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Lolcow Bunker Thread #18 Anonymous 197189

Anonymous 197190


Anonymous 197191

Personally I think she's just a fucking retard. This switch was on the cards literally for years. She could choose whenever she wanted to do it and how. She chose christmas and fuck all prep, just wing it. And you want her to keep trying?
What is this stockholm syndrome some anons have with admin

Anonymous 197193


Please no more scrotes

Anonymous 197194

crack is based but I can't get any good drugs where I'm at tbh
that would make sense if she is talking about having to rip the HTML files but I doubt it, i think it's just being unprepared for the launch

Anonymous 197195

Wait how old is this guy? He looks kind of middle-agedish or maybe 30s

Anonymous 197198


Anonymous 197200


he is 28.

Anonymous 197201


Anonymous 197202

Every man posted itt

Anonymous 197203


goodnight, farmers. goodnight, miners.

Anonymous 197204


Me too! She's so pretty in Wednesday and also lucifer as well
I'm afraid I haven't, is it good?

Anonymous 197205

oh the other pic looked different kek with some of the face lines

Anonymous 197206

Holy shit anons I just realized that working on yourself takes time what the fuck. Furthermore, I'm okay with it and feeling positive about the future. What the fuck.

Anonymous 197207


outside of my liking for cocaine tease men i also like mob bosses

Anonymous 197208

I will post yaoi.

Anonymous 197209

merry chirstmas

Anonymous 197210

Do you believe in santa claus

Anonymous 197211

Wdym "believe"… he's real I saw him kissing my fucking mom.

Anonymous 197212

not sure if i buy this or not, but if it's true, the ironic thing is everyone would be way more sympathetic if she just came clean about it. she could literally just explain that ian has been running the site behind the scenes the whole time and the lynxchan transfer was necessary to establish something she can manage herself without some moid having a backdoor in and everyone would probably give her way more grace than they are giving her rn

Anonymous 197213


Anonymous 197214


Anonymous 197215


Idk I’m not a danofag I tried to edit him to look like Paul dano

Anonymous 197216

if he wasnt real how come there is so much footage of him, n0nnie?

Anonymous 197217

Anonymous 197218

good morning chat.…

what are your 2023 goals? i want to git gud at drawing

Anonymous 197219

Head needs to be a little wider but the face needs to remain the same size or smaller.

Anonymous 197220


I'm kind of obsessed with this 19th century French moid I even looked his name up in a census from 1860

Anonymous 197221

This looks just like the art style of a girl I used to be friends with. Freaked me out.

Anonymous 197222

Santa Claus is transgender

Anonymous 197223


Anonymous 197224


Anonymous 197225

Get gud at drawing too, I want to draw good shit. I'd like to get back into writing fanfics too.

Anonymous 197226


Anonymous 197227

he is very handsome

Anonymous 197228


girlies i’m sad, i don’t want lolcor to die

Anonymous 197229


he was kinda cute a decade ago

Anonymous 197230


Anonymous 197231


Anonymous 197232

I grew herbs and strawberries this year, next year I want to grow mushrooms and start a vegetable garden

Anonymous 197233


rest in piss

Anonymous 197234

Is that me?

Anonymous 197235

he has boyish looks to me

Anonymous 197236

And who is he?

Anonymous 197237


Anonymous 197238

what the fuck is that

Anonymous 197239

nonnıes there's a entire board for spamming men..

Anonymous 197240

it’s me as a baby, don’t be rude

Anonymous 197241


Is this better

Anonymous 197242


He really is, better looking than most modern scrotes too
What a shame that I was born too late to appreciate his beauty IRL

Anonymous 197243

Anonymous 197244

can you stop spamming ugly guys here and go to the thread for that

Anonymous 197245

It's getting annoying as fuck I hope all those moids are shot into space in a cardboard box.

Anonymous 197246

There's a thread for ugly moids here?

Anonymous 197247

get good at drawing
get a new job
get some muscle
go to dance class
learn how to do a hand stand
try cosplaying for first time

Anonymous 197248

Average Yaoi fan ideal man

Anonymous 197249

I spent way too much time trying g to figure out what kind of bird that was.

Anonymous 197250

holy fuck please stop spamming moids

Anonymous 197251


yeah he is 28 and the twink death hasn't hit yet. he has the same appeal as evan peters

Anonymous 197252

Wanna eat a ham and grapejelly sandwich but no jelly

Anonymous 197253


Stop spamming moids faggot

Anonymous 197254


Last one sorry I got lazy

Anonymous 197255

it’s me as a baby sadface

Anonymous 197256

Anonymous 197258


Louis Dodier, steward for the manor of a wealthy amateur photographer named Louis Adolphe Humbert de Molard
Pretty sure his full name is Louis François Dodier, born in 1823

Anonymous 197259

Ham and what

Anonymous 197260

Triggered because you want men that look like this >>197254

Anonymous 197261

on /img/, tho not for uggos specifically but you can probably make one there. some of them are already posted in the other men threads though.

Anonymous 197262

>I hate him and I hope he ends up homeless and on drugs
>well, maybe I'm just hungry
>still want that useless scrote homeless addicted to drugs

Anonymous 197263


based jesse enjoyer

Anonymous 197264


no more ugly men

Anonymous 197265

This fugly mouthbreathung faggot looks like he sucks cock for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Anonymous 197266

Anonymous 197267


Anonymous 197268


Anonymous 197269

His eyes are pretty

Anonymous 197270


Anonymous 197271

the only handsome man in this thread

Anonymous 197272


Now this is a moid I could get into!

Anonymous 197273

don't fucking start

Anonymous 197274

The threads have officially fallen off.

Anonymous 197275


Anonymous 197276

im so sorry I just thought this pic is cute

Anonymous 197277

we said no uggos anon

Anonymous 197278


Anonymous 197279

>kirby will forever be tainted here

Anonymous 197280


Anonymous 197281


No more men

Anonymous 197282

you guys…
at this point i'd rather see kirby spam since the design is cute. as long as there's nothing lewd.

Anonymous 197283

Vintage moids aren't any less ugly because they're vintage. Some of you anons think like tradfags

Anonymous 197284


Anonymous 197285

It's a moid

Anonymous 197287


Anonymous 197288


Technically Kirby related, Susie Haltmann is a girlboss who turns am uppity moid (seen on the left) into her personal robot, and now runs a multi-trillion galaxy wide company after deleting the owner, her father, from existence by accident with the aid of a super computer containing God.

