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Lolcow Bunker Thread #0016- NEW ADMIN NEEDED! Anonymous 195893

Anonymous 195895

i sent an email to ask shaymin if the issue could be partially solved through donations which could help reward moderators and pay for site costs because id be willing to donate large sums. pray for a response

Anonymous 195900

I sent an email.

Anonymous 195903

I do care about the site which is why I'm so against this. You honestly seem more like you don't care about the site if you can't see how shitty that idea is.

Anonymous 195905

>they're like a weird living computer
kek this is so mean

Anonymous 195911

I got a humidifier AAAHHHH

Anonymous 195914

Yes but it's kinda true. Autist moids are like that

Anonymous 195917

I got a korean air filter but I haven't set it up yet.
It came with a 6ft wide BTS poster.

Anonymous 195923

What is the join code for the discord sever?

Anonymous 195924

The anons bringing this up don't want a "male admin", they're saying a woman would be admin, with retard as heavylifter.

Anonymous 195925

>Lain avatarfagging
Go dilate

Anonymous 195927

nta but you're not taking into account that it took oldmin a year to find a new admin and when she did the "admin" who stepped up was literally shaymin, and look how that turned out. If there are fully competent potential admins in the lolcow username then they're not interested in running lolcow or else we wouldn't have had this problem

Anonymous 195930

Remember to kill yourself

Anonymous 195932

it's multiple lain posters

Anonymous 195933

this is also a bad time for all of this to happen because lc could be next after kf

Anonymous 195934

Thank you for clarifying what Inwas trying to say. I was the original retard brother idea person and I don't know how the part where the sister would be admin managed to slip through the cracks despite the three damn times I explained it

Anonymous 195935

Then he would pretty much be the admin. I cannot understand how you guys think a male wouldn't take advantage of being the only one who knows how to actually code.

Anonymous 195938

i like lain but i'm distrustful of anyone who uses her likeness to present themselves online cause it's always some they/themby (male or female) who's far more terminally online than any of us and very sensitive

Anonymous 195939

Then all it takes for the entire website to collapse is the brother moid saying no. Making yourself dependent on moids id never good.

Anonymous 195940


So I was panicking at first, but now I'm finding it hard to believe. Would Shaymin really fuck over all farmers just because some of them didn't like the new layout, were concerned by how unfinished/empty the site looked, disliked kpop and were generally frustrated with the lack of communication and everything else? She herself is a farmer, isn't she? She values Lolcow as much as the rest of us, maybe even more because she became admin. I don't know, guys.

Anonymous 195941

invite link is DEAD

Anonymous 195943

Yeah but there's one desperately clinging to the fake shit last thread.

Anonymous 195945

yeah, especially an autistic one with how possessive they are. and what are retards known for? not letting go. be smart please

Anonymous 195947

how retarded you have to be to ask help for a retarded lain avatarfag poster ? do you really want this type of person (prob a troon) as an admin ? sight shaymin was right, she really gonna pull the plug atp

Anonymous 195948

The instructions on my humidfier are confusing. How do I fucking set this thing up.

Anonymous 195949

Because his sister, the real admin, would be keeping things in check. You're forgetting there's a n0nnie controlling the tard

Anonymous 195950

anyone willing to take on the financial and legal issue of running lolcow has to be a retard so yeah it makes sense theyd act like a retard

Anonymous 195951

prob samefag troon (blaine)

Anonymous 195952

Are there safer cloudflare alternatives that won't cave to troon pressure?

Anonymous 195955

Her last message was just her saying you can post on the original site again, everything else was trolling.

Anonymous 195956

Anonymous 195957

can you stop already?

Anonymous 195958

She's a shayfag but she's an incompetent admin. We've seen multiple demonstrations of that in the entire year she's been admin

Anonymous 195960

I already know there's going to be tons of weird, chromosome-questionable posts like this whenever there's a chance for a new admin, convincing us we shouldn't accept them for literally any reason.
Again: If that same anon from last hread is here, please just email her. You'll get verified, anyway. Any other anons with coding knowledge (or access to it) who are able to take on the role, please also email her.

Anonymous 195961

>She herself is a farmer, isn't she?
Someone in one of the previous threads brought up that she’s probably a PULLfag

Anonymous 195963

This is so unrealistic, oh my god. All we need is a female admin who knows how to code and you're asking for a specific situation of an anon having an autistic brother that's retarded enough to never do anything to fuck us over but also smart enough to be able to properly code. We have anons who could potentially be admin themselves.

Anonymous 195965

Anonymous 195966


i am so sad n0nnies, i realized i will not live to see 2100. I wish i was a few years younger.

Anonymous 195967

She isn't stepping down as admin, it was literally just a bad edit of the original message

Anonymous 195969

they will invent some kinda thing to let us live to 500

Anonymous 195970

I bought an Asian skincare product and now that I have it I realize that I can't read the instructions on the
back without a translator kek

Anonymous 195971

Why would you be sad about that?

Anonymous 195973

I'm not the most tech person in the world but I have an idea. If we can't have a retarded moid, is it possible to make a bot/basic AI that kinda works like a retarded moid? A bot is easier to control and can do heavy lifting better than an retarded moid

Anonymous 195974

Did someone post it unedited then? I think I might have missed it.

Anonymous 195975

The year 2100 is probably when we get lolcor back, too

Anonymous 195976

This thread is embarrassing.

Anonymous 195977

If we cannot find a woman that can run an imageboard how do you think we can find one to make a running bot

Anonymous 195978

what if the moid bot becomes self aware

Anonymous 195979

if it makes you feel better, probably no one will

Anonymous 195981

Where were they in the entire year oldmin spent looking for a new admin? Where were they when it became an issue late last year to find a new admin quickly? We have competent potential admins, we dont have any that WANT to be admins

Anonymous 195982

Yes, >>195574
That anon (possibly tranny) just used inspect element to change up text but did it really shitty and inconsistent kek.

Anonymous 195983


i wanna see the new century like my parents, its not fair. Y2K was so wild with all the ''the planes are going to crash on our backyards and the microwaves will rebel against humanity''. I am also angry that the 2010+ were so boring, i want some exciment in life.

Anonymous 195984


anyway…us female 2d trapfags are so oppressed. happy holidays nonas

Anonymous 195985


Even if shaymin doesn't step down, lolcow is just as big of a mess as ever.

Anonymous 195987

Anonymous 195988

Oppressed for good reason, scum

Anonymous 195989

Bots and AIs are even heavier coding nona KEK

Anonymous 195991

seconding this, or at least point out where it's clear that an edit has been made for those of us who can't see it. there's been multiple screenshots from multiple devices, which i know both of which you can do through inspect element but if it's poorly edited then surely we won't be able to tell if so?

Anonymous 195992

What's for lunch burger-chans?

Anonymous 195993

not opressed enough, face the wall

Anonymous 195994

just look at the conversation and times in the screenshots,if you aren't part of the discord. literally makes no sense with that admin message kek

Anonymous 195995

Yeah but we only have to do it once and it can be a collaborative effort between our most tech literate n0nnies. I know it's not the best idea but realistically we need to look at all our options since finding an admin has been a problem in the past

Anonymous 195996

rope and chair are better than a mom and a dad for you

Anonymous 195997


Anonymous 195998


I miss doomposting, does anyone else shitted their pants and cried thinking the world would end in 2012? i was a child and i hugged my cat and kissed him goodbye.

Anonymous 196000

Why can't a discord member just confirm this for us?
Also does shaymin not lurk these threads?

Anonymous 196001

ai barely works for moderation. look at facebook

Anonymous 196002

then can someone who is in the discord screenshot proof and post it here to end this once and for all ?

Anonymous 196003

I'm gonna go ahead and start breathing life into some of the CC threads. I have a feeling this is going to be a new home for some of us

Anonymous 196004

Capture d’écran 20…

what are you even saying at this point, its not edited. wake up !

Anonymous 196005


any other anons sick rn? i have a cold and i feel like shit

Anonymous 196006

I imagine she does? Where else have people been complaining about the new LC?

Anonymous 196007

several already said it's fake

Anonymous 196008

Tinfoil: She probably is and is having a great time watching everyone panic, whether she was serious or not.

