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Lolcow Bunker Thread 00013 Anonymous 193547

Anonymous 193550

Did shaming really get rid of /w/

Anonymous 193551

im going to fucking scream plz tell me jillian threads will have a place to go

Anonymous 193552


obsessed with this origin story as a sensitive catposter

Anonymous 193553

I'm asking, I'm not sure I saw some noniti talking about it

Anonymous 193554

ok gews i’ve had a lovely time it’s time for me to sleep

Anonymous 193555

new thread I'm not gonna let you go that easy, kek. good meme but really no, I was working for an NGO and then consulting with a tech company. I agree do-gooders are insufferable. I would go to the bar to have a drink and it would be a mix of do-gooders, glowies, sex-tourists and Germans. Stories for days about that.

Anonymous 193556


ok idk if anyone cares but I have very baby fine, long hair that just can't stop looking disgustingly ratty. I try conditioning it and I never have dyed nor heat-dried it, and it feels like straw mostly even though once in a while it looks and feels like silk. Why? What do my fellow rat-nonnitas do with their hair? Am I an autist?

Anonymous 193558

i want to go to SEA to kill sex tourists tbqh

Anonymous 193559

Honestly I stg it’s just a couple s schizoposting & making everyone else whose chill about it look like idiots

Anonymous 193560

night nona

Anonymous 193561

I started using deep conditioning hair masks instead of just normal conditioner and that helped me

Anonymous 193562

let's make a blood pact and end up them together

Anonymous 193563

My Nigel just caught me drawing yaoi and said “AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA!”

Anonymous 193564


Guess I live here now

Anonymous 193565

I was so young when i said that lolcor would be back at 12 threads. I don't know what to do. My hart

Anonymous 193566

At the speed we’re producing and using threads, we’ll be in bunker thread $100 before something actually happens

Anonymous 193568


Omg based Nigel! He understands! Does he even read BL with you? What a sensitive guy!

Anonymous 193569


This is the worst christmas ever

Anonymous 193570

This is so sexy to me rn

Anonymous 193571

Anonymous 193572

This is the type of fujo I want

Anonymous 193573

It's the body it reminds me of my husbando Dale Gribble

Anonymous 193574


The new site is so clunky it's painful, why did admin not just wait for it to be polished up. Also why are we not talking about the account part? I don't want to see namefagging retards

Anonymous 193575

ayrt it's not just SEA they are all over and easy to spot if you travel a lot, totally disgusting.
nonn​ies I'm down when shit gets real bad let's just fucking goooooo

Anonymous 193576

That's that admin tools

Anonymous 193577

how are fujos related to ayyliums

Anonymous 193578


The sick, malnourished bodytype of most of the 2D men you fujos stan

Anonymous 193579

thats for jannies, anon, but usually it's kinda hidden where they log in

Anonymous 193580

KEK he was an /x/lord supreme

Anonymous 193581

wait… do we still have red text /victim/toxic ??? it can't be gone, it's part of its identity !!

Anonymous 193584

God forbid, for a second there I thought you said you wanted to sniff your nonas.

Anonymous 193585

i thought stanning only applied to celebrities. lots of mixed up words here.

Anonymous 193586


i feel like the only fujo radfem who likes traps and dead dove content sometimes on the entire internet. when will i meet another girlie who is as deranged as me. i want to pretend to be yaoi boys together.

pretend this is a confession post in the confession thread on /ot/ btw

Anonymous 193587

Petition to take lc from shaymin and dump it on shayna

Anonymous 193588

>and dead dove content
Excuse me what

Anonymous 193589


I've heard people say they stan fictional characters

Anonymous 193591

You can stan anything it just means being an obsessed fan
Anyways, I hope you get this, man, hit me back
Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan
This is Stan

Anonymous 193592

get the fuck out

Anonymous 193593

we don't? is n o n n i e still redtexted? that is a claim that has been reclaimed imo and no longer cringe but i still enjoy that it pops out

Anonymous 193594

lol!!!! i'm also radfem and i feel the same. dead dove content is the best, we should be friends

Anonymous 193597

what is in that bowl…lemon lime cheetos with actual limes?

Anonymous 193598


post your otp


Anonymous 193599

Wouldn't it be funny if that was what turned Shayna's life around? Ha ha…

Anonymous 193600

ive seen Mexicans do that where I live, it’s weird

Anonymous 193602


Mexicans put lime on everything

Anonymous 193604

>why did admin not just wait for it to be polished up.
Cause people were bitching about it

Anonymous 193605

I like femdom but hate yaoi. I like m/f ships but it seems most n0nnies are fujos or yumejos

Anonymous 193606


Anyone else getting this?

Anonymous 193607


I used to like crossdressing anime boys before they got turned into a meme. When we started calling them traps everything went downhill. Crossdressing anime boys are cute but I hate the whole "they are making my pp confused!!" thing moids do whenever they see them. Only woman should be allowed to enjoy them methinks
its a reference to picrel. Dead dove is a zoomer term for darkficalso in order to find picrel I just googled dead dove which show me results of actual dead doves… I don't know what I was expecting

Anonymous 193608

on desktop with or without VPN, and on phone with VPN, but not phone without VPN

Anonymous 193610

i'm not into femdom/het content unless the guy's particularly androgynous/feminine tbh
crazy how our tastes just don't match up.

Anonymous 193611

ntayrt but where do you find (non-male) femdom enjoyers? all i find is maledom

Anonymous 193612

I like f/f and m/f I don't see the appeal of m/m at all

Anonymous 193614

none of the anons so far but I agree that an actual female-centered femdom can be hot but I've never seen any femdom that is not moid-oriented and in some way top-from-the-bottom shit

Anonymous 193615

try restarting your router/flushing DNS cache and disable VPN if you're using.

Anonymous 193616

Laughing at all the LOOOSEERRS who can't get in lolcow.farm

Anonymous 193617


why do fujos ship aether with everyone but hate lumine ships when they're basically the same character?

Anonymous 193618

Why are the new LC banners so ugly, it feels like it's for someone else now

Anonymous 193619

I'm here

Anonymous 193620

Because a lot of them don't like female characters

Anonymous 193621

get rid of your trap attraction and we can elope

Anonymous 193622


yeah. I am ambivalent on (you) but maybe you are right it will instigate people. I don't understand why the change to lynxchan other than admin wanted something "modern", as long as things were secure I don't see why we needed to switch. glad to see banners up but also confused about the rest.

Anonymous 193623


i know, it's just autistic of them

Anonymous 193625


should also note i'm very into the big "draw a girl call it a guy" trope. i like it when dudes are small and petite and kinda curvy (see like every twink natthelich draws). sorry for being insane. sorry for not being normal.

not all fujos…honestly i don't even like genshit i just enjoy this artist

Anonymous 193626


I loved watching mukbangs now I can't without feeling embarrassed

Anonymous 193627

>now I can't without feeling embarrassed
what's so embarrassing about someone eating food

Anonymous 193628


fair enough

Anonymous 193629


>This site can’t be reached
>lolcow.farm’s server IP address could not be found.
>Checking the connection
>This site can’t be reached
>lolcow.farm’s server IP address could not be found.
>Checking the connection
>This site can’t be reached
>lolcow.farm’s server IP address could not be found.
>Checking the connection
>This site can’t be reached
>lolcow.farm’s server IP address could not be found.
>Checking the connection

Anonymous 193630

Do you think it's too late to become a mukbanger? Is the fad on it's way out? Because I can eat a lot of food in one sitting and I need money

Anonymous 193631

embarrassed to whom, anon, if you are watching alone? kek

Anonymous 193632

I love mukbangs, I watch them sometimes before bed

Anonymous 193633

are the viewers of mukbanging all fetishist moids or what though? a

Anonymous 193634


Anonymous 193635

try your phone

Anonymous 193636

nope, it's aether

Anonymous 193637

It didn't make a difference I cant use mobile data

Anonymous 193638

try >>193615 if you haven't already. it worked for me.

