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Lolcow Bunker Thread #0016- Shaymin stop this madness Edition Anonymous 195313

Anonymous 195315

Using this one, fuck kiwifags

Anonymous 195317


Anonymous 195318

Next time do what the japanese do and say "I will make a new thread".

Anonymous 195319

Worst kiwifarms posters, go!

Anonymous 195320

i know its two years old but i hope there will be a (you) feature. not because i'm attention hungry and want to farm them but sometimes i forget which posts are mine and get confused. i think it would be a nice addition to the site and helpful to bust retards

Anonymous 195321

There is one now

Anonymous 195322

Capture d’écran 20…

well well well

Anonymous 195323


Anonymous 195324

Rip n0nnie

Anonymous 195325

Kpopfags you better not ruin the site.

Anonymous 195326

Goddamn it who snitched

Anonymous 195327

N0nnies if any of you have jp raws for this please share.
Also which Asada Nemui series do you recommend. I've only read My Little Inferno and it was nice but the ending was too vanilla tbh.

Anonymous 195329


I posted this on the new site

Anonymous 195330

how are they supposed to know what board it’s on silly

Anonymous 195331

Anonymous 195332

Anonymous 195333

We can’t even post

Anonymous 195334

It's on the new site in meta.
What's ew and no about it? I like it. So when anon like to go, "everyone is so and so chan, oh that's so and and so chan, oh you wrote this " or those weirdos who like to pretend to be another anon you can prove it

Anonymous 195335


is having a sperg out right now

Anonymous 195336

It's negative ten degrees fahrenheit :(

Anonymous 195338


10/10 obsessed

Anonymous 195339

I posted it yesterday

Anonymous 195340

I love it when n0nnies get mad at staff, they sound like martyrs.

Anonymous 195341

if i asked to buy lolcow from shaymin how much do you think it would cost?

Anonymous 195342

Sorry I meant ew it was posted to rdrama

Anonymous 195343

Unpopular opinion: I liked the old admin so if this is true I'm ok with it.

Anonymous 195344

oh my god, the retarded space in front of the question mark. why do people write like that?

Anonymous 195345

Jesus christ angry n0nny

Anonymous 195346

Oh no it looks like that site where the tranny used to spam

Anonymous 195347

Anonymous 195348

i'm a francophone and most people i know type like that, i didn't even realize i was doing it myself until a nonster pointed it out because it's just the standard where i live. idk about actual france though

Anonymous 195349

blaine ? yeah totally but i think he was getting hated there too

Anonymous 195350

This is posted by the tranny, no idea why he thinks anyone cares kek.

Anonymous 195351

hey c'est pas toi qui a dit a l autre de ne pas aller a la mutinerie kek

Anonymous 195352


Anonymous 195353

Because they are disgusting stupid frogs. No wonder she is so angry, frogs are bitter and upset all the fucking time. Go choke on some escargot frogs.

Anonymous 195355


Oh well bury it who gaf about him

Anonymous 195356

KEK wtf

Anonymous 195357

for real ? or is this just retard calculation

Anonymous 195358

What’s the dog boy name again

Anonymous 195359

i think it would go for way cheaper because theres no ads so it doesnt actually bring in any money

Anonymous 195360

oh, then it might not be that retarded.


Anonymous 195361

non nonichka c'est pas moi kek. sinon c'est toi qui postait sur le thread nord african ? apparemment y'en a beaucoup de nonettes qui parlent français ici

Anonymous 195362


Anonymous 195364

wtf comment ta reconnu KEK

Anonymous 195365

Someone post the looney tunes dog boy video edit I can't find it on my phone

Anonymous 195366


Samefag is this him?

Anonymous 195367

John Johnson

Anonymous 195368

shut up sensitive murrican

Anonymous 195370


Anonymous 195371

No it's MEGA retarded. Frogs get out of my imageboard.

Anonymous 195372


Can anybody access the damn website?

Anonymous 195373


Yes but posting is unavailable

Anonymous 195374

Wine and a gift card? Sometimes working for a small business does pay off a little.

Anonymous 195375

Anonymous 195376

ewwww he looks like a silicone robot from a horror film, i'm frightened

Anonymous 195378

Kpop boys in selfies and candids always look like they are cosplaying.

Anonymous 195379

Shut the fuck up frog. Go die from lung cancer from all the cigarettes you smoke.

Anonymous 195380

wtf is this?

Anonymous 195381

He looks like my auntie in that pic

Anonymous 195382

Wasn't there talk about shaymin's name color changing to oldmin's name color at times in "official" posts?

Anonymous 195383

Why he wearing lipstick?

Anonymous 195385


murricans when they see people from foreign countries having a normal BMI and not talking about burgers pronouns everyday

Anonymous 195386

ta façon d'écriture kek, tu ne mets jamais d'apostrophes etc

Anonymous 195387

Is he gay?

Anonymous 195388

Speak English or go

Anonymous 195389

that's like the least weird thing about that picture. plus he's a performer, he's going to wear makeup

Anonymous 195390

Can you guys stop speaking greek I don't understand

Anonymous 195392



Anonymous 195393


most handsome kpoper in the industry

Anonymous 195394

She should be the one paying you.

Anonymous 195395

No it's the most weird why he wearing lollipop red lipstick but his lips look cracked?

Anonymous 195396

why he look like that

Anonymous 195397

Rug hair

Anonymous 195398


He’s canceled he’s racist

Anonymous 195399


why are they allowing kpop now? shouldn't have there been at least a poll?

Anonymous 195400

These kpop guys are ugly freaks, stop posting them

Anonymous 195401

Sorry I don’t even like kpop the dog guy is scary

Anonymous 195402


murricans when people speaks more than 2 languages (something that murricans are not able to do)

Anonymous 195403

omg dis toi meme une de mes amies avec qui on etait parti a la mutinerie est devenue une farmer aussi kek

Anonymous 195404


Sensitive cat posting

Anonymous 195405

No body cares you bisexual we just wanna understand

Anonymous 195406

the anon is kinda right

Anonymous 195407


How do you say this in french

Anonymous 195408

looool j avoue j ai trop la flemme, t es une nordaf aussi ?

Anonymous 195409

Du thu stinky leggu

Anonymous 195410

Favourite dog bread? I like Komondors! but it's too hot in my country for them

Anonymous 195411

Anyone else feeling like these threads are kinda falling off? SHAYMIN HURRY THE FUCK UP.

Anonymous 195412

Is this real cuz I will say it irl if it is

Anonymous 195413

fait les jambes puantes (this is nonsense)

Anonymous 195414


I'm not american retard, try again.
But I want the frogs here to know that the reason your country hates americans so much is because you are EXCATLY like them. You hate yourself.
-Americans are rude, french people are rude
-Americans tell others to speak enlgish in america, frogs tell people to speak french in france
-americans are ignorant, french people are ignorant and can't learn english
-americans are unhealthy (fat) frogs are unhealthy (cigarettes)
-america is filled with promiscuity and hollywood pedophiles, france is filling with promiscuity and french cinema pedophiles

I HATE frogs kys please.