Anonymous 196009

why was an updated discord link never posted
is it a sekrit club

Anonymous 196010


Stop instilling fake hope, it's real.

Anonymous 196011

Why are you making shit up? Everyone in the discord agreed that it’s real

Anonymous 196012

Those theythems ruined lain so much. I like her too. But I want to lose my mind anytime I see artwork of her doing drugs, drinking, or has self harm marks on her arms. YWNBL

Anonymous 196013

i left the discord a while back because when stuff started with kf they said they were going to delete it. what happened?

Anonymous 196014

Is that fun for you?

Anonymous 196016

Can't believe I'll probably have to revive that sad 2 year old hp thread

Anonymous 196017

So conversation just stopped for 20 minutes after she said this?

Anonymous 196018

at this point unalive yourself

Anonymous 196019


what games did you buy during during the steam winter sale? i got a bunch for dirt cheap because argie

Anonymous 196020

Anonymous 196021

What, did something happen again? I could access lc on my phone and my laptop a few hours ago, but I can't do it on my laptop now. Is this what you're talking about?

Anonymous 196022

nothing because i dont know yet!!!!

Anonymous 196024

> because argie
Gimme alfajor.

Anonymous 196025


Yes, the discord is dead as fuck. Currently there's some retard encouraging her to pull the plug

Anonymous 196026

Lainon, where are you?
What will you do as admin, if the rumors are true?

Anonymous 196027

its just a unmanaged bunker now, nothing too serious

Anonymous 196028

nothing I just play stardew valley and skyrim

Anonymous 196029

She is lurking, she mentioned an anon from these threads in a meta post.

Anonymous 196030

okay you're clearly trolling nvm

Anonymous 196031

If there are no imageboards anymore I will have nowhere to talk to people online because I'm not about to go on social media and give them all my information just to talk to trannies

Anonymous 196032

you sounds clearly as a moid, trying to reverse the situation when you are the one saying shit 10 mins ago

Anonymous 196033

Any stardew mods you recommend? Thinking about playing it bc Rune Factory 5 sucked

Anonymous 196034

i hope indra kills herself from that level of retardation

Anonymous 196035


Same retard posting on lolcow

Anonymous 196036

Because of bad weather, campus has closed for the second time this week. Had to break the news to my supervisor that I'm not able to complete my work before Christmas. Sucks and I wish I could have so I didn't have to worry about it till the holidays and completing would have been a good way to wrap up the year but it can't be helped. Going to be on holiday mode now, drink hot choco, and play vidya. Gonna worry about it when I come back.

Anonymous 196037

A moid would actually spam fake screenshots here

Anonymous 196038

Not steam sale but for the latest Nintendo eShop sales I downloaded Beak Blazers. It's cute but a little bit boring. 99c tho (original process was €9.99 I think) so I'm not complaining too much

Anonymous 196039

shaymin if you’re lurking here pls don’t pull the plug i actually thought the update has potential all we wanted is good communication :( but if you’re serious you should totally give me lolcow

Anonymous 196040

>how old some of the people are
>join the real world like everybody else
>just come to the discord instead
tranny moment.

Anonymous 196042

>just use discord
def a scrote and a pedo

Anonymous 196043

its not fucking fake fucking shut up already

Anonymous 196044

surely there have to be enough neet autismo women who have been online enough to not mind deleting cp and gore for the sake of the site

Anonymous 196045

what? who in their right mind would say "unalive" here, cut it out with that shit this isn't tiktok i'm not dumb enough to take you seriously after that

Anonymous 196046

I'd love to be a janny and I've been waiting patiently for janny applications to go up for the past 8 months at least. Except they never do. It's really frustrating

Anonymous 196047


Anonymous 196048

raza maestra.png

whats your favourite alfajor flavours? mine's membrillo

Anonymous 196049

>Join the real world like everybody else
Pretty sure the reverse happened over the last decade and a half kek

Anonymous 196050

Also they got no respect for oldfags. As if you have to be a NEET the whole time to post on LC for over 8 years.

Anonymous 196051

i have no skills but i have time, would like to try too

Anonymous 196053

its hot where i live, i was just in the pool splish splashing an hour ago

Anonymous 196054

>be shaymin
>not communating with anyone
>promising stuff but takes 10 years to do it
>everyone thinks you are a troon because lacks of skills
>aw yes xmas holidays ! perfect time to close the website for some re-arrangement
>fucks up the entire website
>everyone is mad
>uguuuu guess i will pull the plug then !!

Anonymous 196055

I'm still not even able to access the site through any link. Still, I hope shaymin doesn't kill lolcow.

Anonymous 196056


Don't forget
>join the real world!
>and the discord server
Discord servers are way worse than imageboards. And no, you can't be sufficiently anonymous.

Anonymous 196057

did s(he) ever said why the massive change out of nowhere?

Anonymous 196058

i’m on lolcor literally all day and i would happily be a janny. i think if shaymin put up applications she would be surprised how many people would want to help her out

Anonymous 196060


Same shit as last time. There is always some retards wanting the site to shut down and being "fine with that", why can't they just leave?

Anonymous 196061

I regret using a lain pic since she is agp bait now, I just save them from pintirest cause I like the aesthetic
waiting for reply
I just play vanilla, it's the best farm game imo

Anonymous 196062

who the fuck will remember these 30years old posts atp

Anonymous 196064

The lolcow discords are terrible I know like 5 women that were bullied off of them

Anonymous 196065

nta I hate the cliques and stupid passive aggressive shit that happens on discords. Imageboard anonymity is justice. One anon you called a retard in one thread can be your best friend in another.

Anonymous 196066

Every discord sucks

Anonymous 196067

you can't make an omelette (dark mode default theme) without breaking some eggs

Anonymous 196068

lain says no to tr…

>I regret using a lain pic since she is agp bait now
dont let the troons take lain, she's ours. The people calling you a troon are probably moids/troons larping or severe newfags.

Anonymous 196069

I was in a discord server once and it was the hands-down single most toxic cesspool of a place I've ever been on. I know people will say not all servers are the same, but wtf? This can't serious be a legit suggestion for a solution to a new site?

Anonymous 196071

Based and real

Anonymous 196072

bc oldmin wanted to do a server/board upgrade before she left. i think she started the process and then shaymin tried to finish it

Anonymous 196075

Noooo you can't have a site that gets raided by moids and spammed with cp, you have to migrate to a site created by the same kind of moids that spam cp!!! le gamer chat app!!! so much epicer!!! it's like being in the real world!!!

Anonymous 196076

what makes discord servers cesspools are scrotes and pickmes. a server without them both, mostly scrotes, can be alright to very good. but i agree that i'd prefer an imageboard

Anonymous 196077

i dont understand why discords need a bazillion channels. I am only on a discord to look for jobs related to my skill, otherwise its useless and infested with troons/zoomies/pedos.

Anonymous 196078

it's getting colder but I can't wear a sweater because I fell on my bike and scraped my arm up and it's all wet
christmas has never been so not comfy

Anonymous 196079

put on a bandaid wtf

Anonymous 196081

Is the site still inaccessible for anyone else? Both original and the new site throw an error.

Anonymous 196083

same. i joined a cliquey discord server where there would be infighting constantly and one "woman" was exposed as being a man. never again.

Anonymous 196084

what? how do you job search on there? do you freelance perhaps?

Anonymous 196085

I've been on IBs since 2006, I even helped moderate a board where I needed to delete CP every day, deal with derailing, samefagging and trannies. I've seen it all to the point that I'm totally desensitized to child porn and gore. The problem is I'm not a NEET anymore and I don't have the time needed to help moderate LC. I would imagine that there are a lot of anons with this level of knowledge and experience that can't help admin because they don't have the time.

