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Lolcow bunker thread #17 Anonymous 196568

Anonymous 196569

nice pic

Anonymous 196570

first for shaymin is fat

Anonymous 196571

i like the frog pictures and all but it's really starting to irritate me how much little space we have in these threads

Anonymous 196573

same, i got used to the 1200 bump limit

Anonymous 196574

>>196567 is there any actual evidence of the oldmin being shaymin tinfoil? is it a joke or is there something behind it? i literally can't tell kek

Anonymous 196575

she is probably fat and a neet but no need to be mean anon

Anonymous 196578


she took my lorcor and lifted the kpoop ban, she asked for war

Anonymous 196579

I feel kinda bad for shaymin, but at the same time, the fuck was she thinking?

Anonymous 196580

N0nnas, this is completely random and off-topic but what's the word for bisexual women that exclusively date other women? It's been on the tip of my tongue for days now and it's fucking annoying at this point.

I always found Luna's entitlement, perpetual victimhood and excessive consumerism so fucking funny, she was my fave cow before she stopped posting as much. Also n0nnas in Luna's thread are hilarious. I never really got annoyed by her - everything about her is so farcical I can barely see her as a real human being.

Anonymous 196581

idk about yall but i prefer a lazy fat neet admin than a handmaiden discord kitten shtwt like the oldmin

Anonymous 196582

>what's the word for bisexual women that exclusively date other women?
febfem/female-exclusive bisexual female?

Anonymous 196585

my favourite thread used to be Erin's, still keking at her face reveal and her changing her name because of internet meanies. Hope she's doing fine.

Anonymous 196586

Yes, thank you!!!

Anonymous 196589

>shaynafags are cows themselves, my personal cow whose a pedo who fantasizes about molesting Lisa Simspon is a fucking shaynafag despite being miles worse.
>Her latest hyperfixation is drawing Helga being SA and tortured by her sister.
Wait, do you mean that one twitter artist? Where did she go, anon? She was my personal cow too until she went inactive. I had no clue she knew about shayna

Anonymous 196591

My favourite cow is Soren. I have never been more fascinated with such a horrific shitshow ever. I think it was the absurdity of it all, just the things she would say and people around her believed every single part of it for years. I never thought it was funny or got a laugh out of it, it was purely morbid fascination watching what happens when attention seeking behaviour goes beyond mental illness and far out into a realm where it should never have gotten

Anonymous 196592

same. when her post history was revealed it was my the highlight of my 2019 internet experience. who remembers when she was blatantly skinwalking this skinny girl called aubrey or whatever and adamantly denying it only to admit it after kek and in the post history reveal it showed that she was talking shit about herself copying the aubrey girl as well as making fun of her at the same time? many keks were had.

Anonymous 196593


Anonymous 196594

I'm choosing to have some faith that lolcow will be ok right now because around 2 years ago we had this same problem.
This is true and I didn't consider it because I don't use those boards. If lolcow dues it will be pretty sad because PULL is also gone and imo they're both pretty unique.

Anonymous 196595

me too, soren was a fascinating trainwreck. she was such a weird horrorcow because she carried her larp in real life to the point where her real family and friends got entangled in it and they all just… kept enabling her delusions. i don't even believe she's dead, it's totally within her parents' characters to help her lie about that too.

Anonymous 196596

Idk I think it's kinda funny that the retard anons couldn't stop sperging out about the site and now lolcow is done for. I was trying to curb the autistic sperg outs last night but anons wouldn't stop, I really don't blame shaymin for calling it quits. Yeah she really needed to communicate better but holy fuck some of the anons complaining almost seemed legit braindead. Just couldn't stop themselves and if you tried to explain anything to them they would start accusing you of being a janny and a bootlicker. To those anons, I hope you're happy now that you doomed lolcow kek. I hope it's saved though

Anonymous 196597

Has anyone bothered visiting cc's nsfw hidden board recently? Is it still shit?

Anonymous 196600

Why does so much drama always happen around the holidays for lolcow? Last year it was Romanianon and her ex on Christmas

Anonymous 196601


Anonymous 196602

Her Goodreads was updated, so maybe.

Anonymous 196604

Anons who sent out email/applied for a new admin/offered to help Shaymin. Is any one of you on the discord server and able to message her there. Because somehow i'm fearful like what if you send emails, but Shaymin never opens these emails. because she never did and never does

Anonymous 196605

i'm sad that the lesbian thread doesn't get bumped very often. thought there'd be more of them here. honestly even if it does they almost never talk about sex just dating like who gives a fuck if you want to talk about that the normal lesbian thread is right here on /b/ or /feels/ or whatever.

Anonymous 196607


Anonymous 196608

no evidence it's just tinfoil that came from lack of communication by both I think. I posted about it as "tinfoil" but I don't really believe it nor do I think it is impossible

Anonymous 196609

Fuck shay for being weak and calling it quits because some people were being a little bit mean to her, like, who cares, it's her site.
To be honest though I refuse to believe that's the sole reason.

Anonymous 196610

seconding this. i emailed and i haven't heard back, but it's only been a few hours so i have hope. i'm not in the server, though, it'd be good if someone in it could message her there

Anonymous 196611

I mean she's lurking so hopefully she will see that anons are sending her emails and check them

Anonymous 196613

soren was so good, i’m sad it was cut short. right now my favourite cow is lucinda, she’s a mix between a horrorcow and super wholesome. love our unicorn queen

Anonymous 196614

oh fuck off, nobody with thin skin should become an imageboard jannie/admin/owner

Anonymous 196615

I said hi on Discord and we'll see what happens

Anonymous 196617

Yeah. Seeing them lose their shit after the whole UI change opened my eyes to just how batshit and retarded a lot of the userbase is.

Like, good Lord… Things take time. She should have never allowed posting period but like she just unrolled a new UI and still has a lot of work to do. Plus it's a holiday weekend and I'm sure she and the modstaff would love to spend some time relaxing instead of trying to make LC work for Christmas so the hikkineets can sadpost in /b/.

Like, they didn't even give her a day before they started whining about the website being unusable. No shit it's unusable, all new technology has a bunch of bugs and glitches. That's why video games get so many patches after they first come out, and why apps like Facebook and Snapchat will do like a year of open beta before revealing the new updates. And even then, there's a bunch of new bugs that pop up.

Anonymous 196619

Anons have been complaining about poor moderation and the lack of response to spam which is in part caused by the old site software. mod.php on vichan isn't very responsive and it doesn't scale well with increased site users. Both the previous admin and shaymin thought that new site software would be the solution and spent years working on it along with keeping up and moderating the existing site. The new site finally gets deployed and farmers sperg out at shaymin because the new site isn't instantly perfect. We deserve what we get at this point.

Anonymous 196621

Yeah but it's easy to miss these posts in the literal fast pile of new posts which are moving fast af.
So again please: if anyone her is on lolcow server, can you please tell Shaymin people are sending her admin application emails/talking about it on CC at the very least. SHAYMIN check your mail. thank you

Anonymous 196623

Come on, were people really sperging out at shaymin tho?
Were there people directly bothering her on discord or something? Because us whining here on CC doesn't really count, like, just close the cc tab and go on.

Anonymous 196624

People were literally telling her to kill herself on old LC earlier

Anonymous 196625

Oh, ok, farmers are so retarded kek.

Anonymous 196626


eh, people's idea of thick skin can be psychotic. almost no one that's normal can handle such things. it's why most people in power are more likely to be fucked up.

Anonymous 196627


someone send this to shaymin
it was the same discord troon that said the best solution would be to pull the plug of lolcow. i think lc dont really have a lot of moderation right now

Anonymous 196628

yeah that is way way extra but I mean also thick skin is needed for the job imo, if she freaked out over 24 hours of sperging from the userbase what will she do when she has Elaine, Laur, other cows and deranged troons on her ass for running the site on a day-to-day basis?

Anonymous 196629

NTAYRT, but yes. At this point I can. She rolled out the new website yesterday, it's not going to be perfect and the anons expecting it to work properly are fuckin idiots. I don't understand how people who use imageboards don't have any understanding of the technology behind it, but I guess that's a consequence of chan boards not being exclusive to nerds and weebs anymore.

Shaymin should have warned us though. That's where she constantly fucks up and it's extremely irritating. I've been saying she needs to get better at communicating with us for months but if she'd rather rage quit, it's for the best. She was a shit admin overall anyways.