Anonymous 197289


what do you like to draw? i want to draw cute boys cus yume
good luck with that sounds comfy

Anonymous 197290

Paul Dano is the ugliest man of all time. That is all

Anonymous 197291

Is this real anon

Anonymous 197292


'Cause they're not ugly h8r

Anonymous 197293

Anonymous 197294

i once saw a puzzle with this image

Anonymous 197296


Anonymous 197297

Because the pictures are blurry as fuck so you make up the rest of the image in your mind. Can't see the acne or 5 o clock shadow

Anonymous 197298


points at you

Anonymous 197299

>what do you like to draw?
Kirby, but as of late I'm really into doodling food and practicing rendering with food.

Anonymous 197301

king dedede anon?

Anonymous 197302

He is balding, come on anon.

Anonymous 197303


he may be many things but ugly isn't one

Anonymous 197304

I suppose so, I kind of lose track of what people call me.

Anonymous 197305

NTA but I absolutely love illustrations of food. I own a couple of volumes of the Midnight Diner manga (even though I don't speak Japanese) just because I like looking at the food drawings. Good luck with your art goals anon!

Anonymous 197307


Mmkay whatever you say
He was older in that pic soz

Anonymous 197308


i love you queen, why do you husbandofag dedede of all characters? mind yu i know jack shit about kirby lore

Anonymous 197309

As do I! Food illustrations always have a certain class to them that just makes them so aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at. I love illustrations of cake the most.

Anonymous 197310

Are you the same anon that was spamming yaoi?

Anonymous 197311

A scrote sent me a picture of his passport by accident and I saved it

Anonymous 197312


discord kitten

Anonymous 197313


Raises single eyebrow at you

Anonymous 197314

Me too! I absolutely adore those dessert illustrations where they look all shiny and colorful. I also really like drawings of ramen and soup, they always look so tasty.

Anonymous 197315


Anonymous 197316


Anonymous 197317

>why do you husbandofag dedede of all characters
I would say I not only husbandofag Dedede, but also Kirby and Meta Knight but I primarily just like shipping the three interchangeably with kbmt, kbdd, or mtdd. Though the latter is my least favorite. To answer your question, Dedede just has a whole lot of charm! Physically, he's rather cute, he wears a big soft robe and he's a bit tubby but still super strong. Personality wise, I like the gap between how spoiled and arrogant he can be and the times he's genuinely a good king with a heart of gold who will go out of his way to help no matter what like in Kirby 64 where he helps Kirby on a quest to collect the Crystal Shards needed to stop Dark Matter from taking over Ripple Star. He's just cute in general!
No. I don't like yaoi.

Anonymous 197318


this is making me laugh really hard

Anonymous 197319

Are those guns in the other screen?

Anonymous 197320

As do I, I can draw baked goods really well but I can never get soup right! It's hard to draw that shininess of the liquid and the and the individual noodles and pieces. Second to baked goods, I like drawing meat too! Like steaks or croquettes.

Anonymous 197321

Post it

Anonymous 197322


Anonymous 197323


kirby yaoi is still yaoi, my woman

Anonymous 197324

Kek no way this is real.

Anonymous 197325

Wait, are you sexually attracted to that robed penguin?

Anonymous 197326

what was she expecting? lol

Anonymous 197327

Anonymous 197329

I woke up at 2:30 am, now 8:41 pm and still awake. Im starting to hallucinate and shit I dont do well without enough sleep and I had a super long day but for some reason my body still wont let me sleep. I took melatonin and its not really kicking. I dont have benadryl. I keep laying in agony but my body wont shut down to sleep.

Anonymous 197330

Hory fak
I can't see the link but I'm taking your word for it
Shaymin's gone ROGUE

Anonymous 197331

Post your passport first

Anonymous 197332

download (1).jpg

Anonymous 197333

How many time have you been banned from lc ?

Anonymous 197334

She brought this on herself.

Anonymous 197335


bumping this just in case

Anonymous 197336

She announced that to a barely active discord that is full of her whiteknights and twitterfags, and wrote the post only because it got screenshoted in meta.

Anonymous 197337

is lolcow gone forever

Anonymous 197338

>implement garbage changes no one wanted
>people complain
>wahhhhh you guise are all autistic boolies!!! lee mee alonnnn why are you attacking meeee
I actually hate her what a fucking crybaby. What made her want to become admin in the first place? Because she's done such a shit job it feels like oldmin just dumped it on someone who didn't want to whatsoever.

Anonymous 197339

in case of..?

Anonymous 197340

Only one time when I was a newfag and didnt sage. My bad

Anonymous 197341


it’s real lmaoooo

Anonymous 197343

If you're reading this
You're a faggot.

Anonymous 197344

I really don’t want to doubt Shaymin but like. She brought this on herself and she could have organized communication better, that was the biggest problem. (Said a million times I know.) so we wouldn’t have screeching n0nny “autism” and everyone would be on the same page

Anonymous 197345

i understand her frustration with the collective schizotism on the site but it's still funny

Anonymous 197346

there is cp posted below this tread

Anonymous 197347


You're right, it's technically yaoi (in the case that Kirby's a guy in the media) but I just can't really see it as "yaoi" like anime boys kissing. It's hard to explain, I guess it just doesn't carry the same tone.

Anonymous 197348

I don't get this whole calling people "autistic" just because they're rightly pissed about the lack of communication

Anonymous 197349

WHY did you think effectively wiping the site and forcing us to rebuild it from the ground up would go over well Shaymin? It isn't all about the damn layout, that was a retard move through and through.

Anonymous 197350

shaymin, fuck you. you didn’t even TRY. the farmers were too hard on you about the update in the past few days, but you literally refused to communicate with a year and only made a major change unannounced when the userbase already distrusted you and had no reason to have faith in you. obviously you were gonna be met with skepticism. all you had to do was put in the bare minimum and now you’re willing to pull the plug on a site a lot of people still like and use bc you’re mad people you’ve never spoken to or given the time of day think your decisions are stupid!?

Anonymous 197351


Rest in peace Elsie. You n0nnies will always hold a special place in my heart and it brought me great joy to shitpost and gossip and shoot the shit with you all.

Anonymous 197352

Okay why is everyone negative towards shaymin here but anons are placating her on lolcor, show your true feelings to that dumbiie

Anonymous 197353

It's regular ole yaoi when you can clearly tell who the uke and seme are. And I can tell very clearly with these two.

Anonymous 197354

This. Her whole year anons got 0 communication unless people actually started massively complaining. Honestly i am not surprised that there are so many deranged twitter newfags, she never cared about the userbase and that's making me think that the mod team were her Discord friends (remembering how spam would stay for hours if not days during the first half of the year).