Anonymous 196086

Temporary Bunker B…

The temp doodle board still has some free space, I think you should go draw on it and maybe calm down.
That or go back to the original/archived lc, posting is enabled again


Anonymous 196087

It shouldn't be. I've had great experiences with a few discords but they're absolutely shit for any kind of communication that requires proper archiving, and you can't search anything easily on them either, meaning things get lost and are unreachable from the clearweb unless you've joined the discord. It's thrash for big communities, great for communities smaller than 50 people.
Plus it's not anonymous

Anonymous 196088

it's too big and the pharmacy didn't have the large fancy 3M bandages in stock
im just covering it in aquaphor all day so it won't scar

Anonymous 196091

discord servers are horrible. it doesn’t even make sense for a site like lolcow to move onto them. what, would there be a different server for each cow/board? idec about them getting cliquey but i refuse to make a discord account and sacrifice muh anonymity and it seems like a server would be way more prone to infiltration than the site itself would be

Anonymous 196092

i joined a youtuber discord and it was 60% troons 40% children, never again

Anonymous 196093

Nah some retard will just erase my doodle so why bother I'll just doodle in my sketchbook in real life

Anonymous 196094

i have a feeling we're being trolled

Anonymous 196095

yeah, its a server for a program i use, i used to be on an art commission server too but i left.

Anonymous 196096

yes even ignoring discords annoying social stuff
they're just not good for imageboard stuff since you just end up with infinity scroll misc chat and it's hard to search

Anonymous 196097

>Plus it's not anonymous.
Yeah, that's a bad thing.

Anonymous 196098

Does this retard know there's a proper balance between being a tech illiterate normalfag and being terminally online?

Anonymous 196099

I was in the Rogue Internet Man Discord server for the sole purpose of following cows and I shit you not the whole thing was full of troons. I am not being funny or hyperbolic, a solid 70% of the active users across all sections of the servers were some form of gendertard, and the other 30% was comprised of literal furries and just shit artists

Anonymous 196100

I'm both at the same time.

Anonymous 196101

men ruin everything. every server i've been in with men was shit

Anonymous 196102

that's cool, never considered it but makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous 196103

Not even men they were aidens

Anonymous 196104

Anonymous 196105

I once had one covered in merengue instead of chocolate.

Anonymous 196107

It shows what discords are best for. Joining many feels like being a stranger who stumbled upon someone's private groupchat and half the people know each other irl. It's best for groupchats with people who already know each other, not so much for communities trying to stay anonymous. The point of anonymity on imageboards wasn't just not having your name directly tied to it, but also not having a clue who you're talking to. How you could be enemies in one thread and besties in another. It's the Wild West. Having any sort of alias attached to you just ruins that, makes people care more about their image and you get an updoot environment like on Reddit.

Anonymous 196108

what motivates aidens
I understand mtf as sexual perversion and way to dodge criticism but why ftm

Anonymous 196109

I know we are talking about shaymin/lolcor/whatever the fuck but seriously fuck the faggots at work I hate them so fucking much I want to start barking and snarking and biting customers fuck you fuck you I HATE you I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.

Anonymous 196110

Men and aidens ruin everything

Anonymous 196111


i remember infighting with some of you in a thread and then moving to another to shitpost and share cats with the same person i probably called a troon/told them to anhero, i love imageboard culture

Anonymous 196112

some leftover thai food, and a coke

Anonymous 196113

we could migrate to mumsnet

Anonymous 196114

A turkey sammich with pepperjack cheese and spinach.

Anonymous 196115

does anyone have a good fujo game. not persona

Anonymous 196118

yeah i agree but men are worse. aidens are harmless retards who get offended over everything, men will stalk post gore and sick porn and also get offended over everything

Anonymous 196119

grooming and being shamed for being female and not being a bimbo. Pakichan would put all the fault in yaoi but i think her being that autistic and shaming women for being unhinged perverts that want to see cute anime boys kiss contributes more to the trooning than yaoi ever could.

Anonymous 196120

this is the worst crimmas ever n0nnies i was looking forward to cow drama because they all usually have a miserable christmas and now its us who are miserable

Anonymous 196121

Anonymous 196122

Isn't pakichan obsessed with that little dutch boy.

Anonymous 196123

So is it really about negative feedback to the new layout or is that part something the admin actually said? Sorry for the spoonfeed question, but I just tried to go to the site and I'm kinda drunk

Anonymous 196124

you mean yumejo?

Anonymous 196127

can i have a bite?

Anonymous 196129

who is pakichan im a newfag

Anonymous 196130

depends on the aiden. if you've spent any time in the fakeboi threads you've surely seen a fair span of them, ranging from pitiable lesbian trying to escape homophobia to brainrotted western "fujoshi" who desperately wants gay men to fuck her

Anonymous 196133

i don't think it's good to treat aidens like they're entirely just misguided women we need to sympathize with…lots of them are deranged narcissists

Anonymous 196134

pakistani girl who hates fujos and black people

Anonymous 196135

Slow damage

Anonymous 196136

interesting ty nona

Anonymous 196137

some of them go completely overboard with their misogyny that they're indistinguishable from some basement dweller moid.

Anonymous 196138

she also liked varg vikernes

Anonymous 196139

I don't know, I seriously hope it wasn't the n*nnies freaking out over fucking templates and the lack of empty imageboards that got to her.
I feel bad for her but it's not good to be so thinskinned, you'll always have clueless users that don't know the ins and outs of stuff like this that will purposefully cause a panic.
Everything could've been prevented with some extra communication, and it still can be fixed it's really not a big deal kek

Anonymous 196141

Oh I agree, Aidens still annoy the shit out of me though.

Anonymous 196142

exactly. only difference between some aidens and some troons is that the latter can be an actual physical threat. nobody is ever going to be scared of an aiden

Anonymous 196144

do you mean that blonde boy? He was like an actor right, i dont think he was dutch or maybe it was another boy you meant

Anonymous 196145

I'm always distrustful of anons who hate aidens WAY too much, i always think they are males or something. A fakeboi will never be as bad as an agp or similar.

Anonymous 196146

this is true. why are aidens even misogynistic. i mean it makes sense since theyre literally relinquishing their sex but why

Anonymous 196147

Is Shaymin fr jumping ship?

Anonymous 196148

kek, true. i think that fact eats at them too, they'll never be taken seriously because… misogyny. poetic, really. they're still a plague though.

Anonymous 196149

i fel this. some are too far gone for sure but you can tell most will just grow out of it once the trend dies down.

Anonymous 196150


the ftm thread is hilarious, its always them making comics about how their soul isnt blue or pink but a bright magenta colored gem and that meants they are totes not female but male but also like to wear dresses and them making cringe fanart of tranny jesse. Meanwhile the mtf thread is about them walking naked on women shelters, shitting on the women background and raping children.

Anonymous 196151

Haven't seen it happen here yet, but sometimes in the FtM thread there will be posts where they're obviously mostly against female gender nonconformity and would hate butches or other gnc women too who don't do any of the troon shit.

Anonymous 196152

Oh, poor Cassandra… they would wish they had heeded the warning in your visions.

Anonymous 196154

The ftm thread on lolcow is 100% infested with gay moids

Anonymous 196156

one of the most recent funniest lolcow posts is some talking about kanye in the celebricows thread saying something like "one thing's for certain, he's a 'mo" like i've never heard that expression before but it actually made me laugh out loud and ever since then i've been referring to homosexuals as 'mos. i'm a 'mo

Anonymous 196157

How can you tell? I feel like you can spot a faggot/kiwifag in that thread a mile away.

Anonymous 196158

I get that they wanted a Christmas surprise type of reveal, but they should've announced it was a a "full reboot" type of deal months ago for people to chill out. I didn't care about the design change, but losing years' worth of threads really is a shame.

Anonymous 196159

It's legitimately a lot of scrote posters. I think the fujo cringe thread has scrotes also, no one else would get that mad.

Anonymous 196160

Anonymous 196161

I think its inner city slang I've heard it before

Anonymous 196162

that's so retarded. wouldn't you want women to accept themselves as women, despite their nonconformity, than want them to troon out, if you are gencrit? i imagine it's the same people who hate trannies not because transgenderism is harmful but because they think a man wearing 'woman's clothes' and vice versa is deviant.

Anonymous 196163

is he really a 'mo? i though he was suffering from some kind of psychosis

Anonymous 196164

I find Aidens hilarious because they're a lot of the times themlets that make up all kinds of play rules as if we were back on the playground making up characters and powersets. MtFs are usually just pervs.

Anonymous 196165


Anonymous 196166

I want to kms so fucking bad just thinking about clocking into work is making me want to cry I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate I want to scream.