Anonymous 196632


This is one of the posts but honestly there wasn’t a lot just mostly s calling her an idiot or complaining. I honestly think this one is a tranny or scrote

Anonymous 196633

yeah there are no normal drama forum and/or imageboard owners this is true

Anonymous 196636

People wouldn't be sperging out as much if admin simply took the time out of her day to communicate with us. Some of us recognize that being admin is a lot of hard work and responsibility (hence why I never applied despite being handy with computers), but she should not have gone months without addressing the community and lying about server updates in the past. At least for me, I would be a lot more sympathetic if she just said something

Anonymous 196637

She didn’t roll it out tho

Anonymous 196638

if she didnt want an autistic angry response then maybe she should have listened to farmers instead of doing the absolute opposite of what they wanted and then crying when they disliked the new site and policies

Anonymous 196641

idk if im not normal but i wouldn't mind someone who is clearly a troon insulting me on an imageboard lol

Anonymous 196642


> listen
> communicate
> communicating

Anonymous 196643

I think the worst of all is the return of the kpop thread without anyone having said that they would return on /meta/… like why?

Anonymous 196644

i dont care for the UI but i dont understand why she added gross as fuck banners and opened the gates to kpoppers when literally no one asked for it

Anonymous 196645

getting rid of /w/ (presumably to be folded into /snow/) was another one that wasn't really discussed although the idea had been floated in /meta/ more and more recently especially with the sheer amount of sperging that /w/ drama generated in /meta/, I don't disagree with the decision but it felt kinda major

Anonymous 196647

so who did? My point is, the farmers expecting lolcow to be fully functional the same day it gets it's overhaul had to be the kids that are glue and paint chips during nap time in kindergarten. Common sense and life experience will tell you that the launch for any fuckin thing is always a clusterfuck. I don't blame anons for being mad they were caught off guard, because when I saw the little announcement, I just thought she was doing general maintenance. She should have outlined her plan earlier so we could at least know what to expect.

And she should have never gave people the ability to post so quickly. Should have waited until today or tomorrow for that so people don't think LC will be operable for Christmas. Because it most likely won't be. Whatever sandbox testing she did is way different than reality. It's very possible she's just overwhelmed in general and just used the sperging as an excuse to quit

Anonymous 196649

removing /w/ was agreed upon at a townhall ages ago under the old admin (not last townhall I'm pretty sure)

Anonymous 196651

Is there a reason /w/ attracted such retards in the first place? It was constant whiteknighting or complaints about whiteknighting. Complaints about no milk or not the right type of milk that they'd like to see. Like fuck, nobody knew how to hide a thread? Or maybe their autism was preventing them from doing it because then they'd have nothing to sperg over.

Anonymous 196652

"Yes, shaymin fucked everything up for a year but it's the anons who complained that literally destroyed LC! HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!"
lmfao hope she picks you, anon ♥

Anonymous 196653


My favourite youtuber uploaded a video
>about a movie from my country
>30 min long
>but featuring a pngtuber i hate
why, i am too autistic i cant handle collabs, so many changes in so little time

Anonymous 196654

exactly, she should have communicated and lack of communication is why people got mad
oh thats right I vaguely remember now but still a lot of things were discussed at one point and then time passed an they feel surprising that they happened

Anonymous 196655

yeah but no one talked about bringing underage korean ugly moid stans on lc

Anonymous 196656

That's definitely something that should have been readdressed. A consensus from "ages ago" (ie more than a year ago) shouldn't apply to something recent like right now

Anonymous 196657


no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie no​nnie


Anonymous 196658

>volunteers to run a site that's about talking shit about other people aka a gossip site
>can't take people who use the site criticizing her for a completely unwanted change, instead of the banners and themes we wanted

Anonymous 196659

What’s next, emojis?

Anonymous 196660


Anonymous 196661

> Is there a reason /w/ attracted such retards in the first place?
mix of extremely salty oldfags and zoomer newfags who don't know site culture is what I would guess but I don't really frequent there. the Belle thread was absolute retardation and probably some male simps thrown into the mix. Jill is great though.

Anonymous 196662


KEK I stay in the bunker threads on my days off nothing happens, I go to work this morning and come back and shaymin has ragequit. You neet anons are always so lucky, you get to witness history.

Anonymous 196665

Anonymous 196666

Kek, what? I'm just saying it's funny some anons were screeching and then got the whole thing taken away. It's like a little kid throwing a complete tantrum that you didn't give them the popsicle flavour they wanted, and so you take their popsicle away from them and they get nothing. I just thought it was amusing kek

Anonymous 196668

LOLCOR is kill?!

Anonymous 196670


Anonymous 196671

so what are you n0n13s going to do with your new found freedom?

Anonymous 196673

>site will be down for 12 hours
>oldmin claimed to already be migrating posts years ago
>clusterfuck after 3 days
>"hurr durr only glue sniffers mad"
Bowing to your superior life experience, asskiss-chan.
Yeah, it was just a bunch of shit threads that would get buried in the snow catalogue suddenly given a space of their own. Add in some autism-magnets like Belle and the obsessive weebs following j-tubers and viola, /w/
When the original polls were held, /m/ was pretty popular but /w/ barely made it past the 50%

Anonymous 196675

I'm feeling like I'm still 16 when I lurked almost daily on the pull forum and overnight it was gone. Life is really made of cycles.

Anonymous 196676

I don't care if lc is perfect I just want to be able to access it instead of getting "DNS address could not be found" lol I don't feel like I'm asking a lot here

Anonymous 196677

yes, we're all little kids throwing tantrums but Shaymin is not a kid who threw epic tantrum just because people aren't praising her on fucking up. you're so mature anon, you're not like other anons because you behave like adult!~

Anonymous 196678

I've been shit posting from work all day. The day before Christmas and everywhere is closed but here. You girls are getting me through my work day

Anonymous 196680

I've come full circle. First y'all gaslight me for complaining shaymin is bad at her job because she doesn't communicate, now I'm an ass licker because I think those who bitched about LC being fucked up like 10 minutes after it went live are also retarded.

Anonymous 196681

KEK don't waste your time arguing with shaymin bootlickers

Anonymous 196682

Does anyone know which thread she ragequit? I slept and missed it

Anonymous 196683


This is sad. Old post, just to be clear.

Anonymous 196684

this is great I'm going to stop listening to Red Scare and that whole circle of podcasters if I have no one to shit-talk it with. I'm gonna read a book

Anonymous 196685

Idk why you're taking this so personally kek

Anonymous 196686

I would be here with you anona but I work outdoors sooo

Anonymous 196687

why does the word n0nnie get censored

Anonymous 196689



Anonymous 196690

Shaymin was probably under a lot of stress. Deploying a new site never goes smoothly and there's a lot that can go wrong that's beyond her control. There was zero reason for farmers to throw an autistic fit because the new site looked different.

Anonymous 196691

it was bunker 15 I think

Anonymous 196692

Anonymous 196693

true, no point.
just interesting you think it's immature but not Shaymin. Shaymin behaves just like anons that you accuse of being kids lol

Anonymous 196694

I like the cows from IP2 especially Alice and a brony that huffs airduster. Too bad IP2 has the shittiest userbase.

Anonymous 196695

I wouldn't mind working outdoors. At least I wouldn't be so fuckin bored right now. I'm almost through the day and I'm not sure how many bunker threads we went through.

Anonymous 196696

>There was zero reason for farmers to throw an autistic fit because the new site looked different.
b-but there was a reason. autism

Anonymous 196697

what's your job?

Anonymous 196698


Anonymous 196699


Anonymous 196700

I never said she didn't? But I don't blame her for quitting. If it was me I'd have probably just shut down the site to piss off the retards, which is why I could never be admin

Anonymous 196703

shaymin check your damn email

Anonymous 196704

Shaymin is the one that did all the work. Anons did nothing but whine and sperg out.

Anonymous 196705

I can allow her banning terminal cancer patients and showing the IP of a girl that was complaining about her cat, however kpoppers is going to far

Anonymous 196708

nta but that has to do with Blaine the Tranny posting CP and threatening to miencraft politicians. it is a shame that her boss girl rhetoric folded so quickly under lighter circumstances than that

Anonymous 196709

Ehhh tbh it sucks, especially in the winter, I live in Canada. I was standing outside in -30 celsius for hours today. The money is good though.

I'm not gonna be specific but I work in the forestry industry.

Anonymous 196710

Ayrt, alright, to be serious this time. i both feel for her and i'm angry at her. I just feel like she shouldn't ragequit, but just engage in talking with us instead. Answer questions, take a few advices, especially from anons who claim to be techsavyy and want to help. just that. but no, of course no. Lack of contact as usual, just ragequitting. idk

Anonymous 196711

i like the bunker threads because it brings the community together

Anonymous 196714

How's it taste eating the shitflakes off of Shaymin's rectum?

Anonymous 196715

So fucking what if her job sucked?