Anonymous 195415


The site (lolcow.farm) is 404'ing for me.

Anonymous 195416


Anonymous 195417


Thank you

Anonymous 195418

moid detected, not surprised

Anonymous 195420

me too but it was up a couple hours ago

Anonymous 195421

moidposter alert

Anonymous 195422

shut up speaking the truth doesnt = moid

Anonymous 195423

French posters so go eat French fries and baguettes and wear their funny hats and eat digestive cookies and leave us alone

Anonymous 195424


Kissie smoochies to all my anons itt <3

Anonymous 195425

heinnn att ta vu quels posts a moi sur le thread nordaf?

Anonymous 195427


The Mad Malding Moid Mario

Anonymous 195428

imagine being this mad at an entire country because yours does not delivers free healthcare

Anonymous 195429

Guys, we only have 510 posts a thread. The truth is that more people on planet Earth speak/read English fluently than French, and lolcur is a primarily English site. Notice how other euroanons and latam-anons aren't doing this.

Anonymous 195430

i hate smokers. theyre all like 'just let me kill myself in peace' but when you suggest a faster way to commit suicide they gat mad at u

Anonymous 195431

About to be a snow storm about to open my window and sit under it for a hour. I will post how much snow I get on me to close friends

Anonymous 195432


Anonymous 195433

>close friends
Tell US first!

Anonymous 195435

No but I have been victimazed by french moids all my life. My french grammar profesor would make you write all the congugations for the verb avoir 10 times as punishemnt and then would rip the pages in your face in front of the whole class. Literal gay psycho. I hope he gets AIDS.

Anonymous 195437

There's just no need to spam the thread, they can make a french thread if necessary.

Anonymous 195438

ouii t'es de quel pays nafricain ?

Anonymous 195439


I just want /g/ back, I want to be in the IRL husbando thread with the oney & jermafags… I miss my sisters so much, I have so much to tell and show them.

Anonymous 195440

le french is funny language
ouh la la gay ass language

Anonymous 195441

French people can't speak english for shit shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 195442

i had a a dream about both of those men and me in a sexual situation but I am not attracted to either

Anonymous 195443

algerie et toi ?!!

Anonymous 195444

Everybody wants france to explode into a fine dust but nobody wants to say it.

Anonymous 195445

I want to but I heard it's literally against the rules to not speak English here or st
did we do coke together

Anonymous 195446

This. French people are so fucking arrogant with their language. I don't use my native language on an ENGLISH imageboard either. I'm also pretty sure admin of CC has specified you're not allowed to talk in anything other than English here (unlike LC)

Anonymous 195448

You will wake up and smell the roses soon anon

Anonymous 195449

Jake Shim (?)

Anonymous 195450

They smell bad too

Anonymous 195452


He is hanging out with his kind

Anonymous 195453


Anonymous 195454

So you're not even real fr*nch

Anonymous 195455

Why on Earth do you want /g/ back? Talk about a self-pity party

Anonymous 195456

no we didnt

Anonymous 195457

Actually small addendum: /g/ can come back as a hidden board

Anonymous 195458

stop posting ugly koreans

Anonymous 195459

yeah, still mad..?

Anonymous 195460

Anonymous 195462


Anonymous 195463

No that's good, you contribute to the death of fr*nce. Thanks for your service.

Anonymous 195464


Kaitlyn Tiffany

Anonymous 195465

>free healthcare
You pay 300 bucks a month for it, even if you don't work.

Anonymous 195466


Anonymous 195467


ok cool so she doesn't know i'm terfier than i let on

Anonymous 195469


don't judge me too harshly but I've been comparing 2 characters from completely unrelated pieces of media in a word doc and it's 3k characters wby?

Anonymous 195470


Anonymous 195471


scare a murrican

Anonymous 195472

I'm sorry but public health is 1. not free 2. often trash. I know a moid in Paris who got ran over and he spent over 8 hours waiting to be seen. His parents had enough time to take an airplane from another country to see him in Paris BEFORE a doctor saw him. Absolute trash.

Anonymous 195473

but i still wanna do coke with you …

Anonymous 195475

Are you retarded I've never paid more than like 300€ taxes including healthcare + everything else ever even when I made slightly more than min wage. I'm on benefits now and I don't pay shit kek

Anonymous 195476

i want to do coke

Anonymous 195477

Scare a frog by calling them by their first name and not saying good morning. You are so fragile.

Anonymous 195478

marocaine désolée nonette… i don't hold any prejudiced or hateful views at all, besides i'm only half, not that i'm not proud. i think being hateful of your ethnicity is the most cringe thing you can do because no matter how bad you feel about yourself it's something that you can't ever change, and no one will like you better for self hatred. all i'm saying is don't hate me pls

Anonymous 195479

picnic .jpg

I want to have a picnic but it's blizzarding

Anonymous 195480

I hate that the Barbie movie has a tranny in it

Anonymous 195481

I went on a crypto rant that night I almost thought I was gonna blow my cover. it was a good realization I had to stop tho

Anonymous 195482

'fin j'voulais dire je suis marocaine*

Anonymous 195483

I'm not murrican. France has beautiful nature and architecture you could've flexed with but you choose having to pay 300 a month to keep dying boomers alive.

Anonymous 195484

Disgusting. Why are they in everything

Anonymous 195485

oh its ok kek i have a morroccan friend too ! btw do u have disc so we can talk more abt that !! i barely see any nordarf s there

Anonymous 195488

I will illegally download it now. Thanks.

Anonymous 195489

Lucky you

Anonymous 195490


Anonymous 195491

i'm sorry but i laughed so fucking hard at this

Anonymous 195492

huh which troon

Anonymous 195493

Hari nef

Anonymous 195494

I did some once with friends and it was loads of fun. Wish it didn't fund horrible shit so I could it more often without guilt

Anonymous 195495

lets do coke together

Anonymous 195496

KEKKKKK i need a fanfic about these two

Anonymous 195497

It's still not free retard.

Anonymous 195500

NTA but I guess it depends on the country, where I live it's very efficient, specially if it's an urgent case. I go to private doctors too for some matters or secomd opinion though, but it's nice to be able to see the public ones anytime you want and be given thousands worth on medicine and supplies for free kek.
I think most problems occur because the government doesnt move its ass to hire more staff even though there are tons of qualified people, so some cities can be understaffed, causing lateness.

Anonymous 195501

yikes which role does he plays

Anonymous 195502

>be me
>hmm logs into tumblr.com
>hmm let me see what sim shit there is
>"If you are a T*rf blah blah blah"
Sometimes i interact with posts spefically when they tell me "DNI if you are a T*rf". I say, "hello" and act very sweet.
I know if they knew I was a dirty troon slurrer they would lose their minds.