Anonymous 196167

I keep hearing that the site is back however, I can't seem to access the site despite changing my browser, clearing cookies and using mobile data. Scandianons are you guys able to go on the site? Also if any anons would be able to link the site, I would appreciate it as I would like to cross that off the list of.

Been on the farms for nearly five years and would like to see the changes myself as otherwise this would be an inadequate goodbye

Anonymous 196168

does anyone have that image thats ''types of aydens''

Anonymous 196169

It's down rn bc shaymin got assmad everyone thought it was ugly so you have to use original.lolcow.farm.

Anonymous 196170

ftms make me think theyve all been sexualy assaulted so thats why they dont want to be women anymmore,

mtfs all come off as sex offenders

its bizzare how different they are

Anonymous 196171

nothing's confirmed but yeah he's going through bipolar psychosis right now. there were already 'mo speculations in the transvestigation sense and those rumors with jeffree star (started by that girl who went on dr phil) but what made that anon say that i think was him hanging out with nick fuentes who was caught watching gay porn ( or should i say 'mo porn )

Anonymous 196172

why does pakichan hate fujos and blacks? thats a moidy combination

Anonymous 196173

im worried about the future of anon imageboards. if kf can get taken down for exposing trannies so can any other site

Anonymous 196174

Anonymous 196175

It's also a Pakistani combination

Anonymous 196176

Why did she pretend to be a half-black woman? Why did she pretend to be romanianon? Why did she post her and her brother's hands? Why did she post a picture of her fucking grandma? Why did she post CP? She's just insane and autistic.

Anonymous 196177

The former moids of 8ch have something called the webring that is a group of image boards made up from former 8ch boards. Something like that for women's IBs could be the future.

Anonymous 196180

agree with everything but she didn't post cp, she posted a picture at a bad time which made it look like it but there wasn't anything sexual about it iirc

Anonymous 196181

i guess i have no idea how server hosting actually works or why it needs to be a company not someones pc

Anonymous 196182

romanianon is not pakichan. her picture was posted before

Anonymous 196183

Scott in pain.jpg

i am worried about the future of the internet, its so bleak right now. I miss forums, i miss personal websites, i miss imageboards not being filled by bots, FBI agents and newfags, i miss the internet being troon-free, i miss politics having no place in hobby-related discourses, i miss fun.

Anonymous 196184

ftm have much higher rates of SA/CSA than the average, so this is a factor for sure.

Anonymous 196185

I fucking know, pakichan pretended to be romanianon at some point. She blamed her retarded posts on romanianon.

Anonymous 196187

MtFs most extreme gender-related fetishes are to be degraded as a woman (sluts, bimbofication, slurs, sissification)
FtMs most extreme gender-related fetishes are to be degraded as a woman (corrective rape, forced pregnancy, someone telling them they'll always be women)

Anonymous 196188

someone selfhosting lolcow at home is a whole different can of worms and either way they're still at the whims of their ISP/VPS host (if they choose to tunnel traffic to one)

Anonymous 196189

wow i remember going on 8fags' GirlTalk before i knew lolcor had a /b/ which was later turned into /ot/ or however that went. it literally took me forever to know there weren't just cow boards. 8ch used to be my primary imageboard

Anonymous 196190

paki reminds me of effina

Anonymous 196192

cc nona here sorry for your loss lc sisters. your lore seems fun and i'm curious about the other famous s of lc if someone wants to name and give a brief rundown of some itd be nice

Anonymous 196193


Thank you for answering. The farms are still inaccessible however. This might be my last message to you all as if lolcow goes down then I will go too.

Anonymous 196194

Aidens are normally autists or lesbians who got groomed by genderfags for being butch. The thing is that some of the most horrific of the horrorcows happen to be aidens, like Soren or Todokaras. Aidens are notorious MAP enablers who glorify noncery in their art

Anonymous 196195

the fact that we have to accept all mtf as 'legitimate' even though 99% of them are just fetishst coomers pisses me off. a few years ago i had the misfortune of knowing a tranny and he legit told me he masturbated to himself and his own new tits in the mirror. moid behaviour

Anonymous 196196

i meant famous *s oops

Anonymous 196197

Same, lc was my only escape from this bs left and yet, here we are. And before anyone says "but anon, you could just log off and do thing irl, touch grass!!1!" that's not how that shit works. Irl I see was more politics and stupid normalfags. And even normies are now obsessed with what makes the internet so terrible now.

Anonymous 196198

It can be someone's PC, but normal home connections don't have the bandwidth and reliability to support even a small-ish website.

The alternative is either to put a PC you own into a datacenter, which is a company that provides appropriate infrastructure and computer related services, or to rent the processing power from a company without actually physically owning anything (cloud services).

Anonymous 196199

Anonymous 196200

Nona this webm is so funny thanks for sharing LOL

Anonymous 196201

go where, n0nnie? GO WHERE?

Anonymous 196204

Bye babe ily 4eva

Anonymous 196205

she is going to become a mountain woman with her own shed

Anonymous 196207

>but they should've announced it was a a "full reboot" type of deal months ago for people to chill out
I think there was some talk from admin where she said lc will be migrating to a new software. But again, tech illiterates don't know what that entails, and admin didn't bother specifying it might take a while to migrate things fully. It's stupid how easily these things could've been prevented honestly.

Anonymous 196208

Aidens will literally do the most cringe misogyny larping when confronted with a radfem

I'm always distrustful of aidens because they're just as likely to throw women under the bus as an mtf is, only for different reasons

Anonymous 196209

i dont know much about those but thats not true, the most horrific horrocows are still male.

Anonymous 196211



Anonymous 196216

> I didn't care about the design change, but losing years' worth of threads really is a shame.

She said in a /meta/ thread, that nobody read it seems, that she is in the process of porting over all the cow boards and will do the off topic boards too if people want her to.

Again, why not make some social media to post news and such? 10 minutes of writing could have killed 99% of this drama in the crib.

Anonymous 196217

Same true and honest woman in the vent thread who says we all just need to go out and touch grass, but is extremely invested in women no longer having our own imageboards:

Anonymous 196218

I'm in love.

Anonymous 196219

do you have any? ive got the black cat and white cat families but thats it

Anonymous 196220

Mods should time out everyone who replies to that and ban the fucker.

Anonymous 196221


The funniest recent lolcow post is this gem. Anyone who was in the personal cows thread was blessed with the antics of a white trash wizard who wears floor length purple robes outside in a parking lot who was posting about her obese drug addict ex best friend who stalked her into said parking lot

Anonymous 196222



Anonymous 196223


What are?

Anonymous 196224

8ch had a terrible reputation because of their /pol/ and /v/ boards but it hosted some neat small niche boards that didn't exist anywhere else. I used to go there for /cow/ because they would discuss cows that LC doesn't.

Anonymous 196225

>i miss the internet being troon-free
This so much, i miss when fandom spaces weren't filled with them and autistic women didn't feel the need to troon out.

Anonymous 196226


Me waiting for the funny part in Rick and morty

Anonymous 196227


the ai is a based terf

Anonymous 196228


I have a few, like the cat family, but I'm not too crafty with them. I like how fuzzy they are.

Anonymous 196230


I love sylvanians. I have a tiny collection and a couple of building and furniture sets. I like to make little scenes for them, but my mini town is overrun by babies. I can't stop buying the babies; they're way too cute.

Anonymous 196232

ignoring her insanity and personality she really does have such a cute face.

Anonymous 196233


I'm always seething that I'll never have him.

Anonymous 196234

sure she does kaka

Anonymous 196235


Anonymous 196237

can someone encourage me to bathe, i am stinky

Anonymous 196238

Are you one of French anons from earlier?

Anonymous 196239

Wash your sheets then it would be nasty for you to crawl unwashed into a clean bed

Anonymous 196241

Anonymous 196242

when my mental health got better i started showering every day instead of every week and now if i go one day withoiut my face skin feels all greasy and gross so i have no choice. dont fall for the same thing n0nnie

Anonymous 196244

If u can't motivate yourself, buy a bath bomb or a bubble bath so it's fun

Anonymous 196245


Anonymous 196249

Anyone watches hanabira? Vidrel is a cute sylvanian house renovation.

