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Lolcow Bunker Thread #0015-Planned Downtime Anonymous 194696

Restarting the thread because I cut off the subject somehow

Anonymous 194697

i am actually liking the new overall look of the boards. i know people will miss the old look, but we needed the change as sometimes the board looked weird on mobile and it was getting kind of dated (felt like a time capsule to the internet circa 2011). we have archives of old threads too so it isn’t like they just disappeared. i was totally expecting to hate the new board given how much people were freaking out about it but it really isn’t that bad and i realize now we really needed a complete overhaul.

Anonymous 194698

I have both active board links but idk if it's wise to post them here for trannies, not sure if the admins are there

Anonymous 194699

While I don't mind the site looking outdated, I do think the new look is nice. I'm a sucker for customizability and since we have so many creative nonas there won't be a lack of cute layouts

Anonymous 194700


i need MILK

Anonymous 194701

where are the old threads archived? i liked to read back through them and laugh

Anonymous 194703


I want to see it too..

Anonymous 194704

Anonymous 194705

oh. it doesn't work for me right now but i guess it will in the future?

Anonymous 194706


how me and the nonas gonna look leaving the bunker

Anonymous 194707

Threadpic really embodies the feeling of the times

Anonymous 194708

I don't like it but I'm an oldfag and tbh maybe it's time for me to spend less time on imageboards and with lolcow feeling so different now I definitely won't be spending much time on the new site. I may hang around here for a bit but it really feels like the end of an era for old lolcow

Anonymous 194709

site can't be reached for me either

Anonymous 194710

WHY do you save thumbnails, open the fucking image before you save it retard

Anonymous 194711

the way the "site owner" of LC types sounds like a moid. I can't explain why because I'm too tired, but there's definitely no empathy or sympathy for fellow women.

LC was the only place to discuss some cows like pixielocks. LC exposed Kiki's shitposting on multiple websites! Taylor's husband's sleezy site. Lori and Kevin's blocking calendar. Himeahri's fake Asian heritage. Stefany Lauren's grift and skinwalking and fake accents and pasting faces on her photoshopped body

That LC deserves better than a shit kpop site and an admin who doesn't give a fuck

Anonymous 194712


The fact 's continue to post and even sperg with such limitations unironically fills me with hope that lc will prevail

Anonymous 194713

girl this pic was made for ants to read

Anonymous 194714

I'm sorry nonas, seems like it's the DNS issue and it will likely take a while until you can access it.

Anonymous 194716

I can't get into the site but aren't those all /w/ cows? Is /w/ gone or something?

Anonymous 194717

maybe it's for that anon who said to her crush that her favorite movie was Zoolander

Anonymous 194720

>but there's definitely no empathy or sympathy for fellow women
How can you make that assumption from snippets of text we have from her


Anonymous 194722

Kiki is /pt/
I could have put more cows but the threads I like in snow tend to be group threads like mtf hating and stuff. fewer groundbreaking developments I saw or helped with

but /w/ is gone so…

Anonymous 194725

The layout is customizable, you can just turn it into the old colors.

Anonymous 194726

the site owner knew all this would happen, including no transfer of threads, and didn't bother to tell the posters ahead of time.

And well idk but when you know, you know. It's probably a moid, tranny, or handmaiden

Anonymous 194729

Are the moids, trannies and handmaidens in the room with us right now?

Anonymous 194730

N0nna do you post often on /meta/?

Anonymous 194731

lol take these retarded tinfoils somewhere else

Anonymous 194732

samefg but
all the technical details (scraping threads, etc) without any explanation or padding for non-tech users. I know what is meant but some anons openly said they didn't, nor should that be expected of everyone.

it's how self-important moids speak or try to gloss over / defend their decisions

Anonymous 194733

At least stay updated before you spread your bullshit blaine. She sad she will transfer the gossip boards and the other ones too if there's demand.

Anonymous 194734

ayrt whaaaaat where are all those cows going to be posted now? All I've been able to see from the new site is just from screenshots and honestly I didn't understand it kek.

Anonymous 194735


I personally hate the new look but I'm willing to admit that the site layout can be a personal preference, However I can't imagine a lolcow if they don't carry over the previous threads and the mods only confirmed they are doing this for /w/ and /snow/ and not the other boards

Anonymous 194736

I don't know why there's so much whining over it either. LC is now a modern image board. As someone who was a moderator of a vichan based IB, the moderation tools were totally inadequate and it likely contributed to the spam and CP problem. Lynxchan has been around for years at this point and it has many improvements. It's used by alogs.space and other sites on the webring. Despite being full of autistic moids, the webring doesn't have an issue with CP or spam.


I don't think she's a moid, I just think she's shy.

Anonymous 194737

So shaymin is a moid because you do not understand technology and she does not pat your head? Ok

Anonymous 194738

i am an oldfag too, which is why i was totally prepared to hate the new board and why i was surprised i ended up liking what i saw.

my one major gripe with the old board was that some of the themes were harsh, either too bright or too dark, and a few were odd looking and ugly, like the tropical one and the one with the windows 98 multicolor effect. the dark themes on the new board are way easier to look at and girltalk is so pretty. i am also excited to see what new themes anons will come up with.

Anonymous 194739


Anonymous 194740

>She sad she will transfer the gossip boards and the other ones too if there's demand.
There is a demand, so many of us are saying the update is shit and we want our old threads back

Anonymous 194741

posted maybe 3 times there in all the years using the site

well got my vent out, happy holidays

Anonymous 194742

What she's doing isn't easy. Remember how hard Josh fucked up 8ch when he tried to migrate the site to new software?

Anonymous 194743

I'm jealous of everyone who can go look at the new site. I'm over here feeling banished even though I'm not kek

Anonymous 194744

And she said she will bring them. back, stop being so fucking retarded

Anonymous 194745

Anonymous 194746

This admin exposed creepshow though, didn't she?
I do have a problem with her lack of communication, but she's probably a bit autistic or has a busy life.
She's dedicating her winter holidays to lc, in my opinion that doesn't fall under not giving a fuck.

Anonymous 194747

I said one thing, calm down and get off the admins dick

Anonymous 194748

I didn't see it confirmed that any threads would get transferred, is that in the LC meta thread?

Anonymous 194749

That "anon" is just making assumptions based on their bad feeling uwu

Anonymous 194750

>what she’s doing isn’t easy
This. Moving all this stuff over to a new site has to be a LOT of work and it’s just her and maybe some mods / friends. I know people hate it but she said herself that the old site was outdated and had a lot of spaghetti coding (or whatever you say it as). I think it was good to have lolcow be on a new site foe better moderation. Yes I did like old cow but I think some of us can get used to nucow (and some s are being really dramatic but oh well it’s a change you either love it or hate it). I am giving admin some slack for this

Anonymous 194751

Not going as far as Shaymin has to be a scrote or handmaiden, but it's suspicious either way that we weren't warned about it properly. Planned downtime is one thing, the big transfer and potentially losing threads is different. Of course there's demand for /ot/ transfer, it honestly feels like one of the busier ones.

Anonymous 194752


Anonymous 194753

nta but the big transfer has been talked about for over a year

Anonymous 194754


I think 95% of nonn ies getting mad don’t exactly know how to work this shit. I agree with other criticisms of Admin for sure but she has to still be working out all the kinks and taking feedback into account

Anonymous 194755

This too. It’s all on original.lolcow.farm if anyone wants more screen caps of her talking about it. This is where I agree she could have communicated it better though so more no nnies would know and not be confused

Anonymous 194756

Screenshot 5.png

again, she only confirmed this for /w/. /pt/ and /snow/ and not the other boards

Anonymous 194757

I think she's just incompetent and scared of backlash, and does not communicate. Maybe she has spent the time learning the ropes of website running and has not engaged in the community directly because of that. I have a feeling she will communicate more in the new site but idk, we'll see. I don't think it's "suspicious" to be honest.