Anonymous 195503

I cringe at myself all the time for doing dumb shit, imagine how this guy feels after remembering he panted like a dog.

Anonymous 195504


Anonymous 195505

No idea probably a repressed faggot

Anonymous 195506

stop using tumblr

Anonymous 195507

This is the stuff of nightmares

Anonymous 195508

I'm glad to pay 150 a month if it means I'm not paying 12k for a single ambulance ride tbh

Anonymous 195509


why the fuck does he look so different every picture?

Anonymous 195510

I use it for sim stuff, I do not interact with anything or anyone unless it's Sims 4. Just randomly showed up

Anonymous 195511

everything kpop idols do on stage is cringe, he probably doesn't feel too bad.

Anonymous 195512

It's not free tho, you still pay for it. Regardless of the country.
Where I live (germany) you pay a fucking lot too. Public doctors have been of 0 help and I'm stuck paying out of pocket for private ones because the government doesn't allow me to have private insurance.
I also cannot see them anytime I want. Most of the time the next available appointment is in like 2 weeks to 2 months. You have to search for one all over the place.

Anonymous 195514


why is this in barbie

Anonymous 195515


So i found out who dog boy is and I think this dude is a gay andriod. Very weird fellow.

Anonymous 195516

it's pretty prevalent in my industry but I'm a bit of a schizochan thinking cops will randomly pull me over the next morning and saliva test me and I'll have a criminal record + no license and won't be allowed into the US anymore. I miss it

Anonymous 195518

We had the same problem in my country (Australia) and then the government implemented a system where each doctor visit is $10 down first unless emergency. Immediately appointments were available everywhere lmao, fucking hypochondriacs

Anonymous 195521

Those are some girly mannerisms. Estrogen overload

Anonymous 195522

wow , so I thought you were making a joke
>She + Him
>Calling him a "Shim"
>A troon/transexual
So i rage deleted my question. In my research I realized his name isn't "Jake egegfasunjs" but Jake Shim. Sorry

Anonymous 195523

Babe wake up new dog boy lore just dropped

Anonymous 195524

Makes sense, Barbies are made out of plastic.

Anonymous 195526

Why are gringos always fighting with each other? You're all horrible anyway.

Anonymous 195527

Why do you speak like a 4chan moid

Anonymous 195528

Not that (100% right) anon but whats 4chan about that?

Anonymous 195529

She's mad I called him girly because she wants to marry him

Anonymous 195530

honestly i'm taking a step back from the kpoop hole. I used to ignore it, but it's not good for a transvestagator to be looking at that. Too many theories. I'm already busy with another document

Anonymous 195531

Anonymous 195532

I want some wacky comedic rapper to make a gender critical song about how much he loves women and lists off all the things women have that troons never could. I think that would be funny. Doesn't have to be a moid either.

Anonymous 195533

This guy is so ugly. I need to wash my eyes with my beautiful son. I can't wait to post him on the new farm.

Anonymous 195534

that motherfucker ugly as hell too

Anonymous 195535

He's ugly too kek

Anonymous 195536

meds status: not taken

Anonymous 195537

Yeah cause the whole taking estrogen makes you act stereotypically girly totally isn't troon discourse.

Anonymous 195538

these k-pop fuckers are ugly and aren't real men. Do not try to agrue with me, I'm already busy with another transvestagation.

Anonymous 195539

It was a joke because he is gesturing and cocking his head like a valley girl don't read so deep into things

Anonymous 195540

Can somebody set up a new site?

Anonymous 195541

Anonymous 195542

>The entire kpop industry is an overly elaborated gayop to one up the Takarazuka Revue out of pettiness towards the Japanese

Anonymous 195544

Have you ever considered getting help with your fetish, anon?

Anonymous 195545


It's okay nonitas. He is too beautiful to be real. We have to cope with being ugly mortals.

Anonymous 195550

is that "his" boyfriend's hand on his dorito chin?

Anonymous 195551


I'm glad to be with you, n()nnies, here at the end of all things.

Anonymous 195552

I thought this was the Lawrence of Arabia-poster at first glance

Anonymous 195553

They've explained this a number of times previously in /meta/ anon. They hate the users and the site. Everything would be OK if people just quietly read the site and never posted.

Anonymous 195554

update, I have to close my window because it was blowing shit to hard. Almost knocked over my pill bottle. Will try again in a hour when the wind calms down

Anonymous 195556

Cope, seethe, mald.

Years ago, I used to post buff kpop idols on /fit/. Shit was funny. Seeing kpop idols pandering to women makes men go crazy.


Kek, you're a goof. Did any snow come in?

Anonymous 195559


Anonymous 195560

This kpop thing is kinda like Musk with the blue checkmark, in the sense that I believe it's just a stupid unnecessary, but intentional, way to try to kill your own website.

Anonymous 195561

Not yet popping my anxiety pills to be ready for it though

Anonymous 195562

I use my hair to express myself

Anonymous 195563

I actually think this describes the administration and jannies well. Spot on.

Anonymous 195564

The irony of calling her immature and whining kek. Also someone already posted a screenshot of your post upthread.

Anonymous 195565

I will never understand the hype about k-pop. Why support an industry in which a lot of idols commit suicide? Or get exploited and not treated as humans but numbers? Seems odd to me.

Anonymous 195566

The one true great perk of kpop posting: triggering moids.

Anonymous 195567

They deserved it for that red text.

Anonymous 195568

it's coom.

Anonymous 195569

>women being attracted to things that aren't me
How dare they?

Anonymous 195571


I'm into geriatric boomer bands and also admit the fanbase is built around mainly coom.

Anonymous 195573

I'm curious as to how the new cow threads are going to look

Anonymous 195574


Fuckin finally

Anonymous 195576

there won't be any

Anonymous 195579

fucking kek ! can't believe that dumb gif converted ppl to kpopism for real

Anonymous 195580

It won't even load for me so ok

Anonymous 195581

>geriatric boomer bands
That were good looking in their youth?

Anonymous 195582

There's always going to be cow threads, don't be like that. It's lolcow farm. No farm without lolcows

Anonymous 195583

>Why support an industry in which a lot of idols commit suicide?
It's similar to Hollywood. People who loved the idol will rethink their enjoyment but they are too emotionally invested to just drop it. Most people don't care. People don't stop watching hollywood's movies even if the industry is full of rapists.

Get better tastes.

Anonymous 195584

But what about cp spammers? I understand 4 the girlies but idk…

Anonymous 195585

cute icon

Anonymous 195586

no even those that were objectively ugly like danny elfman or david byrne circa 85. I have mental issues and think those who look kinda off are cute. I don't mind kpop fans but I believe our attraction to the music mainly comes from finding them attractive but it's imo more acceptable coming from women.