Anonymous 196250


I'm going to go to bed and hope I wake up to a normal, thriving lolcow.

Anonymous 196251

got called into work early today bc of holiday craziness but i just wanna stay in the bunker all day. plus we have horrible weather where i am so idk why my job is even open, I Hate Customer. No Customer Allowed

Anonymous 196253

gn n0nnie <3

Anonymous 196255

I came in to work hoping we'd get a half day but I'm stuck here till 5. Rip me.

Anonymous 196256

fun fact about calico cats. 99.9% are females and the rest are infertile males. only 1 in 10,000 male calico cats are fertile.

Anonymous 196258

how do they procreate then

Anonymous 196260

noooo im so sorry n0nna that sucks. but we will survive o7

Anonymous 196261

no I haven't, thank u.

Anonymous 196262

It's hard for me to not feel sympathy towards aidens. I came pretty close to transitioning/being non binary myself. But luckily I realized that I can just be an awkward autistic woman who likes men's clothes and is into computers and junk. No need to transition. Low-key I thank lolcow for peaking me before I fucked myself.

Anonymous 196264

They are gods miracle

Anonymous 196265


Anonymous 196266


We're almost there n0nnie. Pic unrelated but extremely related to my mental state these past few days.

Anonymous 196267

5 Stages of Grief.…

Anonymous 196268

A female calico cat can pass on her coat colours to her kittens even if the moid she bred with has a different coat colour

Anonymous 196269

I miss the consumerism threads the most. I like looking at organized boards and weeb shit, it scratches a itch in my primate brain.

Anonymous 196270

The vent thread back on LC has descended into troons posting demoralization and shilling for Josh to take control of the site.

Anonymous 196272

Nta but I had a very brief genderfluid phase as an autistic nlog tumblrfag 15 year old and being 100% honest all the aidens I knew were either obvious lesbians, trying to escape female beauty standards, or also autistic like me

Anonymous 196273

I don't think they mean it. Look, we're all just desperate for something now that we have the possibility of admin pulling the plug

Anonymous 196275

what if all this is just an elaborate christmas prank?

Anonymous 196276


Switching it up.

Anonymous 196277

At this point just hand the site over to Null. I know this is a retarded opinion but oh well. He's autistic enough to not let the site go down or do any retarded major changes. He understands how important this site is to us, I think he'd respect us enough to keep/have all female admin/jannie team & just let us be. I don't want him to RUN the site, but just have see over, like a safety net, to be there for when things start going south, instead of having an admin give up every few years. Only downside is probably kiwi moids posting/lurking (they do so anyway already though) & if KF gets in shit, we'd get brought down with them. I know a lot of n0nnas are willing to take on the site, which I encourage & would prefer, but if worst comes to worst this could be our only hope unfortunately

Anonymous 196279

But why null and not any of the actual female who can do it?

Anonymous 196280

That's Joshanon, or Null himself.

Anonymous 196281

nah, i'd rather stop using the site than have it handed over to a moid.

Anonymous 196282

Give it up oh my fucking god

Anonymous 196283

Stop this shit. Josh is not a savior, he's a fat retard that would kill lolcow because his userbase of autistic trannies that think they're better than the Twitter autistic trannies would constantly shit up everything.

Give the website to Josh if you want it to die a shameful death. I'd rather lolcow go out with dignity than be taken over by that retard

Anonymous 196286

now you have my attention. more frogs please ilthem.

Anonymous 196289

I'd rather become a miner

Anonymous 196290

If Josh has a sister that can control him as our real admin while he does the heavy lifting then yeah

Anonymous 196294

oh god pls no josh
i wish i could apply for admin myself. i’m enough of a neet and i have the time for it, i’ve been on lolcow for 6 years and i’m so emotionally attached to it i would put a lot into keeping it alive lol. the problem is that i don’t have nearly enough experience with coding and probably couldn’t get to the needed level of expertise on short notice. sigh

Anonymous 196295

is exactly what
was talking about, it's a tranny or its the indra retard from discord

Anonymous 196296

Could you not just hire somebody? I'm sure you could get a code monkey on Fiverr to work on it for a day or two when needed. In the meantime you can learn whatever you need.

Anonymous 196299

If moids really wanted to help they would all neck themselves together.

Anonymous 196300

I kind of regret leaving the discord now.

Anonymous 196302

>tfw drawing a cute picture of all my favs doing christmas stuff
It's very relaxing…

Anonymous 196303

Saying to give the site to Josh doesn't even make any sense because he's said before that he doesn't want to run another imageboard and with all the shit he's going through with KF right now I doubt he wants to take on the load of another site that needs a lot of maintenance before it can be used again.

Anonymous 196304


Of course.

Anonymous 196306



Shaymin also has no idea what the fuck she's doing. I wasn't open to the idea of two mods because I know that usually ends in power tripping, but at this point as long as they're both women I'm down. I think there's a few farmers with the experience needed that can do the back end stuff on their downtime, while a NEET could do all the day to day shit, while hopefully learning how to code.

Anonymous 196307

yeah we're being raided right now. it was probably a troll from the beginning
>at this point unalive yourself
>its not fucking fake fucking shut up already
>denial denial 5 stages of grief denial
>the post above
>"superior gender"

Anonymous 196309

that tiny pastry omg

Anonymous 196311

How is the frog able to hold his metal cup of scalding hot tea like it's nothing? And in a metal table too, preposterous!

Anonymous 196314


Anonymous 196315

i am really mad at this situation. i'm a former mod and planned on taking the site from former admin, but she pulled out (further evidence numin is oldmin) i had a lot of better changes to make and i was even going to enlist a friend who knows how to code for imageboards specifically. i am just very bitter about this whole mess.

Anonymous 196318

this is more an existential internet question, but has the internet always been obsessed with pathologizing everything, especially in regards to women and their interests?
I knew someone that tried doing this and the server(?) was used for bitcoin mining, kek.

Anonymous 196319

>numin is oldmin
pls elaborate?

Anonymous 196320

Cool story, sis. Post proof or shut up.

Anonymous 196327

>further evidence numin is oldmin
It is kind of suspicious that she's suddenly leaving just as anons start suspecting that. Anyway, anon, if you can, please just email her and take the site off her hands. I know there's you, the Lain poster and maybe one or two other anons who might do this. She doesn't have to know it's you (and tbh it shouldn't even matter who anyone is as long as they're a woman and can run the site).

Anonymous 196328

turbo retarded opinion

Anonymous 196331

>pathologizing everything, especially in regards to women and their interests?
Absolutely. If your interests are slightly quirky or non conventional and not up to standards of what people perceive women to like you'll be called a retarded autist at best and told to kill yourself at worst. Though, it's best to ignore people and do what you enjoy so long as it's not illegal, morally wrong or endangers yourself and/or others.

Anonymous 196332


Anonymous 196333


Anonymous 196334

I'll take it over. I don't know code but i'm willing to learn. If someone can instruct me on what i'll specifically need to learn and guide me, i'll acquire this new skill. I'm a fast learner. I have no limitations once I direct my focus and energy towards something.
I will also:
>Bring back 2X and expand on it
>Create a lolcow merch shop showcasing anon design - an opportunity for anons to make money and to support the site
>Assemble a team of suitable anons and establish a think tank, a board of anons to delegate any problems lolcow may face and to advise and suggest new ideas.
>Try to figure out a way for the site to identify gore and cp posting so it never shows
>No Kpop

Anonymous 196335

i thinks it's mostly fujos who want to make themself feel better because at least THEY didn't troon out

Anonymous 196338

Some even tried to bring that to Lolcow. I remember one anon posting some moidbrain shit saying women who like twinks must be sad virgins who are "just scared of real men!!".

Anonymous 196339

Should we make a thread for willing potential admins?

Anonymous 196340


Anonymous 196341

Merch, just no, and AI moderation is a pipe dream.

Anonymous 196343

anon council anon council decide me a fate

Anonymous 196344

Samefag but I would also:
>Update banners and bring them into 2022 (finally)

Anonymous 196346

Based, please go for it. I'm sure the mods could help you, too.