Anonymous 194759

I'm looking though the site here since there's nothing really to do at work but since I'm afraid they will see I'm at some random-ass site and the coworker closest to me told me she felt me staring at her and it kinda stressed her kek. (I'm also tinfoiling she would be the one most likely to post of an imageboard if she knew wtf it is)

Anonymous 194760

>No /ot/ backup

Anonymous 194761

Yes and what you said was stupid.

Anonymous 194763

ok, yes, please post those caps because I cannot get to the site

Anonymous 194764

once she has script to migrate one board I don't know why she wouldnt do all of them
unless she doesn't like some of the old boards

Anonymous 194765

The threads aren't lost, you can literally view them right now.

Anonymous 194766

Can any n0nnies who are upset about no /ot/ backup explain to me why? I used /ot/ a lot but I don't feel upset that they're gone. Cow threads being put back makes sense, it's for archiving. Why do /ot/ threads need archiving?

Anonymous 194767

If they do not restore /ot/, at least the catalog would not lag like crazy

Anonymous 194768

lots of questions about what this means were posed and none answered: eg, will all threads be migrated, will it be possible to refer to old posts individually with links…

I already got burned once with /m/ being annihilated.

Anonymous 194770

I think /m/ recovered pretty ok

Anonymous 194771


To you and only you. Cats are cute and you don't deserve them. Go eat some grass.

Anonymous 194773


i still can't load new or old site damn

Anonymous 194774

How though? Everyone keeps repeating that she said "if there's a demand" but there obviously is, it's not a matter of "if" anymore and tbh she's kind of retarded for thinking there wouldn't be a demand for the old ot threads.

Anonymous 194775

everyone has been checking out new LC for like 12 hours now and I still can't even look at it. I want to join the discussion too!

Anonymous 194776

Anonymous 194777

She didn't even say she won't back it up, she said she will if there is demand (which is likely).

Anonymous 194778

You can access both the old site and new site by turning off wi-if and using data on your phone. It doesn’t want to work with internet for some reason.

Anonymous 194779

Because I'm a chicken and haven't messaged redneck transparant cat artist so we can plan our trailer trash lolcow themed wedding

Anonymous 194780

I don't mind my retarded posts from /ot/ being gone tbh

Anonymous 194781

Some of you guys are really dumb kek I say that with love though. The site transfer has been talked about for so long, do you all never venture over to /meta/? Why?? That's where important stuff gets posted.

Anonymous 194782

I'll try that, thanks anon

Anonymous 194783

Nearly every important post in /meta/ gets lost in a sea of infighting and complainig.

Anonymous 194784

So you know what she said but you choose not to listen in order to post stupid tinfoils.

Anonymous 194785

I don't understand if this was planned for so long why not figure out how to move the old posts before hand.

Anonymous 194786

The catalog on the old site lagged like ass because it would load every thread from the start of the board's creation. It would be better to start fresh and leave old threads archived on the old site which is what admin has already done.

Anonymous 194787

It's always been a vague someday thing and all the message said was 'maintenance'.
It could've been anything.

Anonymous 194788

Can anyone explain me WHY you want the old /ot/ threads back? Who cares about some old vents and unpopular opinions and retarded shitposting? Especially if you can still access the archives from the original domain (I assume that remains up?)

Anonymous 194789

>multiple boards
>expects everyone to browse every board
you're really dumb tbh

Anonymous 194790

Literally show me where I tinfoiled, quote my exact tinfoil post

Anonymous 194791

The infight in the unpopular opinions thread from five days ago must continue.

Anonymous 194792

ayrt kek that's fair. I always checked /meta/ to see if any cp or gore was posted so I knew what boards to stay off of.

I asked this upthread and no one answered. I don't think they have a reason kek

Anonymous 194793

It's something that's been talked about for over a year. It becomes something for the far future. How are we supposed to guess that this time there's a full transfer? That Shaymin used a banner for the announcement for once? I just thought she finally figured out how to do that, instead of saving it for the moment de suprême.

Anonymous 194794

So we can refer to it. I'd be fine with all the moid shit from the very beginning in like 2015 getting deleted though.

Anonymous 194795

I thought it was suspicious that this giant update happened right after a janny or jannies started sperging out and banning no nnies for "being Blaine." I got a non-expiring ban on my dynamic phone ip for that when I criticized a janny, but I'm not Blaine. (Fuck I hate saying that because it makes me so angry to be accused of being that pedo cp-posting gorehound dick-obsessed psycho, but also the janny who did that could have clicked on my post history and seen that I am obviously a biological woman). Something weird was going on in meta and then boom update, aka boards nuked. I mean, I have pretty much no faith that we will get shit back.

Anonymous 194796

n0na… do you really think /meta/ is some random ass board? If so, I have no idea how to help you with that one kek

Anonymous 194797

I agree with this and there’s SOOO many unnecessary threads on lc. So many duplicates or unnecessary threads that haven’t been deleted and the search was so ass to look for a certain thread when those duplicates would come up.

Anonymous 194798

Yeah when I think about it there's really no need for those threads, I just hope the usual naming conventions will continue with both /ot/ and /g/ and /m/. The cow boards absolutely do need to be transferred because I think they add a lot of traffic from people just lurking and slowly integrating which is useful.

Anonymous 194799

Admin said on meta about 2 weeks ago that she was really close to the update.

Anonymous 194801

cause we had many insightful discussions, funny posts, creativity and genuine moments of rage, joy and happiness

Anonymous 194802

It's over for /ot/fags

Anonymous 194803

I'm still weirded out by the strange bans in the vent thread. Like cancer anon or the anon complaining about experiencing racism.

Anonymous 194804


me waiting to get into lolcow

Anonymous 194805

This is a lost cause trying to explain this to them n0na, the anons who never bothered to check /meta/ are seething about something they should have known was coming if they bothered checking the board which was literally for updates and announcements

Anonymous 194807

I can't wait to post my 3d husbando Kai. Admin, I luv u for making kpop legal again.

Anonymous 194808

cause old /m/ was still easily accessible and previous threads could be linked

Anonymous 194809

Lol, accurate

Anonymous 194810

Okay we get it, you're the teacher's pet

Anonymous 194812

yeah! I criticized the redtexted cancer ban - copped my own ban for doing so. I mean wtf

Anonymous 194813

Oh you're mad over your own stupidity kek

Anonymous 194814

They did claim that they would migrate other boards if enough 's demand for it, which is what we should do once new lolcow opens up

Anonymous 194815

Why is it suspicious? Shouldn't you be happy that they will now have an easier time with bans due to the new software, if you actually got misbanned?

Anonymous 194816

Listen, randomly pulling down the website for 5 days with little communication and nuking 2 boards is okay but I draw the fucking line at cat pics

Anonymous 194818

blaine did post that he would report random posts saying "this is blaine" to get random anons banned

Anonymous 194819

Shaymin isn't going to fuck you

Anonymous 194820

Kek I thought only scrotes made insults like this. Thanks n0nny

Anonymous 194821

Unless……… BLAINE!!!!!

Anonymous 194823

let them dream

Anonymous 194824

i think some of the community specific threads in /ot/ and some of the older discussion threads could be archived, but i also think it would be nice to have a specific board for lolcow communities instead of smushing them all onto /ot/. the entire /ot/ catalogue does not need to be archived as like >>194767 said, it would lag.

Anonymous 194826

because it was obviously retribution for saying something in meta about the crazy janny, and yeah, it was not a deserved ban (reason for ban: "blaine") as I wasn't and am not blaine.

easier time, please, no nna.

Anonymous 194827

What I think was happening is that the mods were getting overwhelmed with spam, CP and Blaine happening at the same time and they just started banning anyone that did anything slightly suspicious without bothering to check post history.