Anonymous 197355

She did announce everything but the problem was how she didn’t put it one place all together so everyone could check back to it and be on the same page about everything that’s going on, going to happen to LC, etc

Anonymous 197356

lolcor wont let me post rn but when it does i will say this to her face kek

Anonymous 197358

why does cp keep getting posted here

Anonymous 197359

Maybe she's deleting and banning detractors or something

Anonymous 197360


based sensitive catposterbro

Anonymous 197361

she announced it in a locked down discord with her friends in it, she wasn't even going to announce to the rest of us farmers that she is quitting until the screenshots got leaked

Anonymous 197362

because she won't let me in

Anonymous 197363



Anonymous 197364

cc has the same issue with raids as lc, just there are fewer mods so it takes longer to clean up
They recently recruited more, however, so I hope that helps get rid of the trash

Anonymous 197365

That's the funny thing, Meta Knight is always portrayed as some little submissive bitch boy, it's a rarity that he's portrayed as more assertive and dominant.

Anonymous 197366

Anonymous 197367

This makes me so fucking angry she's such a fucking retard. Thank you Shayfags. Thank you very much.

Anonymous 197369

I hope shaymin dies painfully

Anonymous 197370

my estranged father is trying to buy my forgiveness by giving me gifts. i'll never forgive him but i will still accept the monies lol

Anonymous 197372

where is everyone going to go if lc goes down in flames?

Anonymous 197373

idk if anyone here follows the celebritycows thread but tory lanez was found guilty

Anonymous 197374

to touch grass

Anonymous 197375

Stay here and just browse Reddit/Kiwi Farms for cow-related content

Anonymous 197376

i'll make an effort to integrate

Anonymous 197377

Funny how, in a way, if Shayna never had any threads made about her the site would still be up, theoretically.
Pakichan screaming crying throwing up right now

Anonymous 197379

nothing will ever be the same but I accept that and even though I might still be here or on nu-lc if there is another admin, I think it’s personally time for me to get off the internet Kek

Anonymous 197380

Fujosisters if /m/ dies PLEASE go to the media board here, there is a BL thread in it.

Anonymous 197381

all the pickmes are seething. hope that scrote rots in jail

Anonymous 197382

Anonymous 197383

Anonymous 197384

>mfw i don't know anything about her and don't understand why she's such a frequently posted cow

can any kind anon briefly explain?

Anonymous 197385

I dont want to think about that Ive been a lc user going on three years now, I know some have longer but like it is one of my little sanctuaries I hope this is all resolved by the new year

Anonymous 197386

or go to fujochan

Anonymous 197387


Anonymous 197389

Anonymous 197390

Idk fujochan is kinda gross.

Anonymous 197392

If lolcow is gone forever Ill stay here. It is cozy but im gonna miss the tranny threads

Anonymous 197393

And maybe choachan for the ot board. Even if I don't like kpop anymore

Anonymous 197394

agreed, i'm not a fujo but i'd just hate to see the fujochan type of fujos pollute this site. i'd say if you're a normie fujo stay here, if you're one of the fucked up shotafags go to fujochan.

Anonymous 197395

Kpop reaction pics give me hemorrhoids so pass

Anonymous 197396

Same nona. I've been on lc for years and I really feel a sense of community with other anons. If it goes down because of an incompetent mod I'm going to be so fucking disappionted.

Anonymous 197397


they’re talking about the ian tinfoil and i honestly believe it now. someone else said admin doesn’t even own the site

Anonymous 197398

Aw I feel bad for shaymin.

Anonymous 197399


shaymin gaymin

Anonymous 197400


Anonymous 197401

not a selfpost im just autistically refreshing the thread unfortunately

Anonymous 197402

I have a sneaking suspicion the schizo pedo troon is itt.

Anonymous 197403

but for her to fuck up dns records for the original site i think she'd need some sort of access unless it's just vps and domain billing and not the vps itself?

Anonymous 197404

i went there to check it out and i'm not into plastic twinks. it's not the same as the lc dst. the only kpop group i liked was red velvet.

Anonymous 197405

same n0nny. Certain posts in the /meta/ thread currently are replying to each other way too fast.

Anonymous 197407

i don't at this point. If she'd talk to us and told us what was up, we'd been prepared. She said she was having maitence day on the 19th, it happened like at 11pm. I was thinking it would be updates like banners/themes nobody was really clear.
Then pops up with a new site, adding back kpop and shit, getting rid of /w/ , she could've spoken more, had more communication or just waited.
I don't feel bad anymore, I wish her the best and if she says, "I'm being harassed it's harming my real life, because s are sneding mean emails" then yeah I'll feel bad. Nobody told her to take the site. I wish her no harm, but Again, we still don't know shit. She doesn't talk but we are the autist, nah we're autistic but it's not just us

Anonymous 197408

by domain billing i mean like how you can just buy a domain and tweak the records from there not just like being a pay piggy for it or whatever i think i should stop browsing for today

Anonymous 197409

what death threats??

Anonymous 197410

i know people don't think that multiple admins is a good idea, and i understand why, but god, at this point anything is better than the livelihood of lc being dependent on a singular admin who seems to not even visit the site that they run very often and will quit without even announcing it to users at the first sign of trouble and then say it's because the users of the site are "autistic" and totally not because they are shit at what they chose to do and bit off more than they could chew (unintentional rhyme sorry)

Anonymous 197411

I bet Shaymin loves the attention, maybe it was her dream to be a lolcow or something. Why else would she keep such poor communication with us. She probably enjoys the chaos. I am tinfoiling hard though.

Anonymous 197412

and how do you run a site like lolcow thats about basically talking shit about other people but can't take people talking shit to decisions you make on a site you decided to admin because you cannot communicate properly? Maybe I'm being harsh, I don't know

Anonymous 197413

Kek that anon was an idiot

Anonymous 197415


>I guess I'm sorry you paid to host a website and all you got out of it was harassment.
No matter how you feel about shaymin, the death threats are fucking horrible and being a bad admin doesn't mean you deserve what's happening to her

Anonymous 197417

i actually dont hate the idea of multiple admins. there would be more likely to always be someone online at any given moment so downtime etc could be more quickly fixed

Anonymous 197418

Nice try

Anonymous 197419

girl, this is a fucking imageboard. if you can't take the heat stay out kitchen. "kys" is part of our love language, not something to contact the cyber police over.

Anonymous 197420

where the fuck are the death threats

Anonymous 197421

tranny definitely itt

Anonymous 197422

that anon telling admin to kill herself was told to stfu and was probably the troon/someone stirring shit. Not a .

Anonymous 197423

Convinced that her discord friends (general newfags towards imageboards) are trying to spam this thread now with whiteknighting

Anonymous 197424

Oh shut the fuck up. "Kys" is not a fucking death threat.

Anonymous 197425

Someone do a Shaymin lolcow thread write up because her behavior is fucking hilarious kek.