Anonymous 193639


It's gross and I don't know. I just feel cringe

Anonymous 193641

reee what the actual fuck did they do to lolcow? I hate everything about the new look and features. Just bitching on here because I don't feel like interacting with the retarded admins.

Anonymous 193643

I did that too

Anonymous 193645

The only gross thing about this is that she's eating finger food with poop nails

Anonymous 193646

borzoi sock.jpeg

Anonymous 193647

I now understand how Twitter users felt when Elon took over

Anonymous 193648

is it true these dogs aren't real?

Anonymous 193651

poop nails kek. i'll never forget when cardi b said that she stabbed her butthole with her big long ass nails and that made me look at acrylics differently ever since

Anonymous 193652

I think I'll stay on CC until shaymin works the bugs out. I don't think it will be soon so we might as well get comfy here. Maybe all the s who were just going to hang out on LC can do a movie night on CC? If the mods are okay with it.

Anonymous 193655

you're not missing out, just anons complaining in /meta and s having a mental breakdown over kpop boys

Anonymous 193657

mukbangs make my misopheniaogfffia however it's spelled, (the thing that makes someone rage over mouth noises) kick in. i hate those videos along with asmr.

Anonymous 193658

Same I want to have hope for Shaymin but this site is so weird and clunky

Anonymous 193659


this is my new home

Anonymous 193660


Anonymous 193662


Anonymous 193665

>having a mental breakdown over kpop boys
i kind of want to see that tbh

Anonymous 193666

i can post on lolcow in meta, no captcha anymore

Anonymous 193667


Mostly feedback from the nöññïęš

Anonymous 193669

i want to put real life husbando on my lolcow.farm background how do i do that?

Anonymous 193670

no kpop grrr nonni…

i'll just post screenshot i found funny
little spam incoming

Anonymous 193674

first :m was honry…

Anonymous 193676

Kind of. Some threads were made like /g/ and /m/. No cow threads so far. I personally don’t even know how to make a new thread

Anonymous 193677

she's brave

Anonymous 193679

kanye nonnie.png

first post in/m was horny posting indeed

Anonymous 193680

Samefag it seems like Shaymin wants to keep old lc on an archive site. (The one that was linked here.)

Anonymous 193681

>people complain about porny banners and give cute alternatives
>shaymin adds 4+ other porny banners
Why, fucking why?. I really did not need to see shayna masturbating or that other girl with her coochie spread, if she was going to revamp the site she should have at least made cow and offtopic banners separate.

Anonymous 193682

not terfy enough y…

made me crackle

Anonymous 193683


Anonymous 193686

I was just thinking about the time I was talking to a guy I had a crush on (who is also a tv writer) and he asked me what my favorite movie was.
“Umm so I honestly love Zoolander, I genuinely think it’s hilarious,” and he said


Anonymous 193688

advertisement for shitty fediverse instance

Anonymous 193689

Also Shaymin was like “ who submitted spoiler pics I didn’t see it” when there was a whole doodle board dedicated to making a new spoiler pic

Anonymous 193692

fucking agree on that,
i think n0nnies are too harsh overall but this doesn't make any sense. Few days before the shutdown, the banner thread was full of cute banners and people asking the gross ones to be remove
Admins want to add an "only SFW threads" but keep porny picture on the top of the page wtf ?

Anonymous 193693

two of my husbandos are in this picture

Anonymous 193695

I like the Keffals stalking after some children

Anonymous 193696

It was brutal, lmao. I laid in bed thinking about that one for a while

Anonymous 193697

i’ve been having intense identity issues for about a decade now. i went from a fakeboi to agender back to female but it just doesn’t feel good but the only thing that does is using those shitty neopronouns that i hate when other people do it. is there any way you ladies can help a bpdchan with her autism

Anonymous 193698

I swear there’s some banners that weren’t even submitted on the banner thread

Anonymous 193700

plus they were posted in /meta/ multiple times

Anonymous 193702


I'm trying to see if admin lets us stress test, Shaysisters if you can come and chat

Anonymous 193704

B-but old imageboards are so cute and homey. Like old-web feeling. Why would they do this to precious LC?

Anonymous 193705

Capture d’écran 2…

this yours man ?

Anonymous 193706

no don't fucking play with me like that

Anonymous 193707


Hate it, guess I'll integrate and become a miner. I miss our green pastures non nies.

Anonymous 193708



Anonymous 193709

the new themes are so ugly my god. girltalk and witches are the only bearable ones but they're still eyesores tbh

Anonymous 193712

Honestly I would've responded the same way.

Anonymous 193714

Im so confused. Admin said she’d be working on some themes. Is this really the site now?

Anonymous 193715

sonic and chris

Anonymous 193716

Fuck this, fuck new lolcow, fuck Shaymin. CC looks beautiful and comfy, Lolcow 2.0 is shit. At this point i wish Crystal Cafe allowed cow posting. If CC had a dedicated board for cow threads, i would stay here.

Anonymous 193717


I will probably keep using lc, and here of course. I need fwends.

Anonymous 193718


i agree but that's solely as an otfag, i feel so sorry for all the snowfags who hate the new site

Anonymous 193721

i feel so bad for you, I just posted in the new dumb ass shit thread on the new stinky site. I don't know why some of us can get in and some can't

Anonymous 193722

I feel like she doesnt care for the /ot/ purists and made the site to appeal to the failed normies. I already hated shaynatards but now i despise them. I wish this site was faster, but its just not the same and i am already used to the posters there.

Anonymous 193723


i only went on lolcow to browse /snow/. this is my 9/11

Anonymous 193724


how the catalog looks now

Anonymous 193725

The fact she’s allowing kpop is weird to me (at least whoever made the kpop thread on there is hoping for kpopfags to keep it in their contained thread and behave)

Anonymous 193726

Can't even access this hell of a site. Are anons expressing their distaste for new lolcow? i hope so. I want Shaymin to see this, but the ironic thing is she probably didn't and WON'T read a single feedback post. she ruined everything i'm angry

Anonymous 193727

it's the same for me, I think shaymin is trying to save us in a way

Anonymous 193728

I might too. I think I found CC first before LC, so it'll be nice to return to my roots.

Anonymous 193729


Anonymous 193730


nônny reactions

Anonymous 193731


This Nona revealed a (feature?) that you can post two pictures at once in one post. don't know if it's a feature or a bug tho

Anonymous 193732


why are they trying to push everyone off the internet? not that i don't hate kiwifarms but first them and now this…. umm

Anonymous 193733


Anonymous 193734

It's a feature, like on fujochan

Anonymous 193736

Its hilarious how she did absolutelt the opposite of what people wanted
>added even grosser banners
>made the site literally unusable
>fucking deleted all threads
>banned VPNs despite them banning people on "accident" and showing IPs
>lifted the kpop fag ban despite them being the new furfags and already having their own imageboard
Shaynatards are a disease

Anonymous 193737

also unless i'm missing something you can't access all the different "zones" from the top or bottom of the page anymore. I hate that shit so much, If i want to go to /snow/ there should be a link at the top like how it was

Anonymous 193738

that's what i've been saying but anons shitted on me in the other threads and called me a retard

Anonymous 193739

i mean, there probably will be more changes made, especially with the generally negative user response, but i don't think it'll be quite the same ever again. i'll get used to it in time, but they really should've made better themes that aren't a random assortment of colors and fonts and actually used the suggested new banners instead of adding ones that nobody asked for. cc is looking like the better option for now until things on lc get worked out (if they ever will be)

Anonymous 193740

(puts on tinfoil hat)
The fact she's allowing Kpop thread shows Shaymin doesn't browse lolcow, and maybe the ironic truth is she has no fucking idea about lolcow history, culture and everything else. Not on the level you'd expect from an admin. Idk how it's possible, but i see no other explanation. It feels like Shaymin is some PULLfag refugee who browsed maybe a few select threads and took the admin role, idk why. because she missed her PULL/Lipstick Alley role or something.