Anonymous 194828

Yeah, this. I think if you contact them to appeal the ban they'd probably realise the mistake and undo it

Anonymous 194829

Dunno, I occasionally checked /meta/ and all I ever saw was complaining in the complaints thread. And a thread requesting artists to draw a new logo I guess? I knew they'd be migrating the server at some point but I'm pretty sure admin never announced it was gonna happen this week.

Anonymous 194830

this would track except one of them posted ip addresses to prove someone allegedly samefagged in the /ot cathate thread, which is p weird

Anonymous 194831

Ok, cp gore and scat spamming troon defender who is totally not the moud himself.

Anonymous 194832

this blind faith in authority to right wrongs is dangerous

Anonymous 194835


Anonymous 194836

stop infighting we're not even on lolcow kek

Anonymous 194838


Anonymous 194839

their worst crime was samefagging? i samefagged all the time and never got banned

Anonymous 194841


Anonymous 194843

There are several anons criticizing the mod team for years, me included. How come it was only you?

Anonymous 194844


Help I seriously can’t stop laughing at this. This needs to be the next thread pic I swear

Anonymous 194846

disappointed dogposting

Anonymous 194847

In that case maybe it was a janny with a vendetta against specific n0nnies? Not defending a janny doing that btw but just a guess. We know they read post histories

Anonymous 194848

Good lord I am dying to explore the new lolcow. Part of me wants to beg for a link off a nonnette who is able to get on, another part of me wants to safeguard against moids

Anonymous 194849

You know he jerks off to the attention he gets on here right? He calls it "flirting" every time one of you dummies says his name and accuses random nonas of being him.

Anonymous 194851

serial killer handwriting
obviously done for the photo but seriously trust no one who writes like this

Anonymous 194853

i was able to get on using my phone on data but not much is happening & parts of the site are disabled so you aren't actually missing anything, it's not ready yet

Anonymous 194855

Yeah, but he also seethes about not passing here.

Anonymous 194856


I MISS LOLCOW!! I miss all the pure autism, the schizo posters, the anachans, the self-declared stacys, the mindless haters, the hopefuls, everyone! Hell, I even miss the mini modding!

Anonymous 194857

Something about the lips all crinkled up and floppy and the disappointed walleyed expression just kills me

Anonymous 194858

Their worst crime was being the same "person" who posts gore and cp

Anonymous 194859

it was once, for one post, and let me spell it out for you: janny lost her shit. If you were there during that time, you wouldn't ask me such a dumb q.

Anonymous 194860

I was gonna say this too. I’ve been on lolcow for 6-7 years maybe. This awful change just made me want to finally quit. I think I’m done. Changing the classic imageboard look and all of our threads being archived somewhere else. It just goes against everything about lolcow.

Anonymous 194861

someone in a position of power abusing it? i'm shocked

Anonymous 194862


re: blanie

Anonymous 194863

can y’all shut the fuck about blaine stop giving him attention he’s a loser

Anonymous 194864

For some reason I feel genuinely sad reading these posts about people leaving kek

Anonymous 194865


Anonymous 194867

These threads prove that you guys are genuinely autistic

Anonymous 194869

I were there and I am now telling you to dilate.

Anonymous 194870

KEK this picture is scurry

Anonymous 194871

I've always been afraid of criticising any jannys because of this kek. I won't even mention them on lc for fear of the vendetta ban-ner coming for me

Anonymous 194872


Anonymous 194873

you're good nonnnita
the scrawled angled Ns are making me want to never meet the moid who wrote this.

Anonymous 194874

This is not gonna ever happen? We asked for our /m/ threads back months ago and it never came back even when admin assured us she had archived them. Shaymin is literally technologically retarded.

Anonymous 194875

She did say the site was kind of broken and had spaghetti code but I won’t let that completely excuse her. Unless she shows how it looked from her end I guess we’ll never truly know

Anonymous 194876

Not when the majority of the people getting "clocked" as Blaine aren't him. Why do you think the mods used to say report and ignore, emphasis on ignore.

Anonymous 194877

>Everyone who samefags is blaine!

Anonymous 194878

That's ugly as hell.

Anonymous 194879

I don't like being aggro but this almost feels like trolling.
Admin will bring back the original imageboard themes and the customizable css means you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Anonymous 194880

If she can bring back one board, she can bring back all the others. It's not some completely different process just because the board title is different.

Anonymous 194881


Shut the fuck up about the nobody stinky tranny and report the posts you think are his jfc ruining my comfy bunker

Anonymous 194882

Why do some of you take nonas leaving so personally, that's more autistic than her just saying she's leaving lc

Anonymous 194884

It's not just that, it's the stupidity and genuine autism from people who can't take change. Some retard thought scraping means deleting and most anons can't grasp how DNS works.

Anonymous 194885

Okay got it but us having to ask for archived threads back? The culture of lc was always heavy on archiving and keeping every thread visible. That set us apart from 4chan where the threads would eventually be gone.

Anonymous 194886

I don't think it's autistic at all. People can enjoy certain anons' discussions and company, even while remaining anonymous. Some anons really made me laugh and feel better on bad days.

Anonymous 194887

why's everyone bitching about the new dark themes like its the worst part? I don't give a shit what it looks like, the site is just straight up unusable. am i the only one who can't even post on mobile? "oh but it kinda works on pc" i don't give a shit, using lolcow on pc seems like the most annoying thing in the world not to mention your site should be functional through every device. all the links are fucking broken and the thing that should cause the biggest outrage for everyone is the loss of the old threads. i know a lot of them are archived but you can no longer click on any of the pictures and old threads aren't even accesible the way they were before. there were hundreds of threads filled with predator
tranny info no one else was talking about which is almost impossible to find on your own considering even search engines will hide news about mtf pedophiles and now it's all gone.
do they even know their audience, kpopfags aren't sticking around to keep the forum from dying when they have a million websites to choose from, most of which are actually functional. I don't even know why this happened but new jannie is such a fucking retard, THIS is what they were doing for two whole days? uploading a little cow gif?

Anonymous 194888

Anonymous 194890

Yo anyone watch real housewives? Y’all like rhoslc?

Anonymous 194891

please go help shaymin fix the damn site and stop baiting on this site.

Anonymous 194893

kinda want a seperate thread for people who can't or don't want to discuss the new site

Anonymous 194894

yes, God, this. all of this.

Anonymous 194895

I'm assuming time is an issue since she's doing scraping and that can take a while. Maybe it's just not worth to do it for all /ot/ threads which there a lot of, although I don't have much experience with web scraping so take this with a grain of salt.

Anonymous 194896

Please fucking stop this meme, people are allowed to dislike the new site and leave if they want to

Anonymous 194897

same. its just shitting this place up with n0nnies asking the same questions over and over or same complaints over and over again kek i can't even load the site so I'm just here looking like this cat >>194892

Anonymous 194898

My unpopular opinion for the next unpopular opinion thread on lolcow is that /ot/ threads don't deserve backup because they're mostly just stupid shit that nobody needs to reread. and if you go back and reread /ot/ threads you're retarded.

Anonymous 194900

It makes sense to ask us about it, because it's just so many threads. For the drama boards it sure is good to be able to link back to very old threads, but the hobby ones may be a mixed bag. I want full ot/g/m on the new website too, but it's not completely necessary on the new website. Note that everything is backed up on original.lolcow anyway.

Anonymous 194901

I personally do not know anyone who likes to wake up to a completely new-looking but bricked non-functional site or app or whatever. Do people like that exist?

Anonymous 194902

>if you go back and reread /ot/ threads you're retarded.
sounds like someone posted some shit they regret. don't worry nona we've all been there, but if you could handle it for the 6 years lolcow was up then you can handle it some more

Anonymous 194903

What? I thought you were the janny since you claim to know the majority of the tranny bans aren't actually the tranny.