Anonymous 197426

I just needed to center my screenshot sorry
but you're blind if you didn't see the multiple requests to kill herself or the fucking hate messages she recieved
lc is important to me too but it's just pathetic to go so low for a website

Anonymous 197427

samefag, then again, I have to remember she has to deal with gore and the cp shit that scrotes raid, okay maybe I'm being too harsh but again, if shaymin has been around enough to inhereit the board then…she should know. I don't think she knew what she's truly getting into. However, the whole rollout of the site was messy especially when most were expecting new banners/themes.

Anonymous 197428

the "death threat" in question was like one post from a tranny

Anonymous 197429

girl there is no more lolcow

Anonymous 197430

show us? We're blind because you literally aren't showing us this. I saw ONE person in ot tell her to kill herself and immedeitly multiple anons told them to stop and calm down

Anonymous 197431

We can pretend… just this once… please n0nnie…

Anonymous 197432

it'll have to be on kiwifarms, cc is for /ot/chads

Anonymous 197433

>or the hate messages
oh nooooo what the fuuuuck

Anonymous 197434

we will wake up this all will just be a bad dream

Anonymous 197435

I recommend achieving important cow threads from /snow and /w i guess…

Anonymous 197436

Literally same. He sends me gifts through Amazon.

Anonymous 197437


Anonymous 197439

i'm archiving all my favorite threads rn… this is such a sad moment n*nnie

Anonymous 197440

Someone archive the lolcaps thread to preserve history

Anonymous 197441

Crystal Cafe is comfy. My only problems with it previously were the lack of mods and inactivity – both of which would be improved if LC dies. It'd be nice if we could recreate some threads from /m/, /g/ and /ot/

If only

Anonymous 197442


i wish my gay ass husbando was real so he could unfuck lolcow… he'd love it here…

Anonymous 197443

She was the only good thing in Wednesday!!

Anonymous 197444


>mfw can't even get into the original site to archive threads

Anonymous 197445

I think she's going to pull the plug, if she's not talking to anyone and the way she's behaving I don't even know if we could trust her judgement to pick an admin good for the site.

Anonymous 197446


i can get into the site just fine rn, so if there are any threads anyone would like me to archive i can do that for you

Anonymous 197447

Stamina Rose 2.0…
Such a shame. I've spent so many years on LC (and on PULL) only for one, and maybe even both, to shut down.
Is the PULL discord even active? Is there an active invite by chance?

Anonymous 197448

why is the TF2 fandom so funny? they seem kinda crazy but like they actually enjoy themselves

Anonymous 197449

Anons mentioned that on her ko-fi page she have promised to make townhall happen in september (!) but nothing happened.

Anonymous 197450

yes i'm in but it's more of a kpop server now

Anonymous 197452

same, I wanted to save some images, there were a bunch of reccs I saved for later too.

Anonymous 197453

someone changes the lolcow.farm dns so if it wasn’t her she at least is communication with true owner

Anonymous 197454

>kpop server
Are the snowflake channels still decently active though?

Anonymous 197455

but we are the issue…If there's more going on I sincerely apologize shaymin but if you, I don't know spoke with us we'd know???? People in meta were also talking about how they'd donate and help if she asked.
She doesn't

Anonymous 197456

The lolcows own caps threads… and the soren threads… kathy's threads… stefany…. jill…. if it's too much maybe just one or two but please n0nnie!

Anonymous 197457

Did anyone who sent in an email get a response yet? Admin posted in meta so she better be checking the emails.

Anonymous 197458

I just wanna see the discussion I missed in the fujothread on /m/ while I was sleeping.

Anonymous 197459

It worked! Thanks anon

Anonymous 197460

Anonymous 197461

I think Shaymin actually expected to throw up the new website with no notice after a year of no communication chock full of kpop threads to resounding applause from farmers; the new imageboard was going to be her redemption arc and when it wasn't within 2 days she threw a hissy fit and decided to instead become lolcow's most hated admin.

Anonymous 197462

shayna's threads and stefany's

Anonymous 197463

he looks like a scamp
hell yeah she does such a good job singing this cover

Anonymous 197465

i emailed volunteering to take over/donate/whatever needed to keep up the site eight hours ago and i havent gotten any kind of response. i dont want to jinx it though lol so my offer still stands if youre lurking shaymin

Anonymous 197466

Because TF2 IS funny, join us

Anonymous 197467

This sounds so retarded but this all reminds me of the ending of mother 3

Anonymous 197468

not really from a few exceptions like taylor r or pretty pastels please. there is another server called gossip gate that has more normie cows but it has been closed for a while

Anonymous 197469

the dollmaker guy was physically impressive i don't care what you think

Anonymous 197470

If lolcow stays afloat I hope there's a Shaymin thread made in /snow/ so we can all laugh at her.

Anonymous 197471

I think all of the venus and jill threads from /w/ are important to archive, especially right now.
Other than that
>ProJared saga threads
>ItsBabyDash saga (down to their early snow threads and then pt ones. It was the reason why i joined lc in a first place, kek. I miss old times)
>Shoe threads
>Personal Favorites
>Chey and Cryaotic threads, down to the og ones because the oldest milk was the best. It was the time when Cryaotic and Russ crew started falling apart because of Chey and them being cows of their own too (eg Russ and Red seperating because Red cheated on him etc).
As a silly (sort of) oldfag i remember LoL e-girl threads that were funny because during that time everyone would have public social media dramas and act extremely obnoxious (just like the shaymin does right now).

Anonymous 197473

I can't believe this worked and none of your faggots told me about it until now.

Anonymous 197474

i'm starting to think we have very little to do with it. She hasn't been talking, decided to take on this task (nobody asked for) and then we were like, "NOO" and it didn't work out anymore.
She was probably already annoyed and then was like, "yep, I'm done fuck you all"

Anonymous 197475

Screenshot 2022-12…

this makes me sad but it's kind of funny

Anonymous 197476

everyone should go to /meta/ right now for any site comments instead of posting here imo since admin is online there (not that i think she'll be responsible but you have to try"

Anonymous 197477

Anonymous 197478

Is this really the end nonitas? Started off with the HC Brown and Kpop threads in 2018, Lolcor got me through lockdown, I just can't believe it.
Sorry for the faggy emo posting. I'll stay here but I don't think any other site will be the same.

Anonymous 197479

samefag, i mean lc /meta/ obviously

Anonymous 197480

If anyone wants me to post on /meta/ on your behalf I can

Anonymous 197481

lol thanks
can you tell shaymin to check her email

Anonymous 197482

not to be pessimistic but i'd prepare for her not handing over anything at all and at least potentially think about starting fresh

Anonymous 197483

same, i'll repost any posts with a number ending in 0-4 with a "for lc meta" at the top. Maybe you can take 5-9?