Anonymous 195587


mornin' fellow burgers

Anonymous 195588

good morning n0nnie

Anonymous 195589

No, not really. Admin is getting paid literally 0 for this and could walk away and just close lc without any backup if she wanted. The donation for the server costs should run out by the end of this month too, according to oldmin when she annunced the final sum. She and the staff are doing all of this in their free time, unpaid, and are literally just working on it while getting relentlessly shat on by autists like you.

Anonymous 195591

>People don't stop watching hollywood's movies even if the industry is full of rapists
This, criticism of the kpop industry is fair and deserved, unless you're into mainstream American media, then you've got nothing to say to anyone.
Well, I like pop music so… get over it I don't know. Or don't, whatever.

Anonymous 195593


Anonymous 195594

Did I miss something or is there really not going to be cow threads on the new LCF? These bunker threads move fast kek I'm worried I've missed an update from shaymin about no cows

Anonymous 195595

Nta but it was just a retarded red text. No one is making their job harder, the original site was left open for posting and admin should have known to prevent that if it makes everything so difficult for them.

Anonymous 195596

people can criticize about whatever but it's obvious certain industries are disproportionately criticized to concern troll or to try to flex a sense of moral superiority. it's transparent as hell

Anonymous 195597


Kpop is full of uglies and for faggots

but that newjeans group is cool

Anonymous 195598

Kpop is annoying

Anonymous 195599

No, >>195576 is just retarded.

Anonymous 195600

Their problems are welf made and they have no right to get passive aggressive at some poster just making an inconsequential little vent. They could hand out the administration and moderation but choose to not do it, not communicate and reject farmers who try to be helpful.

Anonymous 195601

can't post pic but admin said on discord that if no one picks up the site in one month, she is pulling the plug

Anonymous 195602

They removed /w/, but of course the other cow threads will stay, it's the main thing about lolcow

Anonymous 195603

how about kpopfags go back to their own goddamn website? I don't understand why they can't help but post it where it isn't wanted. no one likes it but them.

Anonymous 195604


Anonymous 195605


Anonymous 195606

Tell that to shaymin.

Anonymous 195607

have you tried not engaging them and continuing to talk about it? it's not difficult. hope this helps

Anonymous 195608

>They could hand out the administration and moderation
That's what oldmin did and it took an entire year.

Anonymous 195609

Post pic or it didn't happen.

Anonymous 195610

kek shut up

Anonymous 195611

Screenshot, please.

Anonymous 195612

She's trying to distract from kpopposting

Anonymous 195615

I like them.

Anonymous 195616


Anonymous 195618

They are so touchy just look at the one upthread calling me a scrote for not kissing her sunbaes ass

Anonymous 195619

kpop as everything mainly women like gets a lot of unfair shit. yes the industry is very rotten… like literally all other billionaire ones, that curiously don't get nearly as much criticism.

the main beef with k-pop that people have is linked to:
-the fact that they love to ridiculize anything women enjoy
-insecurity because women won't fuck them but like the idols

and all under the noble guise of "i dont like it because it's not art" or "i dont like it because its a toxic environment", but no one truly gives a shit about that, it's truly just because girls can't even like to drink latte without being scrutinized.

Anonymous 195620

aint no way LMFAO

Anonymous 195621

nta but here it is you spergs

Anonymous 195622

Me when I spread misinformation

Anonymous 195623

So dramatic. I guess I better start setting up husbandofag threads in /media/ here.

Anonymous 195624

Excuse me???

Anonymous 195625

Anonymous 195626

She posted it afterwards, slowpoke.

Anonymous 195627

Well rip lc it had a good run kind of

Anonymous 195628

I bet shaymin was the one who stopped playing tag when she was IT >:c

Anonymous 195629


nonas I can't take it anymore. This has been the slowest week in my office and I have no lolcor I am pissing and crying

Anonymous 195630

Kek, someone get database anon and hide this post before Josh tries to take over again.

Anonymous 195631

How gullible do you think we are

Anonymous 195632

I'm just sad over /m/, it deserved better.

Anonymous 195633

Hope all the whiners are happy kek

Anonymous 195634


I have been on LC for just a half a year or so, but I love the nonas in the threads I post on…

Anonymous 195635

Is this real? Nah that gotta be a fake screensnot

Anonymous 195636

Stupid question but can lolcow actually stay afloat without an admin? Maybe we can have a few admins

Anonymous 195637

So in 23 mintues after opening the old site she decided she's done? This has to be fake

Anonymous 195638

we all boolied joshanon before and now we're about to have legally mandated joshposting sessions enforced by josh himself

Anonymous 195639

K-pop stans are the most annoying cancerous fanbase that is allowed to surface dwell, but I agree. Let young girls have crushes on weird looking plastic boys and buy a bunch of merch if they want. If they could contain their sperging to one or two threads somewhere I don't have to see it, I don't care. The main issue is, they can't. I saw it on LC, I see it on Twitter. It's like no matter what you're talking about some k-popper is going to talk about their opai or whatever the fuck, or bash someone else's.

Anonymous 195640

Maybe she got sick of all the crybabies idk

Anonymous 195641

Someone in discord check pls

Anonymous 195642

Our karma is so bad. I regret calling him fat everytime I mentioned him.

Anonymous 195643

kpop is a fucked up industry but so is all of wester nmusic
And ppl who say idols are ugly never saw fucking Justin Biber or any other white ugly successful moid ??

Anonymous 195644

>Hi everyone I'm totes shaymin totes selling the website and totes communicating this through an unverified account in discord instead of through the actual website

Anonymous 195645

Where's that tech savvy that wanted to take shaymin's place?
Also kek what a baby. One year of doing nothing, then she crutches at very last month and gets pissy with some complaints.
Oldmin would never

Anonymous 195646


It’s real

Anonymous 195647

Someone needs to be an admin. We just don't need shaymin. I think there's enough neets on here that could do a decent job, but tbh a lot of y'all seem more technically illiterate than shaymin so that might not be okay. Kinda hoping n0nnie is trolling, cuz if not I feel like she'd actually let Josh take over. And then I'd have to stop using LC because the scrotes would definitely make everything worse.

Anonymous 195648

>K-pop stans are the most annoying cancerous fanbase
it's fucking not, video game nerds are the worst but it's moid so their autism is acceptable

Anonymous 195649

She always uses the discord as primary communication, it's my biggest complaint with her. Tbh good riddance, hopefully someone smarter will take over.

Anonymous 195650

Haistakaa jenkkivajukit pitkä paska. Se että teillä on liian vähän aivosoluja opetella muita kieliä ei ole minun ongelmani.

Anonymous 195651

What the fucking is happening, s? I just got here.

Anonymous 195653

>those quotes to the original post
lol do better

Anonymous 195654

2nd only to literal moids (subhuman scum) isn't a place you wanna be, nonner

Anonymous 195655

Video game nerds don't insert video games into every fucking thing like k-pop stans do. But all moid hobbies are annoying and cancerous, I'm referring to fanbases that are primarily female so I should have made that clearer.

