tranny, I am sick of this discussion and cannot understand why some women would be so offended by 2d anime posting in a ib

Anonymous 191757

idk but a few days ago i made birria tacos for the first time and they were so delicious

Anonymous 191758

Well conveniently I cannot access the site right now to show you. There was some sperging in the FtM therad that lasted for days from what I remember

Anonymous 191759

you're already starting off with shit i never said, that tells me everything. no one wants kpop, go eat some cornflakes.

Anonymous 191760

My bf made me panko fried chicken. Was tasty.

Anonymous 191761

Getting Taco Bell. A chalupa and burrito. Idk what I'll make for dinner but I'm literally starving right now.

Anonymous 191762

Anonymous 191763

Anonymous 191764

>They don't seem to bleed out into /ot/ or the drama boards
Oh, to live this blissfully ignorant of an existence

Anonymous 191765

Sounds delicious!

Anonymous 191766

>Read: Someone posted a bl image and I derailed the thread by calling them them pornsick/aidens/etc

Anonymous 191767

From what I notice fujos don't even show up until paki-anon or someone else starts to bring them up unpropmpted to say how degen they are. Like I don't see random anime boys kissing and a nona losing herself in her hot fujo fantasies in the middle of the thread kek

Anonymous 191768

>They don't seem to bleed out into /ot/
This just isn't true . The only reason I don't like fujos is because of how much they bleed out into /ot/ and threads that aren't related to yaoi.

Anonymous 191769

You are right I misunderstood your post, I am just very sick of people attacking yume and fujos and creating this fight between them which is annoying for everyone, even people not involved. Just let women have their stupid fantasies.

Anonymous 191770

Samefag but they even cause infighting in the fujo cringe thread despite the fact that I'm pretty sure most anons there are other fujos cringing at their own community.

Anonymous 191771

do you see people spamming pictures of guys kissing or people discussing random BL manga in cow threads? no? then why are you so upset about fujos posting in them? of course fujos post in them, and when they do it's on topic and doesn't devolve into OT BL discussion so there's nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous 191772


As a kpop who have been posting on the critical kpop thread for years before it got nuked, i swear we won't post anything kpop related outside of our contaminent thread. We will just make fun of bad performances and argue to choose the ugliest idol.
We only want peace. We do not associate with the fujos but we respect them. I hope you can find the strength in your heart to give us a chance

Anonymous 191774

I literally never see fujo spergs in /snow/ or /pt/. Don't really see use /ot/ enough to say the same there, but when I do use it I don't see them either. But I always see people complaining about them, so unless the mods do a excellent job of cleaning up fujo spergs I feel like y'all who hate them so much need to touch grass. Like if multiple casual users are saying they don't see what the issue is, maybe you're using LC too often or something idk

Anonymous 191775

kpop n0nnie sorry i forgot

Anonymous 191776

Ngl some infighting is pretty funny

Anonymous 191777

I've already said this but the common denomitator in everthing nonn13s are complaining about is annoying coomer bullshit and there is more than enough to fill its own board.

Anonymous 191778

inb4 twitterfags spamming their annoying kpop reaction gifs in every thread

Anonymous 191779

>the ftm thread
So >>191766 described you to a T then

Anonymous 191780

>argue to choose the ugliest idol
all of them

Anonymous 191781

If that’s the kpop thread then I’ve been missing out. I stg every time I’ve lurked bc some photo got posted to the front page it’s straight stan stuff.

Anonymous 191782

There are also multiple casual users who say they see it though.

Anonymous 191783


i'm a kpop fujo and i cosign this document

Anonymous 191784

Tbh I had no idea wtf a Fujo was until this thread today, I still don’t grasp it lol.

Anonymous 191785

Why are you talking in 3rd person if you use it too?

Anonymous 191786

iirc there was a kpop critical thread for shitting on kpop, and a kpop stan thread

Anonymous 191787

Why do you ship ugly korean moids

Anonymous 191788

I wish there was a rule to keep the kpop shit inside the designated threads

Anonymous 191789

tbh they were only in the latest threads. They're annoying but you just need to ban a few to keep it clean

Anonymous 191790


So If a planned migration of the old content on the new site is happening, how will it work ?
is every single thread going to taken over or just the last incarnations of those threads

Anonymous 191791

Honestly we should just have a husbando, fujo, kpop, etc. equivalent to /sty/ or /2*/, a hidden board where people can run wild to an extent without them bleeding over.