Anonymous 196348

I would make it when you click post number with text selected it quotes it.

Anonymous 196350

What the fuck are you guys on. Did shaymin really say she wanted to leave? I just got back.

Anonymous 196353

lmao learn to code first.

Anonymous 196354

Dear God please no merch. The think tank idea is solid though.

Anonymous 196355


Honestly, I find it all moidbrained as fuck. Unless they're getting of to shit like guro or lolicon or whatever I don't see the point in criticizing and telling anons they're retarded, need to kill themselves or that they should like "conventional thing" and then go on to arm chair the person in question. Who gives a shit if someone wants to kiss an anime boy, kiss a speedy hedge-hog, kiss a pink circle, see anime boys kiss each other, kiss sung-hung-woo, or kiss a monster etc. Unlike moids who let their fantasies bleed into their lives and ruin others, itt's all personal fantasy bullshit that will not affect the real world and others. People need to learn how to live and let live.

Anonymous 196356

Screenposts of discord messages of her saying that were posted here. I still haven't seen verification they're real.

Josh 196357

Just got sent this thread, how can I reach out to the admin? I'll have to see if traffic is small enough to host both KF and lolcow on my 10gbps line, during peak KF hours I only have about 3gbps of free bandwith.

Anonymous 196358

pics or it's not real

Anonymous 196359

get lost fat boi

Anonymous 196360

kek stop trolling

Anonymous 196361


Anonymous 196362

Tbh that's the least of our worries when someone's threatening to pull the plug. We have no time. Any anon wth two x chromosomes who has a chance at this, please just take the site.

Anonymous 196363

shut the fuck up already

Anonymous 196365

There are too many unqualified volunteers.

Anonymous 196367

Go on a diet first, then we'll talk.

Anonymous 196368

Anonymous 196371

hell no

Anonymous 196372

Prove it Joshua. Go on your Null account on KF and say that you want control over lolcow

Anonymous 196373

we're getting trolled nons

Anonymous 196374

Someone trolled you all real good. Can't believe some faux discord messages has exploded into this mess. Even if it were true, Null has said before he doesn't want to run LC and we shouldn't want him to run it.

Anonymous 196377

Look, if the discord screenshot is real, there are already several anons who have emailed. There are enough programmer anons and NEETs with the skills and time to do it. Ignore the josh trolling, sit back and wait for shaymin to answer her emails.

Anonymous 196379

Now the bunker threads have really fallen off. Shaymin hurry the FUCK up.

Anonymous 196380

We may be dumb but we're not this fucking dumb

Anonymous 196381


I'm the owner of a website, I have 10+ years of experience in owning a forum. I'm not really known on my site but I run it well. I get things done on the uppercase Internet. I was wondering if any kind soul could help me get In touch with the owner of lolcow.farm? I'm interested.
Sincerely, J.C.M

Anonymous 196382

Stop posting this fatty

Anonymous 196383

Anonymous 196384

post a pic of u running over your scrotum with a truck or this is fake news

Anonymous 196386


Thread needs more frogs

Anonymous 196387

It's so funny that when moids come on lolcow we don't even say "post dick or gtfo" because none of us actually want to see that kek

Anonymous 196388

I'm also at work anon. Hope you have a good day and your shift flies by!

Anonymous 196389

I love frogs. Question can the anons who can't access lolcow can't access it through the original.lolcow link? Or its completely broken? I can post on lolcow but I want to shit post here still kek

Anonymous 196390

Dick is in abundance and of low value.

Anonymous 196392

Wouldn't it be better if Lolcow had multiple admins to prevent these sorts of problems?
That way, all the stress isn't shouldered by one person, we could still have good communication even if one of the admins wasn't so great about it, server costs could be divided, and coding responsibilities could also be divided/taught. Also, if one left or became absent, there'd still be one or more others around to keep things running.

Anonymous 196394

>ask scrote friend if he wants to hang out on new years
>says "yeah, i guess"
What does this mean. Why'd he say "I guess"?

Anonymous 196395


Anonymous 196396

i agree, if it was a team that worked well together things could go a lot more smoothly
downtime could be more quickly fixed too

Anonymous 196398


Anonymous 196400

>ALSO there was a new sneaky addition to the rules saying they can reveal the IP of any user ay their discretion
why would shaymin side wit IP revealing farmhand

Anonymous 196401

he's not that interested but it doesn't mean that he hates you or anything, it seems like you're just not his favorite person to spend time with. but i've only got this post to go from so i'm just making assumptions

Anonymous 196402

there is some other person he wishes would ask him to hang out but they haven't so he will hang out with you

Anonymous 196404

im starting to buy the tinfoil shaynmin was the ip revealing poster and blamed it on a janny

Anonymous 196405

If you're the main person who asks to do stuff, him saying that probably means he doesn't appreciate you that much. He might make an excuse to not hang out with you when the time actually comes, too.

Anonymous 196406


bless you

Anonymous 196408

no fucking Josh. if he finally realizes his dream and takes over the site after 7 year or however long it is I will never log in again. but don't worry I'm pretty sure that some women are applying. and the n0nnies talking about how we need to have a scrote because tech skills are retarded, lcf has plenty of women with tech skills, the question is whether that overlaps with the set of people who want to put up with the bullshit (I don't) but we have ourselves a community and will pull through. don't even mention Josh for God's sake.

Anonymous 196410

If Shaymin = Oldmin, it means she hasn't grown up. She used to be obsessed with tracking users.

Anonymous 196413

How many people have volunteered already? Lain, the ex-mod, me (unskilled neet).

Anonymous 196415


Anonymous 196416

> another site that needs a lot of maintenance before it can be used again.
it doesn't though, it just needs better communication and more farmhands

Anonymous 196419

Caps! Some of us still can't access either website.

Anonymous 196420

fraudulent and homosexual

Anonymous 196421

It literally does anon. The update on the new site isn't even finished and even if we go back to the old site it would still need to be updated for better moderation (which was the whole point of moving servers)

Anonymous 196423


Going onto CC and lolcow for the past 2-3 days has just felt like this pic over and over I posted the wrong pic the first time kek
Wasn't there that database anon or whoever who said they could also admin?

Anonymous 196424

ayrt (also unskilled neet, minimal coding experience) & i volunteered as well, hoping theres something i can do to contribute

Anonymous 196425

I think I forgot deodorant today

Anonymous 196426


Anonymous 196427


Anonymous 196428

i'm creased at the wrong picture you posted i just accepted it like yeah >>196417 true i suppose

Anonymous 196430

yeah but it's not some unsurmountable task, granted I don't know the state of their custom hacked up additions to vichan but still. I don't want to minimize the work that either admin has/had to do but it is not an insurmountable task. the reason that everyone freaked out and that newmin had a bpd-chan meltdown was because of the communication issue, not a technical issue.

Anonymous 196431

database anon, I very much don't want to be admin, period. but if somehow it is between me doing it and it all falling through, I'll do it. I don't think we'll get there though.

Anonymous 196432

I don't wear deodorant if I'm going to be alone or just going to shops.
my mother said it causes cancer and other stuff

Anonymous 196433


i miss lc, i miss posting every unhinged though i had. Currently i have been wishing there were more female serial killers and school shooters.

Anonymous 196434

I have the resources for it, I have the storage space, money and time. Can you mail me and explain step-by-step how to do this?

Anonymous 196435

But that has always been a thing, it's just that only now they stated it clearly

Anonymous 196436

I can't find a copy of tinyib that looks like lolcow.

Anonymous 196437



Anonymous 196438

i applied to help (I also don't want to be admin but ill do it if it means keeping it up as a last resort) and im a dev with a team as well without money issues for it, but i really wanna know WHY theres been so many issues before i take over

Anonymous 196439

I'm similar but I'm definitely at work starting to smell myself. I have an emergency supply in my backpack but it's not as effective as the one I usually use

Indeed I am.

Anonymous 196440

Why school shooters?

Anonymous 196441

She shot childern moid, you are retarded

Anonymous 196442


I was reminded of these mugs we used to have when I was growing up.