Anonymous 197484


why aren't the images loading

Anonymous 197485


we were posted in the pull server

Anonymous 197486


>most hated admin
Extremely vocal autists violently spamming threads are not the majority. This is meta ano gc-deletion time all over again.

Anonymous 197487



it's a deal n0nnie, I'll be here for the next hour or so

Anonymous 197488

I got into lolcow back when the Freelice community was still a thing and then got into PULL and then got into lolcow. I remember when anons were posting Shay's step sister and Shay threads were banned for a while. It took me literal years lurking on the site to peak wrt trannies but I'm glad I did. I love u all my lovely farmers. If lolcow goes down I'm staying here as well.

Anonymous 197489

Kek KF PULL and some offshoot drama site. This is such a fucking mess

Anonymous 197490

Screenshot 2022-12…

fresh shaymin post

Anonymous 197491

You are the best nonnita of all nonn1esies

Anonymous 197492


I wish
That I could turn back time

Anonymous 197493

I always entertained the tinfoil that oldmin and newmin are the same person, but now I think I fully believe it. Both extremely are thin-skinned and reactive/emotional to criticism and hate/complained about the user base. Both are technologically illiterate and wildly incompetent at running a website.

Anonymous 197494


i did that and i still can't get in

Anonymous 197495

Yeah it's offical I don't like shaymin. We can't read fucking minds

Anonymous 197496

me too, i didn't realize i was this sentimental/attached to lolcor but i'm weirdly sad about the thought of it going down.
i actually would've gone insane during lockdown when i had no one else to talk to if i hadn't been able to infight and make friends on lolcow. i got into digital art bc nonas on lolcow made it look so fun, and i actually peaked and became a radfem because of the mtf threads. this is such a faggy post but lolcow had a really big impact on my life.
i do like crystal cafe but it won't feel the same

Anonymous 197497

Link for anyone able to access the site rn

Anonymous 197498

>I got into lolcow back when the Freelice community was still a thing
Omg same

Anonymous 197499


"I have this and that going on $200 a month, I wanted to be with my family! The kpop thing was old!" Okay you could've fucking said something anywhere.

Anonymous 197500

they absolutely are the same person, they act in the same thin-skinned bpd-chan way on the site and on Discord and both don't have communication skills for shit. oldmin wanted to try to change her identity so Elaine/whoever else would leave her alone and that's it for me at this point, she just wanted also to try to have people form a new opinion of her but is acting in the same stupid ways

Anonymous 197501

i know that we could migrate to other boards like this one or choachan or discord but it won't feel the same. lolcow has its own community and the feeling won't be the same

Anonymous 197502

If everything goes to shit I will make a new site on https://terf.farm/

Anonymous 197503

what? link the choachan thread right now

Anonymous 197504

No Can it be lolcor.farm? Ples

Anonymous 197505

anyone with access to the site should start achirving. The way that Shaymin is acting makes me feel she's very emotional and will pull the plug. Seems like she doesn't trust anyone because I refuse to believe someone who can't even tell us the kpop thing was a lie, instead of letting everyone think it was, also is talking to anons promising to help. Something is up, the site is probably going to go down forever

Anonymous 197506

those gossip discords like pull and gossip gate hate us but still get their information from us lmao but what would i expect from women who simp for hasan piker

Anonymous 197507

what else is kiwifarms saying about us

Anonymous 197509

I wish shaymin would make the site accessible for everyone already so she could see how many people actually are so autistic about the changes and how many insult her with ulterior motives.

Anonymous 197510

why did you decide to do this on Christmas? literally could have done it any time, wait until February, no one was expecting this until you said it was happening

Anonymous 197511

The tranny is for sure on lc meta right now with his dumb as cryptic schizo posting. I also think he was in the "future of lc" thread based on his typing style. I think he's actively trying to weasel his way into lc management or the management of a new board, luckily any admin smart enough to make a successful board will also be smart enough to clock him, but I forsee a lot of cringy spinoffs

Anonymous 197512

>dozen farmers promising to help and never pulling through. Anons are all bark and no bite
i actually am serious about my offer to help, i've been waiting for janny applications to open for months and i would happily be a janny having done it on other sites and knowing what it entails, and i'm sure i'm not the only one. she hasn't taken the offers or made it easy for us to help her. there's no way everyone offering to help is bullshitting, she's just rejecting the offers to save her pride and pretending no one is offering.

Anonymous 197513

honestly same I had hope for her but this is all kind of ridiculous

Anonymous 197514

Ily nonitas. Same wrt being peaked, I spent almost 3 years not touching the rest of the site because I was a handmaiden and muh evil terves but it only took one MTF thread to peak me.
If Lolcor has any legacy I hope it's that. Most of it was laughing at trannies (as they deserve) but the MTF threads helped so many women see TRAs for what they really are.

Anonymous 197515

add i2p

Anonymous 197516

i joined lolcow post PULL and ive always been curious about it, can someone explain what it was a little? i remember reading through the early Luna threads and for a brief period of time everyone had tripp usernames that were like random nouns strung together and i wondered what was up with that

Anonymous 197517

tinfoil that it was always meant to be this way. this shit was planned

Anonymous 197518

I have the full site archived, if we need it, it's there

Anonymous 197519

And if what that one anon was saying is true (that Ian still owns the domain and server hosting lolcow) then it makes it even more likely that oldmin and newmin are the same person because oldmin also relied on Ian for the technical aspects of website administration.

send invite plzzzzz

Anonymous 197521

He's always on meta, I think he keeps the tab open for updates

Anonymous 197522


Anonymous 197523

I don't know about Ian but site "ownership" and "adminship" have been different things over the years in terms of who is paying for the site and outright hosting it and who is doing the technical details, idk

Anonymous 197524

oh no 100%. I autistically watched him especially over the summer when he was at his worst. He is in there.

Anonymous 197525

I mean thankfully Blaine the Tranny can't disguise himself for shit but I am sure he is in there in the mix of people trying to get into the good graces of the "new" admin

Anonymous 197526


Admin really needs to realize that a good chunk of the barking comes from the same trannies, moids and actual cows who got their admin application rejected by oldmin. We could see in the discord that the first person shitting on her was a literal discord tranny. She should just take a break during holidays.