Anonymous 196716

I can totally understand where Shaymin was coming from, it can't be easy putting work into a new site just to get shit on by the userbase.
That said, most complaints were completely valid and she has done a really shitty job as admin so far(by being almost completely absent until this month), so I don't know what she was expecting.

Anonymous 196718

i do not not pay her to make such a poor job

Anonymous 196719

I really didnt' mind the move and would have been okay with starting the /ot/, /g/, and /m/ threads from scratch as long as the cow threads got moved over. the new site wasn't THAT ugly i think nonas complain too much

Anonymous 196720



Anonymous 196721

ok but you are only one person and there was no point to delete all those boards and their years of history, what even was the reason? i am starting to believe that shaymin was a shaynafag newfag who doesnt care about the board outside of being able to nitpick shayna's toes

Anonymous 196722

Sharap as if bitching can compare to admin giving up herself she made that desicion lmao and fumbled like

Anonymous 196723

damn it looks like they blocked VPNs on the new site, or at least mine. Any other VPN users finding they can't access the site while using one?

Anonymous 196724


new theory just came up: shaymin is shayna and she is trying to break lolcow so she can take down her own thread

Anonymous 196725

She didn't delete it, didn't she archive the old lolcow? It's just not working right now because everything is new. People keep saying we have to be patient and give new LC and shaymin some time to work out the kinks. If we're still stuck in CC bunker threads on the 26th, yeah get out the pitchforks.

Anonymous 196726


how are you spending your christmas? i am playing winter lemmings

Anonymous 196727

Nothing is deleted it’s all on original.lolcow.farm sorry if you’re unable to access it

Anonymous 196728

I've held this tinfoil for months and the only reason I don't think it's true is because I truly think Shayna is too retarded to play the long haul game

Anonymous 196729

Tinfoil seconded. The motive is right there. Speaking of which, I miss the tinfoil threads

Anonymous 196730

she did delete them, even if they are ''archived'', its the /m/pocalypsis all over again

Anonymous 196731


You can see on https://dnschecker.org/#A/lolcow.farm if your country can access the site. Another way to access the site is using your cellphone data and not Wi-fi

Anonymous 196732

I am drinking a Chilean Chardonnay in a hotel room and trying not to cry because first thing in new year is probably gonna be getting a divorce, so online drama is my best distraction. Sry 4 sadblog

Anonymous 196733

Honestly I personally wouldn't even be getting out the pitchforks on the 26. Holidays and stuff, idk. Its unfortunate timing but also makes sense because the team would most likely have some time off of work or school or whatever, but also they probably don't want to spend their entire christmas fixing bugs

Anonymous 196734

Samefag the site is currently usable as you can see by the feed on the right. Some s aren’t able to access it by certain countries

Anonymous 196735

They aren't deleted though. The new site is a new site, you can't delete what was never there

Anonymous 196736

I guess having empathy for someone who wanted to do something good for LC means I want lick the shit off of her asshole.

But she wasn't going to delete anything. The old site was archived at original.lolcow.farm. She said she was scraping threads from the cow boards and would scrape other boards if there was demand. You are either a room temperature IQ retard or are being intentionally disingenuous to spread discord in the userbase.

Anonymous 196737


i'll probably just chill and watch a movie.

Anonymous 196738

So is the new site Just cancelled and werl are back to the old site or…is it still being worked on?

Anonymous 196739

Omg I saw a mobile do this, I didn't know it was based off a real thing

Anonymous 196740

Shaymin is calling it quits and wants to have another person take over by next month. New site is offline, old site is online and you can post in it but it’s under original.lolcow.farm

Anonymous 196741

Is there a reason why she decided on a while revamp instead of just adding banners, themes and maybe a new logo?

Anonymous 196742

I know the old site is up for some people, (like me) my thing is does she plan to fix it for the people who can't get on? Revert it to normal?

Anonymous 196743

a man was walking up and down the hallway crying "help". I did not open the door because there has been a lot of weird hallway activity lately from him and he's like 2 feet taller than me and he looked fine. The cops showed up shortly after and he told them his girlfriend had been abusing him. The cops recommended he file a restraining order online and told him they couldn't really do anything or press charges because she wasn't in the apartment or anywhere nearby. one of the cop guys said something a little pointed about how adults (my neighbor) can't be calling other adults (the cops) to get in the middle of their relationship stuff (this is the second time they came to his apartment in a week), so I guess the cops are getting fed up with him. they told him he needs to leave if she crossed a line, and he said he has nowhere to go if he leaves his apartment, not like his girlfriend who has a lot of places to go.

anyway his girlfriend is literally 5 feet tall, he could definitely overpower her in 2 seconds, and the last time I saw her she was crying and whispering outside their door to be let inside while he blocked it and told her to leave he didn't care if she had nowhere to go, if she stayed he was gonna call the cops & get her "a domestic" (as in a criminal charge) and he said it in a really nasty way like that would be extremely bad for her (maybe she has priors???) and he couldn't give half a shit about it. so I do not believe this guy and I will not be opening the door if he's out there crying for help again tomorrow.

Anonymous 196744

Because oldmin started the revamp. Shaymin just finished it is all

Anonymous 196745

Look, i'm stupid but from what I understood what anons said, it was necessary when moving servers, for some reason? Or a byproduct of moving to another server? Something like that.

Anonymous 196746

It's because the old sites coding was fucked and she wanted a more modern site. To make it easier to moderate and block spam and cp/gore posting trannies

Anonymous 196747

i guess its because the new site has better tools for moderation but why she decided to come back with the kpop thread has no explanation

Anonymous 196748

shaymin was secretly a kpopfag tinfoil

Anonymous 196749

wish i could hug you, order everything off the hotel menu and gossip with you as a distraction

Anonymous 196750

No clue. She might give us another update in the discord but she seems upset. Anons have emailed her already and no response yet

Anonymous 196751

also isnt the nu-lc honsted somewhere else entirely? so it can't be/look the exact same. not every IB uses the same server

Anonymous 196752

kpopers will always be there and spam so contain to them i guess

Anonymous 196753

anyone know what timezone she is in? maybe she's sleeping

Anonymous 196754

better tools the lazy ass mods won't and don't know how to use

Anonymous 196755

nahh the kpop thread will attract even more ugly korean moid stans. they already have choachan too

Anonymous 196756

I wouldn't mind the site being ugly at all if I could at least ACCESS IT. That should be the bare minimum.
and tears us apart kek

Anonymous 196758

even if you could access the new site, you wouldnt be able to post on it

Anonymous 196759

yeah but remember when threads would get flooded with kpoop moids? or when they would covertly post about their scrotes in other threads?

Anonymous 196760

They're basically guaranteed to avatarfag

Anonymous 196761


5 mass extinctions
1. Ordovician
2. Devonian
3. Permian
4. Triassic
5. Cretaceous

And now
6. Lolcowian mass extinction

Anonymous 196762

Anonymous 196763

not trying to infighting here but by that logic lolcow can have a troon/moid thread as well since they will always larp there

Anonymous 196764

yes so contain their autism in their designated short bus thread so they don't go shitting up other threads

Anonymous 196765

Nta but that's my main problem with kpopfags. They HAVE to post their fancams and pictures or they just die. It's a constant flood of their shit. They have 0 concept of containing themselves to an area or relevant threads for discussion

Anonymous 196766

why do americans like their steaks like this

Anonymous 196768

has she responded to any emails yet

Anonymous 196769

if you can access original.lolcow.farm right now there are s planning to make a tech support (?lol idk) thread to help with LC. Please pop by when it’s made, I’ll try to link it asap

Anonymous 196770

they have an entire imageboard already

Anonymous 196771

n0nnies my bad

Anonymous 196772

Suddenly advertising LC as a place for kpopfags is guaranteed to attract them (again). Everything was contained.

Anonymous 196773

not to mine

Anonymous 196775



Anonymous 196776

I don't think she's going to answer any emails today after that bpd tantrum she threw.

Anonymous 196777

Extra iridium is good for strong health bones

Anonymous 196778

I feel bad for shaymin now, she must be feeling sad.

Anonymous 196779

not defending anyone just talking in general but wtf does bpd even mean anymore when anytime someone's upset they're bpd. at least like pre-2017 it was only misogynistic moids on 4fags saying it now its everyone

Anonymous 196780

I remember you from the early bunker threads anon,why isn't the moid the one in a hotel room? Don't you have kids? You'll get through this sorry it sucks so bad <3

Anonymous 196781

It's using a totally different imageboard engine yes. The backend is basically completely different. Vichan, the old software, was made in php, the new one is made with nodejs and it's a lot more configurable and customizable.