Anonymous 193741

I cackled

Anonymous 193742


>no /w/

Anonymous 193743

2 people post on lc

Anonymous 193744



Anonymous 193745

also why does /m/ have a description like that but nothing else…

Anonymous 193746

Shaymin is 14 confirmed

Anonymous 193747

What does users even mean? Users online? How stupid

Anonymous 193748

image (39).gif

oh my fucking

Anonymous 193749

ngl I feel bad for admin, we're all shitting on her and she's probably doing this all on her own

Anonymous 193751

please say sike

Anonymous 193752

Tbh I’m glad there’s a containment thread for k popping anons. They can shut up and post there.

Anonymous 193754

Kalvin having puppies?

Anonymous 193756

kinda agree but some choices were really dumb

Anonymous 193757

kpoop and fujoshit need to be banned, there's choachan and fujochan for that

Anonymous 193758

I think most are mad because we don't feel this was necessary

Anonymous 193759

i agree
with the kpop threads and new layout and new weird banners the whole site seems very… not for lolcow's current demographic. idek what that demographic IS im too drunk to explain well but the new site barely seems like an imageboard and it doesn't seem like it's for an audience of 20s/30s mature women who make unhinged but well-thought-out and sometimes really clever and insightful posts. this new site seems like it's trying to appeal to normies/twitterfags/underage zoomers who just want to talk about celebrities and be annoying in the proana threads. maybe i'm just getting older but it feels like lolcow's demographics have been getting younger and more twitter-y/mainstream internet-y for a long time and it's just really strange to throw the current established userbase under the bus
tinfoil: shaymin is a twitterfag kpop stan herself

Anonymous 193760

Wait if lolcow has 2 poster but pakichan and romanion and me exist but then pekichan and romanion are the same then you also have yo add dedede anon then how does that work out

Anonymous 193761

They’re behaving okay on it so far. Considering the site still doesn’t show up for some people it definitely isn’t all the way finished. Idk what the fuck going on anymore. I’ll still be on LC or here sometimes but it’s kind of a big mess right now.

Anonymous 193762

The sites not done

Anonymous 193764

they already had an entire site tho
it doesn't even work without a vpn

Anonymous 193765

probably no matter how shit the site may come out ill still come crawling back. i just wish this wasnt over winter break/ holiday like i literally have jack shit else to do

Anonymous 193766



Anonymous 193767

ethan ralph is a king, ngl. he's a total scumbag but to take the absolute onslaught of internet drama he's gotten in the past year and still do his thing….kek. he's currently feuding with his pedophile horse bride's father and it's pretty funny. I am sad the Ethan Ralph thread on lcf died

Anonymous 193768


Anonymous 193769

Changing a site full of autists was a bad idea. Maybe it’ll grow on us though.

Anonymous 193770

now hold on, fujochan is ass. also you should kill yourself

Anonymous 193771


Anonymous 193772

You are one of them. Dededeanon is one of them. One plus one equal stwo

Anonymous 193773

I saw that too but idgi. Is it some psycho 'dogpilled' scrote who hates Kalvin?

Anonymous 193774


Anonymous 193775


make a better one then

Anonymous 193776

The dream!

Anonymous 193777

I thought maybe it was a reference to the tif who made a reddit post about wanting to give birth to puppies kek

Anonymous 193778

Fujochan is too slow

Anonymous 193779


don't tell people to kill themselves wtf

Anonymous 193781

This is not funny anymoar….

Anonymous 193783

same n*nny

Anonymous 193784

there's five anons on this lolcow and i'm 8 of them

Anonymous 193785

> audience of 20s/30s mature women who make unhinged but well-thought-out and sometimes really clever and insightful posts
that is it though, isn't it? how many of us are left (altho i'm slightly over 40 kek) the audience has been getting younger and younger which is fair if you want to just talk about growing the site and having a mix isn't bad but naything that will drive these users off is bad

Anonymous 193786

what. I mainly lurk the MTF thread because they're endlessly milky demons, but apparently the TIFs are not alright.

Anonymous 193787

never posted here before so have mercy. but I cannot access LC at all.

Anonymous 193788

personally i just turned 20, i always thought most lolcow users were in their 20s

Anonymous 193789

Locking it in, the site will be open before, or during the 25th Bunker thread. We will be on a working lolcow for christmas. Jesus is on my side

Anonymous 193790

It showed the same message for me but then I disabled WiFi and it works while I use data. Might help maybe

Anonymous 193791

ha ha baby, i'm 2?

Anonymous 193792


Anonymous 193793

I can get in but it seems like most can't. You're definitely not alone

Anonymous 193794

the new theme looks so bad

Anonymous 193795

Can't post anymore on lolcow. Says the functions are down for maintenance again.

Anonymous 193796


Reposting because it's even more relevant today

Anonymous 193797


Banner changed to this and if you try to post you get a pop up that says pretty much the same thing

Anonymous 193798


yall bullied shaymin

Anonymous 193799

Yeah, I think LC is definitely going to be more geared towards zoomers. Makes sense because having a aging userbase instead of a young and fresh one isn't what you want for any website you want to like, thrive. Unfortunately I see it ending up like some sort of weird hodgepodge of different cancer types. Tumblr meets, Twitter fags with the added flavor of NLOG/kiwifarms posters. But I could be way off. She said something about not silencing women's voices so hopefully it will stay terf friendly, even if some of them are too extreme 4 me.

Anonymous 193800

Oh you gorls who told us we were being overdramatic and they just need more time to bring back the old threads are eating your words.

Anonymous 193801

If lolcow has a million posters she's one of them
If lolcow has ten posters she's one of them
If lolcow has one poster that is her
If lolcow has no fans she's no longer alive

Anonymous 193802


kek came here to post the same thing

Anonymous 193803

no and i was having so much fun with my fellow kpopfags

Anonymous 193804

I believe that it was 2014 when lolcow spun off from /cgl/, almost a decade ago, and some of us were pretty mature 4chan users, kek. some of us have been shitposting since before you had a menses, anon. but you are correct the average age is obviously much younger especially when you read /snow/ and /g/ I think but I personally don't read /g/ at all kek

Anonymous 193805

What software does c.c use?

Anonymous 193806

>site goes down
>learn shaymin announced the site would undergo maintenence on Dec 19th in size 32 wingdings font via miitopia 3 months ago from an anon the in temp cc thread
>3 days go by
>site completely wiped
>new fugly site pops up in its place
>immediately full of kpop stans
what did shaymin mean by this

Anonymous 193807

Omg I stopped using lowcol for 2 days and my skin cleared, i lost weight and paul dano from the batman asked me out wtf totally recommend

Anonymous 193808


kekkk they were hating on the paranoid sensitive catposters, look where we are now

Anonymous 193809


no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie

Anonymous 193810


Anonymous 193811

my tinfoil is shaymin is choachan admin

Anonymous 193812

seems like they use vichan with some slightly different settings/plugins than old lcf

Anonymous 193813

>what did shaymin mean by this
She's a grinch who wants to ruin every farmer's Christmas?

Anonymous 193814

Never let them know ur next move!!

Anonymous 193815

I miss our home wtf admin please idk who did what but take me home I can’t do the holidays without the site

Anonymous 193816

Is there anybody on lolcow who's somehow in contact with Shaymin? If we're "wrong" and everything is going to be alright, then she should give as a damn update. Tell: "i'll bring back the old threads, i'll add OG imageboard themes" etc. Explain why is she fucking up everything, why, who asked? Why kpop shit? But no. That's too much.

If the outrage is so big and everybody hates Lolcow now, she should fix things and bring back the old shit. Idk how, it's her problem. She should know how. idk she's just throwing everybody off. LC admin should take posters opinion into consideration. It shouldn't be as if Lolcow was ~*+ Shaymins Personal Blog+*~ or some ~~Welcome to Shaymin's Angelfire Domain sign my guestbook~~ thing that she just does whatever she wants on and in turn loses entire userbase.