Anonymous 191792

Anonymous 191793

Anonymous 191794

they're not ugly to me plus i hate anime characters and their weird proportions

Anonymous 191795

I'm assuming the whole database will get moved, because otherwise searching through old threads will be complicated and a lot of links will break, which would kind of ruin the point of lolcow and its rule to never delete threads

Anonymous 191796

reeeee why do people listen when she says it

Anonymous 191797

don't what it is but sounds appropriate

Anonymous 191798


Anonymous 191799

not posting that picture that anon kept posting in the celebricow thread because it irritates me now

Anonymous 191800

I feel so grumpy because I'm hungry and sleepy.

Anonymous 191801

don't know
why am i so dumb ? i'm not fucking high

Anonymous 191802

it will take shaymin an eternity to figure out how to move posts between different dbs

Anonymous 191803

it would not work. these anons have a exhibitionism fetish. they want normal anons to know they want to fuck ugly korean moids

Anonymous 191804

what picture?

Anonymous 191805

Might give a go at suggesting it when lolcow is up and running.

Anonymous 191806

Anon, you're the one initiating infights. You make the same weird inflammatory fujo hate posts every other day, and when some passerby inevitably comes along and disagrees with you you then derail the thread for hours trying to convince them they're wrong, a tranny, a larping male, etc. If you did not do this there would be no fujo infighting. Your fujo-hate special interest is the problem here.

Anonymous 191807


well if that's what happens I approve but I still consider the new site design ugly

Anonymous 191808

Fujo is just women who like 2D male/male romance.

Anonymous 191809

Idols are photoshopped and given surgery to fit the extremes of the same look as anime characters.

Anonymous 191810

do you think all korean moids are ugly? not trying to be passive aggressive, i thought that korean football player that told cristiano ronaldo off in his own language was lengers until i saw him non sweaty and in a suit like all his attractiveness diminished

Anonymous 191811

Anonymous 191812

>your fujo-hate special interest is the problem here
kekk i miss pakichan

Anonymous 191813

I think shaymin is going to attempt to move the old threads over. If I was her I'd just archive all of old lolcow on the way back machine or something. I'm just imagining her trying to move over +1000s of autism in action threads and I feel bad.

Anonymous 191814

if only there was a way for anons who don't care for certain content to ignore it and post about what they do care about. If only.

Anonymous 191815

please do not start race baiting about koreans please it happens every time

Anonymous 191816

Haven’t even got out of bed yet today and I’ve already cummed to Sonic the Hedgehog multiple times

Anonymous 191817

they still don't look like anime characters at all kek, you'd have to blow up people's eyes to fit 40% of their face for that

Anonymous 191818

Are they not good at racing

Anonymous 191820

Lolcow sucks anyways, oh boohoo it's gonna get deleted who cares if it does, it's better so you all find something better to do other than stalk random people no one gives a fuck about.
That does not apply to /m/ /g/ and /ot/s, they are cool.

Anonymous 191821

nta but I just think all kpop guys are ugly and I'm saying this as someone whose attracted to preety boys, I just think there's an insincerity about them

Anonymous 191822

This post will now make it about race instead of fujos, congrats.

Anonymous 191823

that's how i know you never lurked the actual kpop threads. The most active one was the critical thread (the one that got moved here) and it was just kpop stans defending their favs against other kpop stans, it won't make sense to talk about it with normies. When the kpop thread was on cc it was messy but ppl didn't post outside of the thread, we had to move to choachan because we were too many

Anonymous 191824

Idk maybe I am blind and don't see the fujo bleeding but it sounds more like someone starts bitching about fujos in x thread and then the fujos come to defend themselves, and then it derails. I can't say I've seen anybody posting BL manga or fanart in other threads.

Anonymous 191825


What caused derailing in that thread was "someone" hatelurking the fujo thread, reposting posts from there, posting some weird misogynistic shit about ugly/fat/hot women and making tldr posts about why all fujos will troon out, when the thread was made to post actual cringe from other sites like tumblr, not initiating quite literal infighting.