Anonymous 194904

calm the fuck down, they're still working on it.

I'm starting to understand why the old admin resented to userbase because you're insufferable. Imagine complaining "wah wah wah I can't post on mobile!!! wah wah it should be functional on mobile!!!!" when they're still actively working on it and it hasn't officially launched yet. Give them time to work on shit and work out the kinks god damn.

Anonymous 194905

>bootlicker! reader

Anonymous 194907

I hope the whole kiki spergchan archive will remain online

I do reread that sometimes (not thw one where she posted gore tho) because of how fucked up it was. I want that attached to her name forever tbh

Anonymous 194908

Give me an actual response as to why my post is wrong, not this sarcastic twitter bullshit. Do you honestly think shouting "Blaine!" at every random nona is going to get rid of him? How would ignoring him not help when he is looking for attention? Some of you don't fucking think I stg

Anonymous 194909

>the site is just straight up unusable
Of course, rebuilding a whole website doesn't happen in one day. Istg you retards are insufferable, I hope you don't scare away shaymin too.

Anonymous 194910


Ily nonas I hope you are doing okay.

Anonymous 194911

Nta but no one said that, and don't assume you know which nona is who, we are all replying to everyone elses post. Integrate, you post like a teenage newfag

Anonymous 194912

It's the same thing with anons not being able to ignore racebaiting or an obvious moid. They just physically can't do it, even if they get banned in the process. Amazing to witness but damn the iq is lacking in some of these anons

Anonymous 194913

ntayrt and honestly so jetlagged idk if i misunderstood you anyway
goodnight displaced anons, may someone have mercy on us even if we were grumpy today

Anonymous 194915

The site is still in maintenance and nobody can post, >>194906 this post however is something to worry about, not bringing back the cow boards is a big issue

Anonymous 194916

>at every random nona
It's neither random nor at every anon.

Anonymous 194917

You don't even have to be smart for that kek.

Anonymous 194918

I'm going to bed soon someone take over as dj

Anonymous 194919

kek, that's why i want ot back, or at least archived, i loved reading through entire threads of autistic screeching accusing anons of being pakichan

Anonymous 194920

no admin is bringing back the cow threads, just not /m/ /ot/ /g/

Anonymous 194921


you're supposed to do the building of new website ahead of time before taking down old one

Anonymous 194922

I can only access LC on mobile (not wifi)
I cannot post on LC on a mobile connection.
Please tell me you understand that this is quite messed up.

Anonymous 194923

they're not done yet give it time

Anonymous 194924

You aren't able to post because they haven't allowed people to post yet. The haven't finished the site yet even though you're able to look at it.

Anonymous 194925

Was that post made afterwards? If so, I'm totally fine with that.

Anonymous 194926

what do you not understand about it? Do you complain about sleeping in the rain when your house is still under construction and the roof hasn't been finished yet? No you don't BECAUSE IT'S NOT FINISHED YET

Allow them to finish their shit before complaining about retarded things like this istg

Anonymous 194927

>I'm starting to understand why the old admin resented the userbase

it is sad but people do need to be more supportive of the admins because they aren't, as far as i know, being paid to keep these boards running. every time anything changes even slightly on the boards people get upset and start lashing out at the admins and then wonder why they tell us to fuck off. the cycle just keeps repeating over and over and it is like nobody ever learns lol. we've been told constantly that if you are that unhappy with the board or how it is run, you can either step up to the plate and help with maintenance/become an admin (which never happens) or make your own community (which also never happens). i get that anons are frustrated but the new board is fine and at this point i don't really care all that much anymore about the fact that shaynadmin doesn't communicate much. it's better than her chimping out on us over every little thing like some of the old jannies and admins used to, and honestly it is probably better for her mental health to not engage with the userbase too much. if people have an issue they can email her like i did this morning.

Anonymous 194928

there were posts and some new sad-ass threads last I checked, so some anons can post

Anonymous 194929

The last posts were made on lc 9 hours ago, do you think others are able to post?

Anonymous 194930

Well when about 90% of tranny and moid accusations don't result in a ban or deletion yeah I'd say that's pretty random, so many farmers have been accused of being blaine, pakichan, romanianon, you name it. If you truly think you have some special ability to sus out every single blaine post you're just retarded, and to top it off blaine used to accuse other nonas of being him until the jannies would come and expose his posts. So congrats on playing his own stupid game and giving him the attention he craves. I pray you stay here when lolcow comes back because it's dumbasses like you are keeping him around.

Anonymous 194932

It's a newfag issue, they're so used to taking everything personally and trying to expose people.

If you think someone is an obvious moid or tranny spammer, report them and the mods will take care of it. Bringing attention to it only gives them more power and the drive to shitpost even more. Common sense people

Anonymous 194934


Anonymous 194935

holy fuck, this analogy anon. why is the site accessible if it ain't done then?

person I replied to mocked anons complaining about mobile use. newsflash, most people do at least access if not post from phones. It's hardly minor.

Anonymous 194936

Some of you anons are so damn stupid and this time I do NOT say it with love. Learn to fucking read for once. Any new anons coming in to say "why cant i post reeee site broken shaymin is a troon" deserve to get full force smacked on the back of the head. READ SHIT BEFORE POSTING!!!!!

Anonymous 194937

we had a silent admin for over a year, right? longer? dead silence nothing, no applications for jannies, shit going off the rails? but sure drum up some sympathy for the poor admin who ignored meta posts forever

Anonymous 194938

Anons do I need lc rehab? I had a dream it was back up.

Anonymous 194939

Are you retarded? Like honestly. You seem very fucking stupid.

Anonymous 194940

Probably because if the site wasn't accessible we'd have no way of seeing the progress and nonas would make an even bigger fuss about it.
At least this way shaymin has proof that she's doing something and that things are happening.
Did you miss the amount of doomposting that happened in these threads until the site launched? kek

Anonymous 194941


I think that (most of) the characters (human and ‘mons) have appealing designs and from the gameplay I’ve watched it seems like fun. The backgrounds do look like shit and there are performance issues, I am pretty sure that gamefreak will release a patch to fix it. I’m mostly buying it because 1. It has a some cute characters (Rika, Grusha and Arven), 2. my little sister plays it too, so I wanna be able to trade and battle with her and 3. I got a $20 discount on my copy, and I recommend buying it at a discount or pirating it if you wanna play it.

Anonymous 194942

Why are you so mad about anons calling out a cp spamming moid who desperately wants to fit in?
>about 90% of tranny and moid accusations don't result in a ban or deletion
And you know that how?

Anonymous 194943

I'm >>194904 and not a janny nor interested in being one. Complaining once the website is, you know, no more under construction is fair game but right now you're just retarded.

Your retarded useless complaints itt about an unfinished website are shitting up what could've been a fun bunker thread.

Anonymous 194944

exactly, i wouldn't be able to do it and i don't think i would do it even if i had the tech knowledge - not for free. Its literally christmas, admin could have some time off and is spending it doing this, only to have people lose their minds that OT and G aren't getting moved over - its just inane sperging and venting and i say that as a frequent user of OT. Girltalk is a cute light theme mode for those that hate darkmodes and IT'S STILL NOT FINISHED

Anonymous 194945

nta but are you dumb? They don't result in a ban or deletion because obviously the post in question would be redtexted or deleted. Use your brain.

Anonymous 194946


>you can either step up to the plate and help with maintenance/become an admin (which never happens)
shaymin ignores any offers to help
It's only annoying when admins are obviously out of their depth and won't accept any assistance or even post much info.