Anonymous 196782

Finish Ulysses (240 pages in so far!) and read more Kierkegaard. Maybe talk about the stuff I’m reading with some people I know in real life. Knit clothes, write more, practice my instruments.

Anonymous 196783

He sounds like a piece of shit. I sideeye (don’t believe at all) any man that claims he was abused by a woman in a relationship

Anonymous 196784

I believe no-nnies mean well, but I doubt admin needs a bunch of helpers who know some things, but aren't actually experienced with the things she's trying to do. No offense, but managing and coordinating a bunch of people, who don't see the bigger picture themselves is a bigger challenge than just her asking a single, experienced person who might volunteer.

Anonymous 196786

If a woman is physically abusing a moid he most likely deserved it. They're physically stronger so a woman risking her safety to hit a man, there's probably a real good reason

Anonymous 196788

not to mention it might be a strategy of his to get inside someone else's house to do god knows what. good choice nona

Anonymous 196789

As an admin of a similar community, I understand why lc's admin could be done with the farm. What's the point of running a community who generates so much negativity? I hope it's fake but if not, I wish she could give it a chance. Starting over was a good idea to change things for the better and kpop could have kept moids away.

Anonymous 196791

moids always argue for equality but only in setting such as physical violence because they know they'll have the upper hand. and it's telling that one of the first scenarios they think of when it comes to equality is violence

Anonymous 196792

> What's the point of running a community who generates so much negativity?
How the fuck do you stick around on LC enough to become admin if you are bothered by that?

Anonymous 196794

Inviting Kpoop to "keep the moids away" is like taking arzene to own the moids. I'd rather have conversations without kpoops spamming gifs and avatarfagging. They couldn't even keep themselves from doing it when they accidentally stumbled on LC from some twitter mention

Anonymous 196795

my mom used to beat the shit out of her anorexicly thin lobotomy victim bf when I was around 15 or 16 and still living with her. he was always nice to me, looked like he was addicted to something but only ever acted like a bit of an airhead. apparently had a crazy mom too so felt bad he ended up with my own crazy npdfag freak of a mom. one time I had to physically pull her off of him because it seemed like she was actually about to kill him, and the way he looked me in the eyes while asking for help made me feel bad. my misandry powerlevel is so strong I still walked away from that doubting males who claim to be abused by women and hating men in general. I hope he's doing better but I'm sure he isn't.

Anonymous 196796


Anonymous 196797

hyunjin fag are you here? don't post him i just wanna know if she's here

Anonymous 196798

How are you finding Ulysses so far? Also what are you writing about?

Anonymous 196799


Anonymous 196800

Is that the dog boy?

Anonymous 196802

no its another one. that used to post about hating him but also wanted to fuck him lol she's funny

Anonymous 196803

He probably deserved it even if your mom is also trash

Anonymous 196804

look at these proud british guards trying their best to protecc the queen, god bless them

Anonymous 196805

>kpop could have kept moids away.
Sorry but this is stupid, it would've just brought moids who like girl groups.

Anonymous 196807


so there's a moid thread in /ot/ that's been up for 5 hours, has the whole moderation team quit?

Anonymous 196808

the only kpooper allowed should be hyunjinfag

Anonymous 196809

can they even access the site? most of us can't

Anonymous 196814

am inclined to disagree. my mom was a mega npdfag and all that entails, always the first to throw another woman under the bus and beat the shit out of me too my entire life, in fact the last I heard from her was celebrating johnny depp winning the trial kek. that guy was so pathetic he probably couldn't have fought back if he wanted to.

Anonymous 196815

idk enough about coding to know why some people can't access the site, but if the mods themselves are locked out that's pretty fucked. The circus never ends.

Anonymous 196819

>misandry powerlevel

my neighbor is clearly way stronger than his gf and he acts completely different around her than he did with the cops. he put on a sniveling voice when he was talking about her to them, but when he's talking to her face to face he's very relaxed stands upright and looks down at her and speaks to her in a dismissive tone. he's definitely full of shit. honestly now I'm worried about her because why did he even call the cops if she isn't home…? there was nothing they could do. I haven't seen her in a couple days. I feel like he's trying to craft a story about how she's the bad guy for some purpose but I don't know what

Anonymous 196821

>kpop could have kept moids away
do you think we want,idk, aidens here too just because they aren't moids? all those annoying faggots can fuck off vag or otherwise

Anonymous 196823

I’m really enjoying Ulysses! I’ve just started Scylla and Charybdis and so far I think Aeolus has been the most challenging episode for me, although I’ve found it fine overall. The writing is absolutely beautiful, and it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be (although I’m Irish so I have a lot more background than non-Irish people would have — I imagine that some of the historical and political references would be confusing without a secondary school level knowledge of Irish history) — it just takes a bit of thought. It’s even made me laugh a few times! I read a portrait of the artist a few years ago and absolutely loved it, and so far Ulysses feels like it’s elaborating on a lot of I enjoyed about that book. As for what I write, at the moment it’s a lot of poetry, although most of it isn’t very good. I’m planning on submitting some of it to my university’s student literature magazine though, so I’ll see what happens with that. I try to write at least every other day, if not every day.

Anonymous 196827

My abusive ex used to try and gaslight the situation and say I was abusive cuz one time he pissed me off and I hit him hard enough to leave a mark. Moids always love to deflect and gaslight when they can't strong arm their way thru a situation. He's probably trying to get her kicked out. Also he's probably abusive or a cheater and wants to make himself look innocent before he drops her or gets caught.

Anonymous 196828

Hopefully not trying to build a self-defense case for a murder

Anonymous 196829

Is KF down too?

Anonymous 196833

yeah, the guy in your situation sounds like he's full of it. maybe you should butt in and snitch on him if he ever tries to drag the cops into it while you're home again kek.

Anonymous 196834

No, just get a VPN.

Anonymous 196835

damn. so if illegal stuff gets spammed during a raid it's just gonna sit there forever?

Anonymous 196838

This is what I was worried about when Shaymin put post mode back on. She should have just kept it off and keep both sites back up like she wanted to

Anonymous 196839

because the old hacked-up vichan was showing it's age, had security holes probably, and the new site is easier to jannie, but she could've said these things and not just had people guess at them. the userbase revolted not because we won't accept her making changes but because we got no honest account of wtf is going on

Anonymous 196841

Im drunk, loenly, no lolcor, fml

Anonymous 196842

#notallkpoops i stay contained and was never a twitterfag. im a good n0nnie and i cant be worse than a scrote i refuse to believe that.. n0nnies give me a chance

Anonymous 196845

Anonymous 196846

is that you hyunjinfag?

Anonymous 196847

the moid isn't in the hotel room because I'm drinking and he is not, we've both had some issues with that in the past and agreed that if we want to do our bullshit we'll do it away from the kids so that's what I'm doing. we'll have Christmas together though as we did Thanksgiving. in the new year, idk. thanks you and >>196749 for kind words. my kids are teens, they are sad but they are also old enough to understand, they're sad, I'm sad, pretty sure my husband is sad but I mean also this is my fault too, nobody ever said life or marriage was hard. but lemme tell you something if I go looking again I'm gonna be looking for a woman. dated them in college but never seriously but I don't wanna deal with any scrote's bullshit ever again

Anonymous 196848

They hate themselves.

Anonymous 196852

No wonder everyone hate us if you post Hyunjin and Jake.

Anonymous 196853

Did you guys know there could be dinosaur teeth/bones in the moon from the blast

Anonymous 196854

> What's the point of running a community who generates so much negativity?
I mean I'm not saying I would say some of the things that were said to Shaymin to a friend or anything but it's an imageboard. Thin-skinned bitches need not apply. If she folds under this pressure she'd fold under the kind of pressure that comes with the job IMO. Or prove us wrong, Shaymin, I know you're lurking, and just say you were mad because it is the holidays or whatever and soldier on.

Anonymous 196855

> what would make her look better is owning up to her mistakes and finding a solution that works for everyone

How can she own up to her mistakes if she never talks to anyone about anything?

Anonymous 196858

Do these boots taste good?

Anonymous 196860

my tinfoil is that the entire site was wiped on purpose and there's no "restoring the threads" at all

Anonymous 196861


Anonymous 196863

The threads are literally on original.lolcow.farm and some of us can actually access the site and some can’t chill

Anonymous 196865

Lunar non-avian dinosaurs and their derivatives will take over every niche once the 6th mass extinction is complete

Anonymous 196867

it all would've been fine if she had just opened the lynxchan version on a subdomain with one board as a trial run to test for bugs and reactions

Anonymous 196868

You're the naive one. Literally all websites have these issues when they first launch. Old video games didn't contain as many code and graphics and moving parts as new videogames do. I've said before she was stupid for deciding to do the upgrade right during holiday season and that she should have waited until after new years, after warning us. But there's no way for someone to bug test a website like this and catch ALL the glitches before the userbase does. This stuff always happens when revealing new technology, because it's new. We went through a similar issue at my job where one of the vendors decided to randomly drop a shitty upgrade and it fucked up the work flow. This is a paid corporation with a paid IT staff that couldn't "get it together" y'all expecting one retarded shayfag to roll out a perfect shiny new website in a day need to lower your expectations.