Anonymous 197527

me too, anon, and I can clock his posts in a split second I feel weird for it but at this point I am just experienced seeing his nonsense. I still am angry with him for cowtipping Rachel

Anonymous 197528

i can't get this to work and im in the US anytips˘

Anonymous 197529

Lol same

Anonymous 197530

tinfoil that she deliberately chose to pull this stunt on crispsmusk so that she could guilt trip us for being mean to her during a time she could've spent with her family if we complained, and because she's a grinch kinnie

Anonymous 197531


wait lolcow is really dying

Anonymous 197532

Can you even imagine if he somehow did fool them (doubt. He cant integrate for shit) and was a mod or something. Everyone would eventually be banned except for himself

Anonymous 197533

I know the technical details and if she doesn't depend on Ian it's actually more embarrassing for her. She isn't elaborating on this because she will come across as stupid to anyone with a basic understanding of coding

Anonymous 197534

oh no now i'm paranoid she's going to dismiss all the emails she's getting as tranny ops and not respond to any of them bc of that
i hope she will verify a few good seeming candidates as female and then proceed talking to them from there

Anonymous 197535

She's mentioning the cost and her family so that she can squeeze more donations from anons.

Anonymous 197536

no joke though her behavior reeks of bpd kek

Anonymous 197537


Anonymous 197538

Damn I'm trying to keep up with all the posts going down on here and meta and the vent thread but I have to pee and want to make a tea, I wish I could hit pause on everyone for like 15 minutes lol

Anonymous 197539

>instead of spending time with friends and family
What a goddamned retard. I knew that it was going to be a lot of work and responsibility, which is why I abstained from even applying for admin in the first place (I considered it briefly)
It sounds like Shaymin was extremely naïve (and a fucking newfag) and just went with her impulse instead of considering what she was actually going up against.

Anonymous 197540

kek sure elaine

Anonymous 197541

i was one of the first ones who started the retarded quote list of shit he did. He is literally insane and that video those stupid /pol/tards or whatever have on him in a discord call shows how unhinged he is

Anonymous 197542

Well if by the grace of god lolcow gets a new admin, lets hope she can actually code.

Anonymous 197543


thinking of that n0nny who donated 1k only to see her beloved site burst into flames a year later

Anonymous 197545

Has shaymin replied to anybodys emails? Just wondering because i feel very pessimistic that she won’t hand it over to anyone else and will just kill the site, just to effectively get back at the retards who were sperging out at her.

Anonymous 197546


I sent her email when she got the job (year ago?) and I sent her another this week offering help and she never replies to me.
>$200 a month on server
this is crazy, just let me at least give advice shaymin

Anonymous 197547

And now we know it was true after all that the only real cost of running lolcow was that $200 cloudflare bill. Her "maintenence" is literally a meme and volunteers are VOLUNTEERS why drag them into this.

Anonymous 197548

anything worthwhile going on the actual site? I haven't bothered checking my phone

Anonymous 197549

What video?

Anonymous 197550



Anonymous 197551

kek do you mean when the Plate Gang (Ethan Ralph discord capos) call him out for being a pedo? shit's 5 hours i haven't watched it all but seems pretty funny

Anonymous 197552

I did, still doesn't work

Anonymous 197554

she has as yet not responded to email that I can see

Anonymous 197555

literally same, it's so frustrating. she is unreachable. she's using the lack of support as an excuse and is going to say she thought we were troons or cows or something when there are obviously good faith users who genuinely want to help her run the fucking site

Anonymous 197556

Once again, autists ruin everything.

Anonymous 197557

the person spazzing about Ian and all that is the tranny, but admin really is showing her ass. I may be drunk but i'm not stupid, all of this could've been cleared up if she spoke to us. ALL OF IT

Anonymous 197558

Omg she’s going scorched earth she is going to kill the site for real

Anonymous 197559

This one. I don’t condone the autists who are poking at him because they’re like /pol/tards White supremecists or some shit. You can scrub at any time and hear how mentally unwell he is. He goes by Elaine in the call

Anonymous 197560


she needs to be pressured to address this

Anonymous 197562

no she doens't

Anonymous 197563

Also nobody told her to do this on the 19th she decided to do that shit. I don't get how this being switched around on us. I thought we were gettiung banners and themes. Nobody really knew what the fuck was up honestyl

Anonymous 197564

She might have bought us more time, but will it even matter in the end?

Anonymous 197565

Not talking to you codelet

Anonymous 197566


Anonymous 197567

>anons have been contacting her consistently throughout her role as admin
So she's being offered help (good help it seems) and then mocking them.

Anonymous 197568


> all of this could've been cleared up if she spoke to us
exactly, her bpd is obvious though and I think unironically her mentals kept her from talking to us. I have some of the same fucking problems (like many of you) won't lie and sometimes my mentals make me fear any interaction but if you wanna put yourself in this position you NEED to interact

Anonymous 197569


Anonymous 197570

[email protected]
I typed it right iddn't i?

Anonymous 197571

>all those quoteless alogs and weirdly personal insults
Lots of samefagging ITT

Anonymous 197573


Anonymous 197574

that one, yeah, plategang with the dinner plate and the white supremacist symbol on it, kek, still don't know what the plate is supposed to represent and their leader (Zoom/Corey Barnhill) is supposedly a pedo too but I'm glad they smacked him around

Anonymous 197575

Just saying incase lolcow ends up being over, anyone who wants to start a replacement should probably reach out to the Admin of choachan. Choachan started because of kpop being banned on lolcow and whoever they are, they would probably know what to do and be willing to help. Snail could probably help to if she ever shows up again…

Anonymous 197576

>i was one of the first ones who started the retarded quote list of shit he did
Yeah that shit was annoying tbh because you and everyone else kept adding very generic things that most anons did and then accusing everyone of being the tranny based of your list. I kept getting accused of being him for using the word "Nona." shit was the worst era of lolcow

Anonymous 197577

This is it, isn't it? Goddamn it.

Anonymous 197579

yes, that's right. that's the email she put in her discord post, at least

Anonymous 197580

Can anyone who can access the original lolcow thread that shes posting in ask her why shes ignoring the help people are offering

Anonymous 197581

Very weird which just makes me think they are one way or another right. She's either shit at coding or Ian is still needed to handle the backend

Anonymous 197582

i apologize for that. He just kept always samefagging and n0nnies would fall for it. I know moderation was super low back then too

Anonymous 197583

It smells in here…

Anonymous 197584

Because its wrong and sounds exactly like the blaine tranny making up shit tinfoils.

Anonymous 197585

am I retarded for being optimistic or do I feel like it will be fine? this is admin being dramatic and hopefully it will result in someone less dramatic and more competent taking over. I really don't see the site dying over this bullshit and really possibly it might be getting less gay

Anonymous 197586

Not y'all making me feel kinda bad for shaymin. Still her fault for being a retard and doing this right during holiday season, but as I thought, she bit off more than she could chew. Way more. She seems very fustrated and while I can understand, she really did it to herself. She did display a banner, but she should have put a decently clear outline on meta like months ahead. Given us a warning that it might take a while, especially since she's doing it all alone. Being the LC admin is a thankless, shit job and that's why no one who knows how to do it wants the gig. But she brought this meltdown on herself. We wouldn't be able to say shit if she warned us properly.