Anonymous 193817

I think it's a good thing lolcow is appealing to younger girls. Hopefully we can peak some of them or make them realize most men aren't worth the toilet paper they wipe their asses with. Mainly, I'd hope to peak some young confused girl who thinks you have to be a transman to wear men's sweatpants.

Anonymous 193818


Shaymin if you are reading this please have it look like this I like how its less clunky

Anonymous 193819


4 pictures of 50mb seems to be the default now.

Anonymous 193820

ayrt I agree with you though there are a lot of young women who might find it thru influencer gossip or whatever and wind up finding a space where they can speak freely and learn about troons and feminist issues I don't begrudge them that space at all but some of them have to integrate a bit more I feel

Anonymous 193821

Why the fuck did they nuke the boards? So much has been lost. It's /m/assacre all over again why

Anonymous 193822

Samefag I’m not a kpop sperg but I wanted to see how their site looked since no nnies were dying they used the same engine

Anonymous 193823

I'm alogging you in my mind and it's very graphic

Anonymous 193824

There might be some anons in the discord before she locked it. If they still have a LC discord that is kek

Anonymous 193825


I flushed my DNS and cleared my cookies and stopped the wifi and reseted my everything and deleted the shit and changed the everying and wiped my mind and crawled through glass I have done every hack in the book and and fuck. STILL NOTHING. what are non-phonedatafags supposed to do, sit here and die?

Anonymous 193826

> Is there anybody on lolcow who's somehow in contact with Shaymin?
she is on what is left of the discord

Anonymous 193827

this is what i'm most mad about, so many golden threads going like 6 years back

Anonymous 193828

Fuck no Choachan is literally unusable on desktop

Anonymous 193829


Anonymous 193830

I mean at least in the last message I saw she talked about scraping threads so I think not all hope is lost on that

Anonymous 193831

Yeah. That would be my main complaint. They stick out like sore thumbs, but I suppose part of that is because now I'm the old person on the internet and someone else is being the stupid and annoying teenager.

Anonymous 193832

can someone explain why we’re calling her shaymin? I can’t tell if the shaynatorium is leaking or if she’s a shayfag

Anonymous 193833

crystal cafe starting to look real cozy. It has a sexy layout. i could get used to this…. but I'd never forget my old lover.

Anonymous 193834


Anonymous 193835


At least all my cringy posts are wiped from existence. I think this is my godess jodi arias signal to stop wasting so much time shitposting.

Anonymous 193837

i think less people would be mad about this whole thing if we were able to get updates of some kind, even if they were vague it would be better than nothing. i really don't understand the lack of communication

Anonymous 193838


There was nothing wrong with the boards before I-

Anonymous 193839

I always heard vichan sucks but man I just love the traditional aesthetic. I can make do with the new gen IB looks cuz every fuckin alt chan uses that now but I’m still sad.

Anonymous 193840

I don't want to engage in any discussion tangental to this at all so please don't reply to me with bullshit but one of the ways they stick out like a sore thumb is in anything to deal with race or modern sjwish identity issues, even the terfy ones manage to sound like twitter zoomers when they get triggered and it is what it is but they need to leave that at the gate for a community that has it's origins in fcking 4chan, lol

Anonymous 193841


join us

Anonymous 193842

This is lolcow herstory.

Anonymous 193843

She’s THE shayfag anon…kek

Anonymous 193844

lol i feel the same way, the zoomer mentality is so obvious with some of them

Anonymous 193845

she's shaymin because she supposedly said in her admin application(?) that she wanted to keep having a place to talk about shayna, or something to that effect

Anonymous 193846

your silliness cracks me up, I love seeing a girlboss win

Anonymous 193847

thinking about printing all the pages of my favorite threads on old lolcow and creating a book to read. I will also make a diary using the old layout

Anonymous 193848

josh would have done a better job than this

Anonymous 193849

a lot of us zoomers integrate pretty well i feel, but don't forget that "integrate" also doesn't mean don't have any personality or identity of your own, don't be a boomer about stuff

Anonymous 193850

No they're not kek

Anonymous 193851

is this a rogue staff crying for help

Anonymous 193852

Where is this

Anonymous 193853


Anonymous 193854

she's shaymin because she supposedly said in her admin application(?) that she wanted to keep having a place to talk about shayna, or something to that effect
don't start

Anonymous 193855

Anonymous 193856

I think the problem is that from her previous behavior in the past, no one has any trust or faith in newmin and we're all incredibly cagey and biter from it. She's actually been much more communicative on /meta/ today like we've always asked her to but anons are still losing their minds because we feel destabilized and without confident direction and future. I'm concerned newmin will ragequit under such heavy criticism– from her perspective it must seem like she's finally done things we asked and is still getting ass blasted by everyone. But that said, she did bring this on herself by her unreliable behavior for so long. Idk.

Anonymous 193857

damn whoops I missed that lmao ty

Anonymous 193858

She did say she is bringing back the old threads (in a post in the middle of the meta thread of course, not anyplace people would be likely to find it, and of course she still has no way to post news and of course she wouldn't say anything she could anyway because

IDK why, look at Null, he's a spastic weirdo and he posts itemized detailed reports about every single minor thing he does or plans or that just happen and tangent the site. And you can talk to him whenever you want and he'll probably respond in a reasonable timeframe and he'll regularly ask users for help or opinions regardless.

Why can't lolcow have something like that? It hardly takes any time or effort to do that.

Anonymous 193859

Yeah, but that I think is just mainly due to them being too young to understand LC was born from chan culture. All they understand about chans is what the news told them when they were little kids. In the 2010s new stations loved to talk about the evil 4chan.

Anonymous 193860


josh husbando anon is back

Anonymous 193861

Go home Joshua

Anonymous 193862

this has been such a long year of lolcow

Anonymous 193864

Wtf? What thread?

Anonymous 193865

don't start. if Josh had taken the site over back when it would be dead now because his interest is in recruiting more women to be his BP pickme cheerleader squad. apart from the fattie threads that I don't care for, that board is unremarkable and lcf has it's own character that would die if Josh was anywhere near it.
remember when he begged just to be able to host the mail server? kekkkkk

Anonymous 193866

Lolcordotfarm's How the Binch Stole Christmas

Anonymous 193867

it’s crazy that we were in bunkers are the beginning of the year and are ending it the year on bunkers again

Anonymous 193868

yeah it's not really as cool to make racist /pol/-tier jokes anymore, i noticed it was mostly white women upset about this development

Anonymous 193869

Is this what we consider changing for the better?
Is this what we consider changing?
Ah, save me

Anonymous 193870

I think it's because Joshua is autistic and his autistic userbase gives him a lot of money. I don't think he'd be as attentive to kiwi farms if he was doing it at a loss like LC admins have too. But at the same time, the other admins were much better at communicating with us. I've been saying for months shaymin is a tard, I feel so vindicated now that the rest of you see it.

Anonymous 193871


Anonymous 193872


Anonymous 193873

i'm frustrated with shaymin not telling us shit for a year and then dropping this massive update on us with no explanation for its purpose/what exactly the changes would entail, or why she made some of the new executive decisions. but i feel a little bad for being so hard on her because i'm sure it would be a huge pain in the ass to run lolcow and if i were in her shoes i would probably feel like i couldn't win either way lol

Anonymous 193874

Bc being Null is his entire life. Shaymin probably has a real life. I’m not excusing her lack of administrative transparency but stop gassing that fat man up I’m tired of it.

Anonymous 193875

> you can talk to him whenever you want and he'll probably respond in a reasonable timeframe
lol try being his jannie, he can't communicate for shit with his team, I can't speak to interacting with him in any other way but he's impossible

Anonymous 193876

What? Racebait is against the rules. What are you talking about.

Anonymous 193877


i read the fine print

Anonymous 193878

Anonymous 193879

kek can they not make text posts anymore or something

Anonymous 193880

racebait has always been against the rules but twitter-tier hypersensitivity has no place on a place that is infused with chan culture, sorry.