She's a bad admin but LC is a pretty shit userbase too.

Anonymous 196870

>She's a bad admin but LC is a pretty shit userbase too.
Speak for yourself. I love you admin.

Anonymous 196872


New posts since some n0nnies need catching up:

original.lolcow.farm is basically lolcow.farm. It was intended to be the archive. It is usable currently

Anonymous 196875

Samefag but it is not accessible to everybody yet and I’m sure some better noññy who knows DNS stuff can explain

Anonymous 196877

it's not new technology, it' turnkey software you just install and run
none of the issues so far have been with lynxchan it's been dns and nginx

Anonymous 196878

still works for me only on my phone idk y, anything good going on there or just sperging though? this thread is pretty comfy for shitposting and whatever tbh

Anonymous 196879

kkk the last image

Anonymous 196880

What do I fucking have to do to access it tell me and I will do it.

Anonymous 196882

A lot of them go down for days. Didn't Instagram and Facebook have this issue a while back and all the normies had a meltdown? This shit is normal. She bit off more than she can chew, yes, but websites not being functional and having a rough launch is part of the game.

The main issue is her lack of communication and bad planning.

Anonymous 196883

Anonymous 196884

i keep taking "bathroom breaks" at work just to look at the bunker threads on my phone, bless u n0nnies for keeping me and my fellow retail slaves entertained

Anonymous 196886


Shaymin are you in this thread right now…

Anonymous 196887

Use cellular data on your phone. It doesn’t work on wifi for some. Also it may not work in your country because of DNS propagation or whatever (I’m not tech literate)

Anonymous 196888

Please no anything but that.

Anonymous 196890


I predict that you will meet a kind and supportive chapstick lesbian in her early 40's and you will adopt a cute dog from a shelter and buy a motorhome to travel the country in when you both retire. So mote it be.

Anonymous 196891

New technology as in it's a new to shaymin and lolcow. It's been stated she's not the most tech savvy.

Anonymous 196892

Yeah a lot of the posts in the complaint thread were made by obviously garbage people, but the thing is that she managed to piss of everyone. I've been a mod for a long time (not on lc) and I kind of tune out morons and schizos, but I also try do do a good job and explain myself and talk things through with the parts of the userbase that aren't deplorables.

Rolling out a new site in alpha stage with all the content and half the functionality missing, days after shutting down the old page, and then not talking to anyone about anything, not explaining anything, then taking offline the new page and rehosting the old one while bitching in a locked down echo chamber discord, which is being leaked and is the only source of information about the state of the site…

Bad admin is an understatement, from the way she behaves you'd think she hates lolcow and doesn't care about it and just wants to get it over with. She doesn't seem to be all that technically knowledgeable and her people skills are abysmal, which begs the question why such a person became admin to begin with?

Anonymous 196893


#notallkpoops sorry n0nn1es i never spammed and im not a hyunjin or dog boy fan s please i beg you let us be. give us one more chance or at least give us a hidden board. I BEG YOU. Shaymin I stand by you I just know you're a kpooper please help your fellow kpooper

Anonymous 196895

Do shaymin
>doesn't communicate
>when she does it's never clear
>the jannies speak for her, more or less
>decides to switch to lynxchan without making it fucking CLEAR
>is upset because anons think the new site is ugly
>is upset users from a gossip site are gossiping and making fun of her
Anything I'm missing?

Anonymous 196896

nta but okay but she didnt do that and now she has quit, so now what?

Anonymous 196898

Any updates on projared

Anonymous 196899

I've seen people get pissed off at mods and launch a functional lynxchan within two days and it actually worked fine.

I do hope admin gets the lynxcow working but yeah.

Anonymous 196901

those are massive websites with good uptimes and when they do go down it's hard to fix
for as small website like lolcow you can just test everything ahead of time
shaymin did worst possible thing by turning the origin server off for over a day and then erasing the A record and nameservers or something
which is why she should've asked for help by now

Anonymous 196902

You said name websites that had shit like this happen and I did. My point is, Rome wasn't built in a day. Give her a week before you start bitching about how retarded she is, how big is her support staff?

Anonymous 196903


maybe she has become twisted and she wants to be a cow now? jealous of their attention she is subconsciously becoming one herself…

Anonymous 196904

Again, Shaymin didn't say any of that. We only know this shit from piecing together screenshots from ancient /meta/ posts.

Anonymous 196905

it was given to her because nobody else wanted it. genuinely. she was enthusiastic to keep it going because she loves the shayna threads, whereas nobody else wanted to do it besides trannies or n0nnies who want to sabotage us by deliberately giving it to a man

Anonymous 196906

this is embarrassing, quit while you're ahead

Anonymous 196907

exactly. complaining about shaymin, especially now that shes quit, doesnt do shit

Anonymous 196908

Cellular data doesn't work for me.
What if I change my DNS to match the DNS of someone who can access it? Could that work?
N0nnies who can join post what DNS you're using

Anonymous 196910

this behavior is exactly why you are disliked

Anonymous 196911

do we think shaymin actually has plans to hand off the site? why isn’t she replying to anyone? has she said anything in the discord? did she just threaten to nuke lolcow and then go to bed?

Anonymous 196912

I was thinking about the first cows I followed, and realized I haven't heard about Yanderedev in ages. Apparently he's still around and working on the game. Man must be suffering from insane sunk cost-fallacy because any child who cared about Yandere characters and 90's anime tropes have aged out of playing that game. It'll belong in a museum by the time he finishes it.

Anonymous 196914


the bunkers were so fun yesterday

Anonymous 196915

nta but do you really think oldmin would be here? she hated us all and tried to make fun of us kek

Anonymous 196916

she has said nothing since in Discord and people tried to get her attention, so idk. she has not been an active user in the Discord so it might not be reasonable to expect an immediate response, idk. I reached out personally so we'll see

Anonymous 196917

we just got all this a couple hours ago perhaps she just needs time to chill out. Talking to everybody is going to be a lot of work, especially since everybody reaching out to her might not all be people with the best intentions for lolcow.

Anonymous 196918


>this thread

Anonymous 196919


there's a new thread in meta discussing the future of lolcow, if any n0nnies that have access to the site would like to take part

Anonymous 196920

>we just got all this a couple hours ago
Wasn't the "Screw this I'm quitting" discord message leaked more than a day ago and she hasn't said anything anywhere since?

Anonymous 196921

this, too, the situation was posted about on KF by now so who knows what kind of scrotes are going to try to run ops now

Anonymous 196924

I'm not going on lolcow until it comes up in a regular ass web browser for everyone.

Anonymous 196926

Somebody pls screencap anything interesting for those of us who cannot access I would be very grateful

Anonymous 196927

Ew can you send caps? That’s annoying. Fuck off kiwiscrotes

Anonymous 196928

I have a feeling she fucked off for christmas and won't make another appearance for a while.

Anonymous 196929

It was made by just another outsider user, so nothing of interest will be revealed there. We'd need someone actually in the know to be able to predict anything.

Anonymous 196930

same so meanwhile we'll have to stay here

Anonymous 196931

>friends won't talk to me
>work stressing me out
>spent too much money on christmas gifts
>unsure of own future
>and now lolcor might be kill, for real this time
The worst christmas in recent memory, for sure. What the fuck. Now I don't have my Safe Female Only Space to run to now that my friends won't talk to me. Fuck this gay shit. Feeling hashtag HOPELESS and hashtag HEARTBROKEN.

Anonymous 196933

that's fair, idk i just got frustrated with all the sperging out that then triggered shaymin to quit and now we get fuck all. if nonas chilled out for awhile and touched grass for once, we probably wouldnt be losing lolcow. im not defending shaymin btw, yes she was incompetent and never communicated but she was all we had. we didnt have many mods or jannies because of all the raids and shit. idk. im just frustrated that all of this blew up in everyones face and now we get nothing

Anonymous 196934

oldmin doesn't give a fuck about this. I'm sure she's concerned about what shaymin is doing but not enough to come in this dump thread.

Anonymous 196937

I wonder how clique-y and weird the mod team is. I remember 4-5 years ago some lolcows got in the inner circle which turned me away from the site.