Anonymous 195656

I think kpoop idols and white boyband moids are ugly too. Like 99% of any moid is ugly

Anonymous 195657

If a miner buys cc, would it be possible to undo the update?

Anonymous 195658

>Video game nerds don't insert video games into every fucking thing like k-pop stans do
you must tune them out because yes they fucking do

Anonymous 195659

Can you make a list of other things you dislike? So I can be into them just to spite you.

Anonymous 195660

Nta but Twitter is a perfect example of what happens when kpopfags are allowed to run loose. You guys ruin every fucking thread spamming your shit, you flood tags with fan cams and "stream (insert song), are weirdly pro ana as hell, and just generally bad at dressing

Anonymous 195661

omg hi im on the screen

Anonymous 195662


Anonymous 195663

I can literally be on Twitter reading a tweet about fine dining in NYC and some random k-pop Stan will drop a fancsm of a ugly ass asian moid while talking about how their favorite female idol hates that particular restaurant. Video game nerds contain themselves more. Even general weebs do but people who do the Stan shit for both Asian and western artists always, always shoe horn their fave into every fucking thing. If they stop doing that I won't even consider them annoying.

Anonymous 195664


Anonymous 195666


Say jolly instead tis the season

Anonymous 195668

I dislike doing crack cocaine, living in the sewer, becoming transgender, and collecting funko pops

Anonymous 195669

As if you weren't the one at fault for using Twitter, twitterfag.

Anonymous 195670

Okay k-popper. Try to keep your sperging contained to your designated threads this time please.

Anonymous 195671

Ok, I can only afford living in the sewer.

Anonymous 195672

Anonymous 195673

Congrats on learning Inspect Element.

Anonymous 195674

If I'm sperging, you're sperging too.

Anonymous 195675

You're so new it's almost painful

Anonymous 195677

Kekk what is happening I just woke up

Anonymous 195678

Why do I have to suffer through Christmas without LC

Anonymous 195679

Capture d’écran 20…

i feel like it's legit.

Anonymous 195680


>s ask for bot that cleans cp spams, farmhands living on different timezone, better communication with the users, actively listen to the requests on /meta/

>uguuuuu im so tiwwed after fuckin up the website and not listening to yall i am pulling the plug wah wahhhh

Anonymous 195681

Someone email her

Anonymous 195682

ok who is making a non-LC discussion LC bunker thread. I'm over this stupid infighting and complaining

Anonymous 195683

Shaymin’s angry that no one liked the new site so she’s deleting lolcow unless someone else takes it within a month.

Anonymous 195684

n0nnies made shaymin cry so now LC might be kill

Anonymous 195685

null n0nnies you are my favorite human

Anonymous 195686


>another day not being able to post in ot

Anonymous 195687

average /ot/ user

Anonymous 195688

Ignore the fr*nch and other retards larping. Admin never said that

Anonymous 195689

Someone with talent draw Elsie being held at gunpoint by shaymin.

Anonymous 195690

Maybe post a full screenshot then and don't forget to edit the responses too.

Anonymous 195691

i understand tbh, it used to annoy me too. now i just find it kinda funny, because i realized i used to do the same when i was around 12 or so which is the age range of most kpop stans or at least of the ones who shoehorn it like that.
i didn't do it w k-pop but with anime which somehow is even more embarrassing. one time i literally wrote my fave anime name's on the blackboard at school unprompted, it was the logo written enormously and in detail and it took a long time for the teacher to erase it. but yeah when you realize its literal kids it becomes almost endearing, or at least it did for me

Anonymous 195692

So, why exactly is Shaymin (allegedly) quitting? Is it all because anons were bitching in CC?

Anonymous 195695

Capture d’écran 20…

godfucking damn it are you still thinking its fake ? go send an email to her atp

Anonymous 195696


Anonymous 195697

>do not let null see this

Anonymous 195698

Denial stage, deep down I'm in it too.

Anonymous 195699


You all are freaking out over a completely unverified post.

Anonymous 195700

Is there anyone who is willing to take over as admin?

Anonymous 195701

Everyone is posting this. Do u want her to post it in OG lolcow or other lolcow then?

Anonymous 195702


>be shaymin
>spend 60 straight hours revamping lolcor
The kpoopies will love this…
>upload it
>everyone hates it
>screaming and throwing shit at the walls
>ripping their hair out
>kpoopies having a field day
What the fuck… they don't appreciate all my hard work…
>delete the site
Really though, where's the site? I had a dream it was back to normal…

Anonymous 195703

Fuck everyone’s already going through the denial stage of grief

Anonymous 195704

I can't even access the og lolcow

Anonymous 195705

You're honestly so pathetic that I wouldn't be surprised if you were in dire need of dilation and also half of the responses.

Anonymous 195706

Why did she even had to make these changes, literally nobody asked for this.

Anonymous 195707

you're laughing but that fat autist is lurking. He's lurking and he's plotting and he's fat and retarded and I would not have sex with him and you're laughing n0nnie. Do you even understand the consequences n0nnie? N0NNIE N0NNIE PLS

Anonymous 195708

the denialism is intense right now, breathe n0nnie, we are witnessing the end of lolcow

Anonymous 195709

What a baby. Guess we should start planning on setting up some new threads here

Anonymous 195710

Ok, I was in complete support of the new site but this bitch really sucks. If this is real, that is. The other anon was right, I may not have agreed with everything Oldmin did but at least she stuck to her guns and didn't just fucking give up. Shaymin really hasn't even done anything.

Anonymous 195711

i been in denial this whole time baby! i know shaymin will give us the original site back, this is all a little prank!

Anonymous 195712

better moderation tools and other junk

Anonymous 195714

we're anonymous, for all you know it's 1 person
>Do u want her to post it in OG lolcow or other lolcow then?

It's not about denial, I'm just not gullible enough to believe unverified screencaps without question on a website that gets trolled and raided all the time.

Anonymous 195715

>somehow people are only responding only 20 minutes later
You gotta work on that you epic haxxor or admin will never give you the website.

Anonymous 195716

She said Vichan or whatever LC was running off before was too old and not getting any updates so she had to change it over. Which is pretty understandable. While LC isn't huge, it's definitely gaining more users and probably couldn't handle the load. CC is smaller so it doesn't matter as much.

Anonymous 195717

I'm trying to email her but is says the email doesn't exist.

Anonymous 195718

CC won't stay smaller if LC closes.

Anonymous 195719

I was literally just came back to say this after checking around CC for what threads are most active right now. If shaymin is planning to pull the plug then I guess realistically we should be setting up for CC use longterm. It wont be so bad after we get some threads going. What could go wrong?