Anonymous 194947

Kek this has to be you, new jannytard. you wouldnt be here if lc was functional, so why are you dickriding that absolute wasteland of a "forum" this hard? if it's so good and you have faith in new janny then go there and shut the fuck up, this bunker is for complaints. I don't give a shit if it's still under maintenance, they wouldn't have to build the whole from scratch if they hadn't purged the old lc which had nothing wrong with it. plus there's no excuse for not bringing the old threads back or all the kpopfagging. and how is the bare minimum (old threads and mobile use) expecting too much? I don't give a shit what the oldmin thought of the userbase, plus judging by their retarded redtexts where they couldn't even tell when a was being sarcastic most of the time, they were pretty autistic themselves.
>> I hope you don't scare away shaymin too.
LMFAO i really hope we do, who the fuck would want that sperg running the site, they've had it for 2 whole days and all they did was add a cow gif. read the fucking room, NOBODY is happy with this change and it's not gonna get any better no matter how much you wait for your "shaymin" to fix it. imagine putting this much effort into dicksucking an incompetent forum janny or two, its gotta be you lmao.

Anonymous 194948

Because almost every accusation doesn't result in redtext or post deletion because the mods can see the majority are not the troon. I'm done explaining you are fucking retarded.

Anonymous 194950

gotta assume anons don't go on other websites if they can't understand this

Anonymous 194952

You absolute fucking retard. I'm in awe of your stupidity.

Anonymous 194953

As opposed to what? Having no admin and lc closing down? You're terminally retarded.

Anonymous 194954

try again, forums and imageboards are always under construction.

Anonymous 194955

>LMFAO i really hope we do, who the fuck would want that sperg running the site, they've had it for 2 whole days and all they did was add a cow gif
shaymin has been here for more than a year now, no?
You smell like a tech illiterate newfag, migrating things can be really hard especially if the old software is deprecated and messy as is the case for old lc.
The new jannies are weird, I'll give you that.

Anonymous 194956

Can we just collectively ignore the anon trying to start an infight calling randoms a janny? She's actually retarded and it's no longer humourous to entertain such a neanderthal.

Anonymous 194957

I don't think you should call me retarded if you think users only get banned when they're red texted or their posts mass deleted.

Anonymous 194958

go cry somewhere else, "shaymin" dickrider. can't imagine anything more tarded than knowing jannies by name

Anonymous 194959

Try again what? I said what I said, nonas were shitting themselves because the site was down and completely inaccessible, now they're shitting themselves because it's under maintenance and you can't post. There's simply no winning here until the site is brought back to function.

>forums and imageboards are always under construction.

That goes without saying

Anonymous 194961



>calling people on bunker thread retards

we are here to VIBE just relax

Anonymous 194963

sure kek

Anonymous 194964

Wait a minute do you think shaymin is named that because her name is Shayna? I'm laughing so hard holy fuck you are retarded

Anonymous 194965

Am I the only one that doesn't care about old threads migration? I get it for the gossip boards, which btw they're gonna migrate aren't they? but for /ot/ or /m/? It doesn't bother me that they won't be migrated, at least you can still access oldcow

Anonymous 194967

LOL i feel bad for laughing

Anonymous 194968

Nah I agree with you. The /ot/ threads were mostly shitposting or infights. Idk why n0nnies want all that onto the new site when it's already archived anyways.

Anonymous 194970

>You smell like a tech illiterate newfag, migrating things can be really hard especially if the old software is deprecated and messy as is the case for old lc.
If the migration is that hard then you should leave the old one running while you beta test the new one.
admin could've just put the new version of lolcow up as beta.lolcow.farm and left lolcow.farm running as normal until bugs are fixed.

Anonymous 194971

I don't think an ETA was posted anywhere, as per usual shaymins communication isn't really stellar kek

Anonymous 194972


Anonymous 194973

mods dont redtext every ban

Anonymous 194974

the site has been down for ages, decades maybe, no hope in sight

Anonymous 194975

Not every anon that disagrees with you is the same person

Anonymous 194976

they almost never delete anything that isn't nsfw

Anonymous 194978

The energy in these threads has changed for the worse. It feels like lc again.

Anonymous 194979

That's not what I said you retard, I'm honestly just starting to think you're blaine at this point with the amount you love talking about him and trying to keep everyone else talking about him.

Anonymous 194980

my bad, meant to reply to >>194943
>Complaining once the website is, you know, no more under construction is fair game but right now you're just retarded

Anonymous 194981

Im not going to lie but what did you expect honestly my beloved than

Anonymous 194982

i am tech illiterate cause not all of us are programmer shut-ins bumping elbows with compsci trannies and im not part of the lolcow admin fanbase, the way some of you think others are newfags for not knowing their names or being invested in the inner drama is insane. some of us just don't care and were there for the threads.
forum maintenance taking time isn't my issue, if the new admin said it was gonna take some time to fix I'd say okay and wait patiently. my issue is there's no guarantee old lc will ever be back, they already confirmed they're never bringing back the old threads which was the most important part.

Anonymous 194983

Nonathan* sorry forgot about the cursed word

Anonymous 194984

Blaine's actual posts would get deleted. I know this because he tried to infight with me over calling a period a period and not "menstruation" before I realized it was him, and then 2 hours later all his posts replying to me were deleted

Anonymous 194985

yep, this is standard.

Anonymous 194986

I was wrong to get my hopes up when the atmosphere was so lovely in here yesterday and the day before

Anonymous 194988

>>At least this way shaymin has proof that she's doing something and that things are happening.
…And is that "something" in the room with us right now?

Anonymous 194989


Should we repopulate the neo-lolcow? like, make a 'dumbass shit thread' in /ot/? at least for old time's sake

Anonymous 194990

>I'm honestly just starting to think you're blaine at this point with the amount you love talking about him and trying to keep everyone else talking about him.

n0na, you refer to a post that says literally nothing about blaine. maybe make a cup of tea and meditate a bit

Anonymous 194991

do we have any discord update ?

Anonymous 194994

she says that she'll move the old threads if we ask

Anonymous 194995

autistic people can't meditate out of it, they're just like this

Anonymous 194996

For the retard newfags seething about being their own stupidity and calling everyone a janny, shaymin is named shaymin because she's a shayfag. She loves the shayna threads and took over the site from the old admin so that shayna threads will never die. There, now you don't look so retarded for thinking she's actually named that

Anonymous 194998

lol really?

Anonymous 194999

Anonymous 195000

Unrelated, but this image really encapsulates the feeling of getting your Neopets account frozen over dumb shit

Anonymous 195001


i will always remember the good times bunkerbros

Anonymous 195003

neopets really missed the boat
they could've been huge with zoomers

Anonymous 195004

Yes if Kpopfags have free reign we can

Anonymous 195005

Whatever parasocial relationship you people have formed with these admins has no place here, being "nicer" to anonymous moderators with who we dont even interact with wouldn't have helped either. it's not like they didn't know what they were getting into when they took on the task and I'd say handling all the cp spam would burn you out of moderating way more than any rude anons bitching about updates does. there's way too many users to expect them all to behave, of course someone is gonna complain.

Anonymous 195007

someone will reboot it and sell our culture to them at a high markup

it could be you, anon, I believe in you , future ceo!

Anonymous 195008

wow that's not even that bad of a thing to say is it? did you say it a lot or something?

Anonymous 195009

U have to be nice here nonithan

Anonymous 195010


Ranfren nona please tell me how to navigate this site I'm too stupid and I love the art but I can't understand where I'm supposed to start reading or how the updates work

Anonymous 195011

my tummy hurts

Anonymous 195012

I don't get being so mean to normal anons and then licking anonymous jannies' boots…

I really like my noonnies and I miss our playground!

Anonymous 195014

Why are you so mad about anons calling out a cp spamming moid who desperately wants to fit in?