Anonymous 193882


seeing those ugly kpop boys sets me off into an unbridled rage, why can’t i enjoy a site without being exposed to kpoop

Anonymous 193883

hes always saying he doesnt have money, someone said they don't think Shaymin really *knows much about lolcow and I think thats the difference.
Josh is apart of his community and does streams and likes interacting. Shaymin is just the admin.
If she asked for money and actually spoke to us I'm sure she'd get it. Like if she just made a telegram for announcement. Leaving us in the dark constantly, doesn't help shit.

Anonymous 193884

> the infight a few weeks ago about "aave"
What was the fight about?

She could have sat down for 15 minutes and typed up an FAQ about the transition and assuming she has legit reasons that would shut up most of the criticism and panic.

Anonymous 193885

what racist jokes? race barely ever came up on lolcow until the racebaiting twitterfags showed up within the past 2 years. i'm not even white and it's still annoying how gen z posters are hyperfocused on idpol

Anonymous 193886

who cares the bar is on the floor

Anonymous 193887

Damn went to cc meta and found out snail isn’t admin here anymore? That’s so fucking whack

Anonymous 193888


hypersensitivity is subjective, like if i called someone karen i bet i'd get 30 replies of triggered anons calling me a racist slur

Anonymous 193889

> I think it's because Joshua is autistic and his autistic userbase gives him a lot of money.
a lot of money. and not just $20 to be able to give the SemperFi sticker. why does Josh keep A&H around when it is full of unironic Nazi sperging and will inevitably develop some manifestoposter who kills people? because some people who like his free speech ideals give him quite a bit more than 20 a pop. he has some whale donors.

Anonymous 193890

> Josh is apart of his community and does streams
> watching Josh's streams

Anonymous 193891

Like how long does it take to post some shit to us? The banner she did was nice, but it's a huge disconnect between us and the admin, which is a good and bad thing.
No townhalls, weird jannies, it's weird. I just want to know whats up

Anonymous 193892

yeah i totally agree, just sucks that she hardly communicated with users about site matters until such she got such negative backlash about the update. i do sympathize with how stressful this must be for her, but i think it would've been in her best interest to be more upfront about what the update would entail

Anonymous 193894

You wouldn't get anyone calling you a racist slur but you would get called a moid because it makes you sound like one.

Anonymous 193895

>the site sucks
>the pigeons are back fucking on my AC
Just kill me already

Anonymous 193896

No it’d be transphobic slur because you’re a man

Anonymous 193897

So?? Again, whats with people in this thread acting like everyone hates kiwifarms? I don't like Josh as a person but i like the site and the streams.

Anonymous 193898

nobody is going to call you a racial slur and if they do here or on lcf, they're gonna get banned, what site are you even talking about? calling people 'Karen' might start a slapfight over whether that is a misogynistic or racial term, etc., but that's not the same

Anonymous 193899

a lot of us boomers integrate pretty well i feel, but don't forget that "integrate" also doesn't mean don't have any personality or identity of your own, don't be a doomer about stuff

Anonymous 193900

>whats with people in this thread acting like everyone hates kiwifarms?
Everyone does

Anonymous 193901

You can use kwf without sucking his dick, loser. You’re too old for his taste.

Anonymous 193902

ilu n o n n i e s

Anonymous 193903

They are always incredibly autistic but never in the fun way.

Anonymous 193906

>like if i called someone karen i bet i'd get 30 replies of triggered anons calling me a racist slur

No you wouldn't.

Anonymous 193907

Kiwifags kys

Anonymous 193908

>aave is twitterspeak

Anonymous 193909

She's been asking for donations for at least a year now. There's less LC users so she wouldn't get as much as Josh would. He's also a giant scammer and liar, and truth be told he's not the greatest domain owner. Especially when he was first in the business.

Shaymin could be doing a much better job managing all of this but I think constantly comparing her to Josh is unfair. He's been at this for a while and she's been an admin for like a year or two? And I suspect she's not the most tech savvy, Ian was the one that did the bulk of the work for LC, even during the second admin being in charge he was still working the back end.

Anonymous 193910

I use KF but Josh's streams are garbage, he tries so hard to be Metokur like so many other spergs but fails. His only audience are the same sycophants who hang off his dick every time he posts on KF and they are insufferable. Josh is a useful idiot at best and the best thing to do on the forum is to avoid his ass and just follow the lolcows you care about.

Anonymous 193911

Why do you assume every anon is the same person? Also show me where I sucked his dick?

Anonymous 193912


Don't respond to the moid.

Anonymous 193914

>muh identity
you're anonymous anon

Anonymous 193915

I donated and I hope other anons did too. It's a worthwhile cause because LCF is clearly despite it's faults a labor of love, while KF, while it ha some good conent, is a grift for Josh. But not just money. It mainly exists to feed Josh's ego.

Anonymous 193916

that is the moid who spams amberlynn, he did this on lolcow too. Juts ignore and report the moid.

Anonymous 193917

maybe more anons should use aave and then they won't have to hide it to "integrate"

Anonymous 193918

> he tries so hard to be Metokur like so many other spergs but fails.
I don't think that's true, they are both very different and cover things in different ways. If you don't like his streams that's fine, same with if you don't like kiwifarms for whatever reason, but some people have this psychotic hatred for everything kiwi and it's weird and off putting.

Anonymous 193919

It is. Go blame the twittoids for appropriation. While you’re on ib integrate or get shit on. Your supposed blackness isn’t an excuse to not blend in in an anonymous environment.

Anonymous 193920

This. I bet he yanks it to her all day long.

Anonymous 193921

Anonymous 193922

you're trying to call people twitterfags while you believe in shit like "cultural appropriation" lmao. why don't you let people speak how they want to speak, tumblrfag?

Anonymous 193924


I remember this stupid slapfight. It says right there in the rules, I forget the phrasing, but that you are supposed to integrate to the anonymous mass. Using slang of whatever origin isn't doing that and it's bullshit to cry racism because some of those terms are AAVE or whatever. This is the shit I meant by zoomers bringing twitter over there: not the slang, that's neither here nor their, but making such a big stink about it.

Anonymous 193925

Twitterfags stole aave lingo and made it mainstream for others to steal and use. Don’t pretend that aave used in the 90s wasn’t taken and used as a way to seem “cool” now. Even simp is aave because it was used in older rap songs from the 80s and in 2020 everyone was using it

Anonymous 193927

Thanks, that's hilarious in how retarded it is. I've run into salty third world people before on lolcow and they're absolutely insufferable. Everything is racist and colonialist and imperialist and bla bla bla evil west caused all ills the world. Meanwhile they're extremely racist and have zero understanding of other cultures. So tiresome.

> ion means “I don't.

What the fugg.

Anonymous 193928

but also, things change, if the "anonymous mass" starts using slang then people are going to pick up on it. when lc started "moid" wasn't even a term people used, it caught on later and now everyone uses it

Anonymous 193929


I miss laughing at troons, it was part of my morning routine to barf my breakfast while scrolling the MtF thread

Anonymous 193931


Is lc fixed yet, I don't wanna go there and see that fugly layout one more time

Anonymous 193932

Reading comprehension sweaty. I don’t give a shit about appropriation of slangs. The anon was trying to insinuate that she’s using aave and not twitterspeak and that those two are different and we are supposed to give her the benefit of the doubt. Retaaaard.

Anonymous 193933

there should be a drawboard depicting the bunker conversations

Anonymous 193934

most people on lolcow don't have strong feelings about kiwifarms outside of the thread, which DOES has retards.
Such as-
>seething about the site and lying about shit
>retarded fanboys who accuse everyone of being from the onion site/troon
>actual retards from the onionsite
Mister Metokur and Josh aren't alike at all in their streams. Josh does go through hell to keep the site up because he's obessed with it, our admin probably has a life and doesn't look at lolcow the same way.
Kiwifarms has profiles as well so it's more of a community. I don't know who or why they donate to josh but he does take care of his shithole.