Anonymous 195720

Why does she refuse to talk to us ever

Anonymous 195721

It's not real and that anon is samefagging .

Anonymous 195722

>CC is smaller
not anymore

Anonymous 195723

Does she even use that email? I saw so many anons saying they messaged it (for ban appeals and shit) and never got a response.

Anonymous 195724

This. Nonas, let's not screech. Let's protect Lolcow, however we can. I don't think hating on Shaymin is good either. We don't know what she's going through outside of this site, and the idea for the lynxchan update was Oldmin's anyway.
We have a lot of NEET anons, and a handful of mods/jannies. Someone here has to be a well-off first worlder able to step up to the plate. Anybody?

Anonymous 195725

where's that girl that donated 1k

Anonymous 195726

Kinda feel bad for miners (if they truly exist).

Anonymous 195727

Capture d’écran 20…

the retardation with you is so insufferable

Anonymous 195728

Yeah, so they might have to do a upgrade too. But I don't think CC is open to having threads about cows or k-pop so it probably won't get unmanageable like LC probably did. I think if LC shuts down the userbase will split up and fragment off into different chans. /G/, /m/ and /OT/ posters will probably stay here, while people who wanna laugh at weirdos on the internet will probably make a new chan board or something.

Anonymous 195729

I'm surprised she lasted this long honestly. People were complaining about her from the very start and it's clear that she had no desire to interact with the community.
Given how long it took oldmin to find shaymin, this could actually be the end. Being the admin of lc truly seems like a shit gig that's not worth the trouble unless you're super autistic about cows or /ot/.

Anonymous 195730

download (5).gif

I was excited to post on it today. WHERE IS LOLCOW???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous 195731

>But I don't think CC is open to having threads about cows or k-pop
i see this as a win for otfags

Anonymous 195732

I'm a first world neet with infinite time but no programming knowledge whatsoever.
Admin is an intensive job, isn't it? Could I learn to run in imageboard in such a short time?

Anonymous 195733

All we wanted was banners and fucking better moderation. Nobody told her to revamp the whole site and I get she's overwhelmed but wow.

Anonymous 195734

wtf is she really quitting? maybe i can buy it off her like ive been dreaming about….

Anonymous 195735

I was able to go on the new site yesterday, but now I'm getting a 404 error. Is everyone else who was able to go on having that problem too?

Anonymous 195736


They’re going through denial, it’s all a part of the seven stages

Anonymous 195737

She clearly took up more then she can chew, but again, nobody asked for Shayna or a brand new site, just themes, banners and better moderation

Anonymous 195738

If admin really is quitting, then this is all quite pathetic considering that post she made out of the blue about how she would protect women's spaces after not saying a thing for months.

Anonymous 195739

Why are you talking like users are one or the other? I was under the impression most of us use 3-4 other boards. I love cows and shitposting equally

Anonymous 195740


I would and could afford to fund it out of pocket, but would want shaymin or someone else to help with moderation stuff at least to start.
I can do all the tech stuff myself im good at it.

Anonymous 195741

No, it's fake.

Anonymous 195742

original lc is allowing posting again fyi

Anonymous 195743

i stick to /ot/ and /g/, haven't used /snow/ since a year ago when my cow ran out of milk

Anonymous 195744

Can somebody on discord tell admin to fix dns so we can access the damn site?

Anonymous 195745


where is it

Anonymous 195746

I could help fund it too but I'm not interested in being admin at all kek

Anonymous 195747

I think people would be much more forgiving of her if she communicated tho. I spend too much time on LC but don't dare putting myself up for anything cause I'm too technologically illiterate.

Anonymous 195748

Maybe the mods could help you out? Surely some of them have programming knowledge. If not, maybe once you take on the job, you can get in touch with old admin(s) and they can guide you along.

Anonymous 195749

It is a shit gig. Ian said he had to run it at a loss because LC doesn't have any ad revenue. So shaymin is probably tired of anons who don't understand how hard it is to run a website bitching at her when she's doing it for free. 1k isn't enough to keep LC running, she'd need someone to be donating like that consistently to make LC worth holding on to for reasons other than pure autism.

At the same time, I've been critical of her since the beginning because she has terrible communication skills. I think it's for the best she steps down and hands ownership over. Hopefully to a NEET with disposable income and programming experience. Because that's what Josh is. But ideally it'd be a girl for LC.

Anonymous 195750

Snail is MIA so would CC even be the best place to move? Someone might have to make a new one if we don't find an LC admin.

Anonymous 195751

i can't even access it i'm going to cry i miss my lc

Anonymous 195752

Sorry idk if I can post full links here

Anonymous 195753

does it cost money to be an admin ? i thought you just had send your curriculum vitae and a list of your competences/why you want to be an admin/what are your purposes/the future of lolcow with your administration and that is it

Anonymous 195754

ive donated before and id be willing to donate regular if it went toward paid and effective moderation of the site

Anonymous 195755

Same I can spare a few hundred but I don't have the social skills to be admin

Anonymous 195756

If I did, if I actually could, what would I need to know? Should I start by learning how to use lynxchan?

Anonymous 195757

She finally posted on /meta/ saying something about having more mods now, so maybe.

Anonymous 195758

Well yeah, you have to be able to pay the server costs and all that.

Anonymous 195759


jesus christ stop spamming and samefagging you larping faggot.

Anonymous 195760

Pretty much this

Anonymous 195761

Anon… owning a website costs money… a website doesn't get hosted or server space for free

Anonymous 195763

This, Shaymin brought all of this stuff on herself by not bothering to say a thing. I personally don't mind the new layout, but she should have warned everyone that it would have caused a big change because clearly some anons didn't understand that new server = new layout. That excuse that the farmhand gave of "Oh, we can't give any updates because of the trannies trying to attack the site) doesn't even make any sense because it wouldn't have compromised anything just to say that the site would look different. This whole thing was a mess from the start and all she needed to do was offer proper communication. And no one has been donating that much since the Ko-fi was first set up because people don't see the point in donating if we're not going to hear anything from Admin.

Anonymous 195764

Anons can't be this stupid?

Anonymous 195766

Samefag, people also weren't donating because there was no moderation improvement.

Anonymous 195768

I'm confident you can run lolcow for $10-15 a month.

Anonymous 195769


Oh hell yeah let's post on the original lolcor like nothing ever happened

Anonymous 195770

I still can't access it (yeah I know the mobile data trick but I'm on desktop)

Anonymous 195771

Where? I only see mod posts.

Anonymous 195772


>still can't either original or new one

Anonymous 195773

The entire cost of lolcow each month is just the $100 server bill iirc

Anonymous 195774

Did shaymin say how much she was spending?

Anonymous 195775

What does the admin even do?

Anonymous 195776

>Be NEET and willing to moderate
>Wipe one of your old laptops
>Maybe buy a bigger harddrive
>Migrate lolcow to your laptop
>Point cloudflare at your IP
That's literally it.