Anonymous 195015

lol that’s hilarious
t. diabeticfag

Anonymous 195016

I saw someone get banned for saying heaven isn't real or something like that once, I wonder if theres a mod or jannie that doesn't like that sort of thing… not to get the tinfoilers worked up

Anonymous 195017

nta but he jerks off to any mention of him. i dont want to encourage a retard to keep coming back. ignoring somebody makes them finally give up. a retard troon who wants any type of attention and keeps getting it will keep coming back

Anonymous 195018


friendship ended with liquid foundation powder foundation is my friend now

Anonymous 195019

n0nnie i use both. liquid first and then powder to set it

Anonymous 195020

I removed my makeup before going to bed despite being drunk. First time in forever anons please clap.

Anonymous 195021


I got banned on here for saying "what's up my fellow bunkersluts" kek
my bad I guess

Anonymous 195022


Anonymous 195023

Me too for a while but I used the powder alone today and it feels and looks gud for me

Anonymous 195024

i got banned and my post deleted for telling kirbyanon to kill herself in detail but i understand i went a bit far with that kek i do not regret it though

Anonymous 195025

Anonymous 195028


Anonymous 195029

The paranoids who accuse everyone they don't like of being pakichan or a scrote or Blaine or whatever are hands-down the worst part of lolcor. They're a relatively new occurrence too, wonder where they came from.

Anonymous 195031


good job that's hard

Anonymous 195032

you deserved it that's messed up

Anonymous 195033

Thank you!

Anonymous 195034

this, everyone's having unnecessarily spergy and aggressive reactions to the people rightfully hating whatever the fuck they've done to lc but any valid janny criticism gets you a "be nicer :( we should all spread love they work too hard :(" ?

Anonymous 195035

1662323701526 (1).…

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Pic related for example. The red circled posts are all posts from damaged xy chomosomlet who late got massdeleted. Though it's true mass deletion is only used sparsely otherwise.

Anonymous 195036

I'm going to make a cat and a frog in clay. Wish me luck nonitas.

Anonymous 195037

latinanons this is the theme of lolcow

Anonymous 195038

Show us when it's done

Anonymous 195039

You got to admit though that Shaymin being Romanianon would be the plottwist of the century

Anonymous 195040

there's a worse kind of poster but they have some crossover with the paranoid kind. i'm afraid to say their name lest I summon them

Anonymous 195041

This made me laugh out loud so disgustingly at how absurd it was

Anonymous 195042

Somebody make a new website that works and then we go fucking feral on lolcow until she gives us the backup

Anonymous 195043


Anonymous 195044

that sounds cute!

Anonymous 195045

Comfirmed newfag

Anonymous 195047

I know some n0nnies hated her but honestly I miss boyega chan. Her posts, and n0nnies replies to her posts, made me laugh every time. I hope she is still with us

Anonymous 195048

I for one believe they are mining for shaycoin on my phone and pc with this new site

Anonymous 195050

i miss the ana chans so bad s…

Anonymous 195052

There are many sex workers posting in those types of threads. You have to be pretty obsessive to admin a site just to protect the Shayna threads. It all comes together! Nah I just picked the weirdest accusation I could imagine.

Anonymous 195053

noñy it was a whole ass joke

Anonymous 195054

Anonymous 195055


I know, I'm just a shitposter who misses her nonas rip

Anonymous 195056

I got a fucking strike on my neopets account over telling someone that they were not Ashley Tisdale and it's a stupid thing to lie about. Apparently it's bullying to say such a thing

Anonymous 195057

it came out of some shitpost an anon made. i think it was during the time the site was down for like a week

Anonymous 195058

Kek also someone got banned. Wonder who?

Anonymous 195060

yeah but romanianon didnt do the normal sex cam work. she did the weird kind of sex work idk how to explain

Anonymous 195061

are they just enjoying it or are they misinterpreting it somehow? making bad memes from it?

Anonymous 195062

I get your point but he will come back regardless, especially when we ignore him since he wants to fit in so bad, judging by his sperging on meta when he first got recognized. If admins can't ban him more efficiently (which I hope they now can do better) we might as well not make him feel comfortable.

Anonymous 195063

Deserved, she did nothing wrong other than being extremely autistic.

Anonymous 195064

No, trannies and moids are definitely worse. No wonder you get called one with posts like these.

Anonymous 195065

sexualizing a character who looks like a baby is moid-like behavior

Anonymous 195066

I love feminem she reminds me of ali larter i love women with that phenotype

Anonymous 195067

Yeah I’m with Kirby anon till that

Anonymous 195068

I mean, she's disgusting but I'm not going to fight over this again like I did last night kek. I don't regret anything I said to her, she was Chris Chan 2.0. She's a degenerate and I'm not going to feel bad and accept her just because she's a woman.

Anonymous 195069

>>195056 it's bullying because they WERE ashley tisdale on a secret account

Anonymous 195070



Anonymous 195071

feminem makes me feel things

Anonymous 195072

Anonymous 195074

what character

Anonymous 195075

kirby doesn't look like a baby he looks like a sphere

Anonymous 195076

i wonder what character is the husbando of kirbyanon

Anonymous 195077

yeah but he makes baby noises and is all adorable. Why would you want to sexualize that

Anonymous 195078

We get what we pay for tbh
I think some of the bootlickers are rightfully concerned that dogpiling shaymin is counterproductive. Every few years we get a new admin who gets progressively silent and eventually jumps ship because the userbase has a vocal minority that spergs out over every perceived slight. Every time an admin gives up, there's a chance that nobody will take it or whoever does is malicious or incompetent and ruins the site. Therefore it's in our best interest to not be excessively mean to shaymin.

Anonymous 195079

hes a baby though. and no, i dont want to hear the same excuse that was used last night that "n-no he's 500 years old!!" he literally makes baby noises

Anonymous 195080


I was confused that anyone would think this looks like a baby kek

Anonymous 195081


sleeping dead chapter 5 english scanlation just dropped https://mangadex.org/chapter/a7f9771c-065b-47ee-8c84-e6d7c9ef76a4/7

I know some /m/ posters already read it in japanese but the rest of us have been waiting!

Anonymous 195082


Anonymous 195083

Shiver me Timbers

Anonymous 195084

he does not come across as humanoid enough for me to care or think of him as a baby no matter what nonverbal grunt noises he makes. he's really an "it".

Anonymous 195086

Would you be alright with anons saying they want to fuck puppies in nintendogs because they're not humanoids

Anonymous 195087

but why would you want Kirby of all things carnally

Anonymous 195088


leaving my cats alone until the 25th, I hope they're going to be okay

Anonymous 195089


Anonymous 195090

based sensitive catposter

Anonymous 195091

I'm an adult and I can make baby noises. Does that make me a baby?

Anonymous 195092

KEK i am your picrel.


Anonymous 195093

pedophile mentality

Anonymous 195094

Goo goo gah gah GOO GOO GAH GAH

Anonymous 195096

damn is this shayna right here in our bunker?

Anonymous 195097

goodnite, dont fite, when i wake up i hope i finally see the site

Anonymous 195098


he is going to kill you

Anonymous 195099

no but it makes you a retard

Anonymous 195100

What can you even fantasize about with a sphere? Is this vore fetish shit?

Anonymous 195101

Goo gahh wahh wah gah gooo baa-gahgooo WAHHHHH WAAAHHH WAHHHHH

Anonymous 195102

what if lolcow is taken down forever

Anonymous 195103

Kirbyanon is fucked there is no point in trying to figure out her brain, please don't summon her because she will sperg out and start posting disgusting shit like she always does

Anonymous 195104

this anon already commented that she wanted to stick poor kirby inside her vagina

Anonymous 195105

she says she imagines he has a genital slit with things that come out of it or something if its lc's kirby x dedede anon

Anonymous 195107

lmao that's a deviantart-tier paraphilia

Anonymous 195108


kirby mpreg

Anonymous 195111

that was a random nona not kirbynona

Anonymous 195112

I cannot understand why people call her ”based”, shes sick in the head

Anonymous 195113

it makes the situation even worse

Anonymous 195114


Anonymous 195118

Screenshot 2022-12…

Anonymous 195119

Just wish I could punt his little kickball looking ass out of our realm and free that nona from herself

Anonymous 195121

Anonymous 195122

I have defended her but I agree that would be best

Anonymous 195123

did anyone actually donate any money back when LC had the donation button?