Anonymous 193935

> psychotic hatred for everything kiwi and it's weird and off putting.
I use KF on a daily basis, I don't hate it at all. I don't even hate Josh. I do however hate the weird Josh simps that keep cropping up who think that Josh is some kind of based guy who doesn't afraid of troons or anything, no, Josh is a faggot who is where he is by accident and by ruining his life in pursuit of internet clout. Nobody should be caring about Josh's opinion about anything, just thanking him for his autistic perserverance in keeping his dumb gossip site up.

Anonymous 193936

in this context it was not being used by the "anonymous mass," though, just one obviously identifiable poster in one specific thread. if your posts are uniquely recognizable you are poorly integrating

Anonymous 193937

i'm not saying aave and twitterspeak are different you fucking retard, i'm saying it doesn't matter that most people use aave now and if you have a problem with it go the fuck back to tumblr or lipstick alley

Anonymous 193939

fair, after all n*nnie was originally a tumblr thing, and some oldfags still hate it but I think it is reclaimed now. if twitter aave becomes a thing on lcf so be it, but if there is very clearly one anon who does it she is engaging in identityfagging especially once she started fighting with people about it

Anonymous 193940

let you in to what? The site is a broken mess it's not done

Anonymous 193941

Did you see the troon ""milk"" cum salad in the Mtf thread? that made me heave

Anonymous 193942

>Don’t pretend that aave used in the 90s wasn’t taken and used as a way to seem “cool” now.
Whenever I listen to 90s music or watch 90s movies made by/about black people I notice some slang that I only ever heard within recent years and assumed was relatively new. Like I always knew it was ripped off but I didn't realize it was THAT out of date, maybe because I'm not american.

Anonymous 193943

kiwifarms is better than lolcow. free speech for life.

Anonymous 193944

Why did the admin choose that layout specifically? Could she not have just use the same original LC software? I mean CC here has imitated the original LC layout rather well.

Anonymous 193945

It’s literally Josh talking about himself in third person. He’s been trying to fuck cool farmer stacys for a long time. The avid pick me’s on kwf are all 35 and fat.

Anonymous 193946

how about no

Anonymous 193947

yeah, and laughing at troons isn't the same on KF. the scrotes there make themselves obvious by being obsessed with troons cutting their dicks off when that is a minority of troons and actual women worry more about what the troons with dicks might do with their little rape-sticks. The moid tranny hate is mostly driven by Josh's vendetta against trannies but also moids who get too into tranny hate either fear trooning out themselves or fear that they want to fuck a troon

Anonymous 193948


Anonymous 193950

I don't think I had seen aave til now. I dunno what ion means either.

Anonymous 193951

I dunno and "ion know" mean the same thing. It's just saying I don't know but without the d sound

Anonymous 193952

>lolcow farmers talking about how they are all mature women in their 30's or late 20's
>farmers use being 35 as a insult towards kiwifarmers.

Now makeup your mind chillee

Anonymous 193953


Sadly i did, was it this troon or do troons only come in two flavors? Either saul goodman and sid from skins

Anonymous 193954

Are you having a stroke n0nna

Anonymous 193955

Nta but this is why I get so annoyed with anons who claim some slang is from twitterfags or whatever. Half of the time it's stuff that been used for years and years, but non-Americans only know about it from twitter so they claim that only twitterfags use it. It could also be Americans who just don't know the slang because it's not used where they live. Even "y'all" gets this treatmeant.

Anonymous 193956


we can say chile now?

Anonymous 193957

I'm pretty sure predates tumblr and comes from anon memes (like fail fandom anon etc) which is why I, only somewhat of an oldfag, hate it. Anon memes are soooo fucking passive aggressive because they're not allowed to be straight up rude and hostile like imageboards are, so they'd be calling each other and being fake nice while infighting over petty shit. LC anons are nothing like that and are only being cute with each other but I have a knee jerk reaction.

Anonymous 193958

If I'm just free typing I use yall because that is part of normal talk where I am from so I feel you on that but people are talking about one specific anon who had a big spergout about aave a week or 2 ago

Anonymous 193959


Anonymous 193960

>dede anon being burned at the stake
>anons having delirium tremens from their imageboard withdrawl
>fujo pysop and yume pysop infighting
>hornyposters shouting into the void

Anonymous 193961

The fucking K-POP containment thread has as many posts as the rest of the site combined. These people are insane and they need to get banned from posting this.

Anonymous 193962

i said y'all growing up in the southern US, but i do think it's alienating to people from other countries

Anonymous 193963

didn't some rich farmer already donate one thousand dollars last year or in 2020? what happened with that

Anonymous 193964

war flashbacks

Anonymous 193965

going to report you because retards like you DO make kiss ass and do it to start infights, not to have an actual conversation. Go back to the site it's open now retards. I have a feeling a lot of people from the other failed sites are on here because they love doing that on lolcow

Anonymous 193966

you are definetly one of those retards whose obessed with kiwifarms and josh's dicks, you are a scrote, leave asshole.

Anonymous 193967

She didn’t choose the layout. It’s just what the ib maker looks like. It’s ugly but it has more functionality and control compared to old ones, that’s why all the new ib’s use it at the expense of style. Compsci girlies hurry up and write a better program already.

Anonymous 193968

Every time I've used y'all in /ot/ some newfag tells me to go back. Before the pandemic no one cared. Makes you wonder who should go back..

Anonymous 193969

pickmes never pros…

Anonymous 193970

Whats about kpoop that attracts so many autists? Its like sonic for women

Anonymous 193971

it's a retard scrote just report

Anonymous 193972

damn sorry for my newfaggotry on cc, I didn't realize n*nnie was straight up censored kek

Anonymous 193973

Hey paradise put up a fucking lot

Anonymous 193975

You’re the one taking it as insult, stupid bitch. It’s an observation on why he doesn’t want to fuck his handmaidens but only try to psyop zoomers with eating disorders on lolcow.

Anonymous 193976

>no kpop
>no fujo
>no yumes
>no husbandos
>no celebricows.

You know damn well those threads keep ot and m active , you just want to kill that site.

If all you care about is talking about troons or manhate then just go to rablr tumblr. We are allowed to have other topics. And if you are too much of a toddler that you cant handle even hiding thread, then thats your problem.

Oh and keep posting gore memes of how you want to kill fujos or kpopfags, because it totally makes you look stable and not like a raging moid mad that women have women interests on a female imagebaord.

Anonymous 193977

Unrelated, but why did FFA become so pro-tranny? Isn't it nearly 100% actually female posters? Why are they so pathetic

Anonymous 193978

All of this reminds me of that hobbit tweeting something with a Y'all in the beginning that looked the embodiment of the steve buscemi meme

Anonymous 193979

wahoh, we're slapping down the stupid bitch card now

Anonymous 193981

My dirty confession
>I use yall in real life
my dirtest confession
>I use yall on lipstick alley
My filthy confession
>Whenever I see people using it on Lolcow, I do report as a twitterfag or think, "Go back" becuase everytime it's followd by some shit like-
>Yall really hate her huh? Yall know not all sex workers are like Shayna
>Wow yall really transphobic huh? Thats sad
>Yall calling her retarded is racists
I feel on lolcow there's a 95% chance that the yalling is a twitterfagger

Anonymous 193982

The problem is that your kind leak into everything. You cannot just be contained to a few threads you have to infect them all with your little plasticine puppet people.

Anonymous 193983

the only one of these everyone hates universally is kpop. the others can stay because they don't infect the rest of the board like kpop threads do

Anonymous 193985

Not really related to this conversation but I remember an anon saying something racist and so some anon responded with something saying something also racebait-y and they got dogpiled so hard. I don't quite remember the details of what they said but I remember being so confused reading it because they were both posting racebait but only one got so many angry replies. Think it was in the vent thread. Anyway sorry this post just reminded me of that.

Anonymous 193986

Watching people eat is so gross kek I don’t get the appeal. Same with ASMR, it’s like hearing people chew with their mouths open. It gives me cancer.