Anonymous 196443

I wish there were more female serial killers that only targeted moids. I might have to become the change I wish to see. jk

Anonymous 196444

If worse comes to worse we could always just force a take over of a smaller imageboard and start over. Tohnochan has nothing going on it's just suicidal moids talking about anime, we'll just take it off them

Anonymous 196445

I don't care about scrotelings that will most likely grow up to become rapists and trannies

Anonymous 196447

reeeeeee raiding is against the rules
but wizchan would be more fun

Anonymous 196448

tohno would just pull the plug then at that point and you'll be at square one again

Anonymous 196449

This is making me laugh so hard

Anonymous 196451


Anonymous 196452

would a frog mind being in coffee

Anonymous 196453

Wizardchan has a higher percentage of female posters than lolcow did according to some web analytics thing.

Anonymous 196454

Go on /x/. Seems like you'd like it.

Anonymous 196455

the new home of lolcow

Anonymous 196456

when i was a teenager i was fascinated with her because she seemed so cool and she actually had a pretty hard life. I am just fascimated by unhinged women. Nahir Galarza is my latest special interest, she beat the fuck out of her abusive boyfriend then shot him.
she only killed adult men though, i do not agree with her actions, thats why its an unhinged thought.

Anonymous 196457

I honestly think it might just be better to stay here if we really have to. It would be easier to integrate into a board that's already all female, and we don't have to completely change the culture or worry about men. It will only become an issue if Snail also says fuck it and decides to not come back.

Anonymous 196458


frog n0nnies rn

Anonymous 196459

>we don't have to completely change the culture
Sorry, I just realized how rude I look talking about changing the culture of CC on CC kekk

Anonymous 196460


this is true

Anonymous 196461


Anonymous 196462

Hey, I didn't say raid, I said take it off them. This is a pinkpilled imageboard I doubt anyone here would care if we bullied actual irl body pillow having ass neckbeards off their secret forum and took it for ourselves

Anonymous 196463

Fuck, I'm finally on holidays for a week and this whole thing happens. It's just as I said in previous thread, I'm cursed.

Anonymous 196464

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 196465


Same, I just want to see more women go apeshit for once.

Anonymous 196466

Licherally crying, shaking, screaming, wailing etc. my beloved lolcor and 6 years of history is gone. If they were gonna nuke the site they should have at least let us archive the shit!! The fuck

Anonymous 196467

what if we made unichan again as in unicorn chan kek. real ones remember unichan

Anonymous 196468

Same. And I have no friends or a partner anymore to spend the holidays with. Feel so lonely this winter.

Anonymous 196469

New site is lolcor

Anonymous 196470


Anonymous 196471

no one forced to take up the admin job anyways. The site was perfectly fine before, she just made it worse and very obviously didnt give a crap about farmers opinions.

Anonymous 196472


Anonymous 196473

I look away from this thread for 30 mins and already have no idea what's going on.

Anonymous 196474

If you do your job in the worst way possible AND then fail to do it at all, you will eat shit, yeah. Maybe reflect and improve instead of throwing a fit.

Anonymous 196475

All of my friends hate me. If you mean wrt to lolcow, idk, some admin drama shit.

Anonymous 196476

Nice, pre-frogs

Anonymous 196477

Anon Who Archived Lolcow, can you become a new admin. Please. Fuck Shaymin.

Anonymous 196479

Anonymous 196480

we had that discussion already and no, it wouldn't be better. i have the feeling that there are a few trannies in here samefagging and trying to ruin lolcow

Anonymous 196481

Well obviously she can't make everyone happy. This whole thing is happening because of her poor management. She should listen to the userbase obviously, but sometimes as an admin you just have to do what you think is right and let everyone get accustomed to it. That's what oldmin did with /2X/ and it's what she did when /w/ was added. If shaymin simply just explained what would happen after the server move and why it was happening for the anons who didn't get it, this all could have gone over so much smoother. I do think the anons complaining so much were being childish and stupid though, they should have at least let the site properly get up and running and for updates to be done before dogpiling admin.

Anonymous 196482

pom pom.png

i dont have as many frogs as i thought

Anonymous 196485

There is an anon who archives lolcow threads and keeps a secret mirror of the site, in case it all disappears. She's more tech savvy and she said she thinks doing a new site that would include all things we want would be possible, and she wondered about messaging Shaymin with advices. she said she could make a new site technically but she has no time

Anonymous 196486

I want to sympathize but a community literally founded on talking catty shit is going to talk shit, regardless. On a much smaller scale just look at how people complain about new thread OPs all the fucking time. People are going to complain. It should be obvious that you will get shit as admin, it is part of the job. So whoever it is is going to have to put on her big girl pants and read people saying mean things. It's not like she is doxed and people are actually bothering her.

Anonymous 196487

I don't think people should be rude to admin but come on, again, it's not like she just changed something small. If you ask me it's the stress of her probably not knowing how to fix the issues with the new site, getting shat on and just being frustrated. Nobody told her to take the site and then do thos random, "about to change the whole site" I knew she meant well though

Anonymous 196488

I will say that I understand admin position can be frustrating BUT a lot of the complaints were absolutely warranted. The biggest thing people shit on shaymin about was not communicating with us ever, and that could have been very easily rectified by making a post every month or so. Not posts, A post. Just one. To keep us in the loop instead of a constant state of uncertainty. That would have been 80% of the complaints gone right there

Anonymous 196489

>persona 5 royal
>corpse factory
I might buy some Narcissu dlcs as well

Anonymous 196490

Anonymous 196491


this, i wish women were feared like men are. Wish men would think twice before going out at night because they fear the MSK(male strangler killer) might be watching and looking for a prey. Its obviously way better that we arent a failed species like men, but still i wish more women would go on killing sprees(against men of course).

Anonymous 196492

what a Stacey

Anonymous 196493


Anonymous 196495

she's literally shaymin as in shaynafag admin. shayna's thread is literally nitpick central, if those screenshots are even real (highly doubt) she out of all should have expected it or at least taken it without bailing so fast. i understand the pressure you're under especially with this type of neverhappy community but you are literally an administrator for it kek like seriously. BUT that's all if this is all real and not a moid orchestrated thing

Anonymous 196496


i will never forgive the mods for banning the ariasposting thread on /ot/

Anonymous 196499

anyone know what's up with tuna and her new hovel?

Anonymous 196500

shaynafags are cows themselves, my personal cow whose a pedo who fantasizes about molesting Lisa Simspon is a fucking shaynafag despite being miles worse. Honestly shayna is so boring that only nitpickers who want to feel better about themselves would follow her.

Anonymous 196501

when was this posted?

Anonymous 196502

the Discord caps are real, I'm in there, and I have no idea why she is having a bpd meltdown over entirely predictable criticisms and spergouts by autists who don't like change and who got agitated because they were deprived of their site for a couple days. I don't get why she is losing it. hopefully she just will take the time to lolcalmdown after the holidays, but a cluster "B" personality disorder seems a requirement for the job going on the past few

Anonymous 196503

Don't hold back now n0nz… I'm going through gossip withdrawal, I need to laugh at a cow before I become one.

Anonymous 196504

Was shaymin spending several times the amount of money she needed for hosting?

Anonymous 196506

i mean a lot of shaynafags admit they bolster their self esteem from a homely camcow which is a major nlog red flag in itself. am kekling that admin cannot take what she might have dished out

Anonymous 196507

Didn't we also have an admin at one point who posted a pic of her arms and you could see she cut herself or something? Not sure if I'm remembering correctly. I think she was pretty young too.

Anonymous 196508



Anonymous 196509

lmao yes that was the admin before shaymin. she was a total cow and would sperg out on discord a lot

Anonymous 196510

what's that supposed to mean?

Anonymous 196511

I think that was the last admin (the one who wa faildoxed as "Ines") or the one before? I think it related to the 2X drama and she was being accused of being a tranny and told to post hand and then mocked for her SH scars

Anonymous 196512

was listening to japan as i saw these, always proud of you n*nnas for having good taste

Anonymous 196513


Anonymous 196514

I don't think CC wants to have anything like /snow/ or /pt/ on their boards, which is why a gossip side doesn't exist here. It'd be pretty rude to just take over CC when they've been here doing their own thing for years and kindly let us bunker when LC goes down. Unless the CC regulars and snail/the mod staff are okay with it I think we should leave CC as it is. Inviting people who are only here for drama will make CC far less cozy. Plus, you'd be attracting more unhinged anachans, camgirls/cows that want their threads deleted, and quality posters. We'd probably drag CC down

Anonymous 196515

last admin was really young too, I don't know for sure how old but even younger than the faildox I think, not that much older than Elaine herself. big bpd-chan and I think her mentals got in the way of her being able to communicate regularly about the site.