Anonymous 195125

I donated 1k last year.

Anonymous 195126

wtf kek

Anonymous 195128

It's a ball with eyes, not even human kek

Anonymous 195129

I know I'm probably supposed to laugh at you for donating that much but honestly? I gotta say thank you kek I'm poor and I'd be sad if the site went down

Anonymous 195131

I make a lot of money, don't spend much, and have been wasting time on lc for >7 years so figured why not. I'm not going to do it again anytime soon but have no ragrets

Anonymous 195134

Ugh the terf thread on here is just not the same in LC. It's too slow and there's not enough milk. I miss laughing at trannies and their deranged antics.

Anonymous 195135

do you like animals? i wish you'd spoil one like that, or rather i wish i had that kind of money to have a pet i can spoil that way too

Anonymous 195136

>I make a lot of money, don't spend much
please marry me

Anonymous 195137

Worse. They're doing NFTs.

Anonymous 195139

thanks anon, I was asking because of the "admin is doing it for free, be thankful" posts, noone seems to remember that during the endless silence donations were accepted. so admin did receive some financial support, but offers to help with development/moderation were seemingly ignored.

Anonymous 195141

shaymin why are you ruining my christmas

Anonymous 195143

Be the change you want yo see

Anonymous 195144

Did shaymin do donations or was that when oldmin was regretfully still in charge?

Anonymous 195145

I spoil the fuck out of my pets
Sadly I'm already providing for a scrote.

Anonymous 195146


Fucking dump him reeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 195147

7 years wow

Anonymous 195148

I believe it was during this year that the ko-fi button went up and recently disappeared, in my understanding it was shaymin

Anonymous 195149


The kirby anon said this in the first (?) bunker thread here

Anonymous 195154



Anonymous 195159

Does anyone know what’s happening to /2X/? Will it be back? I can’t access the site myself to check.

Anonymous 195162

/2X/ gives a 404 but don't worry a kpop thread is up already

Anonymous 195165

We need /2X/ and kpop. I want to complain about ugly kpop moids and regular moids. I also want to create so many interesting threads in /2X/, I have so many resources to share. Don't be shy admin.

Anonymous 195166

How many finnanons use lc? I’m not Finnish but that thread on /ot/ was so busy compared to the other nationality threads. Are there lots of you or just a few very active users? I’ve been wondering thus for months kek

Anonymous 195167

Just woke up. This post is wrong . I got banned for posting annoying text styles in that thread where anon were posting them. I did not get banned for sad cat posting and I'm not the person posting saf cats besides beside posting those cats and making it the bunker thread thread picture because I didn't have another picture.
I do not know why anons get on here and lie or think they know things. I was give like a hour ban.
I know nobody cares but I just wanted to say something because I'm reading the past thread because I just woke up

Anonymous 195168

At this point I have no hope for /2X/ threads being migrated over

Anonymous 195170

i was a strictly /2X/ and /ot/fag, it's truly over

Anonymous 195171

Kek admin put up text saying the site is in maintenance mode kek she couldn't handle anons saying it was ugly. Well, it IS ugly. Sorry Shaymin but fuck you for real.

Anonymous 195173


now I feel bad

Anonymous 195174

N0NNlES I got a first in my essay! I’m so happy.

Anonymous 195175

I think it’s a combination of both

Anonymous 195176


good morning anon have a great day

Anonymous 195177

I don't use the baguette thread because reading about cows in French makes everything cringe. I don't know how the finnanons do it. French tiktok makes me want to never use the internet ever again.

We will rebuilt it better.

Anonymous 195179

goin to bed n0nnies goodnight, i really fucked up my sleeping schedule

Anonymous 195180

Thanks you too

Anonymous 195182

Oh anon, didn't you read all the dickriding posts about admin above? She's just having a hard time and it's very sad, uwu. Things will be better! /cope

Anonymous 195183

congrats anon good job!!

Anonymous 195186

We will make a new 2x and be stronger

Anonymous 195187

Thank you!

Anonymous 195188

I hope so because I posted a few times but it was pretty dead

Anonymous 195189

you're good anon. there are just weird autists tinfoiling

Anonymous 195190


let's get it radfags

Anonymous 195192

Love you anon and also don't sweat it, when the conversation gets a bit boring anons LOVE to tinfoil and talk shit about other anons, it happens itts every time like clockwork. Once they run out of things to shittalk they turn to their fellow anonitas.

Anonymous 195193


I was an advocate for a kpop thread for years, i tried to convince n0nnies it was a good idea even in here. I was so excited ! But it's just ccc retards coming to spam their uggos idols. The critical kpop thread was so different, no was fangirling allowed, just making fun of male idols ans having fucking interesting conversations about the industry. There was speculations, debats and no fucking "i want his balls on my face uwu" !!! Why are ccc just dumb even hornier fujos
I had so much hope but i have to admit, you were right : the kpop thread was a mistake

Anonymous 195196

if you thought 2d fujos were crazy… yeah 3d fujos are insane

Anonymous 195197


Anime guy Kirby

Anonymous 195198

Just impulse-booked tickets to Paris, where should I stay and what should I do?

Anonymous 195199

When I first started using lolcow I wasn’t even into kpop I just liked reading the kpop cirugías threads kek

Anonymous 195200

I liked the critical threads. The nitpicking of female idols always pissed me off tho.

Anonymous 195201

You sound desperate for her attention.

Anonymous 195202


Anonymous 195203


Anonymous 195204

Why are you still here if lolcow is totally ruined etc etc?

Anonymous 195205

I’m so ready

Anonymous 195206

The bathroom is in smells like potato chips and it makes me sad

Anonymous 195209


Radfags can we get a lot of the resources and stuff from OG Lolcow and put it on nu-cow when it’s up and running?

Anonymous 195210

>not spherical

Anonymous 195211

For 2X

Anonymous 195212


If kpop criticals are back, maybe we'll get our radfem/gc/pp threads back on /ot/.

Anonymous 195213


Anonymous 195216

the pic kek

Anonymous 195217

Sorry for hurting your feelings, staff. Tell us some more sweet lies about how 'admin said' so it's definitely going to happen.

Anonymous 195218

how the fuck am i supposed to "go out and do stuff" when all my friends aren't in the country?
go to the beach with my mother??? fuck offff

Anonymous 195219

It was oldmin. The donations were to keep the site running until she retires.

Anonymous 195220

No really, answer the question.

Anonymous 195221

>go to the beach with my mother?
yeah anon its fucking christmas spend some time with your family

Anonymous 195222

I really missed a lot by not going to meta. Admim, I love u and will come to meta, always. Bring back the radfem thread.

Anonymous 195223

I hang out with my mom all the time…

Anonymous 195224

Wtf you can view lolcow AND post on it?

Anonymous 195225

No no you should be glad, meta is a shitfest kek.

Anonymous 195226

And here we are, not even able to see the new farm.

Anonymous 195227

Posting has been unavailable for like 10 hours

Anonymous 195228

unless your mother is abusive, why not? i hang out with my mom as much as possible whenever i can

Anonymous 195229


It's not fair. This feels like getting grounded while you can hear bits of everyone playing and screaming outside.