Anonymous 195777

that is overkill it can be cheaper
the ko-fi said $100

Anonymous 195778


Kek actually it may be the $20 one

Anonymous 195779

where ? i just see n0nnies complaining again

Anonymous 195780

I wish I weren't retarded and could make sense of these costs, cause the numbers are varying wildly.

Anonymous 195781

if lolcow had non coomer banner ads and the money went to paying mmods, would people be okay with that?

Anonymous 195782

let's not pretend that's not a lot of money.

Anonymous 195783

I still can't access it, I get an error both on the old and new link.

Anonymous 195784

if she isn't using cloudflare free tier she is crazy

Anonymous 195785

Yes, I’d actually prefer it.

Anonymous 195786

I'd be fine with that but most people probably use adblockers in 2022

Anonymous 195787

Would someone be able to help me do that?

Anonymous 195788

do it coward

Anonymous 195789

does anyone have some kind of autistic brother who can code that we can use like a plough horse but for running a website? Like just a big retard who can acheive genius levels of coding and you (the sister) can be the admin who steers the beast?

Anonymous 195790

Why can't you do it?

Anonymous 195791

why not, if that doesnt ruin her pockets im okay with

Anonymous 195792

Still operating at a loss. $100 a month from your own pockets to run a website sucks. Sucks harder when the userbase makes it known they don't even like you. Stepping down would be a wise decision, I just pray she doesn't give ownership to Joshua.

Anonymous 195793

Because I have a job and have slow aussie internet. Australia also doesn't have free speech laws

Anonymous 195794

my bf is a professional programmer and ive actually run my own small ib before with his help so im trying to convince him

Anonymous 195795

>autistic brother
whoops my bad sorry for thinking girls can code and run shit

Anonymous 195796

if lc is hosted on cf (again?) you just know it's gonna be the next target for deplatforming though

Anonymous 195797

who the f will want to advertise on lc ?

Anonymous 195798

paying mods what the cost to cover their monthly spotify premium?

I'll be down on the condition that you add me as mod again pls I got so many connections usurper sama

Anonymous 195800

Tbh only coomer companies would be willing to pay for advertising space on LC. We're seen as a terf/dark internet website. A place like idk, Macy's isn't going to want to be seen as doing business with LC.

Unless anyone knows if terf companies that are willing to pay for ads. Ian said all of this when he first stepped down I think.

Anonymous 195801

This. PLEASE. If n*nnies here can't do it directly, someone must be related or married to some programmer nigel who hates trannies and isn't offended by imageboard banter.

Anonymous 195802

hello fresh :3

Anonymous 195803

me neither. now i'm sad i didn't post more when i still had the time

Anonymous 195804

I hate retards like you. Don't get men involved.

Anonymous 195805

Ayrt don't be like that. Every mega coding faggot I've ever met is a severely autistic manlet, my idea is that we have a who makes the decisions and the gives instructions to her retarded brother

Anonymous 195806

That's essentially what the radfem imageboard (asheas garden or something) did and it didn't end well. Doesn't matter,since the screenshots above are fake anyway.

Anonymous 195807

Or maybe we just get a woman who knows coding so a male won't be directly involved in the administration of the site? This is such a dumb idea, how can you guys not see how bad that would be.

Anonymous 195808

it's okay if it's unpaid exploitation
are emoji allowed on cc ?

Anonymous 195809

Now I'm sad I didn't learn how to run a website last year. I guess that's one of my new year's resolution.

Anonymous 195810

why is everyone saying yes? hell to the fucking no. its not even possible because no non coomer website would ever be willing to advertise there.

Anonymous 195811

What knowledge would be required to run lolcow?

Anonymous 195812

Anonymous 195813

It's not a bad idea it's just applying severe autism as a tool for something. When people use a horse to pull a cart they're not appointing the horse as head of the cart company they're just using it to pull the damn thing

Anonymous 195814

how do you know that? genuinely asking

Anonymous 195815

the ones that are just made of symbols are fine, no imageboard on earth besides lolcow bans those

Anonymous 195816

Where? You can post this idea over and over, but where will we find the legendary TERF programmer-chan with the time and money to run the site? Is it you? If the answer is no, we go with what we can get or Lolcow dies.

Anonymous 195817

did you start using lc a week ago

Anonymous 195818

I think that's like one anon suggesting it. I do believe there must be a farmer who knows coding and shit, but if she has time and patience to be admin is another matter.

Anonymous 195819

i have a good job and i could pay a couple of hundred dollars a week if it went directly to ensuring the website was actually moderated

Anonymous 195820

Otaku republic :3

Anonymous 195821

Can you guys use your brain for a second? It's not realistic at all. There's no way a man would be the one responsible for coding the site but he would be totally uwu submissive to a female admin. The male in that situation would basically have complete control.

Anonymous 195822

What exactly happened to Asherahs Garden in the end? details?

Anonymous 195823

hold up
>ad for paying mods

fuck no, i want the ads to pay for the server costs or at least for admin and her hard work (not you shaymin fuck you) but mods shouldnt be involved with that, the retarded farmhands there are fucking revealing ips and taking years to remove cp spams so fuck them

Anonymous 195824

exactly this. i cant believe some anons are retarded enough to have that thought it's so clear they don't think things through before they say them much less actually before putting them into action. holy shit dont fucking involve moids for the love of christ you can't be this braindead

Anonymous 195825

That site was eventually handed over to a female admin (she handposted to prove she was a woman), but it got shut down because scrotes targeted it with CP and gore.

Anonymous 195827

Do you realize the site was first created by a man? More importantly, those of you saying "no" to this: Are you a female programmer? Do you know any? Put options on the table.

Anonymous 195828


I've run websites before and know how to code just let me help you shaymin. I've dealt with cp spam bots and false takedowns and everything else.
this makes me sound like an autistic braggart but I'm sure I have most experience of nonas

Anonymous 195829

I could but I don't want to look at CP.

Anonymous 195830


>Lay down
>Your sweet and weary head
>The night is falling
>You have come to journey's end
>Sleep now
>And dream of the ones who came before
>They are calling
>From across the distant shore

>Why do you weep?

>What are these tears upon your face?
>Soon you will see
>All of your fears will pass away
>Safe in my arms
>You're only sleeping
Please let it not be true, I fear this is the end of an era either way

Anonymous 195831

>submissive uwu
N0nnie, what the fuck are you talking about? In the real world some people have autistic siblings who aren't fucking insane and have an amicable relationship with their sister idk what scenario you came up with but you're clearly terminally online if you thought this was about having a submissive moid as a coding slave jfc

Anonymous 195832

Sone posters were peeved by his involvement, got suspicious and meta trannies used it as a chance to spread false info, straight uo lies and tinfoils about data collection so the imageboard really lacked activity. In the end, it got spammed to death with cp and porn and 404ed.