I wonder how many issues of the site are the result of technical issues and how many are the result of personnel issues. Like, it shouldn't be that difficult to get mods and jannies, countless other sites manage okay. Hire a bunch, yeet the bad ones, and repeat until you're comfortable.

Anonymous 196938

just KF nobodies posting the same discord caps that have been posted here

Anonymous 196939

Exactly. Right now would be prime time for anybody who wants the site gone for good, or to use for doxing n0nnies, to be asking shaymin for the site.

Anonymous 196940

No it was hours ago. Whatever timezone she is in rn it could be because she's asleep or some shit. Maybe doing christmas stuff. We probably won't hear from her for awhile if at all

Anonymous 196941

idk she was a total handmaiden, i genuinely don't think she'd want anything to do with us kek she's probably sucking a trannys dick rn

Anonymous 196942

Ugh I’m scared I donated to lc a while ago with an email that has my name and I’d hate for some male or someone untrustworthy to see that

Anonymous 196943

Anyways, I bought my mom more flowers hoping she'd replace the dead ones I got for her whenever the fuck, but she just kept both. Kek

Anonymous 196945

if it was through that ko-fi thing you are fine it doesn't disclose your name to the recipient

Anonymous 196946

Aw, this is cute nonita.

Anonymous 196947


i wish i could be spending christmas with scott the woz, so jealous of his gf

Anonymous 196948

The bait we desperately needed

Anonymous 196949

if it was through paypal i believe it does

Anonymous 196950

ikea food court suuuuucks why would he be eating that garbage

Anonymous 196952

Anyone have screenshots?

Anonymous 196953

look at him, does he look like he eats anything but garbage?

Anonymous 196954

It was through PayPal. Ugh I’m gonna have to move email stuff over. I don’t want a degen male or tranny or cow to get my email

Anonymous 196955

bunker thread 15

Anonymous 196956

ko-fi shows your paypal info
but I don't know why shaymin would send old paypal reciepts to new admin even she did transfer site

Anonymous 196957

I'm jealous of their food.

Anonymous 196958

His eyes creep me out but this picture makes me long to be at the IKEA cafeteria right now

Anonymous 196959

Does receipts stay on the kofi site if she gave the kofi to a new admin?

Anonymous 196960

>4-5 years ago some lolcows got in the inner circle

Anonymous 196961

Really did she say she was going to quit once she moved the site over? I thought she only announced she quit a couple hours ago

Anonymous 196962

ikea food court sucks n0nnies you really are not missing out

Anonymous 196963

Anonymous 196964


Same for me, this christmas will be even worse than usual
>it's been a month since surgery and I still haven't fully recovered
>phone stolen at a restaurant before I could save all my pics by a violent scrote
>one of my best friends left to definitely go back to her country because of circumstances out of her control
>grandma died in february, won't celebrate with her for the first time this year
>work sucks ass, not sure if I should quit or not just yet because of new labor laws making earning unemployment borderline impossible
I also thought lc would help a little but nope. What shitty timing. I'm gonna spend christmas here and on fujochan I think.

Anonymous 196965


I do not give a shit about Euphoria, never seen an episode also fuck that creep Honter, but I saw this gif on my tumblr dash a second ago, and I was just taken aback by how attractive she is. She is so fucking gorgeous I'm kind of intimidated… of a fucking gif. ##I'm high right now sorry n0nnies##

Anonymous 196966


Anonymous 196968

>kf nobodies
>literally Null’s post

Anonymous 196969

you're the phone stolen anon? kek

Anonymous 196970

inb4 someone posts josh gif

Anonymous 196972

Ugh. He is right though. But ugh.

Anonymous 196973

Screenshot 2022-12…

Anonymous 196974

wtf it works for me

Anonymous 196975

something something about wide set eyes

Anonymous 196978

3 admins is in interesting idea and seems good on paper but idk. is it even possible to enforce something like that? i just have a hard time imagining multiple people with such a controversial site. never know what someones motives are

Anonymous 196979

I hate it when people make me agree with moids but basically this. I have no idea why shaymin in all her glory decided right before Christmas was the time to do all of this. People can get chans running in a day or two, but if you want it to be perfect or close to perfect, you need to be planning for months and you need to do it slowly. She jumped the gun so ofc everything went to shit, she's going to need time to fix it.

Anonymous 196980

00 (1).jpg

i think his ex gf took that picture without him knowing and thats why he looks so confused. he looks cuter with his retarded smile

Anonymous 196981


Yes I will never stop complaining about it. The more I think about the pics I couldn't save just yet and lost for good the worse I feel. I don't have the last pics of my grandma I took and pics of my cats I took this past year anymore. I want my phone back!

Anonymous 196982

if you PayPal someone directly it absolutely doxes you to them but ko-fi I am pretty sure does not

Anonymous 196983

> ko-fi shows your paypal info
it does? nvm then wtf

Anonymous 196984

Yeah. What's wrong?

Anonymous 196985

I'm so sorry anon, that is horrible. There is something about this time of year that makes it the most horrible and melancholy. I hope that great things come to you in the new year and that everything turns out alright <3

Anonymous 196986

He's ugly as shit I'm so tired of y'all hyping up the weirdest looking losers. That's part of why scrotes have the audacity they do

Anonymous 196987

yes it does. I learned someone's real name when i donated on kofi one time

Anonymous 196988

unlike patreon ko-fi shows paypal info for both people
at least it has everytime I've done it
if you want to be anon make a burner email and a business paypal

Anonymous 196989

I gotta say I'm pretty jealous. Reading Ulysses while knowing the general layout of Dublin must add something to the experience. But yeah, I think it's less difficult than people say. When the writing becomes very dense and confusing, I take it is a sign that the characters themselves are confused and so it's not really supposed to be obvious for the reader since it's not obvious to them either.

Would you be willing to post a poem of yours here?

Anonymous 196990


It showed mine since I donated. Oh well. I’ll just move my email over. It just had my name unfortunately

Anonymous 196992

fuck that scrote and fuck him again for making me agree with him

Anonymous 196993

you made it sound like it was a random user kek not the literal owner of the site

Anonymous 196994

I posted the screenshot and I think the idea sounds stupid. this reminds me of people discussing forming a scanlation team that falls apart before it begins… same exact energy.

Anonymous 196996

Someone donated to me on Kofi and it told me her full name and email. And I'm sure she got mine from that exchange too. I understand why it happens but at the same time I don't. I wish Kofi would just change it to only show a user name, even if you're hooked up through PayPal.

Anonymous 196997

I really appreciate the screencap/archive effort thank you anon

Anonymous 196998

i totally understand how you feel anon. i lost a lot of pics recently too

Anonymous 197001

I'm sure she was working on it the same way Chris Chan works on things. If she actually did a good job I think the LC launch would have been way less of a clusterfuck. But I'm not entirely convinced oldmin left, so that's a different issue.

Anonymous 197002

liquid chris glass…

he's the right amount of uglycute. There is a reason why women simp for him and not other uggos like antdude or caddicarus, he's the perfect mix of uglycute nerd face+sweet personality. He and liquid chris are the only 3DPD nerds i find cute.

Anonymous 197003

> 3 admins
didn't work out well for Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus, Caesar stole the show but the wound up being murdered by his own jannies

Anonymous 197004

They're all ugly I'm sorry you have shit taste. I also enjoy the occasional ugly man myself, but I'm not in denial about it.

Anonymous 197005

stop this visual terrorism

Anonymous 197007

Yeah, too many cute girls giving scrotes a change. It happens so often in Hollywood, I hate it.

Anonymous 197008

He's right, but any retard with half a brain could have told you the same.

Anonymous 197009


merry krithmith

Anonymous 197010

this can work theoretically but you'd need one with good leadership and people skills and all three would have to have both enough social skills to be able to compromise and communicate effectively and also not be mentally ill enough to suddenly tank the site or relationships with their co-admins over something petty

Anonymous 197011

that really sucks n*nnie i'm sorry. hugs2u
ps. I am obsessed with this zoe lucker gif. no one does female anger better than her.

Anonymous 197012

i'm the anon who said "Kf nobodies" and at the time that I posted it that is who was talking, but apparently JCM has now taken an interest in goings-on with or site. he has sworn off imageboards…or has he? he always had a weird fetish for us

Anonymous 197013

Yeah, and I feel like 2023 will be a shit year. But on the positive side, I'm finally on holidays for a week and I'll get as much rest as possible.

I'll try to buy a new phone soon, I'll get it insured with my bank and I'll activate the option on google drive or google photo that automatically saves pictures on the cloud instead of saving them on my laptop, better safe than sorry. I did save a lot of pictures from when I traveled this year and I found pics I posted online before but still. The more personal stuff is gone now.