Anonymous 197588

it’s sweet that you are optimistic

Anonymous 197589

I wonder what it's like in the discord, I want to know the juicy internal server milk!

Anonymous 197591

No need to talk in third person you disgusting abomination.

Anonymous 197592

Please answer the questions then if it's so tinfoily and obviously untrue. You can literally do that instead of screaming trannies!!11 over legit concern and criticism

Anonymous 197593


This is it nonn1es? This is how it ends? It's such a dumb ending. I almost wish keffal's mob attacked lolcow instead so we went down fighting. Not admin giving up on the site and self destructing.

Anonymous 197594

Don't be paranoid what would the troon gain from my post about using the word Nona. The biggest troon accuser was always blaine himself so maybe you're sniffing your own rot pocket

Anonymous 197596

i think we need to wait until she calms down after christmas and hands the site over. right now she is in an altered state of mind and the more we pressure her the less likely she is to respojd

Anonymous 197597

Not gonna miss the schizos obsessed with calling everyone the troon

Anonymous 197598

the discord is dead apart from some tranny trying to gaslight people who is gone now and the few posts "shaymin" meant and n*nnas who actually seem to know what they are talking about offering suggestions and getting ignored

Anonymous 197599

not gonna miss trannyhands

Anonymous 197600

Anonymous 197601

How does weirdly aggressive samefagging and celebrating lolcow having no admin make them right?

Anonymous 197602

not gonna miss that pedo tranny freak

Anonymous 197603

still a month to go because she already paid the server bills… or maybe if Ian does something about it

Anonymous 197604

Not everone, just you.

Anonymous 197606

Well they'll still live rent free in your shizo head so you won't have to miss them. Report and IGNORE dumbass

Anonymous 197607

Was the ending of PULL this explosive? This so crazy

Anonymous 197608

cc is better anyway if you already outgrew cowculture or want to. I'm staying here, I hope others do too so we can make this a more active site
shayna's ruined anus is the closest thing there is to milk anymore, what's it even matter

Anonymous 197609

You will never pass, not even anonymously.

Anonymous 197611

Sorry nonas this might be a dumb question. Who is Ian?

Anonymous 197612

i was talking about that "woman" that posted her ghoulish hands on a thread and was anti abortion

Anonymous 197614

I want to pick apart projareds ugly ass fashion

Anonymous 197615

I feel bad for the miners who're going to get an influx of LC refugees.

Anonymous 197616

former(?) undercover moid admin

Anonymous 197617

this bitch probably killed herself over this, I would

Anonymous 197619

it literally doesn't matter it's just another finger puppet the troon jerks off with in his conspiracy fantasies

Anonymous 197620


Anonymous 197621


i'm staying too, went quickly from snow to /ot/ purist

Anonymous 197622

Please archive the "myblossomsnowydaisy" thread

Anonymous 197623



Anonymous 197624

I'm gonna miss FTM drakeanon and her sperging.

Anonymous 197627

wouldn't it be more fun to do that on twitter where he might see it and feel bad?
I dunno, I don't think this is the loss it feels like at this point

Anonymous 197628

Im pretty sure all of LC is archived by database chan

Anonymous 197629

what happened with PULL?

Anonymous 197630

kek this bitch is throwing a proper BPD fit. Now I'm really starting to believe shaymin is oldmin, and is Shayna Clifford. Kek

Anonymous 197631

what if pakichan comes here too

Anonymous 197633

she's cruising for a bruising rn though anatagonizing her entire userbase tbh

Anonymous 197634

Jfc wtf? Isnt that literally what she is saying??

Anonymous 197635

u right

Anonymous 197636

did admin herself do this or are the jannies waking up for this

Anonymous 197637

Your post was reasonable. This is admin, AGAIN, being pissed at anons for not being able to read her mind when she makes misleading statements. At least it's only 45 mins

Anonymous 197638

Please no. She loved to completely divert entire threads to make them all about herself

Anonymous 197639

Sorry, reposted to make sure I got the right pic >>197623

Anonymous 197640

I’ll see if the moid thread is gone

Anonymous 197641

pull got shut down because the owner didn't want to manage it anymore because its userbase. they are now on discord

Anonymous 197642

It all is. I'm working on hacking up something to make it more integrated but every post and image is archived, it's about 600GB worth. I haven't posted the URL to it because there's been no need to and I don't wanna be seen as trying to start a splinter site or something but shit seems to be gettig dire.

Anonymous 197643

They should've given you a longer one.

Anonymous 197644

yeah same, i dont want lc to die but idc about cowposting at this point. the only reason i didn't use cc more often before all this is because of how slow it was, but it's nice on here when people are actually posting more than a few times a day.

Anonymous 197646

Shaymin, please kek. We have people who actually know how to code here

Anonymous 197647

jannies don't even wake up for cp and gore; it's shaymin

Anonymous 197648

The moid thread is indeed gone and jannies are awake

Anonymous 197649

Probably her throwing a tantrum.

Anonymous 197652

wtf lmao. your post was pretty tame compared to others in that thread too

Anonymous 197653

ily n0nnie thanks for your service

Anonymous 197654

But why archive the whole thing if you aren't going to post or mirror it?

Anonymous 197655

can you point out some of the specific posts? i want to be better at spotting him

Anonymous 197656

Do you guys think lolcow’s user base grew or lessened in this year?

Anonymous 197657

I did make other posts, but I don't know why she banned that one specifically. The thread slowed down so she probably did ban other people and I'm just the only one to most the ban message.

Anonymous 197658

yeah right now it is a mirror site that just looks like you were visiting the old lolcow but I am going to improve it a bit so you can do better searches, etc. for the archive. if the actual site fucking dies which to be clear I hope it doesn't then idk I'll probably do something but if I wanted to admin the site I would've applied for it

Anonymous 197659

Do not engage >>197655

Anonymous 197660

Grew for the worse.

Anonymous 197662

No its jannies. One posted awhile ago in /ot/?? I think. About the fact theres very few of them which is why that shit stays up for so long

Anonymous 197663

Grew somewhat.

Anonymous 197664


Anonymous 197665

originally I didn't post it because I was archiving it in case trannies took it down like kf and that would defeat the purpose. I don't want to be seen to be trying to compete or something. I will post the link right here though if anything happens.