Anonymous 191826

Let’s hope they’ve hired some people

Anonymous 191827

she shouldn't have reworked the site in the first place

Anonymous 191828

i think it applies to 3d, you see it happen in manga or anime like that one where its about a fujo that loses weight and starts getting attention from guys but the only thing she wants is for them to be together. i had fujo friends in middle school that i drew ship art of our male classmates with since i was the "artist" that i would terrorize the actual boys with

Anonymous 191830

If you could be discussing something other than kpop, fujos and infighting, what would you be talking about?
I'd be talking about cooking.

Anonymous 191831

Anonymous 191832

/m/ /g/ and /ot/s*

Anonymous 191833

it's literally the same thing with kpop though, someone goes on a racist rant about how korean moids in particular are ugly or whatever, a kpop fan comes in to defend them (though not so common anymore) then the thread derails

Anonymous 191834

this is how all this shit starts. This thread literally made me realize how some anons (and I do believe it's an annoying anon(s)) are cows themselves.
They cannot stand certain things and will bitch at it, until the whole thread is consumed by the thing they hate. Then they start people to kill themselves and acting like WE are the weird ones.
Kind of like Shayna makes a shit show of her life, then when the shit comes back to her, she wants to die and aint do nothing

Anonymous 191835

I didn't knew the word n**nie was banned here why's that?

Anonymous 191836

i just decided im going to make a Christmas charcuterie board tomorrow! i want to start now but have to get through a day of work first. pain

Anonymous 191837

moids are ugly. chora.

Anonymous 191838

I'm ESL but paki-chan is on a whole other level, its like she types out words with an accent, so she's always identifiable

Anonymous 191839

cute guys peeing

Anonymous 191840

Either baking, drawing or Kirby.

Anonymous 191841

Same. I must be actually mentally delayed because while I remember the kpop shit bleeding out into everything, I don't remember the same thing happening with fujos. But I always see sperging about fujos so I feel like the fujo hater is the one causing a lot of the derailing too. Even if they do leave containment, clearly it isn't that often if like half the userbase is saying we don't see it.

Anonymous 191842

Pls no more fujo sperging lets talk about some cows or anything else that is fun dear god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 191843

poetry, probably. tell us about cooking nonn1e i think that would be better than anything else itt rn

Anonymous 191844

What are you going to put on it?

Anonymous 191845

Anonymous 191846

yeah and in this situation, the person who started to racebait by saying all korean are ugly is in the wrong
thanks for ptoving my point

Anonymous 191847

I mean, I don't think most fujos on lolcow would include 3D. Whenever somebody tries to post 3D in the fujothread they get ignored/told to leave. I personally would not refer to someone who likes real gays/3D gays as a fujo. It's something born from anime/manga so I keep it related to that.

Anonymous 191848

I think same reason why it was redtexted on lc. It used to be seen as a tumblr way of saying anon

Anonymous 191849

nice! is it going to be christmas themed in appearance or will it have christmassy/wintery snacks? i'm curious about what you'll have anon

Anonymous 191850

Anonymous 191851

i made a carrot cake recently for the first time and it was the most awesome thing ever here's the recipe:
3 grated carrots
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
2 full cups flour
1/2 cup oil
1 small cup milk
1 tbsp vinegar
2 baking powder sachets

Anonymous 191852

tell me about your day

Anonymous 191853

I wish I could see it, I love pretty charcuterie boards

Anonymous 191854

There wasn't just one infight in that thread.

Anonymous 191855

i don't think i've ever seen it used on tumblr even years ago
guess it was only in specific circles

Anonymous 191857

that's just weird lolcow fujos though, they don't interact with people irl so they're strictly 2D. most fujos are 3D fujos no matter what they say

Anonymous 191859

this new layout is shit fuck you shaymin

Anonymous 191860

she means that is how it started

Anonymous 191861

My day is slow going, I am at the office bored out of my mind. How are is your day n0nna

Anonymous 191863

Damn, I can’t see any threads. Guess I’ll have to wait till I can use my computer

Anonymous 191865

It was used when receiving anon messages, I actually didn't see it used that much either but I didn't hang around fandom circles or any drama circles that would imply a big amount of anons being sent

Anonymous 192184

i'm DON'T LIKE the new site

Anonymous 192217


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