Anonymous 197014

stop this ugly man psyop

Anonymous 197015


Gonna post a Cate Blanchett to get rid of the ugly as sin moids posted here.

Anonymous 197016

i never said they were handsome, i just said they have a certain appeal to women who like nerdy boys. Scott the woz was the mascot of the nerdfucking thread on /g/. They age like shit though, even more than the average man.

Anonymous 197017


I love these cosplays

Anonymous 197018


I've lost the plot i have no idea what;'s going on and I have read every bunker thread plus i can access the original.lolcow and i read the posts there too

Anonymous 197019

You called him uglycute. He's just ugly and the personality you claim he has is most likely manufactured, and the real him is an insufferable scrote like his better looking counterpart. I hope in 2023 y'all stop falling for the nice guy act.

But with that being said, I can understand the appeal of a uggo. Like a pug, their deformities can be somewhat endearing to women. Maybe it's a biological thing to make us willing to reproduce with facially challenged scrotes so the human race doesn't die out.

Anonymous 197020


just cleansing the thread

Anonymous 197021

>site remade because old one was pure spaghetti
>/meta/ full of anons who just started a coding course last week offering to help
>circle is almost complete
no offence to anons offering help, hoping lc is saved somehow

Anonymous 197022


Anonymous 197024

this is an oddly perfect photo to portray the disorientation i feel too

Anonymous 197025

Shaymin moved the site, anons complained about it, Shaymin is now going to quit and shut down lc if nobody takes over next month

Anonymous 197026

It's working in some countries/states. And n*nnies are saying if you're a phone poster to use mobile data because WiFi doesn't work. Personally I just plan on hanging out in the bunkers until someone says LC is mostly operational. And since shaymin did everything ass backwards it might take a while. I don't see a point in posting when everything is so glitchy and annoying.

Anonymous 197027

post a man you find attractive n0nna

Anonymous 197028

Wait… NEXT MONTH? Is this bitch for fucking real?

Anonymous 197029

Nah. I'd have to go look for a picture of a good looking scrote and that's a lot of work, I just got home. I want to smoke weed and shitpost.

Anonymous 197030

just because you dont like him doesnt mean he isnt uglycute, again, he was the mascot and the reason why the nerdfucking thread was created, its not like i am the only autist into him

Anonymous 197031

I'm so sick of ubereats sending me promo codes that don't work, then when I complain they like

Anonymous 197032

She said "by next month" so I don't know if she means end of december or end of january. Either way it's like….oh shit ok then

Anonymous 197033

nvm I feel better now because my name is kind of generic (kofi anon) I still will move email stuff around because I’m scurred and also have been wanting to for other reasons

Anonymous 197034

i shouldn't judge n0nas that are attracted to uglies because i like cocaine tease men myself

Anonymous 197035

It's really hilarious that anons think just getting 2-3 anons together with a teen of html/css-beckies (sorry) will be a jolly, wholesome time developing and moderating, when 90% of the time would be dealing with resolving conflicts or trying to find someone with relevant knowledge for a given task. N0nnies couldn't even discuss their lunch in a civil manner on LC, but suddenly they're a fully operational admin team

Anonymous 197036

I'm saying uglycute isn't a thing and we need to stop using it to describe Y chromozoids because it goes directly into their little brains and gives them undeserved self confidence, on top of all the other things wrong with them. But, continue to hype up genetic mistake looking scrotes, people are allowed to have different tastes.

Anonymous 197037


So lolcow's seriously going to die…? It's basically dead. Within the next month? Nobody's taking the job. Or, if they do they'll fuck it up even worse. RIP.

Anonymous 197038

So they are thin? Could be worse.

Anonymous 197040

He has talked about lolcow before on a stream maybe maybe 2 mati streams ago, said he stole something from the MTF thread and talked about how he thinks the dog dating story some anon told was funny, he lurks lolcow or at the very least that lolcow.farm thread. And before anons start, yes I watch the streams I do not want to start a weird infight about it

Anonymous 197041


does cc have a monsterman thread?

Anonymous 197042

nobody's perfect.g…

women are human and human have defects, i think scott the woz is a cutie and i would marry asap and listen to his autistic rants all day if given the chance

Anonymous 197043

What's Crystal Cafe's admin got to say about this mess?

Anonymous 197045

which stream was it? i cant believe null lurks /ot/ of all places

Anonymous 197046

Wth happened to the website now?404 error?
What was the oldmin thinking of giving lc to this person…? Oldmin realky hated lc that much that she chose the worst one.

Anonymous 197047

she don’t gaf she laughing at us with her pet lizard

Anonymous 197048

omg I love her so much

Anonymous 197050

she probably hasnt checked the site in weeks or forgots it exists

Anonymous 197051

this is true, most of the issues are social not technical, herding jannies and resolving dumb drama

Anonymous 197053

1936 American Char…

NTA but I like this guy making dolls. he's working and has a job and I can't imagine how he got such huge muscles working in a doll factory but good for him

Anonymous 197054

I don't think LC was custom, it runs on vichan which is PHP based. Either way it's pretty old and the devs of vichan even discourage people to not use it anymore

Anonymous 197055

I just want her to weigh in and tell us what she thinks. #Is# shaymin wack as fuck for this stunt? I want to hear what a REAL AND HONEST admin has to say!

Anonymous 197056

This. Cp and gore would stay up for days and nobody would ban newfags and trolls.

Anonymous 197057

>1936. "Mount Holyoke, Mass. Paragon Rubber Co. and American Character Doll. Building rubber doll moulds."
Back before plastics and drugs in the water.
His testosterone levels were probably so high it was like natural steroids.

Anonymous 197058

did you see Tár? if you did, what did you think?

Anonymous 197059

I believe it was a game stream, Maybe Soma. He so told mister metokur not to mention smaller female communities so troons don't target them next. Kek if that was in ot, I wonder what the fuck He was doing there? Maybe someone sent it or something. The story about an anon getting bitten or some shit

Anonymous 197061

yeah but they look messy and like they do drugs.

Anonymous 197062

My great shame is that I love big hairy biker looking dudes so I def do not judge anybody lol

Basically I'm only attracted to the kind of moid I'm 100% sure could kill another moid with a baseball bat if he looked at me funny, the trick was finding one who wouldn't kill me with a baseball bat also

Anonymous 197063

i'm more into stringbeans personally

Anonymous 197064

yes he has a couple times mentioned us for no good reason as a site that the troons might target us next. pretty clear that he hopes they do and that we get destroyed and he can hang on and scoop up that coveted female userbase.

Anonymous 197065

Andrew Irvine.gif

he's fucking jacked, it's crazy

I also think this guy is attractive. he died climbing mount everest in 1924.

Anonymous 197066


The Forbidden Man gave his opinion.

Anonymous 197067


this year was so stressful between the troncaplypsis on kf, AI shit and now this

Anonymous 197068


I think he kinda cute

Anonymous 197070

it looks like a less doughy paul dano

Anonymous 197072

Mississquoi Corpor…

like this or even stringier?

Anonymous 197073

hunter schafer

Anonymous 197074

Is that Mallory?
I believe he made it to the top, he was going to put his wife's photo at the summit and when they found his body way later his pockets were still in good enough to condition to see that photo was not there.

Anonymous 197075

something like that, yes. sometimes stringier too.

Anonymous 197076

Yeah, he used Vichan but heavily modified it and was the only one with the technical knowledge to do so, hence lolcow not changing much, even down to the banners after he stopped holding up the back end. Sometimes I wonder if he's still involved, or if he respected the no boys allowed rule kek

Anonymous 197077


his name was Andrew Irvine. he has kind of a goofy smile when you see him head-on

Anonymous 197078

Thanks I might take a look, at this point all I can say is that I hope shaymin brings back the old LC and continues testing on a different domain. Why is she so quiet

Anonymous 197080


how many shirts is this fucker wearing

Anonymous 197081

same except all the men i like look like reptiles, frogs, and underwater space sea creatures but that is precisely why i like them, i can't get turned on if they look human.

Anonymous 197083

He is.

Anonymous 197084



Anonymous 197085

based taste in literature

Anonymous 197086

Joe Dobson Demolis…

look at this idiot

Anonymous 197087

N0nnie start a monster man thread. If lolcow is dying then some of us might as well start making a home for ourselves here instead

Anonymous 197088

>cookies are presents

Anonymous 197090

Anonymous 197091

I also think that's part of why she wanted to make the switch, Vichan doesn't get updates anymore and she didn't understand whatever the fuck Ian did anyways. LC changing like this was pretty inevitable to anyone who's been around long enough and cared enough to know about how it's run.