Anonymous 195230

all the time, though?

you guys probably have actual friends besides that though

Anonymous 195231

I just wanted to say fuck work, I cannot believe I have to trudge my retarded ford focus in the fucking snow up hills and shit just to get to my retarded RETAIL JOB that I know NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT FUCKING MIND IS GOING TO SHOP AT CONSIDERING THE FUCKING WEATHER. I hate america. I hate this retarded soul sucking capitalism shit. Just close the FUCKING STORE you MEGA CUNTS.

Anonymous 195232

kek then wtf is that n0nnie talking about?

Anonymous 195233


I ordered something online because I genuinely forgot we where this close to Christmas. Now I feel guilty because the postman now has to spend the day before Christmas and Christmas delivering my cream. I hope they don't celebrate Christmas otherwise I just feel like an asshole

Anonymous 195234

maybe she came from the future

Anonymous 195235

Screenshot 2022-12…


Anonymous 195236

that's understandable. Y'all expecting her to work all through the night and during a holiday weekend to get LC up and running? Terrible timing on her part, she should have waited until after new years imo. And like… Announced she was doing something this major but are you guys going to constantly complain throughout all of the bunker threads? This stuff takes time, especially since no one likes the UI. She's probably trying to make a version that looks and functions like old LC. At least, I hope.

Anonymous 195237


This little anime doll thing has all 10 grabbers and all 10 grippers clearly defined and it's making me laugh

Anonymous 195239

i dont, and even when i did none of them were nearly as fun and spirited as my mom is, she's the queen of gossip kek. plus it wouldn't be fair if they paid for me whereas it is if my mom does, because she's my mom and takes it as an offense if i refuse.

Anonymous 195240

literally me

Anonymous 195241

I can’t stop thinking about a moid it’s so embarrassing. He’s a little nuts. Help.

Anonymous 195242

Anonymous 195243

Every unpopular opinions thread as of late has had the “I don’t mind trans people I know one irl and she is nice!” Or “why are the terfs shitting the site up?” They are so annoying.

Anonymous 195244

remember when someone posted that she was nonbinary or something and that her mind was never going to change no matter what people told her

Anonymous 195245


Aw so cute n0nn13. Moids are just so silly and stupid and cute and sheksnekdhejdbe!

Anonymous 195247

same except we're both married, it's literal torture and it needs to stop

Anonymous 195248

wtf is 2X

Anonymous 195249

It had to have been bait. If someone is impressionable enough to buy into the nonbinary shit they will just go along with whatever the majority says, so maybe she just hadn't spent enough time on lolcor to realize she's still a woman.

Anonymous 195251

Ew moids

Anonymous 195252

I know. I swore off dating for a while because I can’t stand men but being attracted to them makes it difficult kek.

Anonymous 195253

shoot him

Anonymous 195254


try not to seethe fellow radfag febfem separatist chads

Anonymous 195255

At least those posts get grilled instantly.

Anonymous 195256


scented candles are so comfy.

Anonymous 195257

Which scent??

Anonymous 195258

Shhh, it's a secret.

Anonymous 195260

They are! I love taking a candlelit bath with a nice-smelling one.

Anonymous 195261

Anonymous 195264

I guess it's a hidden board but where is it

Anonymous 195265

Fruit smelling ones are based. Sorry to any sweets-scented candle lovers but they're so… overwhelming. They make me feel like I'm trapped under a blanket. And when I'm under a blanket I'm bound to start farting, so in a roundabout way sweet smelling candles remind me of farts.

Anonymous 195266

Vanilla or Lavender

Anonymous 195267


beach and nature scented candles mog

Anonymous 195268

I like the 11th and 10th to stay in and do stuff. Anything west of that or closer to the tourist attractions is ass besides probably Montmartre and le Marais (historically gay neighborhood). Go see live music and go bar hopping in like Oberkampf you'll make friends out of nowhere after a few 3,50€ pints kek
Wish I could show you around, have a great trip nona

Anonymous 195269

you have to type in the url yourself there's no link

Anonymous 195270

We're reaching schizo levels that shouldn't be possible

Anonymous 195271

Did admin ever fix the issue where 2x doesn't work but 2X does?

Anonymous 195272



Anonymous 195273

oh, that must have been why it didn't work for me.

Anonymous 195274

It's not that hard when you remember their personalities. I'm all for casual sex, yet the idea of using a dating app to find a moid to bone makes me sick to my stomach.

But I'm also attracted to women so I guess it's less of a blow for me.

Anonymous 195275

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Same attitude, same phrasing, same excuses … Some of the longer posts are pretty much word for word reposts of stuff the old admin wrote. Bamboozled.

Anonymous 195276

>I'm all for casual sex,

Anonymous 195279

Is it actually an issue or just that board names on lolcow are case sensitive in general

Anonymous 195280

Kirby's only a baby in the anime, how is that a hard concept to understand? Everything outside of that is up to interpretation beyond a few dedicated consistencies like Mwta Knight wearing mask. Oh, and dumbass, it's not 500 years old or some shit. I literally said in the anime Kirby is a baby because he was woken up 200 years earlier than he should have been but that's only in the anime, the same anime that has Meta Knight a war vet, or the same anme that has an episode dedicated to deforestation, or an episode dedicated to fucking otaku and stalking, what I'm trying to get at is that outside of the anime there's a completely different set of canon.

Anonymous 195281

oh my god

Anonymous 195282

Thanks for the recommendations n0nnie, I probably would have ended up in a shitty tourist trap if it weren't for your post!

Anonymous 195283


another worthless rap-scrote will soon be going to jail for shooting a woman. misogynistic man-worshiper paki-chan seething.

Anonymous 195284

hardly an issue just annoying

Anonymous 195285

As opposed to >>195280

Anonymous 195286

Why be stuck with one moid when you can switch them out when they get too retarded?

Anonymous 195287

that's autism

Anonymous 195288

never change kirbyanon ily

Anonymous 195290

I remember when she first started and was gushing about lynxchan 'within the next six months'. 3 years later, she finally got her dream.

Anonymous 195292

I can't deny the autsim in my posts but it's literally some anon going "Actually Kirby is Y!" and peddling a complete untruth, at most you can say Kirby is young but that's literally the only thing you're going to get other than "likes to eat, likes making friends, is friendly and sweet, can beat anyone and anything" in a list of Kirby's canon character traits. The anime, truly and genuinely, was a mistake my God.

Anonymous 195293

Anytime, also if you ever see La Mutinerie recommended as an alt/lgbt bar don't go it's all troons. Le Supersonic has great free shows with a chill crowd on fri-sat-sun, Le Point Éphémère and La Flèche d'Or are also nice spots. I'd add to never take a frown from any Parisian personally (especially restaurant/bar/retail staff) it's their default state & you haven't done anything wrong

Anonymous 195294

ne lui recommande surtout pas la mutenerie

Anonymous 195296


Thanks again for the tips, I just booked a hotel in the llth and will be hitting up the places you mentioned (except for La Mutinerie, fuck that)!

Anonymous 195298

kek voir mon post juste au-dessus quel enfer, la seule fois où j'y suis allée j'ai rien dit et tout le monde me regardait tellement mal

Anonymous 195299

old topic and tinfoil but did anyone else get loads of royal family content pushed onto them like right before the queen died? i swear to god i never cared about them ever out of nowhere i got nonstop videos and posts on my feed about the queen when she was young or quirky things she's done or princess diana etc etc

Anonymous 195300

Ily kirbychan

Anonymous 195302

which board

Anonymous 195303

I masturbated after two weeks of not and I wish I could say I had a powerful orgasm from being pent up but I only felt like I was about to orgasm and then it just ended.

Anonymous 195305

nah paki-chan only likes the white ones like varg

Anonymous 195307

Probably hiding from Elaine on discord and bitching to her clique, the usual stuff. And yes, she made it sound like she was personally transcribing every single post or something.

Anonymous 195676

why would a woman obsess over imageboard software

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