Anonymous 197666

if anyone want to join the gossip gate server (it's libfem so be careful) i left the invite for it


Anonymous 197667

you are a legend

Anonymous 197668

grew and got younger

Anonymous 197669

> theres very few of them which is why that shit stays up for so long
This is incorrect, when I was jannying, I had permission to delete on every board. If even one of them were awake, they would be able to delete everything with minutes, I did.

Anonymous 197670


Cc anon here. Who is Ian?

Anonymous 197671

What's gossip gate? Sorry I didn't really join any lc discords.

Anonymous 197674

First admin, he was a dude.

Anonymous 197675

Thank you for archiving! I hope you'll post it eventually, I still can't get into the original site and it would be nice to read the threads I missed out on.

Anonymous 197677

what format is it in?

Anonymous 197678


Because what they said is what we already know, mixed in with nonsensical assumptions. Yes it's on two servers, that's the whole point of the migration. But that doesn't mean she can't migrate posts or that she suddenly can't edit themes etc. It's just work that needs time.

Anonymous 197679

it's a very big server about influencer drama.

Anonymous 197680

>t. knows shit about migrating databases

Anonymous 197681

Nice larp

Anonymous 197683

Sorry i meant there were so few jannies that none were awake or available when that shit was being posted

Anonymous 197684

Please elaborate on the difference between scraping posts and importing databases if you are oh so knowledgeable

Anonymous 197686

>t. knows shit about migrating databases

Anonymous 197687

Is the server with the admin?

Anonymous 197688

right now I have just archived the HTML files but I want to hack something up to keep the posts at least in a database (Postgres, probably) that is easy to search, etc.

Anonymous 197689

Gonna smoke weed with friends tonight please god don't let anything even more horrible happen to my Elsie.

Anonymous 197690

The later takes less time and is easier.

Anonymous 197691

She can't because she knows shit

Anonymous 197694

i have to go to bed n0nnies wake me up when December ends

Anonymous 197696

lmfao who the fuck would want to larp as a former lolcow janitor, do you think that's like a cool thing to be?

Anonymous 197697

okay, was wondering since I couldn't find json api or anything on lolcow
for easy sharing and local archive sqlite might be best

Anonymous 197698

>Repeating what other s have said
Your larp didn't last, did it

Anonymous 197699

nta (I'm db-chan) but what I think she meant is that she is not going to bother with extracting database internals from MySQL where they are stored but instead she is going to scrape the posts from the HTML files that vichan also creates, which is a perfectly reasonable approach, it just needs to be done and communication about it needs to be open

Anonymous 197700

Too many tinfoiling schizos now, I think they're all underaged and think there's only like 5 people per thread all pretending to be different people

Anonymous 197701

> very big server
you're not kidding I just joined and am looking it over. looks decently fun though

Anonymous 197702

My heart would be forever heartbroken if lolcow dies just because of a fag like Shaymin. Why apply to manage the website if you dont care about it? Calling the user base autistic because they wanted to know what was happening whith the website? Total faggot shaymin, I hope your whiteknights give you enough headpats so you dont cry about the mean emails

Anonymous 197703

Cry harder tranny

Anonymous 197704

Please elaborate on how is it reasonable to do something that takes far much more time? Just admit you don't have access to the backend/can't code, Shaymin

Anonymous 197705

Report and ignore if you suspect a tranny post you fucking newfag

Anonymous 197706

lessened. tons of threads i regularly looked at suddenly became dead or deader than usual.

Anonymous 197709

To shit on janitors and make up reasons why akschually, they love the cp I spam on their site. They are board specific.

Anonymous 197710


how many cc natives are watching these threads like this

Anonymous 197714

Where did others say that? That's my own knowledge.

Anonymous 197716

I didn't say they love cp you dumb asshole, I said they aren't awake, none of them. Like as in literally they are AFK.
If they're board specific, then that's new in the last several years.

Anonymous 197717

I don't think it would necessarily take that much more time. You could hack up something to extract posts from the HTML files (it is structured data, after all) in a half hour or so and I'm not sure how the MongoDB backend of LynxChan works but inserting it there I doubt would be too hard, either. Myself I wouldn't scrape, I'd just work directly from the MySQL backend of vichan, but whatever she is comfortable with she should do, as long as it gets done.

Anonymous 197718

Anonymous 197720


Anonymous 197721

some jannies only have access to moderate specific boards

Anonymous 197723

Exactly if she had the access to the data she could do it in a minute but she doesn't and that's why she launched a botched site with no archives

Anonymous 197724

mald harder tranny, it will speed-up the pattern balding

Anonymous 197726

so shaymin owns the domain but doesn't have ssh to server?

Anonymous 197727

Fine then don't ignore them, keep talking about trannies and give them the attention they crave like parasites, be my guest.

Anonymous 197729

will there be a YouTube commentary video made by a moid called the rise and fall of Lolcow dot farm

Anonymous 197730

She's actually fucking retarded. Imagine if she actually had the new lolcow ready BEFORE closing off original lolcow, and then made an announcement in meta for all anons to move over to newcow once it was ready. Imagine how easy and fuss free the transition to the new site would be then. Why does she make things more complicated than what they have to be? She obviously doesn't give a fuck about anons and has no consideration for us. She also appears to have poor organisational and planning skills. Not to mention almost non existent communication skills. The absolute lack of transparency. The only time she communicates is when she has a whine and a moan, feeling sorry for herself. Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink. She's so pathetic.
As for the $200 monthly server costs, ask anons to contribute? There are plenty of anons and rachanons who would be willing to donate to keep the site. What happened with those huge sums of money richanons donated last year to keep shit running? I thought I remembered there was an anon who donated enough for a whole year plus.

What a trainwreck.

Anonymous 197731

you just forced me to read that in Turkey Tom's voice, I will not forgive you

Anonymous 197732

and this is how we know she doesn't have access to the back-end because she didn't deliver anything kek like other anons have said it looked like copy paste choachan front-end

Anonymous 197733

I can't believe it's almost 2023 and I'm still hearing about that pedo

Anonymous 197736

Maybe null himself.

Anonymous 197741

>As for the $200 monthly server costs, ask anons to contribute? There are plenty of anons and rachanons who would be willing to donate to keep the site. What happened with those huge sums of money richanons donated last year to keep shit running? I thought I remembered there was an anon who donated enough for a whole year plus.
an anon i talked to in the other bunker threads says she donated $1k one year, can't believe how ungrateful this bitch of an admin is while calling everyone else "ungrateful" and "autistic"

Anonymous 197742


Oh fuck, please no. I can already hear the exact type of music they use and the british accent. Please no.

Anonymous 197744

No, she's just in charge of paying the bills and managing staff

Anonymous 197745

I remember when she donated that and posted it
sad to see

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