Anonymous 195833

Not really, they just work with each other. There are things embedded within html to help it work with javascript, such as the id tag. Html is a formatting language, while javascript is a turing-complete language meant mostly for web development. It takes the website from being static to interactive.

Also why do you type like that? You sound like a tranny ngl

Anonymous 195834

i vote for lain

Anonymous 195835

Capture d’écran 2…

Shayna thread back like nothing happened
Shayreatrds are truly peak autism

Anonymous 195836

how to migrate servers, own servers, own ddos protection, know basic html css and php etc

Anonymous 195837

it isn't

Anonymous 195838

The site was first created by a man, but since then it's become a website for women with female admins. You all literally have no foresight.

Anonymous 195839

>LC admin (not shaymin) bans pink pill, gc and man hate from /ot/ because it causes moderation issues with infighting all over the site and attracts moid spam
>she makes /2X/ as a hidden board
>anons claim they are being censored and admin is a tranny or moid
>admin locks /2X/
>AG is created by a moid for GC and PP discussion
>moid gets outed and the site is handed over to a female admin
>site dies because it no one posts on it and keeps getting raided by moids
>when shaymin takes over she reopens /2X/ but no one posts on it

Anonymous 195840

If you're legit, please do it. Please e-mail her.

Anonymous 195841

avatarfagging, you probably from lainchan too

Anonymous 195842

Tasukete Lain!

Anonymous 195845

Capture d’écran 20…

has a point

Anonymous 195846

Oh my god anon, I'm not specifically talking about anyones programmer brother. I'm talking about men in general because some anon said they would get their boyfriend involved.
Anyway, all I'm saying is that having an female admin with absolutely no coding knowledge who can't do that shit on her own isn't a good idea.

Anonymous 195848

im so pissed off i could fund the site no worries i just need some n0nnie to actually run it

Anonymous 195849

I would love to join you nonita but I can't access the old site (I can't access the new site either for the matter). I have tried everything except trying to access it trough my 3DS

Anonymous 195850

Lain, you can be the admin, right?
Don't let lolcow die!

Anonymous 195851

how do you managed to get so many notifications from YouTube nona?

Anonymous 195852


i'm actually going to go into a depressive episode if lolcow is kill. i'm dead serious when i say the only thing that made me happy all year is eurovision in the movie room which would have never happened if not for lc. i have no friends and i genuinely don't like moids anywhere neither do i like having a name or presence so i use lc because it's active and full of life nevermind how negative it is and unironically spend all my lonely time on it at work, in uni, my free time, you name it, im there. i don't care if it's a sad life it's my life, and if lc dies i will be so sad. it'll truly be an end of an era not to be dramatic but there's so much history in the site.
anyway i hope it's just fake like the other anons are saying

Anonymous 195853

That would end in disaster with all the admins power tripping all over each other. The idea of letting someone's moid bf handling the code is also a dumb idea. I'm experienced in IT but I'm not a programmer. I'd be willing to help mod though.

But even though LC was created by a man, he handed it off to women. It should stay owned by women. I'm sure there's one n0nnie that can handle the job, where's database anon? Shaymin should reach out to her.

Anonymous 195854

Admin is cryinh…?

Anonymous 195855

We're the ones with no foresight, but you seem happy for Lolcow to die all because every anon has time to bitch, but apparently, nobody has the time and skill to run this site. Survival is more important, IDGAF if the next admin has a nigel or brother acting as codemonkey as long as the site is still up and we can still say fuck scrotes and fuck trannies in peace.
As soon as a woman with the knowledge and time steps up, he can be replaced too, but that can never happen if the whole site is gone. Think ahead.

Anonymous 195856

I think that would be great, email her! I wish she would just admit she get in way over her head and ask for more help instead of just giving up.

Anonymous 195857

There were no other qualified admins. It took oldmin a year to find a successor, despite her being open to multiple admins. She complained about most of the related emails being trannies and cows who want their thread gone.

Anonymous 195858

Doesnt work on 3DS, it gives you a SSL conection error.
Yeah I was curious kek

Anonymous 195859

After reading the rest of the thread I have determined this is a joke just ignore me

Anonymous 195861

can you convince your boyfriend to kill himself?

Anonymous 195862

Nvm they got banned so I guess it really was a tranny

Anonymous 195863

That anon fell for the fake screenshots upthread. Or they are the same person who made them, pulling some retarded psyop.

Anonymous 195864

i really hope lolcow doesnt die or we'll have to make cow threads on /cgl/ because cc probably wont allow it

Anonymous 195865

Some of you are spergs. When I suggested the autistic brother, it wasn't a "lol women can't code" thing. Retarded men have no desire to live a life outside of their fixation they just rot foing whatever they're obsessed with. Now, it might seem cold taking advantage of that, but having a n0nnie with one of those available isn't the worst thing in the world. He'd just sit there and code because they're like a weird living computer. The hard part is finding an admin who has one of those brothers AND is willing to communicate with us more openly so we can feed him changes we want or need

Anonymous 195866

Anonymous 195867

its a hyperbole

Anonymous 195868

This is really fucking confusing. So we still know nothing?

Anonymous 195869


I emailed her a bit ago. oh no what if the lolcow email broke too

Anonymous 195870

>overuse of :3 emoji
Post hand or gtfo

Anonymous 195871

There have been multiple anons with programming knowledge who said they could potentially run the site, and if Shaymin is telling people to contact her then there will be time for someone to step up. Sorry you're so desperate for a male admin but I think that's a terrible idea.
>Think ahead.


Omg, I cannot wait to watch all the Extended Editions this week. Can't wait to cry to this song.

Anonymous 195873

Aren't cow threads already banned here?

Anonymous 195874

No moids should have any part in the running of the site. It looks like there are already people willing and able.

Anonymous 195876

Screenshot 2022-01…

I'm in the same position. I don't even know where I'd go if Lolcow disappeared. No offense to CC anons, but it's the most "real" female space I've been on for years. There is no other place like it.

Anonymous 195877

It's not. Same with Eurovision though n0nnie. Only 4 more months

Anonymous 195878

I understand your point but the moid would most likely try to use the fact that he's the admin of LC as a way to get pussy like Ian did. Or destroy it in a fit of moid rage, because who really knows wtf they're thinking. I'd rather an an autistic woman step up but female autists seem to not fixate on programming like their male counterparts.

Anonymous 195879

the winter storm is arriving and it's getting cold
my space heater isn't strong neough

Anonymous 195882

Anonymous 195883

>Sorry you're so desperate for a male admin but I think that's a terrible idea.
And now it's clear you just want to infight and sperg. Stop posting if you don't give a fuck about the site, your ego isn't important on an anonymous site.

Anonymous 195884

me not wanting a retarded moid to run the site makes me a moid?

Anonymous 195885

Anonymous 195886

Wait, so we can post on the original lolcow now? Is it back?

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