Anonymous 196516

I've been wondering how LJ and Laur are doing but too lazy to look into it myself. Laur probably saw LC down and thinks she did something

Anonymous 196517

shaynafags have 0 self awareness, they cant even admit they just want to laugh at a fat gross idiot for being a fat gross idiot because it makes them ''a bad person'', they have to invent shit like ''ugh shes akshually a terrible person and pedo because she dresses in diapers and makes porn, but she also looks so haggard and has nosolabial folds and is fat''. Also i am sure all shaynafags are zoomers, if not underage.

Anonymous 196518

kek, seeing this is funny after some anons noted how people have a problem with pathologizing literally everything these days.

Anonymous 196519


Anonymous 196520

aww someone drew a snake next to my other animals! that's cute. I was trying to draw a snake and gave up. i like the tiny bird on my bird too

Anonymous 196521

did they really mock another woman for having cut herself? that's really low

Anonymous 196523

I just remembered that we had a BPD admin before

Anonymous 196524



Anonymous 196525

yes a gossip site adds potential legal issues and insane vendettaish people who want to fuck with it, it's a pretty specific thing with it's own baggage and there's a reason drama sites keep closing and the only one that thrives is fueled by Josh's pure autism and desire for clout and meaning in his gay life. so it's remarkable that one for women has stayed up nearly as long (a year or two younger than KF) … which is why we can't let it die, even if it has to change just a little bit (I'm autistic and reeeeeeee I don't like change either) but why it would be hard to just start it up somewhere unless you just mean /ot/ /m/ and /g/

Anonymous 196526

>having a bpd meltdown
what's she doing

Anonymous 196527

yeah, she's fucking unhinged. Her latest hyperfixation is drawing Helga being SA and tortured by her sister.

Anonymous 196528

N0nnie, shayna literally posts CSA scenarios on her porn account. How can you say she's not awful? People don't have to make excuses to justify her being awful she is literally vile for using these scenarios to appeal to pedophiles

Anonymous 196529

Guru gossip I think is also still alive and kicking, but yea, drama boards bring an undesirable userbase and a lot of legal issues with them.

Anonymous 196530

Yeah, s were deprived of their proper channel of shitposting for 3 days and they thought they'd be able to get right back into it, maybe even holding onto the last response they were going to add to their retarded infight and then they were welcomed by "empty boards", because for some reason she didn't want to say anything? Honestly, what was she expecting? Did she think the userbase would clap and cheer?

Anonymous 196531


me without my daily lolcow.farm

Anonymous 196533

That's just antiperspirant that causes cancer. You can buy deodorant without antiperspirant.

Anonymous 196534

What meltdown? Post caps nonnette, we need to see

Anonymous 196535

Nta, I used to bash shayanons but having read through the threads when I was sick I get it now, she really does post the most deplorable shit about wanting to be r*ped and a select group of men really love that shit, it's okay to wish a woman wasn't providing it for them, but the constant photos of her gaining weight instead of posting caps of crazy shit she says about wanting to be assaulted is, frankly, very telling of who frequents the thread

Anonymous 196536

>she is having a bpd meltdown

Anonymous 196537

>CSA scenarios on her porn account
she's not a child, no pedo would fine a fat retard like her attractive for dressing up as a ''baby''. I think all porn is gross but what she doing isnt cp and she isnt a pedo, you are deminishing real CSA because you hate a fattie and cant be honest enough to admit it.

Anonymous 196538

Anonymous 196539


Feel like complete shit just want her back

Anonymous 196540

>do think the anons complaining so much were being childish and stupid though, they should have at least let the site properly get up and running and for updates to be done before dogpiling admin.

Yes. It was insane, like she literally just got the website back on and they expected it to be perfect immediately. Imo both the admin and most of LCs userbase are retarded. The fall out would not have been this bad if she communicated clearly instead of just doing shit and expecting us to clap. Even the autistic NEETs would have been much more understanding had they known what to expect.

>"Hey guys, we're fuckin changing the UI and pretty much everything about LC on the 19th, please give us a few days to work out the kinks".

That's all she had to say.

Anonymous 196541

Everytime she posts want of her repetitive, "I wish momma and daddy would drug and rape me" posts it's in the thread. The milk of shayna includes her weight gain, looks/body that's all she is.

Anonymous 196542

Anonymous 196543

She enables and promotes pedophilia with her pedo pandering ways. She's a disgusting degenerate and I hope she gets everything she asks for.

Anonymous 196544

Anonymous 196545

this "no one praises me when i try to end lolcow and turn it into a ugly site :(" is so childish

Anonymous 196546

sorry by BPD meltdown I just mean where she threw in the towel after getting criticism etc, right now in the Discord there is some tranny(?) stirring shit but also non nies offering to help and trying to be supportive. I think we will be fine tbh. something will work out. it has to.

Anonymous 196548

And yet her biggest fan was a guy who was caught subbed to his own daughters porn account (pedophile who is attracted to Shayna using CSA scenarios for porn) and her girlfriend is highly suspected of being a pedophile herself. The kind if shit she does is FOR pedophiles

Anonymous 196549

> The fall out would not have been this bad if she communicated clearly instead of just doing shit and expecting us to clap.
We really need 2 things most of all and first of all
> more farmhands
> better communication
To me that is a higher priority than upgrading the software or any other technical thing. And we got the tech upgrade which I am grateful that people put work into but the priorities of the userbase and the admins seem not to have been aligned and that's why there was conflict but people took it too personally on both sides I feel like.

Anonymous 196550

>right now in the Discord there is some tranny(?)
yeah he was sperging on the dumbass thread on /ot/ with this "i hope admin pull the plug" too

Anonymous 196551


Whatever will be of me if I can't laugh at barbie pouch guy's post-ffs face reveal in the MtF thread

Anonymous 196552


Before the this thread dies I want to say thank you other frog n0nnies

Anonymous 196553

holy shit i totally forgot, maybe shayming was preparing the site for the 100+ laughing responses the result would get, the site just wasnt ready for such massive lolz

Anonymous 196555

Lol no. Sexualizing child related things is a huge issue and is related to CSA. Any CSA advocate would tell you how wrong it is. No idea why you're trying to pretend it isn't a big deal.

Anonymous 196556

She sexualizes diapers, pacifiers and childern toys. The chances of q pedophile watching regular porn is High, so you telling me there's no chance an actual pedo isn't watching shaynas content because despite being an fat adult , she creates scenarios in diapers and pacifiers? If you found out a scrote was into grown women pretending to be babies and writing CSA like stories isn't a pedo?? Her ex was a man with young childern who got off to her acting like a child. I cannot be convinced that pedos don't seek out shaynas content until they go for the real thing or while watching the real thing. What is the attraction to what shayna does if it isn't her acting like a child while wearing diapers and pacifers??

Anonymous 196557

Kek I hope LC is back in time for his reveal

Anonymous 196558

i made this meme happy to see it being used!!!

Anonymous 196559

it's like seeing your kids grow up and go out into the world

Anonymous 196560

My favorite cow is luna slater and I am honest with myself that I just get a mean-spirited laugh out of her being fat and dirty and selfish. The best part is playing I,Spy with pictures of her nasty sanrio stuffed animals and needles but she doesn't post them since they got kicked out of the hovel. rip broken pink office chair

Anonymous 196562

you guys are wasting your time discussing whether it's pedo stuff or not. the last infighting in the last thread was about whether it is pedophilia to sexualize a character that looks and acts like a baby (kirby) or not

Anonymous 196563

this made me laugh thank you

Anonymous 196565


Anonymous 196567

Just a quick shoutout to oldmin for her autistic holy war against elaine. Poisoned the well for staff replacements which is why she was never able to find an actual successor and had to make one up. 4d chess right there.

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