Anonymous 193988

Oh, GOD someone please draw this

Anonymous 193989

Fuck off you literally have twitter, choachan, fujochan, and the rest of the internet to have your shit. Kpop posting should be off limits because even the old critical threads we had would have people spamming shit just to cause infights and made it terrible to discuss anything milky. Lolcow is a gossip site and it should stay that way not be babbys first imageboard

Anonymous 193990

i went through a period I was obessed with Blove and her sea food boil. Then I tried crab, didn't clean it right and there was literal like dirty brown shit in the joints.
I use to watch mukbangs in my living room on the big tv and my mom would come in and say, "What is this dumb shit? This is so stupid" and get mad.

Anonymous 193991

I use y'all because I actually am from the south my culture is not twitters costume…

Anonymous 193992

I was just speaking generally, sorry. I didn't really read that whole conversation above.
I feel like I've seen it before the pandemic, but maybe it was just less.
I like to watch mukbangs to get recipe ideas sometimes. I used to watch that woman in the gif but I find it so unpleasant to watch her eat, she's so sloppy and never wipes her hands or mouth.

Anonymous 193993

i mean if we are going to talk about ''your kind'' leaking onto everything lets talk about whose kinds has REALLY leaked onto everything….remember how the admin and mods told to only keep troon sperging in snow and look at the site now , does that mean you faggots deserve to have your topics banned too.
Stop being a hypocritical piece of dung, ive been on lolc

Anonymous 193994

So you change the way you type that much for LC… Well, it's annoying to me because I've been on LC since it's creation, freely saying y'all.

Anonymous 193995

all these threads are cancer. I don't even go on /g/, mostly /snow/ and /ot/ and the only thread you mention I even go on is celebricows which I'd only slightly miss. I probably wouldn't miss at all the posters who are attracted by those threads interacting in my other favorite threads though

Anonymous 193996

i use it because i'm black and been using it since a child. I say it like "Yaw" though. like, "What yaw doing?"
not from down south though

Anonymous 193997

i mean agree but there was a period early in this year when anons would spam yaoi all over lolcow and would get banned regularly….

Anonymous 193998

a present
from u
strawberry letter 22
the music plays i sit in for a few

Anonymous 193999

The bunker threads exist in a vacuum.

Anonymous 194000

nothing wrong with this I use it because I grew up with it too. blame the twitterfags for making it cringe, idk. I don't agree with the anons who dogpile on people for using words like yall, though, but some of the other slang absoltely verges on identityfagging or at least signifying that you are different from the herd which you aren't supposed to be on an anon site

Anonymous 194001

Imagine comparing women complaining about gross crossdressing men invading their spaces to you wanting to post in all caps about how you are gay for kim jung in and want to see him morph into a pig-man and feed him

Anonymous 194002

yup, they literally can't control themselves. they were already shitting up unrelated threads just about the moment that kpop posting was allowed again, despite being able to make their own thread now. i dont understand why choachan isn't good enough for them

Anonymous 194003

No i just don't say "Yall" on lolcow, it's not really changing how I type, it's just not using a word I know will cause drama.
Plus not everyone understand it that way, I would'nt use slang I use other places on lolcow because it's not the culture.

Anonymous 194004

Anonymous 194005

you're making yourself seem worse anon kek. every reasonable person hates troons, it's not some special interest like your ai-face-filter-but-in-real-life-with-plastic-surgery-and-constantly-roatating-colored-bowl-cut boys

Anonymous 194006

Your mom sounds like a smart lady and was right to shame you

Anonymous 194008

No kpop, we are racist against kboos. Weebs invented ib culture.

Anonymous 194009

it's twitterfags for sure, but it just so happens th epeople using it on lolcow happen to be directly from twitter and about to say some dumb shit, kek

Anonymous 194010

How is saying y'all wanting to be unique?

Anonymous 194011

cant resist the racebait can you, you sure showed me huh.
Also this site (crystalcafe) also allows kpop are you now going to insult miners too?
most huge weebs back then were also 2nd gen kpop fans.

Anonymous 194012

all i gotta say is yall gotta calm down.

Anonymous 194013

This whole thing about kpop is reminding me of how when Oldmin's social media accounts were revealed (by Elaine or something? I honestly don't really know) it was found that she likes kpop. And she still banned the threads kek

Anonymous 194014

based free speech anon

Anonymous 194015

these new heaux are not posting old men, theyre posting freeky little faggots with half their faces missing .

Anonymous 194016

Kpop was a disease for the internet, at least one direction fans were normie stacys but kpoopers are autistic beckys larping as stacys

Anonymous 194017

she did what she had to do to keep the peace!

Anonymous 194018

very based of her

Anonymous 194019

eh to be fair most anons rightfully hate celebricows too (some were asking for it to get banned weeks ago too) and that thread is kind of like the western version of kpop threads with the type of people it attracts

Anonymous 194020


korea > japan btw

Anonymous 194021

kpop and race mentioned, no​nnies fight, can we not?

Anonymous 194022

Pucca is korean?! No way, i lost an idol

Anonymous 194023

That cringe gif of that kpop boy is so inexplicably funny, it makes me laugh or smile every time I see it. What do I search on youtube to find the full video? Who is he? Does he look back at that moment with any shame now? I'm just so fascinated.

Anonymous 194024

I'm fascinated by kpop being allowed, has any explanation been given as to why?

Anonymous 194025

aww it's cute she likes kpop. can proudly say I never heard it, and didn't know what that shit was or BST was before Lolcow. I listen to 90's RNB exclusively

Anonymous 194026

celebricows is so funny though. is't that where drakechan and (c)rapper came from?

Anonymous 194027

the Elaine reveal of supposed admin acconts was very suspect, the twitter was recently made etc and allegedly that was done by Jack (Elaine's e-bf who she flew to london to fuck) at Elaine's behest as a gayop and the Ines girl has nothing to do with oldmin, but who really knows

Anonymous 194028

>korea > japan

Anonymous 194029

Did you really believe Elaine kek

Anonymous 194030

anon you must resist

Anonymous 194031


>one direction fans were normie stacys
how naive of you

Anonymous 194032

kpop has some great production and charismatic stars but I feel it lacks soul and it's stans are just this generation's version of the cringiest weebs

Anonymous 194033

New tinfoil: Shaymin knows nothing about lolcow, she only browsed Shayna thread and she applied for admin because she thought if nobody else applied, Shayna threads would be lost

Where is previous admin. Where is pre-Shaymin admin to intervene/tell her she's fucking up. where is god

Anonymous 194034

Yeah, wasn't she proven to be roughly as intelligent as Lillie jean, despite her parents paying out the ass for her to go to rich kid private school? Wasn't her dox always wrong or almost always wrong kek

Anonymous 194035

We needed a dog mascot to herd the cows

Anonymous 194037

normies can be cringe too

Anonymous 194038

I still dont know the lor ebehind it, its so mysterious

Anonymous 194039

Someone called me a twittard because I used "ain't" in one post in ot but a few years back nobody in lc cared how many ain'ts and immas my posts got. Ot these days just suck with a new level of retards

Anonymous 194041

Were directioners making feeder art of the guys too?

Anonymous 194042

yes Elaine is literally retarded low IQ. as the third elaine thread put it
> a boring pickme of modest attractiveness and dubious intelligence
it's amazing she got the level of profile she got … Elaine started as a side character in the lilleejeean threads ffs and was someone who actually tried to engage in LJ's social media scams!

Anonymous 194043

Shaymin likes kpop I guess.

One of my tinfoils is that shaymin is shayna and she's decided to destroy lolcow slowly and painfully. But I know it's not true because Shayna isn't smart or patient enough.

Anonymous 194044

And they were on soompi and akp not imageboards. 2nd gen fags were the only relative non-retards in all the kpop threads but they are always outnumbered. Not worth.

Anonymous 194045

lmao what. Shaymin is carrying on oldmin's work.
>keep fucking things up
>keep adding shit no one asked for
>refuse to communicate
What's oldmin gonna do, post her arm again?
(tinfoil: shaymin is a puppet, oldmin never left in the first place)

Anonymous 194047


>women not allowed to like this, women not allowed to do that
>if you like a man younger than 40 you are a pedo
>women who like makeup/skincare/fashion are libfems.