Honestly I'm surprised we made it this far, when Ian first departed I was worried it was just going to fall apart, but I guess since LC stayed pretty small for a long while it didn't matter as much.

Anonymous 197092

i wish this faggot would kill himself already

Anonymous 197093

no, he very deliberately mentioned us several times in what I can only see as a deliberate attempt to undermine

Anonymous 197096

i know that feel n*nnie hubby who i am divorcing is 6'4" and exactly that. he is a good man though. it is not all external appearances. I can't stand the effeminate soyboys that zoomers tend to simp for though i feel. i can't vibe w effeminate men

Anonymous 197097

upside down head M…

another guy from the doll factory in 1936. photographer was clearly messing around.

Anonymous 197099

You people are insane.

Anonymous 197100

I wonder how the anon who was complaining about "femcoomers" is feeling right now. Horrible, I hope.

Anonymous 197101

And that's why you're divorcing. Moids that look like that are either retarded or violent kek. How are you gonna know that firsthand even up to divorce and then try to shill them on other anons

Anonymous 197102

nta but i liked it. love a nuanced female lead. plus it made me want to buy a suit.

Anonymous 197105



Anonymous 197107

Most fucked up cc threads? (aside from the one where an anon admitted to having sex with a 14 year old at 20)

Anonymous 197108

When you think about it they're not wrong. Josh knows every tranny in the universe hates him and a lot hate watch him, so mentioning a all female userbase that's also very anti tranny… Ofc we're going to be raided. Those losers have no jobs, partners or anything better to do. If we were lucky enough to attract the full attention of an autistic rich one with a wide enough audience of Twitter followers they could probably fuck LC up pretty decent. Especially right now, if shaymin is actually serious about giving up on LC.
Personally I think she's just emotional and needs time to gather herself. But if not,her stepping down wouldn't be a bad thing if we could find a new female admin to replace her.

Anonymous 197109

The fact that other anons were trying apologize for her or defend her… there's also a lolcow.farm hate thread someone else bumped yesterday then deleted kek

Anonymous 197111

there was a woman that admitted to launching a bomb threat from exes email or computer i dont remember and she sent admin self harm cuts to get it deleted. not as bad as that pedo but it is still messed up

Anonymous 197112

Josh has had a great year because of the trannies attacking him making his userbase simp for him in an even cringier e-daddy manner, it is so pathetic to watch if you've actually followed him over the years

Anonymous 197113

now do Finnegan's Wake

Anonymous 197114

Kek I admire her tenacity.

Anonymous 197117


sometimes I basically want The Mountain from GoT but could i ever trust him not to bash me?? I don't know.

Anonymous 197118

so I should date a soy boy? the based answer is date a woman clearly but I mean if you want a man you should want a man

Anonymous 197119

So the adms wasted their time making a new site for nothing? Holy kek

Anonymous 197121

photo_2022-12-17 2…

hi lolcor frogposter, ily
t. cc frogposter

Anonymous 197122

> her stepping down wouldn't be a bad thing if we could find a new female admin to replace her
How can that possibly work though? The staff are anonymous and there is no way to vet strangers and it's impossible to work through ranks because those are completely hidden too. If it was a forum with user accounts you can use a post history as proof who is reasonable and who is not, but on an imageboard the only way to vet staff is to straight up hire them and watch what they do with their power and after a couple years you can maybe promote whoever stands out as being conscientious and calm.
I don't get the impression that lolcow is run like that at all.

So what then, are you going to give the keys to some other nobody nobody has ever heard of and hope for the best?

Anonymous 197123

> Personally I think she's just emotional and needs time to gather herself.
agree I'm hoping she posts after the holidays that she is giving it another go and calms down

Anonymous 197124


Anonymous 197125


I wish Gwendoline Christie was gay and in love with me and we were married.

Anonymous 197126



Anonymous 197127

Negative self talk like that is bad for your mental health. Work towards your goals.

Anonymous 197128

>thinking the only options are malnourished manlets and 6'5 roidtards
Autistic black and white thinking

Anonymous 197129

Lmao, my favourite miner already.

Anonymous 197130


>I dreamt that Lolcow was dead
I fear this n0nny's dream is becoming reality

Anonymous 197132

n*nnie the post she was replying to was criticizing soyboys and talking about biker chads being masculine or whatever so I think it is fair to make the dichotomy. obviously a good choice is not either.

Anonymous 197133

That anon wasn't kissing his ass? You have Josh derangement syndrome. Learn to read

Anonymous 197134


Speaking of cute vintage moids, I know there was at least one farmer into Harold Lloyd. He's pretty cute indeed.

Anonymous 197135

idk who this is but he just looks average, not really effeminate like the soyboy stereotype

Anonymous 197136

omg it's me!

Anonymous 197137


A fellow Andrew Irvine-fag? I can't believe it, a woman of my heart

Anonymous 197138

> taking relationship advice from a soon-to-be divorcee

Anonymous 197139

that's ross lynch. average cute long haired men who may or may not use meth are my type

Anonymous 197140


3D mountaineering husbando

Anonymous 197141

kek, did you mean sodium or calcium?
it is as you say, iridium is good for bones

Anonymous 197142

I just wanna kiss his lips
it's too bad there are only like 5 pictures of him in existence

Anonymous 197143


Anonymous 197144


Am I tripping or does this picture kind of look bad? Am I not "getting" it? It looks kinda like shit.

Anonymous 197145


No iridium from the asteroids that killed the dinos

Anonymous 197146

Yes! I love his films and find him really cute. Same with Keaton.

Anonymous 197147


K last pic drop soz for the Andrew Irvine spam

Anonymous 197148

aw shit is that him towards the back? hell yeah thanks nona

Anonymous 197149

Sure is

Anonymous 197150

Ikr. What the fuck is she doing kek

Anonymous 197151

I was going to go to lolcow to complain about a shitty otome I played but turns out the site is in panic mode so instead I will just post here that 7'scarlet fucking sucks never read it

Anonymous 197152

>the master of everest

Anonymous 197155


It seems like her and Elaine weren’t so different after all. I guess snorting all that adderall awoken her third eye and knew oldmin/shaymin were akin to her.

Anonymous 197156

Danofags your 3D husbando will never compare to Andrew Irvine

Anonymous 197157


>calls my uglycute nerds uggos
>posts uggos but vintage
you guys have worse taste than i smh

Anonymous 197158

for real

Anonymous 197159


i wanna smoke crack

Anonymous 197161

not Paul Dano. NEXT!

Anonymous 197163


Enjoy nönna KEK

Anonymous 197164

I think that’s a pretty good way to approach reading Ulysses. When I come to the more difficult passages I tend to let the words wash over me and enjoy the feelings and general ideas they convey rather than trying to parse exactly what Joyce is trying to say, and so far that’s worked well and I feel I’m getting a good sense of the book. And yeah — having a mental map of Dublin, the city I go to college in and spent a huge part of my teenage years in, is a great help. Besides, it’s just fun being able to say “Hey, I walk down that street sometimes!” or “I go by that building all the time!”.

I don’t think I’d post any of my writing here if that’s alright — the magazine I’m submitting to later this month doesn’t allow work that has been published anywhere else (which I believe includes posting online), and I’m also not that confident in its quality. Thanks for your interest though, maybe I’ll post something eventually.

Anonymous 197165

>mfw i visit my village after 5 years and see all my cute villagers left and all the uggos moved in

Anonymous 197166

i wanna post that one anons boyfriend who "looks just like paul dano"

Anonymous 197167

what is this selfpost. NEXT!

Anonymous 197168

Finnegan’s Wake is on the list for sure. I know a guy who has read the whole thing and another guy who has read half of it, so if/when I decide to tackle it I’ll have people to discuss it with.

Anonymous 197169


my vintage cutie (i am aware he was a complete asshole)

Anonymous 197170


Anonymous 197171


Anonymous 197172


I love squirrels sooo much

Anonymous 197173

this boy is so cute

Anonymous 197174


Anonymous 197175


If you like nerds you should like Lloyd tho.

Anonymous 197176


Anonymous 197178


I love squirrels too

Anonymous 197179


Anonymous 197180


Anonymous 197181

who? he ugly

Anonymous 197182

all the street lights on my walk home from work were out bc storm so it was dark and scary as fuck but at least my power hasn't gone out (yet)

Anonymous 197183

he looks like he's about to cry

Anonymous 197184

You suck.

Anonymous 197185

onision in 20 years

Anonymous 197186


Stealing from a miner in the handsome men thread

Anonymous 197187

Well yeah, his gf just said he looks like Paul Dano.

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