>Huh why is lolcow so dead why no one posting.

Anonymous 194048

on the other hand, also applies to the anons who are upset about being shamed for saying y'all or ion, you are anon so if people don't like one post of yours who cares? it's not like a forum where you get a rep or something

Anonymous 194049

it's a bunch of newfags larping as oldfags to the point they come off as unironically speech policing

Anonymous 194050

it's in maintenance, no posting, so just stick to bunker threads

Anonymous 194051

What was it that she said about oldmin? That she was a LESBIAN muslim or something like that? Now I forget but back then I found it so funny.

Anonymous 194052

Idk, they seemed convincing to me considering the little details posted on the social media account. It wasn't just twitter accounts, there was also a linkedin and a tumblr. There was also multiple twitter accounts iirc. The tumblr was some kind of vent page and had stuff about how she was a brown ex-muslim terf lesbian woman into tech who had parent issues, and I don't think it was recently made. After it was posted on lolcow, the URL was changed to some random combination of numbers or something.

Anyway knowing this much is making me sound like a creep kek, sorry. I feel like I'm the only one who remembers this stuff or even bothered to look at it when it was all being posted. It could all be fake as fuck and it did come from a cow soo…

Anonymous 194053


idk but

Anonymous 194054

anon >>193759 suggested that it's to draw in new users which i'm inclined to agree with. create a one-stop shop to laugh at cows, shitpost, dunk on both trannies and sperg about kpop without going to a different site to do the last one. we'll see how long it stays around, though.

Anonymous 194055

> Idk, they seemed convincing to me considering the little details posted on the social media account.
It did, because what Elaine and/or anuscabbage did was take someone who fit the general profile (feminist, lesbian, tech skills) and then added additional astroturf to it in the form of a fake twitter account to make it link to LCF. Because all she cared about was people thinking she got a win over admin, not about actually doxing admin. The Ines girl got death and rape threats and she didn't even know what lolcow was.

Anonymous 194056


i cant get on lolcor on my phone or pc… i miss reading years old threads on cold nights like this

Anonymous 194057

Same here nona. I like yanderes and I’m really not into anything remotely femdom-ish. I feel like I just get shamed by the community for not being that way but oh whale.

Anonymous 194059

>Anyway knowing this much is making me sound like a creep kek
Never apologize for being curious and for sharing knowledge.

Anonymous 194060

I don't object as far as that goes to attracting new users as though as they are bullied into not sperging the fuck out over threads i care about

Anonymous 194061

Because it's annoying when you're debating something totally different, use y'all once and now you have like 4 different triggered autists screaming "gO baCk". Like it isn't painfully obvious they found out about LC like 3 months ago.

Anonymous 194063

Who are you talking to

Anonymous 194064


Shaymin is shayna herself

Anonymous 194065

watch them ignore this, the double standards here with some ''anons'' are off the charts. As someone who used to keep up with one direction when they used to be relevant, their fans are fucking insane especially the Larry shippers who have harassed almost every partner Louis and Harry have dated.
Almost every directional i met was the opposite of stacy.

Anonymous 194066

It lacks soul because it blatantly plagiarizes western pop, hiphop and RnB

Anonymous 194067

fuck it, I'll take one direction discourse over whatever the fuck has been going on for the past hour. Keep sperging.

Anonymous 194068

this thread is in full melt down mode huh? 25 new posts and aint none of them worth a damn

Anonymous 194069

Elaine was a funny one while it lasted.

Anonymous 194071

there's two directions, hell or heaven, up or down. One Direction is satanic

Anonymous 194072

tbh i don't mind either, as long as they keep themselves contained well enough.

Anonymous 194073

blinks HATED this song. I liked rosé's parts as usual.

Anonymous 194074

Comparing yall and aint to ion and various newer slangs is so disingenuous though. Not to mentioned you defenders of freeze peach are skipping the factor in which such language usage is accompanied by conspicuous opinions.

Anonymous 194075

What double standards? It's relatively normal I assume?

Anonymous 194076

Anonymous 194077

>farmers use being 35 as a insult towards kiwifarmers.
No but i observe a lot of farmers use "30yo hag" or overall 30yo is "middle age woman" bullshit against OTHER farmers. Grimes thread especially, celebricows, other. when you point out how stupid it is, they jump out of their skin repeating that shit. i'm in my mid 20's, 30-35yo isn't old in the least, wtf. unironic 30year old grandma posts are easiest way to spot a zoomer.

Anonymous 194078

The new twitter "view" thing utterly depresses me, it's going to make so many become attention starved then they already are. I wish there was an option to disable all like, rt, etc. counts on social media.

Anonymous 194079

No fun allowed everything is super serious and political stop having fun you're literally genociding women by reading that kind of slashfic here read my 10,000 word post about the true nature of the human male I wrote, my source was that knowledge came to me in a dream, and if you disagree you need to leave this you piece of shit moid moid moid everyone is a moid, except for you, you are a tranny. Remember to love people with BPD, they are pure angels and never harmed anyone.

Anonymous 194080

Shaymin is Bikini Barista and is doing this because we all roasted her and her sad job

Anonymous 194081


I've been complaining about kpop fags all day but rosé is really pretty, and so is jennie

Anonymous 194082

Anyone else feels like there's an odd lack of fujos here on CC?

Anonymous 194083

Pretty much anything that's designed to attract a fanbase of young, sexually and emotionally insecure/immature girls is going to be filled to the brim with socially awkward, obsessive weirdos. It's always been like this, it's just that kpop manufactured everything about their 'idols', down to not letting them date so the illusion isn't broken. (I'm assuming male idols also are heavily discouraged or not allowed to date to keep their pay pigs happy).

It's pretty easy to get into and its a way for awkward girls to bond, both online and in person. It's probably one of the more welcoming communities and there's a lot of stuff to read, listen to and collect, so it's going to attract a lot of female autists.

Anonymous 194084

thats how you know theyre XYs

Anonymous 194085


Come on, tell me you don't feel like this yourself.

Anonymous 194086

please no. you will not turn this site into your dump

Anonymous 194087

this thread is making me even more suicidal than i was when i woke up from my all day nap earlier

Anonymous 194088


ok youre a hypocrite. So much for normal huh, directioner beckys btfo.

Anonymous 194089

Can we talk about Shay pop fags?

Anonymous 194091

Directioners kept themselves to their normie sites, kpoopers are vermins that will invade every place with their shitty copy pasted ftm looking idols

Anonymous 194092

no fun allowed. Only infights and discourse allowed.

Anonymous 194093


you must have not been in the previous bunker threads

Anonymous 194094

>What's oldmin gonna do, post her arm again?
You're right, i forgot that oldmin was just as useless.

Anonymous 194095

I'm not even a fujo, retard. But now I hope one spams BL here.

Anonymous 194097

hope you feel better Nonnitite
stop posting your secret stash of edits of these satanic freaks. I've held this in but the whole idea of their being "One direction" is extremely satanic and has links to pagean cults

Anonymous 194098

it was, and then it got fucking sad
I liked it but I don't know shit about kpop tbh
> Comparing yall and aint to ion and various newer slangs is so disingenuous
that's not a comparison, that's saying that sperging out about people's reactions to you when you are not even tied to an identity is lame

Anonymous 194099

cc is very lenient and permissive and yet still ain’t bussin. We enjoy structures and rules, they are the stability that allows autists to be prosper. Gatekeeping and self-policing is literally the reason lc is the 5% successful board where 100s of boards die in a matter of months.

Anonymous 194100

I thought the double standard was in relation to how something that are considered "conventionally weird" are accepted while things that are not "conventionally weird" are shunned.

Anonymous 194102

this is why you all need to be banned from any site that doesn't center around you, you're just like kpopfags and you shit up everything you touch

Anonymous 194103

this thread about to closw

Anonymous 194104


Anonymous 194111

Is Kpop a thinspo for young girls? I always thought they were all too uniformly skinny

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